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Young Alumni Guide Resources for Life after Tufts Class of 2013

Welcome! Welcome Class of 2013! As you approach graduation and the “real world,� know that you will never truly be out there on your own. After you cross the stage at Commencement, you automatically become part of a community of more than 100,000 Tufts alumni worldwide. You immediately have access to benefits and privileges as members of the Tufts University Alumni Association. Read on for an overview of the opportunities and resources that await you.

Tufts University Alumni Assocation Tufts Alumni is: YOU!





Your conduit to:

*social activities

*career opportunities

*continuing education

*civic opportunities

*special perks


Career Networking Alumni Career Services A dedicated staff for alumni provides career counseling, rĂŠsumĂŠ review, graduate school guidance, career teleseminars, and workshops.

Tufts Career Advisory Network (Tufts CAN)

Give Advice. Get Advice. Connect with alumni in your professional field of interest and offer advice to students and alumni about your career path.

Jumbo Jobs Listing This online database includes jobs for alumni.

Career Launch A monthly e-newsletter for recent grads that includes job listings, events info, and relevant articles and resources.


Back to the Hill Tufts Young Alumni Reunion Festival The Class of 2013’s 1-year reunion! Come back to campus to reunite with all your Tufts friends next summer: June 13 –15, 2014. Relax with a BBQ on the President’s Lawn, party on the Res Quad, brunch in the dining hall, stay in the dorms—experience all your favorite Tufts memories in one weekend!


Regional Chapters There are more than 50 active alumni chapters worldwide, hosting events ranging from happy hours to breakfast seminars to Red Sox games. Many events are free to attend or offer a discounted rate!

See if there’s a chapter in your destination city!


Shared Interest Groups Tufts connections form in many ways beyond school and class year, and Tufts Alumni Shared Interest Groups (SIG) are a means by which alumni can come together with those who share similar experiences or career fields. These alumni networks, based on shared interest and shared identity, provide alumni with valuable opportunities to connect professionally and personally and to stay engaged with the life of the university through events, communications, and shared networks. Some currently active SIGs are: • Association of Tufts Alumnae (ATA) • Tufts Black Alumni Association • Tufts Hillel Alumni Association • Tufts Lawyers Association • Tufts Environmental Alumni • Tufts Entrepreneurial Alumni Network

Here’s a complete list! 6

Tufts Online Community Permanent Tufts email address • Because looks more impressive on your résumé than • Get your email address; it’s a forwarding address, so regardless of how many iterations your email address goes through, this one stays constant.

Tufts Career Advisory Network (Tufts CAN) Alumni Directory • Find lost acquaintances, search for networking opportunities. • Ensure you receive invitations to alumni events in whatever city you settle in.

News Resources

Tufts Alumni

Tufts Now

Tufts Magazine 7

Volunteer You can volunteer for a single-day event or join a planning committee or event board for a longer-term commitment.

Examples of single day activities: • Foster Children’s Holiday Party volunteer • Senior Dinner alumni host • Coastal Clean-Up • Networking Night Host... Examples of year-long opportunities:

Regional & Shared Interest Groups Reunion TUAA


Help plan your reunion, regional events in your city, raise money to support future Jumbos, or represent your classmates on the Tufts Alumni Council.

TAAP Be a Tufts ambassador by conducting interviews with prospective students.


Continuing Education Travel-Learn Enjoy a range of opportunities to travel to destinations around the world, shared with fellow alumni and guided by a Tufts faculty member. Trips targeted toward young alumni visit Iceland and cruise the Mediterranean.

Audit a class Check out potential fields for grad school, or continue on a track you started as an undergrad! Alumni can audit classes at a very low cost!


Active Citizenship & Philanthropy Begins at home, on the Hill. Did you know that your tuition only covers approximately three-quarters of your college experience? The gap is covered by alumni, corporate, and foundation donations. Support the Jumbos following you. A

gift of any size makes a difference.


Additional Perks Inexpensive athletics facilities membership Enjoy the first-rate new fitness facilities for a fraction of the cost of a local gym membership. (About Âź of the cost of most private gyms!)

Discount insurance Save some money with an alumni discount for various types of insurance!

Access to library databases Take advantage of free access to some of the library databases after you leave the Hill!


Questions? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Tufts University Office of Alumni Relations & The Tufts University Alumni Association 80 George St., Suite 100-3 Medford, MA 02155 @TuftsAlumni 1-800-THE-ALUM

TUAA President

TUAA Vice President

Brian McCarthy, A75

Kate Kaplan, AG95

2013 Young Alumni Field Guide  

A guide for the class of 2013 as they approach graduation.