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Често срещани грешки в QA процеса

Принципът Poka Yoke или защо да държим телефона си в обувките 

Common mistakes about QA Misunderstanding the Role of “QA”  Lack of communication  Requirement phase  Testers Not Responsible for Usability

QA common mistakes Not testing for quality  Requirements vs. Implementation Testers Not Domain Experts  Poor Bug Reporting  Results  Unit tests  Bad Timing on Load Testing  Test documentation  Hardware/software configuration

5 Most Common Bug Regression Mistakes  QA Resolves A Bug  Non-QA Closes A Bug  Not Commenting  Commenting In The Wrong Place  Not Asking for Help

The most popular web site QA testing mistakes  Forgetting to do a QA test in multiple browsers  Not deleting the browser cache  Forgetting to update the hosts file  Cookie issues  Forgetting to Test in multiple screen resolutions  Wasting time by testing stuff that tools could test for you


Poka-Yoke ( ポカヨケ ) - “mistakeproofing"

What is Poka-Yoke? It’s a quality assurance process introduced by the Japanese engineer Shigeo Shingo, as part of the Toyota Production System. This term is used in Japanese language as “Poka” meaning mistake and “Yoke” meaning prevent i.e. mistake preventing or mistake proofing technique.

The Purpose The purpose of Poka-Yoke is to develop processes to reduce defects by avoiding or correcting (design to show alerts or warning messages to user) mistakes in early design and development phases. This technique is mostly used in manufacturing industries but now this effective technique is also adapted in software development processes as well

Two types of Poka-Yoke ďƒ˜Control Poka Yoke: A Control Poka-Yoke is one where the process is designed in such a manner that one cannot make a mistake. ďƒ˜Warning Poka Yoke: A warning Poka-Yoke is one where the moment someone makes a mistake, the person is quickly notified of the mistake, so that corrective action can be taken.

Poka-Yoke example from manufacturing industry

SIM card slot in cell phones is designed in such a way that user is allowed to insert SIM card in correct way only. There is no chance for user to make a mistake while putting SIM card in a cell phone. This makes the design mistake proof.

Poka-Yoke example from software application

The perfect example of Poka-Yoke process in software application is – Gmail email attachments feature – when you type word ‘find attached’ while composing a new email and try to send it without attaching a file Google will show you a popup reminder saying that you used words “find attached” in your email but did not attach any files, do you still want to continue sending?

Need of Poka-Yoke in Software Design Phase To develop quality software, it is important to design it according to user’s expectations. User should be able to use/handle the software with ease without making any costly mistake.

Poka-Yoke examples in design and quality

Some websites show password strength indicator to show password strength. It also guides users to use strong password with combinations of characters and numbers.

Poka-Yoke examples in design and quality

Google search engine feature to auto-suggest spelling corrections for user search query. This helps uses to avoid making inadvertent mistakes. and more‌


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Common mistakes  
Common mistakes