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What’s a

dining plan?

More than just a “meal deal,” dining plans are designed to fit your busy lifestyle and your budget.

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Do I need a

dining plan?

As an on-campus resident, students are required to have a dining plan.


dining plan

should I get?

Eat three times a day? Snack late at night? Not really a breakfast person? Sleep in on the weekends? Have a job off-campus? Don’t worry – there’s a plan for you. Have a question about which plan you should choose? Visit the Hospitality website ( and click on the “Dining Plan Rates” link to find out which plan best suits your needs and dining habits.

When do I pick a

dining plan?

When you apply online for Texas Tech University Student Housing, you must also select a dining plan.

How do

dining plans


Your dining plan is similar to a debit card. Instead of managing a dollar balance, you use Dining Bucks to buy food items at any Hospitality Services location on campus. Each time you purchase food, you’re using Dining Bucks deducted from your balance. Dining Bucks are split evenly between the fall (50%) and spring (50%) semesters* to help you conveniently manage your dining plan. You can add Dining Bucks if you run out (refer to the Dining Plans Flow Chart). *DBs are billed 60% in the fall and 40% in the spring as part of the Housing contract.

Where is my

dining plan?

Your dining plan is on your University ID card.

Where can I use my

dining plan?

You can use your Dining Bucks at any Hospitality Services location on campus.

Where’s my

dining plan


When you make a purchase at any Hospitality Services location, the balance will pop-up on the register. You can also access your balance online with your eRaider info at under the “Manage My Account” tab.

How much do

dining plans


Three dining plans at varying costs are available to meet your needs. The cost of a dining plan includes an operations cost plus applicable tax to cover all overhead expenses.* This allows us to keep the facilities clean and updated, as well as bring new and unique dining options to campus. Plus, we return this cost to you at the register through discounts up to 50% off your meal (refer to the Dining Plans Flow Chart). Dining Plans*

Red & Black (Highest) Matador (Middle) Double T (Lowest)

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 (9-Month Dining Plan Contract) $3,895 (2015 DBs per year)

Fall (50%) 1008

Spring (50%) 1007

$3,445 (1565 DBs per year)



$2,945 (1065 DBs per year)



*Dining Bucks (DBs) cover food cost, disposables, supplies and per meal tax. Rates include the Dining Operations Cost of $1,880 (plus current applicable state/local sales tax) for the entire year to cover the cost to open the doors (refer to Dining Plans Flow Chart).

Can I change my

dining plan?

Dining plans can be changed at any time during the semester. Running low on Dining Bucks? You can add Dining Bucks at any time during the fall or spring semester. Too many Dining Bucks? You can change your dining plan level at any time during the fall or spring semester.

Do my

dining bucks


Yes! Dining Bucks not only carry over from the fall to spring semester, but they also carry over at the end of the spring semester to your next on-campus housing contract term. [Dining Bucks don’t rollover if you move off-campus and are non-refundable and non-transferable.]

What if I have

special diet needs?

Contact our on-staff dietitian at 806.742.1360 for assistance in locating meals to accommodate your special diet needs.

questions or comments? or visit



1065 DB/yr. $2945

2015 DB/yr. $3895 PURCHASE A 1565 DB/yr. $3445 DINING PLAN (Example)


Example: Purchase a $6 meal and 3.00 DB will be deducted

The Market @ Stangel/Murdough 50% Discount

Example: Purchase a $6 meal and 4.80 DB will be deducted

Student Union Outlets 20% Discount

Fall (50%) Spring (50%) 783 DB 782 DB *Option to change Dining Plan level anytime during the semester

MATADOR $3445 + TAX* = 1565 Dining Bucks per year (includes $1880 Dining Operation + sales tax)

Dining Plans flow **Start Here**

2013-14 Dining Plans & Rates (9 mos.)




The Fresh Plate @ Bledsoe/Gordon Meal Values 3.29 DB 4.29 DB 4.29 DB 4.39 DB 4.99 DB

Example: Purchase a $6 meal and 4.20 DB will be deducted

Sam’s Express Kiosks 30% Discount

Example: Purchase a $6 meal and 4.50 DB will be deducted

The Commons & Sam’s Place West 25% Discount

DINING OPERATIONS COST $1880 – Cost to open the doors Cleaning Supplies Laundry/Uniforms Debt Services Maintenance & Repairs Deferred Maintenance Marketing/Printing Dumpster Fees Royalties Employee Benefits Overhead Small Wares Equipment Labor Cost Utilities

Sam’s Place Mini-Markets (available at most locations) 30% Discount

Example: Purchase a $6 meal and 4.20 DB will be deducted

RUNNING OUT OF DINING BUCKS? You can add Dining Bucks or raise/lower your Dining Plan level at any time during the fall or spring semester.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Brunch Buffets

DINING BUCKS LEFTOVER? Dining Bucks balance remaining at the end of the fall semester will roll into the spring semester and be added to the spring Dining Bucks.

Add-ons can be completed online at or in the University ID Office at the Student Union Building.

2.99 DB 4.09 DB 4.09 DB 4.39 DB

Smart Choices @ Horn/Knapp & AYCE @Hulen/Clement Meal Values Breakfast Lunch Dinner Brunch

Example: Spring semester 782 Dining Bucks plus remaining fall Dining Bucks rollover Any unused Dining Bucks remaining at the end of the spring semester will rollover into your next ON-CAMPUS LIVING contract.

Texas Tech Hospitality Services | Dining Plans 2013-14