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Fletcher News T h e O f f i c i a l N e w s l e tt e r f o r a lu m n i a n d f r i e n d s o f T h e F l e t c h e r S c h oo l o f L aw a n d D i p lo m a c y at T u f t s Un i v e r s i t y.

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The Fletcher School continues to be that great hope at a time when nations are tested with a new financial crisis, as well as by tension between governments, cultures and religions... There is much work to be done, and the role of the Fletcher education has never been more relevant. In 1933, the revered historian and scholar of international relations James T. Shotwell addressed the first class of students at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy with a lecture titled, “The Task of Diplomacy Today.” History tells us that at this particular time, seventy-five years ago, diplomacy was in demand, with Hitler and the Third Reich on the rise and Japan expanding its position in Asia. Similar to today, the world also faced economic crises, most notably with the United States’ Great Depression, which was at its height when Fletcher came into existence. In many ways, the School’s founding was an act of great hope in a time of deep despair. The Fletcher School continues to be that great hope at a time when nations are tested with a new financial crisis, as well as by tension between governments, cultures and religions. Hope springs from the collaboration we are witnessing as countries avoid isolationism and work together to weather the financial and ideological conflict storms. There is much work to be done, and the role of the Fletcher education has never been more relevant.

and students on our seventy-five-year history, including insight from one of our own, German Ambassador to the United States Klaus Scharioth, F74. In his keynote speech, Scharioth offered a European perspective on the financial condition that has rocked the global economy to its core. As is true of all institutions across the nation, Tufts, and Fletcher, is not immune to the current economic turmoil. As financial markets slide downward and remain volatile, The Fletcher School finds itself in a situation where we must make an even greater effort to set priorities and allocate scarce resources prudently. Now, more than ever, we need the strong support of all Fletcher alumni and friends in The Fletcher Fund and our capital campaign to assure the School’s continuing success in these difficult times.

Stephen W. Bosworth

More than 650 Fletcher alumni gathered on October 11 for the 75th Anniversary Gala, held at The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. A snapshot of those in attendance proved a fine example of the power and effect of Fletcher throughout the world. From thought leaders to educators, heads of government to heads of non-profits and the private sector, Fletcher alumni are working to build bridges to better relations among nations and contribute to an improved life for the disadvantaged in this world. Here on the Medford campus on October 24, the Fletcher Community also celebrated our special milestone with an afternoon of reflections from faculty

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Fl etcher Ne w s

Fletcher Looks Ahead to the Future As we celebrate and reflect on 75 years of preparing the world’s leaders, we eagerly look ahead to the future in the form of Fletcher’s impressive 2008 incoming class. An academically and professionally accomplished group of individuals, the 248 newest members of the Fletcher community were selected through a highly competitive process from a pool of over 1,600 applicants, and include students enrolled in our newest degree programs: the Master of International Business (MIB) and Master of Laws in International Law (LLM). The inaugural MIB class is diverse, talented, and experienced. They have demonstrated deep international exposure, solid academics, and proven professional skills. More than two-thirds of the class has significant private sector experience from companies including ExxonMobil, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Booz Allen Hamilton, Proctor & Gamble, and Royal Bank of Scotland. The remaining third comes from the public sector, non-profits, and the military. On the whole, the MIB students are looking for truly international careers that span the public and private sectors.

officers, returned Peace Corps volunteers, and lawyers, to journalists, intelligence analysts, community organizers, and marketing directors.

In August, Fletcher also welcomed the inaugural LLM class, consisting of sixteen dynamic students who share impressive credentials and a commitment to international law. The class is geographically and professionally diverse, with students from twelve countries, representing the continents of North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Their work experience encompasses academe, public international law firms, non-governmental organizations, judicial clerkships, and ministries of foreign affairs and trade.

Overall, the incoming class is made up of students representing six continents and fifty-seven countries, including: Nepal, Rwanda, Iran, Afghanistan, and Colombia. They range in age from twenty-one to forty-eight and have earned degrees from top colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad. While they have unique backgrounds and individual goals, they share a common commitment to engage in international affairs and an aspiration to make meaningful and important contributions to the world. Only halfway through their first semester, the 2008 incoming class has already begun to engage, challenge, and enrich the Fletcher community.

MIB and LLM students join the newest members of our Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD), mid-career Master of Arts (MA), and Ph.D. programs who come to us with a wealth of academic, professional, and life experiences from a varied array of disciplines, industries, and sectors. They have studied fields such as political science, engineering, business, and history and held positions ranging from diplomats, military

For information about the study community, including statistics and student profiles, please visit: default.shtml

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4 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

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Keeping Murrow’s Legacy Alive at Fletcher By Rebecca POLLARD Pierik

The students filed into the dining hall for the meeting, covered from head to toe in traditional burkas, except for their faces, which, in keeping with tradition, they revealed within university walls. “ While leading a recent tour of the Middle East, former ambassador to the Middle East and Tufts professor William Rugh brought 100 American visitors to lunch with students at a women’s college in Dubai. The students filed into the dining hall for the meeting, covered from head to toe in traditional burkas, except for their faces, which, in keeping with tradition, they revealed within university walls. “At first sight, the students probably confirmed stereotypes held by the American visitors just because of how they were dressed,” says Rugh. However, as the Americans mingled with the female students, many of them began to see that these students did not fit the stereotype. “The young women were bright, assertive, very focused on education and careers—little like the Americans expected,” says Rugh. After the trip, one of the American tourists called Rugh to say the experience had changed his life, and that he wanted to know what he could do to help Americans to understand the complexities of Arab culture more fully. After forty-one years as a diplomat, educator and author, Rugh has observed again and again how stereotypes and misunderstandings dissolve in the face of this kind of cultural exchange. An ambassador to the Middle East for thirty-one years, Rugh worked in nations such as Qatar, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia to build understanding of U.S. foreign policy. Then in 1995, he took over leadership of AmidEast, a private company that provides cross-cultural education for Americans and Middle Eastern people. Now, as the new Edward R. Murrow Professorship of Public Diplomacy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy—a position endowed during Beyond Boundaries: The Campaign for Tufts—Rugh plans to continue his work bridging cultural divides though education. He says he feels especially honored his title carries Murrow’s name. “I started my career as a junior officer with the United States Information Agency in 1961—the same year that Edward R. Murrow became the agency’s director,” recalls Rugh of the agency that was charged with communicating the official U.S. position to nations abroad. “I really admired him. We all did. He is recognized as the best director the agency ever had.” Widely acknowledged as one of the most influential

journalists in our country’s history, Murrow also made significant contributions to public diplomacy that are less well-recognized, according to his son, Casey Murrow. “Most people know my father for his career in journalism, but biographers often gloss over his later years as director of the U.S. Information Agency,” says the younger Murrow, who was only eight years old when his father took on Senator Joseph McCarthy in a series of televised reports that helped bring about the end of the “Red Scare.” “When President Kennedy asked him to lead the Information Agency, he felt it was his duty to his country and a critical point in his career. He wanted to make the agency’s work more about reporting and less a public relations venture.” To extend his father’s legacy of excellence in public diplomacy, Casey Murrow joined with alumni and friends of the Fletcher School to initiate the professorship. He says Rugh, with his lifelong dedication to bridging cultural divides through education, is uniquely qualified to hold this position. “My father was deeply committed to educating the public, and I’m thrilled that the Fletcher School is leveraging its resources to train tomorrow’s leaders in public diplomacy,” says Casey Murrow, who himself heads an educational nonprofit in Putney, Vermont. The Edward R. Murrow Center at the Fletcher School holds the senior Murrow’s complete records and his library, and provides ongoing programming geared toward advancing the field. The younger Murrow states, “I think my father would have been honored to know that his work continues to have the deep influence that it does.”

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 5

Fl etcher Ne w s

Edward Murrow’s Legacy and the Real World Broadcast News Remarks by Harry Radliffe, F73 given at the Murrow 100th Anniversary Conference: “Public Diplomacy and International Citizenship” Tuesday, 15 April 2008 Good afternoon Dean, members of the faculty, students, guests, It’s a real pleasure to be with you here and to be a part of your annual forum on Murrow. Quite frankly, it’s also a relief to be out of my office in New York. You may have noticed a lot of news reports recently speculating, again, about the future of the organization that employs me [CBS]. If it seems that CBS News is in perpetual upheaval, one explanation is the inordinate amount of time our colleagues and competitors in the press spend discussing and speculating about CBS News. There’s a direct correlation to the reason we receive all that attention and the reason we are all here. It boils down to one man: Edward R. Murrow. CBS News receives an inordinate amount of attention because News is the house that Ed Murrow and his band of brothers (and one sister) built. It’s a house that, with the exception of two years, has been my home for my entire professional career. If it seems that our house is a little unstable, I would not deny it. We have our disagreements, and a habit of airing them openly and loudly. Animal House comes to mind—or some sort of dysfunctional family. Some of my colleagues say that the factional warfare at CBS News resembles, in part, the war in Iraq. Over there, you have the Shia, the Sunni and the Kurds. Over here, we have our factions, too. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I’m here as a representative of the Kurdish faction of CBS News—also known as 60 Minutes. But if you can get past all the titillation and sensationalism that inevitably accompanies a medium that reaches into millions of people’s homes, there’s a better explanation for the focus on us. The spotlight on the goings on at CBS News is part of a broader discussion about the future of journalism itself and the future

“The spotlight on the goings on at CBS News is part of a broader discussion about the future of journalism itself...” of broadcast journalism in particular. These are interesting and dangerous times in journalism. The annual report on The State of the News Media describes a “new era of shrinking ambitions,” “fragmentation,” and oversupply with “too many news organizations doing the same thing.” The old business models

6 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

are dated. Traditional advertising is drying up, and people are still trying to figure out how to make money on the Internet. We are probably in the midst of a fundamental retrenchment in the news business. Newspapers, radio, and TV are all in turmoil as costs skyrocket. Every once in a while when I come back from a shoot somewhere, they show me the final tally of costs on my story. They’re shockingly high. At the same time, like the annual report says, there’s increasing audience fragmentation. That just means that with hundreds of channels, or choices available to you, it’s not surprising that there aren’t as many eyeballs watching CBS, NBC and ABC as there were when there were only three networks. Ah, the good old days. None of this is new. These trends have been developing for years. The dilemma is how to solve it, and the future is anything but clear. The attempt to chart a path to the future has inevitably led to conflict and major soul searching, especially regarding broadcast news. You have to remember that the networks are a business, driven to earn profits. While a particular news program can be profitable, there’s a natural conflict between news gathering and the bottom line. No one outlined the issues with greater clarity than Ed Murrow. In a speech to the Radio and TV News Directors Association, Murrow laid out the dilemma. In my opinion in what is the most important speech in the history of broadcasting, Murrow described television this way. He said, “This is instrument that can teach. It can illuminate. Yes, it can even inspire.” He went on to add, “But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it is merely wires and lights in a box.” Basically, he’s saying it’s up to us. Murrow made that speech fifty years ago. He could have written it yesterday. So you see this debate’s been going on for a while. I was originally asked to speak to you about Murrow’s world at CBS News. I wish I could. I wish I could have been one of “Murrow’s boys.” The news organization they built from scratch lured me and many of my colleagues to broadcast journalism in general and to CBS News in particular. But by the time I joined CBS News, Murrow was long gone, driven out by the same dilemmas and frustrations we still deal with today. But Murrow’s legacy permeated the CBS News I joined. He

Fl etcher Ne w s

was the reason I joined CBS News. He was the reason I got into broadcast journalism. He believed that news was a sacred trust, that news reported accurately and fairly could not only inform, it could change things. News and information were powerful. They still are. CBS was the only place I wanted to work. I used the word “joined” a moment ago when I mentioned my beginnings at CBS. I used that word intentionally. For me, and many of my colleagues, working for CBS News—the house Murrow built—was more than a job; it was a calling. “Joining” CBS News was like joining the Church. Journalism was our religion. Murrow’s DNA flowed through the veins of CBS News. He was the north star, our guiding light. When I started and for many years after, some of the original members of his team—Charles Collingwood, Eric Sevareid, Douglas Edwards and Richard C. Hottellet—were still working there. Walter Cronkite had not been one of Murrow’s boys, but he inherited the DNA and was driven by the same passions that drove Murrow. Those same passions still drive many of us. I’ve had the honor and the pleasure to work with some of the giants in the history of broadcast journalism—Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Peter Jennings, Ed Bradley, and Mike Wallace. Steve Kroft, Scott Pelley, Leslie Stahl, and Bob Simon, my colleagues at 60 Minutes, are all driven by the standards Murrow set. I hope this doesn’t sound like some corporate PR pitch, but if you could see and hear the shouting matches that take place in our shop every day, you might be surprised. They’re not about ratings, although we all want to know if anyone’s watching, they’re mostly about journalism, language, facts, and fairness. CBS sent Murrow to Europe to be the director of talks. He got into news by accident. Casey was telling me yesterday that he was in Vienna for the Anschluss. When there was no one else from CBS to cover the events, Murrow filled in, and the rest as they say is history. Murrow hired Shira who covered Berlin, and together they covered the Czech crisis, the crisis in Danzig and the Polish corridor. Anyway most of you know what followed. Have you ever heard some of those broadcasts? Through the static of history and the poor quality of audio feeds in those days, they still send chills down my spine as I listen to them broadcasting the first draft of history. I often wonder what it would be like if Murrow was a working journalist today. Can you imagine? Bill O’Reilly, Larry King, Keith Olberman, and Ed Murrow tonight on some cable channel. No doubt Murrow would be stunned and thrilled that technology has made it possible to broadcast live from battlefields, refugee camps, conference halls, and street corners anywhere in the world. In Murrow’s day the quality was accepted. There wasn’t any alternative and there wasn’t that much competition. NBC and the old Mutual Broadcasting System were also in their infancy, just like CBS. Today, there’s more competition than anyone can reasonably absorb. I can only speculate how he’d feel about the cacaphony coming from the broadcast nets, cable channels, radio, the Internet, and YouTube. I can’t begin to imagine what he would make of the blogosphere.

Harry Radliffe, F73, CBS Producer of 60 Minutes

The fact that an ordinary American with a cell phone, a built-in mic and a camera can record a picture or a comment that can fundamentally alter the outcome of an election would certainly take some getting used to. It’s produced a kind of whiplash journalism that I’d like to think he would find distasteful. But I think Murrow would be impressed that being courageous is now routine. When he and his colleagues broadcast that report on Joe McCarthy, when they reported on Lt. Radulovich, who the U.S. government asked to repudiate his own father, over allegations that turned out to be false, when they reported on the plight of migrant workers—that was groundbreaking stuff. The risk of repercussions for them all, Murrow in particular, was real. But Murrow withstood it. Today, reporters routinely take on everything—the President, government, big business, science, and institutions, without fear. Aggressive journalism is routine. Despite all the angst about the future, we are living in a golden age of journalism. Despite obvious flaws, the quality and quantity of good reporting has never been greater. American reporters are anxious to report the world. What’s holding them back are the economic realities of that same world. The major networks are part of large corporations focused on the bottom line. It is difficult to ask them to hemorrhage money so me and my colleagues can run around the world covering stories. Hopefully, we’ll find some way to sort out the economics and construct new business models that can finance the future.

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 7

Fl etcher Ne w s

Ralph Bunche Scholarship Fund, A Collective Fletcher Effort By Rebecca POLLARD Pierik

The extraordinary legacy of Dr. Ralph Bunche—United Nations diplomat, international peacemaker and civil rights champion—is felt the world over. Perhaps best known for negotiating the end of the first Arab-Israeli war and ushering in a new era of UN-mediated peacekeeping, in 1950, Dr. Bunche became the first African American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The grandson of an ex-slave, Dr. Bunche endeavored to advance civil rights of African Americans, working alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and leading, with him, the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965. The extraordinary legacy of Dr. Ralph Bunche—United Nations diplomat, international peacemaker and civil rights champion—is felt the world over. Perhaps best known for negotiating the end of the first Arab-Israeli war and ushering in a new era of UN-mediated peacekeeping, in 1950, Dr. Bunche became the first African American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The grandson of an ex-slave, Dr. Bunche endeavored to advance civil rights of African Americans, working alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and leading, with him, the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965. “Dr. Bunche was a brilliant statesman and scholar. He truly believed that it was possible to use mediation to bring two sides of a conflict to common ground—whether abroad or here on American soil,” says Kelly Smith, F03, who co-chairs, with Belinda Chiu, F04, the Fletcher Alumni of Color Association

“Dr. Bunche was a brilliant statesman and scholar. He truly believed that it was possible to use mediation to bring two sides of a conflict to common ground—whether abroad or here on American soil,” (FACA). During his time at Fletcher, Smith helped establish the Ralph Bunche Society to raise awareness about the contributions and issues of minorities and people of color to the field of international relations. Still active, the society has come to serve as a model for campuses across the country. Now Smith and the FACA, in conjunction with Fletcher dean Stephen W. Bosworth, are working to further extend Dr.

8 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Bunche’s legacy on campus through the Ralph Bunch Endowed Scholarship Fund. Fletcher will use income from the fund to support scholarships for students of color, allowing more students from diverse backgrounds to study at the School. Smith says the Bunche Fund will help counter a troubling trend. Talented students of color, he says, are being lured away from Fletcher to programs that can offer more competitive funding packages. “I go to a lot of events for prospective students of color. The question I always hear is ‘How am I going to afford Fletcher?’” explains Smith, who holds a position as a manager in information security at Deloitte and Touche. “The financial side of graduate school concerns these students, and that is playing a big role in where they choose to go.” Along with helping more students afford tuition, Smith says the Ralph Bunche Endowed Scholarship Fund will send an important message that Fletcher recognizes that a diverse student body enriches learning for all students. “This is a scholar’s program. We plan to award the Ralph Bunche Scholarship to scholars who reflect the legacy of Dr. Bunche,” he explains. “The Ralph Bunche Scholars will be connected to the critical issues of our time, and they will connect others at Fletcher to those issues, too.” Ralph Bunche Jr., F71, a key supporter of the initiative, recalls how his own time at Fletcher exposed him to a wealth of new perspectives, thanks in large part to the diversity of ideas he encountered there. “The education I received from Fletcher was top-notch. The students in my classes came from a range of backgrounds, in terms of gender, international experience, and military experience,” says Bunche Jr., now a financial and

Fl etcher Ne w s

development consultant for countries in Africa. “This really helped me to understand people, their histories, economics, and politics. “I’m very pleased to help bring that experience to students who may not have access to it otherwise.” Bunche Jr. also says the scholarship fund is a fitting tribute to his father, who held a deep commitment to education. “My father firmly believed that education had the most important function in world, allowing people from many different walks of life to come together in dialogue,” he says. Bunche Fund supporter Karen Hastie Williams, F71, remembers Dr. Bunche from her childhood. While studying at Harvard, Bunche met her father William Henry Hastie, who was a professor of law, and the two scholars became friends and collaborators. Hastie went on to become the first African-American circuit court judge. “We were in Philadelphia, and Dr. Bunche was close by in New York at the UN,” recalls Williams. “I remember the two of them would get together frequently and organize groups focused on helping African American students develop their understanding of international challenges.” Williams says her own experiences at Fletcher gave her a solid understanding of international relations that has served as a foundation for her career. An expert in public contract law, Williams served as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and later represented victims of terrorist acts, from the bombings at the U.S. Embassy in Kenya to 9/11. She says the Bunche Fund can help Fletcher do an even better job preparing tomorrow’s leaders in international relations and diplomacy. “There is a need for Americans who are interested in diplomacy and foreign relations to have broad spectrum of experiences,” says Williams. “It’s ideal to have class members from all of over the world and from all backgrounds studying and working side by side.” Along with making a gift to the Ralph Bunche Endowed Scholarship Fund, Williams hosted a party in her Washington, D.C., home last fall to kick off the fundraising campaign. Fletcher alumni from 1964 to 2006 attended. “When Dean Bosworth asked me to join this effort, it was natural for me to get involved,” she says. “Everyone at the party was very enthusiastic about supporting it. I think we’ve hit upon a real need as well as a great way for alumni to give back to the School.” The Fletcher School is still actively seeking gifts to the Ralph Bunche Scholarship Fund. For more information, contact Kathleen Bobick at +1.617.627.4573 or email kathleen.bobick@

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 9



On September 3 at the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, the Fletcher Club of Switzerland hosted Dr. Peter Walker, the Irwin H. Rosenberg Professor of Nutrition and Human Security and director, Feinstein International Center Tufts University, for a discussion on “The Humanitarian Consequences of Climate Change and

Globalization.” Two days later, they organized a well-attended fall alumni reunion at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich that featured guest speakers Mrs. Gretchen Dobson (Tufts University Senior Associate Director for Domestic and International Alumni Programs) and Dr. Thomas Schmidheiny.

DHAK A Members of Fletcher Club, Dhaka, had their quarterly get-together cum annual dinner at the residence of former Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Ambassador Faruq A. Choudhury, F57. Club members greeted the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh H.E. Mr. James F. Moriarty, who happens to be the spouse of Fletcher alumna and senior U.S. diplomat Lauren Moriarty, F78. In attendance were: Ambassador Nasim Firdaus, F94, KSG; Bangladesh Ambassador designate to Italy Masud Bin Momen, F90; Lazhar Aloui, F92, of USAID Dhaka office; writer and filmmaker G.M. Shahidul Alam, F82; literature page editor of The Daily Star (Bangladesh) Khademul Islam, F85; environmentalist and current visiting professor at The Fletcher School Dr. Atiq Rahman; senior assistant secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh M.J.H. Jabed, F07; and Professors C.R. Abrar and Tasneem Arefa Siddiqui of the University of Dhaka. Club President Ambassador Mosud Mannan, F89, thanked the host for organizing the gathering, which was attended by most of the Dhaka-based Fletcher alumni.

GREECE The Fletcher Club of Greece successfully organized its first big event in Athens last May. Fletcher professors Bill Moomaw and Bruce Everett were invited to debate on “The Quest for Sustainability: Climate Change vs. Economic Growth,” with Fletcher alumnus and professor Dimitris Keridis, F94, acting as moderator. Club President Thomas Varvitsiotis, F99, introduced the event to an audience of 350 people that included members of the Greek parliament, former ministers, industry experts, environmentalists and journalists. The debate produced television and newspaper publicity, and we are all excited for our next event to celebrate Fletcher’s seventy-five years. The club also launched a Website:

10 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

London In September, the Fletcher Club of London hosted Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari, F76, for a discussion titled, “Realistic options in dealing with Iran.” Dr. Khonsari is a former Iranian diplomat and is currently a senior research consultant at the Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies in London.


AUSTRALIA The Fletcher Club of Australia, despite its small size, has been very active recently. Sydney-based alumni enjoyed dinner together in September. A club meeting was also held in Perth in September with returning alumnus Ian Wadley who has resettled in Australia after his stints in the Congo, Ethiopia and Geneva. He is currently working for the Western Australian Government while he looks at his options. A 75th Anniversary Reception to be hosted by the current Chinese Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Mr. Zhang Junsai, F90, is being planned for later this year. The Club has offered support through meetings and email to entering Australian class members Ben Ford and Charles Woolcott. Ben Ford has received the prestigious Qantas Airways Fellowship from the Australian American Association. Charles Woolcott will be renewing a family tradition: his father Peter Woolcott, F80, is also a Fletcher graduate. The Club has also provided advice and encouragement to Jasmine Barrett who has been accepted for the entering class in 2009.


In May, the Fletcher Alumni Club in Paris welcomed Dean Stephen W. Bosworth and Professor Laurent Jacque before their attendance at the Talloires Symposium. The dean provided an update on the school, commenting on the continued success of innovative programs such as the GMAP, as well as describing the newly renovated campus facilities and new capital campaign. It was a pleasure to welcome them, and we look forward to their return next spring.

NEW YORK China’s energy policy was the topic of a panel discussion, “Global Oil and Gas: A New Contender, China,” hosted by the Fletcher Club of New York in April. Bruce McKenzie Everett, F70 (retired from ExxonMobil Corporation and now adjunct professor of international business at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and adjunct associate professor of international business at the Fletcher School), Sammy Buo, F74 (director of the Africa II Division in the United Nations Department of Political Affairs), and Erping Zhang, GMAP03 (director of the Association for Asian Research in New York City), discussed the implications of China’s energy policy for the region and international policymakers and businesses. Dr. Ronnie Goldberg, chief policy officer at the U.S. Council for International Business, moderated. Tarek Zeidan, F09, was selected as the recipient of the New York club’s unpaid internship scholarship in June. The $1,500 scholarship is made possible by the generosity of club members, membership fees, and event attendance. Tarek is a Lebanese national who interned at the Al Hayat newspaper’s United Nations Bureau, covering UN events for the media outlet. In September, the board of the Fletcher Club of New York presented a lively panel discussion, “After Annapolis: Prospects for Peace.” The four panelists were: H.E. Ambassador Majed

Abdul Aziz, permanent representative of Egypt to the UN; H.E. Ambassador Riyad H. Mansour, permanent representative of the Palestine M ission to the UN; H.E. Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, permanent representative of the State of Qatar to the UN; and Daniel Levy, senior fellow and director of both the Middle East Initiative at the New America Foundation and the Prospects for Peace Initiative at the Century Foundation. Farri Cress, F70, vice president of the Fletcher Club of New York, served as moderator. This interactive session focused on some of the promises Israel and the Palestinians undertook at Annapolis and how both sides missed many opportunities to resolve major obstacles to peace. The panelists concluded that no fundamental change is going to occur in the region before 2009 and that while Annapolis was a great idea, it was too little, too late.

