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Mallory Tucker’s Annotated Bibliography Beard, C., & Wilson, J. P. (2013). Experiential learning: A handbook for education, training and coaching. (3rd ed.). London: Kogan Page. Retrieved from &recPointer=15&bibId=493448 This is an educational book for coaches, trainers and other exercise educators. It could be very beneficial for my research in adding new and fresh ideas to schools’ nPlay programs and staff members. Cohen, D. L. (2011) Childhood obesity: Balancing the nation’s interest with a parent’s constitutional right to privacy. Retrieved from This academic thesis has thorough research on both childhood obesity and law. It touches on many facets of the obesity epidemic. In addition to the many facts it provides, this article would be beneficial in viewing the legality of mandating and enforcing nPlay programs in public schools.   MacVean, M. (2014). Obesity has its grip on kids by kindergarten, study finds. Los Angeles Times, Retrieved from This article from The Los Angeles Times outlines recent research from The New England Journal of Medicine that shows children are more susceptible to childhood obesity at an earlier age, and their risk falls as they get older. I included this article as it helps show the need for health programs at an early age.   Mink, J. (2010, July 29). Ky. ranks 40th in kids' health: While state improved in four areas, percentages of kids in poverty and kids in single-parent families have increased. Bowling Green Daily News (KY). This article outlines the stats and data for Kentucky when it comes to various areas of childhood well-being. Although it is a little outdated, it shows that Kentucky has struggled and continues to struggle with childhood health issues.   Munz, M. (2012, June 28). High-calorie culture of youth sports could negate health benefits. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO). This article (which is from a newspaper I grew up around) addresses the issue of junk food at sporting events. I think this could be used for my research as it brings a fresh and new spin to an issue that I hadn’t even thought of. It talks about how high calorie foods negate the effects of children’s activity, which shows even more the importance of both diet and exercise.  

Papas, J. (2012, October 12). Students (and parents) aren't happy about new school lunch guidelines. Pine Journal, The (Cloquet, MN). This article gives outlines the new school lunch guidelines imposed by the USDA and gives opinions from many parents on the given guidelines. This article could be useful for my research as it could give insight to how some people might feel about new health programs in their children’s schools. Shield, J., & Mullen, M. C. (2008). Counseling overweight and obese children and teen: Health care reference and client education handouts. Retrieved from &recPointer=49&bibId=363256 This book focuses on the mental issues that often accompany childhood obesity and how they should be handled. This information would be useful to the nPlay foundations campaigns as mental diseases are some of the issues addressed when learning about the benefits of exercise. Wilberding, B. (2010, June 13). Beth Wilberding column: Healthy eating habits, exercise are parents' investments in kids. Messenger-Inquirer (Owensboro, KY). This is a column written in Kentucky about the example that parents provide for their children when it comes to health and fitness. Although it isn’t scientific research, quotes from this article could be used to further impact the nPlay’s literature. Williams, J. D. (2013). Advances in communication research to reduce childhood obesity. Retrieved from endNote&butExport=Click toExport&returnUrl=holdingsInfo?searchId=948&recPointer=14&recCount=50& bibId=476067 This book focuses on the media’s effect on childhood obesity, specifically advertising for junk food. It also includes opportunities to improve marketing towards children. This is a valuable resource because it focuses on a PR aspect of childhood obesity. Yuk, P. (2005). Two campaigns launched to tackle childhood obesity. Financial Times (London, England), Retrieved from This article talks about two separate campaigns launched in England to battle childhood obesity. The campaigns referred to in the article are from chefs and doctors, rather than athletes. I feel this article would be relevant and useful to my nonprofit because it gives insight into the same problem in a different country. It also provides ideas of how to get publicity in a popular newspaper.  

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