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Secondary Education Teacher Certification Concordia University Wisconsin Why the CUW Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program? • • •

CUW has been a leader in the field of education for the past quarter of a century. The program was developed with the cooperation of DPI as a model, post-baccalaureate program for the state in secondary education. The accelerated format allows you to continue working full time for the first year of the program. You will attend class from 5-9pm one night a week until your student teaching semester. The time-frame for program completion is approximately 17 months. The faculty and staff have extensive experience in the field and the classroom. Students work one-onone with a staff member throughout the program to meet DPI requirements.

“The professors and administration are an extraordinarily experienced team who are proud of their own teaching pasts and the future in teaching we represent. They have been excellent teachers of professional theory and methods, while also providing genuine interest and concern about us as individuals and teaching professionals. I can not imagine a more diverse group of teachers, each with his or her own style and methodology who could set a better example for us as students of the craft.” Jon Jacobs, Cohort 3

Frequently Asked Questions What are the requirements for admission into the program? Submission of completed application materials. Official transcripts on file. An evaluation of transcripts must be completed to determine whether DPI requirements have been met in major and minor certification areas. A cumulative undergrad GPA of 2.75 with a GPA of 2.75 in any major or minor area in which you will be requesting certification. Passing score on all three sections of the PPST (Praxis I) The following DPI requirements need to be met prior to applying for student teaching: Passing score on the Praxis II test Completion of DPI required clinical hours in general education, multicultural education, and special education (30 hours in each area).

Once admitted, a student must maintain a 2.75 grade point average in the certification courses.

How long would it take to complete the certification portion of the program? You will complete the certification course work in approximately 12 months. Each class is five or six weeks long, and meets one night a week from 5:00-9:00 p.m. Your final semester will consist of a full -time student teaching placement in conjunction with the student teaching seminar course.

What are the PPST and Praxis II exams? Wisconsin’s DPI requires all teacher certification candidates to pass the PPST, also known as Praxis I.

Visit us at:

This is a standardized test similar to the SAT or ACT and is an indication of minimum competency in math, reading, and writing. We highly recommend registering for the PPST as soon as possible at the testing site listed below. Be sure to have your score report sent to Concordia University—Madison (test code 9038). Prometric Testing Center Call (608) 231-6270 to reserve a testing date and time. The testing center is located at 5520 Medical Circle in Madison. Prior to student teaching, you must pass the Praxis II subject assessment exam in every subject area for which you are requesting licensure. We recommend taking the Praxis II during the first term of the program to avoid any delay of the student teaching semester. Contact ETS (Educational Testing Service) at (609) 771-7395 or on the web at for registration and testing locations.



What are the entrance requirements? • •

Bachelors degree from an accredited institution and a DPI certifiable major; licensable minor optional Undergraduate GPA of 2.75

What do I need to apply? • • • •

Completed transcript evaluation

• •

Passing PPST scores

Where do I go for more answers? Brigid Patterson Teacher Certification—Program Coordinator ( 6 08 ) 276-8000 or

Terri Rodriguez Teacher Certification—Program Director

Completed application $35.00 application fee Letter of Intent— A one page essay on why you wish to join our program and become a teacher.

All official transcripts

“I have worked in several teacher education formats and find that Concordia University sets itself apart by how far it goes in accommodating and acknowledging the unique skills and needs of adult learners. Time is not wasted on disseminating isolated bits of information, but is rather spent encouraging our future teachers to be strong action researchers and models for learner transformation. I expect great things of the future teachers that I have worked with in this program.”

( 6 08 ) 276-8000

Dan Beaman Adjunct Instructor Elementary Teacher

Teacher Certification Required Courses

Completion Options

EDA 102

Foundations of Education

EDA 103

Human Relations for Teachers

EDA 205

Educational Psychology

EDA 230

Nature of the Exceptional Child

EDA 350

Teaching in the Middle School

EDA 383

Language and Literacy in the Content Areas

EDA 370

Analysis of Instruction

EDA 37_

Methods of Teaching in the Content Area

EDA 411

Professional Ethics

EDA 385

Student Teaching Seminar

EDA ___

Online Technology Component

EDA 422

Student Teaching Middle School


EDA 474

Student Teaching High School


Students must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent credits in one of the following areas. Major and minor coursework will be evaluated to determine whether DPI requirements have been met. Majors Biology History

Broadfield Social Science

English Spanish



Broadfield Science

Mathematics Business Education





English as a Second Language Concordia University Wisconsin is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of The North Central Association: 312.263.0456 Concordia University Wisconsin is accredited by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: 800.441.4563

Higher Learning. Greater Rewards.


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