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 11

CLUB CONTACTS Armenia Arusyak Mirzakhanyan, F04 Atlanta Tim Holly, F79 Australia Melissa Conley Tyler, F96 Bangkok Ekachai Chainuvati, F03 Beijing Stephane Grand, F98 Berlin Jan-Philipp Görtz, F98 Boston Mike O’Dougherty, F87 Brussels Katrina Destree, F95 Budapest Anita Orban, F01 Buenos Aires Carlos St. James, GMAP 04 Chicago Daniela Abuzatoaie, F00 Chile Andres Montero, F85 German Olave, F97 Copenhagen Needs new leadership… Dhaka Julia Sable, F05 Dubai Paul Bagatelas, F87 Christine Lauper Bagatelas, F87 Fletcher Alumni of Color Association Belinda Chiu, F04 Fletcher Women’s Network Marcia Greenberg, F91

12 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Greece Thomas Varvitsiotis, F99 Gregory Dimitriadis, F06 Hong Kong Dorothy Chan, F03 Alicia Eastman, GMAP 04 Houston David Hwa, F76 Kenya Anne Angwenyi, F02 Viviane Chao, F02 Kosovo Iliriana Kacaniku, F04 London Adina Postelnicu, GMAP 07 Los Angeles Spencer Abbot, F97 Malaysia Shah Azmi, F86 Miami Daniel Ades, F03 Middle East Alumni Association Walid Chamoun, F00 Mumbai Richard Cooper, GMAP 02 Nepal Ram Thapaliya, GMAP 02 New York Ashish Bhatia, F06 Oregon Edie Johnson Millar, F85 Paris William Holmberg, F05 Philadelphia Thomas Heanue, F90

Philippines Cathy Hartigan-Go, F92 Romania Sinziana Frangeti, F07 San Diego Geoffrey Pack, F89 San Francisco Vladimir Todorovic, F01 São Paulo Paulo Bilyk, F92 Sarajevo Haris Mesinovic, F00 Saudi Arabia Jamil Al Dandany, F87 Seattle Julie Bennion, F01 Seoul Junsik Ahn, F00 Shanghai Ian McGuinn, F07 Singapore Kim Odhner, F03 Switzerland Mark Fisher, GMAP 05 Tokyo Mariko Noda, F90 Vienna Rainer Staub, F96 Jonathan Tirone, F00 Washington, DC Uzma Wahhab, F02


FACULTY Eileen Babbit and Kristen Williams, “Focus on Coexistence and Human Rights,” Series on

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York: Sentinel, 2008). | Continues on next page

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 13


Quotes of Note “Seismologists have earthquakes. Epidemiologists have outbreaks of disease. Political scientists have constitutional crises. And economists have financial collapses.” —Professor Michael Klein discussed the current economic situation with The Chronicle of Higher Education. “We wanted to show it could be done and [that] people could do all or any part of this. Even if they only did a small part of what we did here, they would be more comfortable, be in a healthier house, and have a smaller environmental impact.” —Professor William Moomaw explained his decision with his wife to build a house that consumes 86% less energy than the standard house, in Berkshire Living Magazine. “Leadership is showing people where to go, entrepreneurship is doing things.” —G areth Ackerman, Chairman of Pick n Pay Holdings Limited (Pikwik), when he spoke at Fletcher regarding corporate social responsibility.

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“I want to know that [Governor Palin] is now immersing herself in writers and thinkers, in treatises on coercive diplomacy, Wahhabism, the Law of the Sea, the D oha round, and China’s dollar reserves, like my own Fletcher classmates have done, like every student of history and current crises must do. This is not to score points with some dreaded “elite” but because no complex situation—be it Iraq, Afghanistan, or Haiti—can be approached, let alone solved, with anything less.”

Harris (forthcoming).

—Recent GMAP graduate Marcia D eSanctis, regarding vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, in an op-ed that appeared in The Huffington Post.

Alejandro Herrera (Buenos Aires: EDUCA, 2008): 431–440 (in Spanish). _______, “Considerations on the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo from a Public International Law perspective,”

14 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

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A Lasting Legacy How do alumni who feel indebted to a former professor express their enduring appreciation for the guidance provided within the classroom? In a generous gesture, they dedicate the actual classroom in which so much wisdom was passed down to the name of that same professor. On Monday, September 22, the Fletcher Community gathered to dedicate one of its most oft-used classrooms to a former professor who made a lasting mark on so many of his students. A beloved professor of international politics during his two-decade tenure at The Fletcher School from 1967–87, Dr. Uri Ra’anan also served as director of the International Security Studies Program and chair of the Curriculum Committee. A gift from Dr. Ra’anan’s former students at Fletcher—made in anonymity—has enabled the naming of Cabot 205 in his honor. His former students, along with former Fletcher colleagues professors Richard Shultz and Robert Pfaltzgraff, joined the Fletcher Community in welcoming Ra’anan back to the campus twenty years after his tenure at Tufts. Both Shultz and Pfaltzgraff offered their thanks to Professor Ra’anan for guiding their careers and setting a high standard of excellence in teaching. Cabot 205 served as the location for many of Professor Ra’anan’s classes, wherein his ability to draw detailed regionalized maps of the world and his passion for scholarship left an indelible mark on those who taught alongside him and attended his lectures.

Uri Ra’anan

Now director of the Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology and Policy at Boston University and an associate of the Davis Center at Harvard University, Ra’anan has authored, co-authored, edited and co-edited more than twenty-five books, and contributed to nearly twenty others. He is an expert on Soviet affairs. While his teaching days at Fletcher are long behind him, his legacy as a professor committed to both his students and his research will last, and Ra’anan’s name will continue to be spoken within the Fletcher Community and by those who remain forever grateful for his teachings.

Phyllis Oakley and Dean Stephen W. Bosworth

Paul Martin

On August 18th, Dean Stephen W. Bosworth bestowed the prestigious Dean’s Medal upon Paul Martin, the former Prime Minister of Canada, at an event that took place at The Rideau Club in Ottawa. The award acknowledged among his many accomplishments, Martin’s work on the L20, a forum of international leaders convened to address the world’s most pressing issues. The L20 concept has become an essential teaching tool used by the last six GMAP sessions.

I have understood that Roman emperors had someone behind their chairs, whispering in their ears, “You are only mortal.” I think we have had the modern equivalent of this phrase in Iraq and Afghanistan. In other words, we have made mistakes and it is time to reassert a renewed American diplomacy based on realism, capacity matched to actions, and some humility after we have relieved the helmsman Mr. Magoo of his duties. I believe the rest of the world is waiting. I am sorry that my generation has left all of you an America not as the shining city on a hill in a prosperous and democratic world, but in a dangerous, competitive, and changing environment, with global warming, poverty, and terrorism high on the agenda. It is over to you to make it better. —Phyllis E. Oakley, F57, recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, speaking at Fletcher’s convocation in September 2008. Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 15

Fletcher’s 75th Anniversary Gala

On October 11th 2008, the Great Hall of the Jefferson Building in the Library of Congress was the setting for an event that marked the climax of what had involved more than a year’s worth of programming—the 75th anniversary of the founding of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. More than 650 members of the extended Fletcher Community walked the exhibits halls (“Exploring the Americas” and “Thomas Jefferson’s Library”), enjoyed fine cheeses, fruits and desserts, and danced to the rhythms of a 12-piece band. An evening that began with smiles, conversation and a lavish five-course dinner transitioned quickly to recognitions of achievement, great stories of past experiences and shared hope for the future.

16 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Dr. Peter Ackerman, F69, Chairman of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers and Gala Chair, welcomed guests and discussed the school’s many new challenges and opportunities. Ackerman emphasized the need in today’s world for Fletcher’s unique offering, and spoke to the importance of new initiatives such as the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP), the Institute for Human Security and the School’s most recent additions: the Master of International Business and Master of Laws in International Law degrees, and the Center for Emerging Market Enterprises. The podium was then turned over to Dean Stephen W. Bosworth, who bestowed the Dean’s Medal upon Ambassador

Wolfgang Ischinger, F73, for his “unique ability to create opportunities out of crises and to address the world’s most pressing issues.” Ambassador Ischinger’s extensive career of service to Germany and the international community includes positions in Washington, DC, Paris as well as several senior positions in the German Foreign Office where he went on to serve as Deputy Foreign Minister, the nation’s highest civil service post.

honor was bestowed upon Conley Tyler for her professional achievement in conflict resolution and for her role as an emerging leader in the global community.

Additionally, Melissa Conley Tyler, F96, National Executive Director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, was named the recipient of the Fletcher Alumni Association of Washington, DC’s Young Alumni Award for 2008. This

“…never before has our interdependent world needed leaders prepared by Fletcher more than it does now.” – Dean Stephen W. Bosworth

As the evening continued into the twilight hours, guests mingled—continuing to strengthen the “Fletcher Connection”—and discussed the significance of the day. Though 75 years have past since the doors to The Fletcher School first opened, the need for its vision is even greater today.

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 17


1947 William Dale 1957 William Jackson 1962 Patrick Pascoe Mac Johnston wrote from Manila where he was doing some work for the Asian Development Bank. He is spending lots of time in Asia though he’d prefer to be closer to home in Bethesda, MD. In addition to his consulting practice, Mac is an advisor on political risk to Robert Wray, LLC, a D.C. law firm. He does manage to enjoy the fruits of his “advanced age”: time with his children and grandchildren as well as gardening, tennis, reading and writing novels. You can order his novel, 1952 . He and his wife Barbara spent a few weeks vacationing and visiting friends on Mt. Desert Island and elsewhere in New England. Craig Bamberger is back in the D.C. area doing some legal work when his son (10) is not beating up on him. Since retiring as General Counsel of the International Energy Agency in 2001, several law firms have hired him to consult or serve as an expert witness related to his experiences on the legal committee to the international conference in which the Energy Charter Treaty was being negotiated. He is also counsel to a subgroup of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, which is looking at a range of legal issues that could arise during an infrastructure emergency. Fred Bergsten continues to churn out publications on trade policy at the Peterson Institute for International

18 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008


Economics. His op-ed, “The Democrats’ Dangerous Trade Games,” appeared in the May 20 Wall Street Journal. The July 1 Financial Times carried his oped, “Trade Has Saved America from Recession,” on the U.S. and global economic outlook. The July/August Foreign Affairs features his major article on U.S.-China policy, “A Partnership of Equals: How Washington Should Respond to China’s Economic Challenge.” Finally, Fred has co-authored a new book entitled China’s Rise: Challenges and Opportunities . Pete Kreis reports from Tallahassee that he has been retired for seven years, does some consulting and evaluation work in Florida, but his real priority is his three tennis games a week in a super seniors group. Peter Sellar has more or less completed his move to Beverly, WV, but manages to get in the occasional trip, including some time in Booth Bay Harbor, ME. Peter and Laurie stopped in Blue Ridge Summit to spend the night with us. Ted Achillles is still in Afghanistan where he recently started an educational NGO. Betsy Parker Powell continues her active life. After her visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg, she spent ten days at the Tufts campus at Talloires on Lake Annecy. In late June, she flew to Venice for the opening at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum of the Phillips Academy Exhibit of American Art from 1850 to 1950. Carol Johnson Hurlburt and husband Sid spent some time in the Midwest visiting a daughter who is a history professor at Southern Illinois University and attending a family reunion in Wisconsin. Back in Reston, VA, Carol and Sid keep busy with volunteer work and helping take care of a grandson (4). Carol is president

of the Reston-Herndon branch of the American Association of University Women. Her fall project involves hosting six Russians who are coming to observe our election. Bob Houdek and Mary spent a month in Hawaii in the spring visiting Mary’s childhood haunts. They spent July in Booth Bay Harbor, ME, fishing, reading, and delighting in their grandchildren and their parents who were visiting from their home in Bangkok. Bob has been doing some lecturing on “China in Africa” and consulting with oil companies in Houston. He has signed a contract with one of the “Beltway bandits” to conduct training courses on Africa at various military schools. He recently went to England to participate in a conference on Africa sponsored by the Oxford Analytica folks. Ernst Gemassmer continues traveling to both close and distant lands. He will visit Morocco this year as well as Hong Kong to see his son and family. His son is married to an Australian, and they have two children. The sevenyear-old is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Ernst remains engaged by the odd consulting assignment, but otherwise is enjoying retirement. Fritz Gilbert and Jane keep up their busy traveling schedule. Early in the summer, they spent two weeks in Norway with their son Peter and his wife and two daughters. Later in the summer they attended a mini-reunion in the Denver-Boulder area. 1963 Ronald Glantz 1964 Reunion 2009 May 15–17

1965 Larry Struve William Wainwright is pleased to announce that his daughter Elizabeth recently received her teacher’s credential from Saint Mary’s College of California and has been hired to be the French teacher at the high school where he first learned the French language that he has used so extensively in his professional career. Gresh Lattimore is starting his third year of hospital chaplaincy training at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, MA. He meets weekly with a Vietnam veterans group, the members of which are coping with their PTSD at the Veterans’ Administration in Bedford. Gresh notes: “I’ve found that there truly is life after ‘retirement,’ a word which should probably be ‘transition’ from one way of living to another without the need to care what others think anymore!” Ruben Brown reports that he and his wife Mary Kate have a new grandson, William Edward, who at fourteen months wears clothes for a three year old. He has red curly hair with a big round head and looks like his grandpa. Ruben continues to provide strategic services related to his regulatory consulting business regarding energy policy. The latest project of his company, Ecubed Limited Liability Co., is a residential micro-combined heat and power system powered by Honda combined with another client’s furnaces or boilers, which can meet half a household’s annual electricity need while heating the house.  1968 Sally Miller


1969 Reunion 2009 May 15–17 Carolyn Setlow Jim Barkas recently presented “O ffset on the New Frontier of NATO” to members of the German Defense Industry at the semi-annual meeting of the Deutsche Kompensations Forum in Kassel, Germany. Besides promoting ways to use defense procurements to support civil projects, Jim is also working with a consortium of power plants to develop sources of biofuels. For another partner, Jim is raising capital for an “exotic” Emerging Markets Fund. All three activities are mutually reinforcing and serve the same objective of creating new means of economic cooperation and development. Jim’s son has just finished his junior spring semester abroad at Karlsruhe University in Germany. Both his wife Tanya and daughter Vera are actively employed in public relations at major New York firms. “Tanya and I plan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our meeting at the Fletcher Library during our visit to Mireille and Somsey Norindr on the Cote d’Azur. Somsey helped to arrange our first meeting.” Happy anniversary, Jim and Tanya! Philip Coonley reports that, after thirty-seven busy years, he is thinking of retiring from the Department of Transportation’s Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in Cambridge, MA, perhaps to something more focused on environmental sustainability. Since we last heard from him, Jacques de Suze has been working for a U.S. TV production company based in Paris. They cover events such as the Tour de France and the America’s Cup, and

adapt U.S. TV channels such as Discovery, ESPN and MTV to the European markets. Separately, he has also developed plans for a new information and entertainment channel that will launch in Europe and North and South America in 2009. Anne Emerson reports that she and husband Peter have each “retired from our full-time occupations in the past year and are having a most wonderful time doing all those projects pent up in our brains for the past forty years.” And, Anne shares, “We have two lovely grandchildren under two living five minutes away, which is a completely unexpected delight.” Nancy Roche Morino writes that she has been living in Rome for the past eighteen years, both “because I am married to an Italian, and because I love the city.” She is writing a book on her experiences there and looks forward to having it published in 2010. Nancy, your classmates (at both Smith and Fletcher) look forward to reading it! Nancy Tumavick is still working on Pakistan development issues both under contract to the USAID Mission in Islamabad (will return for the third time at the end of October), as well as working with a couple of the development firms in D.C. Bill Wilson retired this summer as Provost of Saint Michael’s College (Vermont) after thirtyseven years of teaching and administration. His interest in Vietnam has not waned over the years; he spent a sabbatical a few years ago teaching English at the National University-Hanoi for his practicum in earning a degree in teaching English for speakers of other languages and has returned to Vietnam otherwise in a variety of capacities. He has now turned his energies toward adult learning, having served

as chair of the State Literacy Board and a board member of Vermont Adult Learning. He will still teach a course each year at Saint Michael’s. In addition, retirement will be full with the arrival of a grandchild this year and their commitment to building a cabin in Walden, VT, on land he originally purchased when he left Fletcher for Vermont. Dick Wyttenbach-Santos writes that he has had only three jobs since he left Fletcher. He retired from the Navy in 1991, and immediately started working at the University of Guam as a tenured associate professor of political science, history and continuing education. He also served as vice president for student affairs at the University of Guam (retired in 2003) and now works part-time for a member of the local legislature as a researcher/writer and political advisor. Dick is an elected member of the Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Guam and is also active in the indigenous rights movement. His older daughter returned from Salt Lake City to accept a position in D.C., and his younger daughter is moving to New York City to work on her master’s at The New School. One grandson (of four) just competed for Guam in judo at the Beijing Olympics and did well. Finally, yours truly, Carolyn Setlow , thanks all of you who replied to her request for news and reminds you that we are approaching our 40th anniversary—as hard as that is to imagine! My life continues to be full—with a new marriage, continued career in marketing research at GfK, plans for some travel with my husband Andy (to Oregon this fall, and Egypt in January) and enjoyment of my two sons: Daniel (21), a senior at the School of the Chicago Art Institute, and

Alex (24), a composer who is also pursuing a career in the music business. So, never a dull moment! My fond regards to all. 1970 Mary Harris Greg Terry continues as chairman of Morgan Stanley in South East Asia, concentrating on establishing business in Vietnam (and tending a growing family; wife Anik is expecting twins, joining Lis (12) and Anika (2)). Lance Roberts is in Kuala Lumpur, running his financial planning agency for expats; he celebrated his second anniversary with wife Linda and they enjoy their “blended family” of five daughters, three sons (including recent Tufts grad Alexander McCabe), and eight grandchildren. Beth Voorhees Walter , our Australian representative, enjoys rural life on the Goulburn River, and retained her Australian Masters Female Single Scull rowing championship again this year. Koichi Ishiyama , professor of Japanese-English and Journalism at Toin University of Yokohama, published his nineteenth book, the thirdedition Pocket Progressive Japanese-English/EnglishJapanese Dictionary, a best seller in Japan. MarDee Strahorn Xifaris is once again on the campaign trail (between court dates), traveling the country for the Obama-Biden ticket. Carolyn Leigh Patterson is in New York serving on the board of O ff-the-Record Lecture Series, the largest women’s foreign policy lecture series in the U.S. She reports that both she and daughter Caroline, an aspiring actress, have finally recovered from years of battling chronic Lyme disease.

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 19


Hans Binnendijk and Mary Locke co-chaired the Fletcher 75th anniversary gala celebration on October 11 in D.C., which at last count is being attended by about ten of our class! Among those attending was Charles Kovacs from Budapest, where he recently joined the supervisory board of the CIG Central European Insurance, Inc., growing well in Hungary and Romania. He will visit his daughter Anne in D.C. Mary Harris (your class secretary) will also be visiting with her son Brett, who is a research assistant with American Institutes for Research. Also in D.C. is Tom Martin , who retired from the Foreign Service in September 2007 after thirty-six years with the State Department. In January, he joined Booz Allen Hamilton, as an associate on the firm’s organizational strategy team, at the McLean, VA, national headquarters. In June, he and Susan Farrell were married. Susan is a senior director of PFC Energy, a niche international oil markets consulting firm in downtown D.C. Roy Stafford continues to teach at the National War College in D.C., focusing on European and especially Balkan political and security issues. Fellow Fletcherites on the faculty include Terry Deibel, F68, and Andy Sisson, F80. Roy plans to retire next summer and “go West, old man” to Bend, OR. Paula Stern is still running the Stern Group, Inc., a D.C. international advisory firm; sitting on the corporate boards of Avon and Hasbro; sculpting and selling her award-winning art in galleries; and basking in the light of her children, Columbia med student Genevieve and documentary film maker Gabriel, and granddaughter Dalia (7mos).

20 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

John Caswell , also in D.C., reports that he and his wife Wendy are experiencing the bittersweet emotions of becoming “empty nesters” as their daughter Valerie started college at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA, in August. John is starting his sixth year teaching history at the Calverton School and Wendy works as an official reporter producing the transcripts of proceedings for the U.S. House of Representatives. Away from the nation’s capital, John Koeppel is still in San Francisco and reports that his daughter-in-law Kimberly, married to son Adam, A05, will start at Fletcher in 2009. Harry Petrequin continues his work as a consultant in international development based in North Carolina. He has sons in law school (Marc Christopher and Paul Nicolas) so “retirement deferred.” David Levintow sends the following: “Not much to report except that five years ago I moved from Bethesda, MD, to Lyme, NH, where I live on the side of a mountain (they just call it a hill here) with a great view of the Upper Connecticut River Valley. I am enjoying the scenery and occasionally teach a short course at Dartmouth’s adult not-for-credit program. I meet a couple times a year with fellow Foreign Affairs Retirees of New England and did my last consulting assignment in Zambia a few years back, after I found the seventeen-hour return flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta proved to be a flight too long. I did get to Fletcher for a short visit and learned that current grads are considered state of the art in the globalized business world, much sought after by international business and non-governmental groups working overseas. Today’s students seem especially well qualified in green

approaches to old daunting problems. Fewer seem to be attracted to World Bank, USAID and State career paths.” So, there we are: still working, retired, surely not retiring (!), and looking forward to being together once again at Fletcher for our 40th reunion in May 2010! But, like David, don’t wait until then—visit Fletcher soon, and be impressed! 1971 William Hoffman 1973 Nihal Goonewardene The 35th Reunion resulted in an F73 class gift of $41,860, with 34% participation. Not surprisingly, the number of Leadership Donors surpassed the consistently high average of twelve in the recent four years, to reach fifteen in honor of this reunion year. This is a record for leadership giving by any one class, especially in light of our consistency and broad response to burgeoning needs at Fletcher. Please see the list of donors in this issue.  The May reunion weekend brought together twenty of us, including some spouses. Another eight friends from ‘71, ‘72 and ‘74 joined us to help celebrate this milestone. We got a rather early start on the celebration with a Thursday night dorm party into the wee hours and visiting old haunts on Friday before the official opening of the alumni weekend that evening. The Reunion dinner for twentyeight was hosted by Christiane Delessert and John Shields at their elegant home by Crystal Lake in Newton, and was joined by Prof. and Mrs. Alan Henrikson. Our class elections following dinner reconfirmed

Nihal Goonewardene as Reunion Chair, Fund Agent and Secretary. Greta Greathouse was named Social Director by acclamation. After thirty-three years of distinguished service with the German Foreign O ffice, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger retired from public service as Ambassador to the Court of St. James this May. A stalwart alumni supporter and member of the Board of O verseers, Wolfgang has hosted many glittering alumni activities in D.C. and London including the launch of the 75th anniversary year of Fletcher in London. In recognition of his enduring loyalty and signal accomplishments as German Ambassador to the U.S. during a particularly difficult phase of the bilateral relationship, and two years as ambassador in the UK and other prominent responsibilities undertaken, such as chief European Union representative for the Troika negotiations on the future of Kosovo in 2007 and as Head of German Delegation for the Dayton Peace Accord and State Secretary of the Foreign O ffice, Wolfgang was invested with the Dean’s Medal at the 75th anniversary gala in D.C. He currently chairs the Munich Security Conference and serves as Global Head of Government Relations and Public Policy for Allianz, the giant financial services conglomerate. The 75th anniversary gala weekend was kicked off by F73 and Fletcher friends with Friday dinner for twenty-four at the Potomac, MD, home of Nihal and Chrystal Goonewardene , followed by Saturday brunch in D.C. in celebration of the 60th birthday of Greta Greathouse . The brunch drew a large gathering and was the fourth out of six planned across the world in celebration of this momentous gift to humankind. Pre-gala celebrations continued


when sixteen of us came together for an F72-F74 class dinner at a restaurant/wine bar near the Library of Congress in preparation for the main event.

Wolfgang Ischinger

1974 Reunion 2009 May 15–17 1979 Reunion 2009 May 15–17 1982 Nicolai Sarad 1984 Reunion 2009 May 15–17 Nancy Anderson Sones 1985 Edith Johnson Millar 1986 Mark Ferri 1987 David Schwartz David.Schwartz@ Class secretary David Schwartz and his wife Nina celebrated the birth of their

first child, Eva Lillian, on June 20. Eva has been growing at a rapid pace ever since, and she enjoyed her first beach holiday over Labor Day weekend at the Delaware shore with her parents and maternal grandparents. David works as an international trade attorney at Thompson Hine LLP in D.C. Mark Feierstein serves on Barack Obama’s Mid-Atlantic Finance Committee, raising money for the campaign in the D.C. area at events featuring Barack, Michelle, Joe Biden and others. He also serves on the campaign’s Latin American policy committee. This year, he became a partner at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, an international polling firm, where he conducts public opinion research for and advises progressive candidates, organizations and companies. Janet Feldman has been caring for her father, who has had two strokes, and is still working on issues related to health and sustainable development as the founder/ director of two nonprofits: the international branch of a Kenyan NGO, KAIPPG, and a global, thirty-country coalition ActALIVE, whose members use arts and media to address HIV/AIDS and the MDGs. Earlier this year, Janet participated in a peaceeducation and conflictresolution project that addressed the post-election violence in Kenya. Laurie Trost is now posted to the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you are traveling through Dhaka, please contact her. Steven Schwartzberg , currently unemployed despite his Fletcher degree (and a Yale Ph.D. in history), is nevertheless pleased to announce that the University Press of Florida is bringing out a paperback edition of his book this fall: Democracy and

U.S. Policy in Latin America during the Truman Years . Dale Stackhouse is still married to Robin Olds and practicing law as a partner and chair of the international practice group at Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis. Laurie MacNamara Hendrickson recently hired three Fletcher graduates from the class of 2008—Jessica Dunsmore, Hai Huynh, and Joseph Angeles—to join her team at Booz Allen Hamilton as the newest members of the Economic and Business Analysis team. Rick Weston serves as a director of the Regulatory Assistance Project, a small non-profit funded by charitable foundations and federal agencies to provide policy advice and technical assistance to state and national governments on matters relating to the economic and environmental sustainability of the electric and natural gas sectors. Most of its work is domestic, but about a third is international. Rick and his wife Karen, a veterinary technician, still live in Vermont and have two children: Rachel (20) is a junior at Smith College and is spending the year studying at the Sorbonne; Paul has just started at Swarthmore College. For the first time since 1988, Rick and Karen have the house to themselves, an odd sensation. Hans Fenstermacher is happy to say that he and his family have finally joined the ranks of his illustrious fellow Fletcherites living and working in the D.C. area. In 2006, he sold his translation business to He stayed with the company as vice president and is now taking on more strategic responsibilities in D.C. Before that, they lived in the Merrimack Valley, north of Boston, since starting at Fletcher in 1985. He and his wife

Janet (a Tufts graduate) have been married twenty-three years now. Janet is teaching high school chemistry and they have three kids: Amy (19), Lucas (15), and Sam (14). Amy is a sophomore at Georgetown and is majoring in Russian/Chinese and any other languages she can get her hands on. If anybody is in the neighborhood, Hans would love to hear from you and catch up with folks after so many years. Pedro Moreno is planning to launch the Father and Daughter Alliance (FADA) to help 5,000 girls in five countries on three continents complete primary school. He currently works at The White House Drug Policy Office on demand reduction among youth. He and his wife Amy have three children, two boys and one girl. Paul Bagatelas and Christine Lauper Bagatelas , who lead the Fletcher Club of Dubai, hosted two receptions for Tufts/Fletcher alumni at their home in Dubai recently: in March 2008, the Club honored Shashi Tharoor, F76, PhD79, on his recent book publication; and in June 2008 welcomed to Dubai Fletcher Dean Stephen W. Bosworth and Sr. Associate Dean Deborah Nutter.

