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DISTANCE A weekend of performance, talks, video and activity over distance.

19 June – 20 June 2010 Stoke Newington International Airport Unit E, 1-15 Leswin Place London N16 7NJ Sat 13:00 – 00:00 Sun 14:00 – 21:00 Distance has always been a part of our lives. Now, more than ever, we are expected to negotiate the complexities of near and far. From the Manifesto Club to Mark McGowan, PLATFORM to Cecilia Wee and Ansuman Biswas; crossing Argentina to Tokyo, DISTANCE is two full days of art and performance featuring 40 artists, scientists and thinkers crossing borders and disciplines to interrogate the multiple perspectives of distance.

Join us in a mini-marathon to start things off at 13:00 on Saturday 19th June, and mark your route on a hand drawn map of the area. Attempt to get Delhi into London in Challenge Amitesh (STK), spend the day watching an exercise in scale from Andrew Dawson, a twin-synch with Leo kay, nautical communication from Search Party, and a programme of satisfyingly fascinating video. Get stuck into discussions of borders and limits with the Manifesto Club, grasp how far humanity has travelled through the lyrical talents of Baba Brinkman, and travel yourself through a neighbourhood-sized cosmos walk guided by Guerilla Scientist and Astrobiologist Lewis Bracknell. The action continues at the after party, COLOURWORKS: FULL SPECTRUM, a full on party to warm Arcola Theatre's new space. It's next door to Café Oto. Sunday begins with a Brunch Salon, an open discussion around the philosophies of distance and space, while Mark McGowan crawls from Clapton to Buckingham palace followed by our roving reportage team. There are installations from Ansuman Biswas and David Rule, further space walks, and cross continental choreography from Robin Dingemans. As Jen Southern arrives to report on her Comob work, Cecilia Wee and Steven Ounanian bisect intimacy into on- and off-line. Also arriving is Irishman Denis Buckley who over the period of the festival will travel from east London to Galway and back again in time to introduce himself. Finally watch as your messages to extra terrestrial intelligences are beamed out from a SETI radio transmitter. You can tweet your messages to @STK_int, or email them to Curated by Third Party & Stoke Newington International Airport. Full programme information - Tickets - £8 per day £14 weekend ticket BBQ on Sat pm

Selected Info, please see for all up to date infos Manifesto Club The politics of free movement. What is free movement today? How do visa restrictions, technologies of control and surveillance, acts of resistance and creative acts highlight distance/absence/nonpresence? Is SKYPE and other communication technologies a force for good, or bad, in these times of Fortress UK? A discussion chaired by Manick Govinda, from Manifesto Club, with contributing speakers, Dolan Cummings– Culture Wars, Sonya Dyer - Chelsea Programme Borderline Project, Valerie Hartwich - Manifesto Club, Mark McGowan – Artist. Cecilia Wee Getting Intimate – On/Off-Line. Curator and writer Cecilia Wee leads a discussion exploring temporal, geographical and bodily notions of intimacy. Reflecting on their individual practices as well as the festival as a whole, visual cultures writer Dr. Stephanie Polsky, together with festival artists including Steven Ounanian and Jen Southern (who will present her COMOB project on Sunday), Marialaura Ghidini, curator of Or-bits online art production and display platform, examine the value of intimacy today. Mark McGowan Please Fergive Me. Mark will undertake an 8 hour crawl on his hands and knees from Clapton's Salvation Army Mothers Hospital (where he was born) to Buckingham Palace with a sign on his back saying Please Fergive Me. Taking on the role of the scapegoat and doing a penance for Sarah Ferguson and her recent misjudgments. PLATFORM PLATFORM, Art Not Oil, and Liberate Tate come together to discuss art, ethics and funding, and the gulf between them. Discuss the arguments, join Art Not Oil's 6 year campaign, and get seriously active with Liberate Tate. Ansuman Biswas Vane An established artist who's practice encompasses music, video, live art, installation, writing and theatre, presents a new score/sculpture to make the breath visible and to measure one's comparative influence on the world. Guerilla Science Astrobiologist Lewis Bracknell is your guide on a neighbourhood sized cosmic walkabout. As a finale to DISTANCE, Guerilla Science will beam your thoughts out to possible E.T intelligence with the aid of a radio telescope. Tweet your requests to

Vivi Tellas (Argentina) My Father Lives on a Star The renowned artist and theatre director will skype in from Buenos Aires into a seance arranged in Hackney with a Voodoo medium. Vivi will try to contact her spanish speaking father through the spiritualist, and through the strange ghostly medium of video conferencing. Andrew Dawson Space Panorama A sparkling recreation of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Standing behind a large black clothed table, using only hands, he dextrously takes us from Houston to the moon and back down to Earth again, conveying the colossal distances and risks involved simply through the arrangement of one hand in relation to the other, with the odd facial expression thrown in for good measure. G.E.M.A (Brazil) GRUPO EXPERIMENTAL MULTIDISCIPLINAR AUTテ年OMO invite you to film the sun as it passes overhead on it's way to Brazil. Dozens of others will be doing the same, contributing to a video of the sun's path from London to Sテ」o Paulo. Yoko Ishiguro (Japan) Narita Yoko will be in Narita airport, Tokyo. Her work examines intimacy through the screen and the fluctuation of absence and presence.

Third Party & Stoke Newington International Airport Sharing interests in new means of international collaboration and imaginative ways of approaching the distances we negotiate on a daily basis, the newly formed curating collaborative, Third Party, and arts collective, Stoke Newington International Airport, have come together to collaboratively curate and produce this event. DISTANCE is an initial starting point of a longer-term investigation into the notion of distance as a conceptual, political and practical concern for the arts sector and wider public. Third Party is a newly formed curating collaboration between Joon Lynn Goh, Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon. Third Party aims to create platforms of live experience that cross discipline and a culture of specialism. We invite collaborators, from artists to geologists and athletes, to work with us on a project basis. Prompted by current and age-old concerns, Third Party is driven by the desire to create space for collaborators and audiences to find new meeting points. Stoke Newington International Airport was established in the summer of 2008, the venue and the eponymous arts collective have gained a reputation among artists and audiences alike as a place for experimentation, freedom and critical exchange. STK is committed to the promotion, production and development of new performance

work, both as creators and curators. Their work is hybrid, innovative and current. Based in a rescued building in east London, STK represents a network hub for artists living in working in that area, which in turn feeds into a wider international cross discipline network.



19 June – 20 June 2010 Stoke Newington International Airport Unit E, 1-15 Leswin Place London N16 7NJ From the Manifesto Club to Mark McGowa...

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