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F L E TC H E R N E WS VO LU M E 2 7 N U M B E R 2 FA L L 2 0 0 5 PHOTOGRAPHS Ellen Callaway, Stephen Goodman, Elizabeth Hincks, Melody Ko, Mark Morelli


EDITOR Leah S. Brady

OFFICE OF DEVELOPMENT AND ALUMNI RELATIONS Kathleen Bobick, Staff Assistant Leah S. Brady, Coordinator of Alumni Relations Pamela Cotte, Reunion Coordinator Tara Lewis, Associate Director Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund Roger A. Milici Jr., Director Michael Preiner, Coordinator of The Fletcher Fund Cynthia Weymouth, Administrative Assistant




he Fletcher School has many things to celebrate this year. Remarkable improvements to our facilities, a successful and growing reunion program, milestones in our innovative Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP), and record fundraising achievement in the School’s annual fund, The Fletcher

Fund, are all essential elements that lend themselves in a very unique way to Fletcher’s mission of preparing leaders with a global perspective. In May, we welcomed our newest alumni, the Class of 2005, and 150 additional alumni and friends to campus in celebration of Commencement, Class Day, and Reunion. This year we were joined by two extraordinary members of the Fletcher community, Prime Minister of Greece, Kostas Karamanlis (F’82), and Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson (F’71). The Master Plan to improve our facilities continued over the summer, with construction crews working 10-12 hour days, six days a week. As a result, dramatic changes welcomed students to campus. Among these changes are state-of-the art space and technology for Ginn Library, as well as a new terraced entrance overlooking the tennis courts and Fletcher Field. The Master Plan project has created 30 additional offices and work spaces, three new classrooms (one of which is a 60 seat tiered auditorium), and a major expansion of space dedicated to student use for group study, student organizations, and Ph.D. student needs. Overall, we will have a facility which in terms of both appearance and function will be much more in keeping with the excellence of Fletcher’s academic standing. The external building project – brick and window replacement – will continue through the fall of 2006. In September, we welcomed 184 members of the Class of 2008, mostly for the MALD program. Their average age is 28, and 42% are non-American; 54% are female, and 24% are US citizens of color. Once again, Tufts, Georgetown, Brown and Middlebury are at the top of our “feeder schools” list. The class includes international students from China, Japan, India, France, Korea, Trinidad and

Tobago, Nepal, Cuba, Serbia and Montenegro, and Ethiopia. The top three areas of interest for entering students are International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, International Security Students, and Development Economics. By the time you read this we will have commemorated the five-year anniversary of our Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) in DC. GMAP was launched in 2001 with the goal of marrying modern technologies to the original mission of the school: to educate international affairs professionals around the world to assume positions of leadership and influence. It has certainly been successful to this end, and the very high-level, strategically placed GMAP students and alumni have had a positive impact on the School’s international reputation. The participants, including several ambassadors, one foreign minister, a deputy prime minister, high level NGO and UN professionals, several CEOs of small companies and higher level executives of larger companies, have enriched our alumni community. In addition, yearly residencies abroad have allowed the School to reconnect with its alumni, friends and prominent policymakers in several countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and to establish relationships with key research organizations. These synergies have now become a hallmark of the program. Finally, I hope to see many of you as I visit with members of the Fletcher family around the world in the coming months. Your support of The Fletcher School is greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Stephen W. Bosworth



Fourth Talloires Symposium Considers Terrorism and Intelligence JOHN H. KING (F’69)

The Fletcher School’s Fourth Annual Talloires Symposium was held over the weekend of June 3-5 at the Tufts University European Center (TUEC) in Talloires, France. This year’s gathering explored the relationship between Terrorism and Intelligence, with two top-level experts on the issue providing provocative insights into the nature of the linkage between these issues, as well as advice on improving anti-terror intelligence strategies.

Dean Stephen W. Bosworth and Sir Richard Dearlove at the Fourth Annual Talloires Symposium.

This year’s keynote speaker, Sir Richard Dearlove (former head of MI6 and author of the now-famous Downing Street memo about the U.S. “fitting the facts to the situation” in Iraq), was eloquent in describing the unique organizational structure of Al Qaeda (“like a flock of birds, wheeling, separating and then reassembling”), as well as the “microeffort” needed in opposing terrorist activities. His message was seconded and amplified by Professor Richard Shultz of The Fletcher School, who noted that U.S. intelligence efforts have not adapted well to the contextual change in the threat. Although both speakers responded to sharp and penetrating questions from the audience of Fletcher graduates, the symposium’s “Chatham House Rules” (nothing said in the room leaves the room) prevents a description of the speakers’ candid answers. It can only be said that the symposium was revealing and highly enlightening for all participants. The Fletcher Talloires Symposium is an annual event organized by Fletcher’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Attended mainly by European-based Fletcher graduates, this year’s group numbered almost 75 alumni and friends. Dean Stephen Bosworth and members of the Fletcher staff were also present, as were members of the Tufts staff led by TUEC Director, Gabriella Goldstein. The symposium’s purpose is to provide a forum for the candid review of topical 2 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

issues in world affairs with the active participation of world leaders on the issues. Housed in a restored eleventh-century monastery known as the Prieuré, the Tufts European Center in Talloires is considered to be the University’s “fourth campus.” The Center is located in a stunningly beautiful site in the French Alps and came to Tufts through a gift of Donald and Charlotte MacJannet, longtime Tufts benefactors and residents of France. The MacJannets intended for the Center to serve as a gathering place for the world’s global citizens, where they could discuss ways to make the world a better place. Fletcher’s annual symposia have helped to achieve this goal, as well as to strengthen ties among diverse members of the Fletcher community and to strengthen the School’s profile in Europe. The MacJannets also endowed the student exchange program between Fletcher and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (HEI), which next year will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Given Fletcher graduates’ energy and love of life, no gathering of former students can ever be devoted only to intellectual pursuits and this year’s symposium was no exception. Besides the scintillating discussions noted above, the weekend was also filled with a variety of social events, gettogethers, concerts, excursions and, of course, fine dining (Talloires is one of France’s gastronomic centers). Attendees had ample time to renew friendships, enjoy each other’s company and to have quiet additional discussions with the symposium’s speakers to amplify their understanding of the topic at hand and related issues. In this regard, the Fletcher Symposium is virtually a unique event in that it provides for sustained contact with senior leaders on subjects of global importance. For the speakers as well, the symposium provides a unique occasion to get feedback and good ideas from a wellinformed audience; it was certainly clear to me that both Sir Richard and Professor Shultz benefited as much as anyone from the weekend’s events. The 2006 Fletcher Symposium is already scheduled for June 2-4 at the Tufts Center in Talloires. Further details will be forthcoming.


Diplomacy’s Possible Futures? BY AL AN K . HENRIKSON

In a world characterized and transformed by the globalization of economic activity the practice of diplomacy is, according to some, in danger of obsolescence unless it is transformed—perhaps in quite radical ways. This contribution proposes a series of “projective visions” of what the practice of diplomacy might encounter, and entail, in what might be called future history. A true “predictive history,” as the philosopher Immanuel Kant conceived of it, would be “a divinatory historical narrative of things imminent in future time”—that is, the actual story line of impending events. I shall of course not attempt such exact prevision, or prophecy. Nonetheless, I shall try to imagine, on the basis of current trends in the world, how the institution of diplomacy might fare, and perhaps even develop, in, say, the next twenty to fifty years. In this endeavor to “think beyond the immediate horizon,” I shall outline, necessarily briefly, five possible futures of diplomacy, and then consider whether an overall pattern might be emerging. Such conscious future-projection is becoming more and more necessary, I believe, because, with history accelerating as it is, national governments, international organizations, and those who represent them are called upon to make very rapid and precise decisions. The future is upon us much faster than it has been in the past. The exigencies of political decision-making in the world today put a premium on anticipation—on insight and foresight, as well as on hindsight. These qualities, fortunately, are ones that diplomats are known for. A first possible future for diplomacy, to borrow a term from the field of banking and finance, is that of “disintermediation.” In a globalizing world economy and with an increasingly dominant private sector, the formal institutions of diplomacy could be, more and more, simply bypassed. Multinational corporations with their business networks, and even individual citizens with access to the Internet, can communicate and also deal directly with much, though not yet all, of the world. The response to this latest modernization challenge by foreign ministries and the diplomatic profession might be either just to “let it happen” or, more probably, slowly to adapt and even to adopt some of the same private-sector methods, including branding and marketing. The “gatekeeper” function of the diplomat and of diplomacy, however, would be lost.

Second, there is the “going European”—or full “Europeanization”—model. This focuses on the impressive evolution of the institutional structures of the European Union—and, prospectively, of other regional groups too, such as MERCOSUR in South America or ASEAN in Southeast Asia, and perhaps others. The Draft Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe, with its provisions for a “Union Minister for Foreign Affairs” and also greater use of qualified majority voting in foreign policy, suggested, even though it failed of popular approval in some countries, the rise of and need for supranationality in the world—at least certain of its parts. This development, and also the possible formation of a “European External Action Service,” could subordinate traditional bilateral diplomacy, without, however, entirely displacing it. Rather, embassies in Europe could function more in a “public diplomatic” role. Third, there is the “diplomacy as democracy”—or international “democratization”—model. It is premised on the sovereign equality of states—large and small—and therefore on the existence of large multilateral structures such as the United Nations and ts related organizations. These formal frameworks permit the expression of diverse geographical points of view as well as the sheer power of numbers or of wealth. It is the all-inclusiveness, or universality, of these organizations that gives them, taken together, their strength as world public fora for the discussion of matters of truly planetary concern. This asset could be wasted, of course, if resolution-mongering, log-rolling, or | Continues on next page Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 3

‘ D I P LO M AC Y ’

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name-calling should gain the ascendancy over rational persuasion and practical decision. To open these institutions to civil society may help to prevent that. For traditional diplomacy, “democratization” is likely to mean listening more carefully to voices from the outside, as well as to those within the ever-larger diplomatic world itself. Fourth, there is “thematic diplomacy.” It is topical, related to issues rather than to countries. It also may be highly focused on events, such as those of September 11, 2001, which provide the opportunity, if not the necessity or entire motivation, for crusade-like efforts like the U.S. war against global terrorism. The “war” metaphor can be and has been used also against disease, crime, drugs, and other threats to world society. For regular diplomats, such thematized efforts may require rising to the occasion—in competition with roving ambassadors for hunger, and the like. But professional patience, as well as flexibility, may be warranted. While thematic campaigns can create chances for career advancement and even celebrity, they may also threaten institutions and standards. Should special missions replace embassies, diplomacy as such surely would be the poorer. Peripatetic notables and experts, no matter how energetic and capable they may be, will not have the local knowledge or sensitivity—or, very importantly, accountability—for responsible long-term action (or, sometimes best, inaction) that diplomacy requires. Fifth, there is the “Americanization” model. This I define not as hegemonization, or even conscious leadership by the U.S. government, but, rather, as the approximation and even assimilation of “international relations” to American domestic politics. Operating within such a domesticated system, diplomats must be able to function as lobbyists and as publicrelations advocates—doing their “own” work, instead of relying in their representational and liaison roles on host government “interlocutors,” in the State Department or Foreign Ministry, to relay their messages for them. In situations of very high interdependence, such as between the United States and Canada or Mexico, domestic and foreign affairs are becoming almost indistinguishable. Such complex interdependence is spreading, with even countries as far apart as the United States and Japan becoming closely interconnected, and interpenetrating, in policy-making. Outside pressure (gaiatsu) may even, at times, be “invited.”


Between the United States and Europe as well, diplomats are becoming more directly interventionist in each other’s systems. Within the Atlantic community, it is in fact becoming more and more evident, sound national and international policy-making is not possible if Americans and Europeans decide on things completely independently. Do these projective visions add up to a single, if not fully integrated, picture of the future of diplomacy? In the sense of a larger “universe,” or whole diverse body of things, perhaps they do. At least they do overlap somewhat. “Europeanization” and “Americanization,” for example, could be seen almost as mirror images of each another—the former being a top-down process, and the latter being a bottom-up process. The actual story—the specific narratives—of future international relations cannot be dictated in advance, in the Kantian sense of “predictive history.” However, some general lines of the future development of diplomacy can reasonably be extended outward in time, on the basis of what is known about the world’s processes. “Whatever concept one may hold, from a metaphysical point of view, concerning the freedom of the will, certainly its appearances, which are human actions, like every other natural event,” as Kant wrote, “are determined by universal laws.” Globalization may not obey universal law. But, like “universal history,” it is inclusive—and a process that may unite, even as it divides. The “universe of discourse” of diplomacy, though its actual history may be fragmentary, is cosmopolitan. It is inspired by unity. The diplomatic historian should be inspired by no less. 1

This article is based on a work titled The Future of Diplomacy? Five Projective Visions. Published as a Clingendael Discussion Paper in Diplomacy, Issue 96 (January 2005), it is available to be downloaded in its entirety at: pers/list.html Professor Henrikson, Director of The Fletcher Roundtable on a New World Order, will be teaching a new seminar in the Spring term of 2006, “Diplomacy: History, Theory, and Practice.” A point emphasized in Alan K. Henrikson,. “Power, Paradise, and the Atlantic Community,” in One Culture or Two?: Problems and Prospects of Transatlantic Dialogue. Favorita Paper 01/2003 (Vienna: Diplomatische Akademie, 2003), p. 20.