Hans & Friends

Eva Lillian Schwartz

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 21


1988 Thomas Smitham 1989 Reunion 2009 May 15–17 Rhonda Shore 1990 Joy Yamamoto Matt Auer reports enjoying a “superb” series of gettogether dinners in Seoul this past summer with Tony Suh and So-il Hong. He and Tony also participated in a Fletcher alumni event in Seoul that was attended by Dean Bosworth. Tony is an executive at Dell, and So-il, who earned her Ph.D. at Korea University, is working at a research institute in Seoul. Matt, now dean of the Hutton Honors College at Indiana University, says he wishes he were back in Seoul. “There, I wasn’t working very hard, and overworked Tony and So-il were getting pretty tired of hearing that,” he writes. Brad Freden recently started a new job as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His family is doing well: Matthew is eight and Natalia is five. Ric Miranda says he and his family are still in Salt Lake City where last year they enjoyed forty-two days of the “greatest snow on Earth” and, more importantly, four days of flyfishing with Geoff Merrill. Masud Bin Momen has assumed responsibilities as the new Bangladesh Ambassador in Rome, Italy. William Thompson continues to work and live in Afghanistan. On September 16, he started working with

22 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Development Alternatives, Inc., as the Regional Director for DAI’s Local Governance and Community Development Program. He is based in Gardez in Paktiya province and oversees DAI’s work in the southeastern region of Afghanistan. Arittha Wikramanayake reports that he met up with Yeshey Dorji, F89, the Foreign Secretary of Bhutan, in August during his visit to Colombo for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Heads of State Summit. Last year, Arittha published his second book, Company Law in Sri Lanka, and he manages his law firm, Nithya Partners, in Colombo. His wife recently transferred to the Asia Foundation’s D.C. office, and their two daughters attend George Washington University and a suburban Maryland high school. Joy Yamamoto is now working on the Indonesia desk at the U.S. State Department, covering political issues. 1991 Emma Hodgson 1992 Kristen Pendleton Tony Banbury remains in Bangkok as the UN World Food Programme Asia Regional Director, overseeing humanitarian operations in fourteen countries that assist more than twenty-four million people, from Afghanistan to the DPRK. WFP played a major role in the Myanmar cyclone response starting in May, operating an air bridge from Bangkok to Yangon, and ten helicopters in the Ayerwaddy Delta. When not working, Tony, his wife and four kids enjoy sports, heading to the beaches,

and camping in national parks. Patrice Dabrowski was a keynote speaker at the “Perspectives on Slavistics” conference in Hamburg, Germany, in August. This academic year she is a Eugene and Daymel Shklar Fellow at Harvard’s Ukrainian Research Institute, where she is working on her second book, tentatively entitled Discovering the Carpathians: Episodes in Imagining and Reshaping Alpine Borderland Regions . Melinda (Harris) and Brian Rance joyfully announce the arrival of little William Edward on March 6. He already rules the house and keeps his mom very busy. Those diplomacy skills are really being tested! Cathy (Chungunco) Hartigan-Go gave up her Asian Development Bank job back in March 2007 and is busy being a typical “soccer mom.” She also has a franchised noodle place. Shamsul Haque visited Manila for a conference in mid-2007. He has since been named Consul General of Pakistan. He’s been very busy since his posting to New York. Rohani Musa also visited last year. She was promoted in the Malaysian government in November 2007. Before this visit, I had not seen her since graduating from Fletcher! Pascale Wagner-Meige has taken up a new post as Head of Operations for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the International Committee of the Red Cross, where she has been working for fourteen years. She started in June 2008 and just two months later had a war to deal with in Georgia! Fortunately, she knew the region, as she was posted to Georgia in 1998. Pascale, with her husband and three daughters (9, 7, and 5 ½), has been living in the Geneva region for three years now after eleven years

spent in the field. She travels regularly to war zones for work. Isabella Meijer is based in Boston as a client strategy consultant at Aperian Global, a global consulting and training firm specialized in facilitating talent development and business transformation across borders. Kristen Pendleton assists seventy-two students from twenty-eight countries as Community Operations Manager at the International House at San Jose State University in California. Aman Rashid is based in Chicago working as consul general in the Pakistan consulate since July 2007. He is married with two children, a girl and a boy. Aman invites “Any ‘92 graduate passing through Chicago is welcome in my office.”

Shamsul Haque visited Cathy (Chungunco) Hartigan-Go when he was in Manila for a conference last year.

1993 Dorothy Zur MuhlenTomaszewska Dorothy.zurmuhlen@ David Sullivan reports that every weekday for the last few years, he has had a minireunion of the class of ‘93 at a small Montessori School in Chevy Chase, near D.C., where his son and five children of these F93 parents attend: Anna Wellenstein , Colleen Green , Tania Chomiak , Luca Salvi , and Gisele Saralegui .


1994 Reunion 2009 May 15–17 Liz McClintock 1995 Larry Hanauer The results of the Class of ‘95 Straw Poll are in! Of votes cast, fourteen were for Obama, one was for McCain, one was undecided, and one vote (clearly cast from beyond the cynicism of the Beltway) was for whomever can generate unity, a balanced budget and prosperity. Annika Hansen writes that she moved to New York this fall for her “dream job” as policy officer in the Police Division of UNDPKO, for which she will develop strategies, doctrine and guidelines for the use of police in UN peace operations. After many years of research (and a little field work), she is excited to put her theory into practice. After twelve years of serving Sweden in one capacity or another, Björn Gillsater has become an international civil servant, working for UNICEF in New York, for which he will be analyzing the non-UN part of the multilateral system. The family will have to adapt from a laid-back, beach life and a huge villa in Tunis to a hectic urban lifestyle in a small apartment, but they are excited to be back in the U.S. after a four-year absence. Marguerite Roy is Head of O ffice in Mazar-e-Sharif for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). This fall, she delivered the convocation address at her undergraduate school, Misericordia University, where she was awarded an Honorary

Doctor of Humane Letters. She writes that this was the cheapest degree she’s received! Fernando Gonzalez Saiffe has returned to Mexico City after four years in the Mexican Embassy in D.C. He is now Deputy Director-General for UN Affairs in the Mexican Foreign Ministry, heading the Mexican Team for UN Security Council Affairs in the years 2009/2010. Christian Hougen is beginning his second year in Manila, where he manages USAID’s O ffice of Economic Development and Governance and his wife Haiman manages International Finance Corporation regional infrastructure investments. Christian spent the month of June riding a motorcycle through southern Colorado and southeast Utah and over the Rockies, a total of about 4,000 miles in thirty days. Anthony Chase , a tenured associate professor at Occidental College, is also now chair of the Department of Diplomacy and World Affairs. He and his wife are constructing their dream house in Los Angeles, an experience which he describes as the only thing more stressful than going through the tenure process. After Andy Kennedy completes a post-doctoral fellowship this year at Harvard, he and his wife Shameem are headed for the land down under, where both have accepted faculty positions at the Australian National University. Andy will be teaching at ANU’s Crawford School of Economics and Government, a policy-focused program like Kennedy School. Kevin Haney is starting his second year as a distinguished military professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, where he will direct the flagship leadership course taught to all juniors. He spent the summer

running up and down the east coast and unfortunately missed the celebration of Joe Vorbach’s retirement from the U.S. Coast Guard. Lullit Getachew writes (for the first time since graduation!) that she works as an energy economist for a consulting firm in Madison, WI. She has kept her roots in academia by publishing two chapters in an International Energy Economics Handbook and several articles on energy economics, including in The Energy Journal and The Journal of Applied Econometrics . Lullit has also written two articles with Tomila Lankina on democratization that were published in World Politics and The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics . Matt Levitt recently released his new book, Negotiating Under Fire: Preserving Peace Talks in the Face of Terror Attacks . He and co-worker and classmate Michael Jacobson have a Washington Institute monograph coming out in October entitled The Money Trail: Finding, Following and Freezing Terrorist Finances . Maria Farnon coordinated the delivery of all live video and content delivery services for the Democratic National Convention. Her company, Level 3, provided the network infrastructure and services to support both traditional television broadcast and online viewing of the DNC for all four days of the event. Olaf Groth and his wife Ann are expecting a sister for Hannah (3) in late October. They recently bought a home in the lower Berkeley hills. From his perch at Monitor Group, Olaf works closely with scenario guru Peter Schwartz on the energy/cleantech/ sustainability complex and is leading advisory projects at the intersection of futures,

strategy and innovation with international organizations and corporations. Olaf serves on the CleanTech for Obama (CT4O) national steering committee. Rafael Docavo-Malvezzi left MasterCard two years ago and is happily back in Manhattan working for Exporters International, a trade credit and political risk insurance company where he is the director of risk management. He is still living in Brooklyn with Tamara and two kids, Oscar and Beatrice. After seven years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Evelyn Farkas became staff director of the congressionally mandated Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism, chaired by former Senator Bob Graham. Finally, yours truly, Larry Hanauer , found himself in Tbilisi on a poorly-timed work trip when the Russians moved in to South Ossetia. With most flights cancelled, he left the country in a twenty-six-car U.S. embassy convoy to Armenia (dubbed the “Caravan to Yerevan”). More enjoyably, Larry, his wife Julie, and son CJ (2 ½) spent some summer weekends with classmates: July 4 with Alice Hurley , her husband Dan and their two daughters, and a June weekend at Sesame Place with Duncan Hollis , his wife Emily and their three kids. 1996 Karen Coppock Marcel Feenstra recently got together with two Fletcher students: Marta Mendes , F09, and Rebecca Hekman , F10, at The Hague. Marta and Rebecca were both doing internships, Marta at the ICC and Becca at the ICTY. Marcel’s two daughters (Laura, 10, and Sophia, 3) are pretty fluent

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 23


in both Dutch and French, so they will meet future Fletcher requirements, and of course he and his wife Maria regularly dream about returning to the Medford area. Vinny O’Neil is one of the many alumni who planned to attend the 75th anniversary gala. He was in Baltimore that week for a writers’ conference. St. Martin’s Press published Vinny’s third novel, Exile Trust, in June. It is the third in his Frank Cole murder mystery series and so far the reviews have been very positive. Anthony Wanis-St. John , PhD01, and Bill Gripman have been recently reminiscing about the good old Medford days over Chinese food in D.C., where Bill is a consultant. Anthony teaches at American University, where he’s created an international negotiation concentration. He was also a consultant for the U.S. Institute of Peace in the summer and he continues to collaborate on executive education with Elie Farhat at Drexel University while also providing negotiation training for Hewlett-Packard and others. Anthony was a guest editor for International Negotiation. Three Fletcher friends, Darren Kew , Liz McClintock and Dan Lieberfeld , all had articles published in Anthony’s special issue. He also stays in touch with longtime Fletcher friends Carol Chouchani-Cherfane , Patrick Doherty , Walid Chamoun , Julia Menendez and Sy Kim . He had the good fortune of seeing Rick Ponzio and Kuniko Ashizawa and other Fletcher alumni at ISA 2008 in San Francisco. Rusty Barber just returned from Iraq after fifteen months serving as chief of party for the Institute of Peace’s field mission. He is now in D.C. heading their Iraq program. He is sad to miss Fletcher’s 75th anniversary gala due to an upcoming

24 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

trip to Iraq, but would love to hear from any and all who are passing through D.C. Vera Eccarius-Kelly , PhD02, is now a tenured associate professor of political science at Siena College near Albany,NY. During her sabbatical, she will be working on a book about militant Kurdish organizations. The book is under contract with Praeger International, an imprint of Greenwood Publishing Group. Wendy Gutierrez and her husband welcomed their second son, Nicolás Mateo, on May 19. Big brother Alex is adjusting quite well, although he seems to think the baby is only with them on a temporary basis. As if that weren’t enough change, they also moved to a new home in Atlanta this summer. They welcome all visitors! Stephanie Wei Chin is now the managing director of structured products at Wells Fargo. She has two little ones, Ethan (5) and Natalie (2). Rich Brewer has a new home in a San Jose, CA, neighborhood and a new job as senior manager of competitive intelligence at SunPower Corp. Melissa Conley Tyler was one of the 1,000 “best and brightest” Australians selected for the Australia 2020 Summit convened by the prime minister to tackle the longterm challenges confronting Australia’s future. She was one of 100 selected to look at Australia’s future security and prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world. Congratulations, Melissa! Lam Le Kim left the Vietnamese Consulate in San Francisco, CA, for Vietnam in August 2007 and is now working in the private sector. Over the next year, Andrea Rauber will be the diplomatic advisor to the president of

the Swiss Confederation. In this capacity, she will travel a great deal and advise the minister of finance, whose turn it is to become president next year, on foreign policy issues. Her son Marc will be two in November. He is already social and loves to communicate with grown-ups and with other children. Her husband Beat has a new job as head of financial planning and taxes at a Swiss insurance company. Ralph Boeckmann was in Europe from 1999–2008, working Army logistics coordination for Kosovo (KFOR) before serving as the U.S. Army’s Liaison to the German Army. His time there culminated at the U.S. Embassy, working on cooperative armaments programs with the German Ministry of Defense. He and his family just returned from Germany in June. His son began his cadet basic training at West Point and is now doing well in his first academic semester there. His daughter just began her sophomore year of high school and has adjusted well to life back in the U.S. He says he and his wife are enjoying the nation’s capital. He is working near the Pentagon in Crystal City (Arlington, VA), involved in military cooperative transfers and sales to foreign customers. Nick Gill and his family are mourning the recent loss of his brother-in-law, Paris Genalis. Nick himself is facing a health setback; having survived one round of cancer back in 2000, he has most unfortunately been diagnosed with a type of cancer which is incurable, having metastasized. He and his wife Anne both turned fifty this summer and enjoyed trips this summer to her home in Alsace and then the Lepontine Alps (Ticino), the Berkshires, Truro, and Montreal. They were joined in Montreal on the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec by our

good friends Nicolas Temnikov and Marie-Lucie Morin, who is now Deputy Trade Minister of Canada. Nick remains upbeat on the health front with all of the new discoveries being made and sends best wishes to all of his Fletcher friends. Our thoughts are with you, Nick.

Marcel Feenstra with Fletcher students (Marta Mendes on left, Rebecca Hekman on right)

Melissa Conley Tyler

Vinny O’neil’s Book


1997 Alexia Latortue 1998 Carol M. Frausto 1999 Reunion 2009 May 15–17 Meg Donovan Hiroshi Takahashi writes that since he was married last year, he and wife Tomoko continue to live in Tokyo where he works as an assistant professor at Tokyo University. He has been writing essays on Japanese contemporary politics and bureaucracy, and expects to publish his doctoral thesis at the end of the year. He hopes to see Firas Jaafari when he travels to Tokyo this month. Haris Mesinovich continues to work with the World Bank O ffice in Bosnia and Herzegovina as private sector development consultant. “I am glad to report that the Sarajevo Fletcher Club increased by one member [actually two: Fletcher spouses count]: Marc Goldberg, F08, and his wife Chrissy. So we are looking forward to some more lively Fletcheresque activities, and to any other Fletcherites passing through Bosnia—please report in.” Levente Szekely left New York (Permanent Mission to the UN) in August 2004, to return to the MFA in Budapest as first deputy director of the EU-CFSP Department, before becoming deputy director for strategic planning. This spring he was awarded the rank of Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, and starts a new assignment in Geneva at the Permanent Mission of Hungary to the UN

where he will serve as deputy permanent representative. He looks forward to seeing Fletcherites on their travels through Geneva. Imke Oster writes to say she had daughter number two on September 2. Her name is Margret or “Mimi.” Since April, Imke has headed the “Green Desk” at the Economic Development Corporation, where she works hard to bring more green business to New York City. Sonja Bachmann has traveled to Nepal twice now to support the UN political mission in charge of the recent elections and arms monitoring. “An ex-guerrilla movement, the Maoists, won, and it is quite amazing to witness its transformation into a political party with government responsibility.” When not working, she is busy socializing with the Fletcher UN crowd and those coming through to visit, like Christof  Kurz . She looked forward to seeing everyone at Fletcher’s 75th anniversary gala. Michael Rauch was married to Lauren Kerwin on Martha’s Vineyard on June 28 with Lashelle Roundtree in attendance. Michael and Lauren honeymooned in Greece. Gregory Unruh published “The Biosphere Rules” this year in Harvard Business Review and is currently completing a book with Harvard Business School Press for release on Earth Day 2009. Zaid Zaid just moved back to D.C. to clerk for another federal judge next year. He notes that he plans to stay in D.C. permanently. Carlisle Levine hosted a “welcome back to DC” party that doubled as an Obama fundraiser. Eric Eversmann , Jim Dau , and Marcus King, F00, among others, showed up. He too looked forward to catching up with everyone at the gala.

Jennifer Croft recently returned to the U.S., after finishing her contract at USAID Bulgaria (she was the last American at a close-out USAID mission now that Bulgaria is in the EU!). Jennifer and husband Andrei have decided to settle down for a while in Portland, OR, where she hopes the Fletcher network will prove useful as she looks for an internationally oriented job, “a bit of a challenge in the Pacific Northwest!” Susannah Cernojevich was seconded by the American Red Cross to work for the International Committee of the Red Cross as a communications delegate. Her first assignment was in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she had the opportunity to learn about the field activities of the ICRC in assisting victims of conflict. “Nothing could be more satisfying than trekking through the foothills of Mt. Everest in order to reunite families and deliver word from loved ones affected by the conflict. While I was there I met up with fellow Fletcher friend, Julie Werbel , F96, who was on mission with USAID. We enjoyed a fabulous Fourth of July at the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu.” Susannah is now on mission in Monrovia, Liberia, where she will be until August 2009. She’s already met up with a Fletcher grad, Maura Lynch, F95. “Don’t be surprised if a Fletcher Alumni Club is inaugurated in Monrovia!” 2000 Laura Rótolo 2001 Shantha Rau Babies. Babies. Babies. The Fletcher Class of ‘01 has had an exciting year expanding

the Fletcher mafia! Tomoko Kyogoku and her husband welcomed their son, Kazuma, on March 4. Michael Zwirn and Susan Williams , F00, are happy to announce the arrival of their beautiful baby boy Elliot on June 18. Elliot and his parents make their home in the beautiful Brookland neighborhood of D.C. Elliot is sure to be an environmentalist, as both Susan and Michael continue working for nonprofit conservation organizations. Michael is the director of U.S. Operations for Wildlife Alliance and Susan is the regional development officer for South America at Conservation International. Brian Gibel and his wife Hyunhee also made family news this year welcoming Maya Kim Gibel into their lives on July 19. Maya is already building up her international Fletcheresque credentials. Although she was “made in the USA,” she was born in Seoul, Korea and, after a short stay, promptly returned to Shenyang, China, with her parents to spend the rest of her first year. Masha Kravkova and Michael Pevzner welcomed their son Daniel Nicholas on August 9. He gave his mom a hard time, but both are fine and feeling good! Olga Slavkina completed her MBA from Instituto de Empresa in Madrid last winter. Now back in Brussels, she and her husband Sean had their second child in May, this time a boy, Jason, who is a very big, smiley and lovely child! Olga has been hanging out with fellow Fletcherites Ivana Vuco , Alvilda Jablonko and Anna Balogh , all of whom are now living in Brussels. Susan Banki just got married to Josh McConnell, a rocket scientist from MIT who followed her all the way to

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 25


Sydney. Their journey together thus far has been amazing and covered so many rich experiences and so many countries (and when she first met him, he didn’t even have a passport!). A small and intimate ceremony on the beach on September 12 was capped off by a party in New York City on September 14 with lots of Fletcherites in attendance. Class of 2001 attendees included Arturo Ramos , Eric Davis , Sean Jackson , Kevin Newman , Laura McDonald , Lynn Swarz , Doug Kantor , Margaret Sloane and Ray Linsenmayer . Since graduating from Fletcher, Eun Ha Chang got married in November 2001 in Seoul, after meeting her husband in front of the Au Bon Pain at Harvard Square. She began a Ph.D. program at Yonsei University, Seoul, gave birth to her first son San (“mountain”) in July 2004, gave birth to her second son Khang (“river”) in November 2006 (during which time there was no progress at all with her doctoral dissertation!), and now she is back in Boston with her two kids as a visiting fellow at Harvard Yenching Institute. Her current research is on North Korea’s famine and international humanitarian assistance. She is eager to re-connect with the Fletcher community in the Medford/Cambridge area. Rob Gatehouse recently joined the U.S. Foreign Service. He and his wife Coleen Nicol Gatehouse will be moving their little family to Monterrey, Mexico, in December 2008. Their doors will be open to visitors as soon as they have sheets for the beds. Gregg Nakano spent last year at Tufts helping students work on an undergraduate program designed to bridge the gap between future civilian and military leaders called ALLIES, the Alliance Linking Leaders in

26 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Education and the Services. He was asked to take a new job in D.C. in the International Health Division under the O ffice of the Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs. His team’s mission is to create an information and resource sharing system between existing military medical and health providers and their civilian government, UN and NGO counterparts. He’s looking for ideas and help from anyone working in other agencies in the U.S. government or on international civil-military issues. Julie Bennion started a new job as special projects manager with Washington State’s International Trade Division. Her Blakeley roommate, Ursina Plüss , has had a busy year, mainly dealing with security for the European Soccer Championship hosted by Switzerland and Austria, as deputy head of the Police Information and Coordination Centre in Switzerland. Her task was to produce security assessments to both law enforcement and political authorities on a daily basis, including holding security briefings. (Brief indeed, since there was no security situation at all.)

Tomoko’s son

Michael & Masha’s baby

Susan Banki, F01 married Josh McConnell (not pictured). Among the Fletcherites pictured Kevin Newman, Sandra Sequiera, Margaret Sloane, Rocky Weitz, Rebeca Sanchez de Tagle White, Arturo Ramos

2002 Ben Ball

Shantha’s Austria church wedding

Brian Gibel’s baby, Maya

Yours truly recently sat down for a falafel in Amman with Amy West , who works on projects designed to enhance the professional development of female legal practitioners in the Middle East with the Academy for Educational Development. Cindy Harvey recently exchanged Amman for Tunis, where she will learn Arabic for a year before taking up a new job as cultural affairs officer in Jerusalem. Yulia Woodruff welcomed

her daughter Alexandra into the world on August 15 in London. After taking advantage of a short (by European standards) maternity leave, Yulia will return to her job at International Power, where she works in valuation and analysis. Peter Neisuler and wife Mariana will be valuing and analyzing Moscow during their upcoming tour in the U.S. Embassy there. Peter will serve in the political section and Mariana in Consular. In D.C., Greg Scarlatoiu has a new position with the Korea Economic Institute (KEI) as the director of public affairs and business issues. KEI is a D.C.-based thinktank/public diplomacy outfit whose mission is to improve understanding of Korea and Korea-related issues in the U.S. Tom Lank reports adding “another four-letter degree” to his collection, graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary. He now serves as the assistant pastor at Princeton United Methodist Church. Tom and his wife Gretchen are eagerly awaiting the birth of their second daughter in November. Having already obtained his four-letter degree, Paul Olivera managed a three letter “I do” for his wedding in September in Sao Paulo. South of the border, Sandra Alvarez Morphy writes a foreign affairs column for El Economista , and is currently expecting child number three. Perhaps Sandra’s triad can join that of Kjersti Brokhaug , who is enjoying her maternity leave in Buenos Aires. 2003 Brett Freedman Class notes are unfortunately a bit sparse this edition. Perhaps it’s due to the rousing success of our five-year


reunion? Great time had by all. Can’t wait until our ten-year… Aurelie Boukobza recently resigned from UNDP Morocco to start up a consultancy firm based in Paris called Be Linked. It is dedicated to accompanying private sector leaders in their growing responsibility toward civil society and more specifically NGOs and social entrepreneurs. After three years of calling Khartoum his home and working for the UN in Sudan, the “German stallion,” Christian Schornich , left the world of crisis countries in favor of a new assignment to work for the UN Resident Coordinator in Mozambique, one of eight countries selected to pilot the UN reform process. As change management advisor, he is responsible for coordinating the process there for the coming few years. Deborah Ruiz-Verduzco apologizes profusely for having been one of the few classmates who missed the five-year reunion. She writes that she recently moved from Geneva to The Hague (she didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to Fletcherites Obaida El Dandarawy , Alex Ruppen, F02, and Annand Balachandran , F02!). In Geneva, she is in the process of opening a New York-based NGO run by Fletcherite Shazia Rafi , F83. She has been busy this past year with the ratification campaign of the Rome Statute, institution-building for the International Criminal Court, and enjoying life on a bike á la Dutch. Deborah has also has had the chance to confirm how well D.C. is treating Ale Bolanos and Rebecca Sanchez , and a few weeks ago she was able to catch up with Brian Duzsa , who had a stopover from Indonesia in Amsterdam. The dynamic Fletcher duo Waqar Hasib and Maureen

Wafer recently moved west to San Francisco, having endured one too many winters in New England. Waqar is working for the U.S. Attorney’s O ffice, where he is busy trying to get suspected drug dealers, money launderers and other nefarious figures into California courtrooms to face trial. Maureen is an international economist with Wellington Management, analyzing trends in emerging markets. In unrelated news, the demand for Sonoma chardonnay has been robust since the pair moved to California. Chris Burdick writes that he is happy to have landed back in D.C. after a threeyear hiatus in Stuttgart. Rachel Hudson apologizes for having missed the reunion. However, she was happy to have a chance to meet up with Daniel Ades in Geneva for a mini-reunion. Daniel was on a whirlwind tour raising money for his hedge fund, about which he is very excited. Heather Robert Coffman and her husband David are still happily based in San Francisco. She recently left her immigration law firm, is now working in education law, and loves getting together with fellow Fletcherites in the Bay Area. 2004 Brandon Miller brandonedwardmiller@ Reunion 2009 May 15–17 We are coming up on our 5th anniversary! Please block off May 15–17, 2009, on your calendar for the big event. Reunion co-chairs Yoni Bock and Judy Dunbar are leading our reunion committee with the help of Rudy Costanzo , Adrineh Gregorian , Dave

Sussman , Michael Lombardo , Caleb McClennen , Arwa Abulhasan (who is also reportedly on the brink of having a baby girl), Tooch Van , Tomoko (Hayashi) Shimazu , and me. We’re working hard to plan a great weekend and truly hope that you can all attend. We have three more weddings to report! Dinesh Banani married Lekshmy Balakrishnan in Thrissur, India, on August 28. Rudy Costanzo was in attendance. Rudy celebrated his own marriage to Tiffany Scholz on July 26 in Darien, CT. Numerous Fletcherites were in attendance, including Arwa Abulhasan and husband Ali Husain, John Greenwood and wife Jess, Caleb McClennen , Judy Dunbar , Khadija Rejto and husband Paul Meyer, Kieran Brenner , Rocky Weitz, F03 and PhD08, Nadav Hazan and wife Gabrielle, Mikhail Zeldovich , F01, David Sussman , Mike Lombardo , Neal Wozniak , Jim Murphy , Paul Connelly and wife Ginna, Mark Basile , Anthony Seretakis , F05, Roham Alvandi , Dinesh Banani , Kipper Blakeley , and Noah Bessoff . Sasha Chanoff was also married last October, and he and his wife had a beautiful baby boy, Hayden Raphael, on July 24. Sasha reports that “Mapendo International, the organization I founded to rescue and protect forgotten refugees in Africa, raised over a million dollars last year, and now we have many Fletcher students interning with us.” Although it took a little longer than he initially expected, Erik Dahl “finally graduated from the Fletcher Ph.D. program last May.” Erik has started a new job as an assistant professor of national security affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. “My wife and I are still settling in, and if anyone is going to be in the Monterey

area we’d love to see you.” Sung Choi writes that he “FINALLY” graduated from Tufts Medical School last May. He promptly was shipped off to Newport, RI, for officer training before beginning his residency at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, CA. Sung is planning to be a Naval flight surgeon for several years before moving on to anesthesiology. A MALD alone was also not sufficient for Rozeta Shembilku . She graduated in May with an LLM from Columbia Law School in Public Law. She will continue studying at CLS this September when she begins her first year of JSD studies. The tentative title of Rozeta’s research proposal is “Designing a Legal Framework for Democratic Change.” Our West Coast superstar, Adrineh Gregorian , recently left Los Angeles to produce a feature length documentary in Armenia as part of a Fulbright fellowship. Adrineh reports that she misses Charmin two-ply toilet paper. After spending the last couple of years in Afghanistan, Bhuvana Anand will be working for the UN in Juba, Sudan, for a year with the O ffice of Project Services on infrastructure development and capacity building projects. Paola Amadei arrived in Asmara, Eritrea in February where she has been appointed as head of the delegation of the European Commission. “I love the challenges of the job and all the family is enjoying the great climate and beautiful environment of Asmara. Anyone in the region?” Dominica Drazal is now living in Shanghai with her husband and is working in microfinance. Seimin Kuan is working in the Netherlands and would love to hang out with anyone around The Hague.

