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preparing the world’s leaders

Farah Pandith, F95, is sworn in as US Special Representative to Muslim Communities

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Greetings from the Fletcher school. here in Medford, the school is bustling with activity as we near the end of the spring semester. Our graduating students are juggling the demands of a thesis, a job search, and perhaps even a career change, while our returning students are finalizing their plans for the summer. Our students and graduates will leave our halls for cities such as Kuala lumpur and Kabul, sao Paulo and san Francisco, to make an important contribution to global development and prosperity, following in the footsteps of thousands of Fletcher alumni before them. It’s a special year for our commencement ceremonies, as we celebrate the graduation of the inaugural class of Fletcher’s Master of International Business Program (MIB). less than two years ago, the class of 35 MIB students arrived in August to begin their studies. thus far, the program has exceeded our highest expectations. the MIB, along with the llM (which graduates its second class this spring) has added tremendous value to the dynamic and hard-working Fletcher student body. this year the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) celebrates its tenth anniversary. since its inception at the start of the new millennium, this one-year program, incorporating residencies and Internet-mediated learning, has served as the premiere graduate international relations program for mid- and senior-level professionals seeking increased advanced global knowledge with the added advantage of staying in their current professional position. GMAP will convene its alumni for a special tenth anniversary gala in washington, D.c., in October 2010. A little more than a year remains in the tufts Beyond Boundaries university-wide campaign to raise $1.2 billion for financial aid, endowed professorships, new research facilities, and initiatives in citizenship and public service, among other priorities. to date, your support has enabled Fletcher to reach more than eighty percent of our campaign goal of $100 million by

2011. Your gifts have helped the school realize a major increase in funding for financial aid and critical expansion of our faculty. this campaign will help ensure Fletcher’s success for years to come, and I encourage all of you to consider ways in which you might participate. while we are still in unpredictable and difficult economic times, I am confident that, by working together, we will keep Fletcher on its rising trajectory of excellence. Although it is premature to declare the financial crisis over, we now have a clearer view of where the school and the University stand. After an initial loss of as much as thirty percent of our endowment, we made some difficult financial decisions for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2010, as we reduced our operating budget by some $2.5 million. we did, however, preserve financial aid, instruction, and core programs. As the economy has strengthened and our endowment has regained some of its losses, Fletcher will prosper in the future as a result of the difficult yet necessary decisions we have made. I again encourage you to open your doors to our new graduates to assist their entry into the professional arena. Be it an informational interview, an internship, or a full-time position, your support of the Fletcher family is so important and appreciated. chris and I look forward to meeting with you in the months ahead, whether here in Medford or in our travels to a city near you. sincerely,

stephen w. Bosworth Dean

stephen w. Bosworth

F l e tc h e r N e w s

Crisis-Mapping Puts Fletcher Students at the Forefront of a Revolution in Humanitarian Aid By Linnea Duvall, F10

In the basement of the Cabot Intercultural Center, several students stare intently at large computer screens, surrounded by half-eaten bags of granola and Oreo cookies. It is only the second week of the spring semester, yet these students look like they are hours away from a thesis deadline. This is not ordinary graduate school stress—the students are volunteers for Ushahidi, an innovative crowd-sourcing disaster response program that is providing realtime data for the relief effort in Haiti and transforming the field of humanitarian aid.

In the basement of the Cabot Intercultural Center, several students stare intently at large computer screens, surrounded by half-eaten bags of granola and Oreo cookies. It is only the second week of the spring semester, yet these students look like they are hours away from a thesis deadline. This is not ordinary graduate school stress—the students are volunteers for Ushahidi, an innovative crowd-sourcing disaster response program that is providing real-time data for the relief effort in Haiti and transforming the field of humanitarian aid. Ushahidi, which takes its name from the Swahili word for “testimony,” was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenya during the post-election fallout in early 2008. The online platform relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to aggregate mountains of information from people on the ground, such as email, SMS, Twitter feeds and Web reports, and to pinpoint the data on an interactive map of the crisis area, ideally with GPS coordinates. Ushahidi has been used for coordinating humanitarian response in UN earthquake simulations, election monitoring in India, Lebanon, Mexico, and Afghanistan, and most recently for the earthquake in Haiti. Patrick Meier, F12, a member of the Ushahidi board of directors, began mobilizing an Ushahidi team at Fletcher when he learned of the Haiti earthquake on the evening of January 12. As information about the devastation began to pour in online, he asked the Fletcher community to help monitor and process the data. Since his initial call for volunteers, over 250 Fletcher students, friends, and undergraduates have been trained as crisis-mappers, helping to turn text messages and Twitter feeds from local witnesses into useful data for humanitarian teams. The School has also provided meals and a dedicated space to the project to ensure the Ushahidi volunteers could continue their work, around the clock, in the crucial weeks after the quake.

4 FLETCHER NEWS Spring/Summer 2010

These volunteers have helped to make Ushahidi the most successful crisis-mapping source for Haiti. In the first five days of the crisis, Ushahidi was updated with over 1,000 reports detailing the locations of everything from people trapped in the rubble to makeshift hospitals and water distribution centers. International response teams that have contacted the Fletcher Ushahidi team and

F l e tc h e r N e w s

are following the website for critical information include the U.S. Coast Guard and Joint Task Force Command Center, the Red Cross, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. State Department and USAID. In recognition of Ushahidi’s role in a new digital transformation of humanitarian assistance, the Fletcher Ushahidi team has received an amazing amount of support from other organizations. The “Synergy Strike Force” donated five iMac computers to the Fletcher team, and HealthMap at Children’s Hospital Boston, which is using Ushahidi to help fight disease in Haiti, donated a sixth computer. Microsoft also donated seven Microsoft Office licenses through their We Have We Need website. Carol Waters, F10, pointed out that such a complex endeavor, with hundreds of practically self-coordinated volunteers, could only happen at an institution like Fletcher that stresses the importance of information sharing and social networks. Furthermore, student leaders worked nearly around the clock for weeks to ensure that the entire program runs smoothly, including Anna Schulz, doctoral candidate, Althea Middleton-Detzner, F11, and Hilde Berg-Hansen, F10, to name a few.

“Carol Waters, F10, pointed out that such a complex endeavor, with hundreds of practically self-coordinated volunteers, could only happen at an institution like Fletcher that stresses the importance of information sharing and social networks.” According to Waters, Fletcher students are uniquely able to manage the remarkable collaboration across cultures, skill sets, and time zones. In addition to crisis-mapping volunteers,

Ushahidi’s global supporters include more than 10,000 members of the Haitian diaspora (who are translating incoming messages), as well as professional coalitions like the International Network of Crisis Mappers, a group of more than 700 specialists in technology and humanitarian response. The Fletcher Ushahidi team has worked to expand this network even further. Laura Gordon, F11, helped to organize another group of volunteers at the Geneva Institute in Switzerland that monitors sources throughout the night, while Rebecca Feathers, F10, organized a similar satellite group in Portland, Oregon. Closer to home, Nona Lambert, F10, has reached out to the Haitian community in Somerville, the third largest Haitian community in the United States. These local Haitians have provided invaluable assistance to the Fletcher team by identifying locations, especially in poor neighborhoods, that do not appear on geospatial programs or traditional maps. Patrick Meier is confident that Fletcher’s contributions to the field of crisis-mapping will not end with the Haitian earthquake. As Nona Lambert explains, crisis mapping “is infinitely flexible,” with applications in epidemiology, transparency, election monitoring, and other fields. The State Department and other agencies have already expressed interest in research papers that emerge from such work. Ultimately Meier hopes that Fletcher will be the home of a permanent crisis-mapping center. If the outstanding progress of the last few weeks is an indication, students at The Fletcher School are already leading a dramatic revolution in humanitarian crisis response. For more, visit or email Photos: Carol Waters

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F l e tc h e r N e w s

America’s Face to Muslims: Farah Pandith, F95 By Imaduddin Ahmed, F11

“I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles—principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” “I do so recognizing that change cannot happen overnight. No single speech can eradicate years of mistrust, nor can I answer in the time that I have all the complex questions that brought us to this point. But I am convinced that in order to move forward, we must say openly the things we hold in our hearts, and that too often are said only behind closed doors.” —U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the Muslim world from Cairo, Egypt, 4 June 2009 Farah Pandith, F95, is the face of an unprecedented people-to-people approach based on partnerships, mutual respect, and mutual understanding. Appointed the Special Representative to Muslim Communities by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in June 2009, she joins many other senior Fletcherites at the Department of State, including Jeffrey Feltman, F83, Assistant Secretary for the Near East Bureau; Scot Marciel, F83, Ambassador for ASEAN Affairs and Deputy Assistant Secretary in the East Asia Bureau; Jim Foley, F82, U.S. Ambassador to Croatia; and Fletcher Dean Stephen Bosworth, U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Policy. “We are everywhere. And that is the way it should be!” says Pandith, a member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers. “One of my favorite colleagues at State now is from our ranks, professor and alumnus Vali Nasr, F83, F84.” For Pandith, Fletcher Professors Leila Fawaz, Andrew Hess, Richard Shultz, and Sugata Bose all played pivotal roles in the way she thought about issues. “In the spring of 1993, two members of my family were killed in Kashmir—one by a militant group and the other in a random firing at the funeral procession of my assassinated relative.” Encouraged by professors, Pandith went to Kashmir to conduct field research for her MALD thesis, investigating how foreign ideologies impacted a community and how regional grievances are used for larger global action. “It was my introduction to violent extremist ideology. It was my ‘James Bond’ summer— interviewing militants and very high level members of the Indian government,” says Pandith.

6 FLETCHER NEWS Spring/Summer 2010

But that was years ago. Since her time at Fletcher, she has worked in the private sector, then post 9/11 in government, at the U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Security Council, and the U.S. Department of State. She has had two positions created especially for her. As Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Europe, she focused on Muslims in Western Europe, a position that was created for the first time in U.S. history. Her newest job is another historic first. In September 2009, Pandith was sworn in as the first-ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Since her appointment as Special Representative, Pandith has entertained an aggressive travel schedule, meeting with Muslims around the world, in countries including Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, France, and the UK. Pandith engages civil society from a wide range of sectors, including students, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, and non-government organizations. She works with embassies around the world to reach out beyond the typical contacts to build partnerships and dialogue in new ways. She understands that relationships take time, but that in order to build trust and eventual partnerships you have to begin by listening. “We are bringing people to the table in an unprecedented way,” says Pandith, who is focused on understanding new perspectives and connecting with younger generations, “because they are the leaders of tomorrow. We want to connect with them as they are becoming leaders and as they are inserting their ideas into the public discourse. Approximately forty-five percent of the

F l e tc h e r N e w s

world population is under the age of 30. We don’t want to get to know them later. We want to get to know them now and develop long-term relationships.” Citing the example of 2006 Muslim Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus, Pandith says that tackling big problems— poverty, climate change, corruption—can begin by working at a person-to-person level. Her mandate is global: “A Muslim in San Paulo is as Muslim as a Muslim in Surabaya or Stockholm. All of our embassies are engaging in new ways, whether Muslims are living as a majority or as minorities.” Pandith sees a great deal of diversity in terms of the issues young people face, but a consistent, global issue of identity pervades. She often recalls the young Pakistani Norwegian she met in Oslo. Born in Norway, he has never been to Pakistan, yet said he was neither Norwegian nor Pakistani. “’Is a Norwegian supposed to have brown hair, skin, and eyes?’ he asked.” Many young Muslims find difficulty confronting their identity—balancing pride for one’s heritage with pride for one’s nation. Pandith recounts the case of a Filipina youth who asked her what it meant to be a Muslim today. “Young Muslims—members of the Y and Z generations— have grown up in a world where, since 2001, they have been confronted by the burden of constant media attention on Islam and Muslims,” she said. “This generation is asking questions about identity and belonging in new ways, very publicly. The

answers they get will impact the way we react to changing demographics and public discourse.” Pandith enjoys meeting young people and finding ways to use the strength of the United States government to be “the convener, facilitator, and intellectual partner” with the grassroots. She talks about creating the space for great ideas to come forward from the bottom up. Additionally, the discussions give her the opportunity to dispel myths about being Muslim in America to Muslims abroad—there is no contradiction between being a Muslim and an American, she insists. Pandith immigrated to America from India as a baby and grew up on the South Shore of Boston. She talks about the American immigrant narrative and the impact the history of Massachusetts had on her growing up. The stories of the Irish, Polish, Italians, and others made her very aware of the importance of respecting all parts of a community. While president of the student body at Smith College, she worked on creating more education and awareness around the issue of diversity. At Fletcher and in her time in the private sector, she also worked in various capacities to provide opportunities to build dialogue and partnerships. While she doesn’t say so explicitly, improving the image of the United States at a grassroots level isn’t the most ineffectual form of public diplomacy. In the viral age of the Internet, word spreads quickly.

Spring/Summer 2010 FLETCHER NEWS 7

F l e tc h e r N e w s

Special Representative Pandith meets with prominent Imams in Nouakchott, Mauritania

“We are building networks among like-minded people. So getting Administration’s new security regulations that highlight specific countries was raised repeatedly on her visits to Pakistan and India. the person in Kano, Nigeria, connected to the person in Solo, Indonesia, connected to the person in Alexandria, Egypt about “Of course,” she says, “my job is impacted by everything that ideas that are similar is important because they are the ones happens around the world … but open and respectful dialogue who are able to work off of each other, incubate ideas, and build must continue no matter what recent crisis or new security relationships and networks that can be very impactful. This is initiatives are taking place.” the Facebook generation, and we need to use the power of new In a recent speech at Fletcher, Pandith recalled that it was in media and great ideas to make change on the ground.” her first year at Fletcher that Samuel Huntington wrote his era-changing thesis “Clash of Civilizations.” “Of course,” she says, “my job is impacted by

everything that happens around the world … but open and respectful dialogue must continue no matter what recent crisis or new security initiatives are taking place.” Does Pandith make an effort to talk with people who may not have a favorable view of the United States? “Of course,” she replies. “It’s not really added value if you’re only talking with people who love you. There is a lot of discourse about foreign policy, about what’s happening in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, for example. But we can work on those issues while at the same time working to seed initiatives at the grassroots level for the common good.” While Pandith seeds initiatives from the grassroots level to build partnerships for the long term, she does face short-term challenges as well. For example, the Transportation Security

8 FLETCHER NEWS Spring/Summer 2010

“Huntington’s theory is still alive and well in many parts of the world including Europe, with some entities who are not our friends. Many use the premise of an ‘us’ and ‘them’ to define the world and its future,” Pandith says. “America does not accept this framework. We understand the complexity and diversity of Muslims around the world and that respect is the central part of how you engage with anyone. So if you are a Muslim living as a minority in a community or a Muslim in country that is majority Muslim, we know that your experience, perspective, and ideas are important.” Through Pandith’s new office and the mandate given to her, this Fletcher alumna is stepping forward into a new framework, as she states, “one built on engagement with Muslims around the world in earnest—and with respect and dignity.”

F l e tc h e r N e w s

Thomas Schmidheiny Underwrites Fletcher’s Master of International Business Program Li Zhu, F10, hopes to engage the private sectors in the United States and her native China on the issue of climate change. Eric Sullivan, F10, plans to couple a career in economic diplomacy with a personal mission to help street children and victims of sex trafficking. Both credit the Fletcher School’s Masters in International Business program with preparing them to make a difference in the world. “The MIB program has provided me with the expanded thinking, practical skills, and relevant professional contacts that will enable me to make a meaningful contribution,” says Sullivan. Li says, “At Fletcher, you are surrounded by motivated doers who believe our effort in the world will be paid off some day. It will, we will.” A recent commitment of $5 million by Swiss industrialist and Fletcher Overseer Thomas Schmidheiny, H99, will ensure the growth of the Masters in International Business program and its associated Center for Emerging Market Enterprises. Schmidheiny previously gave $5 million to launch the two-year MIB program for young professionals who aspire to careers in international business, and the center that is a global hub for research, study, and networking devoted to enterprises in emerging markets. “Mr. Schmidheiny’s support has been instrumental in enabling Fletcher to launch a competitive program that is attracting outstanding students, and his pledge of an additional investment toward the continuing success of the program is wonderful news,” says Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow. “I am grateful for his confidence in our efforts, and for his active involvement, thoughtful advice, and wonderful generosity.”

at the College of Europe in Belgium and the University of Macedonia in Greece, has interned on the counter-terrorism desk of the European Union Commission External Relations and in the political-affairs office at NATO headquarters, and speaks Greek, French, Italian, and German as well as English. “I was looking for a degree that could combine my desire to gain marketable knowledge and skills on global business issues and my passion for international affairs and politics,” she says. “The adventure and thrill of being part of the inaugural class of such a program drew me to the school as I was in fact searching for something different, something that could challenge me with new perspectives but that would also build on my previous experience and interests.” Before arriving at Fletcher, Cecilia Paradi-Guilford, F10, from Hungary and the United Kingdom, earned a degree at the University of St. Andrews in international relations and Middle East studies, and gained experience with the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Council of Europe, and the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence. She speaks Hungarian, French and Arabic, as well as English.

The 30 members of the recently entered MIB Class of 2011 hail from 19 countries in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East and Turkey. Seventy-five percent have significant experience in the private sector, in financial services, consulting, and industry; the remaining quarter come from the “One of the reasons I chose Fletcher was its great diversity,” she public sector, nonprofits, and journalism. Their average age is 28. says. “All these different experiences and cultural perspectives come together to produce more profound, more original Their predecessors in the inaugural MIB Class of 2010 say solutions both in the classroom and eventually in the real world Fletcher’s strong curricula in international law, finance, and for global issues. I have found this environment to be truly economics as well as its interdisciplinary approach to emerging stimulating while accepting of different points of view, which markets, have prepared them well for international careers I really appreciate. We challenge each other, but always with spanning the public and private sectors. respect. This is very much the essence of Fletcher.” “I chose Fletcher and the brand-new MIB program for its uniqueness and fresh outlook,” says Elli Tsiligianni, F10, of Greece, who has studied international politics and economics

Spring/Summer 2010 FLETCHER NEWS 9


Quotes of Note “I think I have the best job in the Foreign Service… Mongolia is the only place in the Foreign Service where after I take a trip, my travel voucher might well say, ‘camped by a river’ rather than include a bill from a hotel. It’s that kind of country.” —Ambassador Jonathan Addleton, F83, F91, discussing his new appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia. “The proposed new crime will undermine that principle [of legality], which lies at the heart of the rule of law. It will force hundreds of political and military leaders who act in good faith to guess when and where they will be arrested in their international travels. It will strain relations among allies and exacerbate tensions among adversaries. It will bollix an international equilibrium that already is precarious enough.” —Professor Michael Glennon, examining “The Vague New Crime of ‘Aggression,’” currently being considered by the International Criminal Court in his op-ed for the International Herald Tribune. “Evidence increasingly points to the fact that military involvement in humanitarian and development work does not produce a security dividend… Likewise, aid agencies have got to be more honest and clear about their own engagement in stabilization. Blurred lines and mixed mandates can be toxic.” —Michael Young, GMAP10, on the challenges faced by humanitarian aid workers in South Asia, explored in his thesis You Are All Worth Killing: Aid, Salafi Jihad, Counter-Insurgency, and The Long War. FLETCHER PUBLICATIONS Have you recently published a book, article, or op-ed? Share it with the Fletcher community by sending publication details to Items are published on Fletcher’s website at shtml. 10 FLETCHER NEWS Spring/Summer 2010

Fletcher Alumni Honor Dear Friend with Scholarship Fund Drive Jeffrey Metzel, F81, F85, was raised in a missionary family in the Congo and devoted his life as an economist to bettering the lives of people in developing countries. He was only 43 when he died in a plane crash off the coast of West Africa in 2000. Ten years later his friends and classmates are honoring his memory through a scholarship drive to benefit coming generations of Fletcher students who strive to make a difference in the world. A scholarship established in his name in 2003 supports a second-year student studying international development at the Fletcher School. Alumni fundraisers hope the current drive will bring the Jeffrey C. Metzel Scholarship Fund to its goal of $200,000.

“I can think of few other ways that truly honor Jeff’s life and the work that was so important to him, and I know how pleased he would be to know that wonderful young people like Ameesha are part of a small but growing group of Metzel Scholars.” —Joann Lindenmayer Lead fundraisers Bob Steck, F81, and Lynn Salinger, F81, recently penned this appeal: “Jeff loved his work as a development economist, often visiting the African continent to consult on agriculture and trade issues and mentor young African economists. He also loved the foundation his Fletcher years had given him. Jeff enjoyed sharing his development experiences with his wide circle of friends and dreamed of teaching some day, to give back to the next generation. “Jeff’s dreams live on through your generosity. Over the past 10 years, thanks to the support of many of Jeff’s classmates, professors, friends, and family members, we have raised $125,000 to fund a scholarship in Jeff’s name. The proceeds generated from this fund have helped to offset tuition for six secondyear Fletcher students of development studies. Today, past Metzel Scholarship recipients are working in various capacities on global health, finance, poverty, and climate change issues. This year’s Metzel Scholar, Ameesha Chandnani, F10, aspires to work in energy and infrastructure development. “I sincerely appreciate the generous support provided by the Metzel Scholarship,” offers Chandnani, pictured with Metzel’s widow, Joann Lindenmayer, associate professor at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. “Without it, I truly would not have been able to attend the Fletcher School.”


