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Other Uses of Walking Sticks you Know None Of If we speak about walking sticks, it refers to no other than a pair of sticks that help individuals to maintain balance and walk properly. These could be a pair of strong sticks or perhaps business innovated products. As you can see, these can be used by individuals while going into the mountains or walking in a park to help them balance their body. However, if you think that their functions end here, then you are wrong. Walking sticks have been introduced during the period of the Old Testament in the Bible. Instead of the usual pair we see nowadays, only a single staff was used before. Travellers used staffs during the past to have much better safety while on the road and have something to support them while strolling. It also served as a way for shepherds to control their sheep, and keep them from separating from the herd. As a matter of fact, a staff can be even seen in the pictures of prominent religious figures. These sticks have also become a sign of authority and power as time goes by. A great example is the situation in the ancient Egypt where rulers have a long staff that signifies they are powerful over others. These sticks have also became a symbol of aristocracy in Middle ages. Moreover, Kings and Queens were able to convey their powerful status within the society due to this. These days, supporting a person is not the only purpose of walking sticks. People can actually employ these walking sticks in a variety of ways. Offensive and defensive weapons, hiking poles, staffs, and canes are some of their uses. However, most people who benefit from these sticks are elderly people, as these help them have far better balance while walking. If you are planning to have a trek in the mountain, you can get rid of the thick bushes, cobwebs, as well as grasses using these sticks. You can as well make use of these sticks in measuring things, specifically if you desire to cross a swamp or stream on your way to the top of the mountain. More notably, it cannot be prevented that there are plenty of wild animals that you’ll encounter on your journey, such as snakes and bears. However, you can keep them away with these sticks. There are numerous kinds of walking sticks. Some are stated below: Devil’s walking stick - Originated from Hercules plant Shooting stick - You can adjust and fold it effortlessly Pike staff - Pointed tip for much better traction and also support Kebbie - A staff featuring a hooked head Penang lawyer - This kind of stick is made of Licuala palms. They are abundant in the

tropical forests of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Malacca - Made out of rattan palms and originated in Malaysia. Whangee - Stick distinctively employed by the famous comical character Charlie Chaplin

Ziegenhainer - German stick which consists of knots Ashplant - The manufacturer of this stick is from Ireland and Ash tree is the main material. The one thing you should do if you want to buy walking sticks is to visit the nearest shopping mall or sporting goods shop. If you're not happy with what you've seen in shops, then you can browse the net and find the best one that best fits you. Experience The Benefits of Walking Sticks More Than What You Imagine, Experience The Advantages of Walking Sticks More Than What You Imagine, Walking Sticks are Created Not Just for Walking

Other Uses of Walking Sticks you Know None Of  

If we speak about walking sticks, it refers to no ...

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