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Friday, July 29, 2011

T h e S h e p h e rd s t o w n

The Shepherdstown Chronicle


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Woodside Custom Hauling LLC

Dean L. Strite 3 3,QGHSHQGHQFH35G 3&OHDU36SULQJ30'3 3:(3&29(53$330,/(35$',86

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal!!! - 6500 Gal. Tankers - Manure Pumps Available - Full Flotation On Trucks & Trailers - Silage Hauling W/ 2nd Trailer Available

Home: 301-582-3976 • Cell: 717-443-7722




0000 G RA ND * PR IZ E


$100 Grand Prize if you’re not a home subscriber of The Chronicle


The SCRAMBLR puzzle contains a number of words reading from left, right, diagonally, up or down. Some words may start with letters you’ve already used in other words.

1. Clip the completed puzzle and include your name, address and phone number. IMPORTANT: Print the SCRAMBLR PUZZLE number on the lower left hand corner of YOUR ENTRY ENVELOPE. Mail your entry to: The Chronicle, SCRAMBLR, P.O. Box 2088, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 or drop off at 123C South Duke St., Shepherdstown, WV. 2. You must use the puzzle that appears in the newspaper or a reasonable accurate hand-drawn facsimile. Machine duplicated forms and carbon copies are ineligible. 3.) Contestants may submit as many entries as they wish USE ONLY ONE ENTRY PER ENVELOPE. No registered mail will be accepted and all entries must be sent via the U.S. Postal Service (see mailing address above) or dropped off in the receptacle available at The Chronicle between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday only. Do not include any additional correspondence in your entry envelope. All entries become the property of The Chronicle. 4.) Weekly $25 winners will be determined by a random drawing from entries received within 5 days of publication date. To be a winner, the entry winner must be valid in compliance of these rules. (The Chronicle will give away a total of $25.00 per week and a grand prize of $200.00) 5.) The weekly winners will be announced in the newspaper within twenty days after the publication of each puzzle. The names of these winners will appear in The Chronicle. 6.) All weekly SCRAMBLR winners are eligible for the grand prize. All prizes will be determined by random drawing. The grand prize will be conducted within 21 days after all the final daily puzzle is published. 7.) In fairness to all, The Chronicle cannot answer phone calls or letters regarding the SCRAMBLR contest. 8.) Employees of The Chronicle and their immediate families are not eligible to enter the SCRAMBLR contest. 9.) The Chronicle SCRAMBLR contest will run daily for 12 weeks, beginning on JULY 8, 2011 and concluding on September 23, 2011. 10.) All contestants must be at least 18 years of age or older. 11.) The winners agree to allow publication of his/her name and photograph in The Chronicle with no additional compensation. Telephone calls will NOT be taken for winners names. 12.) The decision of the judges will be final.


S C R A M B L R !


W e “Create Value Through People� - that isAm erican W oodm ark Corporation ’s m ission an d story. W e are kn ow n throughout the U n ited States as a prem ier cabin et m an ufacturer an d are currently seekin g a:

Reg io n a l C o n tro ller for our Corporate office in W in chester,VA. This position isrespon sible for servin g as the fin an cialbusin ess partn er to the n ationw ide builder center sales an d operation s’team . Respon sibility for accountin g,fin an cialan alysis an d reportin g,intern alcontrols,an d com puter system s for the builder centers. The successfulcan didate m ust have:

Education, Experience, and Skills:

1.U n dergraduate degree in Fin an ce,Accountin g,or related field. M aster’s D egree,CPA/CM A,or pursuin g such a design ation ben eficial. 2.M in im um 5 years of fin an cialexperien ce to in clude allor som e of the follow in g:m an agerial/cost accountin g,m onth-en d process,fin an cial reportin g,varian ce/tren d an alysis,budgets,an d forecasts. 3.Experien ce w ith m on itorin g an d im plem entin g intern alcontrols,fin an cial policy an d procedure auditin g,an d/or Sarban es-O xley preferred. 4.Effective plan n in g,organ ization ,tim e m an agem ent,project m an agem ent, an d problem solvin g skills w ith an ability to w ork in depen dently.  5.Stron g person alcom puter proficien cy:M icrosoft O ffice products 6.Excellent com m un ication skills. 7.Ability to travelovern ight to builder centers on approxim ately a 20-25% basis.

117 East German Street Shepherdstown, WV 25443


F r e s h s e a f o o d s p e c i a l s a l l S u m m e r. A m a z i n g m u s i c e v e r y F r i d ay & S a t u r d ay D e l i c i o u s f o o d e v e r y d ay, l u n c h & d i n n e r.

W e offer a com petitive salary,outstan din g ben efits package,an d bon us potential.

CHILDCARE CONNECTION Licensed Christian Childcare

Ages 2.5 and up, Mountain Heart accepted Pre-school curriculum, daily activities, large yard, CPR/first AID Excellent references C ALL KAR EN AT:304-728-8231

Interested can didates should subm it resum e to:

M EAS UREM EN TS Name Address City Zip

PUZZLE # 6 75 State

Am erica n W o o d m a rk C o rp o ra tio n E-M a il:rkellem a n @ w o o d m a m Dea d lin e:Au g u st12th,2011


Plea se Check O n e Belo w : Yes, I Subscribe to The Chronicle No, I’m Not A Subscriber Sign Me Up CONTEST ENDS SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

*An Eq u a l O p p o r tu n ity Em p lo yer Visit u sa t:w w w .a m ica n w o o d m a m

Every w eek a n ew SCRAM B LRŽ pu zzle w illa ppea r. So lve it,clip it,a n d sen d itin . A $25 .00 ca sh prize w illbe a w a rd ed ea ch w eek. At th e en d o f 12 w eeks,a llco rrect en tries w illbe en tered in th e g ra n d prize d ra w in g fo r $200. If yo u a re n o t a h o m e su bscriber to Th e Ch ro n icle,yo u ’llw in $100 in stea d o f $200!


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