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Mu M D A D Parent Care Health Screening Package 孝

S$298.00* Biometric Parameters

Laboratory Investigations

Body Impedance Analysis • Height and Weight • Body Mass Index (BMI) • Waist Circumference Blood Pressure Visual Acuity

人体阻抗分析 • 身高体重 • 身体质量指数 • 腰围 血压 视力

Full Blood Count Diabetic Screen Cholesterol Screen Kidney Function Liver Function Thyroid Screen Hepatitis B Screen Venereal Disease Cardiac Risk Screen • C-Reactive Protein Urine Analysis Stool Analysis

全血细胞计数 血糖指数检测 血脂检测 肾功能检测 肝功能检测 甲状腺检测 B型肝炎检测 性病检测 心脏病风险检测 • C-反应蛋白素 尿液分析 粪便潛血检查

Doctor’s Examination


Radiology & Other Investigations


Complete Medical History Taking Complete Physical Examination Lifestyle Counselling Auroscopy Rectal Examination (Optional) Breast Examination (For Ladies)

全面的病史询问 全面的身体检查 生活方式辅导 外耳检查 直肠检查 (可选) 乳房检查(女性)

Chest X-Ray Electrocardiogram Eye Screen • Visual Acuity • Intraocular Pressure Test • Retinal Photography

胸部X光检查 心电图 眼科检查配套与眼科 医生的详细报告 • 视力敏锐度检查 • 眼压测量 • 视网膜摄像

Screening Review


Medical Report

医疗报告分析 (只提供英语报告)

Post-examination Review by Doctor

6357 2233 / 2235 HEALTH ENRICHMENT CENTRE 健康体检中心 Tan Tock Seng Hospital Level 1, Main Ward Entrance

陈笃生医院 一楼, 大厅

*Please note the following terms:

• Medical advice and recommendations will be delivered based on case findings, clinical investigations, medical history and personal profile. This is in adherence with the health screening guidelines by the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Additional tests will be prescribed based on clinical judgement of our doctors upon screening. • All investigations included in our health screening packages are strictly non-exchangeable, non-refundable and have no redeemable cash value. The patient will forfeit any of the investigations should he/she choose not to use the service during the health screening. • Prior appointment and fasting are required. • Price listed is subject to prevailing GST. • The Health Enrichment Centre reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.

*请注意以下附带条款: • 医生将根据您的全面体格检查、详细的健康史记录及生活习惯来推荐适合您的体检测试及提供医疗咨询。体检项目是严格根据临床诊断和按照新加坡医学学会的体检准则。• 本中心的体检项目不 可交换、不允许退还,并没有赎回的现金价值。若您在所选择的体检配套中不应用某项测试,这项测试将被作废。• 健康体检须提前预约和禁食。• 以上所显示的价格不包括消费税。• 本中心有权 在无需提前通知的情况下随时修改任何附带条款。

TTSH Mother's and Father's Day Health Screening Package  

TTSH Mother's and Father's Day Health Screening Package

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