Professor Richard Shultz: Preparing for Irregular War By Lauren Dorgan, F11 From paramilitary drug cartels to terrorists, armed groups emerging from weak states have become the predominant threat to global security. The United States, however, is underprepared to meet the challenges they pose, according to a new report co-authored by Richard Shultz, director of Fletcher’s International Security Studies Program. Shultz wrote the report, titled “Adapting America’s Security Paradigm and Security Agenda,” with Roy Godson, a professor emeritus of government at Georgetown, and the assistance of Samantha Ravitch and Querine Hanlon, F99. The report, released 23 March 2010 by the National Strategy Information Center, explores what war will look like in coming decades and what capabilities the United States needs to face today’s security challenges. In developing the report, the authors were assisted by a group of highly experienced security practitioners from democracies around the world. They provided important details highlighting the fact that war-fighting has changed drastically from twentieth-century norms.

terrorists. Armed groups have tapped technology to expand their range beyond the local level and in some cases to a global level. Armed groups are also “increasingly cooperating with one another,” Shultz said, and authoritarian states like Iran or Venezuela may partner with them in hopes of dominating their region and extending power onto the global stage. The report classifies three key security environments. The first level consists of war zones like Iraq or Afghanistan where the U.S. military takes the lead in security. The second level comprises non-war zones like Mexico, which face significant security challenges and have considerable help from the U.S. military. The third category contains countries like Georgia that face some internal challenges and may benefit from assistance from the U.S. and other Western democracies. To get ahead of the curve, Shultz said, the United States should do more to help shore up weaker democracies. “One of the things that we need to do is to help weak democracies so they don’t fall back on authoritarian practices in order to survive,” he said. The second part of the report focuses on what must be done. “These challenges cannot be managed if we remain diverted by twentieth-century, state-centric mindsets and capabilities,” the report finds. The authors recommend training part of the U.S. military specifically for nonconventional struggles, creating a military-civilian professional corps capable of working in weak states, building local intelligence, working to strengthen the rule of law in weaker states, and improving strategic communication for U.S. interests.

In fact, conventional war between nation-states is becoming an “anomaly,” the report finds. “Rather, events such as insurgent The United States should reorient some combat units for attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, atrocities in Darfur, irregular conflicts and build up their “non-kinetic” capabilities, terrorist plots in and around Yemen, weapons dealing by rogue the report concludes. It suggests that brigades must be prepared individuals, the use of the Internet to instill fear and influence “to support local struggles against armed groups with both politics, proxy wars in the Middle East, and kidnappings of kinetic and non-kinetic tools. The imperative here is not adding civilians in dozens of nations continue,” says the report. “These more soldiers, but rather reorganizing existing forces and are not isolated incidents, but rather examples of what is providing different training.” becoming the norm for conflict in far-flung corners of the world.” Half the world’s population lives in failed, failing, or weak states, Shultz proposes reorienting 25 percent of the U.S. military specifically for irregular conflicts, saying that an all-purpose according to the report. In these states, the government can’t force is not right for the job. “Forces that are trained to fight control its territory or borders and lacks a monopoly on the use conventional war are not easily adaptable and we’ve seen that,” of force. The authors classify 35 to 40 states as failed or failing Shultz said, citing that as one problem the U.S. struggled with in and 80 to 90 states as weak. By contrast, the authors count 40 to the early years of the Iraq war. 45 strong democracies and 10 to 15 strong autocracies. Weak states pose an acute threat to the world order. “You can’t fix weak states easily, but if you leave them alone they get worse,” Shultz said in an interview. Democracies, he said, must “come to grips with the fact that instability and security problems are going to be generated by these environments.”

The United States has made strides towards preparation for irregular conflict, Shultz said, but too much of what the United States has done to improve its security response in recent years has been “ad hoc.” The report calls for significant, specialized civilian capabilities to deal with irregular conflict.

State weakness creates a vacuum filled by a variety of armed groups, including criminal syndicates, insurgents, militias, and

But establishing these means for managing twenty-first-century conflict will take a sea change in U.S. civilian agencies. “I just Continued on P. 39 Spring/Summer 2010 FLETCHER NEWS 11


INDIA Some 70 people, made up of Fletcher alumni from or visiting the region, policymakers, analysts, and journalists took part in the inaugural Fletcher Club of India South Asia Colloquium on 13 March 2010 at the American Center in New Delhi, India. The organizing committee was comprised of Vikram Chhatwal, F00, Richard Cooper, F02, Neeraj Doshi, F06, Jacob Jose, F02, Josy Joseph, F06, Chamsai Menasveta, F00, and Lisa Swenarski, F89. Shell Companies of India, headed by Vikram Mehta, F79, sponsored the refreshments.

Government of India; and Syed Zulfiqar Gardezi, minister (political) of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. The sessions were moderated by Jacob Jose, F02, and Edel Guzman, F02. The March event was the second held in six months for Fletcher in India. In October 2009, a delegation from the School was on hand for activities in New Delhi and Mumbai, including a discussion between Shashi Tharoor, F76, F77, F79, and Dean Bosworth.

Richard Cooper, F02, temporary Fletcher Club of India Chair, welcomed the audience. In a video message taped especially for the proceedings, Dean Stephen Bosworth and Associate Dean Deborah W. Nutter recalled Fletcher’s special bond with the region. Next, Shashi Tharoor, F76, F77, F79, a junior minister of the Indian federal government and a member of the lower house of Parliament, delivered the inaugural address, recorded prior to the event by Chamsai Menasveta, F00. Tharoor took questions afterwards by telephone live from the audience. The colloquium panelists included Abdullah Shahid, F91, speaker of the People’s Majlis, Maldives; Prakash R. Mirchandani, F88, managing director of FG Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka; Elizabeth Warfield, F83, deputy mission director USAID India; Arundhati Ghose, distinguished fellow at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi; Shyam Saran, former foreign secretary of the

BOSTON The Fletcher Club of Boston recently elected a new board of directors. The new board members are Sheila Chen Lawrence, F07, Mark Ferri, F86, Carmit Keddem, F05, Paulina Mirenkova Freedenberg, F08, Daniel Satinsky, F90, Maria Speridakos, F04, and David Weisman, F99. The group met on 30 April to begin planning; stay tuned for upcoming club events.

BUENOS AIRES The Fletcher Club of Buenos Aires continues to work together, interviewing prospective candidates for Fletcher and getting together for informal lunches periodically. They joined with the Argentine Tufts Club to celebrate Tuftonia’s 150th anniversary at the end of April.

LOS ANGELES On 1 April, the Fletcher Club of LA had an open house for newly admitted students. The event was at the very chic Geisha House, a well known Hollywood sushi bar. There were eight alumni in attendance and six admitted students. The alumni had a great time connecting with each other as well as answering questions for the prospective students. Also, the food and drinks were fantastic. The LA Club is planning on another event in the fall, so please have interested Alumni email club leader Grant Hosford, F97, at

Phil adelphia Many thanks to Tommy Heanue, F90, for his years of enthusiastic leadership of the Fletcher Club of Philadelphia. The club is seeking new volunteers. If you wish to be involved, please email

12 FLETCHER NEWS Spring/Summer 2010

LEBANON The newly formed Fletcher Club of Lebanon had a great first happy hour and agreed to try to meet monthly. Their second gathering was slightly smaller but still spirited. They are looking forward to holding their first speaking event in the fall.

Fle tcher Women’s Net work As spring has burst forth in the Northeastern U.S., we are aware of joyful colors of new growth. So, too, the evolving Fletcher Women’s Network is becoming ever more vibrant and colorful. We now call our on-line community’s virtual gathering place the “Fletcher Women’s Water Cooler.” Just as a water cooler brings people together in offices and the water well brings them together in villages, our Water Cooler provides a place for us to check in with one another, share information, and deepen our Fletcher community ties. And thanks to Christine Kowalczuk, F96, with Martha Brettschneider, F91, we have launched monthly updates. Like those disseminated by LinkedIn, they advise of new chatter and activities ‘Round the Water Cooler. If you are not yet among the nearly 400 Fletcher women gathering round the cooler, email megreenberg@hotmail. com with subject line: FWN Water Cooler. Meanwhile our forthcoming newsletter, developed by Isa DeSola, F07, and Nora Millan, F07, features alumnae entrepreneurial activities. Keep an eye on your inboxes for it, or find it posted soon in ‘Round the Water Cooler. Locally, the Boston/New England chapter has planned “An Evening to Learn More about Managing Your Financial Life” for 30 April at The Fletcher School. Featuring FWN colleagues working in the financial industry, the evening

will address issues that Fletcher women face, whether just a few years out of Fletcher or those with more years of life experience. Ivka Kalus-Bystricky, F91, will give an overview of global markets and international diversification, Jan Sallinger, F91, will address elder planning issues, and Christiane Delessert, F73, will present personal financial information relating to investments, insurance, social security and Medicare, and estate planning. In D.C., the FWN group has a new leadership team of Adriana Camisar, F05, Dulce Carrillo, F01, Abby Lindsay, F09, and Vanessa Ortiz, F04. They continue to look for others to join them, but are in the meantime enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of a small team. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the FWN-DC board, please contact Vanessa Ortiz at Meanwhile, they are planning an event on 11 May entitled, “Carving Your Own Opportunities” featuring creative and confident Fletcher women who are self-employed, working freelance, managing their own business or nonprofit organization, or engaged in any other initiative. If you are in D.C. but not on the local FWN listserve, email Dulce Carrillo at with DC-FWN in the subject line. Not yet a member of the FWN at all? Send inquiries to with “FWN” in the subject line.

IR AQ Fletcher connections are growing in Baghdad. Nine of us were able to find each other and meet to share a Green Beans coffee, the Iraq equivalent to Starbucks, while reminiscing about Medford, Fletcher, and diplomacy around the globe. Fletcherites in Iraq should feel free to contact Dan Langenkamp, F02, at until September 2010 to be included in future Fletcher gatherings. Pictured are Ahsen Khan, F03, Eric Bjorklund, F06, Mark Storella, F83, Beth Ahern, F03, Glen Crowther, F03, Perla Roffe, F07, Mustafa Popal, F01, Daniel Langenkamp, F02, and Adam Hinds, F03.

Tokyo Here are the our recent activities in chronological order: 15 July, Ms. Aya Abe, F91, gave us a lecture on “Child Poverty in Japan from the International Perspective,” which was based on her new book; 16 November, Professor Trachtman talked on “the international law of economic migration”; 4 January, and thanks to the initiative of Saori Imaizumi, F10, we celebrated new year at Roppongi with some current students; and 29 March we welcomed the 13 newly admitted students. On each occasion, alumni from classes of the 1950s to those of 2000s got together and enjoyed discussion and chats. Thanks to help from Sadayoshi Takagawa, F85, we found a nice cozy place to hold our gatherings in the center of Tokyo at a reasonable cost, which, I believe, makes it much easier for alumni to join our activities. Hope to see more people at upcoming events. (Mariko Noda, F90)

Uganda The Fletcher Club of Uganda, in conjunction with Med-Data Health International is conducting a one-day civic education and medical health data seminar in association with other NGOs, Clinics and local communities in Uganda on 26 April 2010. The seminar will focus on creating cultural sensitivity on sepsis and collection of in depth data on HIV, tuberculosis, malnutrition, and malaria in East Africa. The project gained more visibility through a documentary that aired several times in Ugandan local media. Med-Data Health International provides civic education and detailed data on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and malnutrition to various educational institutions and non-government organizations. The programme coordinator is Fletcher club leader Hildah L. Birungi, F02.

MOROCCO The Fletcher Club of Morocco held its year ending gathering of 2009 on 30 December at the Bangladesh House. Fletcherites in Rabat had a good time together with the presence of family members and friends discussing about the eventful year, especially the outcome of the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change. Plans were made to hold a seminar in Rabat in the New Year jointly with one of the Moroccan think tanks on the subject of climate change, where the key note speaker could

be invited from the Fletcher School. The meeting was also briefed about Fletcher initiatives in 2009 to increase alumni participation in bringing more support for the school. The meeting also lauded the efforts of Dean Bosworth in making peace in the Korean Peninsula. At this annual meeting, Athena Makri, F09, first secretary of the Embassy in Greece in Rabat, was entrusted with the charge of club secretary for 2010–2011. Her email address is Spring/Summer 2010 FLETCHER NEWS 13

DuBAi a mix of over 30 Fletcher students, alumni, professors, applicants, spouses, and friends gathered at the home of paul and christine lauper Bagatelas, both F87, for a reception in conjunction with a study trip by student members of Fletcher’s international Business Club. professors eliot Kalter and thomas holt Jr., F75, led a conversation and debate and discussion, which were interesting and earnest. the Fletcher school alumni association of the gulf region remains alive and well—awaiting another future Fletcher speaker transiting dubai!

South AFric A the newly-created Fletcher Club of south africa would love to hear from any visiting alumni who might want to joint some of their activities and connect with anyone attending the upcoming soccer cup taking place this summer. to contact the club about your visit, email lonDon Many thanks to Adina Sadeanu, F07, for her years of leadership of the Fletcher Club of london. the club is seeking new volunteers. if you wish to be involved, please email

SAn Fr AnciSco on 3 March, dean and Mrs. Bosworth visited san Francisco and hosted a reception at the Clift hotel. with the dean and Mrs. Bosworth was thaddeus thompson, F01, Fletcher’s new associate director of development, who reunited with a few classmates during the event. the Fletcher crowd was as diverse as ever, including alums from 1962 to 2009. the dean updated us on the record enrollment growth at Fletcher and his exciting negotiation role for north Korea.

wAShington, D.c. the Fletcher Club of washington, d.C., has been quite active in the past few months. in addition to our monthly happy hours, the Fletcher Club has hosted a number of events. in november, the club hosted Farah pandith, F95, secretary Clinton’s special representative to Muslim communities at the glover park group. in december, the german ambassador to the United states, Ambassador Klaus Scharioth, F74, F78, hosted the club for holiday cocktails at his residence. in March, the club hosted a discussion with thomas Shanker, F82, the pentagon and national security correspondent for the New York Times. professor william Moomaw is scheduled to speak to the club in May on climate

change. the club is planning its annual summer picnic, and we look forward to welcoming Fletcher interns for the summer as well as any new arrivals to the washington, d.C., area. please visit our website at www. to sign up for our email list-serv or to pay your club dues. you can also find us on Facebook by searching for the Fletcher alumni association of washington, d.C. if you have ideas or suggestions for the club, an event you would like to host, or if you have space to host a club event, please contact us at or the chair of the club, zaid A. zaid, F99, at

ne w yorK the Fletcher Club of new york recently elected the following board members: Farri cress, F70, president; Bronwyn owen, F05, vice president; Ben presnell, F06, treasurer; nabina panday, F07, social chair; gabriela pelin, F97, membership committee member; charles De Simone, F07, membership committee member; chris Beal, F65, and J. robert charles, F91, F93. the club recently held “a Conversation with dean Bosworth,” during which he discussed developments at the Fletcher school and gave a brief snapshot of the current situation in north Korea. the club also organized two panels on the subject of turkish armenian relations. the first, “armenia and turkey discuss establishing diplomatic ties: prospects for security and Cooperation within the region,” featured the permanent representative of turkey, ambassador ertugrul apakan, who gave a presentation before holding a question-and-answer discussion with the audience. the second of the two-panel events was called “turkish Foreign policy: the effect on regional stability and security,” and the deputy chief of staff to the president of the republic of armenia, Mr. Vigen a. sargsyan,

14 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

and the permanent representative of armenia to the United nations, ambassador garen a. nazarian, presented before a question–and-answer discussion with the audience. in addition to the club’s monthly happy hours, one of which was attended by prof. ian Johnstone, the Fletcher Club of new york has been quite busy.

cluB cONTacTs SWITzERlAND Anand Balachandran, F02 fletcherclubofswitzerland

ARMENIA Arusyak Mirzakhanyan, F04

FlETCHER WoMEN’S NETWoRk Marcia greenberg, F91

NEPAl Ram Thapaliya, F02

ATlANTA Tim Holly, F79

gREECE Thomas Varvitsiotis, F99 gregory Dimitriadis, F06

NEW yoRk Farrinaz Cress, F70 fletcherclubofny

HoNg koNg Dorothy Chan, F03 Alicia Eastman, F04

oREgoN Edie johnson Millar, F85

UgANDA Hildah Birungi, F02

PARIS William Holmberg, F05 fletcherclubofparis

VIENNA Rainer Staub, F96 Jonathan Tirone, F00

AUSTRAlIA Melissa Conley Tyler, F96 BANgkok Ekachai Chainuvati, F03 BEIjINg Stephane grand, F98 sjgrand@sjgrand.ncn BERlIN jan-Philipp goertz, F98 BoSToN BRUSSElS katrina Destree, F95 katrinadestree@alumni.tufts. edu BUDAPEST Anita orban, F01 BUENoS AIRES Carlos St. james, F04 CHICAgo Daniela Abuzatoaie, F00 CHIlE Andres Montero, F85 german olave, F97 ColoMBIA Stella Cuevas, F95 Stella_Cuevas_1995@alumni. DHAkA Sarwar Sultana, F98 DUBAI Paul Bagatelas, F87 Christine Lauper Bagatelas, F87 FlETCHER AlUMNI oF ColoR ASSoCIATIoN Belinda Chiu, F04

HoUSToN David Hwa, F76 INDIA Richard Cooper, F02 richardcooper@alumni.tufts. edu IRAq Dan langenkamp, F02 kENyA Anne Angwenyi, F02 anne_angwenyi@alumni.tufts. edu koSoVo Iliriana kacaniku, F04 lEBANoN Mindy Burrell, F98 loNDoN loS ANgElES grant Hosford, F97 MAlAySIA Shah Azmi, F86 MExICo josé luis Stein, F08 fletcherclubofmexico MIAMI Daniel Ades, F03 MIDDlE EAST AlUMNI ASSoCIATIoN Walid Chamoun, F00 MoRoCCo Athena Makri, F09

PHIlADElPHIA PHIlIPPINES Cathy Hartigan-go, F92 RoMANIA Sinziana Frangeti, F07

Tokyo Mariko Noda, F90

VIETNAM Viviane Chao, F02 WASHINgToN, D.C. zaid A. zaid, F99

SAN DIEgo geoffrey Pack, F89 SAN FRANCISCo Vladimir Todorovic, F01 São PAUlo Paulo Bilyk, F92 SARAjEVo Haris Mesinovic, F00 SAUDI ARABIA jamil Al Dandany, F87 SEoUl Sukhee Han, F94 SEATTlE julie Bennion, F01 SHANgHAI Bryan Stewart, F07 SINgAPoRE kim odhner, F03 SoUTH AFRICA jacques Roussellier, F01

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 15

Reunion Weekend 2010

On 21-23 May 2010, the Fletcher school was honored to welcome back more than 220 alumni and guests for a weekend of celebration! this marked our largest reunion weekend ever with nine classes marking their official reunions, and friends from several other classes joining the celebration. Alumni came from around the world to enjoy a delicious clambake, Faculty lecture and state of the school presentation, and the company of the growing Fletcher community. each year, the Fletcher school welcomes back more and more alumni for reunion weekend, which takes place in conjunction with Fletcher’s class Day and commencement ceremonies. the

growing numbers prove that no matter where you end up in the world, you can always return to Medford and feel right at home. For more information, visit our reunion web pages at: Fall reunion 2010 10-11 september 2010 class of 1960’s 50th reunion and classes of 1934-1959. Save the Date! spring reunion 2011 20-22 May 2011 classes of 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, & 2006

c lA ss NOte s

1947 charles edwards p.o. Box 368 hyannis port, mA 02647 1957 william Jackson 1962 patrick pascoe John yates reports that he has just returned from three months in addis ababa where he served as charge d’affaires at the U.s. embassy filling in between ambassadors. he managed to miss most of washington’s heavy snows in January and February and then enjoyed d.C.’s pleasant cherry blossom season. Meanwhile, John’s wife Mary kept plugging along at the nsC as special assistant to the president, cursing John as she shoveled snow in their unploughed cul de sac or tramped through it on her way to the Metro. ed and terry hoyt were in washington with all five of their grandchildren for easter week, three from san Francisco and two living in d.C. ed noted how crowded washington gets in the springtime. he and the grandchildren avoided the museums and stuck to picnics in the park or mall. terry is hard at work on a memoir about her family that they hope will be publishable. ed and terry spend much of their time flitting between d.C. and san Francisco with the occasional trip to europe or south america where they visited the galapagos last July. ed continues his nonprofit work, mostly in the environmental area, hoping, for example, to raise money for a chair at Fletcher for Bill Moomaw who heads the Center for international environmental and resource policy. instead of quietly fading into retirement, a few months ago Alden Small accepted the responsibility of managing the

cl ass NOTes

Behavioral risk Factors surveillance survey for pennsylvania. the purpose of the study is to estimate the prevalence of chronic diseases, identify at-risk groups in our population, and uncover associations between individual characteristics, behaviors, and health conditions. the resulting information is a primary resource for planning and evaluating public health programs. the survey is conducted in every state. in 2010, almost 12,000 pennsylvania residents will complete phone interviews. there are a great many moving parts to this operation, and alden finds it challenging. Fritz and Jane gilbert are doing lots of traveling. after spending a few weeks in spain and southern France, they went to Cary, north Carolina, to spend thanksgiving with their youngest son’s family. they were very impressed with the area, which is located in the “research triangle” with its three major universities: duke, the University of north Carolina, and north Carolina state University. the gilberts went to Chicago in october for the wedding of the son of Jane’s best friend from her University of Minnesota days. they spent February and March at their Vermont home where Fritz managed to do lots of skiing without breaking any bones. Much of the skiing was done with his children and grandchildren, but not necessarily on the same slopes. Fritz recommends cell phones as a way to find the younger skiers rather than try to keep up with them on the more difficult runs. John mcKay has finished his portion of the tenth edition of A History of Western Society. For many years it was one of the two leading books in the western history market and still ranks very near the top. he has decided to leave his related textbook, A History of World Society, which is going into its ninth edition and will turn over his chapters to his co-authors. with these projects winding down, Joann and John