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 27


Greg Watson left the World Bank in September to take a staff position at the InterAmerican Development Bank, where he will lead the IDB’s strategy on remittances and “serve as the public face of the IDB remittance program.” Jodi Hanelt reports a new job as assistant director of the Tufts International Center, which she began in July 2008. She’s very happy in the new post and “recognizes the support and encouragement Bill, Elizabeth (4 ½) and Felix (2) provided to make it happen!” Finally, Katherine Robinson switched jobs in November and joined Stanford’s Graduate School of Business as a member of the Global Management Program. “We offer a number of internationally focused programs for students who wish to develop skills to effectively manage in a global environment.” She and her husband Todd also welcomed a baby daughter, Caroline Rachel, on July 29.

Dinesh’s Wedding

Rudy & Tiffany’s wedding

GMAP I 2004 Carlos St. James carlosstjames@yahoo. com

28 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

2005 Victoria Obst William Holmberg and his wife Sybille are very happy to announce the birth of Eleonore on July 30. Olivia (2 ½) is very pleased to have a little sister. They are still enjoying living and working in Paris. Marty Galindo-Schmith continues to marvel in the life lessons presented by her son, Javier Emanuel (1). The Galindo-Schmith family traveled in October to attend Brooke Barton and Ian Marge’s wedding in Massachusetts. For her day job, Marty continues to manage a regional development program in the Sahel with fellow Fletcherite, Anna Mecagni . Marcin Szajda and his wife Sara Becker have recently moved back to Boston from North Carolina. Sara completed her Ph.D. studies in clinical psychology at Duke University and matched for an internship at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital. Marcin left the UNC Managment Company and has decided to join Brooke Private Equity Advisors (BPEA) as a principal. BPEA is a fund that invests in small and medium sized private equity and venture capital firms. Sara and Marcin live in East Arlington and are looking forward to reconnecting with the Fletcher community in Boston. Lilia Gerberg got engaged to Matthew McCaffree , F06, in August in Crested Butte, CO. The couple plans to tie the knot in September 2009. They are currently living in D.C., where Lilia works for John Snow, Inc., on the Supply Chain Management System project, which establishes secure, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable supply chains to meet the care and treatment

needs of people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. Anna (Tiedeman) and Jay Irwin were married in April in St. Michaels, MD. They went to Bali for their honeymoon. The Irwins are still living in Georgetown and just adopted a puppy, Minnie. Anna Irwin and Kevin McGeehan are starting to plan for the 4th Annual Dodging Diabetes Charity Dodgeball Tournament, which will be held in Bethesda, MD, in March 2009. Melissa Tritter Paschall and Steve married in June at the MIT Chapel and then cruised around Boston Harbor for the reception. Melissa is studying in Switzerland at the University of St. Gallen, working toward a doctorate. She will return to Boston, where Steve is, in the summer. In August, Vugar Mammadov and his family moved to Damascus, Syria, where he works as a counselor of the newly established Embassy of Azerbaijan. They also have a new addition to their family: their son Ikram was born in March, making them a family of five. He would love to hear from anyone visiting Damascus. Jonas Hagmann is completing his doctoral thesis during a fellowship year at the Centre for Advanced Security Theory in Copenhagen. Jane Wang writes that she has left Hitachi in Tokyo and moved to New York to serve as Global Microsoft Alliance Manager for a software company called AvePoint based across the Hudson in Jersey City. Alejandra Ruiz-Dana writes that after two years in Santiago, Chile, and subsequent travels to Peru, Mexico, and California, she is now residing in D.C. and is happy to be surrounded by the Fletcher network. She recently had dinner with Adriana Camisar , Tracy Garcia , Bridget Kimball , Pam Velez , Alissa Wilson , Maria Stephan

and Vanessa Ortiz, F04. Rachel Gottesfeld had a great time meeting up with Salla Hagman and Patrin Watanatada in London while spending a weekend in the city. She was able to head down to England for a visit during her six-week stay in Dublin for training at her new job in the Infrastructure Finance Unit at DEPFA Bank. It was quite an adventure, especially because the three of them wound up struggling to carry Patrin’s bike on the tube from venue to venue; it turned into a laughing comedy of errors but was hysterical nonetheless! Nancy Eranosian just relocated back to California from the East Coast and is refurbishing her house before she can move back into it. Lisa Carse reports that after having worked for a year in development consulting based out of D.C., and then giving freelance consulting a try both in the U.S. and the UK, she decided to pursue an MBA. She is studying at INSEAD and will be graduating in December. She started at the INSEAD campus in France, but is currently living in Singapore where they also have a campus.

Marcin Szajda & Sara Becker

William Holmberg’s daughters


2006 Joshua Newton

Marty Galindo-Schmith’s son Javier Emanuel

Maria Stephan & Fletcherites

Melissa Tritter’s wedding

GMAP I 2005 Dirk Swart Steven Borncamp ’s company SOPOLEC organized and launched the Romania Green Building Council and established a seed fund for green building technology, products and service delivery in Romania and the surrounding region. The RoGBC has twenty one founding members to date and will hold a promotional event on October 14 in Bucharest. GMAP II 2005 Terri Roberts

The Class of ‘06 witnessed a large number engagements and births over the past six months. Molly Runyon and Ian Zaur got engaged in August. They will be married next June in Estacada, Oregon. They currently live in Alexandria, VA, with their awesome cats, Sammy and Hugo, and a gigantic fish tank. Our intrepid roommates, Adam Day and Ashish Bhatia , also both got engaged. Adam spent most of 2008 in Darfur, pushing piles of sand around for the UNAMID. In July, he got engaged to Wendy MacClinchy (Fletcher Summer Program ‘05) in the Atlas Mountains. He is now back in New York, working for UNDPKO. Ashish got engaged to Sneha Patel, a global events planner. They both live in Brooklyn and plan to get married in summer of 2009. Ashish also changed jobs within the Fed, now serving as a portfolio manager for foreign reserves in the Markets Group. Troy and Darcy Schnack welcomed their second daughter Avery to the world on July 4. Eric Bjorklund and his wife Francesca are pleased to announce the arrival of twin girls, Anika and Sophia, on June 18. Eric is an assistant professor at West Point teaching national security and East Asian politics. Ned and Elise Spang , who reside in Boston, welcomed the birth of Jonah on March 27. On August 16, Marta McLellan married Robert Ross at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville, TN. The happy couple plans to reside in D.C. Eric Roland recently relocated to D.C. to accept a new position as a research assistant with the Inter-American Development Bank. He is working in the

bank’s social sector and focuses on education, health and science and technology issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. His first assignment involved working with Salma Hayek on a cancerscreening project in Mexico. Andrew Dixon is still in Miami where he’s an account manager at the Jeffrey Group, a communications firm specializing in the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets. Outside of work, Andrew is trying to bring rock and roll and the 1970s back to South Florida. He says that he is always happy to host Fletcherites at his pad and, in fact, there was a recent Bri-Guy Doench sighting on his couch! Beginning in October, Mike Lieberman will be taking a nine-month leave of absence from his law firm to oversee operations at the Asia Foundation’s rule of law unit while the assistant director is on leave. Though sad to leave his girlfriend, new puppy, and people in D.C., the prospect of living at home in San Francisco again, traveling through Asia and re-engaging with ROL issues proved too alluring to pass up. Erika Lopez recently returned from Brazil where she traveled and spent time with family and friends. She is still working, living, and dancing in San Diego and was recently offered a role dancing in the San Diego Opera’s production of Don Quixote . Expect photos involving wigs and heavy makeup to appear on Facebook in the winter. Farheen Khan has been installed with UNHCR in Southern Sudan since April 2007 in the relaxed, vibrant and sometimes politically stimulating town of Juba, always writing, often reporting, and mostly executing. She will be there until December

2008, after which everything is a possibility. The highlight of her year has been traveling through Iran, and bungee jumping at the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zambia. Jessica Davis took a month off from her day job at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva to work for NBC Olympics during the Beijing Olympic Games. In Beijing, she caught up with fellow Fletcher alums Ai Yuxin, F05, and Cliff Shelton . Nadaa Taiyab moved back to Vancouver, Canada, and is launching a consulting company called Climate Stream to help businesses incorporate climate change into business strategy. Alison Jarrett moved to Paris in September. She starts a new position with AIG as their regional Internet marketing manager covering Western Europe. Tom Hickerson is now in Moscow full-time, working for Microsoft Russia LLC, as a senior business analyst. Every once in a while he hears from Bryce Meeker, F04, and Vasyl Yablonsky, F07, in nearby Kiev. Together with his wife Svetlana, he helped Michael Dobbs, F72 and PhD77, do research for an upcoming novel due out later this year.

Yuxin, Cliff, Jessica

GMAP I 2006 Mareilla Greco Ellen Yount has been promoted to director of

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 29


strategic communication for Coffey International Development. Australia-based Coffey ID acquired D.C.-based MSI in February, where Ellen also serves as the director for strategic and development communications and works on democracy and governance issues. Ellen will be juggling these responsibilities with a new baby, which she and her husband Brad are expecting in January 2009. In June 2008, John “Mac” Regan retired from Mercer after twenty-five years of consulting. One of the first things he did with his time was attend a nine-week Russian language school at Middlebury during the summer of 2008. He just passed the Fletcher language exams last month so that he can finally get his GMAP diploma. Mac currently has several philanthropic activities underway.   A number of our classmates looked forward to seeing each other again at the anniversary gala. GMAP II 2006 Steve Bergey Serge Nkuindja has relocated to Quebec City and is working as a family driver. He regrets that he cannot make it to the anniversary gala, but says Flora and his daughters would be happy to see anyone visiting Quebec. Andy Palowitch is now splitting his time between Colorado Springs and D.C. Earlier this year, he established the National Space Protection Program for the U.S. and is serving as its first director. He says he has been in touch with a few alumni and also had the chance to host Dean Nutter in Omaha at the Global Innovation

30 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

and Strategy Center. Todd Huntley , who is still with the Navy, is at Harvard for the year working on his LLM. Mark Proden moved to Salem, OR, where he is producing wine. He is working with Erath Vineyards for the crush (the act of crushing the grapes for wine production), doing a harvest at a handson winery as well as his own crush with one ton of pinot noir and 1,500 pounds of chardonnay. His production has increased substantially from last year. He produces a variety of wines and is also creating a line of lavender aromatherapy products. Donald Anderson retired from the Air Force in July and started work twenty-one days later in the same job as a government civilian employee. He is the assistant director for Air Mobility Command Analyses, Assessments, and Lessons Learned. Dora was pleased because after twenty-five years in the Air Force, he “didn’t have many good civilian clothes and because of that, had to go on a clothes shopping spree.” Janice Jensen retired from the Coast Guard in July 2007 after thirty years of active duty. She is now working in a contractor position doing computer security work at her former electronics unit at the Coast Guard base in Hawaii. She says, “Basically nothing changed for me except a major decrease in stress, significant increase in pay, and I get to wear comfortable clothes to work every day now.” She says she even fulfilled a lifelong dream of buying a blue-water sailboat for cruising around the Hawaiian Islands and hopefully the South Pacific one day. Elena Hughes is still in D.C. at the Coast Guard Headquarters but, since last year, has been working in a

new position with the National Infrastructure Protection Plan—Maritime Mode. Steve Taylor left Mildenhall in England and is now studying at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Rahul Sharma reports that he is now in Dubai. He took over as the editor of Khaleej Times , the region’s oldest English-language newspaper, which they redesigned and relaunched on August 31, in a matter of about forty days. He is now in the process of trying to find a place to live on the Palm Jumeirah. He says he can’t afford the fronds, so he will stay on the trunk and get seen from space! He says the family is there and the kids are in school, but they are still in a service apartment and welcome guests. He looks back on his time in India and says it was great to be running one of the biggest newspapers there. Doug Gorsline is back working for the government at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, this time as the project manager for biological nonproliferation in Ukraine (or “Western Russia” as it’s called in Moscow). He says the work is challenging. He and Melissa bought a house last summer and have been diligently working on it ever since. They have some new additions to their family as well, including Madeleine Riley, born in February, and a dog—the cat is NOT amused. He welcomes visitors in the Virginia/D.C. area.

Janice Jensen

2007 Kathryn Bondy Greetings Class of 2007! Thanks to all for sending in updates. In New York, Ehren Brav is working at the law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP. His practice focuses on M&A, leveraged finance, and securities offerings, and much of the work has an international component as well. He always enjoys hearing from Fletcher alums, so please feel free to contact him anytime. Back in Boston, Reed Bundy has had an eventful year. He was married last June and spent all of 2007 working for a green energy startup called Potenco, based in Cambridge. He worked on microfinance partnerships for entrepreneurs living without reliable grid-energy, but he’s since left Potenco and is currently in his first semester of business school at Tuck. “Yep, that’s right,” Reed joked, “one master’s degree apparently wasn’t enough!” Also in Boston, Sylvia Ciesluk was married to Timothy Kinnicutt this past August in Manchester, NH . A few Fletcherites were in attendance, including Nora Millan Rivas . Diana Stockwell and her husband John will be moving to Costa Rica in November. They are both finally being transferred from their jobs in Beantown, and Diana can’t wait to be able to spend more time with her family—preferably at the beach! Diana says, “Fletcherites are more than welcome.” She also recently helped throw a baby shower for Marieke Spence , who is due with her first baby this fall. Diana joked, “We went from beer pong to diaper rash cream in only a year!” Raya Widenjoa was also recently married. She and


Matthias Kuehne had a wedding ceremony and reception in her hometown in central Oregon this past August. The reception was at Raya’s cousin’s garden and it turned out beautifully with great weather, a great location, and very cute flower girls, as seen in the picture. Raya was thrilled to have Janice Chen come all the way out to the boondocks to attend. Janice truly received the real central Oregon experience, but still came away smiling. It was Raya and Matthias’s third celebration, as they first had a civil ceremony in December and then a German reception in June. Raya quipped, “They say three times is a charm!” Lauren Inouye is still in London working for Sindicatum Carbon Capital where she develops greenhouse gas emissions reductions projects internationally. She is always happy to welcome Fletcherites passing through and looks forward to more trips to visit other alumni scattered around Europe! After a short stint in D.C., Sara Celiberti finally moved back to the Middle East and is now in Tel Aviv working with the human rights NGO Gisha. She was kindly welcomed by Benedetta Berti-Alberti who also moved to Tel Aviv only weeks earlier, where she continues to work on her Fletcher Ph.D. In Japan, Brian Cathcart is working as a research associate for the Japan Center for International Exchange in Tokyo, an independent think tank that specializes in foreign affairs. Shintaro Okamoto is also in Japan. His employer has cut two-thirds of its work force amid turmoil because of a lawsuit against the Japanese Ministry of Defense. He still remains at the company

and is dealing with many troublesome issues, although he says, “I do not know if it was the right decision to stay at the company.” In the meantime, he enjoyed meeting up with Leslie Kersey , Kevin Newman , F02, and Nobu Sawada , who had just returned from Riyadh for summer vacation. He knows he has to catch up with Brian Cathcart next! Leslie is excited to report that she is back at Fletcher for the fall semester. She and Shintaro enjoyed a visit in Yokohama, Japan. Washington, D.C., continues to be the home of numerous Fletcherites, and several of them have recently moved there. Sudila deSilva began a job at the National Democratic Institute a few months ago; Conor Politz will soon be starting a job at USAID; and Katie Ward-Waller began working at the Broadcasting Board of Governors in July. Congratulations all! Brian Neff is also making the transition to D.C. and hopes to see many of us soon. This past summer he served as a consulting producer for a five-part profile on Al Jazeera English about major U.S. election issues, particularly education and healthcare. He also curated and installed the Class of 2007 Archival Display, which should have been completed by Convocation on September 3. Thanks, Brian! Tim Homan is working as a reporter for Bloomberg News in D.C. after a year at Congressional Quarterly , where he covered international trade. He now reports on the U.S. economy. Abdul Akande is still enjoying D.C. and taking it easy. He plans to spend much of the fall at bbq’s and parties at Keefer Douglas ’s new house in Brookland. And in India, Kazuhiro Numasawa started working

for UNDP in March. He now manages three projects, including a community development program in Rajasthan, as well as livelihood promotion and microfinance projects in seven UN-focused states. He is enjoying India and hopes more Fletcherites can come to visit and work in India! As for me, Kathryn Bondy , I’ll shortly be joining Kaz in that area of the world, as I’ll be in Dhaka, Bangladesh, working at the U.S. Embassy for a few months. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Ashirul Amin , on vacation from his job in Boston, as well as Jabed Mohammed , who works for the Foreign Ministry, and Nermeen Shams, F08. Many thanks to Farheen Kahn, F06, Pavel Hoq and Saminaz Zaman , F08, for giving me tons of much needed advice before my trip. I, too, welcome visits with any Fletcher alums, so please let me know if you’re in the area! GMAP I 2007 Geri Smith Bill Bull is still based in Madagascar, but he has a couple of new job titles: Country Director for Peace Corps Liberia and Regional Safety and Security O fficer, covering eight active countries in Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Mali, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Madagascar) and two inactive countries (Comoros and Burundi). Donald Best has left his position as senior vice president of IDC, a market intelligence consultancy specializing in information technology, and is currently working with a private equity firm to evaluate potential acquisitions in the information services business. Mara Caudill and her husband Mike moved from

the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where Mike is continuing his work with the microfinance organization FINCA and Mara is working part-time from home. They are expecting their first baby in November, and Mara plans to travel to Seattle to have the baby there. Geri Smith is spending the 2008–2009 academic year at Stanford University on a Knight Journalism Fellowship, a midcareer sabbatical program for journalists that allows them to conduct research and audit classes throughout the university. She is focusing her research on what countries in the Americas, from Canada to Chile, need to do to remain globally competitive. At the end of the fellowship, she is to return to Mexico City to her job as Latin America correspondent for BusinessWeek magazine. Kent Wittler passed the U.S. Foreign Service exam in July and is awaiting word on the next phase of his bid to become a diplomat—an oral exam that could come in January. GMAP II 2007 Nicki Petras 2008 Catherine Pfaffenroth Though only a few months out—and oh, how we miss Fletcher already—the Class of ‘08 has already dispersed to the far corners of the globe. The largest contingent appears to have settled in D.C. Erin Hart , one of our many Presidential Management Fellows, is joining the O ffice of Policy and Planning at the State Department’s Bureau of International

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 31


Information Programs, where she will be working with Katie Schaefer, F07. Maria Placht , another Presidential Management Fellow, is joining the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Institute for Water Resources and is living in Old Town Alexandria. Also in D.C. is Jessica Dunsmore , who began as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton. Ahmed Humayun is working as an analyst at Georgetown University, helping to develop an early warning system for the U.S. government. Moving up the coast to New York City, we learn that Corey O’Hara “finally got a job.” He is senior portfolio manager at the Clinton Global Initiative, working to fix climate change, poverty, health and education on a global scale. He hopes to find an apartment in New York City very soon, so that he doesn’t “have to keep saving the world while sleeping on a friend’s couch.” Dmitri Goudkov has moved to sunny southern California to teach high school history at Sierra Canyon School. He writes, “Governor Schwarzenegger was scheduled to appear at the grand opening of the school, but the budget impasse prevented him from doing so. Next time.” O f course, his participation there would not be complete without some extracurriculars as well, in his case setting up a new bodybuilding club. Also in California—northern this time—is Valerie Seymour , who started this summer in Sacramento as a design engineer at Frontier Wind, which designs wind turbines. She writes, “In many ways, it’s like my pre-Fletcher work, except in the renewable energy industry, which lends itself to fast growth and international cooperation. At least that’s

32 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

the hope! There aren’t many Fletcher alums out here, but being in the state capital I hope I’ll run across a few.” From further afield comes news from Josh MetcalfWallach , who began working this summer with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. He expects to stay in Geneva, Switzerland, for at least the year, noting that “if anyone from Fletcher is ever in town, know that you have a place to crash!” Eleni Tsolakis , F08, and Alexis Dellagrammaticas will marry on September 20 in the Aegina Islands, Greece. Attending from Fletcher will be Professor Andy Hess and Bernie Kelley-Leccese. Heidi Sumser writes that she is working with ProCredit Holding and has begun working in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, at Banco Los Andes ProCredit where she is specializing in micro, small and medium-size enterprise financing. She has a blog in both English and Spanish. On the other side of the Pacific, Matt MacGregor is currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam, having accepted a Henry Luce Scholarship for 2008–2009 year. Matt will be working with the Rural Development Center (RUDEC), part of the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, until July 2009. He writes, “I would love to catch up (over a bowl of Pho, of course) with any Fletcherites who might find themselves in the area!” Holding down the fort at “home” in Boston are a number of alumni, including Carmen Arce-Osuna Bowen . She writes, “It seems I am staying in the Boston area for good. I am working at a non-profit organization called the Public Policy Institute/ ONE Massachusetts, which helps non-profit organizations

empower their boards, staff and volunteers to influence the public policy-making process through advanced policy analysis and skill-building sessions focused on messaging, campaign planning, organizing grassroots constituencies, building nontraditional coalitions and using earned and paid media strategies. Please do not forget about your fellow Fletcherites in this region of the world, and please come and visit us!” Also still in the area is Aki Nakai , who just started a Ph.D. program at the Department of Political Science at Boston University. Expecting to spend four years to complete his degree, he hopes to teach Japanese foreign and security policy in the future. Sara Monicchi just came back from Puerto Rico where she attended Annette Martinez ’s wedding. Annette married Diego Alcala on August 31st in Ponce, Puerto Rico, with a few other Fletcherites in attendance: Joie Chowdhury , Chris Altermatt , and Claudia Mahn, F09. As Sara reports, Annette and Diego “are in Mexico for their honeymoon, and they will move to D.C. right afterwards.” Sara plans to remain in Boston through November to study for the Financial Risk Manager Exam. In the meantime, she is exploring job opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. We also congratulate Elena Badiuk on her recent marriage to Francisco HernandezManzano in Mexico! As for me, I’ve just started as a Robert Bosch Fellow here in Berlin, Germany, where my cravings for cherry juice and pumpkin seed bread can luckily be fulfilled on a daily basis. Should anyone be passing through, do send an email and know that you’ll have a “local” tour guide.

Chris Altermatt, Joie Chowdhury, Annette Martinez, Diego Alcala, Sara Monicchi

GMAP I 2008 (summer) Kirsten Poitras Having recently said goodbye after our graduation on that glorious summer day in late-July, there is little news to report. All are trying to move into normal life, postGMAP, without the message boards and team conferences wreaking havoc on already busy schedules. Who knew how much we would miss logging on, posting, and reading that wealth of wisdom each week? But life does move on, and some have already moved, changed jobs, etc. Prabhu Hariharan , with wife and daughter, has re-located to Tel Aviv to begin his position as first secretary and vice-consul at the Canadian Embassy. Karen Lock is now in South Africa with a new position at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Pauline Tweedie will be back in Afghanistan in October as the Gender Mainstreaming Advisor for GTZ (German Technical Corporation) in Kabul. And Jim Terrie is in Singapore with family after keeping athletes and others safe during the Beijing Olympics.


Although I have no first-hand information, I am hoping that Joe Vogt had a happy wedding celebration in September and that Rodrigo Marquez’s move to Minnesota was successful. Mark Maloney has invited us all to the upcoming festivities in London, Singapore, Bangalore, and Boston to launch the Boston World Partnerships interactive Webpage. Contact Mark for more details. Finally, Gil De Los Reyes is working on a GMAP 2008 Website to keep us all better connected. Thanks Gil, for the great initiative! GMAP II 2008 (spring) Xavi Fontan So many amazing things have happened since our March graduation! Based on the news I’m getting from our fellow classmates, Fletcher has opened the doors of opportunity for a large group of us. I must say that I’m not too surprised. You are an incredibly talented group, and I do believe that this is going to be a fun ride as we track everyone’s accomplishments. Let me begin by congratulating Cour tenay

Rattray and Matt K ramer for their assignments to China. Courtenay was slated to be the Jamaican Ambassador to Japan, but is now vectored to become the Ambassador to China. He will be at his post later on this year. Matt was also slated to move to Hong Kong to work for his firm. What a great opportunity for both families! Paul Lucas has been traveling to Mauritania, Lebanon, and the Sudan. Congratulations on the promotion! Hasan Jafri another frequent flier, was part of the international group that finalized the drafting of the first ever Code of Best Practices for sovereign wealth funds, which will be made public in D.C., during the IMF World Bank meetings that coincide with the Fletcher anniversary. Kathleen Peggar relocated in June to Stuttgart, Germany, where she accepted a newly created position as the liaison officer to the Headquarters of the U.S. European Command for the Global Center for Security Cooperation. Among other projects, she is currently organizing an international symposium on security and the global supply chain. Erik Modisett just took a new

position flying in helicopters for customs and border protection in Louisiana. We are glad that you are keeping us safe! Chris Forrest is back in the cockpit and is currently in Louisiana, too. His family is doing quite well and his wife has just started her master’s in biblical studies and ancient languages. Speaking of additional educational opportunities, Gloria Garza is enrolled in the Air Force War College Non-Resident Course. We are impressed with your motivation to start a new course the same year you graduated GMAP! Sherif Mansour has been very, very busy. Last May he was promoted to work overseas with all of North Africa in his program, he published an article in the LA Times, gave a lecture at Stanford University on their fellowship program at the Center on Democracy, and is currently writing a chapter in a new book on nonviolent conflict in the Middle East about the Egyptian movement, Kefaya . Carina Hellemaa has been working with a think-tank/ NGO set up in 2000 by the former President of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari, as head of

development to help them with fund-raising, both in Europe and the U.S. She will be in D.C. for Fletcher’s anniversary gala. Angie Hatch was just recently promoted to international program manager for Australia, Spain and Singapore. At the prompting of a colleague (thanks to Gloria!), she submitted her thesis: Impact of Science and Technology Policy in Education: Can the U.S. Maintain Its Competitive Advantage? which is currently being considered for print with the Harvard Educational Review. Brian Treat is now in D.C. and will be joining us at the anniversary gala along with Pat Gambrel, Carina, Paul, Sherif, Michael Chelius and Hasan. I also plan on attending and will coordinate a fun GMAP happy hour before the dinner. Congratulations to everyone on their many accomplishments. Please send me an email with any new updates that you all might have so that we can add it to the next Class Notes Section. Looking forward to seeing some of you in October!