PHD Profile: Nathalie Laidler-Kylander NGOs as the New Superbrands: “They Undervalue their brand” BY TERRY ANN KNOPF M E D I A R E L AT I O N S M A N A G E R

What’s in a name? It’s a question that marketing experts, never mind a certain celebrated playwright, have long pondered. Indeed, a 2003 study of public trust attitudes undertaken by Daniel J. Edelman Inc., the world’s largest independent public relations firm, found that certain company brands in the United States enjoy an unusually high degree of trust by the public. Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Ford Motor and McDonald’s topped the list.

photo credit © MARK MORELLI

These findings were not unexpected. After all, these companies have been around for many years, are well known to the public and generally respected for the quality of their products. By far, the more startling finding was that many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)—Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Oxfam—are also among the best-known and most trusted brands in the world. Two marketing experts, Nathalie Laidler-Kylander, a Ph.D. candidate at The Fletcher School, and John A. Quelch, Senior Associate Dean at the Harvard Business School, have teamed up to write a thought-provoking book about this phenomenon titled The New Global Brands: Non-Government

Organizations in the 21st Century (Thomson South-Western, 2005). The book is available on Laidler-Kylander, 41, is a charming, good-humored Frenchborn woman who recently gave birth to her fourth child, Luc, and somehow found the time to co-author a book on top of her Ph.D. studies. In the book, the two argue that NGOs—once perceived as small bands of activists—have emerged as the world’s new “super brands” and formidable new players in global branding. “These organizations get noticed at the time of individual relief or disaster efforts,” Laidler-Kylander said in a recent interview, “but as brands, they have been largely ignored by the media.” Quelch and Laidler-Kylander suggest that the NGOs themselves are partly to blame because they face “a mid-life crisis”— ambivalent at best, disdainful at worst—at leveraging their huge marketing potential to become even more effective players. Using a dozen case studies of major international NGOs, the authors sought to uncover the role these brands play for these organizations and what makes them unique and powerful. Laidler-Kylander said that while many NGOs were launched in the second half of the 20th century, their numbers and importance grew in the 1990s. Their rise to global prominence came in the aftermath of the collapse of Communism, which exposed poverty and opened up countries once off limits to NGOs. They also gained in stature because of improved communication via television and the Internet, which brought the plight of millions—AIDS, malnutrition, natural disasters and ethnic conflict in Rwanda, Sudan and Congo—into the living rooms of increasingly well-off Westerners. By 2000, there were 400 international relief organizations. Nobel prizes were awarded in 1998 to the | Continues on next page


‘ N AT H A L I E L A I D L E R - K Y L A N D E R ’

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International Campaign to Ban Landmines, a consortium of 1,200 agencies, and to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) in 1999. While private and public support for all NGOs working internationally is estimated at $20 billion, Laidler-Kylander noted that many are ambivalent about branding. “They undervalue their brand and don’t protect or nurture their product. Some NGOs feel that the work they do will speak for itself. “Branding is not a dirty word. NGOs can better leverage the considerable trust that people have in their organizations in order to maximize their effectiveness and achieve their missions,” she said. The New Global Brands raises a host of important questions: To what extent should NGOs cooperate with national governments and multinational corporations if doing so will advance their missions? Where is the line between cooperation and co-optation? How can they balance operational and advocacy efforts? Do NGOs need to become more entrepreneurial in leveraging their brands? Should they


adhere to more traditional marketing techniques such as logos, taglines and strategic planning? Faced with growing competition, many international NGOs are seeking alternative sources of funding and turning to partnerships and co-marketing agreements with major corporations. UNICEF for example, decided a few years ago to publicly partner with McDonald’s. Unfortunately, the experiment failed, especially in Europe, where McDonald’s had come to symbolize the worst excesses of American capitalism. Despite this marketing fiasco, Laidler-Kylander believes partnerships will become more important in the future. “Branding is, perhaps, along with staff and volunteers, an NGO’s most valuable asset,” she said. “Finding the right organizations to partner with can result in enormous dividends for both groups.” Nathalie Laidler-Kylander is a Ph.D. candidate at The Fletcher School. The New Global Brands can be purchased at


THE JEBSEN CENTER WELCOMES FIRST DIRECTOR This fall, ISSP recognized the immediate and long-term requirement for first-rate graduate education and research in counterterrorism studies through the establishment of the Jan Henrik Jebsen Center for Counterterrorism Studies. The Center seeks to educate and professionally develop Fletcher students; serve as the Brigadier General (Retired) focal point for graduate level Russell D. Howard counterterrorism studies around the world; and support the global campaign against terror and terrorism through research, outreach, and policy guidance. Initially, the Jebsen Center will have three components: A funded Research Program for graduate students and faculty, a Senior Fellow(s) Program that will leverage truly out of the box thinkers in the field; and a Distinguished Lecture Series that will invite the world’s counterterrorism experts to Fletcher. Together, these three components will build a mutually supportive and synergistic educational and research program that will have an immediate and positive effect. Through the efforts and generosity of Jan Henrik Jebsen, the Counterterrorism Studies Program will be established at The Fletcher School under the supervision of Dr. Shultz. The Program will seek new approaches – including successful business practices, relevant marketing and communications skills, and best practices in a number of fields and endeavors –

to counterterrorism. Jebsen chose The Fletcher School to house his Center based on the reputation of the faculty, the interdisciplinary academic approach pioneered by the School, and the percentage of international students in the student body. Fletcher students and faculty will be the initial beneficiaries of the Program, but Jebsen sees benefits for other academic institutions, international government agencies, and policy makers as well. Brigadier General (Retired) Russell D. Howard will be the first director of the Center. His long and distinguished career in Special Operations, culminating as the Commander of the 1st Special Forces Group, provides him with a sophisticated operational understanding of both terrorism and counterterrorism. He most recently served as Professor and Head of the Department of Social Sciences at the United States Military Academy and the Director of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. Prior to that, then Colonel Howard was an Army Chief of Staff Fellow at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. In those capacities, he developed counterterrorism courses and curricula for both undergraduate and graduate institutions and has provided policy guidance at the highest levels. He is the co-editor of three important terrorism texts; the first, Terrorism and Counterterrorism—Understanding the New Security Environment, is the best selling terrorism textbook in the world. -Itamara V. Lochard

CURRENT RESEARCH BY THE INTERNATIONAL SECURITY STUDIES PROGRAM With initial support from the Scaife Family Charitable Trust, the International Security Studies Program (ISSP) at The Fletcher School was established in 1971 as one of the first programs of its kind in any American university. Today, Security Studies represents one of the largest fields of study at Fletcher. Offering many courses and seminars within the multidisciplinary curriculum, ISSP also sponsors “outside the classroom” educational activities, including an annual conference devoted to important defense-related issues, a crisis simulation exercise each fall, an extensive lecture series during the academic year, and periodic publications. Dr. Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr., Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of International Security Studies and a founder of ISSP, and President of the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (IFPA), is presently engaged in several projects. The first is a study of missile defense based on an Independent Working Group (IWG) on Post-ABM Treaty Missile Defense and the Space Relationship, of which he is a member and coordinator of its programmatic activities. The IWG represents a broad range of expertise from the scientifictechnological and policy communities. This group is

exploring missile defense architectures that encompass spacebased and sea-based systems as part of a layered missile defense. The Report provides an assessment of missile defense requirements beyond the deployment currently underway, and opportunities to benefit from existing and new technologies. Dr. Pflatzgraff is developing this year’s IFPA-Fletcher Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy to be held December 14-15, 2005 in Washington, D.C., focusing on Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Forces in 21st-Century Deterrence: Implementing the New Triad. This latest conference in an annual series will have official cosponsorship, including the National Nuclear Security Administration of the Department of Energy; U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM); the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Policy), and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. A major report will be published following the conference. For last year’s conference report, The 35th IFPA-Fletcher Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy: Planning for and Responding to Threats to the U.S. Homeland, visit | Continues on next page



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Finally, Dr. Pfaltzgraff is also in the process of developing a new textbook on homeland security. This work will examine organizational and other responses following 9/11; preventing threats; recovering from terrorist acts; developing emergency and disaster planning; civil-military relations; issues at the federal, state, and local levels in the United States; and analysis that compares and contrasts U.S. and overseas preparation, planning and response. The most recently published ISSP research is Armed Groups: A Tier-One Priority, Institute for National Security Studies, U.S. Air Force Academy, co-authored by ISSP Director and Professor of International Politics Dr. Richard H. Shultz, Jr., former Washington Post Africa Bureau Chief and Fletcher Ph.D. candidate, Doug Farah, and ISSP Researcher Itamara V. Lochard. They argue that non-state armed groups (NSAGs) pose a major security challenge, even without their acquisition of weapons of mass destruction. Their work provides a much needed taxonomy of the various types of non-state armed groups in existence today – insurgents, militias, terrorists, and international criminal organizations. According to their research, many of these groups have developed global capabilities to strike at high-value political, economic, population, and symbolic targets, as well as to level strategic blows. In addition, NSAGs use indirect means of attacking their interests such as destabilizing states and/or regions that are of critical importance to it. The authors contend that in other states and regions, collaboration between political actors and criminal armed groups undercut stability, the rule of law, as well as political and economic developments. Dr. Shultz and Ms. Lochard are developing a textbook on internal conflicts and wars. They argue that what has traditionally been called “revolution” and “civil war” no longer fully encompasses the dynamics of modern interstate conflict, influenced by global trends. The textbook examines the

differences between inter-state and intra-state war; describes the evolution of internal wars; and examines various sources of instability. It also elaborates upon the types of NSAGs presented in their aforementioned work; examines violent and non-violent strategies in internal conflicts and wars; assesses the role of leaders, followers, organizations, ideology and doctrine, tactics, communications and information warfare, and outside support; and provides recommendations and analytical framework for policy makers and students. Dr. Shultz is collaborating with Fletcher Ph.D. candidate and ISSP Researcher Andrea J. Dew on Insurgents, Terrorists and Militias: The Warriors of Contemporary Combat (Columbia University Press, winter 2005). The book provides a framework for intelligence professionals and policymakers for assessing warfare and capabilities. It examines why conventional militaries do not often prevail when fighting irregular forces through case studies of Somalia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Drawing upon anthropology, history, and social science, the case studies focus on the concept of warfare, informal military doctrine, as well as the tactics, motivations, and capabilities of armed groups. Finally, Dr. William Martel, who joined ISSP this year as an Associate Professor will publish Victory in War: Theoretical Foundations of Contemporary Western Military Strategy (Cambridge University Press, spring 06). The book posits that there is no current theory or substantial analytical basis for victory that can be used to guide decisions concerning use of military force. This represents a new approach to exploring several fundamental issues: defining what “victory” means; exploring the evolution of victory through different types or models; and examining how victory has been defined and implemented in earlier wars. Dr. Martel explores the historical origins in strategy, as well as the more modern cases of Panama, Libya, the Persian Gulf War, Bosnia/Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS ELECTS BOARD MEMBERS The Council on Foreign Relations recently elected Stephen W. Bosworth, Dean of The Fletcher School, and Peter Ackerman (F’69, F’76), managing director of Rockport Capital Incorporated and Chairman of the Fletcher Board of Overseers, to it’s Board of Directors. The new term began July 1, when Dean Bosworth and Dr. Ackerman were joined by new members Charlene Barshefsky, Tom Brokaw, David M. Rubenstein, and Robert E. Rubin. Dean Stephen W. Bosworth


Peter Ackerman


Quotes of Note “We live in a world today where neither our challenges nor our opportunities are constricted by geography. Terrorism, nuclear proliferation, environmental degradation, and poverty are not subject to national borders. But thankfully, neither are education, trade, technology, and innovation…Our global challenges are infinite. And these are problems that affect us all. So I believe we should solve them with a collaborative approach in the world community. These challenges invite you—as leaders—to summon more cooperation, to seek greater ideas, and to strive for better solutions.” Bill Richardson (F’71), Governor of New Mexico, from his Fletcher Class Day address, 21 May 2005.

“China and Japan's coexistence is essential for stability. Anti-Japanese nationalism is anachronistic when the integration of east Asian economies is accelerating. But whether market-driven integration can be augmented by political co-operation remains to be seen. Nationalism is powerful in all these countries, and political leaders will succumb to using it for immediate political advantage. That opportunism can prove very dangerous.” Dean Stephen W. Bosworth and Morton Abramowitz,“America needs a coherent east Asia policy,” Financial Times, 8 June 2005.

“The late President Konstantinos Karamanlis, after whom the chair in Hellenic and Southeastern European Studies at Fletcher is named, was a visionary who led the reconstruction of Greece after World War II and guided our country to full membership in the European Union. It is the task of our generation to bring our country to the forefront of European development, to fully integrate our broader neighborhood to the European institutions and give all young people the opportunity to excel themselves. And, furthermore, turn our country into a center of education and culture to the benefit not only of Greece, but all the peoples of the region.”

GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK: MURROW COMES TO FLETCHER In celebration of the newly revitalized Edward R. Murrow Center for Public Diplomacy, The Fletcher School was granted an exclusive advance screening of the Warner Independent Pictures film, Good Night, and Good Luck, on the evening of September 29. The film, which opened to much critical acclaim on October 7, follows the real-life conflict that arose during CBS broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow’s crusade to use the truth in order to critically examine the validity and tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Communist “witch-hunt.” The full-house of Fletcher students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends were lucky to be joined by Casey Murrow, Edward R. Murrow’s son, and David Strathairn, whose nuanced portrayal of Murrow has amazed audiences and Murrow’s colleagues alike. The two enthusiastically entertained questions from the crowd for 45 minutes following the screening. The film, written by George Clooney and Grant Heslov, and directed by George Clooney has been garnering Oscar buzz, as it reinvigorates discussion on journalistic integrity and “truth.” Expect more on this event in the spring issue of Fletcher News... For more information on the Edward R. Murrow Center for Public Diplomacy at The Fletcher School, please visit or contact Roger Milici at, +1.617.627.2372. For more information on the film Good Night, and Good Luck visit:

Kostas Karamanlis (F’82, F’84), Prime Minister of Greece, from his address at Tufts University Commencement, 22 May 2005.

“In essence, Europe's test is to prove that it remains relevant in an American-dominated world and that there is a Euro-liberal complement to the neoconservative policy of democratization based on persuasion rather than coercion. And that this, depending on local conditions, can be more effective and less costly to the Atlantic community as it tries to ‘drain the swamp’ upon which instability and terrorism feed.” Dimitris Keridis, Constantine Karamanlis Associate Professor in Hellenic and Southeastern European Studies,“Turkey’s Journey into Europe,” The Boston Globe, 13 October 2005.

David Strathairn and Casey Murrow spoke to the Fletcher Community following an exclusive advance screening of the Warner Independent Pictures film, Good Night, and Good Luck, 29 September 2005.



Dr. Chan Heng Chee, Singapore’s Ambassador to the US, gave the keynote address at the GMAP graduation, 23 July 2005.

Daniel Schorr, NPR commentator and former CBS correspondent, spoke at Fletcher as part of the Charles Francis Adams Lecture Series, 20 September 2005.

Ambassador Nancy Soderberg who served as US Ambassador to the UN and National Secururity Advisor to President Clinton visited campus, 29 March 2005. She is currently Vice President, Multilateral Affairs, of the International Crisis Group. Her recently published book is The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Might (Wiley 2005). Bill Richardson (F’71), Governor of New Mexico, at Fletcher Class Day, 21 May 2005.

photo by Melody Ko

10 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Kostas Karamanlis (F’82, F’84), Prime Minister of Greece, visits with Fletcher students during Tufts University Commencement, 22 May 2005. From left to right: Dean Stephen W. Bosworth, Gregory Dimitriadis, Marina Travayiakis, Kostas Karamanlis, Angelos Ypsilantis, Anthony Seretakis, Dimitris Thomakos, Georgios Filiopoulos.



The newly established Fletcher Club of Buenos Aires had its first formal gathering at Malasartes, a bar in Palermo neighborhood. Founding members included (from left): Jose Amiune (F’80), Raul Vinuesa (F’68), Luis Wetzler (F’87), Tamas Landesz -- who flew down from Lima, Peru for the occasion (F’04), Carlos St. James (F’04), Tara Lewis from the Office of Alumni Relations, Luis Rosales (F’98), and Ezequiel Reficco (F’02). The club’s e-mailing list is expanding quickly. If interested, please contact Carlos St. James at All Fletcher alumni traveling to Buenos Aires should contact us as the perfect excuse for another meeting. The first copa de vino is on the house!

FLETCHER ALUMNI CLUB OF THE PHILIPPINES Founded in mid-2004, the Fletcher Alumni Club of the Philippines has already evolved into a tight-knit, active group. The Club benefits from the special historical relationship between the US and the Philippines, as well as the fact that Dean Bosworth served as US Ambassador to this country. In 2004, Dean Bosworth discussed recent events at Fletcher and around the world with Club members at a cocktail reception hosted by Bill Bikales in honor of the Dean’s visit to Manila. Then, in December, Club Founder Nikki Sayres held the first (hopefully) annual Fletcher Club holiday party.