18 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

are planning various trips for the summer and fall. David long traveled to Japan to speak on persian gulf security issues at an energy economics think tank. he had a great time. hiroshi ota showed him around town. dave also took the bullet train to Kyoto and back to tokyo taking photos of Mt. Fuji. he maintains his life has quieted since returning, but remains very active. his textbook, Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, is finally ready for publication, and a second edition of his book, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is done as well. Both will be available in the fall. dave is also working on the translation of a book written by King Farouk’s uncle about the sudanese battalion that went to Mexico as part of the French army (Remember Cinco de Mayo). david first came across the book through our classmate, Suleiman Ayoub. dave keeps up with suleiman and his brother ibrahim who was foreign minister of sudan before Bashir took power. like so many washingtonians, dave had problems with the snows, having to spend two nights in a hotel to be sure to be able to make an appointment. lorne Dyke was part of a multinational team in late 2008 that advised the government of Mauritius on future directions for the development Bank of Mauritius. he and ann then enjoyed a 24-day cruise around the arabian peninsula, commencing in livorno and ending in dubai, followed by ten days in Jordan and israel. in 2009, they took a delightful Black sea cruise that took them back to istanbul and their first Canadian Foreign service home in athens. they spent november in Barbados on a trade policy development assignment for the Commonwealth secretariat. a related assignment took them to nadi, Fiji, in december. in March they hosted a family gathering

in st. James, Barbados, near their home where lorne served as the first vice president of the Caribbean development Bank at its inception. our other Canadian classmate, wilson Brown, reports that his wife is retiring next year and they are considering a return to the states. they are dual citizens and they will feel like ex-pats in both countries, though they have grown used to the misperceptions of each country about the other. wilson comments that Canadians often fail to see the extent of the “free ride” they get on defense or the complex responsibilities the U.s. has in the international sphere while Canadians living in a middle-power country can get very moralistic when they don’t have to make decisions. americans, he continues, often have license of how their actions can seem bullying to other countries. Finally, wilson comments that it is distressing how much the border has been “closed off” in a misguided attempt at increasing security. carol hurlburt reports that she and ed hoyt continue serving as class fund agents and that we shall all be hearing from them on this subject. apart from this task, the hurlburts have done some traveling, spending thanksgiving with their daughter holly, the history professor, and her writer husband andrew at their home in Carbondale, followed by two weeks in st. Croix enjoying warm weather before coming back to washington’s winter weather. Carol will complete her four-year term as president of the reston-herndon area Branch of the aaUw in June, but will still manage the volunteer literacy program at the washington national Cathedral. sid continues to write the occasional editorial for USA Today. ted Achilles has sent in a very upbeat note from Kabul where he is well into his seventh year living and “working.” he would not trade his chosen retirement mode or

cl ass NOTes

lifestyle for any alternative that he knows of, or could imagine. with young afghans of both genders whom he has known over the years now successfully approaching graduation from schools such as Bard, Bates, Middlebury, holy Cross, houston simmons, sweet Briar, wellesley, and williams, ted says Kabul is a refreshingly rewarding place to be. however counterintuitive it may sound, ted assures us that life in Kabul is truly good. charlie Adams is now the elected preceptor of the poor Knights of Christ, north american preceptory. he has also inherited the presidency of Una Voce richmond, an organization of lay people who work with the local bishop to restore the traditional latin Mass in as many parishes as possible. Fred Bergsten continues to churn out articles and books. his latest publication of note was the cover article on “the dollar and the deficits” in the november-december issue of Foreign Affairs. this was his seventeenth article in that august journal, dating back to 1968, placing him second (to Zbigniew Brzezinski) on the list of contributors. this article was based on Fred’s latest book, The Long-Term International Economic Position of the United States, which was released in June. this is the fortieth volume that he has authored, coauthored, or edited over the years. Fred is once again deeply involved in the debate over the Chinese exchange rate, having testified to the house ways and Means Committee and to the senate Banking Committee. on a personal front, Fred and Jenny’s son Mark, now a doctor in norfolk Virginia, was married in early december. Classmates todd Stewart, Fritz gilbert, John yates and spouses were there for the festivities. it’s not all work for the Bergstens. they spent three weeks in italy last summer, two of them at their favorite spot in the world, the il san pietro de positano on the

amalfi coast. the other week was spent in Venice for the Biennale with its spectacular modern art. Besides attending the Bergsten wedding, todd and georgia Stewart took all their children and grandchildren for a nature-cum-culture adventure on the sea of Cortez between Christmas and new year’s. the highlight was a snorkeling party with young sea lions. in late February, they drove to ashland, oregon, for the opening weekend of the oregon shakespeare Festival. Finally, in late March/ early april, they made a whirlwind two-week trip to new york, washington (where they saw the ogdens, ross Johnson and the Bergstens), and on to san Francisco with grandson Colin.

lawyer, told us of his civil rights work after graduation. walter spoke of the research that went into his book about his father, and i (unsuccessfully) tried to match alex by telling of having to flee syria under threat of assassination in 1961 and thailand under threat of arrest in 1999. and we all bragged about our children. after my wife’s teaching job ending at harvard, we took three leisurely weeks to drive back to California, losing two days to blizzards. gina said that she wanted to be an usher at oakland a’s spring training after she retired, so that’s what we did in March.

peter Sellar reports that he and his friend laurie may be leaving west Virginia for a home nearer washington, d.C. Dick and laura ogden have been spending time in Brooklyn helping daughter Clara look after her new twins. 1963 ronald glantz walter carter, Alex zampieron, harvey Burg, and i held a mini-reunion lunch in Cambridge. while we hadn’t seen each other for 46 years, it was great fun, with anecdotes about ruhl Bartlett, charlie Kindleberger, leo gross, Don humphrey, george halm, Steve Buck, glenn cooper, Bruce cummings, mary grow, Bruce pansey, and Fred Bergsten. alex is back teaching international finance at Bentley, after a nasty bout with lyme disease. he had amazing stories, such as being shot at in argentina, how his mother secretly arranged for him to play soccer for the U.s. army in england after he was drafted, and how Charles taylor, the future dictator of liberia, had been his student at Bentley. harvey, who loves being an international

Oakland A’s - Ron and Gina Glantz

mike Sharples reports, “we sold our home on siesta Key last year and downsized to a new condo on the waterfront of downtown st. petersburg. we happily gave up our island retreat for the cultural and social activities of a small city that combines boating with art museums and symphony concerts.” Avery chope has been working closely with the Concord Coalition and the peter g. peterson Foundation to bring to the Bay area citizen awareness and action in relation to our burgeoning and massive national debt. “like an iceberg, what you do not see is many times more powerful than the evident $12 trillion today. if we are not proactive, the negative impact on our country will be massive. as not within a two-year congressional horizon, only citizen action will bring this issue to the fore.” Steve Buck did the adlerian summer school with his wife, hala, leading an intensive art therapy workshop for two weeks

in tennessee near the great smokey national park. “i then flew to Vermont to be ‘grandpa’ on a Boys-to-Men weekend for 29 teen-aged boys, including my godson, who staffed the weekend. it was wonderful. daughter leila and her fellow actors won Barrymore awards for their performance of Scorched, a play based on the lebanese Civil war, at the wilma theater in philadelphia this spring. she has just finished playing an iraqi refugee in Aftermath at the new york theater workshop, which was based on interviews with iraqi refugees. the New York Times theater critic gave it a great review and it was extended through mid-october.” lawrence tharp is now living in Kenya eight months of the year, overseeing the construction of a pre-school through 12th grade education complex that will educate 525 children. the income from the school will fund an orphanage of 50 girls, feed local hungry orphans, and provide scholarships to another 50 girls orphaned by aids. “this project is one of 16 programs funded by Compassion Beyond Borders (www.compassionbb. org), a nonprofit i founded eight years ago and which now educates 4,000 impoverished girls and women in the developing world. that includes 1,000 girls in afghanistan, more than half of them in taliban-dominated areas. i personally visit these projects to ensure their proper administration. the reason i am in the states for four months each year is to do the fundraising for CBB. so, i now have two unpaid jobs and two homes. it’s a great life—i love Kenya and its people.” Bill noyes dropped a note reporting, “after a number of years sailing in the Caribbean, our boat and crew are leaving april 3 from panama for the galapagos, tahiti, and points west all the way to australia. we’ll have the good fortune to check in for some final sailing weeks over the next

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 19

cl ass NOTes

couple of years as she visits the islands and diving locations that we have heretofore dreamed about. Meanwhile, ginny and i are enjoying each other, our homes in tucson and the white Mountains, and golf.” glen cooper has more boating news. “in 2009 we sold our home in Curacao after realizing we’d rather be living on the boat than on top of “dirt.” also, the antilles were breaking up and there were all sorts of signs on Curacao that our investment wouldn’t turn out particularly well. luckily we found a Venezuelan who was looking for ocean-front property, so it turned out well after all. in november 2008, we started sailing back to the U.s. By that time we decided we wanted a bigger boat and decided to get a powerboat and give up sailing. the truth be known, we motored more than we sailed anyway. after a slow cruise along the coast of Venezuela and up through the entire island chain, we arrived in Florida mid-June 2009. By then we’d contracted to have a new boat built in Maine. in two weeks our sail boat was sold to a couple from australia and we had to decide if we wanted to go to Maine or hang out in Florida with trips up to Maine. gave that 30 seconds of thought and found a cozy condo on the st. lucie river, in stuart, where we are now. in early June we’ll go to Maine and start afresh with a new boat. we’ll be in new england for the summer, down to the Chesapeake in early fall, then on to the Bahamas by late november/early december.” elizabeth moran has retired after 20 years heading the Camden Maine public library. she writes, “i am a trustee there and am volunteering in several other community organizations. i am still on the Maine library Commission, but only until the governor appoints someone to take my place!”

1965 larry Struve 1966 reunion 2011 may 1967 Augustus “gus” nasmith writes: on my fourth annual trip (Feb. - March, 2010) to nepal for volunteer participation with the Blue diamond society (Bds) i had the pleasure of meeting with ram thapaliya, F02, president, Fletcher Club of nepal. Bds, an empowering grassroots civil society organization for the advancement of human rights for sexual and gender minorities (lgBti) – including hiV/ aids awareness, prevention and care -- has made remarkable impact in a country of numerous cultural traditions, widespread material impoverishment and remarkable, but fragile, ongoing transition to democracy. ram’s contributions on policy and education levels in nepal to conflict resolution and crisis management, as well as his regional responsibilities for the Un programme, are another heartening example of those dedicated to true democratic evolution at this challenging critical time for the country. in addition to the personal pleasure of meeting such a fellow Fletcher alumnus, it was heartening that he and one of the key young Bds leaders became connected through our meeting and their shared commitment to a new nepal! 1968 Sally miller Sandy Kieth reports that she is working part time as an attorney with the special inspector general for iraq reconstruction. she observes that the job is great because she does not have to go to Baghdad but can learn about all the craziness going on there from arlington. on the home front, she

20 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

and husband John attended Jerry rifkin’s talk about his new book at politics and prose in d.C. they also had a great trip to hawaii last year for a reunion of fellow thai peace Corps volunteers from the ‘60s. she is looking forward to for the big 50th reunion in washington next year of those peace Corps volunteers. taking in the sights on east africa is on their summer agenda. charlie wright reports that after 25 years on King street in alexandria, Virginia, he moved his private commercial finance company, Business leasing associates, inc., to woodbridge. the company’s office is in a great new building on the occoquan river at the Marina. he is enjoying the challenge of mentoring his successors in taking over the commercial finance business. Charlie wryly observed that the younger set hooted at all the file cabinets in his office, since they, being high tech, are paperless. the company is an internet marketing company with international clients and lots of talented people here, in latvia and other places around the United states and the world. Charles was asked to do an oral history of his time in the army, which is now in proof and about 300 pages. his last active duty tour was in pentagon in office of secretary of defense and ig for intelligence operations. “lots of interesting places and things to do there and never a dull moment,” he commented. since that time he has been very active with the american Bar association and recently left the standing Committee on law and national security. lex rieffel reports that his article entitled, “Can economic reform open a peaceful path to ending Burma’s isolation?” has recently been published by the United states institute for peace. terry myers writes from Moscow that he is temping with Usaid in Moscow for a few months. he’ll then return to home base in arlington, and resume his

teaching job at the national defense University. the children are scattered: anna’s headed for e. timor and nathaniel to Beirut, and laura’s helping kids in a Minneapolis high school prepare for college. wife lynn is teaching part time and tending the garden. “we should have plenty of tomatoes if anyone needs them for their summer salads.” he announced. pete olsen reports on his unique sports involvement: competitive croquet. he says it’s cheaper than horses or ships and only requires one ball. peter quips that he has failed at retirement. peter’s proposal for a master’s of science program in intelligence management is before the Maryland higher education Committee for final approval. in the meantime, this semester he has taught three online undergraduate courses on the history of intelligence, the national intelligence community, and advanced intelligence analysis. he was also elected to the board of directors of the association of Former intelligence officers this year and serves as the chairman of the academic exchange committee. Both of pete’s sons are in the la area: erik is a screenwriter for tV, and lars is the engineering development head for a small software firm. their daughter, Kirsten, won a national science Foundation grant and is in Madagascar for two years, having left the staff at stanford University. she is valuing the contribution to the nation’s gdp of its maritime protective zones. her husband, tom, is a coral geneticist working with marine environmental groups in the island. Bruce and Sally miller took an anthropological course at the University of new Mexico on Chaco Canyon and celebrated sally’s upcoming 65th birthday with a hot-air balloon ride along the rio grande the next day. summer holds the promise of a cruise around the hawaiian

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islands, as well as plenty of time with the grandkids who live down the street. otherwise we, along with all four other classmates in the d.C. metro area, can proudly boast that we lived through three of the ten biggest snowstorms in washington’s history—all within eight weeks! what a winter!

it is not time-consuming and it is rewarding to be in touch periodically with our classmates. the only responsibility is to solicit and compile twice a year the class notes for the Fletcher news. Any volunteers? please notify leah Brady at: leah.”



Bill carter is working at ashoka, focused primarily on creating an ecosystem in africa that encourages citizens to propose and carry out solutions to problems that they are passionate about. “when people ask where i am based, i usually say ‘in the cloud.’”

mary harris

patrick connolly and agnes are retired and living in windsor, California, in sonoma County in the heart of California’s beautiful wine country. patrick has been painting now for many years and is actively involved in the local windsor arts Council. the Council has its own gallery and hosts juried exhibitions on a regular basis. patrick and agnes are also active members of the world affairs Council of sonoma County. ambassador ted eliot, our former dean, is also a member, and they see him from time to time at the events. Bob mirabello writes: “as a retired ‘ballet dad,’ i’ve remained a patron of the Virginia Ballet Company and school (www.” carloyn Setlow writes: “after an 18+ year, rewarding stint at gfK Custom research, i ‘reinvented’ in February, 2010. as you see, i am not comfortable with ‘retirement,’ since i plan to stay very active— growing my private life and executive coaching practice (launched a few years ago), continuing my volunteer work, and traveling with my retired husband, andy. given our heavy travel schedule (Mexico in early 2010, the Middle east in the spring), it is time for me to hand over the reins of class Secretary to a new volunteer. i can promise you that

1971 william hoffman reunion 2011 may 1973 nihal goonewardene michael Aresco is still at CBs sports as executive vice president, programming, responsible also for the programming of CBs cable network and CBs College sports network. he has moved to southport, Connecticut. george Breedon retired in June 2009 from his day job as a defense contractor in the office of secretary of defense, without once missing the daily commute to the pentagon from his annapolis home. wife Barbara retired from the U.s. naval academy’s nimitz library where she had worked since 1988 as a bibliographic reference librarian for political science and economics. he continues to teach a graduate course for the U.s. naval war College in strategy and war in the greater washington, d.C., area for non-resident students. Barbara spends her spare time working as a creative memories consultant for archival quality scrap booking, and they both love travel. in 2009 they toured new england and vacationed in hilton head, south Carolina, ocean City, Maryland, and england. they have scheduled an inland passage cruise to alaska

and a driving tour of the pacific northwest for 2010. Steffie (wright) crowther has successfully transitioned from corporate banking to fundraising. she is the senior major gift officer at Ursinus College. she is a trustee fellow of denison University and a senior trustee of the Baldwin school. daughter ludmila is in her third year reading management at University of st. andrews, scotland; son Julian graduates from the haverford school in May and will also attend the University of st. andrews this fall. John and steffie reside in Bryn Mawr, pennsylvania. st. andrews has profiled steffie’s family on their web page for prospective north american students, so here’s the link in case you’d like a visual update. www. northamericanapplicants/ John endicott is well into his third year in daejong, south Korea, as president of woosong University and recently was honored by the Ministry of education. John writes that “several weeks ago the ministry gave us a $3 million award for innovative education, so some of the reforms are paying off. one of our six colleges in the university is an all-english business school (solbridge international school of Business with John as vice chancellor) now with about 400+ students from 28 countries. we will have close to 600 in september and will start our second building this summer. our total university runs at approximately 8,000 students and 35 major buildings over three distinct campuses. Keeps me busy.” John’s transition from UsaF colonel to international educator speaks volumes for the versatility of our brand. robert Krause continues to develop clean energy projects in eastern europe and pakistan. his firm, Quatrex energy international, is currently developing a biomass Chp project in latvia, a natural-gas fired power project in Moldova, a wood pellets project

in western Ukraine, a bioethanol project in eastern Ukraine, and a run-of-the-river hydro project in pakistan. he is also working with a new venture to introduce advanced technology that uses carbon dioxide as the feedstock for fuel production. Brian maher is enjoying retirement from exxonMobil where he was assistant treasurer of the corporation. wife shelley and Brian reside in dallas and spend much of the year traveling in the U.s. and internationally, while spending summers at their second home in new Jersey. he evidently spends a lot of time doing the things that he never had the chance to do while working full time, including a great deal of golf, tennis, and reading. Brian also spends time on nonprofit work and investment banking advisory work with a specialized new york firm. the Mahers have a 29-year-old daughter who is completing her ph.d. and teaching arabic at the undergraduate level at Ut (austin), as well as a 23-year-old son in law school in Boston. william monroe is in paris as deputy resident representative at the U.s. Mission to the oeCd after a short transition in the state dept., following a three year stint as U.s. ambassador to Bahrain. Dr. Amy (redlick) Sands is the provost of the Monterey institute of international studies in Monterey, California. amy has been at the institute as deputy director of the James Martin Center for nonproliferation studies, dean of the graduate school of international policy studies, and has served as provost for the past 14 years. Douglas B. wilson was confirmed by U.s. senate in February as assistant secretary of defense for public affairs. he’ll serve as the principal advisor to the secretary of defense for public information, internal information, community relations, information training, and audiovisual matters in support of

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 21

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dod activities, leading a worldwide public affairs community of military and civilian personnel. Frank young was appointed in January as acting senior deputy assistant administrator for Usaid’s asia Bureau. Frank is actually Usaid’s senior most official on asia as the agency awaits a political appointee for the position of assistant administrator for asia to be nominated. mian zaheen has bounced back nicely after giving us a scare in november, and plans to be in Medford for the Fletcher Board of advisors meeting during the commencement weekend this May. he is ever grateful for the support of family and friends, particularly the Fletcher variety. in his own words from london: “i had a kidney transplant from my selfless and brave sister last november. all went well and i have renewed my lease on life thanks to my sister’s love and generosity. the greatest ever Fletcherite was by my bedside when i woke up in intensive Care after a six-hour surgery. yes, Andrei vandoros, F71, lucy, his beautiful wife, and eugenia, F10, their wonderful daughter and another great Fletcherite, visited me every day and cheered me up. i should say they helped me laugh away my ordeal. what pain or agony when such tremendous affection is shown: good Fletcher training prevailed! the other Musketeer, yes, michael Dobbs, F72, had me in stitches with text messages, and also let me read his latest and greatest book before it was published. the reluctant hero is a masterpiece and should be mandatory reading at Fletcher. why? Because it is set in Kyrgyzstan and guess what, the book lays out the current spate of affairs in stark realism fully five months before they unfolded.” 1976 reunion 2011 may

