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By Mina

The Pumpkin Pie and the Coca Cola One day (night actually), Louis and Na Youn were going to the cemetery to check if anything was wrong. After all, they were the heroes. Louis and Na Youn were detectives. They helped solve mysteries and they returned things that have been lost. But when they reached the cemetery, they heard two weeping voices. They quickly ran over. When they reached the weeping voices, they saw Vincent and Yin Vang crouching down weeping. “What happened?” Louis asked “Why are you weeping like total babies?” “Waah!” That made them (Yin Vang and Vincent) cry even louder. “Louis!” Na Youn screeched “You shouldn’t talk like that to people who are upset! Anyway, what happened?” Na Youn soothed them with a calm voice. “Someone took my pumpkin pie!” Vincent wailed “And someone took my coca cola!” Yin Vang wailed. Together, they made a lot of noise. It was deafening. “Okay, okay! We’ll help you!” Louis and Na Youn said in unison. They couldn’t stand the noise. “What’s the time?” Na Youn asked “Detective time!” Louis replied. As soon as Louis replied, they changed into their true detective forms. Na Youn got much prettier and Louis got more handsome (I personally think Louis is not that handsome). “We’ll meet again here tomorrow at 6 o’clock!” Na Youn demanded. Everyone nodded and headed home.

“Okay, welcome back!” Na Youn said happily. The group searched the whole cemetery when Vincent stepped on a skull. “Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” Vincent screamed as if he got shot. “Stop, stop Vincent. It’s only a skull!” Yin Vang assured him “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” now it was Yin Vang’s turn of screaming. He had also stepped on a skull. “Guys! Stop screaming!” Louis yelled, clearly annoyed “We need to find who stole your food!” “Louis is right” Na Youn said calmly “Let’s start looking for clues.” The group started looking for clues. “I see pie crumbs!” Vincent chanted happily “I see coca cola spills!” Yin Vang chanted. Together they chanted “We’re getting our food back! We’re getting our food back!” They made a lot of noise AGAIN! “Wait, this is a path!” Na Youn has found a path! Woo-hoo! Way to go Na Youn! The group followed the path and found Ms. Karen sitting in a corner. Louis was astonished. “Ms. Karen stole the food?!” He thought Ms. Karen would never steal the food! “Ms. Karen, why did you steal the food?” Louis eyed Ms. Karen with suspicion. Ms. Karen was very confused. She didn’t steal any food from them. What were they talking about? “What do you mean? I never stole any food…” The group was confused. How could it not be her? The crumbs led up to her. Na Youn asked Ms. Karen about the case. “Well, I was trapped here by some sort of green glow.” Ms. Karen was thinking hard. You could tell, her face was scrunched up as if she had smelled something awful. “Could you tell us more about the “green glow?” Louis was definitely curious. At the same time, he was still a bit suspicious. He couldn’t believe his ears. “The green glow kind of had a shape to it, kind of like a human.” Ms. Karen was trying hard to remember. “It could be a zombie!” Na Youn got an idea. “Did you get anything from the glow?” “Well, it dropped this pair of glasses. It

was Jacke’s! Jacke was a close friend of the detectives. Jacke was very cheeky and was always stealing pie. “Those are Jacke’s!” Louis cried out “Let’s go find him! “Uh, where are we?” Yin Vang sounded terrified. So did Vincent “Don’t tell me ghosts live here…” They were at Jacke’s home. They knocked on the door and waited, and waited, and waited. Someone was munching on something. They knocked harder. Finally, they heard a booming voice “Who dares enter my territory?” Yin Vang and Vincent screamed and clutched each other. “Jacke, it’s just us,” Na Youn assured him “Oh, it’s you guys! Thank goodness, I lost my glasses on my way! By the way, you have absolutely got to try this pumpkin pie! I took it from some guy and he started weeping like a total baby! I also found coke!” Louis and Na Youn sighed. Of course it was Jacke. Jacke opened the door and saw two angry faces glaring at him. “Uh-oh, oh-no…” “I believe the words you are looking for is ‘I’m sorry’?” “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” “Well, at least they found out who stole their food.” Na Youn said happily as she skipped alongside Louis “I hope Jacke is okay…” “Yeah, Yin Vang and Vincent are two tough scratchy kids… You know what I mean, right?” “Yeah, no kidding.” Na Youn didn’t even want to think about what will happen. “Well, I’ve got to go apologies to Ms. Karen. You coming?” Louis started jogging. “Hey, how ‘bout first one to Ms. Karen wins?” “Hey, wait for me!” Na Youn screeched.

The End

Mina_Tthe Pumpkin Pie and The Coca Cola  

This is my spooky story

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