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Preparing Leaders With A Global Perspective

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F l etcher Ne w s

As the seasons change here in Medford, I am delighted to share several items of good news with you.

As you will read in the update on this, our 75th entering class, on page 5, these students were selected from a pool of over 1,600 applicants—an increase of 6% over last year’s applications. As in recent past years, Tufts University was the largest feeder school. I am also pleased to announce that Fletcher’s Board of Overseers, our Executive Faculty and I have successfully petitioned the Tufts University Trustees to formally authorize the School to grant the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Law. The first class of the one-year program will enter in September 2008. Professor Michael Glennon has agreed to serve as the program’s Director. More information on Fletcher’s LL.M. can be found at: Other developments in the academic realm include the addition of new faculty members. Among these are Dr. Vali Nasr (F84), one of today’s leading scholars of the Middle East, who comes to us as professor of international politics and associate director of the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, and Dr. Kostas Lavdas, the new Constantine Karamanlis Associate Professor of Hellenic and Southeastern Mediterranean Studies. Our academic leadership has also undergone a transition as Laurent Jacque, Fletcher’s Walter B. Wriston Professor of International Finance and Banking, has completed his service as academic dean. He is succeeded by Peter S. Uvin, the Henry J. Leir Professor of International Humanitarian Studies and director of the Institute for Human Security.

major gifts from alumni and friends, have positioned Fletcher nicely as it moves into the public phase of its Beyond Boundaries Comprehensive Campaign, which seeks to raise $100 million for the School by 2011. These gifts are evidence that philanthropy at Fletcher, with an endowment of $110 million, provides donors the opportunity to have transformative and tangible impact. The Campaign formally launched last November, and, at present, Fletcher has achieved slightly more than 50% of its goal. The more difficult half, however, lies ahead. Your support, either through The Fletcher Fund and/or by making a campaign gift to a targeted campaign priority is being sought. More information about the Beyond Boundaries Campaign can be found on page 36 of this issue or by visiting: giving.tufts. edu/ways_to_give/support_fletcher.html.

Stephen W. Bosworth

As Fletcher strives to improve upon its excellence through our Comprehensive Campaign, I look to you, our alumni and friends, to support us in our mission to prepare leaders with a global perspective. Please know that your commitment to the School is invaluable and very much appreciated. I am grateful to find myself among individuals who, collectively, hold Fletcher in such high regard.

The many new developments at The Fletcher School are exciting indeed. Thanks to very generous gifts made by several members of our Board of Overseers, the School was able to increase its financial aid awards this year. As a result, there are 34 Board of Overseer Scholars among this year’s entering class of 183. The Board of Overseers’ gifts, along with several other

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 3

F l etcher Ne w s

Record Number of Alumni Return for 2007 Fletcher Reunions Alumni hear from Nobel Peace Laureate, fellow alumni, faculty, and students. Two Fletcher Reunions were held in recent months: a May Reunion for the classes of 2002, 1997, 1992, 1987, 1982, 1977, 1972, 1967, and 1962; and a September Reunion for the class of 1957 (celebrating their 50th reunion) through the class of 1937. Both celebrations were very successful, with record numbers of alumni returning to campus (nearly 200 in May and 38 in September) from all parts of the world. Alumni from Maine to Florida attended, while others traveled from as far as Paris, Belgium, Madrid, Australia, and Thailand. Among events the alumni enjoyed were the Annual Fletcher Alumni and Student Clambake, faculty lectures by Professor Alan Henrikson and Professor Michael Glennon, lunch with Dean Stephen W. Bosworth and Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow, a tour of Fletcher’s facilities, and student panels. Other highlights included Fletcher Class Day Alumni Address by alumnus and best-selling author Michael Dobbs, Ph.D. (F72, F73, F77); Commencement Address by 2003 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Dr. Shirin Ebadi; and Convocation Address by vice chairman of Goldman Sachs (International) and managing director of Goldman, Robert Hormats (F66, F70).

Karen Hastie Williams, F67

Thanks to all alumni who returned to Fletcher. Everyone at the School looks forward to welcoming back to campus the classes celebrating Reunions this year. The next Reunion weekend is 1618 May 2008 and 3-5 September for the Class of 1958. For more information:

Banafsheh Keynoush, PhD 07, translated for Dr.Ebadi, Alberto M. Fernandez, member of U.S. Foreign Service and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award, Dean Stephen W. Bosworth, Dr. Shirin Ebadi, keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Ackerman, F69, Chairman of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers, and Michael Dobbs, F72, delivered alumni address.

4 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

F l etcher Ne w s

Fletcher Welcomes 75th Incoming Class Collectively, they were raised on 6 continents and represent 40 nationalities. This year’s incoming class includes students from Brunei, China, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Serbia, Singapore, and Uzbekistan—as well as 24 states in the U.S. As the warm weather extended into early autumn and the Northeast tried to hold onto summer a bit longer, Fletcher’s seventy-fifth incoming class settled into life in Medford. The students arrived on campus for orientation activities in late August and began classes soon after the Labor Day holiday. An academically and professionally impressive group of individuals, the 183 newest members of the Fletcher community were selected through a highly competitive process, from a pool of over 1,600 applicants—an increase of 6% from last year. Collectively, they were raised on 6 continents and represent 40 nationalities. This year’s incoming class includes students from Brunei, China, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Serbia, Singapore, and Uzbekistan—as well as 24 states in the U.S. They speak over 50 languages, including: Arabic, Berber, Malay, Mandarin, Oshikwanyama, Portuguese, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, and Uzbek. Students have earned degrees from 133 colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad, including: University of California, Berkeley; Georgetown University; University of Pennsylvania; University of Tokyo; and Tufts University. They studied diverse disciplines ranging from anthropology, urban and regional planning, international finance, and economics, to Slavic studies, women’s and gender studies, journalism, and international relations. The professional backgrounds of the incoming class are equally as varied, with collective experience in all sectors. The class consists of military officers, government officials, returned Peace Corps volunteers, journalists, consultants, and lawyers. Students include: a political-military analyst specializing in

Latin America; a public affairs specialist at Ramstein Air Base in Germany; a law clerk to an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines; a research analyst at Euromonitor International; a broadcast journalist at the Russia Today television network; a management consultant at Accenture; and an agent with the Australian Federal Police. Students have: worked for the United Nations Office for Project Services in Afghanistan and the United Nations Development Programme in Cyprus; developed international trade case reports for The Stern Group, Inc.; worked in global supply chain planning in the semiconductor industry; founded a non-profit charity to fund East African education initiatives; specialized in law enforcement risk management in Kyrgyzstan; researched the differences in perception of morality among liberals and conservatives in Germany; worked with a microfinance union in Uganda; and coordinated an advocacy program for immigrant survivors of domestic violence. Though their academic interests are as diverse as the experience they bring to Fletcher, the most frequently pursued fields of study this year are international negotiation and conflict resolution, development economics, international security studies, international organizations, and human security. The 2007 – 2008 academic year is off to a great start, and the newest class has already begun to engage, challenge, and enrich the Fletcher community. For information about last year’s incoming class, including statistics and student profiles, please visit:

1933 & 2007: An Incoming Class Comparison

Fall 1933

Fall 2007

Total Class Enrollment




17 (81%)

82 (45%)


4 (19%)

101 (55%)

Harvard University

Tufts University





Top Undergraduate “Feeder” School Average Age Approximate Annual Tuition

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 5

F l etcher Ne w s

Matching a Fletcher Education to a Sustainable Future William Moomaw Professor of International Environmental Policy and Director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy The challenges are global, and the task is daunting, but the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at Fletcher is preparing students for careers in which they can shape future policies and actions onto a more sustainable future. First, the need to improve the lives and well being of over one-third of the world’s population is a paramount concern. The issue of how this can be done in a manner that does not overload global and local environmental systems and the essential flow of resources and environmental goods and services is the essence of the stated UN goals of sustainable development. This goal can only be met if the resource intensive and highly polluting economies of industrial nations are transformed over the coming decades. The concept of sustainable development was introduced 20 years ago by the World Council for Environment and Development chaired by Dr. Bruntland, then prime minister of Norway and later secretary general of the World Health Organization. The basis of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present generation while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It requires providing an equitable opportunity for all parties to improve their lives and pull themselves out of poverty now and in the future. To do so requires that the economy continue to provide goods and services through a social system of effective institutions. It has been difficult to operationalize this strategy, and both internationally and domestically there is a tendency to focus on “economic development,” “environmental protection” or “institutional building” rather than “sustainable development,” which requires that all three dimensions function effectively into the long-term future. Wherever one looks, the evidence that human activities are overloading natural systems and degrading the flow of environmental goods and services is unquestionable. The dramatic shrinking of arctic sea ice by one million square miles in September 2007 and the rapid loss of mountain glaciers that provide 40% of the earth’s population with a steady water supply are two reminders of global warming. The catch at ocean fisheries has been constant for 20 years despite intensification of effort, but many desirable species have declined to token levels. Deforestation for timber and land clearing is rapidly reducing forest cover, often through the use of devastating fires that are dramatically decreasing the biological diversity of the planet. Toxic chemicals and

6 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

transboundary air and water pollution continue to pose threats to people, livestock and wildlife. On the resource side, the end of the oil and gas era as we have come to know it is clearly visible during the 21st century as new discoveries have plummeted and prices have soared. Competition for energy and mineral resources has intensified in recent years, and the prices of many commodities have been bid rapidly upward. The market in the form of the insurance industry has decided to set rates for coastal storm damage at unaffordable levels or simply stopped selling it altogether as losses have increased, possibly due to climate change. Exploitation of energy and minerals is not only degrading land, air and water, but it is the backdrop against which international tensions are increasing as the result of competition among nations for resources. Diplomatic solutions

F l etcher Ne w s

to humanitarian emergencies such as Darfur are being impeded by the perceived need to access oil and other resources. Nuclear concerns in Iran and North Korea are yet another dimension of the intersection between security and resource issues. The Center for International Environment and Resource Policy was founded in 1992, with an interdisciplinary program that addresses these issues in an integrated manner. The Center offers courses that address the scientific and economic basis of environment and resource issues, sustainable development, international environmental negotiations, international environmental law and the role of technology and policy development in creating solutions. This fall the Center is offering a course in the analysis of complex systems to provide students with the tools to identify multiple factors and their roles in causing political, economic and environmental problems and to identify the most effective points of intervention in addressing them. The Center also supports a set of research initiatives on energy and climate change, forestry, nitrogen pollution, global environmental governance and globalization and trade. The Center also works directly with governments in the preparation of policy relevant research. Faculty, staff and students work together to produce research papers and important reports. Two of our faculty were members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change during the past two rounds, and each has been a chapter leader. Student research assistants and internships are provided or arranged by the Center, and career opportunities are made available jointly with the Office of Career Services. On the positive side, the stratospheric ozone hole seems to have stabilized in size as the Montreal Protocol has successfully phased out vast quantities of ozone depleting substances. At the most recent meeting of the parties, action was taken to accelerate the phase-out of remaining chemicals in both developed and developing countries to protect the ozone layer and reduce global warming. Several Fletcher graduates played key roles in making that happen. Fletcher students are also involved in the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol by serving in national and

international government agencies, at the Climate Secretariat, at the State Department and at foreign ministries around the world, as both researchers and as carbon traders and implementers of the Clean Development Mechanism. Our graduates serve as ambassadors, environmental ministers and foreign ministers in countries around the world, while others hold important positions in environment and resource management in major multinational corporations as well as leadership positions in the military and in international non-governmental organizations. Some of our Ph.D. graduates are faculty members in universities and research institutions in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, as well as in the United States. In short, with a small faculty of three—a policy scientist, a negotiator and an economist—and an accomplished consensus builder as the associate director, The Fletcher Center for International Environment and Resource Policy has provided nearly 250 graduates with the knowledge and analytical skills needed to address the critical issues of environment, resources and sustainability that are facing the world. The challenges are great, but we are helping to build the capacity to turn them into opportunities. In October, the Nobel Peace Prize was jointly awarded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Fletcher Professors William Moomaw and Adil Najam, both members of CIERP, have between them contributed to six reports including the most recent, and have each held leadership positions as coordinating lead authors. The intersection between their own research (often engaging Fletcher students) and important international policy issues such as climate change, sustainable development and energy technology is a hallmark of the Center’s work. William Moomaw is Professor of International Environmental Policy and Director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at The Fletcher School. For information on the Center, please visit:

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 7

F l etcher Ne w s

Fletcher Ph.D. Admiral James Stavridis Applies “Lessons Learned” at U.S. Southern Command By Charles M. Interrante, F05 and Fletcher Ph.D. candidate

A four-star Admiral stresses the necessity of communicating effectively and partnering with others to address complex regional problems. In August, Peru had just suffered a devastating earthquake as Hurricane Dean gathered force threatening to wreak havoc in the Caribbean. Coordinating a significant portion of the U.S. humanitarian response was Fletcher graduate Admiral James “Jim” Stavridis (MALD 1983, Ph.D. 1984) in his role as Combatant Commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM). In the aftermath of one disaster and in the midst of another, the former Fletcher student spoke to me by phone about the work of the organization he now leads. “We’ve got doctors and C-130 aircraft flying in and out of Peru where we’re working actively with the State Department and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance [OFDA]. I’ve got my people standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Peruvians, Colombians, and other government agencies. We’ve also got a large deck U.S. Navy ship headed to Jamaica to see if there is any assistance that can be rendered there. If Hurricane Dean moves on to Central America, we’ll be following it.” While still a graduate student at The Fletcher School, Stavridis’ impressive ability to manage multiple complex contingencies was already evident, according to his former professor Benjamin J. Cohen, now a political economist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “Even when he was working on his dissertation under my supervision while also teaching and taking courses at the Naval War College,” Cohen says, “Jim insisted on taking the time to give me some lessons to polish up my tennis game. Needless to say, my playing improved noticeably, though I never came close to winning a set from him.” The son of a career Marine Corps officer, Jim Stavridis was intrigued by the sea from early childhood. Graduating with honors from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis in 1976, the South Florida native decided, uncharacteristically perhaps for a career Navy officer, to major in English. Professor Alan Henrikson recalls about Stavridis that “when at Fletcher, although he certainly didn’t need to for any economic or professional reason, Jim taught a course to undergraduates at the Experimental College on the Literature of the Sea—not just Mahan, but Melville.” Since receiving his doctorate, Stavridis’ scholarly endeavors have not flagged. He has authored or coauthored over 75 books, articles, reviews, and commentary on maritime and national security topics.