1977 the asia-pacific Center for security studies has selected ambassador (ret.) lauren Moriarty as the new dean of academics in the College of security studies. an asia expert and former U.s. career diplomat, ambassador Moriarty will join the center as dean this summer. 1979 Dorin howitt Stephanie monahan stephaniepickmanmonahan@ 1981 reunion 2011 may 1982 nicolai Sarad 1984 nancy Anderson Sones Fred Knecht writes that he recently joined Covington & Burling in new york as a partner in the capital markets and corporate law practices. Before joining Covington, Fred was the general counsel for the global investment banking and private equity businesses at Merrill lynch (prior to its acquisition by Bank of america), and previously held a similar role at goldman sachs. hayes B. gladstone, Md, sent in his first update to the Fletcher news! he is currently the director of the division of dermatologic surgery and associate professor at stanford University. he is involved in the university’s global health initiative. in 2003, he co-founded the Blade and light society, which organizes volunteer facial surgery missions to emerging countries. his research ranges from the remote diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer using virtual reality and robotics to minimally invasive

22 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

cosmetic surgery. he has also performed cancer related research on the atomic bomb survivors in hiroshima, Japan. in his field he has over 65 publications including 25 chapters and one book. orna Ben-naftali, F86, F00, in addition to F84, is dean of the law school, the College of Management academic studies in israel. she lives by the sea in Jaffa, tel-aviv. the latest book she edited, International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law: Pas de Deux (oxford Univ. press), is forthcoming in 2011. she is a member of the editorial board of the European Journal of International Law. the summer of 2010, she will spend at the Max planck institute for international and Comparative law, heidelberg, germany. chung min lee has taken on the roll of dean of the graduate school of international studies at yonsei University, and was also appointed by president lee Myung-Bak of the republic of Korea as ambassador for international security affairs and global issues. he has been a member of both the presidential Council on Future and Vision and the presidential Foreign policy advisory Council since 2008. dr. lee is also an adjunct senior Fellow for asian security at the international institute for strategic studies (iiss). 1985 edith Johnson millar 1986 mark Ferri reunion 2011 may pete haymond, and Dusadee (nid) haymond, nee Sanguansook, F87, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last year. they reside in Vientiane, laos, where pete is assigned to the U.s. embassy. nid is currently

supervising construction of a house in Chiang rai, thailand, which may eventually prove to be their retirement home. nid haymond’s various publications are all in thai, but their daughter Faye donaya haymond, a sophomore at the University of Mary washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has two young adult novels both available on Halloween Romance and Bite Me; her third novel, waking echoes, will be published in July. Bill lyons reports that 2010 has been a good year so far. his third book, Sound-Bite Saboteurs: Public Discourse, Education, and the State of Democratic Deliberation, was recently published; the University of akron where Bill is a professor of political science and director of its Center for Conflict Management, has selected him as outstanding teacher of the year. Bill writes, “at 50, i am still enjoying playing basketball, ping-pong, volleyball, and working in my garden.” mara marinaki is now living in Vienna, austria, since 2007 when she was appointed ambassador by the greek government to serve as the permanent representative of greece to the organisation for security and Cooperation in europe (osCe). when greece chaired the osCe in 2009, Mara led the 56 osCe participating nations on all issues pertaining to security and cooperation in europe. Mara writes that she is “very happily married to computer engineer Jankos Mavropoulos and commuting between a seaside home in athens and Vienna— together with willy, our westie dog, and two lovely stray cats who keep us on our toes.” Karen powell writes that having left washington, d.C., in 2005 for three years of sailing, she currently resides on her farm in France making red wine. toneema haq and freshman roommate suzanne Cushing (and respective spouses) rendezvoused in paris last year—the first time

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she and suzanne had seen one another in more than 19 years. toneema has met up with their other roommate, anne Frenette, each year in ottawa. toneema writes that her son visited tufts in mid-april and soon will be applying to colleges.

Haq and Cushing in Paris

lJ Jia sends greetings from Beijing where in 2006 he joined Brown Brothers harriman there as chief representative and senior vice president after spending 20 years with american express running its China Business in Beijing, hong Kong, and shanghai. lJ’s wife, Frances Fremont-smith, has been involved in education, international student exchange, and conservation work for the past 25 years. lJ’s eldest son eliot is graduating in May from Middlebury College as captain of both the tennis and squash teams, and daughter grace is in her ninth year at the at the western academy of Beijing, active in soccer, volleyball, and music. lJ, Frances, and family return to Boston quite often and spend summer and Christmas at their home on Mt. desert island in Maine. 1987 David Schwartz David.Schwartz@thompsonhine. com tom Assad joined Jp Morgan’s private Bank in Boston in september 2009 as a senior banker responsible for developing new relationships with high net worth individuals and families in the new england region. he served in a similar role at Us trust Company for close to five years. Jp Morgan’s

private Bank works with clients across the financial landscape with expertise in investment management to complex credit deals (art and aircraft financing to large mortgages). tom and his wife nancy live in Medway, Massachusetts, with their two sons, Christopher, 10, and greg, 8. Both boys are active in their respective travel teams for soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. tom can be reached at thomas.w.assad@ paul and christine lauper Bagatelas recently hosted ten students from Fletcher’s international Business Club in dubai at a dinner reception and program featuring dr. eliot Kalter, senior fellow for local capital markets and the sovereign wealth Fund initiative (swFi) at the Fletcher school’s Center for emerging Market enterprises, and thomas holt, Jr., adjunct professor of international law at the Fletcher school and swFi. More than 30 students, alumni, professors, applicants, spouses, and friends participated in the lively discussion led by eliot and tom. ginna Brelsford writes, “i am currently working with an agent at sterling and lord to publish a book on my niece, Christa Brelsford, who was the first american woman airlifted out of haiti. Christa lost her leg and continues to speak out on the importance of haiti and the recovery efforts. she received remarkable publicity from larry King to Cnn and the New York Times; even People magazine featured her. the bottom line is that she knows her story is not only about the triumph of the human spirit and how happy she is to be alive and continue with her rock climbing, etc.; it is to shine a light on the people of haiti and the important literacy work she and her brother Julian have been doing for if anyone reading this can send me helpful directions for background on haiti and how to best use a platform like this to build upon a

continued focus on haiti, it would be greatly appreciated. we all know that after one disaster, the next one takes on a life of its own.” laurie Farris is currently posted to abu dhabi as a commercial counselor at the U.s. embassy there, where she recently hosted a visiting group of students from Fletcher. she’s been in abu dhabi for the past year and half, where she runs the commercial section in both the embassy and in the Consulate general in dubai. “the Uae is the top U.s. export market in the Middle east/north africa region, dubai meltdown notwithstanding, so it’s a busy and interesting place,” she writes. she and her family—her husband and two sons, ages 5 and 8—are currently slated to rotate to Brussels in the summer of 2011. Janet Feldman reports, “since the January 12, 2010, earthquake in haiti, i have been networking and working with a variety of groups and individuals who are focused on relief and rebuilding. in this process, i connected with a dynamic student group at Fletcher now who were at the heart of the U.s. crisis-mapping team for Ushahidi. … in conjunction with a Un international donor’s meeting on haiti, a coalition of women and groups with links to haiti issued a ‘gender shadow report’ to the official ‘post-disaster needs assessment’ developed by the government of haiti and others. the shadow report consists of a series of issues and recommendations related to gender mainstreaming in the rebuilding process itself, and also in a reconstructed haiti, a stated aspiration in the pdna document. i worked on sections related to the environment, disaster responses and risk reduction, and governance. there is also a dynamic initiative in formation that welcomes both women and men who want to ensure that haitian women and a broad range of civil-society groups are an integral part

of all decision-making, policy formulation, and programming that occurs around a reconstituted country. this is called ‘poto Mitan: rebuilding haiti.’ our website will be ready soon.” meribeth germino is the proud mom of two fabulous teenage boys and wife to husband of 20 years, ricardo Molano. after 13 years at genentech in the hr organization as a principal leadership development consultant, she is finally able to put her Fletcher degree to use now that genentech is part of the roche organization and has facilitation and coaching opportunities around the world. international travel with her family is always a highlight for their vacations. last year they went to portugal, and this year it’s to sicily. Meribeth requests that, “if you’re in the sF Bay area, do not hesitate to let me know so we can grab coffee!”

Germino family

Alexandre gourevitch reports, “the time comes when the most exciting part of ‘updating friends and classmates’ is to write about the kids. Victor, alias petit Victor, was born in June 2009. he has the most unusual set of hair on the head, and his crawling around the house is irresistibly charming. also, i’ve reconnected with mark Feierstein recently, and his now teenage daughter will be visiting us in paris this summer. on the professional front, and hoping for Fletcher’s forgiveness, i have branched off into the frivolous industry of leisure and tourism, and started a couple of businesses. the main one is ‘see paris with a parisian,’ free guided tours around paris. see, and do touch base when you’re next visiting paris.”

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 23

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laurie macnamara hendrickson is a principal with Booz allen’s financial services practice, based in Mclean, Virginia. laurie is actively involved with the firm’s work with financial reform, providing management and it consulting support to the U.s. treasury department and the Federal reserve system, and co-leading Booz allen’s systemic risk analysis services. laurie, her husband Bill hendrickson, F88, and their daughter Fiona live in alexandria, Virginia. Dr. colette mazzucelli was profiled in the educators Bulletin by the Council on Foreign relations. she participated in the first Jean Monnet Conference analyzing european Union treaty reforms at dalhousie University in halifax, nova scotia, 22–23 March 2010.

Colette Mazzucelli at Jean Monnet Conference, far right pedro moreno recently assumed responsibilities as deputy director for operations at the agency for persons with disabilities for the state of Florida in tallahassee. he oversees 15 area offices and three developmental disabilities centers located throughout the state. Sam rovit returned to Bain & Co. two years ago after being Ceo of swift & Co., managing it through a turnaround and then selling the business to JBs of Brazil. today, sam leads Bain’s global agribusiness practice where he works with companies in crops, protein, and fertilizer on growth strategy, operations improvement, organization design, and M&a. he and his wife abigail live in Chicago.

beauty gabriella Margot—”gigi”— to the family, 30 november 2009. david was also recently appointed to the Fletcher school’s ll.M. advisory Council and continues to practice international trade law at thompson hine llp in washington, d.C.

Gabriella Margot Schwartz

Akira Sugiyama is with the Japanese Foreign service and now works at the Japanese Mission to the United nations, dealing with budgetary and administrative affairs of the Un. akira muses, “so, more than 20 years after graduation, i’m back in the United states. i live in Manhattan (Upper west side) with my wife, emi.” rick weston writes, “during my most recent stay in Beijing (i spend two to three months a year in China), i took a weekend off to whip down to hanoi to see mary and Jim packard winkler (F88 and F87, respectively), who i hadn’t seen in some sixteen years. it was Mary’s birthday, and we spent the weekend touring the city and celebrating with their friends, among them former peace Corps volunteers and the current head of save the Children in Vietnam. they and their boys are doing very well, and they treated me to a wonderful couple of days. hanoi is an altogether delightful city—small, green, accessible, and very friendly—and it moved immediately into that category of places i will visit again: and in fact that visit is already being planned. Karen and i will spend a week in Vietnam in october. it’s a remarkable country.”

Class secretary David Schwartz, his wife nina and daughter eva lillian welcomed auburn-haired

24 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

1988 thomas Smitham on april 15, Karen Donfried, Vice-president of the german Marshall Fund of the United states, was honored by the Belgian ambassador and received a Belgian official decoration. Karen was awared the title of “officier de l’ordre de la Couronne” (officer in the order of the Crown). she received this decoration for her work at the german Marshall Fund of the United states, in particular for the leadership that she brought to the organization of the gMF’s “Brussels forum”. 1989 Beatriz Boccalandro For a change, this update is a “no work” zone. the last two write ups have firmly established that we are ambitious, work hard, and achieve plenty. this one focuses on the softer side of our lives: family, Fletcher friends, and fun. Farukh Amil lives in islamabad, pakistan, but recently visited pam Berkowsky, F88, and her husband, adam, in st. thomas, U.s. Virgin islands. adam, an ace pilot on the side, took Farukh for a spin over the islands. Farukh is also in touch with moncef Khane, who has recently become a father; Katie Johnson, who came to a d.C. dinner party; tess (ortiz) oxenstierna, who brought her daughter to a school trip to the Un, where Farukh gave a speech; melanie edwards, who appears to be doing something interesting in Brazil; and lisa Swenarski, molly phee and Andrew wilder. Farukh listens to dar williams, greg laswell, and turin Brakes on his ipod and recommends everybody do the same. Blair laBarge lives in Bucharest, romania with his wife, evonne, and three children—alex (13), amanda (11), and Brandon (8). they spend as much time

as possible traveling around romania—especially the beautiful region of transylvania— and around other parts of europe; and trades occasional emails with Ben Driggs, who is in salt lake City, Utah, cathy mcAuliffe, who is in washington, d.C., and other class members. Jose cruz-osorio and his wife, amanda, are back in new york City after living in Mexico City for five years. their two sons, niko (10) and emiliano (5), are big on soccer, and Jose has rediscovered his passion for photography. Jose claims that now Karla Brom is better friends with amanda, and keeps in regular touch with lawrence Saez and tomas rojas. Brian gibbs has lived in Bad homburg, near Frankfurt, germany, since 1990 with his wife Barbara and three children, anna (13), emily (11) and liam (9); keeps in touch with Joseph roussel and Steve walker, as well as with other members of the Fletcher european advisory group; has been a member of Fletcher’s eag for several years; skis in austria; and travels to the U.s. in the summer. Joseph roussel, in addition to keeping in touch with Brian, enjoys learning about Chinese tea, collecting Chinese scholar’s rocks and parenting—with his wife, Jana—two teenagers, robert (16) and Claire (14). and, yes, he really did say he enjoyed being the father to teenagers. Steve liston is in Brasilia, Brazil, with his wife susan and three children—david (12), elizabeth (9), and anna (5)— but will be moving to Madrid, spain, in august. he is in touch with Fletcher folks in the state department—including rhonda Shore and Dick wilbur—and with Jose cruz. he completed a master’s in religion through reformed theological seminary last year and continues to enjoy studying and teaching theology. Ariel cohen lives in washington, d.C., with his wife rena and son

cl ass NOTes

el’ad (16). his daughter tal-or (19) moved to israel. he is in touch with many Fletcherites, including prof. richard Shultz and Jim phillips, F79, and can be found sailing or windsurfing. Amy goldman lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband philip and three children, nicholas (13), Julia (10), and (surprise!) nadia (2). Minnesota has awakened the athletic side of the family, and they sail, hike, ski, run, walk, swim, and get outside whenever they can. But she claims that all that healthiness is “balanced with wine and cooking.” she keeps in touch with Karla Brom, John glover, Kerry traylor, maryellen peebles, molly phee, libby osbourne, and others. Susanne Klemm lives in a small village called Matran in the French speaking part the middle of switzerland, with her husband, Francois grognuz, and five children, Floriane (16), delphine (14), olivier (12), diane (9), and Morgane (6). she loves travelling with the crowd, walking in the mountains, and reading; and hopes to see many of us when she, hopefully, comes to the United states in the summer of 2011. Much to his surprise, conrad rubin lives in new york City. he, his wife Catherine and two boys—Jeremy (9) and Benjamin (4)—play baseball; travel to Cape Cod every august with the boys’ grandparents (we all know granddad as professor Alfred rubin!); bike, throw balls, and eat lots of pasta. Anne Donohue has three children and one husband; lives in Belmont, Massachusetts; sees carol hills at wgBh the world occasionally; and doesn’t have much fun to report because, sadly, she is “working too much.” mosud mannan and his wife nuzha live in Berlin near a lake in a house in the woods. he plays golf, reads political biographies, and listens to classical music. Stephan crawford is living in san

Francisco, playing flamenco guitar and doing sculpture by night. David Saybolt lives in arlington, Virginia, with his wife ann and three kids—henry and teddy (twins, 4), and elanor (1); has a blast coaching henry’s t-ball team; keeps in touch with James loewen and Andrew wilder; and owes me a lunch date. phyllis Dininio lives in wayland, Massachusetts, in a beautiful deckhouse with her husband, wynn, and three daughters, sophia (10), alexa (9) and nadia (5). she sings in a choir and recently put up with a different kind of noise: me and all three of my kids undulating on our backyard tire swing, shrieking the whole way up and back.

had not seen each other since 1990, until marcia greenberg, F91, informed Jindra about Fred’s presence in Freetown. Fred writes that he and Jindra had a wonderful time discussing development, peace-building, and fragile states. Jindra heads her own consulting firm, Cekan Consulting, on “datafor-appreciative-decision-making, food security/livelihoods, hiV/aids technical assistance, training, and proposals,” based in washington, d.C. Fred will return to the peacekeeping department at Un headquarters in new york at the end of his sierra leone assignment in 2010.

Until next time, may you continue to enjoy family, Fletcher friends, and fun. 1990 Joy yamamoto with a background in finance and dealing with large numbers of possible scenarios, randall carlson’s perspective has taken on other worldly proportions. he is the president of rC astronomical sciences, which is engaged in exploring the universe. galactic astronomy (i.e., the study of galaxies) is gaining traction, as nasa, the national science Foundation, and private institutions build ever-larger telescopes. of course, intergalactic travel is still a long way off. previously, randall ran his own investment banking firm, rC Capital advisors, specializing in mergers and acquisitions. he lives in the greater Boston area. Fred mallya is the director of the democratic institutions section of the United nations integrated peacebuilding Mission in sierra leone (Unipsil). he met up with Jindra cekan during her visit last year to sierra leone’s capital, Freetown, where she was doing a consultancy on food security. they

Fred Mallya and Jindra Cekan during Jindra’s visit to Freetown, Sierra Leone

Joseph marcel-St. louis Demertine is the founder and medical director of servimedhaiti, a private nonprofit health organization registered in haiti in 2006 to provide health and health education services to haiti’s rural communities. Joseph’s organization is now involved in providing urgent care to those injured in the devastating earthquake that struck haiti in January. ric miranda reports that he hosted Jairo hernandez at his salt lake City, Utah, home in January. ric also visited geoff merrill in Falmouth, Massachusetts, in July 2009 and returned the hospitality when geoff visited salt lake City in January. the two were seen “stalking rising trout somewhere along the Utah-Colorado border” in early May. always eager to support the entrepreneur, theresa moran is overjoyed to report that Mark—as in Mark Montgomery educational

Consulting—has a company that provides services of great use to her three children. Mark’s firm offers college selection and admissions assistance. after Mark’s firm guides her children into college, theresa says, she would like to “run away from the mainland and join pam rotner Sakamoto in hawaii.” neal walker reports from Kyrgyzstan, where he has spent the last three and a half years serving as the Un resident coordinator and Undp representative. Un secretary general Ban Ki-moon completed a whirlwind tour of Central asia and met neal’s staff, as well as Kyrgyzstan’s then government leaders and opposition figures. shortly thereafter, street mobs brought down president Bakiev’s government, and the country continues in an extremely fragile state. neal says the Un program has yielded good results and the system will be put to the test in the new context of political turmoil. Both of neal’s two children are now in college. Many classmates may recall that neal’s son was born during our time at Fletcher. wow, there’s a startling reminder of how long ago we departed our study carrels. 1991 emma Drew reunion 2011 may emma Drew writes, “i am currently in Melbourne with my family. we’ve been here 18 months now. it’s been a very good journey all round. i am still working with KpMg, seconded from the london office. it has been a fantastic opportunity to live here. the children are relishing their ocean life and outside sports, and i swim in the ocean every day when not in the office, which is my big treat. thanks to those of you of you who’ve made contact. it’s always so good to connect after many years.” elena Suarez is at the idB,

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 25

cl ass NOTes

managing the bank’s youth development program, latino relations, and other external relations areas such as publications, marketing and social campaigns. she lives with her husband and two daughters in potomac. elena met up at the last reunion with Sara melnick and monique gaudin. sara continues to work in the education field and is mother of three, and Monique is in new orleans, also working in the education sector and is mom of both a boy and girl. marcia greenberg reports that as her husband is retiring from Cornell, they will be fully out of ithaca and completely based in southern Maryland by the middle of June. their new home (dating back to the eighteenth century!) is on a creek two hours south of washington, d.C. they have already hosted some Fletcher alumni with families, including martha Brettschneider, Jindra cekan, tom Kennedy, Alice and ted clark, and wendy and Andy Swire, and they hope to see others there in the coming years. peter Kessler is living in london and was married in december to rachel lavy at a country church near Canterbury. rachel is a humanitarian adviser with the department for international development for the UK government, and peter is on the final stretch of his six year tour in london as head of external relations with the Un refugee agency, UnhCr. peter and rachel met in november 2008 but had nearly crossed paths years before, as both had been based in Bosnia where rachel was a delegate with the international red Cross and peter was a spokesman for the humanitarian aid operation. they also missed each other in pristina, Kosovo, in 1999, and in pakistan in 2001, so it took life in england to bring them together. Shamsul haque’s news is that he is in new york as Bangladesh consul general where he has been since 2007. he occasionally joins

Fletcher Club n.y. Meetings and dean Bosworth’s receptions. Darlene Sambo has completed her second full year of teaching in political science department of University of alaska, anchorage, where she is responsible for the international relations focus. she received a guest lecture (to my international relations class) from our classmate Dr. maryse robert on oas trade and economic development issues on 31 March. darlene made a chapter contribution to the Un published volume on the State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. wendy vincent will be in tel aviv until 2012—never a dull moment, she reports. wendy visited Melbourne and tasmania for three weeks in January/February (attending aussie open tennis— highly recommended) and bought house in hobart. clark thompson returned to working in new york after spending most of last year in london helping a major investment bank design and implement straight through processing for their rates derivatives business. he was promoted to senior manager at deloitte last september, and is looking forward to a new lead role building deloitte’s derivatives technology practice in the U.s. this year. he is still living in philadelphia with his wife laura, son gus (15), and daughter lydia (13). they hosted a Fletcher Club event in november, and he looks forward to catching up with any classmates either in nyC or philly. Jennifer prah ruger has recently published a book, Health and Social Justice, with the Clarendon press of oxford University press. a synopsis of the book as follows: societies make decisions and take actions that profoundly impact the distribution of health. why and how should collective choices be made, and policies implemented, to address health inequalities under conditions of resource scarcity? how should societies

