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...can you believe??

W Shhhh she said, fright.

Romi- clothes: private col., cap: by tt; Tina- clothes: private col., cap: by tt

c fairy wing spell 1.put the rose petals in your dominant hand 2.light the pink candle then the white and then the other 3. say this chant: fairy spells and fairy wings magical wands and fairy things so i can breathe without a care.

say for 3 days before going to bed


Romi- clothes: private col., cap: by tt

c Angelic Spirit Guides Open your path for good spirits and sage your area and cleans your Magick circle. Use will power and foccus on allowing your spirit guides to come into your life and accepting only Good spirits so that they will guide you in the right pathway. Sit quietly in the Circle and imagine bright light surrondding you now picture wings covering you with comfort.

Romi- clothes: private col., cap: by tt, shoes Jerey Campbell; Tina- clothes: private col., cap: by tt

c A Vampire Chant Say this chant ten times when its night. “Vampires one and vampires all my wish is to be a vampire. Let me give others a fright. King of hades make me what I really am. I am a vampire I am a vampire I am a vampire. And I know I am. Blood Urges will come drinking blood with extraordinary thirst. Let my body feel the pain.� Say that chant ten times when its night and it takes two nights for the transformation to be complete. Side effects: burning throat, not sleeping for more than two hours each night, sensitive skin, better hearing, better seeing, better smelling, eyes burn in sunlight, body burns in sunlight, headaches. Good Luck. Katerina Petrova


Tina- clothes: private col., cap: by tt


Inner dragon Spell Say;thy dragon is calm thy dragon is free let thy dragon rage inside of me please ask your dragon their name,power and to send their apperance in a dream

Tina, Romi- clothes: Starstyling, horns: by tt

photo: Zvonimir Ferina makeup: Kasandra Art Make-up styling: Nina Blaće tattoo: Maja Krišković / Imaginarium models: Tina i Romana clothes: Roba, Starstyling, private col. accessories & setup by tt text by Misslikey spells from graphics by Ivana Hurčak-Pavlaković

do you believe in magic?  

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