8 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Since assuming the leadership of SOUTHCOM in October 2006, Admiral Stavridis has applied his belief in the transformative power of words and ideas through a set of regionally-focused educational initiatives. These include the creation of a commander’s list of books and films addressing a broad range of topics, including regional history, economics, politics, and culture designed to engender sensitivity among American service men and women. “By reading the literature and watching the movies,” he says, “we’re trying to leverage cultural knowledge as a path to enhancing our ability to connect with these partners.” Beyond the cultivation of local knowledge, Stavridis also promotes mastery of the region’s major languages by those under his command. He sees the development of linguistic competence and cultural literacy by SOUTHCOM personnel as necessary components of his organization’s success. Accordingly, his organization aims for 60 percent proficiency in the three principal non-English languages of the Western hemisphere (Spanish, Portuguese, and French). “I believe that to know another person’s language is to know their life,” says Stavridis. “At SOUTHCOM, we are working hard to enhance our understanding of both the cultures and the languages of our regional partners.” Stavridis’ own successes, both at sea and ashore, have been significant. According to his official biography, from 2002 – 2004 he commanded the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He also served as a strategic and long-range planner for the chief of Naval Operations and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Stavridis believes the Fletcher Ph.D. was a key element in his successful navy career, enabling him to shoulder the duties of a series of jobs involving international relations and diplomacy. The Fletcher School, he asserts, significantly informed his worldview with respect to the necessity of multilateral and interagency approaches to complex problems: “It’s clear as we move into the 21st century that cooperative security is the model. There’s a global realization that the way we’re going to address common problems is through coalitions working together. We’re working that approach down here.” Since assuming the helm of SOUTHCOM, Stavridis has less time to devote to his passion for racquet sports, but has

F l etcher Ne w s

Admiral Jim Stavridis accepts responsibility for leadership of U.S. Southern Command from General Peter Pace (then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ) on October 19, 2006, as outgoing commander Army General Bantz J. Craddock looks on. (Photo courtesy of USSOUTHCOM)

ample opportunities to apply lessons learned at The Fletcher School to the complex issues confronting Latin America and the Caribbean. “Southern Command is responsible to the President and the Secretary of Defense for 32 countries, 13 territories, 450 million people, and 16 million square miles,” he says. “It’s an enormous collection of issues, and my fundamental approach to the job is one of interagency cooperation. Here in the U.S., we work with partner agencies and cabinet officials, while in the region we seek partnership with host countries. At SOUTHCOM, we’re not launching Tomahawk missiles downrange, we’re launching ideas.” Fletcher Professor Alan Henrikson remembers his former student as “one of the most resourceful persons—and quickest researchers—I have ever met.” He continues, “His curiosity, range of interests, and intellectual energy were

boundless.” Between summer 1981 and fall 1983, Stavridis not only earned the MALD degree and completed the comprehensive examinations for the doctoral degree, but was also awarded the distinguished Gullion prize for outstanding academic achievement. Less than a year later, he completed his dissertation exploring the role of maritime technology transfer in the negotiations surrounding the United Nations Law of the Sea treaty. At SOUTHCOM, Stavridis has applied his talent for research to gaining an appreciation for the breadth and complexity of the region’s challenges. “We’re in a very competitive market down here,” he says. “People such as the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and others have a different view of how the region should evolve.” Stavridis is quick to point out that the area’s fundamental problems— | Continues on next page

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 9

F l etcher Ne w s

”poverty, terrorism, and narcotics as well as ecological and environmental problems that bleed into security issues”—do not submit themselves to traditional military approaches. “My view is that we are not undertaking military operations in the region but are undertaking a great deal of security cooperation. Our focus is on training, education, and security assistance. We must work together with host nations in areas such as counterproliferation and counternarcotics, while we engage closely with our interagency partners as we try to create positive effects.” Multilateralism and interagency cooperation are two concepts that Admiral Stavridis stresses when discussing the shared challenges confronting partners. While some have referred to Stavridis’ pragmatic approach to regional issues as the application of “smart” power, Stavridis’ reasoning seems to root itself as much in his heart as his head. “What we strive to create at SOUTHCOM transcends even what you might call a ‘good neighbor’ policy,” he maintains. “Let’s call it a ‘good relative’ approach. I believe that the Americas are a common home that we share together. I hate that expression ‘America’s backyard’—it is wrong in every dimension. It’s not our backyard; it is not even our front porch. It’s our home, and one in which we must be prepared to help each other like family.” Stavridis dismisses the notion that efforts by Cuba and Venezuela to win hearts and minds by providing healthcare to the area’s poor constitute a challenge to U.S. interests. Quite the contrary, he sees such efforts as emulating an American tradition of lending a helping hand to those most in need. “The efforts of Cuba and Venezuela to provide medical assistance alleviate problems in the region. For decades the United States has been deeply involved with the private sector and also in the governmental sector, through the Peace Corps on one hand and through charitable giving on the other. These efforts have been orders of magnitude greater than any other nation. Furthermore, I don’t agree with the premise that we are somehow in competition with other states in trying to do good things and trying to be a good partner.” Stavridis acknowledges that communicating effectively is one of his most significant challenges, given the negative perception of some with respect to a U.S. military presence in the region. “In my experience, you overcome entrenched perceptions one person at a time through human to human

“At SOUTHCOM, we’re not launching Tomahawk missiles downrange, we’re launching ideas.” contact,” he says. “As an example, this summer, the U.S. Navy hospital ship Comfort sailed through the region. In four months, it treated nearly 100,000 patients. That’s 100,000 people who encountered American men and women in uniform treating

10 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Admiral Stavridis often shares his views on the linkages, challenges and promise of the Americas with the dozens of Distinguished Visitors, U.S. and International military leaders, scholars, business executives and community groups that visit the command annually. (Photo: U.S. Army Sergeant Mitchell Miller)

them, giving them eyeglasses, fixing their cleft palettes, perhaps giving them an antibiotic for the first time. We also have veterinarians who are treating their animals. At the end of the cruise, there were nearly 400,000 patient encounters.” Stavridis believes that the efforts of SOUTHCOM play a stabilizing role and enhance regional security. “People are smart enough to know that occasionally you need effective, legal security forces to keep you safe from narcotraffickers and terrorists—two real scourges.” The Admiral also notes the rising influence of gangs, which are becoming an extraordinary problem and pose a significant threat to fragile democracies, particularly in Central America. “Ultimately, you have to show the human side, while also making the case that there are legitimate reasons for the use of force in certain situations. But you have to be very careful in this region because of the historical antibodies that exist.” Stavridis is an enormous believer in strategic communication and the power of persuasive discourse. “I want to underline up front,” he asserts, “that it all has to proceed from the use of the truth. All rhetoric fails instantly when it evolves from the desire to manipulate facts, to change what is real and true. The use of truth is fundamental to strategic communication. With that as a proposition, I believe there is great power in the truth. It starts tactically with getting your words and images out there to illuminate the good things that are occurring. At a higher level, you have to make the case in the ‘marketplace of ideas’ that we espouse the right solution set for the region.” The Admiral also seriously ponders the role of globalization through the media. “Consider the power of images, especially in today’s world when so much of the readership is actually a ‘viewership,’ looking at things on the Net, on TV, and on streaming video on handheld devices.”

Fl etcher Ne w s

To Stavridis, strategic communication is “showing that we want to be a good partner both in word and deed.” The two pillars of that message are the interagency process and partnering with host nations. “As we address the underlying regional issues of narcotics, gangs, the fragility of local democracies, natural disasters (as we’re seeing here this week), and human rights, we want to illuminate all of that with effective, sensitive, honest, and strategic communication. We have an enormous section here that deals with human rights training, striving to inculcate in our partner militaries the idea of human rights. Those are really the pillars of our program at SOUTHCOM as opposed to dropping ordnance, launching missiles, and driving expensive fighter planes around. There are parts of the world where we need to do that, but this isn’t one of them.” The Admiral credits his Fletcher School professors for the deep impression they made on his thinking. “In terms of my worldview, I think what The Fletcher School taught me is that no one of us alone is as smart as all of us thinking together. The Fletcher experience has given me a real proclivity for multilateralism in approaching the problems facing the world. These problems know no borders.” To illustrate, Stavridis emphasized the significance of demographic linkages. “Today in the U.S., about 15 – 18% of our population is Latino, and by the middle of this century that will be 25 – 30%.” He sees these commonalities as a unique network that can be leveraged to build economic opportunity. “If we are going to address poverty, gangs, and drugs, we need to build an economy and create a secure area in which to allow an economy to flourish. We’ve got to enlighten and encourage capitalism, too. I think it has been proven over the last couple of centuries that that is what lifts a nation out of poverty over the long run. That model has to be articulated, so the role of strategic communication is vital. Our role is to help these fragile democracies create security and stability, so their economies can unfold and really address their core problems.” Stavridis is quick to point out that his time at Fletcher was not all work and no play. He was especially fond of the social events he and his wife would host on Friday evenings after a hard week in the classroom. “We would invite as many as 20 people over to prepare and enjoy international cuisine,” he remembers. “We’d have one student coach the rest of us in cooking the food of their country. The rest of us would chop

Traveling extensively throughout the Americas, Stavridis frequently meets with foreign heads of state, his military counterparts in the region and U.S. military forces deployed throughout the region. (Photo: Army Colonel Bill Costello) (Note: This picture was taken at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

while friends from places like Sri Lanka or Malaysia would guide the rest of us in preparing the meal. The food was fabulous.” Professor Cohen also remembered Stavridis’ love for good food. “It was Jim who introduced me, the son of a kosher butcher, to the pleasures of New England lobster. I still have the lobster pot he gave me as a wedding gift.” When asked to recall what he enjoyed most about his time at The Fletcher School, Stavridis cited the “incredible diversity of the student body.” “I’m sure everybody says this,” he continues, “but it was just amazing to have students from so many different countries in one place.” Asked to assess Admiral Stavridis’ performance beyond the walls of the classroom, Professor Cohen called him “one of the finest human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing, a true gentleman in the best sense of the term. So long as officers like [him] continue to be recognized and elevated in the military hierarchy, I am confident that the country’s defense remains in safe hands.” To Professor Henrikson, Stavridis was and remains, “a lively, literate, and ever-learning man. And thus, a leader.”

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 11


Quotes of Note “Market analysts talk about the rise of the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India and China. By 2025, the National Intelligence Council projects that China and India will have the world’s secondand fourth-largest economies. This tectonic shift will pose a challenge to the international organizations that have been in place for the past half-century. Unless rising powers are given greater voice in these institutions, their future will be uncomfortably uncertain.”

Armenian Foreign Minister Receives Dean’s Medal The Fletcher community had the pleasure of welcoming His Excellency Vartan Oskanian, F93, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia, to campus on October 5th. The minister was presented with the Dean’s Medal by Dean Stephen W. Bosworth.

— Fletcher Professor, Daniel Drezner speaking at Fletcher’s Convocation, 5 September 2007. “Russia isn’t alone in the great Arctic race. Thawing of the Arctic ice cap has opened access to billions of tons of oil and gas, valuable minerals like gold and platinum and untapped fishing stocks, and all the countries bordering the Arctic are staking a claim...” — Scott Borgerson, F03, Fletcher PhD F06, from an op-ed in The New York Times, 8 August 2007. “The mood in Sarajevo on the night of my arrival demonstrated the life of a city that has celebrated every small victory in an effort to move beyond its not so distant tragedies. The remnants of war are of course still present in the city. Many buildings remain gutted… The tram cars vary between those with German slogans and those marked with Japanese flags, both donations to the post-war reconstruction effort.” — Alison Morse (F08), from her blog at

12 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Sixth Annual Talloires Symposium

Fletcher alumni and friends gathered at Tufts’ European Center in Talloires, France, for the Sixth Annual Talloires Symposium, with the theme “The Future of the Nonproliferation Regime.” This year’s distinguished keynote speaker was His Excellency Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and recipient of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize. A frank and stimulating conversation with Dr. ElBaradei was followed by an afternoon faculty lecture by Fletcher professor and director of the new LL.M. program, Michael J. Glennon.

Alums Launch Ralph Bunche Endowed Scholarship Fund

On May 10th, over 50 alumni gathered at the home of Karen Hastie Williams,F67, and her husband Wesley Williams (F64) to celebrate the launch of official fundraising efforts for the Ralph Bunche Endowed Scholarship Fund. Ralph Bunche, Jr., F71, and Dean Stephen W. Bosworth were on hand to make remarks, along with members of the Fletcher Alumni of Color Association, which has been instrumental in the creation of this fund. To make a gift to the Ralph Bunche Endowed Scholarship Fund, please make checks payable to the Trustees of Tufts College, and indicate “Fletcher Ralph Bunche Scholarship Fund” in the memo line. Checks may be mailed to: Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 160 Packard Ave., Medford, MA 02155.

Fl etcher Ne w s


Dean Peter S. Uvin answers questions from alumni at Fletcher 2007 fall reunion.

New York Alumni Engage in Discussion with Iranian Ambassador

Fletcher alumnae Farri Cress, F70, and Colette Mazzucelli, F87, organized a stimulating and very frank panel discussion entitled “Nuclear Capability: the Haves and the Have-nots” at the Algonquin Hotel in New York on April 12th. Panelists included H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the time, and William Hartung, Director of the ArmsTrade Research Center and an internationally recognized expert on the issues of the arms trade and the economics of military spending. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Jehangir Khan, F83, senior official in the Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat, who was not serving in official capacity but rather as a Fletcher alumnus. More than 90 Fletcher alumni and guests were in attendance.

Fletcher Creates LL.M. Degree The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy will launch a new LL.M. degree program in the fall of 2008. This LL.M. in international law will provide a broader contextual understanding not only of the law but also of the disparate societies and institutions in which it is made, interpreted, and applied—so critical to practicing law in the globalized 21st century. Taught by Fletcher’s distinguished international law faculty, the program will address the historical, political, cultural, and economic framework within which contemporary international lawyers operate. It will provide superb preparation for a new or continuing career in international or non-governmental organizations, government agencies, international businesses and law firms, diplomatic missions, foreign and defense ministries, media, or other international institutions. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and invite you to contact Endri Misho, Academic Support, LL.M. Program, at or +1.617.627.4319. For more information:

Following Professor Laurent Jacque, Peter Uvin has been appointed as Fletcher’s new academic dean. Dean Uvin is also The Henry J. Leir Professor of International Humanitarian Studies. Vali Nasr (F84), considered one of today’s leading experts on Middle Eastern affairs, joins the Fletcher faculty as Professor of International Politics. His research on sectarian identity in Middle East politics and the growing significance of Shia politics following the Iraq war has been particularly influential. He is the author of The Shia Revival: How Conflicts within Islam will Shape the Future.

Kostas A. Lavdas has been named The Constantine Karamanlis Associate Professor in Hellenic and Southeastern European Studies. Born in Athens, Professor Lavdas studied political science, political sociology, public policy and international relations at Panteion-Athens, the University of Manchester, LSE and MIT. His research is in the areas of European and comparative politics and public policy.

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 13


F l etcher Ne w s

Boston This past May the Boston Club held its Annual Meeting at the Fares Center, where, after the official business of the club was concluded, Dr. Ibrahim Warde spoke at length on the topic of Islamic finance and how it is viewed in the West. In August, a small group of local alumni met for a seafood lunch at Captain Carlo’s in Gloucester, and enjoyed the chance to catch up with each other.

Hong Kong The Fletcher Club of Hong Kong honored Korean Consul General Tong-oun Seok (F92) on September 19, 2007. Alumni gathered for a Chinese banquet at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club. Seok has a rich background in the Korean foreign service with postings in Beijing, Canberra, and San Francisco. Attendees included Charles Lee, Bonny Ling, Deidre Lo, Jacob Hamstra, David Zweig, Chris Hauschildt, and Alicia Eastman.

Dhaka Members of Fletcher Club, Dhaka, had an Iftar (dinner in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan) at the National Press Club. Hosted by Fletcher Fellow (1992) and president of the National Press Club Shawkat Mahmud, the Iftar was attended by former foreign secretary of Bangladesh Ambassador Faruq A. Choudhury (F57), newly appointed Bangladesh ambassador to Uzbekistan Mohammed Hasib Aziz (F86), directors general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh Masud Bin Momen (F90) and Mahbubuzzaman, former president of the Press Club Reazuddin Ahmed, president of Bangladesh Sangbad Shangstha (the national news agency of Bangladesh), Jaglul Ahmed Chowdhury, president of the Diplomatic Correspondents’ Association of Bangladesh Shamim Ahmed, assistant secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs M.J.H. Jabed (F07) and UN volunteer in Sudan Farheen Khan (F07). The meeting also felicitated Fletcher alum G.M. Shahidul Alam (F82) on the publication of his new book. President of Fletcher Club, Dhaka, Mosud Mannan (F89) welcomed the guests and talked about the future activities of the club.

Geneva On May 6, Fletcher alums in Switzerland enjoyed beautiful weather for a Fletcher Club of Switzerland tea party in Geneva. Recently elected as president of the group, J. Mark Fisher (GMAP05) kindly organized the event and looked forward to seeing more Fletcher alumni in Talloires.

Fletcher alumni enjoyed a beautiful day for a tea party in Geneva.

14 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Fl etcher Ne w s

Tokyo The Fletcher Club of Tokyo hosted new academic dean and Henry J. Leir Professor of International Humanitarian Studies Peter Uvin on July 23 at the Kasumigaseki Building in Tokyo. Dr. Uvin gave a lecture on human security at Fletcher and described his view that the security of individual citizens is regarded as equal to or more important than the security of the state. During and after the lecture, the audience and Dr. Uvin discussed human security in Japan and Asia and its role in international relations. As the new academic dean at Fletcher, Dr. Uvin has sought to build bridges with the security studies field as well and the international business field. Mariko Noda (F90), head of the Fletcher Club of Tokyo, graciously organized the event.

The Fletcher Alumni Club of Malaysia at a dinner hosted by Ambassador

Malaysia Fletcher alumni in Malaysia gathered in Kuala Lumpur for a dinner hosted by Ambassador Urs Stemmler (F75), the ambassador of Switzerland to Malaysia, at his residence on April 3.

Middle East Alumni Association The Middle East Alumni Association (MEAA) was established to strengthen the community of alumni originating from and interested in the Arab world, Iran, Israel, and Turkey. Part of its mission is to raise the profile of the Fletcher School in the Middle East. If interested in leading, organizing, participating or simply promoting the school in the Middle East, kindly email

Washington, DC On September 5, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China hosted a dinner reception for the Fletcher Club of DC. Organized by Shifan Wu (Political Section at Embassy, F02) and Maria Stephan (F02, PhD05), the centerpiece of the event was the address given by Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong, the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. The ambassador praised the long-standing exchange program involving Chinese diplomats at Fletcher and highlighted his views of current issues facing China-U.S. relations including, among other things, security issues, human rights abuses in Darfur and trade. Ambassador Wenzhong received warm words of thanks from Stephan and Dr. Hans Binnendijk (F70, 71, 72), a member of the Fletcher Board of Overseers. Dr. Binnendijk’s remarks, which included a funny anecdote about daughter Anika (F06, PhD candidate) waving “goodnight to China” as a child when the family lived across the street from the Chinese embassy on Connecticut Ave., set a warm tone for conversations about U.S.-China relations, which he said are beset with challenges and opportunities. Typical of Fletcherites, conversations flowed throughout the evening, including with new member of the Fletcher Board of Overseers, Nihal Goonewardene (F73). As attendee Greg Scarlatoiu (F02) noted, “[The event was] a great opportunity to catch up with the DC gang. I would like to thank our colleagues Shifan Wu and Maria Stephan for organizing this encounter with our gracious Chinese hosts. The highest point of the evening? Definitely, the Maotai shots.” Gambei!