26 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

conceptualize and measure health disparities, and determine whether they’ve been adequately addressed? who is responsible for various aspects of this important social problem? roland pearson and yoon Jung park, and their eight-year-old daughter, siana, will be leaving Johannesburg in July to return (finally) to the Us. (they have been in africa since 1994 and 1995, respectively.) they will be heading to the washington, d.C., area, where roland will be taking up a new position as director of enterprise development for aed, leading the organization’s strategy and operations in this fast-evolving field. yoon will maintain her research affiliation with the Centre for sociological research at the University of Johannesburg through the end of the year, giving her ample time to finish up some writing projects (on Chinese in southern africa; her book on Chinese south africans, called A Matter of Honour was released in the U.s. in april 2009); she hopes to find a job with one of the many prestigious universities and/or research centers in the area. James Andersen reports that he is now working as a professor at the george C. Marshall european Center for security studies in garmisch, germany. his family is renting an apartment with beautiful views of the snow-capped alps. they will be here until at least 2012, possibly longer. the clarks (also currently in germany) came to visit a few weeks ago, and they all had a blast skiing. Deb russell Koua and Sandra medieros are in touch and have made contact. sandra is still working for trans-national research, a consulting firm that’s been around for almost 25 years that works with many of the household names in dedicated emerging markets funds. her company provides “a non wall street,” objective perspective on the macroeconomic and political trends

driving clients’ eM investments. sandra has three children. 1992 Kristen pendleton Class of ‘92 colleagues invite us to visit them in Chicago, Boston, new york, and Florida. road trip, anyone? paulo Bilyk writes, “great news from Brazil. the new dean/ president of the University of são paulo is a Fletcher alum. João grandindo rodas, F78, F85, was appointed yesterday by the governor of the state of são paulo, José serra, picking from a list of three “elected” candidates. José serra clearly stated his preference for grandino rodas because of his academic and professional credentials (he was second in the actually tally of votes). i know the new dean quite well. he has been to a couple of our club meetings. he has fond memories of Fletcher and often suggests the school to his most outstanding students at the law school (são Francisco). i suggest this might be a good interview for the tufts Magazine. he has a big task ahead of him: the university needs a big makeover; it is over-politicized and is full of cranky pressure groups on all sides. students are a bother as well and can cause trouble. Usp needed a superlative new leader to connect it to the world and open up its academics and research. if anyone is up to the challenge it is our friend João grandino rodas.” tariq Ali works as an independent consultant examining financial institutions after having been a Cpa. tariq lives in tampa with his wife, a clinical research scientist at University of south Florida, and two children: daughter (19) is completing her freshman year at gw in washington, d.C., and son (12) is in middle school. “if any of you happens to be in our area, you are welcome to stay with us.” patrice Dabrowski is director

cl ass NOTes

of the 2010 harvard Ukrainian summer institute (come join her this summer for courses in Ukrainian language, literature, and history). she will be teaching east Central european history at UMass amherst this coming academic year and is always happy to meet up with friends in the Boston area. rajarathinam Kannan works as a political officer with the United nations in Kosovo and celebrates the launch of his latest book Anna: The Life and Times of C.N. Annadurai by Shashi tharoor, F76, F77, F79. raluca oncioiu continues to manage the immigration legal services department and the new york state immigration hotline at Catholic Charities in new york. she lives in Brooklyn, with her son, tristan, who is in second grade. should you find yourself in the new york area, you can drop her an email and she will be happy to show you around town. Aman rashid has represented pakistan as consul general in Chicago since July 2007. any one passing through Chicago is welcome. 1993 Dorothy zur muhlen-tomaszewska dorothy.zurmuhlen@mail.doc. gov 1994 mi Ae geoum taylor Most of our news this time comes from washington, d.C. mark manyin, who is a specialist in the asia division of the Congressional research service, tells me that the Council on Foreign relations has selected him for a 2010–2011 international affairs Fellowship in Japan. the fellowship is sponsored by hitachi. he will spend four months in tokyo and seoul researching Japan-south Korea relations. his wife Karen, and his children, Katie (9) and

Julia (6), will join him in tokyo next summer. if you need hello Kitty paraphernalia, he has offered to take orders, if you live in washington. Just on the other side of Capitol hill, Saurabh Shah has taken a position at the securities and exchange Commission as special counsel for Commissioner troy paredes. he hopes his work on financial sector reforms will help strike a delicate balance between regulation and free markets. saurabh is splitting his time between new york and d.C. he invites Fletcher friends in either city to look him up at 202-551-2701 or elizabeth mcclintock writes, “i did pass my exams and am on to the next phase of the ph.d. i will defend my dissertation proposal sometime before the end of the year and will finally be able to start my research. i am in Burundi doing some work now and will be back in Medford for some of the summer months.” 1995 larry hanauer as of writing, about a half-dozen classmates were planning to attend our 15th reunion in Medford. please send your accounts of the events! on March 4, the U.s. senate confirmed erin conaton as Under secretary of the air Force, the service’s second-highest civilian official. as the air Force’s chief management officer, she oversees the air Force’s annual budget of more than $110 billion, and she is responsible for organizing, training, equipping and providing for the welfare of more than 334,000 men and women on active duty, 176,000 members of the air national guard and the air Force reserve, 170,000 civilians, and their families. erin writes, “Fletcher has a little kabal of hill staff directors. rick Kessler, F74, and i were invited to the white house for the president’s Congressional

allied Commander Admiral James Stavrides, F83, F84.

holiday Ball. Fletcher alums pictured from left to right are Bill Flens, F99, myself, pamela cox, F76, and rick Kessler.”

mike Jacobson left the washington institute for near east studies in april to serve as a senior advisor to the state department’s Coordinator for Counterterrorism.

Fletcher Alums at the President’s Congressional Holiday Ball

Beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year, Duncan hollis will serve as associate dean of temple University’s Beasley school of law. he has begun a number of research efforts focusing on the laws of war as they apply (or don’t) in cyberspace. Anne-Sophie cremers reports that she’s been back in Belgium for about 14 years. she got married, lives in Bruges, and has two sons, ages 10 and 6. after working for a while in consultancy, she heads up training & development for toyota in europe, which involves looking after 23 companies, lots of travel, and taking care of the development of toyota’s blue-collar, white-collar and management in europe. good to hear from you, anne-sophie! Stephan Berwick wrote and directed the “Final weapon,” a dark martial arts film starring legendary rock musician lou reed. the short film, which also features reed’s vintage music, was submitted to film competitions including Cannes, la shorts, austin Film Festival, and other events. stephan’s five-year old daughter, nava, became a Balinese dancer with santi Budaya, the country’s top indonesian dance troupe. work-wise, stephan is still at CsC, serving as one of the corporation’s seven Competitive intelligence leaders. this spring, evelyn Farkas began working at the pentagon as a senior advisor to nato supreme

lisa levasseur writes that she and her swiss husband, who held a civil wedding in september 2009, had twins olivia isabella and lucas robert in november. they will have a church wedding in Maine (where lisa grew up) this summer. she has changed her name to lisa levasseur Berlinger. since May 2009, Desiree Filippone has served as director of government relations for the U.s. olympic Committee. olaf groth writes from Berkeley, Ca, that he leads a relationship with a U.s. government client, for which he and his team at Monitor 360 provide foresight, strategy and analysis frameworks for Clean tech innovation trends and other emerging global issues. this occasionally gets him back to the east coast, where he has met up with a number of classmates in washington and new york. Brigitte Smith reports from australia that she is teaching entrepreneurial Finance at Melbourne Business school, as well as investing in early stage biotech and medical device companies at gBs Venture partners. Joel rehnstrom and his family -eugenia lizano, F90, sofia (8) and olivia (5) – are back in geneva after 5 years in Beijing. Joel continues to work for the Un program on aids (Unaids) as director of budget and finance. after tours in delhi, Baghdad, and Manila, christian hougen returned to Usaid headquarters in washington, where he serves as an advisor on Usaid civil-military and counterinsurgency policy. his wife haiman continues with the international Finance Corporation, and their daughter helen will have graduated from

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 27

cl ass NOTes

swarthmore College by the time this newsletter appears. 1996 Karen coppock reunion 2011 may apologies to monish verma, i inadvertently referred to him as a her—oops! Mistakes are bound to happen but sorry about that one, Monish! Congratulations are in order to Andrea rauber, the proud mother of new twin boys— nicolas Francis paul and philippe Christophe rené, who were born at the beginning of February. with her son Marc, she now has three boys! she will return to working for the swiss president as her foreign policy advisor (the president is a woman since 1 January 2010) in June after maternity leave. victoria Francis was married on saturday, 27 March to arthur Collins in Boston’s King’s Chapel parrish house in a small family wedding. she is the director of private clients at Cardno emerging Markets—a development consulting firm in d.C.—and art was a lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corp and is now at the pentagon working in the policy division. she is greatly looking forward to their long honeymoon in st. Martin—her first real vacation in some six years. Jason Forrester, who now works in the pentagon as a political appointee for the assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs, was married to adrienne willis on Valentine’s day 2010 in longboat Key, Florida. sanjay, Jason’s son who is almost eight, was the ring bearer. Sara ivry also has some good news to share—she took advantage of the first-time homebuyers credit and has bought an apartment in Brooklyn. she’s a senior editor at Tablet

Magazine, an online Jewish magazine, where she hosts a weekly podcast called Vox tablet. the podcast was just named the winner in the category of Best podcast at the national Magazine awards for digital media. it’s the first time asMe (the body that bestows the awards) has given its famed “ellie” award for podcasting. our alumni in academia are getting the Fletcher name out. Anthony wanis-St. John, F96, F01, went to Chad on behalf of Usip in december 2009 to meet with various darfur rebel movement commanders, as part of dos-sponsored efforts to unite the fragmented movements. he presented on a panel at the isa Convention in February 2010 in new orleans with fellow Fletcherites Darren Kew, F94, F02, and David lanz, F08, as well as Fletcher’s own prof. eileen Babbitt. also attending isa were wonderful Fletcher friends such as liz mclintock, F94, richard ponzio, F97, Kuniko Ashizawa, F97, F05, and vera eccarius-Kelly, F96, F02, among many others. anthony conducted a training for the department of state’s Civilian response Corps in February and ran into tim roorda, F93, who was attending the session. melissa conley tyler chaired a session at the isa Convention bringing together eight institutes of international affairs from around the world to reflect on their role in bridging theory and practice. this included Fletcher alumnus Alberto Sepulveda, F71, of the instituto de relaciones internacionales, Chile. other Fletcher grads making their presence felt at the Convention included Susan Banki, who recently received a job offer to stay in australia and swell the ranks of Fletcher alumni down under. and careers are booming: in november 2009, rhonda longmore joined printronix inc. as their chief financial officer. printronix is a global designer and manufacturer of industrial

28 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

tracking and printing products and solutions. with operations across the world, rhonda looks forward to connecting with some of her old Fletcher friends when on business travels. Bob hinkle is living in san Francisco with his wife Meghan and their three kids, lyla, samantha, and elliott. he has started a new company called Metrus energy that provides financing for large energy efficiency projects at commercial and industrial facilities. Metrus closed a series a investment round last year with a european investment group and recently closed its first energy efficiency project with Bae systems, inc. Congrats Bob! le Kim lam is now working in the seafood industry in Vietnam. Dan Klocke is the vice president of development for the downtown phoenix partnership, the business improvement district in the core of phoenix, working to attract investment and affordable housing to downtown. he is married to shannon Clancy—they got married the last semester of Fletcher and now have four kids Quinn (11), Keelin (9), rory (5), and Finnegan (2). they are slowly rehabbing an old house (by phoenix standards: 1926) and are enjoying life and having fun watching the kids grow. ralph Boeckmann and his family live in northern Virginia. he is currently the country program director of the pakistan program at the defense security Cooperation agency (dsCa) in arlington, Virginia. he and his team manage all the armament, equipment, and training programs for pakistan. given the current high visibility and interest in the afghanistan and pakistan activities, they stay very busy. 1997 Alexia latortue the Class of 1997 continues to do well and be productive. Babies,

babies, babies: we have a great pipeline of future Fletcherites. Jeremie waterman and his wife rachel welcomed their first baby, Jacob (Jake) nathan, in the midst of a February snowstorm in washington, d.C. the family is healthy, happy, and enjoying their new home in Chevy Chase.

Jeremie Waterman, Rachel, and Jake

in Boston, Dia warren and her husband, suresh, are keeping busy with their expanded family. akash was born in January, joining brother, ranjan (2), and sancho (the dog). her family is in good company with many other classmates in the area with young children. this includes rajeev Sawant, peter cramer, David Brecht, lisa (Bozoyan) Sebesta, candance lun plotkin, and christine (gebuhr) Kowalczuk.

Dia Warren’s sons Akash and Ranjan

across the atlantic in Zurich, Ariane (guido) enggist welcomed her second son, philipe, who joins a proud older brother, Frederik, and husband, Markus. after five years with yahoo!, lee clancy left 1.5 years ago and is now senior vice president of

cl ass NOTes

product management and general manager of direct revenue for iMVU, an online community in which members use 3d avatars to meet new people, chat, create, and play with their friends. iMVU has the world’s largest catalog of virtual goods with 3M+ items, and this virtual economy has been growing quite nicely (contrary to the real economy). he would be happy for classmates to look him up in san Francisco, along with his australian wife sarah, and their two kids, son Finn (5) and daughter sevilla (“sevi,” 2). Scott powell is also enjoying California and his new job where he works with lots of smart women! (www. Bob Cassidy will finish the naval war Colleague in June and then head to afghanistan to serve as a special assistant in isaF hQ. he has enjoyed his research work, including a piece on stabilizing the pashtun Belt and publishing an essay entitled “war in the information age.” malikkah rollins is back in graduate school getting a master’s in clinical social work at smith College. this degree will allow her to be a psychotherapist, which is what she has been doing for the past two years as part of her training. though she enjoyed international relations (and no doubt meeting all her Fletcher classmates), she feels that psychotherapy is her true “calling.” her son, Miles, just turned six and is a wonderful and a spirited little boy. Dimitri g. vassilacos wrote from the Munich airport en route to Korea and hong Kong. he continues to work on shipping with the national Bank of greece. his work is clearly cut out for him with the troubles facing greece. his wife, sophia, is with the Cultural Foundation of the national Bank of greece, and both she and dimitri are thrilled with emma-eleni (5) who greatly enjoys both school and dance classes.

miriam wasserman devotes much of her time and energy to raising her daughters sophia (5) and sylvia (1) with her husband, hoyt Bleakley. she also writes and edits policy pieces on a freelance basis, though the closest brush she has had with politics so far has been working out next to obama (pre-election) in hyde park, the heart of obamaland. a “so Fletcher” encounter: Jeroen cooreman writes that he bumped into tim Swett, F99, in the middle of the night at the port-au-prince airport in January. tim, who currently serves at the U.s. embassy in Mexico City, had been sent to haiti as reinforcement and was doing check in and passport control for the UsaF flight Jeroen was boarding. he was returning to washington, d.C., after having spent a week in haiti for consular assistance to Belgian citizens and assisting the Belgian first aid and support team that was running a field hospital in the capital. Alexia latortue writes, “i typed up these notes looking on to the beautiful coastline of dakar. i was rerouted to dakar to go to Burkina Faso with the closing of many european airports due to the volcanic eruption in iceland. i continue to travel for work (i am still with Cgap—a policy and research centre on microfinance) from d.C. where i relocated earlier this year.” 1998 t. colum garrity ena michel laliberte writes, “after living in london for three and a half years, we moved to luanda, angola, in July 2009. My husband works for Bp, and i am spending our first year here getting us settled. we have four children ages 7, 4, 2, and 10 months. i hope to be doing some part-time ngo work by the end of the year. i would love to hear from any Fletcher alums who are in the area. we travel quite frequently to south africa, and we plan to

explore more of the continent over the next three years.” rémie roseman christ writes, “My husband oliver and i are thrilled to announce the news of the birth of our twins on 20 February 2010. our little girl is named annabella Kim Christ, and her brother is lukas ronald Christ. we are so thrilled to have them in our lives, and we are enjoying every minute of being new parents, challenges and all. in true Fletcher fashion, we are striving to raise them bilingually, with oliver speaking german to them while i speak english. we look forward to sharing stories and photos of annabella and lukas and introducing them to the Fletcher community.” 1999 meg Donovan after ten years, i am stepping down as class secretary. have no fear, however, ellen Shaw has graciously offered to take over the position and will do a superb job. i’m sure you’ll continue your stellar tradition of reporting on news, large and small, that is eagerly welcomed by your classmates around the world. as for me, i’m now with the Federal reserve (Board of governors) in the division of Banking supervision and regulation. ellen writes that her children aidan (3) and annika (6), are growing fast. ellen, pranav and the kids live on Capitol hill where they will spend the summer renovating their house. “if all goes according to plan, we’ll have some additional room for visiting Fletcher alumni/alumnae!” gregory unruh’s new book Earth, Inc.: Using Nature’s Rules to Build Sustainable Profits comes out this month from harvard Business press. teresa Frontado is still with the Miami Herald, now working as the online editor of elnuevoherald. com (the spanish edition). “the earthquakes in haiti and Chile were very tough, physically and

emotionally, both because of the extra work and because of the sheer horror of the situation. i still cannot forget some of the images that we had to go through. More than one seasoned editor broke down when reviewing them, particularly those from port-au-prince.” teresa’s son Carlitos is now nine and teresita (tita) is six. Carlitos is on the honor roll and wants to learn to speak “all the languages in the world” so he can “talk to everybody.” teresa sees a future at Fletcher! martina volpe Donlon and husband Barnaby and one-year old daughter Camilla are in new york. Barnaby is working as a management consultant and Martina is at the United nations. Daniel Sonder sends news from são paulo, where he is managing a large credit fund for Credit suisse. wife Fabiana and 2.5-year-old daughter gabriela just welcomed a new member of the family, andre, in november 2009. daniel invites anyone going to Brazil to feel free to get in touch! hiroshi takahashi joined Fujitsu research institute last June and works as a research fellow specializing in smart grid issues. he says that in the course of his research he is in contact with various government officials including yojiro hatakeyama, who now works at the national strategy office. yunju Ko writes from seoul, noting that he is now back at the Korean Foreign Ministry after serving in irbil, iraq. yunjo is currently in charge of american congressional issues for the Ministry and says he “misses everyone!” Dana hollywood is in afghanistan, celebrating his ten-year anniversary in the army. dana is serving as a Jag in afghanistan for twelve months (as a defense attorney representing soldiers facing UCMJ action). he’s works out of Bagram, but travels throughout the country.

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 29

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Andrea curti is still teaching law in london (part time), and has decided to run for elected office just seven months after becoming a British citizen. andrea is running for a position on the Cambridge City Council in this May’s general election. if she wins, she promises Vip tours to all her Fletcher classmates. her twins louis and alicia turned two in January. More congratulations to vlada tkach on her third baby, a girl, Mirei, born on 23 February. “the family is complete now—no more kids planned!” Vlada is still in Frankfurt where she works as a freelance risk consultant (she notes that business activity has increased since last year). “it’s been a while since i saw any Fletcherites, unfortunately—i find people do not visit us quite as often now that we are based in Frankfurt and not in Barcelona. But i do keep in touch with Anka Feldhusen, who has just started her tour of duty as second-in-charge in the german embassy in Ukraine.” Congratulations to Joelle Jenny, who welcomed son alexander to the family at the end of december. Joelle, still with dFid, and husband richard were married last december. “we’re absolutely thrilled, if a little sleep deprived.” and caroline rees writes that she and Arne became proud parents to a son (gabriel) in 2009. “gabriel is now nine months old and a wonderful addition to our family. arne moved into a new job at espn in January as chief of staff to the Ceo. i remain on extended leave from the British Foreign office while i work as adviser to John ruggie, the Un secretary-general’s special representative for Business and human rights and run the governance and accountability program at the Corporate social responsibility initiative, which is part of the Kennedy school where John teaches.” Caroline is resident in new york, where she has seen a few old Fletcher friends in recent months,

including mike Khambatta, Frank linden, Fiona oliphant and their adorable children, and most recently Darren Kew whom she saw at a small workshop on company-community conflict in the niger delta. 2000 laura rótolo natasha Franceschi lives in pakistan and is currently working on border security, police reform, and counternarcotics programs at the U.s. embassy in islamabad but will be headed to Brussels in the fall of 2010 as the deputy political counselor at our mission to nato. marcus DuBois King, F00, F08 is now at the Center for naval analyses in alexandria, Virginia, where he studies issues related to the environment and national security. he is also an adjunct professor at georgetown University’s school of Foreign service. his wife Megan went into labor early at the Fletcher holiday reception held at the residence of german Ambassador Klaus Scharioth, F74, F78, in d.C. on december 10, and eva Frances King was born the next morning.