In 2005, the Club has sought to create more opportunities to engage in the type of intellectual discourse that we experienced back at Fletcher. To this end, the Club has launched a Distinguished Speakers Series, inviting business leaders, government officials, and media representatives, for example, to Club gatherings. On May 31, Nikki Sayres hosted the first Speaker Night with guest Peter Wallace, President of the Wallace Business Forum and “arguably the most prominent foreign businessman” in the Philippines, according to Business Review Week magazine. Mr. Wallace’s presentation was entitled “Where to, the Philippines? (or Does the Philippines Have a Chance?).” On August 11, Cathy Hartigan-Go hosted the second Distinguished Speaker Night with guest Prof. Felipe Alfonso, Executive Director of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Center for Corporate Responsibility and Vice Chairman of the AIM Board of Trustees. Prof. Alfonso led an engaging discussion on “Developments in Corporate Social Responsibility.” The third Speaker Night is expected to be held in October. Although the Club is small in size, just as some Fletcherites are departing the Philippines, others seem to make up the numbers. On September 9, Pam Bracey will be hosting a farewell/welcome party for departing Fletcherites Nikki Sayres and Troy Wray and newcomers Jeanne Everett and Shotaro Sasaki. (Jeanne’s husband Silas, another Fletcherite, will be joining shortly as well.) This type of event fits well with the Philippine context, evoking the Filipino word “mabuhay,” which means both “welcome” and “good luck.”

THE SEATTLE FLETCHER CLUB is pleased to welcome Rocky Weitz (F’02) of Moscow, Idaho, as an honorary Seattle club member. Rocky visited with Iva Kovarikova Naffziger (F’05)—a new transplant to Seattle—and Julie Bennion (F’01) at the Seattle Tufts Alliance happy hour in Bellevue, Wash. in August. We would also like to welcome Andrew Marble, who returned to the States from Taiwan, and Claire Topal, both of whom now work with Julie at the Seattlebased National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR). The Seattle club would also like to mention that the song “Nevermind” by the famed Seattle grunge band, Nirvana, has just been added to the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress as one of the nation’s most “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” sound recordings.

FLETCHER ALUMNI OF COLOR The Fletcher Alumni of Color (FACA) founded in 2005, works to foster a strong and enduring community among the Fletcher alumni of color and to further the interests, welfare, and educational purposes of The Fletcher School. Membership is open to all Fletcher alumni who have demonstrated strong commitment and interest to issues relating to persons of color, regardless of nationality and nation of residence.

FACA has three main goals: mentorship, scholarship, and professional development. Its interim board has already been busy laying the groundwork for an endowed scholarship, the Ralph Bunche Scholarship, organizing a career panel, and welcoming new students of color to the community. To join, offer support, or get up-to-date information, please visit or email

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 11




NEWS BY MARIKO NODA (F’90) On July 26, 2005, Fletcher alumni in Tokyo got together under two themes: to celebrate the 50th anniversary of class of ‘55 and to meet the new grads. A powerful typhoon, Banyan, a name of tree in Hong Kong, was approaching Tokyo that evening, preventing some alumni from joining, but 26 energetic Fletcher grads from across generations joined the party. Kirk Patterson (F’83), acting as an MC, kicked off the gathering by honoring this typhoon-proof group, followed by Yoshio Murakami (F’60) who gave a toast after mentioning that Shijuro Ogata (F’55) was the one who connected him to Fletcher.

Work and family responsibilities have prevented Ernie Wright (Fletcher ‘94) from serving as the club leader for quite a while, so he hopes that a few alumni in the area will take over for him to reenergize the club. Duties include coordinating events for fellow alumni and serving as the club contact with Fletcher’s alumni office. If interested, please contact Ernie Wright at or Leah Brady at


There are the “three musketeers” from the class of ‘55 in Tokyo and two of them, including Mr. Ogata were among us that evening. Mr. Ogata said that he often felt very privileged and, at the same time, very proud of being a graduate from Fletcher when he ran into alumni in many places around the world. Michio Royama (F’55) another member from the class of ‘55 also emphasized that Fletcher’s rich network was his treasure, and that we should maintain and enrich this network. Then, Ritsuko Yoneda (F’05), who just graduated this May said how much she appreciated being at Fletcher, especially getting to know many people there. Lastly, we all missed Kazuo Chiba (F’51), who was perhaps the earliest Japanese alumnus who passed away last year. We displayed his book, Please! Just let me finish… and distributed copies of the article from the Times of London which ran an obituary about him. He was also the one who always supported and encouraged younger alumni to continue to organize reunions in Tokyo.


DC-area alumni attend the group’s summer picnic.

12 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Fletcherites in Bangkok gathered for an evening of camaraderie and merriment at the residence of Jerone Cooreman (F’97).




Wendy Gutierrez (F’96)

Dorothy Chan

Julien Naginski (F’93)


Alicia Eastman

Angela de Santiago (F’91)



David Hwa (F’76)

Ernest Wright Jr. (F’94)



Anne Angwenyi (F’02)

Nicole Sayres (F’00)

Viviane Chao (F’02)


Ekachai Chainuvati, (F’03)

BEIJING Stephane Grand (F’98)

BERLIN Jan-Philipp Görtz (F’98)

BOSTON Katherine Sikora Nelson, (F’93)

BRUSSELS Katrina Destree (F’95)

BUDAPEST Anita Orban (F’01)

BUENOS AIRES Carlos St. James (GMAP’04)

CHICAGO H. Jürgen Hess (F’86)

CHILE Andres Montero (F’85) German Olave (F’97)

COPENHAGEN Geoffrey Pack (F’89)


KOSOVO Iliriana Kacaniku (F '04)

LONDON Alexandra Paton (F’01)

LOS ANGELES Adrineh Gregorian (F’04) Spencer Abbot (F’97)

MALAYSIA Shah Azmi (F’86)

MIAMI Daniel Ades (F’03)


NEW YORK Raymond Linsenmayer (F’01) Deborah Eisenberg (F’03)

Belinda Chiu (F’04)



Susan Williams (F’00)

Marilena Griva (F’02) Thomas Varvitsiotis (F’99)

Michael Zwirn (F’01)

Vladimir Todorovic (F’01)

SÃO PAULO Paulo Bilyk (F’92)

SEATTLE Julie Bennion (F’01)

SEOUL Junsik Ahn (F’00)

SHANGHAI Meredith Ludlow (F’03)

SINGAPORE Syetarn “Creek” Hansakul (F’88)

SWITZERLAND Mauricio Cysne (F’93)

TOKYO Mariko Noda (F’90)

VIENNA Rainer Staub (F’96) Jonathan Tirone (F’00)

WASHINGTON, D.C. Victoria Esser (F’99) T. Colum Garrity (F’98)

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 13


FACULTY Steven Block, Paul Vaaler, and Burkhard Schrage (F’98). “Elections, Opportunism, Partisanship, and Sovereign Ratings in Developing Countries.” Review of Development Economics (forthcoming 2005). Judith M. Dean, Julie Schaffner, and Stephen L.S. Smith, eds. Attacking Poverty in the Developing World: Christian Practitioners and Academics in Collaboration. World Vision and Authentic Media, 2005. Michael Glennon. “How International Rules Die.” Georgetown Law Journal (2005): 939.

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–. “Idealism in the U.N.” Policy Review no.129 (2005).


Alan K. Henrikson. “Diplomacy and Small States in Today’s World.” In Face of Man, Vol. 2: The Dr. Eric Williams Memorial Lectures, 19932004. Port-of-Spain: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, 2005: 19-40.

Devorah Bräutigam (F’83) and Steven Knack. “Foreign Aid, Institutions, and Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 52, no. 2 (January 2004): 255-286.

–. “Young, Old, or Ageless? The UN’s Institutional Identity Crisis” and “Headquarters Boston” [“Locating the United Nations: Boston was on the Short List in 1945-46,”]. The Forum: Newsletter of the United Nations Association of Greater Boston (Fall 2005).

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Jesawald Salacuse. Leading Leaders: How to Manage Smart, Talented, Rich and Powerful People. AMACOM, forthcoming October 2005. Julie Schaffner. “Subjective and objective measures of literacy: Implications for current resultsoriented development initiatives.” International Journal of Educational Development (forthcoming). Richard H. Shultz and Andrea Dew (Ph.D. candidate). How NonState Armed Groups Fight. New York: Columbia University Press (forthcoming winter 2005).

14 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

–. “Mauritius: The ‘Miracle’ Falters in 1999, but Rebounds in 2000.” In Africa Contemporary Record v.27, edited by Maggie Kennedy. New York: Holmes and Meier Publishers 2004. –. “Local Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa: Networks and Linkages to the Global Economy.” In Asia and Africa in the Global Economy, E. Aryeetey, J. Court, M. Nissanke, and B. Weder, eds. Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2003. Charles Kovacs (F’70). “Les Investissements directs étrangers I: constat et enjeux.” Revue Générale de Stratégie19 (October 2004).

Gayle Meyers (F’97), ed. Common Ground on Chemical Risk: Case Studies from the Middle East. Search for Common Ground, 2004. –. “All Sides Focus on Disease Outbreaks.” Bridges: IsraeliPalestinian Public Health Magazine, December 2004. –. “The Work of Search for Common Ground in the Middle East.” Chap. in The Role of Civil Society Institutions. Washington, DC: Friedrich Foundation, 2004. –. Stephanie Hertz, and Megan McIlwain. “The Common Ground Approach: A Case Study of an NGO.” Chap. in Multilateral Diplomacy and the United Nations Today (second edition), Japmes P. Muldoon Jr., JoAnn Fagot Aviel (F’65), Richard Reitano, and Early Sullivan, eds. Wesview Press, 2005. Henry Precht (F’70). A Diplomat's Progress: Tales of Diplomatic Adventure in and around the Middle East. Savannah, GA: Williams and Company, 2004. Patrick J. Schena (F’79). “Banks, Distressed Loans, and the Development of Chinese Markets for Asset-Backed Securities.” The Fletcher Forum (Winter 2005). Larry Struve (F’65), ed. In the Shadow of Camelot. Reno: Black Rock Press, 2005

STUDENTS & FELLOWS Daniel Benaim (MALD’06). “Egypt’s Perpetual Emergency.” The Boston Globe, 26 July 2005. –. “Mubarak’s Perpetual Emergency.” International Herald Tribune, 27 July 2005. –. “Building a New Egypt.” New York Post, 29 July 2005. Erik J. Dahl (Ph.D. candidate). “NetCentric before its time: the Jeune Ecole and its lessons for today.” The Naval War College Review 58, no. 4 (Autumn 2005): 109-135. Xanthe Scharff. “What it's Like to Live on $1 per Day.” Christian Science Monitor, 6 July. 2005: World. –. and Deborah Jones. "Inversion Privada Extranjera y Retos al Poder Regulatorio del Estado: Estudio de Caso del Complejo Metalurgico de Doe Run en el Peru." Revista Peruana de Derecho de la Empresa 59 (2005). Clifford A. Shelton (MALD’06). “Dragon Ascending: China's Growing Economic Relationship with Africa.” The Africa Journal, (May/June 2005): 11. Lorenzo G. Vidino (MALD’07). “Jihad from Europe.” Journal of International Security Affairs 9 (Fall 2005): 19-25.

Wilma W. Suen (F’98). NonCooperation: The Dark Side of Strategic Alliances. Hampshire, England: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.

–. “Is Italy Next In Line After London?” Jamestown Foundation’s Terrorism Monitor 3, no.18 (2005).

Abdulkader Thomas (F’81) and Nathif Adam. Islamic Bonds: Your Guide to Issuing, Structuring and Investing in Sukuk. London: Euromoney Books, 2004.

Submissions to Recent Publications must contain complete citation information in order to be included in the Fletcher News.

Anthony C. Wanis-St. John (F’96) et al. International Practices in Intervention in the Culture of Drugs and Violence. US Dept of State, 2005.


20TH REUNION CLASS NOTES: FLETCHER CLASS OF 1985 Sixteen alumni from the class of 1985 attended our Reunion in May: Katharine Baer and husband Juan, Mavis Bauman, Steve Benz and Lynne Sherburne-Benz and their daughters Helene (12) and Catherine (10), Kate Farnsworth, Calvin Hamilton, John Harper and wife Ellen, Satish Jha and his partner, Andres Montero, Ted Parker, David Rubin and his friend, Thomas Sauermilch, Calvin Schnure, Sada Takagawa, and Rusty Tunnard. Friends from the Class of 1984 who attended were Nancy Anderson Sones and Jeanne Gibson Sullivan. Prizes for traveling the farthest go to Kate Farnsworth (Khartoum, Sudan) and Andres Montero (Santiago, Chile). Plan NOW to attend our 25th Reunion in May 2010! Tim Aeppel moved to the New York City area (Westport, CT) two years ago. He is still with the Wall Street Journal, writing about heavy industry and broader economic trends. His wife Glyn is still working in the hotel industry, currently with Fairmont Hotels, where she is helping the group to expand through the acquisition of new or existing hotels. They have two children: Nick is in seventh grade and Catherine is a ninthgrader. Lynne Sherburne-Benz has been working at the World Bank since getting her PhD at Fletcher. She is now the Country Program Coordinator for Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand; she manages the World Bank programs in those countries. Lynne and husband Steve have three children, Karl (13), Helene (11) and Catherine (9), and live in Potomac, Maryland. Steven Benz earned his law degree at Stanford Law School where he was President of the Stanford Law Review. He is a partner at Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel in Washington, D.C., representing Fortune 100 companies in antitrust, complex litigation and class action cases throughout the U.S. He also served for a decade as the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate in the Air Force Reserve/DC Air National Guard with an F-16 unit at Andrews Air Force Base. Mark and Christina Dawson live in Seattle, WA with their three children: Alex (16), Anna (15) and Sofia (13). Mark continues to work at Rainier Investment Management. Christina is busy with school and other volunteer projects. Calvin Hamilton moved to Madrid in October 1985 to take up a position at a Spanish law firm. He became versed in Spanish law, was admitted to the Spanish Bar and became a partner of his firm in Jan. 1995. He joined his current law firm in Feb. 2001, Monereo,

Meyer & Marinel-lo, as one of the firm's four senior partners. He practices in the area of international arbitration and also does a lot of transactions work. He is married to Bettina Ambach and they have two daughters, Laura (8) and Miriam (5). John Harper spent the first 15 years in Washington, D.C. arranging and extending project financing for infrastructure projects in a variety of emerging markets. He worked for OPIC (an independent agency of the U.S. Government) and then for a Finnish engine manufacturer— many sectors, many countries, lots of travel, and lots of fun. Since moving back to the Boston area in 2000, his focus has been on financing wind and other renewable power projects in the domestic U.S. market. In 2004, after the last corporate reduction, he started his own consulting firm. He was married to Ellen Tohn in '87 and they have three boys (14, 12, and 8). Maya Ohl Boreen works as a professional artist painting landscapes, and shows her work in New York City. She lives in Wilton, Connecticut with husband Kevin and children Stephen (16) and Kirsten (18) who just started Vassar College. Milton Moreno has been working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR) for Refugees for the past ten years in Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea andGeneva. His current assignment is in Khartoum, Sudan as Operational and Policy Coordinator. UNHCR operations in and around the Sudan involve the repatriation of half a million southern Sudanese refugees and the protection of a similar number of internally displaced persons in Darfur. He goes to Geneva, Switzerland every few months to visit his wife Keiko Niimi who works for ILO and their two children: son (15) who attends a boarding school in England and another child (10).