Nepal On June 18, 2007, alumni gathered for the inaugural dinner of the Fletcher Club of Nepal. The group was graciously hosted by H.E. Sang-Jung Nam (F85), who is currently working as ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Nepal. Also present were Ghulam M. Isaczai (F97) of the UNDP, and American ambassador to Nepal Lauren Moriarty (F77), Head of the FAO. Other diplomats and Nepalese government officials were present. Ram Thapaliya (GMAPI 02) has assumed leadership of the group and has plans for future gatherings of alumni in Nepal.

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 15

F l etcher Ne w s

CLUB CONTACTS Armenia Arusyak Mirzakhanyan (F04)

Fletcher Women’s Network Marcia Greenberg (F91)

Paris William Holmberg (F05)

Atlanta Tim Holly (F79)

Greece Thomas Varvitsiotis (F99) Gregory Dimitriadis (F06)

Philadelphia Thomas Heanue (F90)

Australia Melissa Conley Tyler (F96) Bangkok Ekachai Chainuvati (F03) Beijing Stephane Grand (F98) Berlin Jan-Philipp Görtz (F98) Bombay Forming soon… Richard Cooper (GMAP 02) Boston Mike O’Dougherty (F87) Brussels Katrina Destree (F95)

Hong Kong Dorothy Chan (F03) Alicia Eastman (GMAP 04) Houston David Hwa (F76) Kenya Anne Angwenyi (F02) Viviane Chao (F02) Kosovo Iliriana Kacaniku (F04) London Adina Postelnicu (GMAPI 07)

Budapest Anita Orban (F01)

Los Angeles Adrineh Gregorian (F04) Spencer Abbot (F97)

Buenos Aires Carlos St. James (GMAP04)

Malaysia Shah Azmi (F86)

Chicago Daniela Abuzatoaie (F00)

Miami Daniel Ades (F03)

Chile Andres Montero (F85) German Olave (F97)

Middle East Alumni Association Walid Chamoun (F00)

Copenhagen Needs new leadership… Dhaka Mosud Mannan (F89) Julia Sable (F05) Dubai Paul Bagatelas (F87) Christine Lauper Bagatelas (F87) Fletcher Alumni of Color Association Belinda Chiu (F04)

16 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Nepal Ram Thapaliya (GMAPI 02) New York Ashish Bhatia (F06) North Carolina Forming soon… Marcin Szajda (F06) Oregon Edie Johnson Millar (F85)

Philippines Cathy Hartigan-Go (F92) Romania Sinziana Frangeti (F07) San Diego Geoffrey Pack (F89) San Francisco Vladimir Todorovic (F01) São Paulo Paulo Bilyk (F92) Sarajevo Haris Mesinovic (F00) Saudi Arabia Jamil Al Dandany (F87) Seattle Julie Bennion (F01) Seoul Junsik Ahn (F00) Shanghai Ian McGuinn (F07) Singapore Kim Odhner (F03) Switzerland Mark Fisher (GMAP05) Tokyo Mariko Noda (F90) Vienna Rainer Staub (F96) Jonathan Tirone (F00) Washington, DC Kevin Newman (F02) Uzma Wahhab (F02)

Fl etcher Ne w s

FACULTY Michael J. Glennon and Peter Ackerman (F69), “Building Liberty: The Right Side of the Law,”  The American Interest (September/October 2007). ___ and Peter Ackerman (F69), “Democracy Promotion, Interventionism, and Regime Change,” Annuaire français

de Relations Internationales 7 (2007). ___, “Peremptory Nonsense” in

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Diplomacy: Soft Power in International Relations, ed. Jan Melissen (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007): 67-87. Jeswald W. Salacuse, “The Treatification of International Investment Law,” Law and

Business Review of the Americas 13, no. 1 (2007): 155-167. Jeremy Sarkin, “The amnesty hearings in South Africa revisited” in Justice in

Transition—Prosecution and Amnesty in Germany and South Africa, ed. Gerhard Werle (Berlin: Berliner WissenschaftsVerlag, 2006): 43-53. ___, “The historical origins, convergence and interrelationship of international human rights law, international humanitarian


law, international criminal law and international law: Their application from at least the nineteenth century,” Human

Peter Uvin, “Development and Security: Genealogy and Typology of an Evolving International Policy Area,” in

Rights and International Legal Discourse 1, no. 1 (2007): 125-

Globalisation and Environmental Challenges: Reconceptualising Security in the 21st Century,

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Too Poor for Peace? Poverty, Conflict and Security in the 21st Century, Lael Brainard and Derek Chollet, eds. (Washington: Brookings, 2007). ___, “Creating Programs for Africa’s Urban Youth: The Challenge of Marginalization,”

Journal of International Cooperation in Education 10, no. 1 (2007): 19-31.

Grin, John; Mesjasz, Czeslaw; et al., eds., Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, Brauch, Hans Günter et al.; eds. 3 (Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2007). ___, “Ex-combatants in Burundi: Why they joined, why they left, how they fared,” World Bank

MDRP Working Paper no. 3 (August 2007). ALUMNI Sarah Bailey (F04) and Steve Walsh (F04), “The Use of Cash in Emergency and Post-Emergency Non-Food Item Programs—A Case Study from the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Journal of Humanitarian Assistance (May 2007). Scott Borgerson (F03, PhD06), “Aboard Training Vessel Arctic Tern, off Newport, R.I.,” The New York Times, August 8, 2007. Melissa Conley Tyler (F96) and Mark McPherson, “Online Dispute Resolution and Family Disputes,” Journal of Family Studies 12, no. 2 (November 2006): 165-183. Dixon Long (F58), Markets of Paris (New York: The Little Bookroom, 2007). William F.S. Miles (F82), “Echoes of the Holocaust in a Parisian Suburb,” Contemporary Review 289 (Spring 2007): 1684. ___, ed. Political Islam in West

Africa. State-Society Relations Transformed (Boulder & London: Lynne Rienner Publisher, 2007). ____, Zion in the Desert.

American Jews on Israel’s Reform Kibbutzim (Albany: State

Vincent H. O’Neil (F96), Reduced Circumstances (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2007). Richard J. Ponzio (F97), “Transforming Political Authority: UN Democratic Peacebuilding in Afghanistan,” Global Governance 13 (2007): 255-275. ___, “The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission: Origins and Initial Practice,” Disarmament Forum 2 (2007): 5-16. ___, and Christopher Freeman, eds., “Afghanistan in Transition: Governance, Security and Statebuilding,” International Peacekeeping 14, no. 1 (January 2007). Stefanie Ricarda Roos (F96),

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University of New York Press, 2007).

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 17

F l etcher Ne w s

JOHN E. EXTER (F34) passed away on February 28, 2006, at the age of 95. He graduated from Wooster College in 1932 and received a master’s degree from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He then taught economics at the Western Reserve Academy and Harvard University while continuing his studies in economics. After working at MIT during World War II, he joined the Federal Reserve System as an economist. In 1948, he took leave from the Federal Reserve to serve as advisor to the Secretary of Finance in the Philippines. He then moved to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), where his research and writing led to the establishment of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. He served as governor of the bank for three years. He joined the World Bank in 1953 as head of the Middle East division, and after one year returned to serve as vice president of international operations at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In 1959, he joined First National City Bank (later Citibank), serving as a senior vice president from 1960 to 1972. He retired in 1972 to begin private consultancy work. He is survived by his wife, Marion; two sons and two daughters; and six grandchildren. RUSSELL B. CAPELLE (F37) passed away on October 9, 2005, in Berlin, Massachusetts. He was born on January 8, 1917, in Waltham, lived in Watertown, and moved to Marshfield with his family in 1926 (all in Massachusetts). He graduated from Marshfield High School in 1932 and from Dartmouth College in 1936. In 1937, he received his master’s degree from The Fletcher School and obtained his Ph.D. in government from Boston University in 1958. In 1942, he left his job in the legal department of the Phoenix Insurance L.I. Co. in Hartford, Connecticut, to enter the Army (antiaircraft division). After returning to the U.S. in 1946, Russell began teaching social sciences at Bradford Junior College in Bradford, Massachusetts. In 1954, he took a position at Norwich University in the history and government department,

where he taught until his retirement in 1982. Russell was predeceased by his wife, Violet; his daughter, Jan Capelle Collins; and his brother, George Curtis Capelle Jr. He is survived by his son, Russell Jr., and his wife, Cheryl (Bates), of Hampstead, New Hampshire; his daughter, Beth Capelle Neal and her husband, Scott, of Northfield, New Hampshire; and six granddaughters. ELEANOR COLTMAN (F38) passed away May 13, 2007, at Manchester Memorial Hospital at the age of 91. She was born on May 31, 1915, in Somerville, Massachusetts, and educated there in Catholic schools. She studied history at Tufts University and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1937. She received her master’s degree from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Eleanor began her career in education as a social studies and French teacher in 1941 at Oak Bluff High School on Martha’s Vineyard, and for two years she chaired the social studies department at Griswold High School in Jewett City. She joined the U.S. Army Air Force (Women’s Army Corps) in 1943 and served for two years as a criminal investigator. She met her husband Edward P. Coltman while serving near Richmond, Virginia, and the couple moved to Manchester in 1951. She was a member of the town’s library board, school board, and the League of Women Voters. Eleanor was pivotal in the founding of Manchester Community College (MCC). She joined the faculty in 1966 as a parttime lecturer and retired in 1980. In 1987, she was appointed to the statewide community colleges’ board of trustees. She retired from the board in 1999. That year, the American Association of Women in Community and Junior Colleges recognized her leadership, and, in 2002, MCC awarded her an honorary degree. She was predeceased by Edward, her husband of 57 years, who died in 2002. She is survived by her four children, JoAna Hanna of Chouteau, Oklahoma; Edward J. and his partner Wade Carey of Washington, DC; Michael N. and his


wife Judy of Reading, Massachusetts; and Louise Thomas of Manchester, New Hampshire; six grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. CHARLES BEAR (F40) passed away in June 2007. A graduate of Grinnell College, he received his master’s degree from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He then went to work for Time Inc. and began a long career in international business. He was based in Paris after World War II as chief of Time’s international operations and later named managing director of Time Life International. His magazine career also led to his position as group vicepresident and secretary of Time Inc., and he was later promoted to chief administrative officer of the company. He retired from Time Inc. at the age of 65, but soon thereafter decided he wanted to remain active and worked for the 1984 Olympics. Charles was a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, and he was a consultant to the Commissioner of Baseball. RAPLH N. CLOUGH (F40) died on August 10, 2007, at the age of 90. He was born in Seattle, Washington, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Washington in 1939. He received his master’s degree from The Fletcher School before joining the U.S. State Department in 1941. He served in mainland China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Britain, and Taiwan, and later joined the department’s Policy Planning Council. He retired from the Foreign Service in 1969. Ralph then embarked on a second career and wrote extensively on Asian affairs. He worked at the Brookings Institution, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University (SAIS). He retired from SAIS in 2003. His notable books include East Asia and U.S. Security (1975), Island China (1978), and Cooperation and Conflict in the Taiwan Strait (1999). He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Awana Stiles Clough; his sons Frederick Clough and Marshall

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 33


Clough; his daughters Laurie Clough Schuda and Drusilla Clough Hufford; and grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. His first wife, Mary Lou Sander Clough, passed away in 1950. JON K. HARTZELL (F65) passed away in April 2007. He received a B.A. in history from Principia College, an M.P.A. from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and an M.A.L.D. from The Fletcher School. Jon held senior career positions within the U.S. government for nearly three decades, primarily in financial regulatory programs and international policy and regulatory negotiations. He began his public sector career at the Office of Management and Budget as a budget examiner. From 1983 to 1990, Jon was chief U.S. Treasury representative in Germany and then in Japan. Prior to that he served as a senior member of the U.S. negotiating team for the GATT Multilateral Trade Negotiations. From 1990 to 1995, he served as deputy comptroller of the currency. Jon then spent seven years with Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. He was director of group strategy and economics and later promoted to senior vice president for corporate and external affairs. He also served as principal press spokesman. Starting in 2003, Jon served as chairman of KWR International Inc., a firm specializing in the delivery of research, communications, consulting, and advisory services to public and private sector clients.

ANN DWYER MAFFRY (F70) passed away on June 22, 2007, in Washington, DC,

34 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

after a battle with breast cancer. She is survived by her two daughters, Caroline and Alison, and her granddaughter Alexis. In January 2007, she launched The Ride for Life Foundation, Inc., to raise funds for cancer patients, particularly those who have a connection with horseback riding. The foundation seeks to raise enough money to help those patients of all ages who are diagnosed at stage four cancers, as Ann Maffry was, and to give them hope and the opportunity to ride in the U.S. and abroad and live as if they do not have cancer. Learn more at: www. DAVID D. JOHNSON (F78) passed away on April 30, 2007, in Arlington, Virginia, at the age of 52. He was born in Washington, DC, and graduated from Malcolm Shabazz High School in 1971 after the family moved to Madison, Wisconsin. He studied at Brown University before obtaining his master’s degree from The Fletcher School in 1978. After receiving his Ph.D. in agricultural economics from the University of Minnesota, David taught at North Dakota State University for ten years. He then moved to the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC, where he was most recently chief of the field crops branch of the Economic Research Service. David is survived by his wife Megan; and two sons, Jesse and Owen, of Arlington; an older brother, Timothy, of Burlington, Vermont; and a sister, Deborah Durkee, of Madison, Wisconsin; and by his father and mother of Madison. MICHAEL G. SCHOFIELD (F95) died on May 29, 2007, in Baltimore, Maryland. Michael was born in Westerly, Rhode Island, and served in the Navy from 1958 to 1961. He worked in the Boston bureau of United Press International from 1961 to 1963 and for Time magazine until 1968. He graduated from Harvard University in 1967 and received his master’s degree from The Fletcher School in 1995. Michael became public relations director for the Unitarian Universalist association in Boston and managing

editor of the organization’s magazine in 1968. From 1971 to 1974, he was manager of news and information at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. In 1977, he relocated to Washington, DC, and worked as a writer and editor with the Voice of America. He joined the State Department in 1987 as a public affairs officer with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Later, he joined the Crisis Management Exercises Division, where he conducted crisis management at overseas postings. He retired in 1996. He is survived by his wife of 27 years, Ellen Schofield of Rockville, Maryland. JAMES MALONE THEODORE RENTSCHLER (Ambassador-inResidence, 1986) passed away in Paris, France, in May 2007. He was born on October 16, 1933, in Rochester, Minnesota. He graduated from Yale University in 1955 and received his master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1966. Ambassador Rentschler served in the U.S. Army Security Agency as a military linguist from 1955 to 1958. He entered the Foreign Service in 1959 with the U.S. Information Agency and served in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Fez, Morocco; and as press attaché and acting public affairs counselor at USNATO in Paris and Brussels. From 1976 to 1978, he was counselor of the Embassy for Public Affairs in Rabat, Morocco. In 1978, he became a senior staff member and director of West European affairs on the National Security Council (NSC). Ambassador Rentschler served both Presidents Carter and Reagan as special assistant to the president for West European affairs on the NSC from 1978 to 1982. From 1982 to 1985, he served as Ambassador to Malta. In 1986, he was nominated to be Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea and was Ambassador-in-Residence at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

F l etcher Ne w s

I love what I do. I want future generations to do what they love, too. Even before arriving at Fletcher, Irene Meister (F52) knew she wanted a career in international business. From serving as the first female executive in the oil industry focusing on the Middle East, to senior vice president at the American Paper Institute and its successor, American Forest and Paper Association, to her current work as consultant on international trade and business strategy for a Fortune 500 corporation, Dr. Meister continues to fulfill her dreams. She has also had multiple opportunities for public service as a congressional staff member, chair of the lead committee of President Reagan’s Export Council, and chair of an advisory committee for several multinational trade negotiations. She currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board of Indiana University and as a member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Council for International Business. Dr. Meister is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Americas Society, and the Asia Society. Two activities bring Dr. Meister the greatest joy and allow her to use her Fletcher background to the fullest: her advisory and consultant work for her multidivisional global client; and mentoring students and lecturing at her two alma maters. Her gifts reflect her passions. Dr. Meister has provided for two endowed scholarships at Fletcher: one will benefit U.S. students enrolled in the international business program and the other will support MALD students who intend to enter public service.

“I have used everything that I learned at Fletcher every day. I benefited from the breadth of the curriculum and have chosen to give back by including Fletcher in my estate plans.”