Eva Frances King

after a six-year legal battle, Anna Balogh has reached a settlement agreement with the U.s. state department in december, days before trial was to start. the government had rescinded her job offer in 2004 due to her type 1 diabetes. she expects to start a new job as a U.s. Foreign service officer sometime later this year. she can now add successfully suing two secretaries of state to her resume!

30 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

ingrida Karina-Berzina is still living in riga, latvia, enjoying her solo practice in intellectual property law and teaching law at several local colleges. her contact info is on her website at www. she would love to see any classmates passing through the Baltics. her husband andris is now commuting weekly to london, where he runs marketing for livebookings, europe’s largest online restaurant reservations company. they took the children lucija (9), Kaldis (7), and daris (5) to visit the U.s.—their birth country— this past winter. the children have spent very little time in the states and were puzzled by the funny light switches and parking meters, but found the natives very friendly. the family had a great time catching up with Frank and Karen marlo over lunch in washington.

Ingrida Karina-Berzina, left

maureen rivaille gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Margaux, on 5 august 2009 and is moving into a new home right next to the eiffel tower. she works for the intellectual property solutions division at thomson reuters. Fiona Scholand and family left iceland after three great years there and moved back to the washington, d.C., area. she is taking this year off from the state department to care for their son silas and new daughter Clare Freyja. nadine Duplessy Kearns recently started as executive director of new Community for Children. new Community offers academic- and enrichment-based after school and summer programs for youth who come primarily from the shaw area of washington, d.C.

the program started in 1988 with six kids and has grown to serve close to 300. she is happy to share more about their programming and to talk to d.C. area alumni about volunteer or board opportunities. michele malvesti, who had served for more than five years on the national security Council staff during the Bush administration, including as the senior director for combating terrorism strategy, recently returned to the white house to co-chair the presidential study review reforming the white house organization for homeland security and counterterrorism on behalf of the obama administration. the 60-day review produced 15 primary recommendations and 18 supporting recommendations that focused on internal white house organization, positions, and structure; policy processes and policy development; and internal change management issues. since completing the review, Michele has returned to the private sector, where she is a vice president at science applications international Corporation, a senior fellow at west point’s Combating terrorism Center, and a board member for the special operations warrior Foundation. Shannon mullen o’Keefe and her husband daniel are excited to announce the birth of their baby boy in January this year. Finn patrick o’Keefe was born 11 January 2010. he is little brother to siobhan Catherine (6) and lachlan daniel (4). shannon is enjoying life with her family and works with gallup in omaha, nebraska. Sarah harpending works with the american Center of oriental research in amman, Jordan, as a consultant, and lives in the countryside outside of amman with her husband and two children. 2001 Shantha rau Can’t believe that it’s been about nine years since we graduated from

cl ass NOTes

Fletcher—the time has really gone by fast! hope to see many of you at our 10-year reunion next May! on my end, we just came back from our first visit to india with our son naveen—he’s seven and a half months now and really enjoyed meeting all of my family there, as well as these total strangers during a visit to a temple in Mysore! on the professional side, i joined human rights watch in January as their first disability rights researcher/ advocate. i’m investigating human rights abuses against persons with disabilities in different parts of the world and hope to see Fletcher friends on my research and advocacy trips. i’ll be in Uganda in May—anyone in the neighborhood want to meet in Kampala? i met up with ivana vuco and holly Solberg, F00, on a recent advocacy trip to geneva.

Shantha Rau and son Naveen ivana vuco has now joined the office of the high Commissioner for human rights as deputy coordinator of the Middle east and north africa section based in geneva, with frequent trips to the region.

Susan Banki got her dream job as a lecturer in human rights at the University of sydney. she is teaching in a new Ma program of human rights and democratization with a focus on the asia pacific. Sita Farrell is taking up a new diplomatic assignment as political/ economic officer at the U.s. Mission to the United nations in new york City. zengjun Dong has moved to China, serving as the asia pacific general manager of Cell signaling technology, inc., a U.s. biotechnology company. he and his family are enjoying shanghai, home of the current world eXpo 2010 with a theme of “Better City,

Better life.” Dulce carillo recently joined the board of the Fletcher women’s network of d.C. and hopes to reconnect with many F01 classmates. Julie Bennion visited Auður ingolfsdottir, F99, in iceland and got to see the eyjafjallajokull volcano errupting (before it really blew). then, met up with ursina plüss, in the hague, where she is currently working. after working in higher education for the past eight years, thaddeus thompson has happily returned to the Fletcher fold. “i joined Fletcher’s development team in november as associate director of development. i’m working to help us close out the $100M Beyond Boundaries campaign successfully, so don’t hesitate to call me if you feel a yearning to establish a scholarship or endow the chair of your favorite professor… and, if not, i certainly still look forward to reconnecting with any or all of you, either here in Medford or wherever my Fletcher travels take me!” reunion 2011 may 2002 Ben Ball after all of the winter storms that buffeted the american northeast this year, the class of 2002 is looking southward to warmer climes. tom lank, for example, is heading off to the democratic republic of Congo in July on a trip to combat river blindness. Upon his return, he’ll be pulling up stakes from princeton, where he is an associate pastor, and moving off to Colorado.

surely feeling the heat in her work with the danish refugee Council. deep in the heart of texas, John moore is still working for exxon Mobile but wistfully pines for his old digs in dubai. if he returns, he may run into cynthia white, who is a regular visitor to the region, where she couch surfs in the homes of Jacob Jose in Muscat and cindy harvey in Jerusalem. Beyond her regular contacts with the likes of paul Jun, ryan tekstan, tamara Bekefi, and Stephanie hutchison, Cynthia reports that she is about to found her own consulting firm, which will focus on “customer experience, latent needs research, and service strategies.” the latent needs of vladimir todorovic caused him to leave goldman sachs for a job as associate general counsel for eton park Capital Management. he also recently departed new york City in favor of the wilds of Connecticut. Krisztián orbán, meanwhile, is expanding his “small merchant bank” piece by piece. Krisztián ran into Kevin newman during recent travels to Japan and singapore, and reports that the Budapest Fletcher contingent now counts Andrew Durbin as one of its members. From capital management to managers in the capital, Jon rosenwasser, Alex thier, Jason Forrester, and yours truly have all settled down in the Mount pleasant area of washington, with the promise of several Fletcher barbeques to come. elsewhere in d.C., mariana herrera recently gave birth to andrea, her second daughter. Mariana still works as a program management specialist at the organization of american states.

in the gloriously tropical dominican republic, maria rodriguez is now the vice chancellor for academic affairs at the newly created instituto global de altos estudios en Ciencas sociales.

Junko hirakawa, after seven years working at the Un in Vienna in the area of anti-trafficking in human beings and small arms, has returned to the U.s. to join the Un headquarters, weapons of Mass destruction Branch.

maria Kristensen may see quite a bit of snow in grozny, but she is

on a final somber note, the class of 2002 suffered a major blow with

the loss of Jan olaf hausotter in the haiti earthquake. those of us who knew him remember a jolly, vibrant spirit whose thoughtfulness and commitment to service will not be soon forgotten. we mourn his loss with his family and the wider Fletcher community, of which he was an active and much loved member. 2003 Brett Freedman in case you’re looking for them, Deborah eisenberg and ray linsenmayer, F01, have recently relocated to san Francisco, California. David Abraham is happy to report that the inaugural “we the Kings” benefit concert held on 8 april raised over $10,000 for Ben Sklaver’s Clearwater initiative and $24,000 in a single week. look for future events to be scheduled in washington, d.C., in the coming months. Further information can be found at www. Alex Bulanov dropped a note from Moscow, russia to say hello to all his classmates scattered around the world. since graduating from Fletcher and returning to Moscow, alex has worked for six years as a commercial manager at Mars, inc., responsible for purchasing direct materials. last summer, he was successfully headhunted to become the commercial director of lg electronics covering all purchasing operations for lg in russia and Cis. alex refuses to give up on the idea of setting up a Fletcher Club in Moscow. in the meantime, he wishes all his classmates luck and success in their endeavors and, if in Moscow, drop him a note to catch-up at heather coffman is still in san Francisco, working in employment and education law and watching her daughter naomi learn to toddle and talk. naomi’s showing strong signs of a future Fletcherite

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 31

cl ass NOTes

as she loves to look at maps and globes, and her parents are pretty sure she’s babbling in at least three languages. heather helped host a reception for local admitted students in early april, with a great mix of members of the class of 2012 and Bay area alums in attendance. stay tuned for the late summer/early fall update, when naomi’s little sibling is due to arrive. now, hold your hats kids, as the one and only Ahsiya posner is excited to announce her recent engagement to omar gary Mencin. omar was a good friend and roommate of ahsiya’s brother Jerahme back in college, so they’ve known one another for 15+ years. only recently however did Jerahme let up on his brotherly protectionism to approve of the relationship. Congratulations! Capt. Beth Ahern, Usn, shared this photo of her saying goodbye to Fletcher Baghdad, international Zone. she is returning to her civilian job at Mitre in Bedford, Massachusetts, this summer. in the photo, from right to left, are mark Storella, F84, Ashen Khan, Adam hinds, major eric Bjorklund, F06, tammi Sharpe, F05, and Dan lagenkamp, F02, all gathered for the “best pizza in Baghdad” from the kitchen of Mark storella along with light conversation while waiting for the results of the March 2010 iraqi elections to be finalized.

Capt. Beth Ahern, top right, and “Fletcher Baghdad”

also in military news, our own Andres nieto traveled with the admiral in afghanistan to check out some bases in January while providing medical support. andres mentioned he spoke with the admiral about Fletcher as well as Ben sklaver and other Fletcher grads who have worked

in the region including Maria stephan, F02, F05, and humayun hamidzada. in the picture, the admiral is handing andres one of his specialty coins with his insignia on it.

Andres Nieto and Admiral in Afghanistan

Brett Freedman reports, “My wife aviva and i recently purchased a small town house in silver spring, Maryland, just beyond the d.C. district line. aviva is working in the area as a speech language pathologist. i just made the move back to the federal government after having worked for the last year at the department of homeland security for the private contracting firm Centra technology. since last month, i have been working as an attorney-advisor at the defense department. incidentally, we live a stone’s throw from fellow Fletcherites noam unger and caroline wadhams, F02. we also happen to literally share a wall with our next-door neighbors patrick white, his wife rebecca Sanchez de tagle, both F02, and their beautiful daughters sofia and Cecilia. perhaps this is the beginning of a satellite Fletcher campus in the Mid-atlantic?” last, but certainly not least, a quick plug for fundraising: rachel hudson and Daniel Ades have generously offered a matching gift for our class to encourage folks to participate in the annual Fund. if 30 of our classmates who did not participate in Fy09 give $50 or more for Fy10, they will give a combined $1,500 to the Fund in addition to a company match from rachel’s employer for $750. to put it in context, if our class meets this challenge, it will have raised enough money to

32 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

provide 139 days of financial aid to a Fletcher student. open up those wallets! 2004 Brandon miller brandonedwardmiller@gmail. com we have a bumper crop of new members of the F04 family! Katrin (Fraser) Katz and her husband Jeremy welcomed a baby girl, tova leia Katz, on 2 october 2009. the stanford-based family “will likely be moving to Chicago in June after Jeremy graduates from stanford Business school. we’d love to connect with Fletcherites in the Chicago area once we settle in.”

Mia Lemay

Anna thompson and her husband ayikai Quaye gave birth to Chloe grace Quaye 29 March. all are doing well and adjusting to life together in nyC.

Chloe Grace Quaye

Jeremy, Tova and Katrin Katz

Dominica Drazal gave birth to Cederic richard on 2 december 2009.

Adam and Kate Day are also celebrating a new baby. John Quinlan day (they’re calling him “Quinn”) was born on 31 March. adam writes, “Kate and Quinn are both doing great, nolan is a proud big brother, and i’m a very lucky dad.”

Adam, Nolan and baby Quinn Day Baby Cedric Drazal

Dave and Katie Shullman are the proud new parents of Josephine anne shullman (“Josie”) who was born on 20 January 2010. mimi and Joe lemay announce the arrival of Mia irene lemay, born on 24 February. “we can’t wait to see you all in the near future and introduce you to Mia— who is hale, hearty (loud!), quite cute, and so far, a voracious eater.”

Finally, while we’re lacking details, we’ve also heard (thanks, John greenwood) that “Khadija rejto just had twins and nadav hazan had his second child.” Jacqueline geissinger got married on 24 april at the naval academy in annapolis to Cdr leonardo day before moving to Brazil in July. Sara Bowers posada reports, “i got married last summer to a

cl ass NOTes

guy named david posada, and lots of Fletcher folks were there (Stacy, emily, Katherine and todd, Ashley, Angie).” she is still in portland working at the nike Foundation, along with adam day. taryn lesser attended her father charles lesser’s July gMap graduation in Medford. “i believe we are Fletcher’s one and only ‘reverse legacy.’”

Taryn Lesser at dad Charles Lesser’s GMAP graduation

some other cool locale.” Shirley Jean writes, “in 2008, i made the great law firm escape and moved to tunisia to join the african development Bank. after serving as the assistant to the general counsel, i completely left the practice of law and began working on the bank’s reengagement with Zimbabwe and, since January 2010, as the country economist for rwanda. For the next few months, i will be dividing my time between tunis and Kigali.” after spending four years in Berlin as dCM in the singapore embassy, Dominic goh returned to singapore last year and took up post as deputy director-general in charge of asean regional policy. “the job takes me all round the region and i’m really enjoying it. on the personal side, i’ve taken up polo and believe me, that is one challenging game to learn!”

April rinne “continues her deep dive into the water/sanitation + microfinance space, leading waterCredit at” she’s recently back from india, and will be heading to africa and nepal soon. april is still based in san Francisco. nahid Bhadelia finished her medicine residency and is now doing a fellowship in infectious diseases at Columbia presbyterian hospital with a research focus on pandemic preparedness and emerging diseases. she remains a reluctant new yorker after five years of residence. in seattle, maliha masood is celebrating the completion of her 400-page manuscript, “a laugh out loud Eat, Pray, Love version of her travels in pakistan.” Maliha reports that “her latest journey is taking place in her own backyard in the form of motherhood, the biggest adventure life has to offer and one that you can never quite prepare for.” erin and amanda english are about to complete their assignments as the treasury department attaches in riyadh and islamabad, respectively, in late May. “it’s tBd where we will decide to end up, back in d.C. or

Dominic Goh zenon Severis is still working in Brussels at the european Commission for the Commissioner’s cabinet. he is now working on youth and sport issues.

Sung choi has been in pensacola, Florida, for flight surgery training since november 2009 after completing his hospital internship in san diego. he will be moving onto Misawa, Japan—”actually an air Force base, with a small naval air station”—for the next three years. victoria gellis has “been with Usaid for three years now. i left rwanda late last year and am now serving a tour in afghanistan. i’m in Kabul now but am due to go to Mazar-e-sharif to be a regional governance advisor.” Finally, our own maria Speridakos was recently elected to the board of directors of the Fletcher Club of Boston—congrats!

and Brandon edward miller is now an associate with weil, gotshal & Manges’ Boston office, working on complex commercial litigation and white-collar criminal defense. gmAp i 2004 carlos St. James Alexandre Doria machado tells us he is expecting a boring election in Brazil this year, which is fine because business is steady and the kids growing, although his hair is getting a little gray. Alicia eastman emerged from the desert long enough to report that she is well: learning to play arabic music on the violin, riding horseback by moonlight, and adding to her abaya collection— she even has one in a smart navy blue, which causes minor camel traffic disruptions. she’s been working a lot in the Middle east and is considering leaving hong Kong after ten years there for something closer. Arjen van Den Berg continues at the dutch embassy in Beijing and travelling around asia with John, who is recovering well from a serious bout of cancer. great news, John! carlos St. James continues to develop renewable energies in latin america from his base in Buenos aires and was recently elected vice chairman of the global renewable Fuels alliance, a toronto-based federation of biofuels associations in over 30 countries representing more than 60% of global biofuels production. the Chillin’ award goes to Fred pakis who recently took the family to Machu picchu before transitioning to seattle for the summer, where he will listen to Kurt Cobain and kayak the time away. imran Khairi is now settled in dnepetrovsk, Ukraine, where he has taken the post of Cio/ Cto of a turkish conglomerate. he is learning russian and no doubt making use of every bit of

multicultural training he’s ever had at Fletcher. Jason climer is retiring from the Marine Corps and preparing for life on the outside. he and wife aileen, along with kids Cailin and Cameron, bought an 1870s farm house in new hampshire and are all busy with the renovations. Kamal ibrahim is travelling all over China in the coming months before returning to Chicago. no doubt he will connect with Arjen and lila Shahani along the way. Kjell Bergh is just back in the states from a visit to norway where he is developing a hotel in the fjord country; he will be active in the Minnesota international Film Festival, where he will introduce a movie about norway’s most highly decorated citizen, gunnar sønsteby. lindy lek in tokyo reports that all three kids are finally in school, which gives her time to think. as a warm-up she, steve, and the kids did an around-the-world trip in eighty days, where she probably heard every possible variation of “are we there yet?” lindy is open to ideas on what she should do next now that she has a bit more time. lucy Abbott is graduating from the national war College soon, but before then is travelling with her classmates to Buenos aires, where Carlos will wine and dine them. afterwards she is headed to her next posting as deputy head of mission at the U.s. embassy in niamey, niger. marta Ferrari remains happily ensconced in Vienna with her man and new son Vittorio, taking time off from work, walking to the playground, and enjoying this stage in life. she’s even getting married in June. the baby is a handsome little tike, clearly working with some great genes on both sides. mary Andrade has become an energy finance pro and has recruited an impressive team that includes an MBa from Jamaica, a ph.d. from China, and a Cpa from

Spring/Summer 2010 Fletcher News 33

cl ass NOTes

sri lanka. her kids are doing well and travelling a lot, and if all this weren’t keeping her busy enough, she recently took in two troubled teenagers.

who is now home with them in singapore. tony also bought a home and been promoted to global research director at the economist intelligence Unit.

pablo Figueroa informs us he was recognized as a distinguished Citizen by the puerto rico senate and house of representatives for the successful coordination of the puerto rico Chamber of Commerce First education summit. he also continues his work as an architect, helping create the p.r. of the future.

tamas landesz has the winning entry because he not only is getting married to the lovely olesya, his bride is expecting a little tamas soon. they are all based in tbilisi, where he (big tamas) witnessed much of the rose revolution during gMap— but this time with electricity, as he points out. he is on a roll: this year he has been honored as a young global leader by weF.

robert mcmahon continues at the Council on Foreign relations, responsible for the web content— which recently won an emmy for their interactive crisis guide on the global economy. Bob and his wife, plus daughters sarah and anna, will be visiting pablo in puerto rico soon. Siri trang Khalsa is still in Kabul, where she came with the U.s. state department over a year ago, embedded with the military and living on Bagram airfield “in a shipping container.” But along the way she began to do some work for turquoise Mountain, a local ngo, and was invited to take over as head of the business development. tM trains young men and women in jewelry, woodwork, and ceramics. siri is loving the new challenge. Steve Schmida reports an excellent but short ski season this past winter in Vermont, and is planning a trip to egypt with wife nazgul and kids. Business is expanding well, as he has done projects in Uganda, Bangladesh, russia, and Mexico already this year. ted haack misses rwanda regularly, now that he has been back in nyC for six months. he comes across monique essed-Fernandes once in a while, and has been promoted to head of primary Care pricing and reimbursement at pfizer. way to go, ted. tony nash and family completed their adoption of a baby, samuel,

diabetes Charity dodgeball tournament on saturday, 20 March, which raised $17,000 for the Joslin diabetes Center in Boston. thirty-four teams competed under the watchful eyes of Fletcher refs Alyssa teach and Kevin mcgeehan, while volunteers like rosie wells made the day go smoothly. Dan and Corrine preston welcomed their first child, amedeo preston on 28 January 2010. dan and Corrine look forward to introducing him to everyone at the reunion. Congratulations!

carolina larriera reports that she is graduating from the newly-named harvard Kennedy school, and looking forward to the next stage in her life.

excitement is brewing as our fifth reunion quickly approaches! here is some news, hot off the press, to entice those of you who are still on the fence that you should make the trip to Medford for the festivities in May. First, some wonderful news and an update from Anne williams, who writes, “i was married to Kevin Mohan last July in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we continue to reside in downtown Boston. i am working in my family’s industrial minerals manufacturing business, washington Mills, managing marketing and business development. as it turned out, i didn’t have to stray far from Boston to find work with an international focus. My work keeps me involved with international trade issues, joint ventures, international finance and negotiations. i’m enjoying the challenge and feel as though i’m applying my Fletcher degree every day.” Anna (tiedeman) irwin has also been very busy, most recently hosting the 5th annual dodging

34 Fletcher News Spring/Summer 2010

Fletcher holiday gathering

hope everyone is well, and look forward to reconnecting at the reunion in May! gmAp i 2005 Dirk Swart

2005 victoria obst hausman

Kacaniku, F07) of Kosovo visited father and daughter timothy A. holly, F80, and Kafia haile at their home in atlanta.

