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TubeLock® – your safest choice for handling tubulars


Global Gravity has a slogan;

Global Gravity is a Danish company which for the past two years has been working with a brand new concept for the safe handling and transport of drill pipe, tubing an casing. For decades wires have been used in the offshore industry, wires have some advantages but also a lot of safety issues. Global Gravity is proud to present the new product TubeLock速

TubeLock速 system The TubeLock速 system is a Danish product designed and tested in Denmark. The system has been under development for the past 2 years. A combination of steel and aluminum makes the system both light and strong.

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Currently the system is the lightest system in the world with single components not weighing more than 15 kg, creating a better working environment.

extreme. Tests were carried out to test the system for strengths and potential weaknesses. All tests were witnessed by representative from DNV. Currently we are in dialogue with DNV for a final certification of the TubeLock® product.

Produced with Hydro Aluminum in DK and NO

Benefits of the system:  Pipes act as a fixed package – no more rolling pipes  No more slinging wires and mounting pipe clamps

Vertical static and dynamical test 9 5/8” Casing

 Easy to handle – easy to stack – low weight

Monitoring: TubeLock® profiles can be RFID tagged which will give opportunity of unique ID, fabrication year, last certification, producer, customer etc.

 Easy to back-load  Environmentally friendly  Possibility of drifting and measuring pipes on shore

Testing / certification

All information’s can be uploaded in an on-line IT registration system which can be accessed by the customer anywhere.

In February 2012 a series of tests were carried out to test the system to the

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The below picture shows the easy stacking of TubeLock® which can be stacked anywhere onshore, on flatbed trailers, supply vessels, pipe yards and rigs.

Data sheet Profile dimensions: Profile length: 1185 mm Profile height: 170 mm Profile Width: 100 mm Profile weight: 15 kg Materials: Profile: Lifting pipe: Pad eyes:

Aluminum ENAW6060 S355 S355

Codes and standards: DNV Rules for planning and execution of marine operations ND General Guidelines for marine transportations 0030/NDI

Easy stacking of the system

Currently the system is under patent application PCT application 2011 70036 and 2011 70665.

Health and Safety Global Gravity ApS provides full HSE compliance and cover on site. We have a fluid HSE improvement plan. This is a critical focus area for the business for which reason we strive to better ourselves at all times. In March 2012 the TubeLock® concept was nominated together with 2 other projects for a safety award in Denmark – the winner will be announced on the 27th of March 2012. Our track records reflect a genuine effort to maintain a safe working place.

Wind: Stacked Jacked up Transportation

50 m/s 50 m/s 30 m/s

Design conditions: Jacked up: 52.5 m above LAT Stacking: 6 layers Sea transportation: Vessel - L < 140 m B < 30m Sea state: Pitch: Roll Heave

12.5° - 10 sec 20.0° - 10 sec 0.2g

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Capacity 5,5 WLL - system

We have a saying in the company:

Pipe size

“Work safe – protect yourself and your colleagues”

2 3/8” 2 7/8” 3½” 4” 4½” 5” 5½” 6 5/8” 7” 7 5/8” 9 5/8” 10” 10 ¾” 13 3/8” 18 5/8”



130 kg 200 kg 300 kg 303 kg 386 kg 476 kg 476 kg 534 kg 771 kg 929 kg 1197 kg 1263 kg 1070 kg 1600 kg 1995 kg

40 28 16 18 14 12 10 10 6 5 4 3 3 3 2

System comes with either wire or chain sling


Please note that product can be tailor made according to the requirements of the customer.

Global Gravity is currently in the final stages of the test phase of the TubeLock® product and certification process with DNV has been started to obtain the final DNV approval. The system has been tested to the extreme and tests show that the TubeLock® system is the lightest and one of the strongest pipe handling systems in the world. We have proven that our concept is capable of hanging vertically in a worst case scenario both static and dynamically – not many systems in the world to our knowledge has passed the same tests.

5" package – 12 pcs






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Company details:

Global Gravity ApS Lillebæltsvej 42 DK-6715 Esbjerg N Company registration no.: 339050705 Denmark Tel: +45 76 56 99 00 Mob: +45 24 66 54 54 Email:

On behalf of Global Gravity

Søren Hvorslev Managing Director

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