Spring Reunion 2009 15-17 May 2009 Classes of 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, & 2004 Dean Stephen W. Bosworth and the entire Fletcher community invite you to return to Medford for Reunion 2009. Mark the dates on your calendar, 15-17 May 2009! Whether you are returning for your 45th or 5th Reunion, every Fletcher graduate – and their guests – can enjoy this intellectually and socially stimulating weekend.

Save the Date!! Fall Reunion 2009 on 10-11 September 2009 Class of 1959’s 50th Reunion and Classes of 1934-1958.

For more information:

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 33


HOLLEY MACK BELL, F70, passed away on 11 May 2008, in Windsor, North Carolina. He was born on 9 May 1922, and graduated from Windsor High School. He studied at the University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism, the Graduate Institute of International Studies, the University of Switzerland and The Fletcher School. He served in the U.S. Army from 1943–1946 and as a civilian served as historian, Continental Base Section, War Department, in Bad Nauheim Germany from 1947–1948. He was a reporter for the Charlotte News, editor-manager of the Bertie Ledger-Advance and associate editor of the Greensboro Daily News. After his newspaper career, he was employed by the U.S. Information Agency as press attaché in Quito, Ecuador, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He also served in Washington as chief of the European Branch, International Press Services and Foreign Media Relations. Throughout his life, Holley Bell supported historic preservation and served on a number of committees in North Carolina. He was appointed by the governor of North Carolina to service on the North Carolina Cultural Task Force. He was also a national member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Bell served on vestries and as senior warden in parishes in his overseas assignments and in the U.S. as a member of the Episcopal Church. He is survived by his wife, Clara Bond Bell; his two daughters, Lisa Bell-Loncella of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and C.B. Guess of Summerville, South Carolina; his son, Holley Mack Bell, III, of Raleigh; his two granddaughters, Meg Guess and Julia Bond Guess; and his grandson, Robert Holley Kintner of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. RICHARD L. CHILLEMI, F51, died at the age of eighty-two on 4 March 2008, of Alzheimer’s disease and pneumonia. He was born and raised in Tarrytown, New York, and received his B.A. from George Washington University. After obtaining his master’s degree from The

34 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008


Fletcher School, he was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Sydney, Australia. During World War II, he was a carrier-based U.S. Navy pilot. Mr. Chillemi was with the CIA for thirty-three years and then with U.S. Customs. After retiring, he was active in community affairs and volunteered with Mended Hearts and Life with Cancer. He is survived by his wife, Janis Chillemi of Lansdowne, Virginia; his daughter, Catherine Benish of Charlottesville, Virginia; his son, Ted Cowles of Haymarket, Virginia; and five grandchildren. VICTOR L. CHUAN, F43, passed away in Honolulu on 7 April 2008, at the age of eighty-seven. He was born in Paris, France, and lived in Beijing, China, until 1940. Mr. Chuan graduated from Yenching University and Carleton College, after which he received his master’s degree from The Fletcher School and a law degree from Columbia University. He was a World War II veteran and an officer in the Marine Corps and later worked as a research attorney with the University of California. He was predeceased by his parents and his sister, Lydia Lu, and is survived by his daughters, Johanna Chuan Louie of Honolulu and Elizabeth Chuan Riley of San Lorenzo, California; his sisters, Dorothy Lee of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Victoria Wei, Marian Chuan and Helen Chuan of Santa Barbara, California; his brother James of San Rafael, California; his four grandchildren; and many cousins, nieces and nephews. JOSEPH FRANK DEVLIN, F48, died at the age of ninety. He was born in Boston and attended Boston Latin School before graduating from Holy Cross in 1941. He served in the U.S. Army from 1942–1946 and received his master’s degree from The Fletcher School under the GI Bill. He married Jean Platt in 1947. They were married for fifty-five years before she passed away in 2002. Mr. Devlin taught history at Allegheny College from 1948 to 1951, after which he joined

the National Security Agency for a thirty-year tenure. He is predeceased by his wife, Jean, and his sister, Isabella. He is survived by his two brothers, John and Willard; and his son, David, of Mystic, Connecticut. WILLIAM M. KERRIGAN, F53, died 26 August 2008 in Oberlin, Ohio. His survivors include his wife Josephine; two children from his first marriage, Jane Lawrence of Hershey, Pennsylvania, and David Kerrigan of Burke, Virginia; his sister Elsie Day of Cleveland Heights, Ohio; and four grandchildren. No other information was available at the time of printing. Miguel Monterrubio, GMAP 04 The nation of México lost a champion of diplomacy and The Fletcher School lost a dedicated alumnus on the evening of November 4, 2008. A plane carrying Miguel Monterrubio Cubas, GMAP 04, and eight other individuals, including Interior Minister and México’s second-most powerful government official, Juan Camilo Mourino, crashed into the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood in México City. The plane was minutes from touching down at the capital city’s Benito Juárez International Airport when it fell into rush-hour traffic. Monterrubio had recently taken on the role of Mourino’s press secretary after serving as the spokesperson for México’s President, Felipe Calderon. After graduating from the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) in 2004, Miguel became a frequent collaborator and supporter of his alma mater, hosting various events in México City for The Fletcher School and Tufts University, including a “Tufts in the World” series and numerous functions in which he opened his home to prospective students, alumni and the greater Tufts community. His dedication to the GMAP program, along with that of Aldo Aldama Breton, GMAP 02, has proven invaluable to the continuing relationship between Fletcher and the Mexican Foreign Ministry. Since


presenting Miguel as its first yearly candidate for the GMAP program, the Ministry has since sent several students to the program. Miguel also acted as “unofficial host” of the GMAP residency program in México in 2004. “He was a great friend and colleague, full of life, always trying to develop new ideas…joyful,” added Vanessa Zárate Castillo, GMAP 06, a fellow member of the Mexican Foreign Service. “He was someone that enjoyed life, always surrounded by friends, always ready to listen and help. He was an optimist.” Monterrubio was a member of Tufts University’s International Board of Overseers, in addition to active participation on The Fletcher School’s Latin America Advisory Group, wherein he offered strategic guidance on affairs related to the field of communications, Latin America and his home country of México. “Miguel was a special person—a dedicated and exceptional diplomat, family man and friend,” noted Senior Associate Dean and Director of GMAP, Deborah Nutter. “He believed deeply in Mexico and its future. He was loved by his classmates, his faculty and Fletcher’s staff. One loved to be in his presence, for he was optimistic and caring. We, and the world, will miss him greatly, as he was destined for great things.” Before serving as Press Secretary for Interior Minister Mourino and President Calderon, Monterrubio held numerous posts in the Mexican Foreign Service, including Press Secretary for the Mexican Embassies in Italy, the UK, and the United States. He also held positions at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Advisor to the Deputy Foreign Secretary; Deputy Director and Head of the Department of Information, North American Desk; and analyst. In addition to his Fletcher degree, Miguel is a graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana, Instituto Matías Romero de Estudios Diplomaticos and Accademia Nazionale della Comunicazione.

Miguel is survived by his family, including his wife, Maru, and sons, Miguel and Mateo. ROBERT W. MOORE, F57, died 9 May 2008 of a brain tumor at Fairfax Nursing Center in McLean, Virginia, at the age of eighty-six. He was born in Boone, Iowa, and grew up in South Dakota and Chicago. He was a graduate of the University of Chicago. After serving in the Army during World War II, he joined the Foreign Service in 1946. He had seven overseas assignments with the State Department, including at U.S. Embassies in Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, and Malaysia and at consulates in Indonesia and Scotland. In addition, he was the consul general in Karachi, Pakistan, and Vancouver, B.C. Mr. Moore received master’s degrees from The Fletcher School in 1957 and from the Army War College in 1963. Among his assignments in Washington, he was deputy inspector general of the Foreign Service. He retired in 1983 and became a member of Diplomatic and Consular Officers, Retired (DACOR) and the American Association of Individual Investors. Mr. Moore’s survivors include his wife of fifty-eight years, Jean Hunter Moore of McLean; his three sons, John R. Moore of Austin, William H. Moore of Atlanta, and Daniel K. Moore of Vienna; his sister; and three grandchildren. BETTY L. NEUHART, F46, died on 10 May 2008 at her home in Alexandria, Virginia. She was born on 5 December 1923 in Bellaire, Ohio. She graduated from Bellaire High School and The College of Wooster, Ohio, which awarded her the Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor bestowed upon a Wooster alumni. She received her master’s degree from The Fletcher School in 1946. She was a member of the Federal Civil Service for thirty years, advancing to progressively responsible positions from her initial assignment as chairman of the Foreign Service Orientation Programs at the Department of State Foreign Service Institute, Washington, D.C., to

that of regional managing director at the International Trade Administration and U.S. Department of Commerce in San Francisco, California. She was recognized with countless awards by the U.S. Departments of State and Commerce, including the Secretary of Commerce’s Silver Medal for Outstanding Management. The General Chamber of Commerce of Taiwan bestowed on her its Medal of Honor, First Class. She was one of five Americans to ever receive such an award at the time of the bestowment. She received a Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, from Lincoln University in San Francisco for her work as a public servant and educator and for her achievements in U.S. International Relations working in the center of U.S. International Trades Programs. The City of San Francisco presented her with the key to the city, an original cable car bell, and named the date of her retirement Betty Dickens Neuhart Day. While her children were in grade school in Bellaire, she served as a community leader in various positions. Ms. Neuhart was predeceased by her parents and her sister, Eleanor Dickens. She is survived by her four children, Mark Dickens Neuhart, Bruce Neuhart, Paige (Stan) Harrell, and Brooke Toth Perez; and her five grandchildren, Sara and Matthew Charles Neuhart, Elizabeth Dickens Harrell, Jonathan Harrell and Thomas Toth. CHARLES “CHUCK” R. SITTER, F57, died on 21 July 2008 at the age of seventy-seven. He was born in West Virginia and raised in Cumberland, where he graduated from LaSalle High School as valedictorian and president of the class of 1949. After graduating from Frostburg State College with an associate’s degree, he worked for the U.S. government, including for the State Department, while serving in the Marine Corps Reserves and completing his bachelor’s degree in Foreign Affairs at George Washington University. He graduated with special honors in 1954 and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 35


In 1954, Mr. Sitter married Marjorie Ann Miller in Cumberland. He served two years of active duty in the Marine Corps (1954–1956) as a second lieutenant, stationed first at Camp Pendleton and later in Okinawa, Japan. He received his master’s degree from The Fletcher School and began working for Exxon (Esso Export in New York City) as a financial analyst. During almost forty years of service to Exxon, he had numerous assignments, including in Japan, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In 1985, he was named a director and senior vice president of Exxon Corporation, and then became president of Exxon Corporation in 1993. He retired in 1996 and received a Distinguished Alumni Achievement award from GWU that same year. Mr. Sitter’s other activities include his service as an outside director of the Prudential Financial Corporation, a board member for Tulane University, a member of the Board of Advisors of The Fletcher School, a member of the Board of Overseers of the Hoover Institution and a member of the International Council for GWU’s Elliott School. His charitable interests included the Presbyterian Hospital Foundation of Dallas, where his donation established the Charles R. Sitter Chair in Parkinson and Movement Disorders at the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. Mr. Sitter is survived by his former wife, Marjorie; his three children Cindy, Dianna, and Douglas; his three grandchildren and two step grandchildren; six of his seven brothers and sisters; and their children and grandchildren. FREIDRICH J. VON MERING, F45, died 23 August 2008, in Burlington, Massachusetts. He was born on 21 October 1922 in Potsdam/Berlin, Germany, and resided in Switzerland before arriving in the U.S. in 1939. He attended Amherst College and graduated from Tufts in 1944 before receiving his master’s degree from The Fletcher School in 1946. He worked for numerous companies in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Indiana, and

36 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Illinois in engineering and marketing at various levels of management. Mr. von Mering was predeceased by his wife Marion, who passed away in 2005, his sister Maria Huggins and his grandson Joshua Fromer. He is survived by his twin brother O. Otto von Mering of Gainesville, Florida; his sons Frederick von Mering of Winchester, Massachusetts, and Richard von Mering of Pine Bush, New York; and his daughters Christine Fromer of Lynn, Massachusetts, Anna Poulin of Sterling, Massachusetts, and Martha von Mering of Springfield, Massachusetts. He also leaves five grandsons, a great granddaughter, nieces and a nephew. THEODORE WAHL, F47, died 19 April 2008, in Media, Pennsylvania, at the age of eighty-six. He had suffered from a series of strokes. Mr. Wahl was born in Cooks Falls, New York, in 1922 and graduated from Colgate University in 1942. He served in the Army Air Corps in China during World War II, attaining the rank of captain. After the war he received a master’s degree from The Fletcher School and in 1947 joined the State Department. He served in Consulates in Tsingtao and Chungking and then in the Embassy in Oslo. For many years he served in the Middle East, at posts in Dhahran, Istanbul, Beirut, and Riyadh, and was posted to Manila from 1971 to 1974. After he retired from the State Department, he worked briefly as a consultant for the Multinational Force and Observers, the Sinai peacekeeping force, and later settled in Media, Pennsylvania. His first wife, Sarah Martin Wahl, whom he married in Tsingtao, died in 1978. He remarried in 1981, and his second wife, Tania Cosman Wahl, died in 2006. His survivors include his three children, Martin Wahl of Corte Madera, California, Russell Wahl of Pocatello, Idaho, and Harriet Wahl Cowper of Tucson, Arizona; and six grandchildren. He is also survived by four stepchildren and two step grandchildren. DOUGLAS C. WILSON, F64, died on 5 May 2008 at his home in Amherst,

Massachusetts, at the age of 67. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on 18 December 1940, and grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, where he attended University School before his studies at Amherst College. He graduated from Amherst with honors in 1962 and earned a master’s degree from The Fletcher School before beginning his career as a reporter with the Providence Journal in the Pawtucket and Newport bureaus. He was also public information specialist in Rhode Island’s Army National Guard from 1962–1968. In 1968, he was a Congressional Fellow of the American Political Science Association, working as a staff member in the offices of Senator Frank Church (D-ID) and Representative John Tunney (C-CA). He then worked as a reporter in the Providence Journal’s Washington bureau, where he covered Capitol Hill and presidential politics. He worked for thirteen years for the paper, until he joined Amherst College’s administration in 1975. On 7 August 1974, he broke the story of President Richard Nixon’s decision to resign as president, a story for which he won the Merriman Smith Memorial Award from The White House Correspondents’ Association. Mr. Wilson then served in a variety of functions at Amherst College for the next twenty-seven years, including as public affairs officer and editor. He also edited many college publications including an anthology of essays on the college’s history. He served as a member and chair of Amherst’s town conservation commission and the Western Massachusetts Broadcasting Council. Mr. Wilson is survived by his wife, newspaper writer and columnist Cheryl Wilson and three children, Jay Wilson of Bronxville, New York, and Emily Wilson and Samuel Wilson of Brooklyn, New York; his older brother William Wilson of Georgetown, Colorado; and his twin brother, Swami Anantananda of South Fallsburg, New York. He is also survived by a nephew, Gordon Wilson of San Francisco, California, and a niece, Ellen Wilson of Carrboro, North Carolina.

”I feel privileged to be a part of the Fletcher community. My Fletcher experiences have made me more of a global citizen. I give back so that others may have the same opportunity.” Bonnie Clendenning, F86, has had many associations with The Fletcher School through the years—as employee, student, alumna, Fletcher Fund supporter and volunteer, Austin B. Fletcher Society member, and Tufts Alumni Council member—just to name a few. Bonnie has put her Fletcher degree, along with her law degree and certified financial planner skills, to work, resulting in a distinguished record of leadership in the nonprofit sector. She currently serves as president of the School for Field Studies in Salem, Massachusetts, which teaches environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic development through field-based international education. Prior to this, she was executive director of the Archaeological Institute of America; vice president and COO of the Education Alliance in Framingham, Massachusetts; and head of institutional advancement for Radcliffe College. She also has worked for the World Federation of Friends of Museums in Brussels and the International Council of Museums/UNESCO in Paris. Recently, Bonnie designated The Fletcher School as a remainder beneficiary of her IRA because, as she says, “It is an easy and significant way to make a gift. You don’t need an attorney. All you have to do is download the form and fill it out. Plus, it can lead to substantial tax savings. Everyone can provide for Fletcher with this type of gift.” She points out, “Giving to Fletcher through your estate plans will result in important future resources for the school, so that it may continue its vital global mission.”

When she was on staff at The Fletcher School, Bonnie gathered the original collection of flags that now hangs in the Hall of Flags in the Cabot Intercultural Center.

For further information on how to incorporate Fletcher into your own estate plans and take part in the Beyond Boundaries campaign, please contact Brooke Anderson, associate director of gift planning, at 1-888-748-8387 (toll-free) or 617-627-4975 (direct), or by email at You can also visit our website at

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 37



Fletcher alumni and friends contributed or pledged more than $8.6 million in fiscal year ending 30 June 2008. These expendable and endowed gifts represent investments in Fletcher’s mission of preparing leaders with a global perspective and are mostly project-specific, aligned with curricular and institutional priorities of the School’s Beyond Boundaries Comprehensive Campaign. On the following pages, you will find the names of all donors who made a gift or pledge of $1,000 or more between 1 July 2007 and 30 June 2008 to acknowledge and publicly thank them for their support and example.

Austin B. Fletcher Society The Austin B. Fletcher Society is comprised of alumni and friends who have included The Fletcher School in their estates and long-term financial plans. Because planned gifts are an integral part of the School’s development and history, we are honored to recognize and thank those individuals who have chosen to leave a legacy of educational excellence. Present members Anonymous (23) Tatiana Androsov, F80 Irene Meister Armington, F52 Mark Baker, F95 Barbara Bodine, F71   Louis M. Cardillo, F74   Bonnie R. Clendenning, F86 Janet Feldman, F87 Ronald Glantz, F63 Jane Harbaugh, F53 Mary Harris, F70 Lewis Hoffacker, F49 Edward Hoyt, F62 Hilda “Peggy” Kirby, F37   John Lacey, F76 Peter H. Langer, F85   Brandon Edward Miller, F04 Elizabeth Owens & Craig Owens, GMAP01 E. Barbara Phillips, F61 Elizabeth Parker Powell, F62  Betsey Rubin Rosenbaum & H. Jon Rosenbaum, F64 Linda Safran & Andrew R. Safran, F77 Peter Sellar, F62 38 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Jean B. Shepard, F47 Margaret Smith, F91 Hubert Steele, F39 Elizabeth E. Wright & Col. Stephen E. Wright, F07

NAMED ENDOWED FUNDS TERM SCHOLARSHIPS Asia Foundation Scholarship Ades Term Scholarship Bahana Scholarship Marie Baier Scholarship Richard and Mary Blake Research Grant in International Security Studies Consolidated Contractors Corporation Scholarship Andreas A. David Scholarship Earhart Foundation Scholarship Fletcher Fund Alumni Scholar Program Kent Foster Scholarship GMAP Board Scholarship John Hamill Term Scholarship Henry J. Leir Scholars Abroad Program Michael Maney Alumni Scholarship National Bank of Greece Term Scholarship Program Craig B. & Libby Owens Term Scholarship Scaife Family Charitable Trusts Scholarship Alfonso T. Yuchengco Southeast Asia Scholarship Program ENDOWED FELLOWSHIPS & SCHOLARSHIPS Charles F. Adams Scholarship Atlantic Community Fellowship Ruhl J. Bartlett Fellowship William L. Blue & Joan R. Blue Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of so many alumni and friends, including donors to The Fletcher Fund, about 66% of the $100 million Beyond Boundaries Comprehensive Campaign goal has been achieved. Also below is a comprehensive list of Fletcher’s named funds and a listing of Austin B. Fletcher Society members. If you would like more information about these funds or if we have inadvertently made an error in our listings, please contact Roger Milici at or +1.617.627.2372.

Ralph Bunche Scholarship M.A. Edward Bunford Scholarship Cabot Corporation Scholarship John Moors Cabot Fellowship Antonio Cardozo Alumni Scholarship Citicorp/Wriston Scholarship Class of 1964 Fellowship Phyllis E. & C. Douglas Dillon Fellowship Samuel J. Elder Scholarship Barbara & Brian Gibbs Scholarship Carl J. Gilbert Scholarship Joan Gillespie Fellowship Armand Hammer Scholarship George B. & Helen J. Hargens Scholarship Joseph Harrison & Francis H. Russell Fellowship John L. Hedges Fellowship in Public Diplomacy Richard D. & Polly B. Hill Scholarship Asher Hobson Scholarship A. Eiken Hohenberg Charitable Scholarship Fay Kirby Scholarship Katrina Lago Memorial Fellowship John R. Lacey Scholarship Dana Laird Memorial Scholarship Emily & Henry Cabot Lodge Fellowship Roger Long Scholarship Mary Pillsbury Lord Scholarship Donald R. MacJannet Scholarship Lester Martin Fellowship Professor Robert F. Meagher Fund Irene W. Meister Scholarship Irene W. Meister Scholarship for International Business Jeffrey C. Metzel Scholarship Sherry Mueller Scholarship National Cheng-Chi University Fellowship

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

Frank C. & Christel Nichols Scholarship Mark Kimball Nichols Endowed Scholarship John Curtis Perry Fellowship David S. Pettit & Susan Gould Pettit Scholarship John E. Peurifoy Fellowship Ian Paley Rak Fellowship Quezon Fellowship John Roche Memorial Scholarship Roome International Fund Safran Scholarship Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Charles N. & Josephine W. Shane Scholarship Cornelia M. & Jonathan A. Small Scholarship Johannes & Julia R. Solleveld Fellowship in International Environment & Resource Policy CV Starr Scholarship Harry S. Truman Scholarship Somerville Pickney Tuck Memorial Fellowship Theodore Xanthaky & Dorothy Osborne Xanthaky Scholarship INTERNSHIPS William S. Barnes Summer Internship for Latin American Studies LIBRARY & BOOK FUNDS Michael A. Bradley Memorial Book Fund Elizabeth L. Cabot Book Fund Joseph Cummings Book Fund Isaam Fares Book Fund Isabelle Oroian Fleck Memorial Library Fund Fletcher Library Book Fund Ginn Library Fund for International Law

ß Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Grace Frees Guillet Book Fund John Stevenson Hay Book Fund Houghton-Mifflin Book Fund Imlah Book Fund Mildred Adams Kenyon Book Fund Charles Kimball Book Fund Michael Maney Library Fund Belinda Pearson Book Fund Ames Samuel Pierce Library Fund Gavriel Ra’anan Memorial Book Fund Roche Memorial Book Fund William L. & Bessie B. Salacuse Book Fund Sasakawa Book Fund Manzur Zaidi Book Fund GENERAL FUNDS William S. Barnes Fund John Moors Cabot Fund Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy General John. R. Galvin Tribute Fund Hewlett Challenge II Grant Elizabeth Parker Powell Fund for International Business Second Century Fletcher MAINTENANCE FUNDS Cabot Intercultural Center Fund Goddard Hall Fund PROFESSORSHIPS Charles Francis Adams/Raytheon Dean’s Chair Henry J. Braker Chair of Commercial Law Chair of International Environment & Resource Policy* William L. Clayton Chair of International Economic Affairs Cordell Hull Chair of International Trade* Shelby Cullom Davis Chair of International Business Shelby Cullom Davis Chair of International Security Studies Henry Willard Denison Chair of Japanese Diplomacy Constantine Karamanlis Chair of Hellenic & Southeast European Studies Kim Koo Chair of Korean Civilization & Foreign Affairs* Henry J. Leir Chair of Humanitarian Studies Edward R. Murrow Chair of Public Diplomacy*

Walter B. Wriston Chair of International Finance & Banking

Yukiko Noguchi, GMAP07 The Leir Charitable Foundations

LECTURE SERIES Charles Francis Adams Lecture Series Joseph Grew Lecture Series Dr. Maurice S. Segal Lecture Series U.S.-Hispanic Relations Lecture Series

$25,000–49,999 Anonymous Cabot Family Charitable Trust Carnegie Corporation of New York Estate of Alta F. Fowler Brian T. Gibbs, F89 & Barbara Gibbs Allen B. Macomber, F64 Gregory J. Terry, F70 Kathryn D. Wriston

PRIZES Class of 1947 Distinguished Leadership Award Murrow Center Prize Alfred P. Rubin Prize in International Law RESEARCH FUNDS Hitachi Center Fund Latin American Studies Fund North Pacific Studies Fund Segal Pollution Research Fund Refugee/Forced Migration Studies

CAPITAL GIFTS Leadership Donors $1,000,000+ H. Jon Rosenbaum, F64 & Betsey Rosenbaum Andrew Safran, F77 & Linda Safran The Tavitian Foundation John Templeton Foundation $250,000–999,999 Andreas A. David Foundation Sarnia H. Hoyt, A62 & Edward L. Hoyt, F62 Constantine G. Karamanlis Foundation National Bank of Greece S.A. Sarah Scaife Foundation Cornelia M. Small, F68 & Jonathan A. Small, F68 $100,000 249,999 Anonymous Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc. Kim Koo Foundation John H. King, F69 The Pakis Family Foundation Andrei P. Vandoros, F71 & Lucy Vandoros Xanthaky Trust Benefactors $50,000–99,999 T. Dixon Long, F58 Michael Maney, F57 Mark K. Nichols, F71

Steven G. Schulman, F75 David R. Slade, F78 Martha G. Smith & Fred B. Smith Lisbeth Tarlow, F84 & Stephen B. Kay If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. To correct our records, please contact Kathleen Bobick at kathleen.bobick@ or +1.617.627.4573.