Calvin Schnure’s first two jobs after Fletcher were in the international realm, and he married Malathi from Sri Lanka.Then his focus suddenly shifted back to the domestic front: he went to Berkeley, CA, for a Ph.D. in Economics, and then worked at the Federal Reserve in Washington on domestic financial markets and the US forecast. He writes “briefing Chairman Greenspan was exciting but a lot of work in preparation!” In 1999 he went to Wall Street, where he was the Senior U.S. Economist for Chase.Though he enjoyed the job, a number of factors--including the merger with JPMorgan and September 11th, as well as the effects that Enron, Argentina and the recession were having on our business—prompted his family to move back to Washington, D.C., in 2002 to work at the International Monetary Fund. Calvin writes “finally my international training is again relevant!”He currently covers U.S. issues for the IMF. His two kids, Nilan (15) and Melissa (13), are “keeping us as busy as all the rest of you parents well know. My wife Malathi is again working at the World Bank with some but not too much travel. I try to keep some time for my own hobbies, including taking up competitive cycling again, and singing barbershop harmony (my group sang the national anthem at RFK stadium this summer for the New York Mets-Washington Nationals Major League baseball game)”. Calvin, our Reunion Chairman, thanks everyone who came to the 20th class reunion.“I hope you had as much fun as I did, and the rest of you should all make plans to join us for the 25th!” After 17 years in the foreignlanguage translation industry, Peter Skagestad has recently joined Aspen Publishers as a Senior Manuscript Editor in its Cambridge, Massachusetts-based legal education division. In his new position, he hopes to benefit from his experience on the “Fletcher Forum” twenty years ago.

Linda Specht works at the U.S. State Dept. in the Dept. of Development Finance on African and other development policy issues (i.e. how to handle the UK’s demands that the G8s agree to double assistance levels to reach the MDGs). She is not too happy with her current desk job! Previously she spent six months in Baghdad, a year in Cameroon and two years in Vietnam. She has a seven year old son who “makes her out of work hours joyful and busy”. Guang-Hwa Tung worked in the luxury goods sector in Taiwan from 1985-89. He studied at INSEAD, France, got married, and worked at Rhone-Poulenc from 1989-1993. From 1993-2000, he lived and worked in Jakarta and Singapore. From 2000-January 2005, he worked in Hong Kong for Carrier, United Technologies Corp. and divorced. Now Guang-Hwa is working on a start-up project in organic aquaculture, and plans to move to Singapore. Doug Zone worked at the IMF from 1985-1987 and at Washington Econometrics from 1987-1988. He studied optimization at MIT from 1988-90 (inspired by his development studies at Fletcher). Then he worked in logistics at UPS from 1990-1991 and at Kenan Systems in logistics/telecoms from 19912001 (riding the telecom boom) in Boston, London, Singapore, Lima, and Buenos Aires. He married Eimear in 1999 and their son Liam was born in 2002. He worked at MaxBill (an Israeli Telecoms Firm) in London, Netherlands, and Caribbean as Project Manager, and finally at CSG Systems (telecoms firm) as Chief Technology Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa in Cambridge, UK. He is sorry to have missed Reunion. He writes:“I think my decision to attend Fletcher was the best decision I have made (besides marrying my wife) in the past 20 years.”

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 33


The Fletcher Fund – the annual fundraising vehicle for The Fletcher School – received a record $907,000 in donations during fiscal year 2005, which ended June 30. These funds directly benefit our students and faculty through increased financial aid, internship funding, and curriculum development, as well as by supporting the Ginn Library collections and Ph.D. programs. In addition to the record total donations raised, last year’s Fletcher Fund campaign, which was chaired by Nihal Goonewardene (F’73), saw: • Alumni participation reach 29%. • More than 400 alumni contribute, many for the first time, in response to our Alumni Participation Challenge, which enabled the School to secure a special gift of $15,000 to the Fund. • Leadership giving at the Fletcher Associate ($1,000+) and Young Associate ($500+ from alumni of the last decade) levels reach new heights with 276 members. We are deeply grateful to the many donors - alumni, parents and friends - who support Fletcher’s mission of preparing leaders with a global perspective. We have listed the names of all donors who made a gift to The Fletcher Fund in fiscal year 2005 (between July 1, 2004, and June 30, 2005) to acknowledge and publicly thank them for their support. With respect to capital giving, Fletcher alumni, friends and parents contributed or pledged more than $8.8 million to assist with a variety of academic priorities and strategic initiatives. As our strategic planning process concludes, we will be assessing academic and strategic priorities and reporting to you what the horizon might look like for Fletcher in 2010 and beyond. Additionally, we have listed the names of our capital donors who made a gift or pledge of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005 to acknowledge and publicly thank them for their support. Also included in this donor report is a comprehensive list of Fletcher’s named endowed funds. If you would like more information about these funds or if we have inadvertently made an error in our listings, please contact Roger Milici at or +1.617.627.2372.

NAMED ENDOWED FUNDS FELLOWSHIPS AND SCHOLARSHIPS Charles F. Adams Scholarship Atlantic Community Fellowship Ruhl J. Bartlett Fellowship William L. Blue & Joan R. Blue Scholarship Fund

Joseph Harrison & Francis H. Russell Fellowship

Charles N. & Josephine W. Shane Scholarship Fund

Isabelle Oroian Fleck Memorial Fund

John L. Hedges Fellowship in Public Diplomacy

Somerville Pickney Tuck Memorial Fellowship

Fletcher Library Book Fund

Richard D. & Polly B. Hill Scholarship Fund

Theodore Xanthaky & Dorothy Osborne Xanthaky Scholarship

Asher Hobson Scholarship Fund


The John Stevenson Hay Book Fund

A. Eiken Hohenberg Charitable Scholarship

Ginn Library Fund for International Law Grace Frees Guillet Fund

Galvin Tribute Fund

Houghton-Mifflin Book Fund

Katrina Lago Memorial Fellowship

Goddard Hall Fund

Imlah Book Fund

Dana Laird Memorial Fund

Mildred Adams Kenyon Book Fund

E. & C. Lodge Fellowship

Elizabeth Parker Powell Fund for International Business*

Roger Long Scholarship

Second Century Fletcher Fund

Michael Maney Library Fund

Mary Pillsbury Lord Scholarship


Belinda Pearson Book Fund

Donald R. MacJannet Scholarship

Ames Samuel Pierce Library Fund

Lester Martin Fellowship

William S. Barnes Latin American Summer Internship Fund

Citicorp/Wriston Scholarship

Robert Meagher Fund


The Class of 1964 Fellowship Fund*

Jeffrey C. Metzel Scholarship Fund

Charles Francis Adams Lecture Series

Ralph Bunche Scholarship Fund* The M.A. Edward Bunford Scholarship Cabot Corporation Scholarship John Moors Cabot Fellowship Antonio Cardozo Alumni Scholarship Fund

Charles Kimball Book Fund

Gavriel Ra'anan Memorial Book Fund Roche Memorial Book Fund

National Cheng-Chi University Fellowship

Joseph Grew Lecture Series

William L. & Bessie B. Salacuse Book Fund

Dr. Maurice S. Segal Lecture Series

Sasakawa Book Fund

US-Hispanic Relations Lecture Series

Manzur Zaidi Book Fund

Samuel J. Elder Scholarship

Frank C. & Christel Nichols Scholarship Fund

Carl J. Gilbert Scholarship

John Perry Fellowship

Joan Gillespie Fellowship

John E. Peurifoy Fellowship


Class of 1947 Distinguished Leadership Award

Armand Hammer Scholarship

Quezon Fellowship Rak Fellowship

The Michael A. Bradley Memorial Book Fund

Murrow Center Prize

George B. & Helen J. Hargens Scholarship Fund

John Roche Memorial Scholarship

Cabot Library Endowment

Sasakawa Young Leadership Fund

Isaam Fares Book Fund

CV Starr Scholarship Phyllis E. & C. Douglas Dillon Fellowship Fund

34 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Sherry Mueller Scholarship


Alfred P. Rubin Prize in International Law




Charles Francis Adams/Raytheon Dean’s Chair

The following generous donors made a capital gift or pledge during the 2005 fiscal year, which ran from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005.

Henry J. Braker Chair of Commercial Law William L. Clayton Chair of International Economic Affairs




The Marie Baier Foundation Inc.

Judy A. Aaronson (F’64)

Shelby Collum Davis Chair of International Security Studies


Allan W. Cameron (F’64)

Timothy Afful-Koomson (F’00)

Jan H. Jebsen

The Eisenhower Institute

Elizabeth Brady & Thomas E. Brady

Henry Willard Denison Chair of Japanese Diplomacy

Irene W. Meister-Armington (F’52)

Harvard University

Louise J. Cord-Guiot (F’84)


William J. Mares (F’64)

Charles H. Dudley (F’64)

Ford Foundation

Lucille V. Mueller †

Catherine E. Farnsworth (F’85)

Edward L. Hoyt (F’62) & Sarnia Hoyt

Sherry L. Mueller (F’66)

Arthur N. Gilbert (F’59)

Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Sarah Scaife Foundation

Paul S. Slawson (F’60) & Mary Slawson

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Constantine Karamanlis Chair of Hellenic & Southeastern European Studies* Kim Koo Chair of Korean Studies* Henry J. Leir Chair of Humanitarian Sudies William R. Moomaw Chair of International Environment and Resource Policy* Edward R. Murrow Chair of Public Diplomacy*


Henry Dunant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue

Walter B. Wriston Chair of International Finance & Banking

RESEARCH Hitachi Center Fund Latin American Studies Fund North Pacific Studies Fund Segal Pollution Research Fund * in progress

The John Mirak Foundation

Cabot Family Charitable Trust Dimitra David

BENEFACTORS $50,000-99,999 Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation The Ridgefield Foundation

PATRONS $5,000-9,999 Katherine V. Hedges (F’77) & Jeffrey L. Hedges (F’77) John A. Hedges T. Dixon Long (F’58) Allen B. Macomber (F’64) William R. Moomaw


Lois Silverman & Norman S. Silverman



Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia

Philip C. Brown (F’64) & Roberta S. Brown

Cabot Foundation, Virginia Wellington

MacJannet Foundation

Consolidated Contractors Intl. S.A.L. Earhart Foundation

Mahnaz Z. Ispahani (F’81) Wei-nam Oh (F’95) Lynn Salinger (F’81) & Steven R. Morrill † deceased If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. For our records, please contact Kathleen Bobick at or +1.617.627.4573.

Donna Salacuse & Jeswald W. Salacuse Robert M. Steck (F’81)

United States Institute of Peace

"The GMAP II experience has made an interminable impact on my perception of the world past, present and future…Seeing how the different areas of international studies relate to each other really brought the global perspective together for me even in my daily work. Every sacrifice was worth the reward of global education, friendships, and a broadened viewpoint." — Janie Glover (GMAP II’05), Program Management Department Head, Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity, Florida

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 35


FLETCHER ASSOCIATES & YOUNG ASSOCIATES Leadership gifts from Fletcher Associates ($1,000 or more) and Young Associates ($500 or more, graduates of the last decade) are the foundation of The Fletcher Fund. In fiscal year 2005, these gifts alone accounted for 74% of total Fletcher Fund revenue.


Anud Tamimi (JP’00) & Fahad Tamimi (JP’00)

Gerald W. Blakeley, Jr.

Anupam Bhatia (GMAP’02)

Martha J. Blaxall (F’64)


Lisbeth Tarlow (F’84) and Stephen Kay

Rene-Henri Bodmer (F’95)%

Christine Bosworth & Stephen W. Bosworth

Eileen Guggenheim Wilkinson (GMAP’01)

Andrei P. Vandoros (F’71, AP’04)

Elizabeth Boege (F’66) & Sheldon E. Boege (F’66)

David Budinger Jeffrey H. Bunzel (F’81)

Jonathan A. Small (F’68) & Cornelia M. Small (F’68)

Dean's Council $5,000-$9,999

Charles N. Bralver (F’75)

Kenneth R. Button (F’72)

Bonnie R. Clendenning (F’86)

Robert L. Chambers (F’40)

Ee-Chao Wee (AP’06) & Jennifer Wee (AP’06)


Nancy M. Chase (F’44)

Fred Bergsten (F’62)

Mary Connor (FP’84) & Myles Connor (FP’84)

Society of Fletcher Fellows $10,000-$24,999

Daniel K. Chao (F’75)%

John F. Crawford (F’59)

Andrew Czekaj (F’79)

Nicholas G. Curuby (F’57)%

Michael P. D’Ambrosio (F’73)

Neil A. Allen (F’76)

John C. Evans (F’67)

Christina Greer Dawson (F’84) & Mark H. Dawson (F’85)

Annenberg Foundation

Robert P. Fisher, Jr. (F’77)

Robert J. Engel (F’75) Bruce M. Everett (F’70)

Virginia R. Cornyn (F’63)

Antonie C. Dake (F’55)% William B. Dale (F’47)

Philip K. Asherman (GMAP’04)%

Ann Nee Goh (GMAP’03)

Philip J. Bergan Paulo A. Bilyk (F’92)

Kathryn Hamill (FP’99) & John Hamill (FP’99)

Lee E. Dirks (F’57)

Lawrence P. Heim (GMAP’02)

Kamal Ibrahim (GMAP’04)%

Nihal W. Goonewardene (F’73)

Ignasius Jonan (GMAP’05)%

Nicolas de Boisgrollier (GMAP’03)%

Robert D. Hormats (F’66)

Sarnia Hoyt (FP’91) & Edward Hoyt (F’62, FP’91)

Herbert Levin (F’56)

Christiane S. Delessert (F’73)

Paul S. Hsu (F’65)%

Mahnaz Z. Ispahani (F’81)

Doreen S. Denice (GMAP’05)%

P. H. Koo

Chung Won Kang (F’77)%

Bette Bao Lord (F’60) & Winston Lord (F’60)

Brad M. Meslin (F’82)%

Safak Kibar (AP’07) & Ali Kibar (AP’07)

Brian T. Gibbs (F’89) Catharine A. Hartzenbusch (F’94)

Brian A. Maher (F’73)

Charles H. Dallara (F’75) Mary Graham Davis (F’66) Robert R. Davis (F’73)

Mark E. Dow (F’90)% James Van B. Dresser (F’68) & Evan C. Dresser

Peter Malone (F’78)

Susan Meserve (AP) & William Meserve (A’62, AP)

Michael M. Maney (F’57)

Lucia Mouat (F’61)

B. Craig Owens (GMAP’01)

William J. Papp, Jr. (GMAP’04)%

Andrew Safran (A’76, F’77, AP’09)

Elizabeth Parker Powell (F’62)

John H. Rixse, III (F’68)

Jennifer K. Eikren (F’01) & Clay D. Norrbom (F’01)

R. Bram Smith (F’71)

Hugh R. Roome, III (F’77)

Thomas A. Sauermilch (F’85)

Leonardo Feinzaig (F’97)

Charles R. Sitter (F’57)

David M. Sloan (F’75)

Jeffrey D. Feltman (F’83)

Herman T. Skofield (F’48)

Dorothy Meadow Sobol (F’66)

Pablo L. Figueroa (GMAP’04)%

Galen L. Stone

Karen Hastie Williams (F’67) & Wesley S. Williams (F’64)

Cyrena L. Fink (F’95) & Geoffrey D. Fink (F’94) Robert M. Fouche (F’57)

G. Richard Thoman (F’67)

Fletcher Global Leaders $1,000-$2,499

Nancy M. Tumavick (F’69)