For further information on how to incorporate Fletcher into your own estate plans and take part in the Beyond Boundaries campaign, please contact Brooke Anderson, associate director of gift planning, at 1-888-748-8387 (toll-free) or 617-627-4975 (direct), or by email at You can also visit our website at

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 35



In fiscal year ending June 30, 2007, The Fletcher Fund raised $1,230,573—a remarkable 23% increase from the prior year’s million dollar accomplishment. Together, nearly 2,000 Fletcher alumni, parents and friends supported the Fund and its mission to prepare leaders with a global perspective. Specifically, their investments helped Fletcher offer internship stipends to 100 students, along with more competitive financial aid packages. This year, Fletcher’s average financial aid award increased by nearly 47%—from $7,500 to $11,000! These are just two of the many positive examples demonstrating the transformative impact philanthropy has at Fletcher. Led by Dorothy Meadow Sobol, F66, Chair of The Fletcher Fund, last year was marked with additional achievements: • Alumni participation reached 27%. • Leadership giving at the Fletcher Associate level ($1,000+; $500+ from graduates of the last decade) reached new heights with 313 members. In the following pages, you will find listed the names of all donors who made a gift to The Fletcher Fund in fiscal year 2007

AUSTIN B. FLETCHER SOCIETY The Austin B. Fletcher Society is comprised of alumni and friends who have included The Fletcher School in their estates and longterm financial plans. Because planned gifts are an integral part of the School’s development and history, we are honored to recognize and thank those individuals who have chosen to leave a legacy of educational excellence. PRESENT MEMBERS Anonymous (6) Tatiana Androsov (F80) Mark Baker (F95) Barbara Bodine (F71) Louis M. Cardillo (F74) Janet Feldman (F87) Ronald Glantz (F63) Jane Harbaugh (F53) Mary Harris (F70) Maia Henderson Edward Hoyt (F62) Hilda “Peggy” Kirby (F37) John Lacey (F76) Robert Meagher

36 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Irene Meister Armington (F52) Brandon Edward Miller (F04) Craig Owens (GMAP I 01) & Elizabeth Owens Barbara Phillips (F61) Elizabeth Parker Powell (F62) H. Jon Rosenbaum, Ph.D. (F64) & Betsey Rubin Rosenbaum Andrew R. Safran (F77) & Linda Safran Jean B. Shepard (F47) Margaret Smith (F91) Hubert Steele (F39) Col. Stephen E. Wright, Ph.D. (F07) & Elizabeth E. Wright If you wish to be included in or receive further information about the Austin B. Fletcher Society, please contact Alyssa Adreani, Development Officer, Office of Development & Alumni Relations, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, 160 Packard Avenue, Medford, Massachusetts, 02155, or tel. + 1.617.627.4285.

(between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2007), acknowledging and publicly thanking them for their support and example. On the capital side, Fletcher alumni, friends, and parents contributed or pledged more than $27 million to assist with a variety of academic priorities and strategic initiatives. These gifts helped the School successfully launch its “Beyond Boundaries” Comprehensive Campaign to raise $100 million by 2011. To date, about 55% of the campaign goal has been achieved. On page 37 are listed the names of capital donors who made a gift or pledge of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2007 to acknowledge and publicly thank them for their support and example. Also included in this donor report is a comprehensive list of Fletcher’s named endowed funds and a listing of bequest and planned giving donors in the newly created Austin B. Fletcher Society. If you would like more information about these funds or if we have inadvertently made an error in our listings, please contact Roger Milici at or +1.617.627.2372.

NAMED ENDOWED FUNDS FELLOWSHIPS & SCHOLARSHIPS Anonymous Charles F. Adams Scholarship Atlantic Community Fellowship Ruhl J. Bartlett Fellowship William L. Blue & Joan R. Blue Scholarship Ralph Bunche Scholarship* M.A. Edward Bunford Scholarship Cabot Corporation Scholarship John Moors Cabot Fellowship Antonio Cardozo Alumni Scholarship Citicorp/Wriston Scholarship Class of 1964 Fellowship* Phyllis E. & C. Douglas Dillon Fellowship Samuel J. Elder Scholarship Barbara & Brian Gibbs Scholarship* Carl J. Gilbert Scholarship Joan Gillespie Fellowship Armand Hammer Scholarship George B. & Helen J. Hargens Scholarship Joseph Harrison & Francis H. Russell Fellowship John L. Hedges Fellowship in Public Diplomacy

Richard D. & Polly B. Hill Scholarship Asher Hobson Scholarship A. Eiken Hohenberg Charitable Scholarship Fay Kirby Scholarship Katrina Lago Memorial Fellowship* John R. Lacey Scholarship* Dana Laird Memorial Scholarship* Emily & Henry Cabot Lodge Fellowship Roger Long Scholarship Mary Pillsbury Lord Scholarship Donald R. MacJannet Scholarship Lester Martin Fellowship Irene W. Meister Scholarship Irene W. Meister Scholarship for International Business Jeffrey C. Metzel Scholarship Sherry Mueller Scholarship National Cheng-Chi University Fellowship Frank C. & Christel Nichols Scholarship John Curtis Perry Fellowship David S. Pettit & Susan Gould Pettit Scholarship John E. Peurifoy Fellowship Ian Paley Rak Fellowship John Roche Memorial Scholarship Roome International Fund*


Safran Scholarship* Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Charles N. & Josephine W. Shane Scholarship Cornelia M. & Jonathan A. Small Scholarship* Johannes & Julia R. Solleveld Fellowship in International Environment & Resource Policy CV Starr Scholarship Harry S. Truman Scholarship Somerville Pickney Tuck Memorial Fellowship Theodore Xanthaky & Dorothy Osborne Xanthaky Scholarship INTERNSHIPS William S. Barnes Summer Internship for Latin American Studies LIBRARY & BOOK FUNDS Michael A. Bradley Memorial Book Fund Elizabeth L. Cabot Book Fund Joseph Cummings Book Fund Isaam Fares Book Fund Isabelle Oroian Fleck Memorial Library Fund Fletcher Library Book Fund Ginn Library Fund for International Law Grace Frees Guillet Book Fund Houghton-Mifflin Book Fund Imlah Book Fund Mildred Adams Kenyon Book Fund Charles Kimball Book Fund Michael Maney Library Fund Belinda Pearson Book Fund Ames Samuel Pierce Library Fund Gavriel Ra’anan Memorial Book Fund Roche Memorial Book Fund William L. & Bessie B. Salacuse Book Fund Sasakawa Book Fund John Stevenson Hay Book Fund Manzur Zaidi Book Fund GENERAL FUNDS William S. Barnes Fund General John. R. Galvin Tribute Fund Professor Robert F. Meagher Fund Elizabeth Parker Powell Fund for International Business* MAINTENANCE FUNDS Cabot Intercultural Center Fund

Key: † Deceased

* In Progress

Goddard Hall Fund

Linda R. Safran

PROFESSORSHIPS Charles Francis Adams/Raytheon Dean’s Chair Henry J. Braker Chair of Commercial Law Chair of International Environment & Resource Policy* William L. Clayton Chair of International Economic Affairs Cordell Hull Chair of International Trade* Shelby Collum Davis Chair of International Business Shelby Collum Davis Chair of International Security Studies Henry Willard Denison Chair of Japanese Diplomacy Constantine Karamanlis Chair of Hellenic & Southeast European Studies Kim Koo Chair of Korean Civilization & Foreign Affairs* Henry J. Leir Chair of Humanitarian Studies Edward R. Murrow Chair of Public Diplomacy* Walter B. Wriston Chair of International Finance & Banking

$250,000 – $999,999 Abu Dhabi Education Council Kim Koo Foundation Sarah Scaife Foundation Cornelia M. Small (F68) & Jonathan A. Small (F68) Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc. The Tavitian Foundation

LECTURE SERIES Charles Francis Adams Lecture Series Joseph Grew Lecture Series Dr. Maurice S. Segal Lecture Series U.S.-Hispanic Relations Lecture Series PRIZES Class of 1947 Distinguished Leadership Award Murrow Center Prize Alfred P. Rubin Prize in International Law RESEARCH FUNDS Hitachi Center Fund Latin American Studies Fund North Pacific Studies Fund Segal Pollution Research Fund

CAPITAL GIFTS LEADERSHIP DONORS $1,000,000+ Anonynous The Leir Charitable Foundations B. Craig Owens (GMAP I 01) & Elizabeth P. Owens Andrew Safran (F77) &

$100,000 – $249,999 Anonynous Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc. Kent S. Foster† Hilda X. Kirby (F36) Yukiko Noguchi (GMAPI 06) David S. Pettit (F67) & Susan Gould Pettit Hugh R. Roome III (F77) & Katherine A. Roome Kathryn D. Wriston

PATRONS $5,000 – $9,999 Janice L. Honisberg & John A. Hedges The Hudson Institute John R. Lacey (F76) Joann M. Lindenmayer & Peter J. Aranow Lois Silverman & Norman S. Silverman†

$2,500 – $4,999

BENEFACTORS $50,000 – $99,999 Anonynous (3) Brian T. Gibbs (F89) & Barbara Gibbs John Templeton Foundation Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research $25,000 – $49,999 Neil A. Allen (F76) $10,000 – $24,999 Anonynous Dacor Bacon House Foundation Earhart Foundation Constantine G. Karamanlis Foundation The A.G. Leventis Foundation Allen B. Macomber (F64) Roger D. McLean (F56) & Latie McLean Estate of Robert L. Nichols Saudi Arabian Oil Company Joan B. Saxe Paul S. Slawson (F60) & Mary S. Slawson Estate of Josephine W. Shane (F53) The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation W.Z. SyCip Suzanne Watson Xanthaky Trust

Nicole Monter Escardino (F98) & Agustin A. Escardino Malva (F97) Denise Pappas MacJannet Foundation Sherry Lee Mueller (F66) John Sayres Ann Imah Schneider (F56) Robert M. Steck (F81) Washington Penn Plastic Co., Inc. $1,000 – $2,499 Rob Andy Anheuser-Busch Foundation Mahnaz Z. Ispahani Bartos (F81) Bank of America Foundation Joseph H. Bragdon (F64) & Jeanne Bragdon Leif E. Christoffersen (F63) Carnegie Corporation of New York Stephen J. Del Rosso Jr. (F81) & Joy Miller Del Rosso Artemis Gyftopoulos & Elias P. Gyftopoulos Mr. and Mrs. William S. Metzel William R. Moomaw Vijaya R. Palaniswamy (F02) Uri Ra’anan Donna Salacuse & Jeswald W. Salacuse B. Lynn Salinger (F81) & S. Rexford Morrill Martha G. Smith & Fred B. Smith Marius G. Sorenson (F80) Karen Hastie Williams (F67) & Wesley S. Williams Jr. (F64) If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. To correct our records, please contact Kathleen Bobick at kathleen.bobick@ or +1.617.627.4573.

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 37


FLETCHER ASSOCIATES Leadership gifts from Fletcher Associates ($1,000 or more; $500 or more from graduates of the last decade) are the foundation of The Fletcher Fund. In fiscal year 2007, these 313 gifts accounted for more than 75% of total Fletcher Fund revenue. TRUSTEES’ CIRCLE ($50,000 OR MORE) Anonymous B. Craig Owens (GMAP01)ß & Elizabeth Owens Frederick Pakis (GMAP04)ß PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($25,000 – $49,999) Philip K. Asherman (GMAP04)ß ExxonMobil Foundation* Chung Won Kang (F77) Brad M. Meslin (F82, F84) Linda Safran (A09P)* & Andrew Safran (A76, F77, A09P)ß* Steven G. Schulman (F75) Cornelia M. Small (F68) & Jonathan A. Small (F68)ß Lucy Vandoros (A04P)* & Andrei P. Vandoros (F71, A04P)ß* Eileen Guggenheim Wilkinson (GMAP01)ß & Russell Wilkinson SOCIETY OF FLETCHER FELLOWS ($10,000 – $24,999) Anonymous Sultan T. Al-Nahayan (GMAP01) Neil A. Allen (F76)ß & Betsy Allen Annenberg Foundation Adele Fleet Bacow* & Lawrence S. Bacow* Joyce L. Barsam (J62, AG89, J89P, A91P, J91P, AG91P, A94P)ß* Paulo A.P. Bilyk (F92) Daniel K. Chao (F75, F79) Lee E. Dirks (F57) Nihal W. Goonewardene (F73)ß & Chrystal Goonewardene Lawrence P. Heim Jr. (GMAP02) & Victoria Becker Robert Hormats (F66)ß Sarnia H. Hoyt (AG62, F91P) & Edward L. Hoyt (F62, F64, F91P) Paul S.P. Hsu (F65, F66)ß & Pat Tsao Maha Kaddoura (A96P) P.H. Koo, E1 Corporation Michael M. Maney (F57)ß Vikram S. Mehta (F79)ß Mark K. Nichols (F71)ß Eleanor Ford Penrose (F67) & Stephen B. Penrose III (F67, F73)

38 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Alice Pickering (F54) & Thomas R. Pickering (H90, F54) W. David Rossiter (F73) Richard Bram Smith (F71) Dorothy Meadow Sobol (F66, F79) Anud Tamimi (J00P) & Fahad Tamimi (J00P) Lisbeth Tarlow (F84, F97)ß & Stephen Kay Robert J. Tarr Jr. (F76) Tavitian Foundation Hilary Wendel (F94) & Christopher S. Wendel (F93) DEAN’S COUNCIL ($5,000 – $7,499) Anonymous (2) Philip J. Bergan C. Fred Bergsten (F62, F69)ß Rene-Henri Bodmer (F95) Clifford S. Cooper (F57) Andrew H. Darrell (F88) Christina Greer Dawson (F84) & Mark H. Dawson (F85) Yiyi Evans (F08P) & John C. Evans (F67, F08P) Robert P. Fisher Jr. (F78) Ralph Hooper Peter Malone (F78, F83) Mary Neff (F07P) & Stephen C. Neff (F07P) Richard M. Ogden (F62) Bronwyn M. Owen (GMAP05) Elizabeth Parker Powell (F62)ß Charles R. Sitter (F57) Herman T. Skofield (F48) Rose Sonder (A99P, F99P, E01P) & Claudio Sonder (A99P, F99P, E01P) Galen L. Stone Mian E. Zaheen (F73)ß 1933 FOUNDERS’ CLUB ($2,500 – $4,999) Fuad S. Abu-Zayyad (F58)ß Bandar K. Al-Faisal (F05) Christine Lauper Bagatelas (F87) & Paul Theodore Bagatelas (F87) Martha O. Blaxall (F64, F71) Helena Bordie (GMAP02) Belinda Bralver (J76) & Charles N. Bralver (F75)ß Bonnie R. Clendenning (F86)

Mary Connor (F84P) & Myles J. Connor (F84P) Andrew Czekaj (F79) Charles Dallara (F75)ß Christiane S. Delessert (F73) Rhoda E. Dersh (F56) Robert J. Engel (F75) Bruce M. Everett (F70, F72, F80) Alice N. Finn (F86)ß Brian T. Gibbs (F89) Kathryn Hamill (F99P, J99P) & John Hamill (F99P, J99P)ß Catharine A. Hartzenbusch (F94) Peter Howell (F62) Herbert Levin (F56) Bette Bao Lord (J59, H82, F60) & Winston Lord (H87, F60) Brian A. Maher (F73) Susan Meserve (A91P, A92P, J95P, A02P) & William G. Meserve (A62, A91P, A92P, J95P, A02P)ß Jill B. Minneman (J82, F87) Sherry Lee Mueller (F66, F77) Thomas D. Reese (F57) & Caroline Reese John H. Rixse III (F68) Joseph S. Roussel III (F89) Thomas C. Sadler (F78) Fred R. Schreier (F77) David M. Sloan (A74, F75) Rhonda M. Vitanye (J84, F91) Karen Hastie Williams (F67) & Wesley S. Williams, Jr. (F64) John M. Yates (F62, F62) GLOBAL LEADERS ($1,000 – $2,499) Anonymous Yasushi Akashi (F57) Osamu Aoi (F85) Penny Apostolidis (F08P) & Constantine Apostolidis (F08P) Michael D. Balaban (F75) Anand Balachandran (F02) Mahnaz Z. Ispahani Bartos (F81, F85) Margaret L. Bates (F46) Mark A. Bedner (F76) Mary E. Locke (F70, F06P) & Johannes A. Binnendijk (F70, F72)ß Eileen B. Keane Binns (F66) Gerald W. Blakeley Jr.ß Elizabeth Boege (F66) & Sheldon E. Boege (F66)

