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Music pumps through your headphones and invites you to start feeling. Sufjan Stevens is an artist; he creates music that is personal. He makes what he feels. Whatever that may be, it is expressed through the medium of song, and most often by the lyrics he has composed. These lyrics speak to what Sufjan has felt, experienced, and gleaned from his life. He uses music and the power of words to communicate to the world. As an artist he has expressed his realization for the need to stay grounded. He makes extraordinary music for the ordinary day. It is music for life, created by the means of life taking place. The essence of Sufjan is made up of what makes up all of us as individuals – thoughts, emotions, doubt, faith, drama, change. He is eclectic, unconventional, and somewhat of a contradiction. He embodies his music and his music showcases him.



Sufjan Stevens  

Completed for Michael Kidwell for Visual Communication 2 at the Kansas City Art Institute.