R. Michael Gadbaw (F’70)

Christopher R. Tunnard (F’85)

Lucy K. Abbott (GMAP’04)%

Brian C. Ganson (F’88)%

Hilary Bauer Wendel (F’94) & Christopher S. Wendel (F’93)

Yasushi Akashi (F’57)

Frederick E. Gilbert (F’62)

Aldo Aldama Bretón (GMAP’02)

Amy M. Goldman (F’89)%

Ziwang Xu (F’88)%

Elaine B. Andrews (F’58)

Dean F. Goodermote (F’79)

Mian E. Zaheen (F’73)

Adele Fleet Bacow & Lawrence S. Bacow

Sandra L. Granzow (F’62)

Michael D. Balaban (F’75)

Calvin A. Hamilton (F’85)%

Margaret L. Bates (F’46)

Arnold C. Hanson (F’49)

Mark A. Bedner (F’76)

John P. Harper (F’85)

Kjell Bergh (GMAP’04)%

Mary van Bibber Harris (F’70)

Mark K. Nichols (F’71) Frederick Pakis (GMAP’05)% Alice Pickering (F’54) & Thomas Pickering (F’54)

Giving Categories President's Circle $25,000 + Society of Fletcher Fellows $10,000-$24,999 The Dean's Council $5,000-$9,999 1933 Founders’ Club $2,500-$4,999 Fletcher Global Leaders $1,000-$2,499 Fletcher Young Associates $500 or more, graduates of the last decade

Robert J. Tarr (F’76)% Gregory J. Terry (F’70)

1933 Founders' Club $2,500-$4,999 Fuad S. Abu-Zayyad (F’58) Agustin A. Acosta (F’93) Charles A. Black (F’78)

36 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Putnam J. Ebinger (F’72) & Charles K. Ebinger (F’72)

John P. Friel, Jr. (F’80)

Olaf J. Groth (F’95)


Janet Norwood (F’46) & Bernard Norwood (F’48)%

Barbara Geary Truan (F’90) & Philippe Truan (F’90)

Maria V. Gordon (F’98)

Douglas Henderson (F’41) Thomas Holmes (F’71)

Shijuro Ogata (F’55)%

Elisabeth van Waaij-Frey (F’89)%

Carol J. Hurlburt (F’62)

Mary S. Olmsted (F’56)%

Gerald Van Wyke (GMAP’02)

Wendin D. Smith (F’00) & Alexander Kraus (F’00)

Jason P. Hyland (F’81)

Farah A. Pandith (F’95)

Dimitri G. Vassilacos (F’97)

Carlisle J. Levine (F’99)

Eiko Ikegaya (F’94) & Charles R. Scott (F’94)

Denise Pappas

Rhonda M. Vitanye (F’91)

Boris Q. Li (F’97)

Mrs. David J. Parsons (F’67)

Kim Hoan Vu (F’00)

Hongyu Liu (F’99)

Wolfgang F. Ischinger (F’73)

Llewellyn P. Pascoe (F’62)

Craig J. Wallentine (F’89)%

Pamela L. Jacklin (F’67)

Kirk R. Patterson (F’83)%

John Y. Wang (F’94)

Maria Lopez Escorial (F’96) & Christoph Schmid (F’96)

Shirley Jennings (F’51) & Theodore D. Jennings (F’51)

Eleanor Penrose (F’67) & Stephen Penrose (F’67)

Richard C. Warmer (F’59)%

Julia Motl Lowe & Nicholas J. Lowe

Helene Ryan Warrener

James H. Mackey (F’00)

Farrokh Jhabvala (F’73)

David S. Pettit (F’67)

John C. Whitehead

William J. Miller, Jr. (F’01)

Barbara A. Kates-Garnick (F’73)

Nancy E. Pratt (F’50) & Robert T. Pratt (F’50)

Henry P. Williams, III (F’74)

Lisa H. Neuberger (F’01)

Thomas D. Reese (F’57) & Caroline Reese

Gregory P. Wilson Richard L. Wise (GMAP’02)

Fiona Oliphant (F’97) & Frank Linden (F’98)

Peter F. Healey (F’76)%

Eileen B. Keane Binns (F’66) Daniel T. Kessler (F’82)% Siri Trang Khalsa (GMAP’04)% Mary Stuart Kreimer (F’49) Peter F. Krogh (F’61) Marilyn K. Kuhar (AP’07) & Gerard F. Sheehan (AP’07)

Jonathan A. Rosen (F’99) Michael A. Rosen (F’84) Sam B. Rovit (F’87) Elizabeth W. Rowe (F’83)

John M. Yates (F’62) Varney A. Yengbeh (GMAP’05)% Brian L. Zimbler (F’84) Frances A. Zwenig (F’70)

John R. Lacey (F’75)

Conrad P. Rubin (F’89)

B. Gresh Lattimore (F’65)

Thomas C. Sadler (F’78)

Christopher M. Lehman (F’73)

Daniel W. Schenck (GMAP’01)

Fletcher Young Associates $500 or more, graduates of the last decade

Ann Myers Liacouras (F’59) & Peter J. Liacouras (F’58)%

Calvin D. Schnure (F’85)

Andrew B. Anderson (F’01)%

Steven G. Schulman (F’75)

Philip A. Aquilino (F’96)

Susan C. Livingston (F’81)

Peter J. Scott (F’70)%

Anand Balachandran (F’02)

T. Dixon Long (F’58)%

Tricia M. Semmelhack (F’61)

Rene-Henri Bodmer (F’95)%

Maria Lopez Escorial (F’96) & Christoph Schmid (F’96)

Jean B. Shepard (F’47)

Lynne A. Brons (F’00) Nicole L. Byrns (F’98)

David M. Lowrey (F’65)

Lynne D. Sherburne-Benz (F’85) & Steven F. Benz (F’85)%

Allen B. Macomber (F’64)

Marilyn Skony Stamm (F’74)

Erin C. Conaton (F’95)

Joseph H. Marcel-Saint Louis (F’90)

Margaret E. Smith (F’91)

Andrew C. Curtis (F’99)

Douglas O. Marston (F’76)

Franz A. Stadler (GMAP’03)

Linda J. Dixon (F’99)

Timothy F. McLellan (F’94)

Paula Stern (F’70)

Tamar A. Dolgen (F’97)

William F. McSweeny

Arthur R. Stevens (F’41)

Frances Fleming Milici & Roger A. Milici

John T. Stewart (F’62)

Jennifer K. Eikren (F’01) & Clay D. Norrbom (F’01)

Michael T. Sullivan (F’00)

Richard J. Evans (F’01)

Lauren Moriarty (F’77)

Yukimi Tachibana (F’00)

Maria M. Farnon (F’95)

Sherry L. Mueller (F’66)

Barbara Teele & Thurston F. Teele (F’62)†

J. Marcel H. Feenstra (F’96)

Yoshio Murakami (F’61) Ronald J. Naples (F’72)%

Shou-Chung Ting (F’81)%

Anka Feldhusen (F’98)%

Katherine Sikora Nelson (F’93)

Neslihan Tombul (F’83)

Cyrena L. Fink (F’95)

Lisa H. Neuberger (F’01)

Malcolm Toon (F’38)

Edmund A. Gaither (F’00)

David D. Newbern (F’67)

Frank L. Trippett (F’74)

Christine L. Gebuhr (F’96)

Disaphol Chansiri (F’00)%

Leonardo Feinzaig (F’97)

Olaf J. Groth (F’95)

Farah A. Pandith (F’95) Alan Perese (F’03)% Melchor Rosales (GMAP’03)% Jonathan A. Rosen (F’99) Asya Rudkovskaya (F’95)% Raleigh D. Sahl (F’95) David A. Schwimmer (F’95) Dina G. Selkoe (F’01) Michael T. Sullivan (F’00) Yukimi Tachibana (F’00) Adam J. Treanor (F’02) Dimitri G. Vassilacos (F’97) Kim Hoan Vu (F’00) Rockford Weitz (F’02) Claudine S. Welti (F’97) † deceased % Challenge Grant participant If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. For our records, please contact Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund, at or +1.617.627.5441.

“My Fletcher experience shaped my life – I remember fondly the many hours spent learning and forging lasting ties that have been instrumental in my work as a consultant specializing in international development and management. As a student, gifts from alumni and friends to The Fletcher Fund supported my education. Today, I know my contributions, and those from other Fletcher alumni and friends, ensure that current students have the opportunity to strive to make the world a better place.” — Nihal Goonewardene (F’73), President and CEO, International Science and Technology Institute, Inc., and Chair of The Fletcher Fund

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 37


“International business requires a global perspective and that is, amongst many other areas, what Fletcher excels in preparing you for, but with an important angle: how to link desktop analysis to ground realities.” — Mian Zaheen (F’73), Managing Director of Lazard Investment Bank

DONORS TO THE FLETCHER FUND 2004-2005 GIFTS FROM ALUMNI Class of 1936 Class Fund Agent: Hilda X. Kirby Total: $450 Participation: 57% Carl Q. Christol Hilda X. Kirby William L. Krieg Barnett B. Lester

Class of 1937 Class Fund Agent: Hilda X. Kirby Total: $25 Participation: 17% Esther B. Schmidt

Class of 1938 Class Fund Agent: Hilda X. Kirby Total: $1,050 Participation: 33% Malcolm Toon* Emily Zayyani

Class of 1939 Total: $700 Participation: 27% James V. Martin Priscilla Mason% Julia Read

Class of 1940 65th Reunion Total: $2,150 Participation: 29% Robert L. Chambers* James M. Wilson

Class of 1941 Total: $2,690 Participation: 45% Douglas Henderson* George T. Little Sara J. Miner Arthur R. Stevens* Robert B. Wright

Class of 1942 Total: $200 Participation: 21% Eric H. Boehm% Donald A. Moore Thomas E. Norpell 38 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Class of 1943 Total: $450 Participation: 38%

Class of 1948 Total: $6,675 Participation: 39%

Class of 1951 Total: $3,000 Participation: 35%

Hermann F. Eilts Harold E. Kolling Barbara M. Morley James W. Morley Jane G. Pfeiffer

Walter Adamson Eleanor Bluhm William T. Bluhm Brewster C. Denny% Francois M. Dickman Donald Y. Gilmore Bernard Norwood*% Herman T. Skofield* David M. Zimmerman

Robert J. Ballantyne Guy E. Coriden% Shirley Jennings* Theodore D. Jennings* Jonathan V. Levin Stephen Low Robert L. Obrey Horace L. Rhorer

Class of 1944 Total: $1,510 Participation: 44% Curt F. Beck Nancy M. Chase* Mildred B. Sareyan Jerrold Scoutt

Class of 1945 60th Reunion Total: $375 Participation: 63% Martha Mautner Marion Montaque-Metcalfe% Norma R. Odom Friedrich J. von Mering

Class of 1946 Total: $3,215 Participation: 63% Nan G. Amstutz Margaret L. Bates* Jeannetta W. Black John C. Craig Martin G. Cramer Edward W. Holmes Mary Holmes Frederick Irving Birgir Moller Janet Norwood*%

Class of 1947 Total: $3,500 Participation: 43% William D. Brewer Chester Cheng William B. Dale* Charles P. Edwards William M. Johnson Whitney T. Perkins†% Jean B. Shepard* Jonathan D. Stoddart Theodore A. Wahl James L. Weber

Class of 1949 Total: $3,075 Participation: 50% Ralph E. Cook Richard B. Gray Arnold C. Hanson* William A. Helseth Lewis Hoffacker Mary S. Kreimer* Helen M. Low Melvin E. Sinn Russell L. Smith

Class of 1950 55th Reunion Total: $4,880 Participation: 74% J. Bruce Amstutz Ben Cashman% Jacquelyn L. Foster Alta F. Fowler Raymond H. Fredette Raymond E. Gonzalez Luke T. Lee% Amelia C. Leiss% Ruth A. McLendon Charles W. Muller Harthon I. Munson Charles W. Naas Richard D. Nethercut Robert L. Nichols Nancy E. Pratt* Robert T. Pratt* Thetis Reavis Robert H. Smith Jan-Hein L. Van De Mortel Ruth W. Woodcock

Class of 1952 Total: $600 Participation: 28% Doris Cook Harland H. Eastman Deane R. Hinton Irene W. Meister-Armington

Class of 1953 Total: $1,100 Participation: 28% Dwight R. Ambach Bruce Brooker Hillman Djajasamita Marvin L. Durham Frank C. Heinemann Robert A. Huff Edward J. Malonis Robert L. McNeill Richard E. Pearson Dale M. Povenmire G. S. Sugden

Class of 1954 50th Reunion Total: $23,575 Participation: 61% Robert J. Bartel Helen M. Bethell Azharul A. Chowdhury% William T. Crocker Walter L. Cutler% John G. Day James C. Falcon% Lowell V. Hammer Milda E. Isenberg William B. Kelly% Michael J. Obertin Alice Pickering* Thomas R. Pickering* William T. Pryce% Abdul Sattar%


Raymond W. Smyth Susan S. Smyth% Hiroshi Tsukino Robert E. White

Class of 1955 50th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Antonie Dake & Dennis Kux Total: $8,025 Participation: 33% Anonymous* Edward N. Adourian% Eugene E. Cortright Antonie C. Dake*% Charles C. Frost% George N. Grosshans% Gary O. Kim Dennis H. Kux% Paul M. Levine Shijuro Ogata*% Robert L. Price

Class of 1956 Total: $4,130 Participation: 44% Thomas D. Boyatt John D. Deardourff †% Maynard W. Glitman% Ann Goldsmith% Constance M. Holcombe-Bielecki George F. Jones Charles F. Lombard% Raymond C. Malley Marion Marchal Roger D. McLean Mary S. Olmsted*% Gerald A. Rosen Ann Imlah Schneider Donald C. Templeman Seth P. Tillman Howard D. Willey Chusei Yamada

Class of 1957 Class Fund Agent: Cliff Cooper Total: $31,373 Participation: 52% Yasushi Akashi* Clifford S. Cooper John G. Craig Nicholas G. Curuby*% Carole A. Davison

Lee E. Dirks* Robert M. Fouche* James W. Gramentine William H. Jackson Jerry W. Johnston Suzanne E. Keith David L. Larson% Michael M. Maney* Robert G. Nettheim% Phyllis Oakley Anne Pinkney Thomas D. Reese* Ernest L. Schwab Charles R. Sitter* Kusuma Snitwongse Anne Starbird Theodore D. Wyly

Ralph E. Fretty Jackson A. Giddens Ilene E. Ginsberg Donald K. Guthrie Carol Hart Harriet W. Isom Hisami Kurokochi% Kathryn A. Liacouras*% Andre J. Navez Thomas A. Sargent Lila M. Saunders Carla L. Scopeletis H. F. Sherrod Richard D. Stearns Phillip R. Trimble William P. Wadbrook Richard C. Warmer*%

Class of 1958 Class Fund Agent: Mark Lissfelt Total: $9,325 Participation: 53%

Class of 1960 45th Reunion Total: $6,890 Participation: 37%

Fuad S. Abu-Zayyad* Elaine B. Andrews* Rodney E. Armstrong Robert C. Bennett Anthony S. Dalsimer Isabel A. Dalsimer Samuel F. Hart Tomoya Kawamura Shaharyar M. Khan% Paul L. Laase William M. Leonard% Helen M. Lewis Peter J. Liacouras*% Mark C. Lissfelt T. Dixon Long*% James E. Roberts% William D. Shaughnessy Pierre Shostal Melvin Thornton Kwan Ha Yim