$10,000–24,999 Estate of Robert L. Chambers Cullman Family Fund Katherine V. Hedges, F77 & Jeffrey L. Hedges, F77 The Eisenhower Institute Thomas F. Holt Jr., F75 Peter J. Kalis Joann M. Lindenmayer & Peter J. Aranow Saudi Arabian Oil Company John Sayres Paul S. Slawson, F60 & Mary Slawson Estate of Christine D. Shelly Site Institute Inc. W.Z. SyCip Patrons $5,000–9,999 John H. Crawford $2,500–4,999 Karen Hastie Williams, F67 & Wesley S. Williams Jr., F64 Farrokh Jhabvala, F73 John R. Lacey, F76 MacJannet Foundation Sherry Lee Mueller, F66 Robert M. Steck, F81 $1,000–2,499 Anand Balachandran, F02 Stephen J. Del Rosso Jr., F81 & Joy Miller Del Rosso Georgetown University HSD Institute Barbara A. Kates-Garnick, F73 Janot Reine Mendler de Suarez, F98 Jeffrey C. Metzel Kenji Nakano, F93 Denise Pappas Elizabeth W. Rowe, F83 Donna Salacuse & Jeswald W. Salacuse Ann Imlah Schneider, F56 Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 39


DONORS TO THE FLETCHER FUND FISCAL YEAR 2008 (1 JULY 2007–30 JUNE 2008) Led by Dorothy Meadow Sobol, F66, The Fletcher Fund raised $1,363,303, marking a remarkable fourth consecutive year of double-digit growth. Fletcher Fund gifts also count toward the School’s $100 million Beyond Boundaries campaign goal. The almost 1,900 contributions to the Fund from alumni, parents, and friends assist Fletcher in providing its students a world-class education. Specifically, last year these gifts helped the School increase its average financial aid package to over $10,000, offer almost 100 students summer stipends for internship support, and provide much-needed support for faculty so they could pursue top quality research and continue to excel in the classroom. FLETCHER FUND NAMED TERM SCHOLARS Financial aid is the School’s top campaign priority. With a gift of at least $25,000 per year (two- or four-year commitment), alumni, parents, and friends can help meet this need by creating a named, term scholarship. John P. Hamill Term Scholarship Fund Michael M. Maney Term Scholarship Fund B. Craig & Libby Owens Term Scholarship Fund Steven G. Schulman Term Scholarship Fund Jonathan A. & Cornelia M. Small Term Scholarship Fund FLETCHER FUND ASSOCIATES $1,000 or more ($500 or more from graduates of the last decade) Fletcher Associates continue to account for almost 75% of the total annual fund. In fiscal year 2007–2008, 291 alumni, parents, and friends made leadership gifts. Trustees’ Circle ($50,000 or more) Anonymous Lee E. Dirks, F57 Michael M. Maneyß, F57 Thomas Schmidheinyß, H99 Cornelia M. Small, F68, & Jonathan A. Smallß, F68 President’s Circle ($25,000–$49,999) ExxonMobil Foundation* Eileen Guggenheim Wilkinsonß, GMAP01 & Russell Wilkinson* Constantine A. Karamanlisß, F00

40 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Chung Won Kang, F77 P. H. Koo & E1 Corporation Lucy Vandoros*, A04P, F10P, & Andrei P. Vandoros*ß, F71, A04P, F10P Jennifer Wee*, A06P, & Ee-Chao Wee*, A06P Society of Fletcher Fellows ($10,000–$24,999) Leonore Annenberg Adele Fleet Bacow* & Lawrence S. Bacow Joyce L. Barsamß, J62, AG89, J89P, J91P, A91P, A94P, C. Fred Bergstenß, F62, F69 Paulo A. P. Bilyk, F92 Daniel K. Chao, F75, F79 Nicholas G. Curuby, F57 Christina Greer Dawson, F84 & Mark H. Dawson, F85 Kathryn Hamill, J99P, F99P & John P. Hamillß, J99P, F99P Lawrence P. Heim, Jr., GMAP02 & Victoria Becker Robert D. Hormatsß, A65, F66, F70, H00 Paul S.P. Hsuß, F65, F66 & Pat Tsao Igor V. Kan, F94 Robert E. Kiernan III, F81 Susan C. Livingston, J79, F81 Peter Malone, F78, F83 Mark K. Nicholsß, F71 B. Craig Owensß, GMAP01 & Libby Owens Alice Pickering, F54 & Thomas R. Pickering, H90, F54 Linda Safran*, A09P & Andrew Safranß, A76, F77, A09P Herman T. Skofield, F48 Dorothy Meadow Sobol, F66, F79* Lisbeth Tarlowß, F84, F97 & Stephen Kay The Tavitian Foundation

Also noteworthy was the alumni participation rate, which remained at 27%. A recent review revealed that Fletcher ranks number one in annual fund participation among its peer graduate schools of international affairs. This is certainly a point of pride for Fletcher and serves as further motivation to grow this number and retain this top spot. We would like to publicly acknowledge and thank all those who gave to The Fletcher Fund between 1 July 2007–30 June 2008 by listing their names in the following pages.

G. Richard Thomanß, F67, F71 & Lynn Thoman Rhonda M. Vitanye*, J84, F91 Hilary Wendel, F94 & Christopher S. Wendel, F93 Mian E. Zaheenß, F73 Charles Francis Adams Society ($7,500–$9,999) Sarnia H. Hoyt, AG62, F91P & Edward L. Hoyt, F62, F64, F91P Monika Schuerer & Wolfgang Schuerer Dean’s Council ($5,000–$7,499) Anonymous (2) Christine Lauper Bagatelas, F87 & Paul Theodore Bagatelas, F87 Christopher R. Blakeley, F04 Rene-Henri Bodmer, F95 Helena Bordie, GMAP02 Andrew Czekaj, F79 Mary G. Davis, F66 Robert J. Engel, F75 John C. Evans, F67, F08P & Yiyi Evans, F08P Bruce M. Everett, F70, F72, F80 Alice N. Finnß, F86 Robert P. Fisher Jr., F78 Raymond Garcia, F68 Nihal W. Goonewardeneß, F73 Ralph Hooper Elizabeth Parker Powellß, F62 John H. Rixse III, F68 W. David Rossiter, F73 Thomas C. Sadler, F78 Charles R. Sitter†, F57 Rose Sonder, A99P, F99P, E01P & Claudio Sonder, A99P, F99P, E01P Galen L. Stone Karen Hastie Williams, F67 & Wesley S. Williams, Jr., F64

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

Ziwang Xu, F88 1933 Founders’ Club ($2,500–$4,999) Fuad S. Abu-Zayyadß, F58 Bandar K. Al-Faisal, F05 Philip J. Bergan Gerald W. Blakeley Jr.ß Martha O. Blaxall, F64, F71 Eric H. Boehm, F42 Charles N. Bralverß, F75 & Belinda Bralver, J76 Antonie C.A. Dake, F55 Charles H. Dallaraß, F75, F86 Robert R. Davis, F73 Christiane S. Delessert, F73 Cyrena L. Fink, F95 & Geoffrey D. Fink, F94 Brian C. Ganson, F88 Catharine A. Hartzenbusch, F94 Jason P. Hyland, F81 Farrokh Jhabvala, F73, F77 Patrick O. Kocsi, F96 Herbert Levin, F56 Bette Bao Lord, J59, F60, H82 & Winston Lord, F60, H87 Allen B. Macomber, F64 Brian A. Maher, F73 William G. Meserveß, A62, A91P, A92P, J95P, A02P & Susan Meserve, A91P, A92P, J95P, A02P Sherry Lee Mueller, F66, F77 Elizabeth W. Rowe, F83 David M. Sloan, A74, F75 Michael T. Sullivan, F00 Gregory J. Terry, F70, A05P Global Leaders ($1,000–$2,499) Anonymous (3) Neil A. Allenß, F76 Michael L. Aresco, A72, F73 Michael D. Balaban, F75

ß Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Margaret L. Bates, F46 Donald Best, GMAP08 Eric R. Bjorklund, F06 Elizabeth Boege, F66 & Sheldon E. Boege, F66 Stephen W. Bosworth & Christine Bosworth David Budinger Jeffrey H. Bunzel, F81 Robert G. Burke, F73, F79 Kenneth R. Button, F72, F81 Nicole L. Byrns, F98 Nancy M. Chase, F44 Dong Hoon Choi, F60, F65 Suchati Chuthasmit, F58, F62 Bonnie R. Clendenning, F86 William Cloherty Samuel A. Cole, F99 Erin C. Conaton, F95 Clifford S. Cooper, F57Cynthia Valianti Corbett, F78 Virginia R. Cornyn, F63, F71 Michael P. D’Ambrosio, F73 William B. Dale, F47 & Joy Dale Jaime Daremblum-Rosenstein, F64, F72 Erika de la Rosa Hennessey, F96 Linda J. Dixon, J63, F99 James Van Dresser, F68 & Evan Dresser Brenda L. Ebeling, F63 Putnam Mundy Ebinger, F72, F88 & Charles K. Ebinger, F72, F73 Jennifer K. Eikren, F01 & Clay D. Norrbom, F01 Deborah Eisenberg, F03 & Raymond A. Linsenmayer, F01 Pat Eliot & Theodore L. Eliot Steven J. Farber, GMAP07 Charles Sims Farr Jr., F75 Jeffrey D. Feltman, F83 John M. Fisher, GMAP05 Robert M. Fouché, F57 Robert S. Frank, F78 Edmund A. Gaither, F00 Brian T. Gibbs, F89 Frederick E. Gilbert, F62, F76 Dean Goodermote, F79 Stephen E. Goodman, F00 & Tara Goodman Maria V. Gordon, F98 Bruno P. Grandsard, F88, A89 Baldur Gudlaugsson, F74 Arnold C. Hanson, F49 Jane W. Harbaugh, J52, F53, F57 Lawrence E. Harrison

Angela S. Hatch, GMAP08 Peter F. Healey, F76 Douglas Henderson, F41 Laurie MacNamara Hendrickson, F87 & William Hendrickson, F88 John B. Howe, F84 & Theresa Masterson Howe Carol Johnson Hurlburt, F62 Anne Huvos, J83 & Mark C. Storella, F83 Eiko Ikegaya, F94 & Charles R. Scott, F94 Wolfgang Ischinger, F73 Mahnaz Z. Ispahani Bartos, F81, F85 Pamela L. Jacklin, F67 Shirley Anderson Jennings, F51 & Theodore D. Jennings, F51 Ignasius Jonan, GMAP05 Barbara A. Kates-Garnick, F73, F84 Eileen B. Keane Binns, F66 Alexander Kraus, F00 & Wendin D. Smithß, F00 Mary S. Kreimer, F49 Peter F. Krogh, F61, F66, J85P Marilyn Kuhar, A07P, E10P & Gerard E. Sheehan, A07P, E10P Youngsol Kwon, F68, F69 Rachel Kyte, GMAP02 Michael D. Landry, F86 Nancy Lattimore, J66, AG71 & B. Gresh Lattimore Jr., F65, F72 Christopher M. Lehman, F73, F74, F93 Linda P. Lesher, F09P & J. Griffin Lesher, F71, F09P Mary E. Locke, F70, F06P, F08P, F09P & Johannes A. Binnendijkß, F70, F72, F06P, F08P, F09P Julia Motl Lowe, J98, AG07 & Nicholas J. Lowe David M. Lowrey, F65 James Manzi, F79 J. H. Marcel-St Louis Demertine, F90 Douglas O. Marston, F76, F78 Catherine J. McAuliffe, F89 Robert K. McNamara, F76 William F. McSweenyß Vikram S. Mehtaß, F79 Michael M. Metz, F79 David A. Metzner, F82 Roger A. Milici Jr. & Frances Fleming Milici William J. Miller Jr., F01 Janet Moore, J90 & Brian K. Thomson, F88 Lauren Moriarty, F77 Lucia Mouat, F61

Charles W. Muller, F50 Yoshio Murakami, F61, F64 Elizabeth Musch, F74 Julien E. Naginski, F93 Mitzi Natsios Mary Neff, F07P & Stephen C. Neff, F07P Katherine Sikora Nelson, F93 Lisa Neuberger, F02 Wm. David Newbern, F67 Janet L. Norwood, F46, F49 & Bernard Norwood, F48 Vincent H. O’Neil, F96 Sheila C. O’Neill, F94 Richard M. Ogden, F62 Farah A. Pandithß, F95 Jutta Parsons, F67 Llewellyn P. Pascoe, F62 Eleanor Ford Penrose, F67 & Stephen B. Penrose III, F67, F73 Curtis J. Perry, F74, F77 Simona Petrova-Vassileva, F91 David S. Pettit, A66, F67 & Susan Gould Pettit, J67 Candace Lun Plotkin, F96 Carlo Pozzi, F98 Nancy D. Pratt, F50 & R. Todd Pratt, F50 Rebeca M. Quintanilla, GMAP05 Kristen A. Ragusin, GMAP07 Nicholas D. Ray, F94 John M. Regan III, GMAP06 Robert J. Reynolds, A73, F75 Iqbal S. Riza, F57 Patricia Bowe Romines, F73 Jonathan A. Rosen, F99 Michael A. Rosen, A82, F84 Sam B. Rovit, F87 Edward W. Russell, F68, A94P & Lynn Russell, A94P Donna Salacuse & Jeswald W. Salacuse Klaus Scharioth, F74 Christina H. Schoux, F68 L. Paul Shapiro, F86 Ursula H. Shears, J54, F60 Jean B. Shepard, F47 Marilyn Skony Stamm, F74 Margaret E. Smith, F91, F99 Richard Bram Smith, F71 Stuart A. Spencer, F89 Franz Stadler, GMAP03 Paula Stern, F70, F76 Arthur R. Stevens, A40, F41 John T. Stewart, F62

Carolyn C. Stremlau, F67, F75 & John J. Stremlau, F67, F74 James R. Tanenbaum, F72 Barbara C. Teele, J99P Maria T. Tejada, F92 Shou-Chung Ting, F81, F85 Neslihan Tombul, F83 Jennifer M. Toolin McAuliffe, F83 Adam J. Treanor, F02 Frank L. Trippett, F74 Barbara Geary Truan, F90 & Philippe Truan, F89 Nancy M. Tumavick, F69, A07P Christopher R. Tunnard, F85 Harlan K. Ullman, F72, F73, F75 Louis O. Vachon, F85 Fernando J. Viana, GMAP07 Richard C. Warmer, F59 Helene Warrener Michael E. Watt, F91 John C. Whitehead Barry F. Wiksten, F61 Henry P. Williams III, F74, F82 Gregory P. Wilson, F75 Kent B. Wittler, GMAP07 Hidefumi Yamamura, F99 John M. Yates, F62 Kwan Ha Yim, F58, F63, F93P Diana Zentay, F63 Frances A. Zwenig, F70, F71 Young Associates ($500 or more, graduates of the last decade) Anonymous Daniel Ades, F03 Beth Ahern, F03 Bandar K. Al-Faisal, F05 Kallissa Apostolidis, F08 Anand Balachandran, F02 Sean M. Becker, F98 Eric R. Bjorklund, F06 Christopher R. Blakeley, F04 Cynthia A. Brady, F02 Katharine B. Brodock, F08 Nicole L. Byrns, F98 Wendy M. MacLeod Chappell, J93, F99 & Todd R. Chappell, F99 Rémie Kim Christ, F98 Samuel A. Cole, F99 Gregory Dimitriadis, F06 Linda J. Dixon, J63, F99 Jennifer K. Eikren, F01 & Clay D. Norrbom, F01 Deborah Eisenberg, F03 & Raymond A. Linsenmayer, F01

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 41

A Note of Appreciation DO NOR REP OR T Many thanks to Dorothy Meadow Sobol, F66, for her ongoing commitment as Chair of The Fletcher Fund, and to Lisa Neuberger, F02, Jonathan Rosen, F99, and Marieke Spence, F07, for their hard work as co-chairs of the Young Associate Program.

Thanks also go to members of Fletcher’s Development Committee, led by Jonathan Small, F68, whose hard work throughout the year ensures that The Fletcher Fund reaches its goals. Jonathan A. Small, F68, Chair Ashish Bhatia, F06 Christiane Delessert, F73 Alice N. Finn, F86 Nihal W. Goonewardene, F73 John Howe, F84 Edward L. Hoyt, F62 Robert E. Kiernan F81 Raymond A. Linsenmayer, F01 Michael M. Maney, F57 Katherine Sikora Nelson, F93

Lisa H. Neuberger, F02 William J. Papp Jr. GMAP04 Elizabeth Parker Powell, F62 Jonathan A. Rosen, F99 Andrew Safran, F76 Dorothy Meadow Sobol, F66 Marieke Spence, F07 Adam J. Treanor, F02 Rusty Tunnard, F85 Uzma Wahhab, F02

Victoria Esser, F99 Cristiana Falcone, F01, N01 Edmund A. Gaither, F00 Stephen E. Goodman, F00 Maria V. Gordon, F98 Anne H. Gotwals, F01 Rachel D. Hudson, F03 Kevin H. Huyler, F01 Constantine A. Karamanlis, F00 Kotaro Kato, F07 Wendin D. Smithß, F00 & Alexander Kraus, F00 Shannon Lawrence, F01 & Roy H. Adkins, F01 Carlisle J. Levine, F99 Meredith M. Ludlow, F03 James H. Mackey, F00 Denise M. Malone, F99 Katherine K. Marquis, F99 Malcolm S. McDermid, A01, F06 William J. Miller Jr., F01 Lisa Neuberger, F02 Kit J. Nichols, F01 Vijaya R. Palaniswamy, F02 Christopher Pearce, F05 Carlo Pozzi, F98 Cynthia J. Ray, F02 Harish Reddy, F05 Jonathan A. Rosen, F99 Nobutaka Sawada, F07 Dina Ginzburg Selkoe, F01 Carl-Michael Simon, F02 Marieke E. Spence, F07 Michael T. Sullivan, F00 Yukimi Tachibana, F00 Adam J. Treanor, F02 Philipp A. Uhlmann, F02 Kim Hoan Vu, F00 Hidefumi Yamamura, F99

If we have inadvertently made an error

42 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

in our listing, please accept our apologies. To correct our records, please contact Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund at: or +1.617.627.5441.

ALUMNI DONORS BY CLASS Class of 1936 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $525 Fletcher Fund Participation: 75% Carl Q. Christol Jr. Hilda X. Kirby William L. Krieg Class of 1941 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $2,125 Fletcher Fund Participation: 44% Douglas Henderson@ George T. Little Arthur R. Stevens@ Robert B. Wright Class of 1942 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $2,650 Fletcher Fund Participation: 33% Rudolf O. Altroggen Eric H. Boehm@ Thomas E. Norpell Class of 1943 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $250 Fletcher Fund Participation: 30% Other Gifts: $100 Harold E. Kolling James W. Morley Paul Pfeiffer Jr.

Class of 1944 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $1,775 Fletcher Fund Participation: 43% Curt F. Beck Nancy M. Chase@ Myrtle G. Nelson Class of 1945 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $410 Fletcher Fund Participation: 57% Martha C. Mautner Marion Montague Metcalfe Norma Voelker Odom Friedrich J. von Mering Class of 1946 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $1,715 Fletcher Fund Participation: 43% Nan G. Amstutz Margaret L. Bates@ Martin G. Cramer Edward W. Holmes Mary Alice Holmes Frederick Irving Janet L. Norwood@ Class of 1947 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,150 Fletcher Fund Participation: 42% William D. Brewer J. Chester Cheng William B. Dale@ Charles P. Edwards William M. Johnson Jr. Jean B. Shepard@ Theodore A. Wahl† James L. Weber Class of 1948 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $11,995 Fletcher Fund Participation: 59% Other Gifts: $100 Walter Adamson Eleanor K. Bluhm William T. Bluhm Francois M. Dickman Donald Y. Gilmore Maxine Taylor Hamilton Norman W. Mosher Bernard Norwood@ Roy Olton Herman Skofield@ Class of 1949 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,690 Fletcher Fund Participation: 50%

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

Ralph E. Cook Richard B. Gray Arnold C. Hanson@ William A. Helseth Mary S. Kreimer@ Helen M. Low Edward E. Masters Russell L. Smith Helen R. Strang Class of 1950 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $4,350 Fletcher Fund Participation: 57% Other Gifts: $25,000 J. Bruce Amstutz Raymond H. Fredette, USAF (Ret.) Raymond E. Gonzalez Luke T.C. Lee Ruth A. McLendon Charles W. Muller@ Harthon I. Munson Charles W. Naas Richard David Nethercut Nancy D. Pratt@ Robert T. Pratt@ Ruth M. Woodcock Class of 1951 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,050 Fletcher Fund Participation: 33% William B. Edmondson Shirley Anderson Jennings@ Theodore D. Jennings@ Jonathan V. Levin Stephen Low Robert L. Obrey Horace L. Rhorer Jr. Class of 1952 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $650 Fletcher Fund Participation: 31% Irene M. Armington Doris Miller Cook Harland H. Eastman Deane R. Hinton Ann Temple McDonell Class of 1953 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $2,450 Fletcher Fund Participation: 33% Dwight R. Ambach Hillman Djajasasmita Shirley M. Gifford Jane W. Harbaugh@ Robert A. Huff Edward J. Malonis

ß  Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased

Fletcher Associate Giving Levels Trustees’ Circle: $50,000 or more President’s Circle: $25,000 – $49,999

Society of Fletcher Fellows: DO NOR $10,000 – $24,999 Charles Francis Adams Society: $7,500 – $9,999

Robert L. McNeill Richard E. Pearson Dale M. Povenmire William W. Whitson John O. Yeo

Antonie C.A. Dake@ Charles C. Frost Paul M. Levine Shijuro Ogata Robert L. Price

Class of 1954 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $21,400 Fletcher Fund Participation: 34% Helen D. Bethell William T. Crocker Ronald F. Dick Lowell V. Hammer Milda E. Isenberg Michael J. Obertin T. Keith Perry Alice Pickering@ Thomas R. Pickering@ Raymond W. Smyth Robert E. White

Class of 1956 Class Fund Agent: H. David Willey Fletcher Fund Gifts: $7,318 Fletcher Fund Participation: 46% Other Gifts: $1,000 Marta G. Bent Robert G. Bent Thomas D. Boyatt Ruth Caldwell Ann B. Goldsmith George F. Jones Jr. Herbert Levin@ Raymond C. Malley Jacques H. Marchal Roger D. McLean Gerald A. Rosen Ann Imlah Schneider Ernest Stern Donald C. Templeman

Class of 1955 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,917 Fletcher Fund Participation: 20% Anonymous@ Eugene E. Cortright

REP ORDean’s T The Council:

$5,000 – $7,499 1933 Founders’ Club: $2,500 – $4,999 Seth P. Tillman H. David Willey Chusei Yamada Class of 1957 50th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Michael M. Maney FY2007 & FY2008 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $172,243 Fletcher Fund Participation: 74% Yasushi Akashi@ Douglas L. Bailey F. June Christiaen Clifford S. Cooper@ John G. Craig Jr. Nicholas G. Curuby@ Carole S. Davison@ Lee E. Dirks@ Fariborz S. Fatemi Robert M. Fouché@ James W. Gramentine@ William H. Jackson Jr. Jerry W. Johnston@ Suzanne Dress Keith G. Alan Klaum

Global Leaders: $1,000 – $2,499 Young Associates (Graduates of the last decade): $500 or more George M. Lane David L. Larson Michael M. Maney@ Robert Garth Nettheim Phyllis Oakley David E. Parry Anne Pinkney@ Thomas D. Reese@ Iqbal S. Riza@ Charles R. Sitter@† Kusuma Snitwongse Anne Frederick Starbird Theodore D. Wyly

Class of 1958 50th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Mark C. Lissfelt FY2008 & FY2009 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,180 Fletcher Fund Participation: 32% Other Gifts: $50,000 Fuad S. Abu-Zayyad@ Robert C. Bennett Suchati Chuthasmit@ Anthony S. Dalsimer

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 43


Isabel A. Dalsimer Wilbur Jones Tomoya Kawamura Mark C. Lissfelt T.D. Long Pierre Shostal Melvin Thornton Kwan Ha Yim@

Class of 1959 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,995 Fletcher Fund Participation: 49% Doyle R. Bates David W. Carr Pramote Chitaratanon Jay R. Cobbledick Rosemary K. Coffey John F. Crawford Ralph E. Fretty Jackson A. Giddens Ilene Shapiro Ginsberg Donald K. Guthrie Carol Bachman Hart David B. Hunn Harriet W. Isom Andre J. Navez Thomas A. Sargent Carla L. Scopeletis H. Floyd Sherrod Jr. Richard D. Stearns Jr. Phillip R. Trimble William P. Wadbrook Richard C. Warmer@ Class of 1960 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,200 Fletcher Fund Participation: 34% Other Gifts: $12,000 Carol Johnson Capps Dong Hoon Choi@ Edward J. Gotchef W. Alston Hayne Bette Bao Lord@ Winston Lord@ Donald N. Nelson Lois E. Nelson Hal W. Pattison Gene E. Rainey Sara Stedman Russell Theodore E. Russell Charles A. Semones Ursula H. Shears@

44 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Class of 1961 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,823 Fletcher Fund Participation: 51% Robert F. Arnove Kevin B. Callanan John J. Eddy Belva M. Finlay Charles R. Grader Marcia A. Grant Peter F. Krogh@ Harry A. Lenhart Jr. Lois Lorimer Richard W. Miller Lucia Mouat@ Yoshio Murakami@ Bradford C. Oelman Charles R. Richardson James A. Rotherham Robert M. Ruenitz Patricia M. Semmelhack John N. Thomas Anne A. Thompson Richard W. Turk Barry F. Wiksten@ Levio E. Zeni, USN (Ret.) Class of 1962 Class Fund Agents: Edward L. Hoyt & Carol Johnson Hurlburt Fletcher Fund Gifts: $31,646 Fletcher Fund Participation: 58% Other Gifts: $250,000 Charles E. Adams C. Fred Bergsten@ Horace W. Briggs Carol L. Carson C. Wesley Carson Daniel J. Costello Henry Delfiner Ernst H. Gemassmer Frederick E. Gilbert@ Steven M. Goldstein Eric Hansen Edward L. Hoyt@ Carol Johnson Hurlburt@ F. McLellan Johnston Jr. Bradshaw Langmaid Jr. David E. Long John P. McKay George A. Midwood III Lela Garner Noble Ine N. Noe Richard M. Ogden@

Llewellyn P. Pascoe@ Malcolm C. Peck Elizabeth Parker Powellß@ Peter O. Sellar Thomas Shepard Alden C. Small John T. Stewart@ Ellen B. Widmer John M. Yates@ Class of 1963 45th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Alexander A. Zampieron Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,254 Fletcher Fund Participation: 40% Other Gifts: $160,000 Nisuke Ando Deborah D. Berman John C. Beyer Avery Chope Leif E. Christoffersen Virginia R. Cornyn@ Jumana W. Dejany Brenda L. Ebeling@ Ronald A. Glantz Jeanette T. Goodstein Linda J. Groff Mary M. Grow Karen A. Hansen Margaret I. Haupt Kay Jordan Kohl Wilfrid L. Kohl Robert Legvold Thomas P. Noe III William R. Noyes Herbert L. Sawyer Michael T. Sharples William G. Tyler III Alexander A. Zampieron John Zentay@ Class of 1964 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $15,195 Fletcher Fund Participation: 34% Other Gifts: $2,034,514 John G. N. Blaxall Martha O. Blaxall@ Philip C. Brown Allan W. Cameron Elizabeth J. Crook Jaime Daremblum-Rosenstein@ Charles H. Dudley Edwina L. Eichner Amnon J. Golan

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

William L. Hamilton Katherine W. Huger Jr. William A. Irwin Kantilal C. Kotecha Allen B. Macomber@ Keith D. Martin James D. Mietus Robert W. Russell Hans-Martin v. Tucher Charles P. Werner William R. Westlake Heather C. Wheeler Wesley S. Williams Jr.@ Class of 1965 Class Fund Agent: B. Gresh Lattimore Jr. Fletcher Fund Gifts: $16,615 Fletcher Fund Participation: 39% Other Gifts: $50 Robert W. Andrus Bruce T. Cole Frederick W. Crook Robert B. Fitzsimons William B. Ford Robert F. Galbreath III Susan B. Garfin Gary A. Glenn Albert L. Goldsmith Jr. Norene A. Halvonik Giles D. Harlow Arthur H. House Paul S.P. Hsu@ David C. Jamison Judith Denton Jones Walter S. Jones B. Gresh Lattimore Jr.@ David M. Lowrey@ Ben L. Martin James M. Patton Myra L. Scott Reifman Larry D. Struve James H. Wooden Charles T. York Class of 1966 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $43,455 Fletcher Fund Participation: 38% Other Gifts: $2,500 Somendu K. Banerjee Richard S. Bloom Elizabeth Boege@ Sheldon E. Boege@ Michael E. Costello Nancy Hunt Cylke

ß Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Michael J. Daley John J. Damis Mary G. Davis@ Frederick W. Hale, USN (Ret.) Libby G. Halperin Robert D. Hormatsß@ Eileen B. Keane Binns@

John J. Stremlau@ C. Dart Thalman G. Richard Thoman@ Ward C. Thompson Richard M. Weintraub Karen Hastie Williams

Christina H. Schoux@ Richard L. Schreadley Cornelia M. Small@ Jonathan A. Small@ Roger C. Sullivan Jr. Keith S. Tenny Charles A. White Jr.