Christine Bosworth & Stephen W. Bosworth Elizabeth Brady (F02P) & Thomas E. Brady (F02P) Christopher D. Briggs (GMAP06) David Budinger Jeffrey H. Bunzel (F81) Kenneth R. Button (F72, F81) Nicole L. Byrns (F98) Harold Caballeros (GMAP06) Nancy M. Chase (F44) Erin C. Conaton (F95) Cynthia Valianti Corbett (F78) Virginia R. Cornyn (F63, F71) Jenny Lynn Cox (F82) John F. Crawford (F59) Antonie C.A. Dake (F55) William B. Dale (F47) & Joy Dale Michael P. D’Ambrosio (F73) Jaime Daremblum-Rosenstein (F64, F72) Mary Graham Davis (F66) Robert R. Davis (F73) Carole S. Davison (J56, F57) Edward Dees, Jr. (GMAP02) Henry Delfiner (F62) J. H. Marcel-St Louis Demertine (F90) Michael K. Denning (F92) & Emily Denning James V. Dresser (F68) & Evan Dresser Brenda L. Ebeling (F63) Putnam Mundy Ebinger (F72, F88) & Charles K. Ebinger (F72, F73) Jennifer K. Eikren (F01) & Clay D. Norrbom (F01) Deborah Eisenberg (F03) & Raymond A. Linsenmayer (F01) Pat Eliot & Theodore L. Eliot Charles Sims Farr Jr. (F75) Jeffrey D. Feltman (F83) Cyrena L. Fink (F95) & Geoffrey D. Fink (F94) Victoria A. Floyd (F71) Robert M. Fouché (F57) John P. Friel Jr. (F80) R. Michael Gadbaw (F70) Edmund A. Gaither (F00) Brian C. Ganson (F88) Raymond Garcia (F68) Frederick E. Gilbert (F62, F76)

Fletcher Associate Giving Levels Trustees’ Circle: $50,000 or more President’s Circle: $25,000 – $49,999

Society of Fletcher Fellows: DO NOR $10,000 – $24,999 Charles Francis Adams Society: $7,500 – $9,999

Ann N. Goh (GMAP03) Dean Goodermote (F79) Maria V. Gordon (F98) Roberta L. Graham (GMAP06) James W. Gramentine (F57) Sandra L. Granzow (F62) Olaf J. Groth (F95, F97) Baldur Gudlaugsson (F74) Calvin A. Hamilton (F85) Arnold C. Hanson (F49) Douglas Henderson (F41) Laurie MacNamara Hendrickson (F87) & William Hendrickson (F88) Suzanne B. Hinsz (GMAPI 06) Robert G. Houdek (F62) Theresa Masterson Howe (EG84) & John B. Howe (F84) James L. Huffman (F68, F69) Carol Johnson Hurlburt (F62) Jason P. Hyland (F81) Kamal Ibrahim (GMAP04) Eiko Ikegaya (F94) & Charles R. Scott (F94) Kobo Inamura (F77, F78) Wolfgang F. Ischinger (F73)ß Pamela L. Jacklin (F67) Shirley Anderson Jennings (F51) & Theodore D. Jennings (F51) Farrokh Jhabvala (F73, F77) Jerry W. Johnston (F57) Barbara A. Kates-Garnick (F73, F84) Daniel Theodore Kessler (F82, F86) Alexander Kraus (F00) & Wendin D. Smith (F00)ß Mary S. Kreimer (F49) Marilyn Kuhar (A07P, E10P) & Gerard E. Sheehan (A07P, E10P) Hisami Kurokochi (F59) Rachel Kyte (GMAP02) Nancy Lattimore (J66, AG71) & B. Gresh Lattimore Jr. (F65, F72) Christopher M. Lehman (F73, F74, F93) Susan C. Livingston (J79, F81) T. Dixon Long (F58) Julia Motl Lowe (J98, AG07) & Nicholas J. Lowe David M. Lowrey (F65) Allen B. Macomber (F64) Kathleen Mackay (F70) Douglas O. Marston (F76, F78) William J. Mateikis (GMAPI 07) Jennifer M. Toolin McAuliffe (F83) Robert K. McNamara (F76) William F. McSweenyß David A. Metzner (F82)

George A. Midwood III (F62) Frances Fleming Milici & Roger A. Milici Jr. William J. Miller Jr. (F01) Lauren Moriarty (F77) Lucia Mouat (F61) Charles W. Muller (F50) Yoshio Murakami (F61, F64) Katherine Sikora Nelson (F93) Lisa H. Neuberger (F02) Wm. David Newbern (F67) Janet L. Norwood (F46, F49) & Bernard Norwood (F48) Farah A. Pandith (F95)ß William J. Papp Jr. (GMAP04) Jutta Parsons (F67) Llewellyn P. Pascoe (F62) Kirk R. Patterson (F83, F91) Alan Perese (F02) Curtis J. Perry (F74, F77) Simona Petrova-Vassileva (F91) Anne Pinkney (F57) Nancy D. Pratt (F50) & R. Todd Pratt (F50) Rebeca M. Quintanilla (GMAP05) John M. Regan III (GMAP06) Jonathan A. Rosen (F99) Michael A. Rosen (A82, F84) Elizabeth W. Rowe (F83) Reeta Roy (F89) Lynn Russell (A94P) & Edward W. Russell (F68, A94P) Raleigh D. Sahl (F95) Donna Salacuse & Jeswald W. Salacuse Klaus E. Scharioth (F74, F78)ß David M. Schwartz (F87) L. Paul Shapiro (F86) & Beatriz Shapiro Jean B. Shepard (F47) Susan W. Simons (GMAP06) Margaret E. Smith (F91, F99) Stuart A. Spencer (F89) Franz Stadler (GMAP03) Marilyn Skony Stamm (F74) Arthur R. Stevens (A40, F41) John T. Stewart (F62) Carolyn C. Stremlau (F67, F75) & John J. Stremlau (F67, F74) Michael T. Sullivan (F00) Wendy S. Swire (F90) & Andrew W. Swire (F90) Yukimi Tachibana (F00) James R. Tanenbaum (F72) Kathleen N. Borie Taylor (J80, F82)

Key: * Represents University-wide Annual Giving @ Fletcher Associate

REP O RDean’s T The Council:

$5,000 – $7,499 1933 Founders’ Club: $2,500 – $4,999 Barbara Teele (J99P) Jean M. Tennyson (GMAPI 05) Gregory J. Terry (F70, A05P)ß Brian K. Thomson (F88) Shou-Chung Ting (F81, F85) Adam J. Treanor (F02) Frank L. Trippett (F74) Barbara Geary Truan (F90) & Philippe Truan (F89) Christopher R. Tunnard (F85) Gerald Van Wyke (GMAP02) Dimitri G. Vassilacos (F97) Vitaly Veksler (F97) Hermann Erich F. Von Carp III (F97) Kim Hoan Vu (F00) John Yang Wang (A92, F94) Richard C. Warmer (F59) Helene Warrener Michael E. Watt (F91) Timothy C. White (F94) John C. Whitehead H. Phil Williams III (F74, F82) Gregory P. Wilson (F75) Alexandria W. Woolcott-Garbacz (F81) Brian L. Zimbler (F84) Frances A. Zwenig (F70, F71) YOUNG ASSOCIATES ($500 or more, graduates of the last decade) Anonymous Susan Abbatecola (F97) & Michael J. Moriarty (F97) Beth Ahern (F03) Bandar K. Al-Faisal (F05) Sultan Fahad Al Saud (F97) Stephen W. Arbuthnot (A94, F98) Anand Balachandran (F02) Mark R. Battistoni (F01) Eric R. Bjorklund (F06) David C. Brecht (F97) Nicole L. Byrns (F98) Wendy M. MacLeod Chappell (J93, F99) & Todd R. Chappell (F99) Agatha Ciancarelli (F03) & Christopher Row (F02) Linda J. Dixon (J63, F99) Tamar A. Dolgen (F97) Jennifer K. Eikren (F01) & Clay D. Norrbom (F01) Deborah Eisenberg (F03) & Raymond A. Linsenmayer (F01) Victoria Esser (F99) Claudia E. Fetter (F01) & Joel C. Fetter (F02)

ß  Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased

Global Leaders: $1,000 – $2,499 Young Associates (Graduates of the last decade): $500 or more Edmund A. Gaither (F00) Stephen E. Goodman (F00) Maria V. Gordon (F98) Anne H. Gotwals (F01) Kristina W. Hare-Lyons (J87, F98) Andrew E. Harrod (F97, F07) Kevin H. Huyler (F01) Alexander Kraus (F00) & Wendin D. Smith (F00)ß Joshua E. Kurland (F02) Shannon Lawrence (F01) & Roy H. Adkins (F01) Carlisle J. Levine (F99) Boris Q. Li (F97) Sean P. Lieb (F97) Hongyu Liu (F99) James H. Mackey (F00) Katherine K. Marquis (F99) William J. Miller Jr. (F01) Jeanette Moreno-Casas (F97) Sachiho Nakayama (F99) Lisa H. Neuberger (F02) Vijaya R. Palaniswamy (F02) Alan Perese (F02) Bibiana Popal (F01) & Mustafa M. Popal (F01) Cynthia J. Ray (F02) David S. Reinfeld (F97) Jonathan A. Rosen (F99) Lynn Swarz Schenk (F01) Dina Ginzburg Selkoe (F01) Carl-Michael Simon (F02) Ann E. Stafford (J83, F99) Michael T. Sullivan (F00) Yukimi Tachibana (F00) Maria Raissa C. Tatad-Hazell (F01) & Paul A. N. Hazell (F01) Adam J. Treanor (F02) Philipp A. Uhlmann (F02) Dimitri G. Vassilacos (F97) Vitaly Veksler (F97) Hermann Erich F. Von Carp III (F97) Kim Hoan Vu (F00) Claudine S. Welti (F97) If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. To correct our records, please contact Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund, at: or +1.617.627.5441

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 39

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at Fletcher is having students from every region of the world. My courses on political economy of development and Latin American politics are richer because students from these countries bring their experiences and perspectives to the classroom. DOtiehr NORaccess REP Oto R Tinformation. For example, students regularly send me relevant articles from their My research also benefits from their engagement and home newspapers that I otherwise would have missed. In turn, I have been able to offer several students the opportunity to conduct field work in Latin America, which has been a formative experience for them. – Katrina Burgess, Associate Professor of International Political Economy

DONORS TO THE FLETCHER FUND 2006 – 2007 GIFTS FROM ALUMNI Class of 1936 Total: $650 Participation: 75% Carl Q. Christol Jr. Hilda X. Kirby William L. Krieg Class of 1938 Total: $550 Participation: 50% Malcolm Toon Emily W. Zayyani Class of 1940 Total: $200 Participation: 67% Margaret Rush Gottlieb James M. Wilson Jr. Class of 1941 Total: $2,850 Participation: 44% Douglas Henderson@ George T. Little Arthur R. Stevens@ Robert B. Wright Class of 1942 Total: $50 Participation: 9% Thomas E. Norpell Class of 1943 Total: $400 Participation: 42% David H. Ernst Harold E. Kolling Barbara M. Morley† James W. Morley Paul Pfeiffer Jr. Class of 1944 Total: $2,050 Participation: 43% Curt F. Beck Nancy M. Chase@ Jerrold Scoutt Jr.

Class of 1945 Total: $225 Participation: 43% Martha C. Mautner Marion Montague Metcalfe

40 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Friedrich J. von Mering Class of 1946 Total: $2,959 Participation: 50% Nan G. Amstutz Margaret L. Bates@ Jeannetta Wilson Cowdery Black Edward W. Holmes Mary Alice Holmes Frederick Irving Betty D. Neuhart Janet L. Norwood@ Class of 1947 Total: $3,540 Participation: 58% William D. Brewer J. Chester Cheng William B. Dale@ Charles P. Edwards James W. Gould William M. Johnson Jr. Jean B. Shepard@ Jonathan D. Stoddart Theodore A. Wahl James L. Weber Gregory B. Wolfe

Class of 1951 Total: $1,925 Participation: 36% Charles D. Ameringer William B. Edmondson Shirley Anderson Jennings Theodore D. Jennings@ Jonathan V. Levin Stephen Low Robert L. Obrey Horace L. Rhorer Jr.

Class of 1948 Total: $6,934 Participation: 50% Walter Adamson Eleanor K. Bluhm William T. Bluhm Brewster C. Denny Francois M. Dickman Donald Y. Gilmore Maxine Taylor Hamilton Norman W. Mosher Bernard Norwood@ Roy Olton Herman T. Skofield@ Class of 1949 Total: $4,425 Participation: 44% Ralph E. Cook Richard B. Gray Arnold C. Hanson@ William A. Helseth Lewis Hoffacker Mary S. Kreimer@ Helen M. Low Melvin E. Sinn

Class of 1950 Total: $3,680 Participation: 62% J. Bruce Amstutz Alta F. Fowler† Raymond H. Fredette, USAF (Ret) Raymond E. Gonzalez Luke T.C. Lee Charles W. Muller@ Harthon I. Munson Charles W. Naas Richard David Nethercut Nancy D. Pratt@ Robert T. Pratt@ Jan-Hein L. Van de Mortel Ruth M. Woodcock

Class of 1952 Total: $350 Participation: 25% Doris Miller Cook Harland H. Eastman Ann Temple McDonell Anne V. Spilsbury

Key: @ Fletcher Associate

Class of 1953 Total: $1,925 Participation: 33% Dwight R. Ambach Hillman Djajasasmita Marvin L. Durham Frank C. Heinemann Robert A. Huff Edward J. Malonis Robert L. McNeill Richard E. Pearson Dale M. Povenmire Tomas A. Tomasson William W. Whitson John O. Yeo Class of 1954 Total: $12,025 Participation: 41% Bahman Amini

Helen D. Bethell William T. Crocker John G. Day Ronald F. Dick James C. Falcon Lowell V. Hammer Michael J. Obertin Alice Pickering@ Thomas R. Pickering@ Raymond W. Smyth Susan S. Smyth Hiroshi Tsukino Class of 1955 Total: $6,550 Participation: 28% Anonymous Eugene E. Cortright Antonie C.A. Dake@ Charles C. Frost George N. Grosshans Paul M. Levine Shijuro Ogata Robert L. Price Class of 1956 50th Reunion Class Fund Agent: H. David Wille Total (FY06 & FY07): $24,276 Participation: 55% Rafeeuddin U. Ahmed Marta G. Bent Robert G. Bent Thomas D. Boyatt Ruth Caldwell Rhoda E. Dersh@ Gisela Fort Ann Goldsmith@ George F. Jones Jr. Herbert Levin@ Charles F. Lombard Raymond C. Malley Marion Marchal Roger D. McLean Mary S. Olmsted Ann Imlah Schneider Donald C. Templeman M. Ladd Thomas Seth P. Tillman H. David Willey Chusei Yamada Class of 1957 50th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Clifford S. Cooper

ß  Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Total (FY07 & FY08): $42,543 Participation: 54% Yasushi Akashi@ Douglas L. Bailey F. June Christiaen Clifford S. Cooper@ Carole S. Davison@ Lee E. Dirks@ Robert M. Fouché@ James W. Gramentine@ Jerry W. Johnston@ Suzanne Dress Keith George M. Lane David L. Larson Michael M. Maneyβ@ Robert Garth Nettheim David E. Parry Anne Pinkney@ Thomas D. Reese@ Charles R. Sitter@ Kusuma Snitwongse Anne Frederick Starbird Theodore D. Wyly Class of 1958 Class Fund Agent: Mark C. Lissfelt Total: $7,175 Participation: 41% Fuad S. Abu-Zayyadß@ Rodney E. Armstrong Robert C. Bennett Anthony S. Dalsimer Isabel A. Dalsimer Samuel F. Hart Wilbur Jones Tomoya Kawamura Paul L. Laase Mark C. Lissfelt T. Dixon Long@ William Shaughnessy, USN (Ret) Pierre Shostal Melvin Thornton Kwan Ha Yim Class of 1959 Total: $5,140 Participation: 49% David W. Carr Pramote Chitaratanon Jay R. Cobbledick Rosemary K. Coffey John F. Crawford@ Ralph E. Fretty Jackson A. Giddens Ilene Shapiro Ginsberg

Donald K. Guthrie Carol Bachman Hart David B. Hunn Harriet W. Isom Hisami Kurokochi@ Andre J. Navez Thomas A. Sargent Carla L. Scopeletis H. Floyd Sherrod Jr. Richard D. Stearns Jr. Phillip R. Trimble William P. Wadbrook Richard C. Warmer@ Class of 1960 Total: $7,025 Participation: 32% Patricia P. Bailey Carol Johnson Capps Edward J. Gotchef W. Alston Hayne Bette Bao Lord@ Winston Lord@ Donald N. Nelson Lois E. Nelson Hal W. Pattison Sara Stedman Russell Theodore E. Russell Charles A. Semones Ursula H. Shears Class of 1961 Total: $7,013 Participation: 44% Robert F. Arnove Kevin B. Callanan Richard A. Christensen John J. Eddy Belva M. Finlay Charles R. Grader Marcia A. Grant Susan M. Klingaman Peter F. Krogh Harry A. Lenhart Jr. Richard W. Miller Lucia Mouat@ Yoshio Murakami@ Charles R. Richardson James A. Rotherham Robert M. Ruenitz Patricia M. Semmelhack John N. Thomas Richard W. Turk Class of 1962 45th Reunion