Class of 1959 Total: $6,875 Participation: 53% Craig S. Barnes Doyle R. Bates David W. Carr Pramote Chitaratanon Rosemary K. Coffey John F. Crawford*

Carol A. Capps James R. Cobbledick Edward J. Gotchef Donald P. Harvey William A. Hayne Donald E. Hout Bette Bao Lord* Winston Lord* Donald N. Nelson Lois E. Nelson Gene E. Rainey Sara M. Russell Theodore E. Russell Charles A. Semones% Ursula H. Shears Paul S. Slawson

Class of 1961 Class Fund Agents: Lucia Mouat & Tricia Semmelhack Total: $8,390 Participation: 45% Robert F. Arnove Kevin B. Callanan Richard A. Christensen John J. Eddy Charles R. Grader Marcia A. Grant% Susan M. Klingaman Peter F. Krogh* Richard W. Miller

Lucia Mouat* Yoshio Murakami* James A. Rotherham Robert M. Ruenitz Tricia M. Semmelhack* Lois Sullivan Stanley A. Taylor John N. Thomas% Anne W. Thompson Richard W. Turk Levio E. Zeni%

Class of 1962 Class Fund Agents: Edward Hoyt & Carol Hurlburt Total: $26,782 Participation: 64% Theodore C. Achilles% Charles E. Adams Fred Bergsten* Horace W. Briggs Carol L. Carson Wesley Carson Daniel J. Costello Henry Delfiner W. R. Duncan% Frederick E. Gilbert* Sandra L. Granzow* Eric G. Hansen% Robert G. Houdek% Peter Howell% Edward L. Hoyt* Carol J. Hurlburt* Felton M. Johnston James L. Kammert Bradshaw Langmaid David E. Long John P. McKay George A. Midwood Lela A. Noble Ine Noe Richard M. Ogden Llewellyn P. Pascoe* Malcolm C. Peck% Elizabeth Parker Powell* Peter O. Sellar Alden C. Small John T. Stewart* Thurston F. Teele †* Frederick C. Turner Ellen B. Widmer John M. Yates*

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 39


"My favorite memory of Fletcher is of my fellow students - a unique group of people focused on having a direct impact on events that create the headlines in newspapers around the world. I have supported The Fletcher Fund because I believe not only in the value of the School, but in the goals of its students and alumni." — Adam Treanor (F’02), Managing Director of Wyser-Pratt & Co., Inc.

Class of 1963 Class Fund Agent: Alex Zampieron Total: $5,236 Participation: 45% Nisuke Ando% Deborah D. Berman John C. Beyer Stephen W. Buck Larry T. Caldwell Leif E. Christoffersen Virginia R. Cornyn* Jumana W. Dejany% Brenda L. Ebeling Ronald A. Glantz Jeanette Goodstein% Linda J. Groff Mary M. Grow Margaret I. Haupt Kay R. Kohl Wilfrid L. Kohl Elizabeth S. Moran Thomas P. Noe William R. Noyes Herbert L. Sawyer Michael T. Sharples Justin Simpson Barbara F. Sundberg-Baudot William G. Tyler% Alexander A. Zampieron Diana J. Zentay

Class of 1964 Total: $9,237 Participation: 41% Judy A. Aaronson David B. Atkinson Mary A. Bernald John G. Blaxall Martha Blaxall* Philip C. Brown Elizabeth J. Crook Charles H. Dudley Amnon J. Golan William L. Hamilton Katherine W. Huger Frances E. Irwin Richard L. Jackson Allen B. Macomber* Keith D. Martin Peter J. Merrill% Sally J. Merrill David C. Moon 40 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Dennis H. Nason% Robert W. Russell Harold J. Sutphen Atsushi Tokinoya% Hans M. Tucher Charles P. Werner% William R. Westlake Heather A. Wheeler Wesley S. Williams* John C. Woodbury

Class of 1965 40th Reunion Class Fund Agent: B. Gresh Lattimore Total: $16,145 Participation: 37% Robert W. Andrus Christopher W. Beal Frederick W. Crook Robert B. Fitzsimons% Susan C. Garfin Gary A. Glenn Giles D. Harlow Jon K. Hartzell Arthur H. House Paul S. Hsu*% Judith M. Jones Walter S. Jones Bertram G. Lattimore* Benjamin F. Lenhardt Jane Little David M. Lowrey* Ben L. Martin Toshiyuki Niwa James M. Patton Charles W. Roe Larry D. Struve William H. Wainwright Charles T. York

Class of 1966 Class Fund Agents: Libby Halperin & Eileen KeaneBinns Total: $25,020 Participation: 35% Richard S. Bloom Elizabeth Boege* Sheldon E. Boege* Michael E. Costello% Nancy N. Cylke Mary Graham Davis* Jan E. Dill%

Claire E. Gilmore Frederick W. Hale Libby G. Halperin Robert D. Hormats* Onyeonoro S. Kamanu% Eileen B. Keane Binns* Kristin E. Keaton Sherry L. Mueller* John M. Newmann Helen M. Parr Dane F. Smith Dorothy Meadow Sobol* Dwight G. Stecker Susan Stedman Samuel Thompson Jon G. Trail Stephen W. Worrel

Class of 1967 Class Fund Agents: Eleanor Ford Penrose & Stephen Penrose Total: $22,671 Participation: 47% Dena-Kay E. Cowdy John C. Evans* Herman T. Franssen% Ellen L. Frost John C. Hammock David C. Harr% William E. Hellert% Pamela L. Jacklin* Anthony F. Kleitz Margaret V. Knox Malcolm G. Koch David D. Newbern* Oscar J. Olson Jutta Parsons* Eleanor Penrose* Stephen B. Penrose* David S. Pettit* James B. Rouse Carolyn C. Stremlau John J. Stremlau C. D. Thalman G. R. Thoman* Ward C. Thompson G. C. Villarreal Richard M. Weintraub Karen R. Williams*

Class of 1968 Class Fund Agent: John H. Rixse Total: $32,800 Participation: 33% Odeh F. Aburdene Alfred D. Davis Vivian M. Davis% Terry L. Deibel James Van B. Dresser* Maureen N. Franssen% Raymond Garcia Peter O. Hefron Mahlon Henderson Jonathan T. Howe James L. Huffman Curtis H. Martin Bruce J. Miller% Sally F. Miller% Peter C. Oleson John F. Owen Cyrus Partovi Lewis W. Pate Richard M. Pesin Alexis Rieffel John H. Rixse* Michael Rubinger Edward W. Russell% Richard L. Schreadley Cornelia M. Small* Jonathan A. Small* Roger C. Sullivan Mary E. von Briesen% Richard P. Wells

Class of 1969 Total: $56,885 Participation: 27% Anonymous* James E. Auer% Jesse W. Brumfield Conrad W. Carter% Vicente Collazo-Davila Patrick F. Connolly John M. Dorger Alice A. Dress Daniel J. Houton John H. King George B. Lambrakis Charles T. Lotspeich Michael C. Mattice Robert A. Mirabello Joseph C. Strasser


Nancy M. Tumavick* William E. Wilson

Class of 1970 35th Reunion Class Fund Agents: W. Spencer and Andrea Johnson Total: $20,756 Participation: 41% Kristen R. Apgar% Holley M. Bell Johannes A. Binnendijk Michael J. Blake% Christine P. Brumfield David J. Buffam% John D. Caswell Erin M. Christensen Farrinaz V. Cress Francis M. Dimond Richard H. Doyle Craig G. Dunkerley Bruce M. Everett* Daniel J. Foucheaux% Ralph A. Froehlich Richard M. Gadbaw* Mary J. Harris* Robert F. Ichord Gary H. Jefferson Andrea M. Johnson William S. Johnson John A. Koeppel Charles T. Lawton% David Levintow Mary E. Locke Lawrence S. Lotman% Kathleen A. MacKay Mary A. Nayak Carolyn L. Patterson Harry J. Petrequin Henry Precht Peter J. Scott*% Mary M. Shirley Roy W. Stafford Paula Stern* Gregory J. Terry* Roger W. Wallace Charles W. Wessner James W. Woodard% Margaret D. Xifaras% Frances A. Zwenig*

Class of 1971 Class Fund Agent: Mark Nichols Total: $34,980 Participation: 33%

Class of 1973 Class Fund Agent: Nihal Goonewardene Total: $30,370 Participation: 34%

Jean A. Bailly% Puthiyedath E. Balakrishnan Barbara K. Bodine% Terrence J. Brown% Jonathan T. Carder Kevin M. Cleaver% Barbara B. Crane Silvio F. D'Ignazio Robert F. Dobek Jess T. Ford David G. Frantz Fred K. Green Robert L. Hiett Marie V. Hoffman William B. Hoffman Thomas Holmes* Griffin Lesher% Mark K. Nichols* John R. Pate% Perry L. Pickert William B. Richardson% Richard B. Smith* James R. Stark% David J. Steel Susan J. Steel Roger H. Taft Andrei P. Vandoros* Robert L. Webb%

David M. Adamson% John F. Bender Bruce W. Boyd% Amy Braden% George L. Breeden Edwina S. Campbell% Steffen Crowther Michael P. D'Ambrosio* Robert R. Davis* Christiane S. Delessert* John E. Endicott Roger Z. George Nihal W. Goonewardene* Leslie A. Gordon% Laurence R. Hausman Hollis H. Hebbel Herbert M. Howe Wolfgang F. Ischinger*% J. D. Jensen% Farrokh Jhabvala* Barbara A. Kates-Garnick* Norwood W. Knight-Richardson John E. Lawyer Christopher M. Lehman* Neil C. Livingstone Susan M. Livingstone Brian A. Maher* Marshall F. McCallie% Keith P. McCormick Sandra W. Meditz William T. Monroe R. S. Randolph Patricia B. Romines Marsha M. Schweitzer% William J. Shaughnessy% Andrew W. Spisak Elizabeth G. Wylie Frank J. Young Mian E. Zaheen*

Class of 1972 Total: $7,175 Participation: 28% Kenneth R. Button* Stephen B. Corrigan Michael J. Dobbs% Charles K. Ebinger*% Putnam J. Ebinger*% Schuyler Foerster Charles P. Humphreys Robert W. Jerome Olive E. Liechty-DePonte% Jerrold T. Lundquist% Caroline V. Meirs Philip W. Michelini Ronald J. Naples*% Charles M. Perry Alan E. Van Egmond Miquelon L. Weyeneth

Class of 1974 Class Fund Agent: Nihal Goonewardene, F’73 Total: $6,051 Participation: 31% Lisa S. Anderson Denise B. Battat David M. Bluhm%

Martin H. Cain Stephen J. Flanagan Carl I. Freedman Philip Hughes% Kenneth A. Koretz Karl Lautenschlager Ann W. MacNamara John S. Moses Marilyn E. Moses John E. Mroz% Elizabeth Musch% Lorie J. Nierenberg Nancy A. Patrick-Jalbert Arne C. Paulson Edward B. Petersen% Kenneth G. Schofield Christine D. Shelly Michael K. Simpson% Marilyn Skony Stamm* Alan R. Stone% Joseph D. Straubhaar Frank L. Trippett* John P. Waterman Henry P. Williams*

Class of 1975 30th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Charles Bralver Total: $22,103 Participation: 34% Katherine P. Arendt Michael D. Balaban* Catherine M. Barry Charles N. Bralver* Evelyn G. Brown Maureen A. Browne Daniel K. Chao*% Barbara Chrisman Charles H. Dallara* Kerby A. DeCarme Robert J. Engel* Salvatore J. Galatioto Stanley H. Kober% John R. Lacey* John P. Luneau Maureen D. McGee% Shelley A. McGregor Amy J. Medeiros% John Medeiros% Masatsugu Nagato% Julia Nanay Sarah K. O'Briant

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 41


"Fletcher was the only school that had the faculty, academic quality and flexibility to allow me to study the security, development, humanitarian, political and conflict resolution aspects of intervention in violent conflict." — Susanna Campbell (Ph.D. Candidate)

James Pavle Eileen M. Roulier Steven G. Schulman* John F. Schwarz% Johan C. Segerdahl% Martin M. Singer David M. Sloan* John R. Spillane Marcia C. Spillane Peter A. Thomas Margaret L. Vogt Nancy L. Wolf Arturo Zampaglione

Class of 1976 Total: $25,476 Participation: 25% Theodore H. Ahlers Neil A. Allen* Mark A. Bedner* Rodney G. Bent Lea M. Druttman% Joan Fitzgerald Elsie B. Garfield Ruth E. Goldberg Peter F. Healey*% Judith E. Hughes David J. Hwa Fernando Izquierdo% Janice G. Lee Lorraine H. Lewandrowski Steven L. Llanso Douglas O. Marston* Robert K. McNamara Jeffrey D. Phillips Charlotte A. Preece Jeffrey A. Sheehan% Frederick C. Smith% Jane M. Strauss Robert J. Tarr*%

Class of 1977 Total: $29,799 Participation: 25% Susan C. Agusti Laureen E. Andrews Andrew W. Barlow Brian V. Evans Robert P. Fisher* Russell L. Frisbie% Anne Gruner% Jeffrey L. Hedges% Chung Won Kang*% Judith L. Katz 42 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Thomas B. Keeling Deborah L. Linde Laura D. Mayer Lauren Moriarty* Elizabeth B. Norris Lawrence T. Pistell% Hugh R. Roome, III* Tamara L. Rowland Andrew Safran*

Class of 1978 Total: $11,550 Participation: 23% Marc M. Bendali% Lynne L. Bernier Charles A. Black* Zenagui Brahim% Terrill H. Burnett Leslie K. Fenlon Russell J. Figueira Eric R. Hermann Mary H. Knox Ellen B. Lande Peter Malone* Alice C. Maroni Keith F. Nichols Patrick C. Reed% Randall W. Roeser Stephen J. Romaine% Thomas C. Sadler* David R. Slade J. Bartlett K. Smith Suzanne Yuen%

Class of 1979 Total: $3,710 Participation: 16% Frederick W. Axelgard% Alfreda Brewer% Beth E. Cypser Andrew Czekaj* Dean F. Goodermote* June A. Gorman Doran R. Howitt Kent A. Jones Kenneth K. Liu Michael M. Metz Ignacio A. Ponce de Leon% Judith N. Reardon% Grant F. Rhode% Akitaka Saiki% Scott N. Thayer% Class of 1980

Class of 1980 25th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Tatiana Androsov & Thomas Drake Total: $5,270 Participation: 19% Marion L. Billington Nancy E. Bird Lincoln P. Bloomfield% Bruce E. Boevers Holly S. Botka-Liu Timothy J. Christenson Thomas S. Drake% Sherry L. Ferguson John P. Friel* Elizabeth A. Fusco% Cristina A. Haus-Alimonti Grace Y. Hwang% Paige D. Knipp Elizabeth H. Menten John P. Mitchell% James W. Morehouse% Michael R. Schneider Andrew B. Sisson Thomas W. Smith% Maritza C. Struyvenberg David L. Teichmann% Thomas D. Tiffany John C. Wiecking%