Johannes A. Binnendijk@ Michael J. Blake Christine Probst Brumfield David J. Buffam John D. Caswell Farrinaz Varzi Cress Richard H. Doyle

“We are proud to support Fletcher’s mission through financial aid to some of the School’s many accomplished and talented students.” – B. Craig Owens, GMAP01 & Libby Owens, pictured here with the first Owens Scholars

Kristin E. Keaton Sherry Lee Mueller@ Olatunde J.B. Ojo Michael V. Olds Donald F. Ross Benjamin M. Simpson III Dane F. Smith Jr. Dorothy Meadow Sobol@ Dwight G. Stecker Samuel Thompson Jon G. Trail Stephen W. Worrel Class of 1967 Class Fund Agents: Eleanor Ford Penrose & Stephen B. Penrose III Fletcher Fund Gifts: $30,105 Fletcher Fund Participation: 44% Other Gifts: $5,100 Dena-Kay E. Cowdy John C. Evans@ Herman T. Franssen Ellen L. Frost William E. Hellert Pamela L. Jacklin@ Anthony F. Kleitz Margy F. Knox Augustus Nasmith Jr. Wm. David Newbern@ Oscar J. Olson Jr. Jutta Parsons@ Eleanor Ford Penrose@ Stephen B. Penrose III@ David S. Pettit@ Richard L. Riseling James B. Rouse Carolyn C. Stremlau@

Class of 1968 40th Reunion Class Fund Agent: John H. Rixse III Fletcher Fund Gifts: $94,315 Fletcher Fund Participation: 44% Other Gifts: $700,200 Odeh F. Aburdene Dominique Buffet Jean D. Chandler A. David Davis Vivian W. Davis Carmen Diana Deere Terry L. Deibel James V. Dresser@ Maureen H. Franssen Raymond Garcia@ Peter O. Hefron Mahlon Henderson Jonathan T. Howe, USN (Ret.) Charles B. Jacobini Reuben B. Johnson III Alexandra B. Keith Youngsol Kwon@ Curtis H. Martin Alan R. McKee Bruce J. Miller Sally F. Miller Peter C. Oleson John F. Owen Lewis W. Pate Richard M. Pesin Barbara Worrell Porter Robert H. Ratcliffe Alexis Rieffel John H. Rixse III@ Michael M. Rubinger Edward W. Russell@

Class of 1969 Class Fund Agent: Nancy M. Tumavick Fletcher Fund Gifts: $53,294 Fletcher Fund Participation: 40% Other Gifts: $100,000 Anonymous@ James E. Auer James M. Barkas J. William Brumfield Jr. Conrad W. Carter Vicente Collazo-Davila, USAF Patrick F. Connolly Philip S. Coonley John M. Dorger Alice A. Dress Anne D. Emerson Daniel J. Houton John H. King George B. Lambrakis Charles T. Lotspeich Michael C. Mattice Robert A. Mirabello, USAF Paul D. Mosher Mary A. Nayak Bruce L. Pearson Carolyn E. Setlow Norman J. Singer Joseph C. Strasser Nancy M. Tumavick@ William E. Wilson Class of 1970 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $19,172 Fletcher Fund Participation: 38% Other Gifts: $26,600 Robert A. Anderson Kristen R. Apgar Robert G. Bell

Craig G. Dunkerley Bruce M. Everett@ James A. Fox Ralph A. Froehlich, USAF (Ret.) Mary van Bibber Harris Michael B. Hughes Robert F. Ichord Jr. Gary H. Jefferson John A. Koeppel David Levintow Mary E. Locke@ Lawrence S. Lotman Kathleen H. MacKay Carolyn L. Patterson Harry J. Petrequin Jr. Henry Precht Terry L. Schaich Mary M. Shirley Roy W. Stafford Jr. Paula Stern@ Gregory J. Terry@ Roger W. Wallace Margaret D. Xifaras, Esq. Frances A. Zwenig@ Class of 1971 Class Fund Agent: Mark K. Nichols Fletcher Fund Gifts: $37,375 Fletcher Fund Participation: 31% Other Gifts: $155,400 E. Douglass Ayer Jr. Puthiyedath Balakrishnan Terrence J. Brown Jonathan T. Carder Barbara B. Crane Robert F. Dobek Aurelius Fernandez

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 45


Jess T. Ford David G. Frantz Fred K. Green, USA Robert L. Hiett Marie V. Hoffman William B. Hoffman Thomas Holmes J. Griffin Lesher@ Mark K. Nichols@ Perry L. Pickert William B. Richardson Kathryn Sarr Richard Bram Smith@ James R. Stark David J. Steel Susan J. Steel Roger H. Taft Andrei P. Vandoros@ Robert L. Webb Class of 1972 Class Fund Agent: Michael J. Dobbs Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,805 Fletcher Fund Participation: 38% Other Gifts: $500 Kenneth R. Button@ Stephen B. Corrigan Michael J. Dobbs Charles K. Ebinger@ Putnam Mundy Ebinger@ Schuyler Foerster Charles P. Humphreys Robert W. Jerome Louis F. Licht III Olive E. Liechty-DePonte Sandra W. Meditz Caroline V. Meirs Philip W. Michelini Richard E. Miller Jr. Charles M. Perry Edward Schumacher-Matos Joseph J. Shattan James R. Tanenbaum@ Harlan K. Ullman@ Alan E. Van Egmond John A. Wahlquist Class of 1973 35th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Nihal W. Goonewardene Fletcher Fund Gifts: $41,860 Fletcher Fund Participation: 35% Other Gifts: $4,900 46 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

David M. Adamson Michael L. Aresco@ John F. Bender David M. Bluhm George L. Breeden II Robert G. Burke@ Reynold A. Burrowes Steffen Crowther Michael P. D’Ambrosio@ Robert R. Davis@ Christiane S. Delessert@ Nihal W. Goonewardeneß@ Greta K. Greathouse Laurence R. Hausman David C. Henderson Marie-France Houde Herbert M. Howe Jr. James D. Hurd Wolfgang F. Ischingerß@ Farrokh Jhabvala@ Barbara A. Kates-Garnick@ Andrea H. Lambrinides John E. Lawyer Jr. Christopher M. Lehman@ Fritz O. Lenze Valentin R. Livada Neil C. Livingstone Susan M. Livingstone Brian A. Maher@ Keith P. McCormick Michael S. Monteith Norman G. Mosher R. Sean Randolph Patricia Bowe Romines@ W. David Rossiter@ March M. Schweitzer William J. Shaughnessy Andrew W. Spisak Elizabeth G. Wylie Frank J. Young Mian E. Zaheen@ Class of 1974 Class Fund Agent: Nihal W. Goonewardene Fletcher Fund Gifts: $10,531 Fletcher Fund Participation: 33% Other Gifts: $10,050 Lisa S. Anderson Jody H. Bangert Denise F. Battat Stephen J. Flanagan Baldur Gudlaugsson@ G. P. Hughes

Theresa P. Jones Karl Lautenschlager Ann W. MacNamara Bruce R. Magid John S. Moses Marilyn L. Moses John Edwin Mroz Elizabeth Musch@ Lorie J. Nierenberg Arne C. Paulson Curtis J. Perry@ Edward B. Petersen Marie-Noelle Pichon-Rey Klaus E. Schariothß@ Kenneth G. Schofield Michael K. Simpson Marilyn Skony Stamm@ Joseph D. Straubhaar Frank L. Trippett@ Thomas W. Warthin John P. Waterman Henry P. Williams III@ Class of 1975 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $27,608 Fletcher Fund Participation: 32% Other Gifts: $17,025 Katherine L. Arendt William J. Arvay Jr. Michael D. Balaban@ Mary Fountain Blakeslee Charles N. Bralverß@ Evelyn G. Brown Gwendolyn A. Brown Maureen A. Browne Daniel K. Chao@ Charles H. Dallaraß@ Robert J. Engel@ Charles Sims Farr Jr.@ Douglas B. Holl Stanley H. Kober John P. Luneau Shelley G. McGregor Julia Nanay R. Foster Perry III Eva-Lynn Podietz Robert J. Reynolds@ Carlton B. Roberts Jr. John F. Schwarz Martin M. Singer David M. Sloan@ John R. Spillane Marcia S. Spillane Peter A. Thomas

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

Jaap A. Van Opstal Debra Van Opstal-Ginsberg Margaret Nelson Vogt Gregory P. Wilson@ Arturo Zampaglione Class of 1976 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $5,660 Fletcher Fund Participation: 16% Other Gifts: $3,600 Theodore H. Ahlers Neil A. Allenß@ Rodney G. Bent Peter. H. Conze Joan FitzGerald Elsie B. Garfield Peter F. Healey@ K. Alexander Hobson Steven L. Llanso Douglas O. Marston@ Robert K. McNamara@ Gustavo Palacios Jeffrey D. Phillips Barbararuth A. Rowley Jane M. Strauss Class of 1977 Class Fund Agent: Thomas F. Marfiak Fletcher Fund Gifts: $33,379 Fletcher Fund Participation: 23% Other Gifts: $270,000 Andrew W. Barlow Hermenegildo C. Cruz Brian V. Evans Peter H. Johnson Chung Won Kang@ Deborah L. Linde Thomas F. Marfiak Laura D. Mayer Bruce A. Mohl Lauren Moriarty@ Maria A. Nemeth-Ek Elizabeth M. Norris Lawrence T. Pistell Tamara E. Rowland Andrew Safranß@ Class of 1978 30th Reunion Fletcher Fund Gifts: $26,100 Fletcher Fund Participation: 14% Other Gifts: $1,250 Suki C. Agusti Kenneth W. Colli

ß Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Cynthia Valianti Corbett@ Leslie K. Fenlon, USN (Ret.) Robert P. Fisher Jr.@ Robert S. Frank@ Eric R. Hermann Mary H. Knox Peter Malone@

Thomas S. Drake Sherry L. Ferguson Regina M. Frawley John P. Friel Jr. Cristina A. Haus-Alimonti Motoo Konishi J. Peter Mitchell

Sara Growdon Howard Daniel Theodore Kessler Karen T. Levine David A. Metzner@ Reiko E. Niimi James A. Peyser Eric J. Rajendra

Class of 1984 Class Fund Agent: John B. Howe Fletcher Fund Gifts: $24,793 Fletcher Fund Participation: 14% Other Gifts: $1,000 Muthiah Alagappa

“Fletcher has a well-deserved reputation for preparing future professionals to analyze and resolve issues in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. Perhaps less well known, but certainly as important, [Fletcher knows] that rigorous training has always been based on an ethical foundation that challenges Fletcher students to envision and work toward a more just world.” – Lis Tarlow, F84

Keith F. Nichols Stephen J. Romaine Thomas C. Sadler@ Vidya Shankar Class of 1979 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $11,350 Fletcher Fund Participation: 16% Other Gifts: $250 Anonymous@ Kennedy F. Apoe Alfreda Brewer Andrew Czekaj@ Steven B. Geovanis Dean Goodermote@ June A. Gorman Doran R. Howitt Kent A. Jones Barbara J. Kasting Miles A. Libbey III James Manzi@ Vikram S. Mehtaß@ Michael M. Metz@ Steven Eric Perlman Claire E. Reade Scott N. Thayer Class of 1980 Class Fund Agent: Thomas S. Drake Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,055 Fletcher Fund Participation: 16% Other Gifts: $50 David R. Anderson Marion L. Billington Nancy E. Bird Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr. Bruce E. Boevers M. Scott Davis

Mark R. Oderman Sheila J. Peters Andrew B. Sisson Thomas W. Smith Maritza C. M. Struyvenberg David L. Teichmann Robin I. Zeitz Class of 1981 Class Fund Agent: Kurt Taylor Gaubatz Fletcher Fund Gifts: $30,129 Fletcher Fund Participation: 19% Other Gifts: $5,000 Jeffrey H. Bunzel@ Karen Henderson Jason P. Hyland@ Mahnaz Z. Ispahani Bartos@ Robert E. Kiernan III@ Zofia M. Klimek Susan C. Livingston@ John C. Palenberg Robert M. Steck Ann Fleming Temple Shou-Chung Ting@ Alexandria W. Woolcott-Garbacz Class of 1982 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,900 Fletcher Fund Participation: 15% Other Gifts: $300 Jonathan D. Auerbach Brian A. Bethune James A. Blackwell Jr. Deborah A. Bräutigam Julie Micou Cerf Edward W. Desmond Sandra K. Dunlap Short

Hugh J. Ralston David R. Sands Kristin R. Spak David W. Wise

Class of 1983 25th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Paul Dwyer Jr. & Kenneth Giunta Fletcher Fund Gifts: $12,108 Fletcher Fund Participation: 23% Other Gifts: $1,500 Curtis D. Baker Mitchell S. Cohen Paul S. Dwyer Jr. Jeffrey D. Feltman@ James Francis Giblin Jr. Kenneth J. Giunta Tomohisa Hattori Karen L. Hendrixson Marla J. Hexter Stephen J. Jaskoski Jehangir A. Khan Bryan Kirkpatrick Roger L. Krakoff William L. McDonald William M. Morgan Bartley B. Nourse Jr. Juliana S. Peck Shazia Z. Rafi Elizabeth W. Rowe@ Richard B. Samuelson Mark C. Storella@ Neslihan Tombul@ Jennifer M. Toolin McAuliffe@ Ellen G. Vanwart Elizabeth B. Warfield

Eric R. Caldwell Diane L.F. Castiglione Christina Greer Dawson@ Linda A. Gregus Raundi A. Halvorson-Quevedo John B. Howe@ Andrea Katter William L. Parker John N. Petrie Jeffrey D. Pierson Michael A. Rosen@ Sandra Cleveland Shaw Nancy Anderson Sones Jeanne G. Sullivan Lisbeth Tarlowß@ Amy Finkelstein Winton Class of 1985 Class Fund Agent: John P. Harper Fletcher Fund Gifts: $17,325 Fletcher Fund Participation: 24% Other Gifts: $25 Timothy Aeppel Charles E. B. Altekruse Robert C. Ayer Mavis Bauman Maya Ohl Boreen Christopher M. Crane Katherine A. Crane Mark H. Dawson@ Catherine E. Farnsworth John C. Faulkner Bruce E. Fields D. Brent Hardt John P. Harper Derick L. Hulme Jr. William W. Jarosz

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 47


George M. Kalevas Reinhard Kuls Peter H. Langer Suzanne B. Leonard Michael J. Levitin Edith Johnson Millar Theodore L. Parker Lucio R. Pench David S. Rubin Jose A. C. Santos Calvin D. Schnure Christopher R. Tunnard@ Louis O. Vachon@ Veronica M. White

Christian Lindemann Colette Grace Mazzucelli Meri A. McCoy-Thompson Susan Wolfe Preneta Caroline Keller Pruden Sam B. Rovit@ David M. Schwartz Hilary S.L. Scott Steven F. Thompson Frederick W. Weston III

Class of 1986 Class Fund Agent: Augusta P. Heywood Fletcher Fund Gifts: $10,683 Fletcher Fund Participation: 19% Linda A. Bohaker Bonnie R. Clendenning@ Mark J. Davidson Mark R. Ferri Alice N. Finnß@ Toneema Haq Micheline Hershey H. Jurgen Hess Augusta P. Heywood Timothy H. Hiebert Peter Kelly-Detwiler Michael D. Landry@ Margaret Mathieu Kurt E. Oppermann M.O. Oppermann Jeannette B. Schwagerl L. Paul Shapiro@ John C. Springer Ellen H. Starbird Gretchen L. Wehrle-Scott Yoshihiro Yamada

Class of 1988 20th Reunion Class Fund Agents: Carrie A. Thompson & Brian K. Thomson Fletcher Fund Gifts: $16,060 Fletcher Fund Participation: 20% Pamela B. Berkowsky Aida Tamer Chammas Madeleine Costanza Karen E. Donfried Lisa C. Errion Abbie Littlejohn Fosburgh Brian C. Ganson@ John A. Gould Bruno P. Grandsard@ John J. Greco William Hendrickson@ Monika Huppi Kevin Keegan Julie Kelly-Detwiler Sarah-Ann Lynch Prakash R. Mirchandani Debasish S. Sanyal James P. Seevers Eugene B. Skayne Carrie A. Thompson Brian K. Thomson@ Samuel E. Watson III Ziwang Xu@

Class of 1987 Class Fund Agents: Christine Lauper Bagatelas & Paul Theodore Bagatelas Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,405 Fletcher Fund Participation: 15% Christine Lauper Bagatelas@ Paul Theodore Bagatelas@ Stefan Breuer Gail L. Gugel Katarina Hellstrom Laurie MacNamara Hendrickson@ Philip A. Heywood

Class of 1989 Class Fund Agent: Brian T. Gibbs Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,735 Fletcher Fund Participation: 19% Other Gifts: $30,525 David W. Aemmer Karen Radel Aylward Karla Brom Kathy L. Brum Rones Ariel Cohen Julia L. Cox Phyllis Arlene Dininio

48 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Anne E. Donohue Benjamin W. Driggs Peter J. Gascoyne Brian T. Gibbs@ Veronica H. Ingham Katherine E. Johnson Daryl A. King Jennie I. Litvack James M. Loewen Catherine J. McAuliffe@ Seth M. Moshman Bethanie B. Newby Geoffrey T. Pack Jan M. Presser Randall P. Royka Stuart A. Spencer@ Alan Tafapolsky Richard Tharp Philippe Truan@ Claire M. A. Van der Vaeren Craig J. Wallentine Class of 1990 Class Fund Agent: Stacy Bernard Davis Fletcher Fund Gifts: $4,950 Fletcher Fund Participation: 19% Other Gifts: $500 Bruce Allan Aylward Lyn M. Benoit-Geer Mark A. Berman Anne G. Campbell Susan F. Carozza Claire A. Carroll Jindra M. R. Cekan Emily A. Copeland Cheryl S. Cumings Stacy Bernard Davis Carol Hills So-Il Hong David L. Jones Iva C. Kalus-Bystricky Claire M. Madden J.H. Marcel-St Louis Demertine@ Robert A. McKeon Laura E. Meislin Ricardo Miranda Mark A. Montgomery Mariko Noda Michael E. O’Hare Jose R. Pena William B. Thompson Barbara Geary Truan@ Anne-Marie J. van der Wansem

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

Class of 1991 Class Fund Agent: Erica Burman Fletcher Fund Gifts: $9,147 Fletcher Fund Participation: 14% Other Gifts: $100 Erica T. Burman Howard C. Deshong III Darlene Sambo Dorough Alison J. Gibbs Mark C.M. Grader Md. Shamsul Haque Caitlyn Welsh Hughes Yoichi Kato Richard J. Norton Simona Petrova-Vassileva@ William R. Regan Maryse Robert Janis Sallinger Margaret E. Smith@ Rhonda M. Vitanye@ Michael E. Watt@ Linda S. Yeung R. Scott Zimmerman Class of 1992 Class Fund Agents: Michael K. Denning & John W. Mitchell Fletcher Fund Gifts: $12,770 Fletcher Fund Participation: 16% Alison Koff Arnstein Paulo A. P. Bilyk@ Rebecca L. Brezenoff Lisa A. Chickos Sarah Labaree Churchill Laura B. Conti Michael K. Denning Kathleen M. Gripman Melinda B. Harris Cheryl D. Little Isabella C. Meijer John W. Mitchell III John Moran Carlos M. Pelayo Kristen D. Pendleton Maria T. Tejada@ Richard C. Vidal Katherine T.E. Ward

ß Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Class of 1993 15th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Maurico Cysne Fletcher Fund Gifts: $20,410 Fletcher Fund Participation: 11% Other Gifts: $1,000 Luis A. Benveniste

Elizabeth A. McClintock Sheila C. O’Neill@ Nicholas D. Ray@ Charles R. Scott@ Saurabh K. Shah Hidenobu Shirota Patrick L. Stuart Ellen E. Tipper

Raleigh D. Sahl Keith L. Silver Elinor C. Sloan David B. Sullivan Joseph E. Edward Vorbach, USCG Harumi Yamamoto Class of 1996 Class Fund Agent: Philip A.

Class of 1997 Class Fund Agent: Boris Q. Li Fletcher Fund Gifts: $6,160 Fletcher Fund Participation: 18% Jason N. Ader Sara Mason Ader Daniel Balsam Michael L. Castellano

“My wife, Nealie, F68, and I believe that our gifts to Fletcher are the best long-term investment we can make in the future of our planet. The knowledge, wisdom and perspective gained from a Fletcher education are invaluable tools for working effectively in a global context—whether for a government, a business or an NGO.” – Jonathan A. Small, F68

Izabela M. Chabinska Robert J. Filippone Rebecca D. Goldfarb Lynne C. Maloney Jonathan E. Miller Julien E. Naginski@ Katherine Sikora Nelson@ Cynthia R. Payne Timothy J. Roorda Gregory A. Townsend Melissa Squire Weiss Christopher S. Wendel@ Frederick J. Whittle Class of 1994 Class Fund Agent: Charles R. Scott Fletcher Fund Gifts: $44,375 Fletcher Fund Participation: 20% Other Gifts: $100 Zachary M. Abuza Gabriela M. Artavia Jorge Benitez Andra Bowditch Anna Rubin Downes Geoffrey D. Fink@ Linda H. Flanagan John D. Harris Catharine A. Hartzenbusch@ Jonathan P. Hosmer Eiko Ikegaya@ Richard A. Johnson Jr. Igor V. Kan@ John E. Kruse Jr. Stephen J. Leahy Howard J. Madnick Sorin Matei

Hilary Wendel@ Manfred H. Wiegandt Ernest A. Wright Jr. Mona K. Yee Shira Yoffe Class of 1995 Class Fund Agent: Erin C. Conaton Fletcher Fund Gifts: $18,296 Fletcher Fund Participation: 22% Anonymous@ Roger L. Baty Rene-Henri Bodmer@ Andrea J. Boyack Anne E. Caplin Erin C. Conaton@ Martha B. Culver Diane E. de Klerk Katrina C. Destree Donna Demenus Dholakia Maria M. Farnon Desiree G. Filippone Cyrena L. Fink@ Lullit Getachew Olaf J. Groth Larry S. Hanauer Duncan B. Hollis Alice L. Hurley Fiona C. Jeynes Bingham Kennedy Jr. Joshua Lincoln Ayako Nakajima Nomizu Brooks A. Olbrys Farah A. Pandithß@ Mary B. Reissen Marguerite R. Roy

Aquilino Fletcher Fund Gifts: $12,120 Fletcher Fund Participation: 18% Other Gifts: $100 Philip A. Aquilino Nancy L. Bailey Jennifer E. Bilchick Neal E. Boudette Richard W. Brewer Charles C. Chester Stephanie Wei Chin Melissa H. Conley Tyler Erika de la Rosa Hennessey@ Michelle DeBortoli Djuric James M. Dougherty Vera Eccarius-Kelly J. Marcel Henri Feenstra Susan R. Goldfarb Lisa M. Gonzalez William S. Gripman Jr. Wendy Gutierrez Tamara L. Johnson Hochman Jane J. Kang Daniel J. Klocke Patrick O. Kocsi@ Christine L. Kowalczuk Joseph W. Laszlo Jessica S. Madoc-Jones Vincent H. O’Neil@ Candace Lun Plotkin@ Miriam C. Porter Michael C. Radt Roy M. Regala Meredith A. Rosenberg Maria T. Vardis Crispin K. Vicars Zia Daniell Wigder

M. Lee Clancy Jr. Jeroen S. Cooreman Rex Y. Fujichaku John W. Furlow Andrew E. Harrod Jennifer L. Haworth McCandless Toby Hsieh Keisuke Kato John J. Kavanagh III Naohiko Kitsuta Boris Q. Li Sean P. Lieb Maureen P. Luna-Long Jeanette Moreno-Casas Dalia Reda Mroue-Fateh James F. Perkaus Scott C. Powell Sarah M. Radt Gabriella A. Rigg Lisa A. Sebesta Scott E. Sheriff Dana E. Stiffler Maria G. Stotz Lisa Di Rosa Tiger Sebastian B. Tiger Adria E. Warren Rebecca L. Wettemann Class of 1998 10th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Sarah E. Kenny Fletcher Fund Gifts: $6,970 Fletcher Fund Participation: 19% Other Gifts: $1,100 Mimi Alemayehou Stephen W. Arbuthnot