Class Fund Agents: Edward L. Hoyt & Carol Johnson Hurlburt Total: $50,226 Participation: 67% Charles E. Adams Horace Andrews, Jr. C. Fred Bergstenß@ Horace W. Briggs C. Wesley Carson Carol L. Carson Daniel J. Costello Henry Delfiner@ W. Raymond Duncan Ernst H. Gemassmer Frederick E. Gilbert@ Sandra L. Granzow@ Robert G. Houdek@ Peter Howell@ Edward L. Hoyt@ Carol Johnson Hurlburt@ F. McLellan Johnston Jr. Bradshaw Langmaid Jr. David E. Long Allen B. Maxwell John P. McKay George A. Midwood III@ Lela Garner Noble Jack Norton Richard M. Ogden@ Llewellyn P. Pascoe@ Malcolm C. Peck Elizabeth Parker Powellß@ Peter O. Sellar Thomas Shepard Alden C. Small John T. Stewart@ Frederick C. Turner Helen Voyadgis Ellen B. Widmer John M. Yates@ Class of 1963 Class Fund Agent: Alexander A. Zampieron Total: $6,127 Participation: 41% Nisuke Ando Virginia Y. Antevil Deborah D. Berman John C. Beyer Larry T. Caldwell Avery Chope Leif E. Christoffersen Virginia R. Cornyn@ Jumana W. Dejany

Brenda L. Ebeling@ Ronald A. Glantz Jeanette T. Goodstein Linda J. Groff Mary M. Grow Karen A. Hansen Margaret I. Haupt Kay Jordan Kohl Wilfrid L. Kohl William R. Noyes Herbert L. Sawyer Michael T. Sharples Justin Simpson Alexander A. Zampieron John Zentay

Class in 1964 Total: $10,102 Participation: 35% John G. N. Blaxall Martha O. Blaxall@ Allan W. Cameron Elizabeth J. Crook Jaime Daremblum-Rosenstein@ Edwina L. Eichner Amnon J. Golan William L. Hamilton Katherine W. Huger Jr. William A. Irwin Kantilal C. Kotecha Susanne D. Lind Allen B. Macomber@ Keith D. Martin James D. Mietus David C. Moon Rusty Mae Moore Hans-Martin v. Tucher Charles P. Werner William R. Westlake Heather C. Wheeler Wesley S. Williams Jr.@ Jan R. Zehner Class of 1965 Class Fund Agent: B. Gresh La timore Jr. Total: $15,345 Participation: 42% Robert W. Andrus Christopher W. Beal Paul M. Cleveland Frederick W. Crook Judith R. Dushku Robert B. Fitzsimons William B. Ford

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 41


Robert F. Galbreath III Susan B. Garfin Albert L. Goldsmith Jr. Norene A. Halvonik Giles D. Harlow Jon K. Hartzell† Arthur H. House Paul S.P. Hsuß@ David C. Jamison Judith Denton Jones Walter S. Jones B. Gresh Lattimore Jr.@ Jane Sneddon Little David M. Lowrey@ Ben L. Martin Toshiyuki Niwa James Patton USN (Ret) Larry D. Struve Charles T. York Class of 1966 Total: $25,890 Participation: 38% Somendu K. Banerjee Richard S. Bloom Elizabeth Boege@ Sheldon E. Boege@ Michael E. Costello Nancy Hunt Cylke Michael J. Daley Mary Graham Davis@ Jan E. Dill Claire E. Gilmore Frederick W. Hale, USN (Ret) Libby G. Halperin Robert Hormatsß@ Onyeonoro S. Kamanu Eileen B. Keane Binns@ Kristin E. Keaton Sherry Lee Mueller@ John M. Newmann Michael V. Olds Grant V. S. Parr Dane F. Smith Jr. Dorothy Meadow Sobol@ Dwight G. Stecker Samuel Thompson Jon G. Trail Stephen W. Worrel

Class of 1967 40th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Eleanor Ford Penrose & Stephen B. Penrose III

42 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Total: $27,915 Participation: 55% George E. Barnes Dena-Kay E. Cowdy John T. Craig John C. Evans@ Ellen L. Frost David C. Harr William E. Hellert Pamela L. Jacklin@ Howard J. Kerr Jr. Robert R. King Anthony F. Kleitz Margy F. Knox Malcolm G. Koch Ronald A. McCrea Augustus Nasmith, Jr. Wm. David Newbern@ Oscar J. Olson Jr. David J. Parsons@ Harold Payson III Eleanor Ford Penrose@ Stephen B. Penrose III@ Richard L. Riseling James B. Rouse Carolyn C. Stremlau@ John J. Stremlau@ C. Dart Thalman Ward C. Thompson G. Claude Villarreal Richard M. Weintraub Karen Hastie Williams@

Class of 1968 Class Fund Agent: John H. Rixse III Total: $34,775 Participation: 32% Odeh F. Aburdene Vivian W. Davis Carmen Diana Deere Terry L. Deibel James V. Dresser@ Jose Z. Garcia Jr. Raymond Garcia@ Peter O. Hefron Jonathan T. Howe, USN (Ret) James L. Huffman@ Charles B. Jacobini Reuben B. Johnson III Alexandra B. Keith Curtis H. Martin Alan R. McKee John F. Owen Lewis W. Pate Richard M. Pesin

Robert H. Ratcliffe Alexis Rieffel John H. Rixse III@ Michael M. Rubinger Edward W. Russell@ Richard L. Schreadley Cornelia M. Small@ Jonathan A. Smallß@ Roger C. Sullivan Jr. Charles A. White Jr. Class of 1969 Class Fund Agent: Nancy M. Tumavick Total: $52,778 Participation: 38% Anonymous@ James M. Barkas J. William Brumfield Jr. James R. Busselle Tish N. Busselle Gerald S. Carruthers Vicente Collazo-Davila, USAF John M. Dorger Sharron D. Dorward Alice A. Dress Daniel J. Houton John H. King George B. Lambrakis Charles T. Lotspeich Michael C. Mattice Robert A. Mirabello, USAF Paul D. Mosher Mary A. Nayak Bruce L. Pearson Rudolph R. Rousseau Edmund J. Singer Joseph C. Strasser Nancy M. Tumavick William E. Wilson Class of 1970 Total: $17,869 Participation: 40% Robert A. Anderson Kristen R. Apgar Robert G. Bell Johannes A. Binnendijkß@ Michael J. Blake Christine Probst Brumfield David J. Buffam John D. Caswell Farrinaz Varzi Cress Richard H. Doyle Craig G. Dunkerley

Bruce M. Everett@ James A. Fox Ralph A. Froehlich, USAF (Ret.) R. Michael Gadbaw@ Mary van Bibber Harris Michael B. Hughes Robert F. Ichord Jr. Gary H. Jefferson Andrea M. Johnson William S. Johnson, USN (Ret.) John A. Koeppel David Levintow Mary E. Locke@ Lawrence S. Lotman Kathleen H. MacKay@ Rogelio Novey Carolyn L. Patterson Harry J. Petrequin Jr. Terry L. Schaich Mary M. Shirley Roy W. Stafford Jr. Paula Stern Gregory J. Terryß@ Charles W. Wessner Frances A. Zwenig@

Class of 1971 Class Fund Agent: Mark K. Nichols Total: $44,835 Participation: 28% Puthiyedath Balakrishnan Terrence J. Brown Jonathan T. Carder Barbara B. Crane Robert F. Dobek Victoria A. Floyd@ Jess T. Ford David G. Frantz Fred K. Green, USA Robert L. Hiett Bradford Jealous Jr. J. Griffin Lesher Mark K. Nicholsß@ John R. Pate Perry L. Pickert William B. Richardson Emilio Sanchez-Santiago Richard Bram Smith@ James R. Stark David J. Steel Susan J. Steel Roger H. Taft Andrei P. Vandorosß@ Robert L. Webb


Class of 1972 35th Reunion Total: $8,785 Participation: 43% Kenneth R. Button@ Stephen B. Corrigan Michael J. Dobbs Michael J. Dziedzic Charles K. Ebinger@ & Putnam Mundy Ebinger@ Schuyler Foerster Charles P. Humphreys Robert W. Jerome Louis F. Licht III Olive E. Liechty-DePonte Sandra W. Meditz Joanne Mei Peytremann Caroline V. Meirs Philip W. Michelini Richard E. Miller Jr. Mary R. O’Brien Henna H. Ong Charles M. Perry Edward Schumacher-Matos Joseph J. Shattan Wendy A. Stickel James R. Tanenbaum@ Alan E. Van Egmond Miquelon L. Weyeneth Class of 1973 Class Fund Agent: Nihal W. Goonewardene Total: $40,425 Participation: 35% David M. Adamson Michael L. Aresco John F. Bender David M. Bluhm George L. Breeden II Robert G. Burke Reynold A. Burrowes Steffen Crowther Michael P. D’Ambrosio@ Robert R. Davis@ Christiane S. Delessert@ Fay Donohue John E. Endicott Nihal W. Goonewardeneß@ Laurence R. Hausman Hollis C. Hebbel David C. Henderson Herbert M. Howe Jr. Wolfgang F. Ischingerß@ Farrokh Jhabvala@

Barbara A. Kates-Garnick@ Robert S. Krause John E. Lawyer Jr. Christopher M. Lehman@ Valentin R. Livada Neil C. Livingstone Susan M. Livingstone Brian A. Maher@ Keith P. McCormick William T. Monroe H.E. Don Pramudwinai R. Sean Randolph W. David Rossiter@ Amy Sands William J. Shaughnessy Andrew W. Spisak Kenneth H. Thorn Elizabeth G. Wylie, USN (Ret.) Frank J. Young Mian E. Zaheen@ Class of 1974 Class Fund Agent: Nihal W. Goonewardene Total: $9,092 Participation: 32% Lisa S. Anderson Jody H. Bangert Denise F. Battat Stephen J. Flanagan Carl I. Freedman Baldur Gudlaugsson@ Karl Lautenschlager Ann W. MacNamara John S. Moses Marilyn L. Moses John Edwin Mroz Elizabeth Musch Lorie J. Nierenberg Arne C. Paulson Curtis J. Perry@ Edward B. Petersen Marie-Noelle Pichon-Rey Klaus E. Schariothß@ Kenneth G. Schofield Michael K. Simpson Marilyn Skony Stamm@ Joseph D. Straubhaar Robert W. Stuart Frank L. Trippett@ Thomas W. Warthin John P. Waterman Neil A. Weinrib H. Phil Williams III@

Without my year at Fletcher, my professional career as a diplomat and Ambassador would not have been possible. Fletcher was an invaluable and unforgettable personal and professional experience. – Wolfgang Ischinger, F73, German Ambassador to the Court of St. James

Class of 1975 Total: $55,110 Participation: 33% Katherine L. Arendt William J. Arvay Jr. Michael D. Balaban@ Catherine M. Barry Mary F. Blakeslee Charles N. Bralverß@ Evelyn G. Brown Maureen A. Browne Daniel K. Chao@ Barbara Chrisman Charles Dallaraß@ Robert J. Engel@ Charles Sims Farr Jr.@ Douglas B. Holl John P. Luneau Shelley G. McGregor Julia Nanay James Pavle Ralph F. Perry III Eva-Lynn Podietz Carlton B. Roberts Jr. Eileen S. Roulier Steven G. Schulman@ John F. Schwarz Martin M. Singer David M. Sloan@ John R. Spillane Marcia S. Spillane Peter A. Thomas Margaret Nelson Vogt Gregory P. Wilson@ Nancy L. Wolf Arturo Zampaglione Class of 1976 Total: $22,573 Participation: 18% Theodore H. Ahlers Neil A. Allenß@ Mark A. Bedner@ Peter. H. Conze Joan F. Fitzgerald J. Ellen Kane Janice Dunn Lee Steven L. Llanso Douglas O. Marston@ Robert K. McNamara@ Gustavo Palacios Jeffrey D. Phillips Barbararuth A. Rowley Frederick C. Smith Jane M. Strauss

Robert J. Tarr Jr.@ Laura Y. Tartakoff

Class of 1977 30th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Thomas F. Marfiak Total: $47,235 Participation: 26% Laureen E. Andrews Kenneth M. Ballen Andrew W. Barlow Brian V. Evans Anne Campbell Gruner Kobo Inamura@ Chung Won Kang@ Judith L. Katz Steven R. Koltai Deborah L. Linde Thomas F. Marfiak Lauren Moriarty@ Maria A. Nemeth-Ek Elizabeth M. Norris Lawrence T. Pistell Tamara E. Rowland Andrew Safranß@ Fred R. Schreier@ Class of 1978 Total: 16,050 Participation: 21% Suki C. Agusti Lynne L. Bernier Terrill H. Burnett Cynthia Valianti Corbett@ Leslie K. Fenlon, USN (Ret.) Robert P. Fisher Jr.@ Mary H. Knox Jeffrey Maclure Peter Malone@ Alice C. Maroni Keith F. Nichols Donald L. Rheem II Randall W. Roeser Stephen J. Romaine Thomas C. Sadler@ Brett N. Silvers David R. Slade Reid E. Whitlock Suzanne Bryan Yuen Class of 1979 Total: $19,800 Participation: 12% Anonymous Alfreda Brewer

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 43

I was looking for a graduate school with a solid reputation in international affairs and an established program in security studies that would give me the training that I need to pursue my career in the Foreign Service and national security affairs. Fletcher is recognized by DO NOR REP O R T governments, especially by the members of the diplomatic corps, and its International Securities Studies Program has trained numerous senior government and military officers worldwide. My Fletcher education made possible by financial aid, and its wide alumni network all over the world, will definitely serve me well in my career. – Sharon Rivera, F07

Andrew Czekaj@ Steven B. Geovanis Dean Goodermote@ Kent A. Jones Miles A. Libbey III Vikram S. Mehtaß@ Michael M. Metz Grant F. Rhode Scott N. Thayer Class of 1980 Class Fund Agent: Thomas S. Drake Total: $3,900 Participation: 15% Nancy E. Bird Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr. Timothy J. Christenson M. Scott Davis Darienne L. Dennis Thomas S. Drake Sherry L. Ferguson Regina M. Frawley John P. Friel Jr.@ Cristina A. Haus-Alimonti Paige Dunlap Knipp Elizabeth H. Menten Mark R. Oderman Gregory J. Pano, Esquire Nancy S. Phillips Michael R. Schneider Andrew B. Sisson Thomas W. Smith Robin I. Zeitz Class of 1981 Class Fund Agent: Kurt Taylor Gaubatz Total: $8,500 Participation: 19% Mahnaz Z. Ispahani Bartos@ Sally Onesti Blair Jeffrey H. Bunzel@ Kurt Taylor Gaubatz J. Lise Hartman Karen Henderson Jason P. Hyland@ Susan C. Livingston@ Robert M. Steck Shou-Chung Ting@ Mark A. Wilson Alexandria W. Woolcott-Garbacz@ Class of 1982 25th Reunion Total: $35,140 Participation: 24%

44 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Jonathan S. Addleton Jonathan D. Auerbach Brian A. Bethune James A. Blackwell Jr. Mrs. Kathleen N. Borie Taylor@ Deborah A. Bräutigam Julie Micou Cerf Jenny Lynn Cox@ Edward W. Desmond Phillip D. Fletcher Maxime Reynier Gauthier Abraham Ghebreghiorgis Carole Hambleton-Moser Sara Growdon Howard

Daniel Theodore Kessler@ Karen T. Levine Anne F. Lundberg Heidi L. Mathisen Brad M. Meslin@ David A. Metzner@ Hugh J. Ralston Timothy J. Richards Leslie V. Rowe Thomas D. Shanker Laurie A. Lerner Shestack Sandra Dunlap Short Kristin R. Spak Irena C. Stern Class of 1983 Total: $6,720 Participation: 17% Bennett A. Caplan Margaret D. Chamberlain Paul S. Dwyer Jr. Jeffrey D. Feltman@ Karen L. Hendrixson

Marla J. Hexter Jehangir A. Khan Jennifer M. Toolin McAuliffe@ Richard W. Mies, USN (Ret) William M. Morgan Bartley B. Nourse Jr. Kirk R. Patterson@ Juliana S. Peck Elizabeth W. Rowe@ Richard B. Samuelson Ann L. Satchwill Mark C. Storella Ellen G. Vanwart Kent F. Wisner

Class of 1984 Class Fund Agent: John B. Howe Total: $19,878 Participation: 16% Eric R. Caldwell Diane L. F. Castiglione Maxwell O. Chibundu Stephanie A. Connor Christina Greer Dawson@ James B. Gray Linda A. Gregus Rodman Griffin John B. Howe@ Youssef P. Khlat Rebecca L. Miller Akiko Murai Michael A. Rosen@ David A.F. Sam Sandra Cleveland Shaw Jeanne G. Sullivan Lisbeth Tarlow ß@

Amy Finkelstein Winton Brian L. Zimbler@

Class of 1985 Class Fund Agent: John P. Harper Total: $12,100 Participation: 23% Timothy Aeppel Charles E.B. Altekruse Osamu Aoi@ Mavis Bauman Christopher M. Crane Katherine A. Crane Wolfgang Danspeckgruber Mark H. Dawson@