Amadeo Preston

Alyssa teach writes, “For my second tour with the state department, i will be heading out to riyadh in July for two years. one week prior to my departure, i will be getting married to another american diplomat, who has recently expressed an interest in the gMap program. we can then be extensions of the Fletcher mafia all over the Middle east!” marty galindo-Schmith has relocated to Mozambique for a two-year assignment with aed. she is enjoying the family-friendly lifestyle, 10-minute commute along the coastline, and getting back to the field. Karen ross shares the following update, “after three years in the Midwest, neil (my husband) and i are moving back to new york at the end of May. i am looking forward to seeing all the ny-based Fletcherites (and those traveling through) soon.” Fletcherites from four classes gathered together to celebrate the winter holidays. sisters iliriana Kacaniku, F04, and teuta

David Janes and his wife are expecting their first child, a boy, in august. he will clearly be a martial artist as he is kicking, jabbing, and punching his mother daily from the inside! Steve Borncamp recently organized the “Build green: Central eastern europe” event in Budapest and is continuing to develop the romania green Building Council. his wife laura and brand new baby boy edward erik were happy to have Kathy Delacy visit them in Bucharest recently. inspired by work Diana perez Buck did with Alyse nelson and Vital Voices with afghan women, diana has set up a small nonprofit devoted to supporting maternal health in developing countries,, and has the great fortune of having ramiz Alakbarov as an adviser—a true gMap enterprise. lijie cai would like to remind everyone that 2010 is the international year of Biodiversity. rod Brazier has moved to Canberra from phnom penh, and is enjoying being in australia. werner Balogh has moved to the space applications section of the Un office for outer space affairs.

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gmAp ii 2005 terri roberts 2006 Joshua newton on 2 May 2009 in new Jersey, Ashish Bhatia got married to sneha patel, in an all-day n.y./ Bollywood style wedding. a large Fletcher contingent, including Adam Day, John gohring, michael liberman, Dan Benhaim, charlotte taylor, clifford Shelton, rodrigo ordonez, Katie and Jonathan ron, erika lopez, and Damian olesyneki, helped to keep the party going late into the night! also in news from the yellow house, on 13 February 2010, Adam Day’s daughter Kaia safia day, F2033, celebrated her one-year birthday and adam celebrated changing her 5,678th diaper. adam is still working on the sudan team in dpKo in new york, but will temporarily relocate to Marrakesh for his wedding to wendy MacClinchy in May 2010. in another marriage, nicole David got married on 30 January 2010 to Javier pérez-rubio in acapulco, guerrero, Mexico. the wedding was attended by a few Fletcherites: Kevin rosier, Ashley Brady, Brian Doench, heidi Shiao, John Davis, and Jaime lopez Arana, were some of the guests. she now lives in puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and is an international media consultant for the oas. vivek Shankar mathur and Abigail parish were engaged while on vacation in italy. in an unrelated encounter, abby writes she also met andy serkis, the actor who played gollum in The Lord of the Rings. Vivek and abby are now proud owners of his rather fishy autograph. Sara Jablon moked and her husband oren were delighted to welcome their first child, hannah danielle, on 6 February 2010. sara

is enjoying being a new mom in sunny California, but she is really looking forward to getting some more sleep. a few of our former classmates were on the move these last few months. after three great years in geneva, switzerland, Jessica Davis pluess recently moved back to san Francisco to explore new opportunities, be closer to family and enjoy some much needed California sunshine. she starts work as an associate in the advisory services at Business for social responsibility’s san Francisco office in May 2010. rodrigo ordóñez left sudan in december and is now working in indonesia with save the Children as a reporting and communication specialist in the response to the earthquake that hit west sumatra. Farheen Khan is now in dhaka, Bangladesh contemplating her next career—and personal— move. it is a nice break to be among friends and family, but she misses both sudan and Boston a lot. she is now looking forward to being able to attend engagements, weddings, baby showers of her Fletcher family in and around south asia. connie Schneider enjoyed her year in the hague working for the prosecutor of the iCC, but decided at the end of 2009 that it was time for a change of scenery. she is now a rule of law adviser for the eU police Mission in afghanistan, working mainly on police-prosecutor cooperation issues. she had her first Fletcher chance reunion in front of the toilets of the safi flight from Frankfurt to Kabul, and hasn’t given up hope for more. todd wassel is currently living with his wife Kay in pristina, Kosovo. todd is enjoying the life of a consultant and being able to travel back to sri lanka and timor-leste often. todd is also starting to travel write and combine his development work with a more literary aspiration.

Brian Doench spent this past fall and winter journeying through se asia with several friends. he spent a month in Vietnam, two weeks in Cambodia, one week in Malaysia, three weeks in sri lanka, and three weeks in thailand. Brian just missed nirmalan wigneswaran and todd wassel, but chris Strom joined the adventure for ten days in sri lanka. From mid-april to mid-May, Brian will be visiting both Chris strom and John Davis in israel and the palestinian territories, with a side trip into egypt. rachel milner gillers joined the d.C. office of the Consensus Building institute, where she trains groups in conflict management skills and designs processes for multi-stakeholder engagement. Jim o’Brien is currently the director of international logistics at Xe services (formerly Blackwater worldwide). he is also running a start-up company within Xe—a new logistics service specializing in distribution within conflict zones. in that capacity, Jim is the business development manager for Xe logistics, a division and soon to be a new company of Xe services. he currently has offices in Kabul, Bagram, and Moyock, north Carolina. Jim is working throughout the Middle east, Central and southwest asia. in between travel, Jim is continuing to pursue an MBa at william and Mary. reunion 2011 may gmAp i 2006 mariella greco in May 2009, after completing his assignment as senior policy adviser at UnhCr headquarters in geneva, Khassim Diagne moved to the UnhCr islamabad office in pakistan as deputy representative where he is responsible for overseeing the refugee agency’s largest internally displaced persons program as well managing a sizeable afghan refugee operations in a challenging and

complex environment. Khassim and fellow gMap 2006 graduate, waseem Qureshi, often get together for lunches and dinners to talk about Fletcher (of course!) as well as discuss their common love of the great pakistani culture. For his part, waseem is working as a lawyer in islamabad and now has two kids—his daughter sunaina (3), and son aryan (2). robbie graham has just finished an assignment in washington, d.C., for the office of the Federal Coordinator for natural gas transportation projects and is now doing strategic planning for select clients. robbie also continues in her role at the edward r. Murrow Center for public diplomacy at Fletcher working with the director on strategic initiatives, which she loves most of all, and spending as much time on the Fletcher campus as often as she can get there. robbie is also mentoring master’s degree candidates at alaska pacific University, where she be teaching several classes this fall, as well as serving on the board of trustees. mariella greco and family continue to enjoy the many pleasures and opportunities that lima has to offer as well as the beauty and diversity of peru. Unfortunately, this el niño year has yet again been a reminder of the sometimes unwelcome power of mother nature. devastating floods and landslides in high altitude communities have made the start of 2010 a very hard one indeed, not only for plan international and their emergency response in many of the affected Cusco communities, but most of all for the many children and families who have been left homeless ahead of what is expected to be an unusually cold andean winter. Josy Joseph will soon be joining the times of india as editor (special projects) and leaving Daily News and Analysis, the newspaper he joined at its inception and where he has been working for almost five years.

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Suzanne Khardalian holmquist continues as busy as ever as a film director and writer, with her latest book, Storytelling and Liberation: Filming Survivors, coming out in december 2009. the book is in swedish and is published by dramatiska institute of stockholm. suzanne is also working on a new film project that concerns women, genocide, and sexual violence as war strategy, which will be ready by december 2011. Bill mateikis is wrapping up his two-year contract as visiting professor of law at wayne state University in detroit, Michigan, where he has taught civil procedure, labor law, employment law, and a seminar on workers’ rights in the global economy. he also has hosted two conferences on (1) “the Future of U.s. labor law” and (2) “the role and responsibility of transnational enterprises in Making globalization More socially Just.” Bill has been considering various employment opportunities since early 2010 and will soon decide whether to return to private industry or to teaching and also start-up a consulting practice that draws on his experience as a lawyer, a qualified neutral in dispute resolution, and a corporate executive with expertise in human resources and international trade. he asks his Fletcher friends to connect with him on linkedin and to keep him in mind as they hear of professional roles or consulting assignments that might suit him. John “mac” regan is busy in the academic world as board chair at portsmouth abbey school, a well known Benedictine secondary school, while also being an active student taking russian courses at Connecticut College, and even teaching russian to sixth graders at the local magnet school. Mac is also helping to organize the 10 years of gMap celebration in d.C., something he will be doing from his new home in rhode island. in June 2009, after four and half years in Canada, omar Samad

and his family moved to France. reflecting on those years in Canada, omar remembers not only the challenges of completing gMap, but the very challenging times he faced in Canada with the afghan mission being one of the hottest domestic and foreign policy issues of the time. it was a satisfying assignment despite the many tough and tragic moments associated with it. some of the additional blessings omar recalls are his two sons being born and the help of his wife Khorshied in raising awareness and addressing issues regarding women’s rights, media, and education in afghanistan. their two Canadian-born sons, soleiman (who will turn four in august) and arman (who just turned two) are now busy these days practicing their parisian French and getting used to a much more invigorating city.

Jason had a beautiful baby girl, perry helaine Manekas, born on 28 June 2009. apologies for the misprint in the fall 2009 issue, Jillian!

eiji unakami has decided to join another gMap type of experience. while still working full time with Mitsubishi, and busy with his family and three daughters, he is also studying part time o complete a master of science course (economic history) in the london school of economics (lse). Comparing lse with gMap, eiji says that while “gMap is like a very rich stew, lse is a nice consomme with fresh vegetables.”

also in iraq, michael gonzalez reports that he is now on his second stint working as a social scientist on a human terrain team. while he finds the work interesting, he is contemplating a move back to d.C. after spending most of his time post-graduation abroad.

after taking a bit of a hiatus from work-related travel, ellen yount has been back on the global road with gusto in the last six months—to egypt, Mexico, Morocco, and australia to conduct trainings on behalf of Usaid and speak at a world Bank/ausaid hosted conference in sydney, australia. ellen, like many of us gMap-2006 students, is planning to make it to the gMap reunion in washington, d.C., in the fall where we can reconnect again in person. gmAp ii 2006 Steve Bergey Jillian manekas and her husband

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Perry Helaine Manekas

2007 Katy Bondy Beginning in april, reports John hagen, he will be serving as a military advisor to the srsg for the Un assistance mission in iraq for a year in Baghdad.

raya widenoja Kuehne recently moved to ghana to work on a “productive use of energy” project that is part of a larger economic development program of the german technical Cooperation. raya says she is “learning lots about ghana and getting to know lots of fascinating people, and slowly trying to become useful at work.” the project facilitates the establishment of sustainable light industrial clusters near towns and pays for grid extensions. it involves issues of land tenure, local government, business and environmental training, and working with contractors, as well as providing adequate energy for the businesses. so far she has only ided one Fletcher alum in accra, but she knows more must be hiding there somewhere. now living in Cambridge,

Massachusetts, reed Bundy and his wife Kelly Fanning gave birth to their daughter, reece, on 11 october 2009. Congratulations! zeba Kahn is also living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has started her own social media consulting business working with nonprofits and higher education institutions. this past fall, many of us cheered Zeba on as she was first-runner up in the Washington Post’s inaugural “america’s next great pundit” competition, beating out nearly 5,000 other aspiring writers. she very much appreciated all of the support from the Fletcher Mafia. Alexandra Kaun is now working for UnhCr in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia, and is looking for fellow Fletcherites in the area. she mentioned she’s gotten a few internship requests from Fletcher students and says that it feels pretty strange to be on the reception side of things, when not too long ago, we were emailing alums for internships. this past March, Kaz numasawa and Akshay Kolse-patil participated in the Fletcher south asia colloquium in delhi where Fletcher alumni and distinguished panel members actively discussed various issues such as development challenges, regional trade, and regional security in south asia. Kaz said, “it was like a vibrant Fletcher class!” Kaz also mentioned that he has now completed his two-year assignment with Undp in india, but plans to extend until 2011. i’m not too far away from Kaz and akshay, as i recently moved to Colombo, sri lanka. Sudila DeSilva and his wife Keshika Dias were fantastic in making sure i was well prepared before my departure. i was then warmly greeted by todd wassel, F06, (who was only in Colombo for a short time before returning to Kosovo), nirmalan wigneswaran, F06, and his wife tharushi nanayakkara, along with their beautiful daughter Kashi.

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after almost two years of living in the “holy land,” Sara celiberti notes that she finally feels settled. she works for the Jerusalem Center for women, a tiny palestinian women’s organization, in the morning and teaches a free english course to children in the evenings. she just moved from ramallah to Jerusalem, very close to the old City, and urges people “to please come and visit, friends of friends welcome!” Karen miles is still working for hult international Business school in london as the assistant dean. she was in dubai in early april and went to the top of the Burj Khalifa with Amber haque. in March, she saw laura zusman and marieke Spence in Boston. Jonghyup lee says he has been working at the embassy of the republic of Korea in helsinki, Finland, since the summer of 2009, where he is in charge of both political and cultural affairs. his daughter, ha-Min lee, who was born in Boston in 2005 while he was attending Fletcher, is now four years old and is attending kindergarten in helsinki. his wife yunju is also doing well. Jonghyup has noticed that there is not a Fletcher alumni group in Finland so he said he is happy to volunteer be a temporary secretary of a Fletcher group in helsinki. mike Spiros reports that he, along with rinn Self, Sara ribiero and Jim Shine, were all working in haiti helping with post-earthquake relief. way to go, Fletcherites! phil zeman just returned from a six-month “vacation” in afghanistan where he worked for a Fletcher grad from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth office who was the director of the helmand provincial reconstruction team. phil will be taking command of a headquarters battalion in 29 palms, Califorina, in July. and last, but certainly not least, Abdul Akande says that while he has nothing fun to report, “life is good.” glad to hear it, abdul!

gmAp i 2007 (spring) geri Smith eric wolf will earn an MBa from Columbia University’s graduate school of Business in May 2010. he has been running his own asset management firm, nonpareil Capital, out of new york City, after relocating his family there from israel in 2008. radmila Sekerinska served as head of the election observation Mission for the 2009 presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan, sent by the organization for security and Cooperation in europe’s office for democratic institutions and human rights. she then resumed her duties as a member of the Macedonian parliament. radmila and her husband Bozidar Jankovski are currently expecting their firstborn. Kent wittler continues at aew Capital Management, focusing on investments of an asian real estate fund with assets in singapore, hong Kong, and shanghai. Kent is also going green: he now rides to work in Boston year-round on his hybrid and electric bikes. over the past year, he has logged 2,000 miles. Donald Best recently joined aMi-partners, an information and communications technology market consultancy in new york City, where as executive Vice president he’s working with clients such as Microsoft and Cisco to help them create and implement strategies for small and medium businesses around the world. cynthia Buiza’s essay entitled “the hunger” was included in an anthology published in 2009 called A Taste of Home, a collection of essays by Filipino expatriates on their memories of food that nourish the mind and the spirit. geri Smith has left BusinessWeek magazine after 17-1/2 years as its Mexico City-based latin america correspondent. she is exploring other work opportunities related

to latin america, including consulting, think tanks, academia, and longer-form writing projects. mara caudill gama-lobo and her husband visited haiti in February to assist friends and organizations with post-quake relief efforts. Fortunately, none of her close friends lost their lives. Mara and her family are still in tanzania, where she is raising her son and contracting occasionally with the peace Corps. gmAp ii 2007 nicki petras Samar hamdan is currently living in Cairo, egypt, and working with the american embassy office of Military Cooperation. she moved to Cairo in July 2009 for a minimum of a two-year tour. 2008 catherine pfaffenroth two years out, and we’ve come a long way. there are many congratulations to give out to the many new parents, the new couples, and the big promotions! carmen Arce-Bowen continues working at one Massachusetts and was recently appointed by governor deval patrick to serve on the Massachusetts Commission on the status of women. she and her husband Jim are expecting their first child—a baby girl—at the end of May. Congratulations! another round of congratulations to marc goldberg and his wife Chrissy on the birth of their son isaac in July 2009. Marc, Chrissy, and isaac live in harare, Zimbabwe, where Marc works with Catholic relief services. he occasionally sees Fletcher classmate camilla Blomquist, and always welcomes other Fletcherites who may be passing through. tsuyoshi hikita writes that after Fletcher, he was transferred to Karachi, pakistan, to work for the

Japanese Consulate. he works on a variety of political and economic matters. “yes, we became parents!” another congratulations! his wife, Mariko, and his nine-month old son, taisei, are in tokyo, where tasei enjoys shuffling around and exploring the house. yoshi adds: “i am always happy to catch up with Fletcherites.” and yet another round of congratulations to ike Sharpless, who wrote: “i married my girlfriend of ten+ years, alex endsley, and we got a beagle (rodney, a fabulous but devilish ex-research lab subject) and are still somervillians. i also got another tufts degree at the tufts Cummings school of Veterinary Medicine’s Center for animals and public policy, and am currently an adjunct professor at UMass lowell (my course website is By the end of fall i plan to apply to ph.d. programs in moral and political philosophy—and any pointers would be much appreciated!” Congratulations as well to Sylvia paola mendoza, who was named Career diplomat in Mexico City on 16 March 2010. her first post will be at the office of american regional Mechanisms and organizations at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Sylvia Paola Mendoza, eighth from left

From italy, Sara monicchi writes: “i finally have a job! after three months of searching while at home in perugia, i got an offer at the italian stock exchange (Borsa italiana) and moved to Milan last January. i joined the internal audit team and am very glad about that (working here has been one my big dreams since i started studying economics). i like the people at Borsa, and my colleagues are

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great. i am learning a lot. this is a temporary position for now (nine months) but hopefully it will become a permanent one. (i also enjoy my parents most weekends despite 5+ hours in the train to go and 5+ to come back to Milan.)” Congratulations, sara!

catherine pfaffenroth shares, “i am now in washington, d.C., working for the state department on the Usa pavilion at the expo 2010 shanghai China. the expo runs from May to october, and i hope to make it over to see this once-in-a-lifetime event!”

in Boston, Adria chamberlain is finishing up working on the Massachusetts U.s. senate seat campaign in december and recently started a new job as special projects manager at new profit, inc., in Cambridge. new profit is a venture philanthropy fund that harnesses america’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to help solve the country’s biggest social problems. “we provide significant financial and management capital to a portfolio of nonprofits; work to transform government’s role into one of creating markets for solutions; and produce an annual gathering of social entrepreneur leaders dedicated to scaling social impact.” adria loves getting together with some of the Fletcher folks around Boston on occasion, and had a great time skiing one night after work with laurie gagnon. (doesn’t that make you miss new england?)

gmAp i 2008 (summer)

Dmitry goudkov is teaching european history in los angeles. this summer he is in Connecticut to teach english Composition and Bodybuilding (!) at salisbury school. in indianapolis, matt macgregor wrote to say that he is slowly adjusting to life in the Midwest, although still missing the east coast and the ocean dearly. “work as the executive director of the timmy Foundation is good and challenging, and i’m enjoying the frequent trips to U.s. college campuses, and the occasional trip to south america (and soon to come africa) that come along with the job. stop by if you are in hoosierville!” heidi Sumser writes that she is still living in Bolivia and working for proCredit—and best of all, loving it.

rodrigo marquez prabhu hariharan, a Canadian diplomat, has recently been promoted and has taken up the role of consul for the Canadian Consulate general in ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). in addition, due to his involvement in evacuating Canadians from gaza during operation Cast lead, he has received the deputy Minister’s award for excellence. on a more personal note, taiah, his daughter, has had her first day in school; a milestone that far exceeds any he has encountered for himself. Jim terrie is back in the australian army for a period of active duty and he is currently (dec 2009 to June 2010) deployed to the Middle east and afghanistan. Amir Busnov was hired by department of defense as a research manager with human terrain system. Currently he is in northern iraq on an assignment. maria teresa l. taguiang is the new deputy director-general of the asean-philippines office at the department of Foreign affairs of the philippines. carlos perez just graduated from the naval war College, a thoroughly enjoyable year, and he was just selected as senior army Fellow; his next assignment will be in d.C. Amy taxin gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl named raquel tessa Bonilla, on 23 February 2010. she and her husband are adapting to life without sleep (much like gMap) only without the online platform or exams.