Class of 1981 Total: $10,750 Participation: 27% Jeffrey H. Bunzel* Stephen J. Del Rosso% Francis T. Hammond% Lise L. Hartman de Fouchier Karen Henderson Jason P. Hyland* Mahnaz Z. Ispahani* Zofia M. Klimek% Susan C. Livingston* Jeffrey D. McCausland Kyle Pitsor% Lynn Salinger Robert M. Steck Ann E. Temple Shou-Chung Ting*% Hendrik van der Meulen% Alexandria Woolcott-Garbacz

Class of 1982 Total: $13,435 Participation: 20% Jonathan S. Addleton% Deborah A. Brautigam Paul A. Caryotakis% Julie Cerf Toai V. Doan% Susan Feinberg Louise Hodgden-Thompson% Sara A. Howard Daniel T. Kessler*% Karen T. Levine Anne F. Lundberg Heidi L. Mathisen% Frederick T. McElligott Brad M. Meslin*% Martin M. Mordecai% Jonathan R. Nelson% Reiko E. Niimi Hugh J. Ralston% Yale J. Reisner Timothy J. Richards Leslie V. Rowe% David R. Sands Sandra K. Short Kristin R. Spak

Class of 1983 Total: $7,738 Participation: 18% Parminderpal S. Brar% Hillyard R. Danforth Margaret E. Dyer-Chamberlain% Jeffrey D. Feltman* Karen L. Hendrixson Stephen J. Jaskoski Bryan Kirkpatrick James A. Lico Richard W. Mies William M. Morgan Bartley B. Nourse Yong K. Park% Kirk R. Patterson*% Roberta D. Rifkin% Elizabeth W. Rowe* Richard B. Samuelson% Mark C. Storella% Neslihan Tombul* Jennifer M. Toolin McAuliffe Ellen G. Van Wart


Class of 1984 Class Fund Agent: John B. Howe Total: $15,110 Participation: 16% Beverly A. Brar% Diane L. Castiglione Christina Dawson* Ann G. Farrar Annie P. Geoghegan Christopher M. Gotanco% Linda A. Gregus Adam M. Greshin% Raundi A. Halvorson-Quevedo% John B. Howe Andrea Katter Akiko Murai John N. Petrie Michael A. Rosen* Nancy S. Sones% Jeanne Sullivan Lisbeth Tarlow* James R. Van de Velde Amy S. Winton Brian L. Zimbler*

Class of 1985 20th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Calvin Hamilton & John Harper Total: $18,775 Participation: 27% Nicholas J. Adams Timothy Aeppel% Charles E. Altekruse Robert C. Ayer Katherine O. Baer Steven F. Benz*% Robert H. Chua% Christopher M. Crane% Katherine E. Crane% Mark H. Dawson* Catherine E. Farnsworth Bruce E. Fields% Kayoko Fukushima% Calvin A. Hamilton*% Marguerite G. Hancock% John P. Harper* Derick L. Hulme William W. Jarosz Reinhard Kuls Huanting T. Li% Edith E. Millar

Theodore L. Parker Patricia C. Paz Soldan% David S. Rubin Jose A. Santos Thomas A. Sauermilch* Calvin D. Schnure* Lynne D. Sherburne-Benz*% Christopher R. Tunnard* Elizabeth A. Tymorek Beatrice B. von Mach% Veronica M. White Abiodun E. Williams

Class of 1986 Class Fund Agent: Augusta Heywood Total: $5,450 Participation: 17% Bonnie R. Clendenning* Charles K. Cole% Mark J. Davidson Mark R. Ferri Micheline Hershey% Juergen Hess% Augusta P. Heywood Masamichi Kamiya Peter B. Kelly-Detwiler Michael D. Landry Stacy L. Luks Margaret Mathieu Kurt Oppermann% Monica Oppermann% Frank C. Pandolfe Jeannette T. Schwagerl John C. Springer Ellen H. Starbird Gretchen L. Wehrle-Scott

Class of 1987 Total: $3,580 Participation: 20% Christine M. Bagatelas Paul T. Bagatelas Ginna D. Brelsford Janet K. Feldman Hans E. Fenstermacher% Gail L. Gugel Katarina Hellstrom% Philip A. Heywood Mikihide Katsumata% Christian Lindemann Laurie J. MacNamara% Meri A. McCoy-Thompson Jill B. Minneman

Pedro C. Moreno Linnea Poulsen Susan J. Preneta% Caroline A. Pruden Sam B. Rovit* Carole A. Rubin David M. Schwartz Hilary S. Scott Steven F. Thompson Frederick W. Weston

Class of 1988 Class Fund Agents: Carrie Thompson & Brian Thomson Total: $9,535 Participation: 21% Pamela B. Berkowsky Karen E. Donfried Lisa C. Errion% Stephen E. Flynn Abbie B. Fosburgh Brian C. Ganson*% Bruno P. Grandsard% John J. Greco William Hendrickson% Benjamin C. Hoffman% Julie Kelly-Detwiler Pia Lopez Sarah-Ann Lynch David L. Potts% James P. Seevers% Eugene B. Skayne Alison T. Slack William B. Stock% Carrie A. Thompson Brian K. Thomson Samuel E. Watson Ziwang Xu*% John T. Zagula

Class of 1989 Class Fund Agent: Brian Gibbs Total: $10,240 Participation: 22% David W. Aemmer Randall B. Bentley Beatriz Boccalandro Alamo Kathy L. Brum Rones Julia L. Cox Jose M. Cruz-Osorio Phyllis A. Dininio Anne E. Donohue Benjamin W. Driggs Melanie L. Edwards

Raymond B. Farrow Brian T. Gibbs* Amy M. Goldman*% Veronica H. Ingham Katherine E. Johnson Daryl A. King Blair L. LaBarge% Jennie I. Litvack James M. Loewen% Mark J. Lowenstein Bethanie B. Newby Geoffrey A. Pomeroy Conrad P. Rubin* Lyra L. Rufino-Maceda% Stuart A. Spencer Alan Tafapolsky Richard Tharp% Elisabeth van Waaij-Frey*% Steven C. Walker Craig J. Wallentine*% Richard W. Wiegand Karin E. Wilson

Class of 1990 15th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Stacy Bernard Davis Total: $6,545 Participation: 17% Lynda M. Benoit-Geer% Mark A. Berman% Anne E. Campbell% Stacy J. Davis Mark E. Dow*% Carol Hills So-Il Hong% David L. Jones Michelle L. Keene% Graham M. Kinahan Ana P. Laurel% William A. Lawrence Claire M. Madden Joseph H. Marcel-Saint Louis* Jay K. Mattonen Laura E. Meislin Mark A. Montgomery% Mariko Noda% Michael E. O'Hare Busadee Santipitaks% Daniel M. Satinsky Ly T. Tran% Barbara A. Truan* Philippe Truan*

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 43


"One of my favorite aspects of Fletcher is the community - students and faculty. Both are integral to enhancing the graduate experience whether it be through cultural activities, extra workshops, seminars or interesting speakers. The Fletcher community is diverse, culturally as well as professionally and each group is dedicated to learning from the other." — Shamineh Byramji, (MALD’06)

Class of 1991 Class Fund Agent: Erica Burman Total: $5,350 Total: 22% Violeta L. Archer de Babic Martha A. Brettschneider Sara L. Brote Thierry D. Buchs Erica T. Burman Alice P. Clark% Theodore H. Clark% Howard C. Deshong Darlene G. Dorough% Judith G. Federbush Edward H. Felsenthal% Elisabeth Hoffman Edward A. Hoyt Caitlyn G. Hughes Thomas A. Kennedy Conrad P. Kessler% Irene F. Marr Derek J. Mitchell Simona Petrova-Vassileva% William R. Regan Maryse Robert Gregg D. Shapiro Margaret E. Smith* Rhonda M. Vitanye* Michael E. Watt Jennifer (Jenna) C. Wayne Sandra A. Zeepvat Scott Zimmerman

Class of 1992 Class Fund Agent: John Mitchell Total: $12,900 Participation: 17% Alison S. Arnstein Paulo A. Bilyk* Celia Bloomfield Rebecca L. Brezenoff% Sarah C. Churchill% Laura B. Conti% Patrice M. Dabrowski Michael K. Denning Robert J. Filippone Catherine N. Hartigan-Go% Stanley D. Hubbard% Dan Kirtchuk Cheryl D. Little Isabella C. Meijer John W. Mitchell

44 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Carlos M. Pelayo% Deirdre J. Savarese Kathleen S. Sheehan Maria T. Tejada Richard C. Vidal Katherine T. Ward

Class of 1993 Class Fund Agent: Mauricio Cysne Total: $13,495 Participation: 25% Agustin A. Acosta* Luisa C. Boverini Jeffrey J. Carlisle Izabela M. Chabinska% Robert Charles Melissa E. Crow J. Mauricio M. Cysne Andrew M. Deutz Alexandrina H. Douglass% John F. Doyle% Rebecca D. Goldfarb Colleen E. Green Carl F. Hobert Kelley A. Housman Selina E. Jackson Bruce I. Keith% Kimberli R. Keith-Brown% David L. LaSalle Lynne C. Maloney Jonathan E. Miller% Mutsumi R. Mizuno William H. Mott Cynthia R. Payne David E. Payton Timothy J. Roorda Katharine M. Sikora Nelson* Gregory A. Townsend% Elizabeth A. Turpen% Patrick M. Walsh% Melissa J. Weiss Christopher S. Wendel*

Class of 1994 Class Fund Agent: Charles R. Scott Total: $10,075 Participation: 27% Gabriela M. Artavia Andra Bowditch Melani Cammett% Jeremy A. Day Anna F. Downes

Geoffrey D. Fink* Linda Flanagan Catharine A. Hartzenbusch* Jonathan P. Hosmer Eiko Ikegaya* Richard A. Johnson Laura A. Kletter Mark E. Manyin Sorin Matei Elizabeth A. McClintock Michael A. McDermott Timothy F. McLellan* Robert G. Menzi Lucas M. Missong% A. M. Morgan Sheila C. O'Neill Odil Payton Maria A. Proestou Christopher S. Ratliff% Nathalie Rey Charles R. Scott* Saurabh K. Shah Hidenobu Shirota William C. Stacia Patrick L. Stuart Laura A. Svat Freyr Sverrisson Camilla E. Tarmy% Ellen E. Tipper John Y. Wang* Hilary Wendel* Manfred H. Wiegandt Ernest A. Wright Shira Yoffe

Class of 1995 10th Reunion—in memory of Kim Barry, F’95 Class Fund Agent: Erin Conaton Total: $11,990 Participation: 35% Mark T. Baker% Stephan J. Berwick% Rene-Henri Bodmer*% Andrea J. Boyack Christina C. Caplan Lee M. Caplan James O. Coffey Erin C. Conaton* Martha L. Culver Diane Tausner de Klerk Katrina C. Destree Donna M. Dholakia

Rafael Docavo-Malvezzi Evelyn N. Farkas Maria M. Farnon* Desiree G. Filippone Cyrena L. Fink* Ladeene A. Freimuth Jennifer A. Gergen Lullit Getachew Olaf J. Groth* Laurence S. Hanauer Kevin J. Haney Duncan B. Hollis Alice L. Hurley Virginia D. Hutch Fiona C. Jeynes% Tomila Lankina% Lisa A. Levasseur Joshua Lincoln% Maura Lynch% Linda J. Maguire Patrice R. McAree Philip M. Moremen Ayako Nakajima Nomizu Jennifer A. O'Brien Wei-nam Oh Brooks A. Olbrys% Farah A. Pandith* Mary B. Reissen Asya Rudkovskaya*% Raleigh D. Sahl* Caroline L. Sanderson Eric S. Sanderson Heather A. Schildge David A. Schwimmer* Keith L. Silver Elinor C. Sloan Brigitte H. Smith% Michael H. Smith David B. Sullivan Joseph E. Vorbach III Harumi Yamamoto

Class of 1996 Class Fund Agent: Meeta Anand Total: $5,126 Participation: 17% Philip A. Aquilino* Nancy L. Bailey Jennifer L. Bilchick Richard W. Brewer Joanna R. Bull Charles C. Chester


Erika De la Rosa% Michelle A. Djuric% James M. Dougherty Vera Eccarius-Kelly Elie Farhat J. Marcel H. Feenstra* Jason W. Forrester% Dana J. Francis Christine L. Gebuhr* Susan R. Goldfarb Lisa M. Gonzalez Erik A. Johnson Joshua H. Kane% Miki Kase% Daniel J. Klocke Joseph W. Laszlo Rhonda A. Longmore-Grund Maria Lopez Escorial* Jessica S. Madoc-Jones% Natalia O. Mislavsky Engovatov Richard A. Morris R. A. Painter Candace D. Plotkin% Christoph Schmid* Carol A. Welch%

Class of 1997 Class Fund Agent: Vitaly Veksler Total: $6,390 Participation: 19% Jason N. Ader Sara B. Ader Lisa A. Bozoyan David C. Brecht% Robert M. Cassidy% Tamar A. Dolgen* Leonardo Feinzaig* Kimberly C. Field% Andrew E. Harrod Tara Holeman% Grant A. Hosford Lan-Sin T. Hsieh Anthony T. Jaccaci Keisuke Kato% John J. Kavanagh Kristin M. Kent Emily R. Kreis Marie G. Latortue% Boris Q. Li* Jennifer L. McCandless Gayle D. Meyers% Fiona A. Oliphant*

Alyona Ostrovskaya% James F. Perkaus Gabriella A. Rigg Scott E. Sheriff Dana E. Stiffler Lisa Di Rosa Tiger% Sebastian B. Tiger% Dimitri G. Vassilacos* Vitaly Veksler Claudine S. Welti*

Class of 1998 Class Fund Agent: Sarah Kenny Total: $3,865 Participation: 14% Amy K. Aiken Stephen W. Arbuthnot% Melinda C. Burrell% Nicole L. Byrns* Carolyn N. Choi Abdoulaye Essy% Anka Feldhusen*% Timothy J. Froggatt Irina V. Gorbman Maria V. Gordon* James R. Holmes Sarah E. Kenny Elizabeth N. Kerton Ena N. Laliberte% Polly C. Laurelchild-Hertig Frank J. Linden* Stephen R. Meade% Janot R. Mendler Gabriel Petlin Gweneth K. Rehnborg Thomas M. Sanderson John A. Sawicki Michael C. Strauss

Class of 1999 Class Fund Agents: Renee Kalvestrand & Jonathan Rosen Total: $5,150 Participation: 20% Rebecca M. Archer Iona Bialikamien Deborah E. Bing% Karin A. Chamberlain% Todd R. Chappell Jennifer C. Croft Andrew C. Curtis* Linda J. Dixon* Barnaby S. Donlon

Margaret C. Donovan% Victoria Esser Tobin L. Freid Renee B. Kalvestrand A. B. Keynoush Michael Khambatta% Christine Klink Christof P. Kurz% Carlisle J. Levine* Hongyu Liu* Wendy M. MacLeod Katherine K. Marquis Sachiho Nakayama% Megan E. Newstrom Gaillard Zeynep Ogut Jonathan A. Rosen* Jeffrey G. Ryder Joe Santos Jonathan D. Schuman Bradly D. Schwab Ellen M. Shaw% Vivian S. Silberstein Kelly D. Uribe Martina I. Volpe Donlon Brian W. Woodward Zaid A. Zaid