Catherine E. Farnsworth John C. Faulkner Calvin A. Hamilton@ John P. Harper Derick L. Hulme Jr. William W. Jarosz George M. Kalevas Reinhard Kuls Peter H. Langer Suzanne B. Leonard Michael J. Levitin Thomas Markert Edith Johnson Millar Lucio R. Pench Richard M. Porter Arun Sala-Ngarm Jose A. C. Santos Christopher R. Tunnard@ Elizabeth Sununu Tymorek Veronica M. White Abiodun Williams


Class of 1986 Class Fund Agent: Augusta Heywood Total: $7,613 Participation: 16% Linda A. Bohaker Bonnie R. Clendenning@ Mark R. Ferri Alice N. FinnĂ&#x;@ Toneema Haq H. Jurgen Hess Anne-Marie Johnson Peter Kelly-Detwiler Michael D. Landry Margaret Mathieu Kurt E. Oppermann M.O. Oppermann Jeannette B. Schwagerl L. Paul Shapiro@ John C. Springer Ellen H. Starbird Gretchen L. Wehrle-Scott Yoshihiro Yamada

Class of 1987 20th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Christine Lauper Bagatelas & Paul Theodore Bagatelas Total: $11,920 Participation: 19% Christine Lauper Bagatelas@ Paul Theodore Bagatelas@ Stefan Breuer Vivianne Filmer Burke Paul C. Cassani Janet Feldman Hans E. Fenstermacher Gail L. Gugel Katarina Hellstrom Laurie MacNamara Hendrickson@ Mikihide Katsumata Christian Lindemann Philip L. Maloney Colette Grace Mazzucelli Jill B. Minneman@ Pedro C. Moreno Susan Wolfe Preneta Caroline Keller Pruden David M. Schwartz@ Hilary S. L. Scott Laurie J. Trost Frederick W. Weston III

Class of 1988 Class Fund Agents: Carrie A.Thompson & Brian K. Thomson Total: $10,601 Participation: 16% Karen Radel Aylward Pamela B. Berkowsky Andrew H. Darrell@ Karen E. Donfried Stephen E. Flynn Abbie Littlejohn Fosburgh Brian C. Ganson@ John A. Gould Bruno P. Grandsard John J. Greco Elizabeth C. Hafner William Hendrickson@Julie KellyDetwiler Sarah-Ann Lynch David L. Potts James S. Robbins Carrie A. Thompson Brian K. Thomson@ Noboru Yamaguchi Class of 1989 Class Fund Agent: Brian T. Gibbs Total: $12,585 Participation: 21% Randall B. Bentley Karla Brom Phyllis Arlene Dininio Anne E. Donohue Benjamin W. Driggs Peter J. Gascoyne Brian T. Gibbs@ Valerie R. Gilpin Ellen D. Ginsberg Susanne U. Klemm Grognuz

Veronica H. Ingham Katherine E. Johnson Daryl A. King Jennie I. Litvack James M. Loewen Catherine J. McAuliffe Seth M. Moshman Capt. Geoffrey T. Pack, USN Geoffrey A. Pomeroy Joseph S. Roussel III@ Reeta Roy@ Randall P. Royka Conrad P. Rubin Stuart A. Spencer@ Alan Tafapolsky Richard Tharp Philippe Truan@ Claire M. A. Van der Vaeren Craig J. Wallentine

Wendy S. Swire@ William B. Thompson Barbara Geary Truan@ Anne-Marie J. van der Wansem Arittha R. Wikramanayake

Class of 1990 Class Fund Agent: Stacy Bernard Davis Total: $5,850 Participation: 15% Bruce Allan Aylward Lyn M. Benoit-Geer Susan F. Carozza Emily A. Copeland Stacy Bernard Davis David L. Jones Graham M. Kinahan Claire M. Madden J. H. Marcel-St Louis Demertine@ Robert A. McKeon Michael E. O’Hare Daniel M. Satinsky Christopher L. Shaw Patrick L. Smith Andrew W. Swire@

Class of 1991 Class Fund Agent: Erica Burman Total: $8,185 Participation: 16% Alice Slayton Clark Theodore H. Clark Howard C. Deshong III Darlene Sambo Dorough Judith G. Federbush Mark C. M. Grader Dana A. Green Eric M. Green Elisabeth Hoffman Thomas A. Kennedy Elizabeth A. Levine Irene F. Marr Richard J. Norton Simona Petrova-Vassileva@ William R. Regan Maryse Robert Gregg D. Shapiro Margaret E. Smith@ Rhonda M. Vitanye@ Michael E. Watt@ R. Scott Zimmerman Class of 1992 15th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Michael K. Denning & John W. Mitchell III Total: $13,776 Participation: 18% Alison Koff Arnstein Paulo A.P. Bilyk@

Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 45


Celia J. Bloomfield Beth Jocelyn Bolivar Lisa A. Chickos Patrice M. Dabrowski Michael K. Denning@ Daniela M. Fagnani Kathleen M. Gripman Dennis J. Kern, USN (Ret.) Cheryl D. Little Sheila L. Machado Isabella C. Meijer John W. Mitchell III Carlos M. Pelayo Kristen D. Pendleton Deirdre Joanne Savarese Amy B. Siegel Maria T. Tejada Richard C. Vidal Katherine T.E. Ward

Class of 1993 Class Fund Agent: Maurico Cysne Total: $19,395 Participation: 14% Luis A. Benveniste F. Christopher Calabia J. Robert Charles Melissa E. Crow Andrew M. Deutz Colleen E. Green Lynne C. Maloney Robert C. Martinage Mutsumi R. Mizuno William H. Mott IV Katherine Sikora Nelson@ Julie Pascoe Cynthia R. Payne Timothy J. Roorda Eric J. Urbani Christopher S. Wendel@ Frederick J. Whittle Class of 1994 Class Fund Agent: Charles R. Scott Total: $27,620 Participation: 22% Gabriela M. Artavia Andra Bowditch Jeremy A. Day Ms. Anna Rubin Downes Geoffrey D. Fink@ Linda H. Flanagan John D. Harris Catharine A. Hartzenbusch@

46 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Jonathan P. Hosmer Eiko Ikegaya@ Richard A. Johnson Jr. Stephen J. Leahy Timothy Mak Mark E. Manyin Sorin Matei Michael A. McDermott Timothy F. McLellan A. Mitra Morgan Byron L. Price Charles R. Scott@ Saurabh K. Shah Hidenobu Shirota Alexander M. Sokolowski Patrick L. Stuart Camilla E. Tarmy Ellen E. Tipper John Yang Wang@ Hilary Wendel@ Timothy C. White@ Manfred H. Wiegandt Ernest A. Wright Jr. Mona K. Yee Shira Yoffe

Class of 1995 Class Fund Agent: Erin C. Conaton Total: $23,240 Participation: 22% Anonymous@

Muhammad-Najm Akbar Mark T. Baker Roger L. Baty Rene-Henri Bodmer@ Erin C. Conaton@ Martha B. Culver Donna Demenus Dholakia Evelyn N. Farkas Maria M. Farnon Cyrena L. Fink@ Jennifer A. Gergen Lullit Getachew Olaf J. Groth@ Larry S. Hanauer Kevin J. Haney Alice L. Hurley Virginia D. Hutch Maria T. Kelly Matthew A. Levitt Joshua Lincoln Philip M. Moremen Ayako Nakajima Nomizu Brooks A. Olbrys Farah A. Pandith Ă&#x;@ Mary B. Reissen Marguerite R. Roy Raleigh D. Sahl@ Heather A. Schildge David B. Sullivan Joseph E. Edward Vorbach, USCG

Class of 1996 Class Fund Agent: Philip A. Aquilino Total: $4,675 Participation: 17% Philip A. Aquilino Nancy L. Bailey W. Russell Barber Rupa Bhattacharyya Jennifer E. Bilchick Richard W. Brewer Charles C. Chester Stephanie Wei Chin Javier Diaz Michelle DeBortoli Djuric James M. Dougherty Vera Eccarius-Kelly J. Marcel Henri Feenstra Jason W. Forrester Susan R. Goldfarb Lisa M. Gonzalez William S. Gripman Jr. Wendy Gutierrez Erika de la Rosa Hennessey Tamara L. Johnson Hochman Sara B. Ivry Daniel J. Klocke Patrick O. Kocsi Joseph W. Laszlo Jessica S. Madoc-Jones


Richard Morris Mary Regan Stefanie Ricarda Roos Maria T. Vardis Anthony C. Wanis-St. John Carol A. Welch Suzanne L. White

Sebastian B. Tiger Ana S. Trbovich Dimitri G. Vassilacos@ Vitaly Veksler@ Hermann Erich F. Von Carp III@ Adria E. Warren Claudine S. Welti@

Class of 1997 10th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Boris Q. Li Total: $13,927 Participation: 29% Susan Abbatecola@ Jason N. Ader Sara Mason Ader Ziauddin R. Ahmed Sultan Fahad Al Saud@ Kuniko Ashizawa Daniel Balsam Ana P. Barbosa Fernandez David C. Brecht@ Michael L. Castellano M. Lee Clancy Jr. Peter J. Cramer Tamar A. Dolgen@ John W. Furlow Andrew E. Harrod@ Toby Hsieh Christopher S. Johns Hussain Karim John J. Kavanagh III Thomas H. Kean Jr. Naohiko Kitsuta Alexia Gabrielle Latortue Natasha LĂŠger Boris Q. Li@ Sean P. Lieb@ Jennifer D. Lofing Chao-Yang Lu Jennifer L. Haworth Mccandless Jeanette Moreno-Casas@ Michael J. Moriarty@ Dalia Reda Mroue-Fateh Mark S. Patrick James F. Perkaus Richard J. Ponzio Arnold N. Pronto David S. Reinfeld@ Christine S. Samuel Lisa A. Sebesta Scott E. Sheriff Dana E. Stiffler Yoriko Suzuki Lisa Di Rosa Tiger

Class of 1998 Class Fund Agent: Sarah Kenny Total: $5,435 Participation: 16% Amy K. Aiken Stephen W. Arbuthnot@ Michelle Monique Bailer Jacek Bylica Nicole L. Byrns@ Carolyn N. Choi John M. Conley Brian J. Cook Carol Monica Frausto Irina V. Gorbman Maria V. Gordon@ Kristina W. Hare-Lyons@ James R. Holmes Sarah Kenny Elizabeth N. Kerton Polly C. Laurelchild-Hertig Jessica D. Lieberman Steve R. Meade Diana D. Perry-Elby Thomas M. Sanderson John A. Sawicki Gonca Sonmez-Poole Michael Clinton Strauss John M. Turner Andrea J. Wilczynski R. Christian Winger

Eric J. Eversmann Tobin L. Freid Megan E. Newstrom Gaillard Raimund D. Grube Mark S. Hannafin Renee B. Kalvestrand Christine Klink Wolfgang Lassl Yannick LeLouarn Carlisle J. Levine@ Hongyu Liu@ Richard I. Lung Katherine K. Marquis@ Nejdat R. Mulla Sachiho Nakayama@ Zeynep Ogut Michael A. Rauch Jonathan A. Rosen@ Jeffrey G. Ryder Jonathan D. Schuman Ellen M. Shaw Vivian Silberstein Jeanne L. Smoot Ann E. Stafford@ Thomas Varvitsiotis Imke Wesseloh Oster Patience K. Whitten Brian W. Woodward Zaid A. Zaid

Class of 1999 Class Fund Agents: Renee B. Kalvestrand & Jonathan A. Rosen Total: $7,871 Participation: 23% Penelope S. Anderson Rebecca M. Archer Jennifer L. Bayon Todd R. Chappell@ Wendy M. MacLeod Chappell@ Linda J. Dixon@ Barnaby S. Donlon Martina Volpe Donlon Melissa T. Dresler Andrew S. Durbin Victoria Esser@

Class of 2000 Class Fund Agent: Anna L. Balogh Total: $10,440 Participation: 24% Christopher C. Ahn James F. Alexander Jr. Anna L. Balogh Neil A. Berenson Jessica B. Berns Davis B. Bookhart Lynne A. Brons Walid G. Chamoon Heidi Clark Maria S. Clayton Fiona Clare Evans Jeffrey R. Feldstein Natasha S. Franceschi Takayuki Fujiyoshi Edmund A. Gaither@ Stephen E. Goodman@ James C. Guyton Shingo Kobayashi Alexander Kraus@ Daniel Kunin James H. Mackey@

Jennifer A. Mahr Francis H. Marlo Kelly S. Morgan Todd B. Neff Mariana L. Neisuler Erin Nicholson Shigehiko Nishizawa Hannah Pierpont Romala Ravi Daniele Riggio Judy D. Slater Wendin D. Smith Ă&#x; @ Marcia D. Spivey Karsten Steinfatt Gonzalo O. Suarez Michael T. Sullivan@ Yukimi Tachibana@ Vlada Tkach Carla Tully Kim Hoan Vu@ Andreas Wendlberger Susan M. Williams

Class of 2001 Class Fund Agent: William J. Miller Jr. Total: $9,827 Participation: 27% Roy H. Adkins@ Ulrik P. Ahnfeldt-Mollerup Susan R. Banki Ariunaa Batbold Mark R. Battistoni@ Julie A. Bennion Devorah Isaac Bitran Dulce M. Carrillo Greg Cooper Eric Davis David G. Delaney Jennifer K. Eikren@ Sita M. Farrell Claudia E. Fetter@ Ayumi Fujii Anne H. Gotwals@ Paul A. N. Hazell@ Kevin H. Huyler@ Sean Jackson Katia Katsigera Leslie Kuechenmeister Shannon Lawrence@ Sylvia L. Leung Raymond A. Linsenmayer@ William J. Miller Jr.@ John B. Moulton Kit J. Nichols Clay D. Norrbom@ Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 47

Fletcher’s diverse student body and faculty are united by a deep desire to solve global problems. This dynamic, rooted in a truly interdisciplinary approach, separated Fletcher from the other graduate DO NOR REP O R T programs I considered. I wanted a career focused on the intersection of the environment and international business, and Fletcher’s strengths in both fields made the program a great fit for me. I’m hoping to start or join an entrepreneurial business in the environmental field. – Kenneth Fan, F07

Ilena C. Patti Michael Pevzner Ursina Pluess Bibiana Popal@ Mustafa M. Popal@ Sarah E. Prosser Arturo Ramos Jaeson A. Rosenfeld Hy S. Rothstein Lynn Swarz Schenk@ Dina Ginzburg Selkoe@ Elizabeth H. Stites Maria Raissa C. Tatad-Hazell@ Thaddeus A. Thompson Hiroyuki Yoshiya Michael J. Zwirn

Peter Neisuler Lisa H. Neuberger@ Paul Olivera Vijaya R. Palaniswamy@ Nicole C. Palasz Alan Perese@ Mariya Kravkova Pevzner Cynthia J. Ray@ Christopher Row@ Grigore Scarlatoiu Audrey N. Selian Carl-Michael Simon@ Michael G. Skolnick Maria J. Stephan Adam J. Treanor@ Philipp A. Uhlmann@ Daniel Wald Stacie F. Waters Rockford Weitz Cynthia E. White Shifan Wu Nicole M. Zayac

Class of 2002 5th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Anand Balachandran Total: $12,140 Participation: 28% Anand Balachandran@ Julia E. Barta Elizabeth C. Beauvais Nina Rabinovitch Blecker Cynthia A. Brady Viviane W. Chao Michael E. Clayton Rajan R. Dalvi Beth A. Dixon Alla Y. Dowse Francis A. Dowse Daniel J. Fahey Joel C. Fetter@ Jihee Go Martin Godel Simona S. Gould Christopher Martin Greller Fumiko Iseki Paul Y. Jun Faris Khader Maria J. Kristensen Joshua E. Kurland@ Jona Lai Daniel Langenkamp Tom Lank Akira Maeno Maria Elizabeth Rodriguez Martinez Tara C. McFeely Farzana Muhib Maria Mussler

48 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Class of 2003 Class Fund Agent: Rachel D. Hudson Total: $3,960 Participation: 14% Elliot L. Ackerman Daniel Ades Beth Ahern@ Christopher Burdick Agatha Ciancarelli@ Elisabeth Dallas Keith M. Eischeid

Deborah Eisenberg@ Brett D. Freedman Eric R. Giordano Jan E. Gudell Judson M. Horn Rachel D. Hudson Veenarat Laohapakakul Sara Malakoff Oanh T. Nguyen Jeremy Perelman Joyce Sharon Benjamin A. Sklaver Anhna Vuong Class of 2004 Class Fund Agent: Rodolphe Costanzo Total: $1,415 Participation: 12% Sarah K. Bailey Mark Basile Raphael Carland Alexander Paul Chanoff Susan M. Chun Rodolphe Costanzo Erik J. Dahl Hannah T. Fairbank Cornelia Jesse Meelis Kitsing Robert M. Kokta Tamas I. Kovac Taryn Lesser Abigail T. Linnington Denise M. Malone