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gmAp ii 2008 (spring) Xavi Slocum Xavi Slocum: “Can you believe it has been two years since we graduated from gMap? i still remember the memories we all shared from team interactions, to online chats, skyping across the world, and bonding as we each defended our thesis. amazing how it has changed so many of our lives. “Being a mom has been such a rewarding experience—my daughter brightens up my day all day, every day. i’m sure Kathleen and matt can attest with their newest additions! as for work, i was humbled with another promotion. it’s funny how often i resort to some of the lessons learned from our leadership classes.” “Jerry is doing quite well. he is in d.C. still, but will be retiring after almost 25 years. thank you for your service, Jerry—it is an honor to know such a talented leader in the armed forces like you. good luck in your move to athens! “gloria is doing a fine job in the air Force air war College program. i have no doubt that she will finish with flying colors. “michael chelius has been quite the world traveler with his position at Usaid, traveling to afghanistan designing a Usaid office of transition initiatives and taking part in the afghanistan presidential election. he also went to somalia and designed a Usaid stabilization program there. he is now part of the Civilian response Corp as a democracy/election and political process specialist. “paul is still working at the Un in nyC and doing well. i have yet to visit, but hope to bring my daughter to nyC soon to see the Un building. she has a fascination with the colors of flags. i figure it will get her involved in international affairs early. “eric was recently married to that fabulous girl we met at graduation. he lives in louisiana

and is flying helicopters for CBp. what a neat job! probably never have a dull moment—no cubicles or powerpoint presentations. “and finally, our dear carina recently worked as director, development and operations, and then as director, development and communications for the former president of Finland and nobel peace prize laureate 2008, Martti ahtisaari, as well as the ngo he founded after his presidency, Crisis Management initiative, from summer 2008 until the end of last year. she also acted as independent financial consultant to some of her former clients (major listed corporations) over the last few months, and is now in the process of setting up her own consulting company, C. hellemaa & Co. ltd., which will focus on advising companies with financial communications and investor relations, and on sustainable business-related issues. what fabulous accomplishments, Carina! “on the news front, from what i read of the gMap 10th anniversary details, it looks like d.C. this october. hope to see you all there! i’d love to hear more from the rest of our fellow classmates. in case i have the wrong address, please email me and let know what your new or correct email address is. i’ll fix it in my roster and keep you updated on upcoming Class notes and Fletcher events. hope to hear from you soon!” 2009 erica Bauer gmAp i 2009 (summer) Jennifer Szoka larry greenwood went to Vietnam for nearly three months after we graduated. More recently, he has been pursuing social entrepreneurship ideas and trying to influence the local universities in Colorado, to partner with business schools in developing

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countries, such as in Vietnam. he is also exploring a success story in Uganda where high school students are being taught entrepreneurial skills. mark goldenbaum started a new job with the United states agency for international development in november. he serves as a governance advisor in the office of democracy and governance, based in washington, d.C. in this capacity, he supports global programs with an emphasis on security sector reform and anticorruption activities. Brian perry has written a book, From Piggybank to Portfolio: A Financial Roadmap for Young Investors, which is scheduled for release this May. rob cowin is working for the Union of Concerned scientists out of their d.C. office as their

legislative representative for clean energy. he has been working on the climate/energy bill for the past year and a half.

it is a collaboration between aed and age africa.

michael young recently moved to new york City and took the role of the international rescue Committee’s regional director for asia and Caucasus.

christian paasch

mujtaba Saifuddin appeared on three episodes of Fox’s emmy- and golden globe-winning show 24 starring Kiefer sutherland. graciela gomez is involved in Mexico’s initiative to launch a campaign, similar to the United nation’s Blue heart campaign, to stop human trafficking. christine Beggs is co-chairing an upcoming forum in d.C. on post-secondary school transitions for adolescent girls in the developing world titled “Building Bridges— transitions from secondary school.”

successfully christening the canon in a fetching Fletcher Blue.

gmAp ii 2009 (spring)

mary Kimani: “i am back in new york after a brief assignment in nairobi as a political officer in the great lakes regional office. in March i began a new job as a program officer in the office of the special adviser on africa. i will be working with governments and the Un system on peace and development issues facing africa.”

GMAP Spring Graduation

2010 tara leung

gmAp 2010 (spring) Dylan monaghan the gMap Class of March 2010 recently graduated under beautiful blue skies at goddard Chapel after

proFeSSor richArD Shultz: prepAring For irregulAr wAr continueD

By laUren dorgan, F11

don’t see this happening,” shultz said. In Afghanistan, shultz pointed out, provincial reconstruction teams (Prts) continue to be all or mostly military. “It really is left ultimately to the Department of Defense.” For its part, the Pentagon seems to be backtracking on the issue of irregular war, shultz said. the latest Quadrennial Defense review, shultz said, puts far too much emphasis on preparing for big, conventional war. to his reading, the QDr assumes the irregular conflicts of today are “anomalies.”

“I would say exactly the opposite,” shultz said. “large, conventional state-on-state wars are the anomalies. the conflicts we’re in today are the norm, and they will be the major form of instability over the coming decades.” Richard Schultz is professor of international politics and director of Fletcher’s International Security Studies Program. He will be this year’s faculty speaker at Fletcher’s annual Talloires Symposium featuring keynote speaker James Stavridis, F83, F84, Supreme Allied Commander of Forces, Europe. For more information, visit

Fletcher thAnKSgiving this past November, elizabeth Norris, F77, and her husband James hosted Fletcher students for thanksgiving dinner at their home in winchester, MA. the students, including Zhiwen tang, F11, Mayumi Beppu, F11, stylianos Malliaris, F10, Olga Naumova, F11, David schoeller-Diaz, F11, and ransee Peshala wimalasena, F11, had plans to stay in the Boston area over the short holiday break.

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JEANNETTA BLACK, F46, a retired desk officer with the U.S. Agency for International Development, died 10 December at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda at the age of 89. She had breast cancer. Mrs. Black moved to the Washington area after World War II and joined the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. She later helped prepare policy papers for the Bureau of Economic Affairs. She joined USAID in 1962 as a desk officer in Washington, where she served as the Washington coordinator for aid in Guinea, Mali, Thailand, and Laos. She retired in 1972. Jeannetta Gardner Wilson was born in Bridgeport, CT. She graduated from Vassar College in 1940 with a degree in political science. She received a master’s degree in political science from the Fletcher School at Tufts University in 1946. Survivors include two stepdaughters, Brenda Black of Hingham, MA, and Rebecca Black of Kabul; a brother; and a grandson. Ambassador WILLIAM D. BREWER, F47, died after a brief illness on 10 February 2009 in Hingham, MA, at the age of 86. He was born in Middletown, CT. After attending the Taft School in Watertown, CT, he graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, MA, in 1943. After college, he served in the Office of War Information in Washington, D.C., and then in the American Field Service, C Platoon, 485th Company, attached to the British 8th Army, seeing action at the Rapido River and Monte Cassino in Italy and also serving in Austria and India before mustering out in 1945. After attending The Fletcher School, Mr. Brewer briefly taught at Williams College and Bowdoin College before joining the U.S. Foreign Service in 1947. He served in Beirut, Lebanon, where he met his wife, Alice Van Ess, whom he married in 1949 in Basra, Iraq. He also served in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, in Damascus, Syria, in Kuwait, and in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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Mr. Brewer was appointed Ambassador to Mauritius from 1970 to 1973 and then served as Ambassador to the Sudan from 1973 to 1977. After retiring from the Foreign Service in 1978, Mr. Brewer was appointed the Stuart Chevalier Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College in Pasadena, CA, where he taught and also chaired the Department of World Affairs until 1986. After retiring from teaching, Mr. Brewer and his wife moved to Falmouth, where they enjoyed a very active retirement until relocating to Hingham in 2005. Mr. Brewer leaves his sister, Joan Brewer of Brunswick, ME; two sons: John V.E. Brewer of Short Hills, NJ, and Daniel A. Brewer of Hull, MA; five devoted grandchildren and a loving extended family. JAN OLAF HAUSOTTER, F02, a German diplomat, who served as a UN political officer in Port au Prince, fell victim to the earthquake that shook Haiti in January. In the fall of 2000, Jan and I became friends at the orientation for our first year at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. We shared many a debate… Many oratorical competitions were won because it was impossible not to burst out laughing when Jan would pontificate about the evils inherent in things like apple pie; it lacks the texture and complexity of apple streusel, he would insist… The only thing any worthy opponent could do is laugh. Jan took such things seriously, because he meant what he said. Jan was genuine, regardless of the forum. Whatever Jan did, he did with intensity. He was an idealists’ realist. He never fell victim to peer pressure to believe that cannons might one day shoot daisies. He understood people, and that allowed him to shape his own understanding of the world around him. I always wondered whether Jan thought of countries as having distinct personalities. Such a perspective would certainly allow for the depth of understanding Jan held for many ongoing conflicts.

Jan believed in autonomy over autocracy, reason rather than emotion, and passion over dullness. It was nearly impossible to dislike Jan. His inviting smile would not allow it. He always had something nice to say… Jan took the time to truly know the people he cared for… [He] ensured that we were aware of obvious things. Friends shouldn’t remain angry at one another. Family is family. A smile is always welcome. Oddly, I don’t recall any heated discussions about the value of peacemaking—not between countries, at least. Perhaps that’s because Jan preferred to honor this belief with his actions. I offer my most sincere condolences to the Hausotter family, to his fiancée, Caroline, and her family. Jan, wherever you are, may you rest peacefully. —Sasha Shaikh, F07, excerpted from, 25 January 2010, at www. PAUL L. LAASE, F52, passed away peacefully on 26 December 2009. Paul was born in Hastings, NE, of loving parents, Leroy and Irma Laase. In 1950, he graduated from Lincoln High School in Lincoln, NE. He continued his education at the University of Nebraska where he was on the debate team and wrote a weekly political editorial for the campus newspaper. Following his graduation in 1954, Paul attended the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway, on a Fulbright Scholarship. Next, he was stationed in Korea as a first lieutenant in the Army Military Police Corp, completing his ROTC military service. Upon his return from Korea, Paul attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, receiving Masters of Law and Law and Diplomacy degrees. During his career, he attended the Harvard Business School where he received an additional master’s degree in public administration. After retiring, Paul entered the Ph.D. program at George Mason University where he taught classes in the history department.


Paul married his high school sweetheart, Lois Anderson, in 1954 and they had four children. In 1959, Paul joined the United States Foreign Diplomatic Corp. He spent the next 28 years as a foreign service officer specializing in economic affairs, including being acting charge d’affaires in Canberra and Brasilia. With his family in tow, he spent 17 of those years stationed at the embassy or consulate in Oslo, Rome, Sydney, Canberra, and Brasilia. Paul retired from the Foreign Service in 1987 so that his wife, Lois, could pursue her career as an educator and author. In 1993, Paul and Lois retired to Grand Junction, CO, where Paul continued to pursue his hobbies of bird watching, singing, crossword puzzles, bridge, fishing, activities with grandchildren, and volunteer work. Paul helped children with reading at Appleton Elementary and served with hospice where he did patient care visitations.

High School and New Mexico State University, and he received degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and the Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. As a Fulbright Scholar, he studied at the University of the Andes, in Bogota, Columbia.

Paul is survived by his wife, Lois of Grand Junction; sons, Al (Kileen) and Andrew (Melissa) of Grand Junction; daughters Ann (Wilbur) of Santa Fe, NM, and Sara (Tim) of Huntsville, AL; grandchildren Jasmine (John), Emily, Kristin, Eric, Ellen, Ryan, Paul, Eden, and David; sisters Jane (Ron) Becker and Sally (Frank) Walker; brother-in-law Joe Peacock, sister-in-law Helen Sundell, and many extended family members.

Mr. Guthrie is survived by wife, Judy Stanford, his brother, Kenneth Guthrie, and his extended family: Simon Stanford (London), Nick Stanford (Edinburgh), Andy Stanford (London), Lauren Sawyer (Boulder), Peyton and Brett Sawyer (Albuquerque), and Jonathon Sawyer (Dallas).

Ambassador RACHMAT SUKARTIKO, F52, passed away in January 2009. No further information was available at the time of this printing. SHIRLEY GIFFORD, F53, passed away in 2010. No further information was available at the time of this printing. DONALD KEITH GUTHRIE, F59, a resident of Albuquerque, NM, died at home from complications resulting from Parkinson’s disease on 17 March, at the age of 73. Keith Guthrie grew up in Las Cruces, NM, where his parents were professors at New Mexico State University. He attended Las Cruces

Mr. Guthrie served as a Foreign Service Officer with the United States State Department from 1961 until his retirement in 1991. His diplomatic posts included the Philippines, Panama, Indonesia, Saipan, plus numerous assignments in Washington D.C. His last foreign post was as charge d’affaires in Belize. Keith had a lifelong interest in railroads and after his retirement researched and wrote articles about the logging railroads in Virginia. His other interests included stamp collecting, bird watching, sailing, hiking, music, playing the piano and clarinet, travel, and languages.

CHARLES R. GRADER, PhD, F61, died Friday, 12 February, at the age of 78, following a long illness. Dr. Grader was born and raised in Marblehead, MA. After attending the United States Coast Guard Academy and completing his Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston University in 1954, he received his commission in the United States Coast Guard, where he served for three years as a gunnery officer and then commanding officer of Coast Guard Cutter 83506. The Coast Guard formed and shaped his lifelong love of service. In 1958, Dr. Grader enrolled in a course of advanced studies in international relations at the London School of Economics, where he met his former

wife Dr. Sheila Grader, and then he attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He served in the Bureau of the Budget (BOB) in the Executive Office in President Kennedy’s administration, where he became involved with the budget of the newly-formed United States Agency of International Development (USAID) and became BOB congressional representative for the “Food for Peace” legislation that provided surplus food to impoverished countries. Following the award of his doctorate from the Fletcher School in 1966, Dr. Grader joined USAID, serving in the Africa Bureau in Tunisia and Senegal and eventually leading the regional development office in Cameroon for a variety of development initiatives across central Africa. Dr. Grader spent a year on leave to earn an MBA from the Sloan Fellows Program at MIT in 1974, returning to duty with USAID as mission director for Nepal from 1974 to 1976 and as mission director to Afghanistan from 1977 to 1979. Dr. Grader’s posting to Afghanistan began a long relationship with the country and its people, and his early belief in the importance of American interests in the region. Dr. Grader’s devotion and enjoyment of rigorous field work continued as he returned to Africa to establish the first USAID programs in Uganda and in Zimbabwe. Dr. Grader retired from USAID and, from 1981 to 1985, was CEO of the Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinee, the world’s largest bauxite mine located in the West African country of Guinea. He then returned to the United States and worked as director of the senior executives program at MIT where, from 1986 to 1996, he administered a variety of educational seminars for business and government leaders from around the world. Dr. Grader was called back to Afghanistan where he served from 1996 to 1999 as managing director

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of Afghanaid, Britain’s principal aid organization in Afghanistan. Following 9/11, Dr. Grader returned to Afghanistan as a UN international observer for the 2002 elections of Afghanistan’s first representative body in over 25 years. After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Dr. Grader was the chief of party of the USAID Education Project to help re-build Iraq’s national educational curriculum. He returned for his last tour in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2004, as Chief of Party of the USAID’s Rural Development Program dedicated to the re-building of roads, irrigation systems, and agriculture infrastructure. Dr. Grader is survived by his two children from his prior marriage, Moses Grader, and his wife Gayle of Marblehead, and Sarah Ayotte, and her husband Rick of Essex, CT; by his fiancée Rita Mehos of Darien, CT; two brothers George Wilson “Bill” Grader and Dwight Judson “Buck” Grader both of Marblehead; and two grandchildren Zach and Nick. MICHAEL J. BLAKE, F70, 62, of Wakefield died on Thursday, 11 February at his home. Born in San Pedro, CT, on 21 June 1947, he was the son of the late Joseph and Frances (Thompson) Blake. Mr. Blake was a graduate of San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara, CT, class of 1965. He was also a graduate of Yale University, 1969, and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, 1973. He served in the U.S. Army Intelligence Unit during Vietnam and was stationed in DaNang. He was also the recipient of the Bronze Star. In 1973 Mr. Blake started working at the 1st National Bank of Boston, now known as Bank of America. For nine years he worked in the international lending division, first in Argentina, then as general manager in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Puerto Rico. Returning to headquarters in 1987 to the transportation lending division, he focused on railroads and airlines. He retired in 2002 from Bank of America.

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Mr. Blake and his wife, Gwenn Therrien, spent their early married years in Latin America and had opportunities to travel extensively. Some of their favorite places were Machu Picchu in Peru, Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, and various Caribbean islands. Mr. Blake attended and was active in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Wakefield. He was the treasurer of the Friends of the Beebe Memorial Library and had volunteered at the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry. An avid golfer, he made a hole in one in 1985 at the Rockleigh Golf Course. He also enjoyed reading a wide variety of books. In addition to his wife Gwenn, he leaves his brother Robert Blake and wife Elizabeth of Davis, CA, parents-in-law Russell and Doris Therrien of Cabot, VT, brothers-in-law Alan Therrien and wife Suzanne of Boxford, Dale Therrien and wife Donna of St. Johnsbury, VT, and sister-in-law Janet Decker and husband Al of Florence. He was the Uncle of James and Ian Blake, Heather McGinnis, Tim Therrien, Michele Voner, and Jack Decker. He is also survived by six grand-nieces and grand-nephews. MICHAEL S. MONTEITH, F73, passed away on Friday, 6 November, at Stanford University Hospital. Michael was born 7 July 1950, in Atherton, California, to Elaine Christensen Cahill Monteith and Peter Stuart Monteith. After graduating from Woodside High School in 1968, Michael attended Claremont Men’s College from which he received honors in two majors: political science and history in 1972. He then received his master’s degree in international relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 1973 and his law degree from the School of Law at the University of California, Davis, in 1976. After earning his private pilot’s license, Michael was never long on the ground. He loved flying both as a pilot and a passenger and achieved Alaska Airlines

MVP Gold status each year as he traveled the globe. His passion for travel was matched only by his passion for politics and all things Scottish. “Uncle Mickey,” as he was affectionately referred to by his godchildren, leaves behind a family and friends whose holidays and gatherings will never be the same without his wit, distinctive laugh, and the stories of his latest adventures from afar. Michael was preceded in death by his parents and younger brother, Scotty. Surviving relatives include first cousins John Vernon of McLean, VA, Susan Schouweiler of Portland, OR, Anne Conley of St. Paul, MN, and second cousins Megan Vivenzio of Friday Harbor, WA, Jennifer Rothmeyer of Seattle, WA, and Courtney Tasso of La Center, WA.

F l e tc h e r N e w s

Entrepreneurial Alumna Contributes to Fletcher’s Future “Fletcher was ahead of the times when I was a student there,” says Elizabeth “Betsy” Parker Powell, F62, “and continues that way today—especially by offering the Master of International Business and the Master of Laws in International Law. I’m delighted to be involved with and supporting such an institution.” With undeniable passion and commitment to The Fletcher School, Betsy is an integral part of the Fletcher community. She chaired The Fletcher Fund from 1995 to 2000, has served on the Fletcher development committee since 1995, has been a member of the Fletcher Board of Overseers since 1997, and has served on the Tufts International Board of Overseers since 2004. She received the Tufts Alumni Distinguished Service Award in 1999 and the Dean’s Medal for her service to Fletcher in October 2003. Recalling that event, she says, “It was such a great, great honor.” In addition to her volunteer work at Fletcher, Betsy contributes annually to The Fletcher Fund and has established the Elizabeth Parker Powell Fund for International Business. Betsy is also a member of the Austin B. Fletcher Society,* having included a gift in her charitable remainder unitrust that will provide support to faculty associated with the International Business Center. This generous gift will be counted toward the School’s Beyond Boundaries campaign total. Betsy’s service is not limited to Fletcher. She is a trustee emerita at Phillips Andover Academy and serves on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards, including the Reed & Barton Corporation, North Hill Life Care Community, Lytron Inc., and Associated Industries of Massachusetts. Betsy is a former assistant professor of management and trustee at Babson College, where she served for 15 years and is now an overseer. Betsy and her husband David live in Wellesley Hills, MA, where she is a longtime elected member of the Wellesley Town Meeting. A 1960 graduate of Smith College, Betsy earned an M.A. at The Fletcher School and later received an M.B.A. from Babson College. Betsy credits her success to her education and her family’s insistence on hard work and perseverance. She and her husband cofounded Diamond Machining Technology Inc. (DMT) in 1976, a corporation that specializes in manufacturing and worldwide distribution of diamond-surfaced tool sharpeners. After 28 years, they sold DMT and now enjoy spending more time with their three children and three grandchildren, traveling, and relaxing in their second home on Nantucket.

“It was a very important tradition in my family to give back to educational institutions. It is satisfying to know that I’m supporting a place where the good can multiply and do more for the future.”

*For more information about including The Fletcher School in your will or trust and becoming a part of the Austin B. Fletcher Society, please contact Brooke Anderson, Associate Director of Gift Planning, at +1.617.627.4975 or

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the Fletcher schOOl T UFTS U N I V E R S I T Y 16 0 Pa c k a rd Ave n u e M e d fo rd, M a s s a c h u s e t t s 02 1 5 5 R e t u r n S e r vi ce R e q u e s te d

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Save the Date! FAll reUNION 2010 9–10 SeptemBer 2010 the Class of 1960 marks their 50th reunion with two days of events. alumni from the Classes of 1934–1959 are also invited to participate.

sPrING reUNION 2011 20 – 22 mAy 2011 clASSeS oF 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, AnD 2006 dean stephen w. Bosworth and the entire Fletcher community invite you to return to Medford for reunion 2011. Mark the dates on your calendar, 20-22 May 2011. whether you are returning for your 45th or 5th reunion, every Fletcher graduate—and their guests—can enjoy this exciting weekend!

Fletcher’s ANNUAl lONDON sYMPOsIUM 4 DecemBer 2010 Details to come…

the Fletcher Fund: Your Gift at work “Participating in the United Nations Development Programme internship in Mongolia was my first choice for the summer and I was very excited about the opportunity to get hands on experience in a developing economy. The flight from Boston to Mongolia was a significant expense and housing costs where I was stationed were disproportionately high, so the stipend from Fletcher was a great help in ensuring I could participate.” —han (yoonho) Kim, F10 United nations development programme Mongolia human development and poverty reduction Cluster intern your Fletcher Fund gift this year could help other students like han pursue opportunities that not only provide them with essential career development experience, but enable them to become poised to be tomorrow’s global leaders. Fletcher’s fiscal year ends on June 30th--please make a gift today! +1.617.627.5441

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