Class of 2000 5th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Hannah Fretz Pierpont Total: $11,535 Participation: 31% Timothy Afful-Koomson% Christopher C. Ahn James F. Alexander Anna L. Balogh Neil A. Berenson Allison K. Berland Ingrida K. Berzins Davis B. Bookhart Lynne A. Brons* Marlies Bull Walid G. Chamoun Disaphol Chansiri*% Maria E. Clayton Jay Zengjun Dong Fiona C. Evans Eric J. Eversmann Jeffrey Feldstein Takayuki Fujiyoshi Edmund A. Gaither* Stephen E. Goodman

James C. Guyton Brian T. Jackson% Alexander Kraus* Daniel L. Kunin% Andrea L. Larsen James H. Mackey* Jennifer A. Mahr Michele L. Malvesti% Francis H. Marlo Peter J. McSharry Chamsai Menasveta Kelly S. Morgan Masamitsu Morimoto% Todd B. Neff Mariana L. Neisuler Shigehiko Nishizawa% Hannah Fretz Pierpont Daniele Riggio Nicole J. Sayres Wendin D. Smith* Holly A. Solberg% Karsten Steinfatt% Daniel A. Stewart Gonzalo O. Suarez Michael T. Sullivan* Tamah T. Swenson Yukimi Tachibana* Sarah A. Thomas Vlada Tkach Carla M. Tully Mehmet A. Ugur Kim Hoan Vu* K. Brooke Welch% Andreas Wendlberger Jukka D. Westhues Susan M. Williams Troy B. Wray

Class of 2001 Class Fund Agent: William J. Miller, Jr. Total: $7,232 Participation: 27% Roy H. Adkins% Ulrik P. Ahnfeldt-Mollerup% Andrew B. Anderson*% Susan R. Banki Mark R. Battistoni Julie A. Bennion Catherine J. Cartsos Gregory R. Cooper Eric A. Davis Colombe I. de Nicolay%

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 45


“While at reunion, I was struck by how cogent the Fletcher mission of 1933 is today, and how important its training is in this world of globalization.” – Hilda “Peggy” Kirby (F’36)

Jennifer K. Eikren* Richard J. Evans* Elaine M. French% Ayumi Fujii% Coleen Gatehouse Robert R. Gatehouse Anne H. Gotwals% Paul A. Hazell% Devorah E. Isaac Sean D. Jackson% Katia Katsigera Leslie A. Kuechenmeister Sylvia L. Leung Raymond A. Linsenmayer% William J. Miller, Jr.* John B. Moulton Lisa H. Neuberger* Kit J. Nichols Clay D. Norrbom* Ilena C. Patti Ursina Pluess% Bibiana Popal Mustafa M. Popal Hy S. Rothstein Esteban G. Sacco% Dina G. Selkoe* Elizabeth H. Stites Lynn M. Swarz% Maria R. Tatad-Hazell% Christine D. Thomas Thaddeus A. Thompson Vladimir Todorovic Vashti D. Van Wyke Hiroyuki Yoshiya% Michael J. Zwirn

GMAP Class of 2001 Class Fund Agent: Nancy DiBiaggio Total: $31,300 Participation: 19% Eileen Guggenheim Wilkinson* Edward Marootian% B. Craig Owens* Daniel W. Schenck* Paul J. Tringale

Class of 2002 Class Fund Agent: Anand Balachandran Total: $4,080 Participation: 23% Anand Balachandran* Benjamin S. Ball%

46 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Cynthia A. Brady Michael E. Clayton Melissa G. Colten Salo V. Coslovsky Beth A. Dixon Daniel J. Fahey Anupriya Ghandikota Christopher M. Greller% Yukiko Hashida Patrick V. Howell Stephanie J. Hutchison Paul Y. Jun Faris B. Khader Anthony P. Kujawa Joshua E. Kurland% Jona Lai Daniel B. Langenkamp Thomas A. Lank Ann-Marie P. Layne% Peter G. Neisuler Michael V. Phelan% Sarah E. Prosser Christina E. Ravens% Cynthia J. Ray Grigore Scarlatoiu Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya Carl-Michael Simon% John D. Spears% Kathryn S. Stainton Adam J. Treanor* Georgi I. Tsekov Philipp A. Uhlmann Stacie F. Waters Rockford Weitz* Trenton M. Wells Cynthia E. White Nicole M. Zayac

GMAP Class of 2002 Class Fund Agent: Aldo Aldama Breton Total: $10,050 Participation: 24% Aldo Aldama Bretón* Anupam Bhatia* Richard D. Cooper Lawrence P. Heim* Michael McNally Ko Unoki Gerald Van Wyke* Richard L. Wise*

Class of 2003 Class Fund Agent: Rachel D. Cherry Total: $2,940 Participation: 19% Jason A. Abell% Daniel Ades Beth Ahern% Bouchra Aquil Sean M. Becker% Christopher E. Burdick Dorothy M. Chan Rachel D. Cherry Christine M. Clay% Brandon G. Doll% Keith M. Eischeid Deborah Eisenberg% Brett D. Freedman Kathryn M. Gates% Allison K. Gill Judson M. Horn% Leonard Kosinski Veenarat Laohapakakul Sara Malakoff Kim O. Nguyen Timothy J. Nikula Shinya Nishimura Jeremy Perelman% Alan Perese*% Andrei Pivovarsky Christopher A. Row Silke A. Rusch% Jennifer I. Schmidt Kelly M. Smith Sea S. Thomas Noam C. Unger% Anhna K. Vuong% Daniel P. Wald

GMAP Class of 2003 Class Fund Agent: Franz Stadler Total: $3,565 Participation: 24% Nicolas de Boisgrollier*% Hind A. Kabawat Dimitris Kourkoumelis% Lorne T. McDonnough Melchor Rosales*% Franz A. Stadler*

Class of 2004 Class Fund Agent: Rodolphe Costanzo Total: $1,925 Participation: 17% Arwa M. Abulhasan Malick D. Antoine Sarah K. Bailey Lauren Brodsky Emily Butera Raphael Carland% Alexander P. Chanoff Lisa Chow Rodolphe Costanzo Sandrine Dawar Almasa Dozo Judith Dunbar Hannah Fairbank Victoria Gellis Dominic K. Goh% John F. Greenwood Matthew R. Hager Jacob Hook Rebecca N. Kinyon Meelis Kitsing Robert M. Kokta Tamas I. Kovacs Kristen Kurczak Brandon E. Miller Samuel Milton Miriam S. Netzer Kimberly R. Perez Carol L. Pons April K. Rinne Katherine D. Robinson Mariya Rosberg Jon J. Rosenwasser% Stephanie A. Schmidt Rozeta E. Shembilku David Sussman Elizabeth H. White J. Kendal Wolf

GMAP Class of 2004 Class Fund Agent: William Papp, Jr. Class Gift total: $46,150 Class Gift participation: 45% Anonymous% Lucy K. Abbott*% Philip K. Asherman*% Kjell Bergh*% Viranod Buranasiri%


Pablo L. Figueroa*% Kamal Ibrahim*% Siri Trang K. Khalsa*% Lindy Lek% Alexandre Doria D. Machado% Robert J. McMahon% Frederick Pakis*% William J. Papp*% Carlos St. James%

Class of 2005 Class Gift Officers: Kevin McGeehan, Christine Switzer Theodoridis, Claire Topal Class Fund Agent: Stephane Tomagian Class Gift total: $4,614 Class Gift participation: 74% Alok Anand Shane Antony Juan L. Arellano Rebecca Bankston Tamara Barber Brooke Barton Pamela O. Beecroft Tania M. Belisle-Leclerc Yevgeny Bendersky Elizabeth Blumenthal Megan V. Brachtl Geraldine A. Brick Nathan L. Brown Shannon Burke John Byington Cecilia V. Calvo Adriana Camisar Susanna P. Campbell Mariella Campos Lisa Carse Cara J. Carter Yuan-Pu Chiao Brian Y. Chien Christine Cleary Joy-Dee S. Davis Sharon Deutsch-Nadir Boris Diechtiareff Catherine R. Dry Henry M. Eiden% Nancy Eranosian% Ruth Fend Amy C. Finnegan Laura S. Friederichs Dia Ganguly

Tracy Garcia Lilia Gerberg Joshua L. Gleis Waidehi Gokhale Yanina Golburt Rebecca A. Goldenberg Rachel Gottesfeld Katherine H. Greig Ralitza S. Gueorguieva Salla Hagman Kafia Haile Jeremy S. Harrington% Kirstin Henninger Gabrielle Hermann Thomas Hickerson William Holmberg Charles M. Interrante% Yoshiyasu Ishimaki Rudy Jaafar Devin Jessee Lauren C. Johnson Carmit Keddem Jane Kembabazi Ghazal Keshavarzian Grace W. Kibuthu Amanda M. Kim Bridget Kimball Russell Knight Masahiko Kobayashi Devadas Krishnadas Michael Kugelman Georg Liechtenstein% Stephanie Lindenbaum Annelena Lobb Josephine Lukoma Doreen Lwanga Christine Makori Vugar Mammadov Maja Marjanovic Anahit Martirosyan Benjamin Mazzotta Kevin McGeehan Ashley D. McIlvain Mariana Metodieva-Stoyantcheva Emil Milushev Alexandra Moller Michael S. Molloy Maitri Morarji Junichi Mori Dipali Mukhopadhyay Iva Naffziger Victoria L. Obst

Huria Ogbamichael Naohiko Omata% Sybil L. Paukert Everett J. Peachey Marco Pfister Evan Pressman Daniel Preston Claudia Prieto-Millan Harish Reddy Karen Ross Karim Rozwadowski% Alejandra Ruiz-Dana Julia Sable Harout Semerdjian Bede M. Sheppard Susan Shin Banafsheh Siadat Katya E. Sienkiewicz Maria Stookey Joshua G. Strauss Christine Switzer Theodoridis James E. Szepesy Alyssa Teach Stephen W. Thompson Anna Tiedeman Sarah T. Titus Stephane Tomagian% Claire Topal Evan J. Tracz Marina Travayiakis% Melissa Tritter Vasanthi Venkatesh Jane W. Wang Patrin Watanatada% Rosanna Wells Parker Wertz Anne Williams Melinda Willis Alissa Wilson Mathew Wolfe Thomas Wyler Yasunori Yamamoto Ritsuko Yoneda% Angelos E. Ypsilantis Devon Ysaguirre Hala Zeibak Kristen Zimmerman

GMAPII Class of 2005 Class Fund Agent: Kevin Kreplin Class Gift total: $8,250 Class Gift Participation: 100% Suzanne Arney% Shawn E. Costley Doreen S. Denice*% Nancy P. Donnelly-Ivy Kristi L. Forino% Edward Fulda% Janie E. Glover% Kenneth N. Haynes% Ichiro Inoue% Andrijana Jelina% Ignasius Jonan*% Kevin Kreplin% Mark E. Moen% Alexandra B. Murray Sean C. O'Hara% Alain M. Olivier% Richard A. Rhinehart% Terri Roberts% Suzanne L. Szadai% Elizabeth A. Thomas% Guillermo Ulmos Laren K. Watanabe% John Woughter% Varney A. Yengbeh*% †deceased * Associate or Young Associate % Challenge Grant participant Several classes do not have Class Fund Agents. If you would be interested in volunteering for this or other positions with The Fletcher Fund, please contact Julia Motl Lowe at If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing of your annual gift, please accept our apologies. For our records, please contact Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund, at or +1.617.627.5441.

Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 47





$907 $800

$779 $600


















GIFTS FROM PARENTS Anonymous (2)* Jesus Arellano & Laura Arellano John J. Bajema & Maria Bajema Ralph Balck & Nancy Balck Donald E. Barton & Julie A. Barton Richard N. Bjorklund & Joyce C. Bjorklund Gerald W. Blakeley, III & Lucy Blakeley Thomas E. Brady & Elizabeth Brady John M. Brown & Mamie E. Brown John B. Bunnell Duk K. Choi & Kyung Choi DeAnn P. Clancy Rosemary K. Coffey & Zigmund L. Dermer Myles J. Connor & Mary Connor* Abraham Dau & Laure Dau Lawrence C. Davis Leslie N. Davis & Barbara N. Davis Sarah Dixon

48 FLETCHER NEWS Fall 2005

Julia Eizenkep Robert P. Feldman & Nancy J. Feldman Tetsuo Fujichaku & Katsuko Fujichaku Charles B. Galicia & Consolacion E. Galicia Graciela R. Garcia Jim M. Goldenberg & Janet Goldenberg Charles R. Grader Susan C. Greenberg & Allan S. Greenberg Philip D. Grover & Susan Grover John P. Hamill & Kathryn Hamill* Sarnia Hoyt & Edward L. Hoyt* Sue A. Hughes Gail A. Innes Ravi Janardhanan & Jaishree Janardhanan Peter Johnson & Sandra Johnson Ali Keshavarzian & Fahimeh Azadi Arthur S. Kunin


George B. Lambrakis & Claude Lambrakis Rozanna Levine & Michael Levine George Y. Liu & Amy Liu Michael P. Malakoff & Louise Malakoff Linda L. McCandless Joseph C. McCrossen & Joan M. McCrossen Terry C. Moore John Nicol & Susan Nicol Robert A. Nolan & Mary E. Nolan Patricia L. Obst & Anthony K. Obst Owen B. Pearce & Mary L. Pearce Shahn S. Perese & Emily Perese Walter H. Pincus & Ann Pincus John L. Rainey & Kim F. Rainey Robert M. Russell & Sharon Russell Lorraine Sartori David E. Scharff & Jill Scharff Vali Siadat Stanley Sienkiewicz & Eleanor Sienkiewicz




Kenneth Smith & Joyce Smith Larry L. Smith & Ruth Smith Carole B. Stewart James C. Strom & Esther R. Strom Jozef M. Szajda & Teresa Szajda A. R. Taylor Ann B. Thomas Anne R. Tufts Leonid Vasilyev & Valentina Vasilyeva Cynthia C. Wenke Jerry W. Wertz & Jarris D. Wertz Peter H. Williams & Shirley J. Williams Bruce M. Wolf & Sheryl Wolf Richard H. Wood & Jennifer A. Wood Joseph C. Yang & Eva S. Huang Graenem A. Yoffe & Helene Yoffe


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Fall 2005 FLETCHER NEWS 49

REUNION 2006 Dean Stephen Bosworth and the entire Fletcher community invite you to return to Medford for Reunion 2006, May 19-21! We have prepared an exciting, informative and substantive weekend, to help you reconnect with old friends, fellow alumni and the Fletcher community.

The following classes will be celebrating reunion in May 2006: 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001

HARGENS LOAN The Fletcher School is pleased to offer the Hargens Loan Assistance Program, designed to assist Fletcher graduates employed in the public and non-profit sectors to repay educational loans incurred while studying at Fletcher.


LONDON SYMPOSIUM 3 DECEMBER 2005 10:00 - 14:00

Hosted by Andrei Vandoros, F'71 at the Royal Automobile Club Keynote speaker, PROFESSOR TARIQ RAMADAN

Visiting Fellow at Oxford St. Antony’s College Senior Research Fellow at Lokahi Foundation (London)

Applications are due April 28, 2006. For more information, please contact Laurie Hurley, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, at or +1.617.627.2410.

For information, please contact Leah Brady at or +1.617.627.2721.


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Fletcher News - Fall 2005  
Fletcher News - Fall 2005  

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