Verdina Mekic Brandon E. Miller Ife M. Osaga James H. Patton Jr. Jennifer S. Porter April K. Rinne Katherine D. Robinson Stephanie A. Schmidt Claire Sneed David Sussman Elizabeth H. White Laura A. Wilkinson

Class of 2005 Class Fund Agent: Stephane R. Tomagian Total: $15,488 Participation: 25% Anonymous@ Bandar K. Al-Faisal@ Tamara Barber Yevgeny Bendersky Elizabeth J. Blumenthal Cecilia V. Calvo Brian Y. Chien Catherine Dry Nancy Eranosian Dia Ganguly Joshua L. Gleis Yanina Golburt Ralitza S. Gueorguieva Jeremy S. Harrington William Holmberg Charles M. Interrante


Rudy Jaafar George C. Liechtenstein Maja Marjanovic Mariana G. Metodieva Stoyancheva Alexandra Moller Iva Naffziger Victoria L. Obst Christopher Pearce Roberto Porzecanski Daniel Preston Karim Rozwadowski Julia Sable Stephanie K. Lindenbaum Audrey N. Selian Susan Shin Joshua G. Strauss Christine Switzer Theodoridis Stephane R. Tomagian Claire Topal Marina Travayiakis Melissa R. Tritter Jane W. Wang Patrin Watanatada Parker Wertz Anne L.J. Williams Alissa Wilson Hala Zeibak Class of 2006 Class Fund Agent: Matthew B. McCaffree Total: $1,825 Participation: 10% Daniel Benaim Eric R. Bjorklund@ Hyun Jung Choi Edward Conant Jessica E. Davis Colonel James A. Helis Matthew B. McCaffree Malcolm S. McDermid Marta L. McLellan Alexandra T. Melby Ana C. Melo Sara M. Jablon Moked Matthew W. Nolan Eric S. Roland Xanthe M. Scharff Cornelia Schneider Marcin Jan Szajda Jonathan R. Thomas Cara E. Vileno Wei-Chih Yang

Class of 2007 Class Fund Agent: Michael Gonzalez Class Gift Officers: Christopher Doten, Muhammed Jabed, Luisa Melo, Nora Millan Rivas, Brian Neff, Marieke Spence, & Diana Stockwell Class Gift Total: $6,906 Class Gift Participation: 77% Anonymous Abdul-Rahman Akande Benedetta Berti Alberti Ashirul Amin Khadija Amjad Lucy Bassett Rachel Bingham Frances Bolton Kathryn Bondy Angelica Braun Reed Bundy Bernard Burrola Christopher Canellakis Brian Cathcart Sara Celiberti Shinjinee Chattopadhyay Agnes Chen Janice Chen Sheila Chen Matan Chorev Sylvia Ciesluk Jason Conroy Amelia Cook David Ethan Corbin Paul Crames

Opoku-Ahweneeh Danquah Sudila De Silva Charles De Simone Gioia Deucher Christopher Doten John Douglas Jennie Dow Christi Electris Kenneth Fan Shayna Ferullo Sinziana Frangeti Nathan Frey Pierre Gomez Michael Gonzalez Dinesh Gopalakrishnan Autumn Graham Geoffrey Gresh Shai Gruber Sandhya Gupta John Hagen Alison Hannah Amber Haque David Hermann Evelyn Hew Niermala Hindori-Badrising Marcus Holknekt Jeffrey Hova Kimberly Howe Aisha Husain Lauren Inouye Georgia Iordanescu Natsuko Ito Muhammed Jabed Samina Jain

Joshua Jones Teuta Kacaniku Musheer Kamau Kotaro Kato Alexandra Kaun Zeba Khan Hong Kim Akshay Kolse-Patil Iris Korovesi David Lanz Jerome Lebleu Jessica Lehman Emily Levasseur Osnat Lupesko-Persky Alison Lytton Ian McGuinn Patrick Meier Luisa Melo Benjamin Micheel Karen Miles Nora Millan Rivas Zinaida Miller Eugene Morris Meghan Morris Melissa Muscio Maina Muthee Stacy Neal Ann Nee Brian Neff Matthew Nelson Ha Nguyen Kazuhiro Numasawa Arihiro Okamoto Shintaro Okamoto Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 49

I knew I wanted to return to school to pursue an MBA and an advanced foreign policy degree. Fletcher was my only choice for the foreign policy degree due to the unique flexibility of the curriculum that now allows me to DO NOR REP O R T expose myself to varying disciplines taught by titans in their respective fields. Fletcher has allowed me to craft this education to my requirements and desires while further allowing me to setup a custom dual degree with the MBA institution of my choice. – Jay Dearborn, F07

Tolulope Olofinbiyi Ali Omar Carissa Page Leslie Palti Nabina Panday Benjamin Parry Neelam Patel Tessie Petion Conor Politz Susan Powers Priya Pradhan Cameron Pratt David Raikow Kristen Rainey Tzovinar Ramian Virginie Raphael Jonathan Reiber Francisco Resnicoff Sara Ribeiro Roxana Patricia Ritter Sharon Rivera Perla Roffe Catherine Ross Amlan Saha Sophia Sahaf Elias Sayegh Emrah Sazak Sarah Schoener Britton Schwartz Sarah Self Heather Sensibaugh Steven Serra Amanda Sim Deirdre Smith Marieke Spence Michael Spiros Diana Stockwell Alexis Studley Daisuke Takato Sayako Takeda Yuki Tanabe Alex Taurel Jason Taylor Katherine Taylor Dimitris Thomakos Colleen Traughber Huseyin Tuna Yumi Ukawa Maarten Vanderhaeghe Alessandro Vannuccini Javier Volosin Menendez Michael Wagner Christopher Walker Kathryn Ward-Waller 50 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2007

Nancy Webster Juliette Whinston Raya Widenoja Katie Windle Ronan Wolfsdorf Abby Wood Vasyl Yablonskyy Phillip Zeman Mei Zhang Laura Zusman GMAP I Class of 2001 Class Fund Agent: Nancy DiBiaggio Total: $148,208 Participation: 19% Andrus Alber Sultan T. Al-Nahayan@ B. Craig Owensß@ Paul J. Tringale Eileen Guggenheim Wilkinsonß@ GMAP I Class of 2002 Class Fund Agent: Aldo Aldama Breton Total: $20,000 Participation: 30% Aldo Aldama Bretón Helena Bordie@ Edward Dees Jr.@ Mary E. Guzman Lawrence P. Heim Jr.@ Rachel Kyte@ Michael McNally Robert P. Palmer Ko Unoki Gerald Van Wyke@ GMAP I Class of 2003 Class Fund Agent: Franz Stadler Total: $2,650 Participation: 14% Davey Chung Nicolas DeBoisgrollier Ann N. Goh@ Franz Stadler@ Juliet Whinston GMAP I Class of 2004 Class Fund Agent: William Papp Total: $82,700 Participation: 23% Philip K. Asherman@ Pedro I. Bustillo-Richter Monique Essed-Fernandes Kamal Ibrahim@ Urkaly Isaev

Key: @ Fletcher Associate

Robert J. McMahon Frederick Pakisß@ William J. Papp Jr.@ Lila R. Shahani

Alain M. Olivier John Woughter

GMAP I Class of 2005 Class Fund Agent: Steve Borncamp Class Gift Total: $10,165 Class Gift Participation: 43% Ramiz U. Alakbarov Werner R. Balogh Alyse Nelson Bloom Steve Borncamp John M. Fisher David P. Janes Lev N. Neretin Nileema K. Noble Bronwyn M. Owen@ Rebeca M. Quintanilla@ Tammi L. Sharpe Jean M. Tennyson@ GMAP I Class of 2006 Class Fund Agent: Susan W. Simons Class Gift Total: $24,330 Class Gift Participation: 72% Azanaw Abreha Murali Barathi Steven Begalman Harold Caballeros@ Vanessa Castillo Khassim Diagne Roberta L. Graham@ Mariella Greco Suzanne B. Hinsz@ Josy Joseph Srinadh Katragadda Olga Kefalogianni Graham Maitland William J. Mateikis@ Antonio Menendez Yukiko Noguchi Yasuko Oda John M. Regan III@ Susan W. Simons@ Eiji Unakami Ellen Yount GMAP II Class of 2005 Class Fund Agent: Kevin Kreplin Total: $580 Participation: 21% Debra L. Collins Holly Haverstick Ichiro Inoue Kevin Kreplin

GMAP II Class of 2006 Class Fund Agent: Rahul Sharma Class Gift Total: $1,150 Class Gift Participation: 6% Christopher D. Briggs@ Bennett W. Walsh GMAP II Class of 2007 Class Fund Agent: Gonzalo Gonzalez & Ivan Marovic Class Gift Total: $6,663 Class Gift Participation: 100% Rachel Assogbavi Valdis Bucens Christian Cali Victor Chin James Dentice Jeff Erlich Shelly Ferguson Fabienne Stassen Fleming Gonzalo Gonzalez Umar Hadi Samar Hamdan Anandrao Hurree Lloyd Jameson Ellen Jenkins-Moorman Steven Kolbert Benjamin Lodmell Patrick Loll Nathan Loveland Ivan Marovic Bill Morrissey Sherif Nada Jim Neathery Susan Norfolk Magnus Onyibe Jennifer Pechie Nicki Petras Tri Purnajaya Lizz Robison Matt Williams If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. To correct our records, please contact Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund at: or +1.617.627.5441

ß  Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased

75 for Fletcher’s 75th! The 75th Anniversary Participation Challenge DO NOR REP O R T note: To further inspire all Fletcher alumni to join with them in meeting We invite you to show your Fletcher pride and commemorate the School’s 75th Special anniversary by making a gift to The Fletcher Fund at one of these amounts: the challenge, and to celebrate our school’s anniversary, a group of alums is poised to contribute an additional $75,000! $75 $750 $1,750 $7,500 $75,000

The goal of this challenge is to boost alumni participation in The Fletcher Fund from 27% to a new high befitting this milestone. , or +1.617.627.5441


Helene Warrener@ John C. Whitehead@ Raymond S. Wong

Anonymous (2)@ Nighat Ahmed & Rafeeuddin U. Ahmed Penny Apostolidis@ & Constantine Apostolidis Lilly Banisadre & Mussa Banisadre Elizabeth Brady@ & Thomas E. Brady John B. Bunnell Nancy J. Carden DeAnn P. Clancy Paul M. Cleveland Rosemary K. Coffey Mary Connor@ & Myles J. Connor Barbara N. Davis & Leslie N. Davis Zigmund L. Dermer Yiyi Evans@ & John C. Evans Mary A. Fried & Mark B. Fried Katsuko Fujichaku & Tetsuo Fujichaku Carolyn C. Gebuhr & Carl J. Gebuhr Charles R. Grader Susan C. Greenberg & Allan S. Greenberg Kathryn Hamill@ & John P. Hamillß Kathy A. Hoffman Sarnia H. Hoyt & Edward L. Hoyt@ Sue A. Hughes Gail A. Innes Claude Lambrakis & George B. Lambrakis Inge F. Lopez & Jay J. Lopez Louise Malakoff & Michael P. Malakoff Mary Neff@ & Stephen C. Neff James L. Nunes Patricia M. Obst & Anthony K. Obst Andrea Parry Mary L. Pearce & Owen B. Pearce Ann Pincus & Walter H. Pincus Sandra Rotner & Howard E. Rotner Sharon Russell & Robert M. Russell Lorraine Sartori Ruth Smith & Larry L. Smith Linda Sneed & John R. Sneed Rose Sonder@ & Claudio Sonder Jennifer A. Wood & Richard H. Wood

GIFTS FROM FRIENDS Brooke L. Anderson Eliot Angle

Adele Fleet Bacow & Lawrence S. Bacow@ Leonard J. Baldyga & Joyce Baldyga Joyce L. Barsamß@ Lucy K. Bassett Gerald W. Blakeley Jr.ß@ Christine Bosworth & Stephen W. Bosworth@ Nina Braten David Budinger@ Ann Carey Jessica L. Daniels Farouk El-Baz Pat Eliot & Theodore L. Eliot@ Carolyn Gideon Friedman Robyn L. Gittleman & Sol Gittleman F. William Green Hilda N. Hines & James O. Hines Ralph Hooper@ Josy K. Joseph Maha Kaddoura@ Bernadette E. Kelley-Leccese P. H. Koo, E1 Corporation@ Marilyn Kuhar & Gerard E. Sheehan@ Yang Kuo-tung W. Matthew Leroux Julia Motl Lowe & Nicholas J. Lowe@ Deborah R. Marchiony John Matel William F. McSweenyß@ Susan Meserve & William G. Meserveß@ Frances Fleming Milici & Roger A. Milici Jr.@ Nora B. Moser McMillan Frances Y. Parisi Murray Pfeffer Cameron M. Pratt Michael Preiner Phillip H. Ringdahl Donna Salacuse & Jeswald W. Salacuse@ Paul Schoeman Mark Schwimmer Marilyn Kuhar & Gerard E. Sheehan@ George L. Snider Jr. Galen L. Stone@ Kathryn Carey Strom Jean Strong & Robert D. Strong Fahad Tamimi & Anud Tamimi@

If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. To correct our records, please contact Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund at: or +1.617.627.5441

MATCHING GIFTS FROM CORPORATIONS & FOUNDATIONS Accenture Foundation Alliance Capital Management Corporation American Appraisal Associates, Inc. American Express Foundation American International Group, Inc. Anheuser-Busch Foundation Archer-Daniels-Midland Foundation Avon Products Foundation Bank of America Bank of America Foundation Barclays Global Investors BellSouth Corporation Boeing Company Carnegie Corporation Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. Citigroup Foundation ConocoPhillips Company Deloitte & Touche Foundation Deutsche Bank North America ExxonMobil Foundation Fidelity Foundation Gannett Foundation General Electric Foundation General Mills Foundation Goldman Sachs & Co. IBM International Foundation Intel Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift Liberty Mutual Group Fund Marsh & McLennan, Inc. McGraw-Hill Foundation Medtronic, Inc. Microsoft Corporation Nomura Securities Co, Ltd. Prudential Foundation Qualcomm

SAIC Schroders Investment Management N.A. Scitor Corporation Shell Oil Company Foundation State Street Corporation State Street Foundation Verizon Foundation Wellington Management Company, LLP Wyeth Xerox Corporation

CORPORATION & FOUNDATION SUPPORT The Annenberg Foundation B.E.A. Associates, Inc. Bay Chevrolet, Inc. Franklin Cole Foundation The Columbus Foundation Dry Family Charitable Foundation E1 Corporation Exxon Mobil Corporation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Global Impact Hawthorne Lane Fund Thornton & Elizabeth Hooper Foundation IJL Consulting, LLC InDepth Financial Advisors, LLC Indus Capital Partners, LLC The Ethan James Foundation Microsoft Corporation Network for Good Jack & Kala B. Norton Philanthropic Fund The Pakis Family Foundation Pannonia Foundation Frank & Nancy Parsons Fund The Pimco Foundation Springcreek Foundation Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston Robert & Molly Tarr Charitable Foundation The Tavitian Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wells Fargo Community Support Whitehead Foundation Wiccopee Fund Josephine C. Wilkinson Charitable Trust Yellowknife Construction, Inc. Fall/Winter 2007 FLETCHER NEWS 51

Reunion 2008 May 16-18 Reunion 2008 will take place May 16-18!  We have prepared an exciting, informative, and substantive weekend to welcome you back and help you reconnect with old friends, fellow alumni, and the Fletcher community. The following classes will be celebrating reunion in May 2008: 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 To learn more, visit html or call Julia Motl Lowe, Director, The Fletcher Fund at 1.617.627.5441

The Fletcher School’s 75th Anniversary Gala 11 O ctober 2008 Washington , DC

Save the Date… Fletcher’s Seventh Annual Talloires Symposium 30 May – 1 June 2008 Please note – this date has changed from the previously announced date. In conjunction with this year’s Symposium, we will be celebrating the School’s 75th Anniversary. Details to come… Fall Reunion 2008 3-5 September 2008 Celebrating the 50th Reunion for members of the Class of 1958, and earlier graduating years.

75 for Fletcher’s 75th! The 75th Anniversary Participation Challenge We invite you to show your Fletcher pride and commemorate the School’s 75th anniversary by making a gift to The Fletcher Fund at one of these amounts: $75





The goal of this challenge is to boost alumni participation in The Fletcher Fund from 27% to a new high befitting this milestone.

Special note: To further inspire all Fletcher alumni to join with them in meeting the challenge, and to celebrate our school’s anniversary, a group of alums is poised to contribute an additional $75,000! , or +1.617.627.5441

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Fletcher News - Fall/Winter 2007  
Fletcher News - Fall/Winter 2007  

Fletcher News publication from Fall/Winter 2007 without class notes. Cover Story: Fletcher Ph.D. Admiral James Stavridis at US SOUTHCOM.