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 49


Michelle Monique Bailer Sean M. Becker@ Melinda C. Burrell Jacek Bylica Nicole L. Byrns@ Carolyn N. Choi Rémie Kim Christ@ Brian J. Cook Philip M. Cummings Diana D. Perry-Elby Timothy J. Froggatt Irina V. Gorbman Maria V. Gordon@ James R. Holmes Sarah E. Kenny Elizabeth N. Kerton Leslie-Anne Levy Jessica D. Lieberman Dayna B. Majarowitz Steve R. Meade Mark Nguyen Carlo Pozzi@ Rodrigo Rincon Thomas M. Sanderson John A. Sawicki Manisha S. Shahane Michael Clinton Strauss R. Christian Winger Class of 1999 Class Fund Agents: Renee B. Kalvestrand & Jonathan A. Rosen Fletcher Fund Gifts: $11,275 Fletcher Fund Participation: 19% Other Gifts: $300 Penelope S. Anderson Rebecca M. Archer Sonja Bachmann Jennifer L. Bayon Deborah E. Bing Todd R. Chappell@ Wendy MacLeod Chappell@ Samuel A. Cole@ Jennifer C. Croft Linda J. Dixon@ Barnaby S. Donlon Martina Volpe Donlon Margaret C. Donovan Andrew S. Durbin Victoria Esser@ Eric J. Eversmann Tobin L. Freid Raimund D. Grube Renee B. Kalvestrand 50 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Christine Klink Carlisle J. Levine@ Denise M. Malone@ Katherine K. Marquis@ Megan E. Newstrom Gaillard Zeynep Ogut Jonathan A. Rosen@ Jeffrey G. Ryder Jonathan D. Schuman Ellen M. Shaw Jeanne L. Smoot Ann E. Stafford Elizabeth S. Walker Imke Wesseloh Oster Hidefumi Yamamura@ Zaid A. Zaid

Daniele Riggio Wendin D. Smithß@ Marcia D. Spivey Karsten Steinfatt Mark L. Stevens Gonzalo O. Suarez Michael T. Sullivan@ Yukimi Tachibana@ Sarah A. Thomas Vlada Tkach Carla Tully Kim Hoan Vu@ K. Brooke Welch Andreas Wendlberger Susan M. Williams Troy Brannen Wray

Class of 2000 Class Fund Agent: Anna L. Balogh Fletcher Fund Gifts: $37,672 Fletcher Fund Participation: 27% Other Gifts: $100 Christopher C. Ahn James F. Alexander Jr. Anna L. Balogh Ingrida Karina Berzins Davis B. Bookhart Walid G. Chamoun Maria S. Clayton Nicole K. Epting Fiona Clare Evans Jeffrey R. Feldstein Edmund A. Gaither@ Robert S. Goldstein Stephen E. Goodman@ James C. Guyton Martin Hansen Andrea L. Hayden Constantine A. Karamanlisß@ Shingo Kobayashi Alexander Kraus@ Daniel Kunin James H. Mackey@ Michele L. Malvesti Francis H. Marlo Rahama Mohammed Tohru Nakai Todd B. Neff Mariana L. Neisuler Shigehiko Nishizawa Hannah Pierpont Nahla B. Rajan Romala Ravi

Class of 2001 Class Fund Agent: William J. Miller Jr. Fletcher Fund Gifts: $11,932 Fletcher Fund Participation: 18% Roy H. Adkins@ Ulrik P. Ahnfeldt-Mollerup Susan R. Banki Ariunaa Batbold Mark R. Battistoni Devorah Isaac Bitran Greg Cooper Eric Davis Jennifer K. Eikren@ Cristiana Falcone@ Coleen Gatehouse Robert Gatehouse Jr. Anne H. Gotwals@ Kevin H. Huyler@ Sean Jackson Shannon Lawrence@ Raymond A. Linsenmayer@ William J. Miller Jr.@ Akiko Morimoto Kit J. Nichols@ Zoe Nielsen Clay D. Norrbom@ Michael Pevzner Ursina Pluess Sarah E. Prosser Xiomara E. Ramos Jaeson A. Rosenfeld Hy S. Rothstein Dina Ginzburg Selkoe@ Jin Wakabayashi Michael J. Zwirn

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

Class of 2002 Class Fund Agent: Anand Balachandran Fletcher Fund Gifts: $8,206 Fletcher Fund Participation: 21% Other Gifts: $1,470 Anand Balachandran@ Elizabeth C. Beauvais Nina Rabinovitch Blecker Cynthia A. Brady@ Michael E. Clayton Beth A. Dixon Jihee Go Simona S. Gould Lt. Christopher Martin Greller Paul Y. Jun Faris Khader Yukiko Khader Shigeki Kimoto Jona Lai Tom Lank Ann-Marie P. Layne Bonny I. Ling Akira Maeno Peter A. Maier Assaf Moghadam Farzana Muhib Peter Neisuler Lisa H. Neuberger@ Vijaya R. Palaniswamy@ Nicole C. Palasz Mariya Kravkova Pevzner Mariana Polo Cynthia J. Ray@ Maria Elizabeth Rodriguez Martinez Jon J. Rosenwasser Grigore Scarlatoiu Carl-Michael Simon@ Maria J. Stephan Adam J. Treanor@ Philipp A. Uhlmann@ Daniel Wald Gerald R. Weitz Cynthia E. White Peter Yauch Nicole M. Zayac

ß Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Class of 2003 5th Reunion Class Fund Agent: Rachel D. Hudson Fletcher Fund Gifts: $5,928 Fletcher Fund Participation: 14% Other Gifts: $50 Daniel Ades@ Beth Ahern@ Christopher Burdick Elisabeth Dallas Keith M. Eischeid Deborah Eisenberg@ Bruce E. Etling Brett D. Freedman Kathryn M. Gates Judson M. Horn Rachel D. Hudson@ Cornelia Jesse Leonard Kosinski Meredith M. Ludlow@ Sara Malakoff

Oanh T. Nguyen Ahsiya Beth Posner Silke A. Rusch Nicholas P. Sullivan Anhna Vuong Class of 2004 Class Fund Agent: Rodolphe Costanzo Fletcher Fund Gifts: $9,925 Fletcher Fund Participation: 19% Other Gifts: $250 Arwa M. Abulhasan Sarah K. Bailey Dinesh D. Banani Mark Basile Christopher R. Blakeley@ Yonahton A. Bock Sara L. Bowers Raphael Carland Ara Chalabyan Alexander Paul Chanoff Susan M. Chun

Anne E. Cody Craig S. Cohen Rodolphe Costanzo Andrea T. Dickson Adrineh Gregorian Ezequiel O. Hart Nobuyuki Ishida Meelis Kitsing Tamas I. Kovac M. Cassel Kroll Kristen Kurczak Taryn Lesser Dominick Mastropoalo Lawrence W. Meder Brandon E. Miller Bryanna Millis Arusyak Mirzakhanyan Barsam Florian A. Mueller Oren Murphy Carol L. Pons April K. Rinne Katherine D. Robinson

Stephanie A. Schmidt Rozeta E. Shembilku Ermina Sokou Sharon Squillace David Sussman Tooch A. Van E. Hadley White Naomi R. Zeff Class of 2005 Class Fund Agent: Stephane R. Tomagian Fletcher Fund Gifts: $11,999 Fletcher Fund Participation: 27% Anonymous@ Bandar K. Al-Faisal@ Tamara Barber Megan V. Brachtl Nathan L. Brown Shannon Burke Bruder Cara J. Carter Sechser Brian Y. Chien Catherine Dry

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 51


Henry M. Eiden Nancy Eranosian Tracy Garcia Joshua L. Gleis Rebecca A. Goldenberg Ralitza S. Gueorguieva Kafia Haile Jeremy S. Harrington William Holmberg Charles M. Interrante Yoshiyasu Ishimaki Rudy Jaafar Amanda M. Kim Devadas Krishnadas Michael Kugelman Sarit Lisogorsky Mariana G. Metodieva-Stoyancheva Iva Naffziger Melissa R. Paschall Everett J. Peachey Christopher Pearce@ Roberto Porzecanski Evan D. Pressman Daniel Preston Harish Reddy@ Stephanie K. Seale Bede M. Sheppard Susan Shin Maria Stookey Theodore Tanoue Sarah T. Titus Stephane R. Tomagian Claire Topal Marina Travayiakis Patrin Watanatada Parker Wertz Kristen Zimmerman Class of 2006 Class Fund Agent: Matthew B. McCaffree Fletcher Fund Gifts: $4,963 Fletcher Fund Participation: 20% Other Gifts: $75 Anonymous Jose E. Arvelo Tannaz M. Banisadre Ashish K. Bhatia Ritwik Bhattacharjee Brian Bishop Eric R. Bjorklund@ Ricardo A. Borges De Castro Alexandru Colosivschi Edward Conant

52 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Gregory Dimitriadis@ Keira A. Goldstein James A. Helis Delphine Hou Maja Ilic Sara M. Jablon Moked Alison S. Jarrett Rose H. Jeudi Michael M. Lieberman Amanda M. MacEvitt Matthew B. McCaffree Malcolm S. McDermid@ Ana C. Melo Rachel L. Milner Gillers Lerato N. Molefe Matthew W. Nolan James M. O’Brien Damian M. Olesnycky Seema Patel Benjamin G. Presnell Kristen M. Rainey Eric S. Roland Cornelia Schneider Sandra I. Sohne-Johnston Marcin Jan Szajda Charlotte M. Taylor Class of 2007 Class Fund Agent: Michael A. Gonzalez Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,285 Fletcher Fund Participation: 15% Kathryn W. Bondy Ehren J. Brav Bernard A. Burrola Shinjinee Chattopadhyay Sheila S. Chen Matan Chorev Jennie E. Dow Christi E. Electris Michael A. Gonzalez Geoffrey F. Gresh Kimberly L. Howe Kotaro Kato@ Conor R. McAuliffe Michael H. Moisio Stacy R. Neal Matthew B. Nelson Damian M. Olesnycky Leslie S. Palti Susan M. Powers Sparkes Priya S. Pradhan Sailesh S. Radha Virginie S. Raphael

Catherine Ross Sophia H. Sahaf Nobutaka Sawada@ Armine E. Simonyan Marieke E. Spence@ Diana M. Stockwell Jason P. Taylor Kathryn J. Ward-Waller Nancy L. Webster Frances B. Wilmerding Class of 2008 Class Fund Agent: Julio Mota Class Gift Officers: Carmen María Arce-Osuna, Andrew Settel Bennett, Jessica Elizabeth Dunsmore, Matthew David MacGregor, Lillie M. Paquette, & Justin Andrews Valentine Class Gift Total: $8,779 Class Gift Participation: 72% Hamza Abdurezak Christoph Altermatt Joseph David Angeles Kallissa Apostolidis@ Carmen María Arce-Osuna Nathaniel Arguelles Maria Elena Badiuk Gonzalez Michelle Barsa Andrew Settel Bennett Elizabeth A. Bennett Julia Faith Bennett Nadia Nour Blackton Camilla Blomquist Tinatin Bokuchava Eve Wilson Bower Katharine Beecher Brodock@ Jennifer Rose Buntman Stephen Hugh Campbell Adria Chamberlain Keya Banerjee Chateauneuf Stephanie Gin-Lu Chen Irina Alexandra Chindea Naoaki Chisaka Joie Chowdhury Devon Catherine Cone Lauren Elizabeth Cozzolino Talinn Meliné Demirjian Omar Lamine Dia Kyle W. Dietrich Jessica Elizabeth Dunsmore Anne E. Dwojeski Steven Soe Evans

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving

Ahmad Farooq Richard Peter Finke Susanna Danielle Fisch Carly Kathleen Fowler Paulina N. Mirenkova Freedenberg Erin Paige Fried Laurie Anne Gagnon Seamus Christian Gallagher Lauren Anne Gaum Thea Gelbspan Paulina Gil-White Kyle J. Glover Marc J. Goldberg Adam Nicholas Gossen Dmitri N. Goudkov Dmitry Gourkine Medina Haeri Filmon Bekit Hagheray Saba I. Haq Erin M. Hart Jan Havranek Stephen R. Heitkamp Erica A Holzaepfel Nai-Chung Hsu Ahmed Humayun Hai Hiep Huynh Nora Ibrahim Won-Hyuk Im Samina Jain Casey G. Johnson E. Cameron Jones Nichiren Rashad Jones Nagaraj Naidu Kakanur Thomas J. Kallman Jennifer Ann Kennedy Nicholas Allen Kenney Sina Khabirpour Meg E. Kibbee Hak Kyun Kim Jennifer Abby King Justin Kocher Anastasia Konstantakatou Darya Kosmynina Alder Laura Kovaric Sarah A. Lance David Lanz Dayanne Leal Shiou-Huey Lien Matthew David MacGregor Elizabeth Anne Mandeville Angelica R. Martinez Annette M. Martinez Orabona Lourdes Martinez-Garrido Sylvia Paola Mendoza-Elguea

ß Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


Joshua Metcalf-Wallach Giselle Alexandra Michel Lugo Michael Mintz Sara Monicchi Alison E. Morse Julio Mota Stephen John Murphy Michael-John Myette Shalindra Mylvaganam Yuki Nagata Brian Thomas Neff Angie K. Nguyen Corey Michael O’Hara Takeshi Ogino Corinne Anne Onetto Lillie M. Paquette Natalie Jeanne Parke Jason S. Perry Amelie Michele Peryea Catherine Genevieve Pfaffenroth Maria Theresa Placht Claire Putzeys David Raikow Sonya Tzovinar Ramian Timothy Liam Rhatigan Larisa Ruoff Eric F. Sacco Benjamin Sanders Sarah J. Sandison Evelyne Schmid Adam Schoene Anna H. Schulz Maïa Seaden Amy Senier Adam V. Sewall Valerie Ann Seymour Nermeen Shams Isaac Walling Sharpless Robert Samuel Shaw Nicholas Sigalas Rachel A. Sommers José Luis Stein Velasco Gonzalez Casanova Alejandra Struck Creel Margaret Laura Sullivan Heidi Marie Sumser Shiro Suzuki Daisuke Takato Andrew Reid Tillman Beatriz Tinajero Tarriba Ahmad Farid Tookhy Joanna Upton Justin Andrews Valentine Aaron Van Alstine

Matthew Van Etten Jennifer Robin Weedon George G. Wolf Jr. Petra Desiree Zeier Margherita Zuin GMAP 2001 Class Fund Agent: Nancy DiBiaggio Fletcher Fund Gifts: $35,275 Fletcher Fund Participation: 15% Andrus Alber B. Craig Owensß@ Paul J. Tringale Eileen Guggenheim Wilkinsonß@ GMAP 2002 Class Fund Agent: Aldo Aldama BretOn Fletcher Fund Gifts: $16,995 Fletcher Fund Participation: 18% Aldo Aldama Bretón Helena Bordie@ Lawrence P. Heim Jr.@ Rachel Kyte@ Michael McNally Ko Unoki GMAP 2003 Fletcher Fund Gifts: $1,000 Fletcher Fund Participation: 3% Franz Stadler@ GMAP 2004 Class Fund Agent: William Papp Fletcher Fund Gifts: $15,175 Fletcher Fund Participation: 6% Other Gifts: $100,000 Philip Asherman@ Zahoor A. Karamally Frederick Pakisß@ GMAP 2005 (March) Class Fund Agent: Kevin Kreplin Fletcher Fund Gifts: $1,665 Fletcher Fund Participation: 21% Kristi L. Forino Holly Haverstick Ichiro Inoue Ignasius Jonan@ Alain M. Olivier Steve Rehermann

GMAP 2005 (July) Class Fund Agent: Steve Borncamp Fletcher Fund Gifts: $3,196 Fletcher Fund Participation: 21% Werner R. Balogh Susana Carrillo Gery John M. Fisher@ David P. Janes Lev N. Neretin Rebeca M. Quintanilla@ GMAP 2006 (March) Class Fund Agent: Rahul Sharma Fletcher Fund Gifts: $390 Fletcher Fund Participation: 12% Donald R. Anderson Nikolaos Chatzis Brent M. Law Bennett W. Walsh GMAP 2006 (July) Class Fund Agent: Susan W. Simons Fletcher Fund Gifts: $2,450 Fletcher Fund Participation: 17% Other Gifts: $100,000 Steven Begalman Yukiko Noguchi John M. Regan III@ Theogene N. Rudasingwa Eiji Unakami GMAP 2007 (March) Class Fund Agent: Gonzalo Gonzalez Fletcher Fund Gifts: $200 Fletcher Fund Participation: 3% Christian Cali GMAP 2007 (July) Class Fund Agent: Steven J. Farber Class Gift Total: $17,000 Class Gift Participation: 100% Raseema Alam Steven Beck Donald Best@ Christophe Boulierac Cynthia T. Buiza William H. Bull Stuart H. Fairclough Steven J. Farber@ Wilson Frota Carvalho Mara J. Gama-Lobo

Mahmoud Haidar William C. Horak Sousa Jossai Peter Kaufman Barker C. Keith Denis A. Kuindje Anita L. Luhulima Heleni Michalopoulou Yukiko Noguchi Bradford E. Nolan Ravi K. Palepu Adina L. Postelnicu Kristen A. Ragusin@ Nils Ritterhoff Geri L. Smith James B. Sullivan Luis Tsuboyama Fernando J. Viana@ Eric R. White Stephanie A. Willerton Kent B. Wittler@ Eric Wolf Rita M. Zaiceva GMAP 2008 (March) Class Fund Agent: Thomas M. Neer Class Gift Total: $6,380 Class Gift Participation: 61% Anonymous (2) Christopher D. Forrest Patrick A. Gambrel Gloria A. Garza Angela S. Hatch@ Carina R. Hellemaa Hasan I. Jafri Kiriakos Kalogiannis Matthew A. Kramer Paul A. Lucas Sherif A. Mansour Thomas M. Neer Charlene Phoenix Josephine Polanco Fakhr A. Qureshi Earle C. Rattray Emil R. Stalis Brian A. Treat Nicholas K. Wachira If we have inadvertently made an error in our listing, please accept our apologies. To correct our records, please contact Julia Motl Lowe, Director of The Fletcher Fund at: or +1.617.627.5441. Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 53


GIFTS FROM PARENTS Anonymous@@(2) Martha M. Arguelles & Enrico F. Arguelles Elizabeth Brady & Thomas E. Brady Caryl S. Brensinger & Barry L. Brensinger Suzan R. Bright Anna L. Cairney & Patrick W. Cairney Nancy J. Carden Richard A. Carpenter Charles Chamberlain DeAnn P. Clancy Rosemary K. Coffey Linda Susan Evangelides & Larry J. Evangelides Yiyi Evans & John C. Evans@ Robert P. Feldman & Nancy J. Feldman Kathleen C. Fowler & Dean G. Fowler Mary A. Fried & Mark B. Fried Katsuko Fujichaku & Tetsuo Fujichaku Charles R. Grader Susan C. Greenberg & Allan S. Greenberg Doris Gugel Kathryn Hamill & John P. Hamill@ß Nusrat Haq & Ihsan Ul Haq Barbara S. Hochberg & Andrew M. Hochberg Kathy A. Hoffman Sarnia H. Hoyt & Edward L. Hoyt@ Shannon L.C. Inouye & Wayne R. Inouye Claude Lambrakis & George B. Lambrakis Linda P. Lesher & J. Griffin Lesher@ Mary E. Locke & Johannes A. Binnendijk@ß Michael D. Long Inge F. Lopez & Jay J. Lopez Katharine S. Lovinger Louise Malakoff & Michael P. Malakoff Cynthia E. Margolies & Richard G. Margolies Victoria J. Marwell & Stuart E. Marwell Elizabeth C. Morse & Walter K. Morse Paula M. Murphy Mary Neff & Stephen C. Neff@ Patricia M. Obst & Anthony K. Obst William L. Parker Janet E. Pattillo & John L. Pattillo

54 FLETCHER NEWS Fall/Winter 2008

Ellen Perell & Ronald E. Perell Evelyn Rhatigan & William Rhatigan Lois E. Riden Sheryl A. Robbins Olga Rodriguez Sharon Russell & Robert M. Russell Susan M. Sacco & Eric A. Sacco Lorraine Sartori R. Kenneth Smith Rose Sonder@ & Claudio Sonder Sarah L. Strand & Allan W. Strand Esther R. Strom & James C. Strom Linda L. Sylvan & Richard G. Sylvan Lynn Wagner Kathy M. Wedel & H. Charles Wedel Kwan Ha Yim@ Brigitte E. Zeier & Rudolf O. Zeier Marina Zivkovic & Dusan Nesic

GIFTS FROM FRIENDS Anonymous O. Rudolph Aggrey Brooke L. Anderson Helen Anderson Leonore Annenberg@ Adele Fleet Bacow & Lawrence S. Bacow@ Dorothy Baker Joyce Barsamß@ Philip Bergan@ Gerald W. Blakeley Jr.ß@ Christine Bosworth & Stephen W. Bosworth@ Jessica M. Braun David Budinger@ William Cloherty@ Allan Cole Jessica L. Daniels & Paul Blackborow Gill Deford Kerri Dervishian Nathaniel Eberle Pat Eliot & Theodore L. Eliot@ Erin P. Fried Carolyn Gideon Friedman Steven L. Funk Sandra L. Gasbarro Marni J. Grant Lawrence E. Harrison@ Ralph Hooper@ Bernadette E. Kelley-Leccese Anastasia Konstantakatou P. H. Koo@ Yang Kuo-tung Julia Motl Lowe & Nicholas J. Lowe@

Yifeng Lu Joan L. Madsen Deborah R. Marchiony William F. McSweenyß@ Susan Meserve & William G. Meserveß@ Frances Fleming Milici & Roger A. Milici Jr.@ Nora B. Moser McMillan Jane E. Moss & Alan P. Moss Mitzi Natsios@ Frances Y. Parisi Ian C. Pilarczyk Michael Preiner Moira Rafferty Donna Salacuse & Jeswald W. Salacuse@ Thomas Schmidheinyß@ Monika Schuerer & Wolfgang Schuerer@ Marilyn Kuhar & Gerard E. Sheehan@ Anita Stipnieks & Maris Stipnieks Galen L. Stone@ Barbara Teele@ Susan Van Den Toorn Mary Wadleigh Helene Warrener@ Jennifer Wee & Ee-Chao Wee@ Andrew M. Weiner Jennifer L. Weingarden John C. Whitehead@ David A. Wirth

Fidelity Foundation First Tennessee/First Horizon Gannett Foundation General Electric Foundation The Goldman Sachs Foundation Henry Luce Foundation IBM International Foundation Indus Capital Partners, LLC ING Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Lehman Brothers, Inc. Marsh & McLennan, Inc. Medtronic, Inc. Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation Microsoft Corporation Schroders Investment Management N.A. Scitor Corporation Sempra Energy Shell Oil Company Foundation State Street Foundation Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc. Texas Pacific Group Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo & Company Xerox Corporation


The Annenberg Foundation Bay Chevrolet, Inc. BP Fabric of America Fund BTMU Capital Corporation CIM Associates Franklin Cole Foundation The Columbus Foundation Dry Family Charitable Foundation E1 Corporation Exxon Mobil Corporation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fletcher African Student Group Fletcher Student Group Foundation for the Carolinas Global Impact Thornton & Elizabeth Hooper Foundation ING Foundation International Study Center The Ethan James Foundation Jewish Communal Fund Leon Lowenstein Foundation

Abbott Laboratories Accenture Foundation Alliance Capital Management Corporation American Express Foundation American International Group, Inc. Anheuser-Busch Foundation Bank of America Foundation Barclays Global Investors BlackRock, Inc. Boeing Company The Capital Group Companies Chicago Bridge & Iron Company Comerica Incorporated ConocoPhillips Company Deloitte & Touche Foundation Ernst & Young Foundation Exxon Mobil Foundation

Key: @ Fletcher Fund Associate * Represents University-wide Annual Giving


ß  Member of Fletcher’s Board of Overseers † Deceased


The Matthews Community Foundation Network for Good Pannonia Foundation Frank & Nancy Parsons Fund Perlman & Associates, PLLC

Gene & Dorma Rainey Living Trust Ruenitz Associates, Inc. The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston

The Tavitian Foundation Time Warner, Inc. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Washington Speakers Bureau Wells Fargo Community Support

Whitehead Foundation Wiccopee Fund Josephine C. Wilkinson Charitable Trust

Thanks to all those who placed Fletcher among their philanthropic priorities this year. Every year, every gift to Fletcher ensures that the School can continue to offer its students outstanding educational opportunities in a world class facility. Your gift helped to educate tomorrow’s global leaders, something Fletcher has done with distinction for 75 years. Further, a recent review revealed that Fletcher, with 27% alumni participation, ranks number one in annual fund participation among our peer graduate schools of international affairs! As a donor, your consistent annual support will be essential in our ability to continue to grow this number and maintain this impressive accomplishment. Your philanthropic commitment to Fletcher in 2007-2008 also helped the School as it strives to reach its $100 million goal in the Beyond Boundaries comprehensive campaign. Again, thank you; your support of Fletcher is deeply appreciated. We hope we can count on you this year and in the years to come.

Fall/Winter 2008 FLETCHER NEWS 55

Spring Reunion 2009 15-17 May 2009 Classes of 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 Dean Stephen W. Bosworth and the entire Fletcher community invite you to return to Medford for Reunion 2009. Mark the dates on your calendar, 15-17 May 2009! Whether you are returning for your 45th or 5th Reunion, every Fletcher graduate - and their guests - can enjoy this intellectually and socially stimulating weekend. For more information, visit: or contact: Moira Rafferty at or +1.617.627.3488

Save the Date! Fletcher’s Eighth Annual Talloires Symposium 29 – 31 May 2009

Keeping the Murrow Legacy Alive at Fletcher The Murrow Collection contains unique and significant material in a variety of formats. Caring for these resources and making them accessible to the public is a costly endeavor, and the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives are currently seeking support to preserve and digitize the collection. To learn more about the Murrow Collection, please visit:

THE FLETCHER SCHOOL TU FTS U N IVERSIT Y 160 Pack ard Avenue M e d fo rd, M assac h u se tts 02155 Retu rn Ser vice Req u ested

The opinions expressed in this publication are the authors’ own and do not necessarily represent those of The Fletcher School. Fletcher News welcomes letters on topics covered in this newsletter. The editor reserves the right to edit for space and style. Please send letters to Fletcher News, Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 160 Packard Avenue, Medford, MA 02155; fax 617.627.3659; or email

Fletcher News - Fall 2008  

Fletcher News publication from Fall 2008, including class notes section. Cover Story: The Legacy of Edward Murrow.

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