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Mingalarbar Myanmar!

MTN Press Conference

20 May 2013, Yangon


Who We Are

We are a Global Telecommunications Operator Active in 22 Countries Worldwide

• Headquartered in Johannesburg, the technology capital of South Africa

• 22 operations and 200 million subscribers

• Market capitalisation of $US 36 billion • Annual revenues of $US 18 billion • Market leader in 70% of the countries in which we operate

• Unique blend of expertise • Developed, high technology markets, to which we bring constant innovation

• Emerging markets, to which we bring hightech development, investment and skills transfer together with innovation


Why Myanmar ?

MTN Press Conference

20 May 2013, Yangon


Myanmar is Strategically Important to MTN Myanmar Presents an Opportunity in Precise Accord With Our Skills and Experience

• Low base of telecoms development is an

• •

advantage with which we are familiar We will “Leap Frog” over legacy technologies and deploy the most modern technology, systems and processes We are expert in Emerging Market development • We deploy quickly • We train local people in advanced technology • We provide all services from the most basic payphones to the most modern data-integrated offerings, nationwide We work closely with industry • Partnerships with local ICT • Support to SMEs • Custom developments for logistics, transport, natural resources, tourism, financial services We work with government in all countries of operation • Supporting national objectives • Assisting with attraction of FDI


Our Heritage and Myanmar’s Opportunities

We Played a Critical Role in Building the Modern South Africa State

• We were established in 1994 • The South African economy had suffered from imposition of sanctions

• One of our major contributions was development of human capital

• Training and the MTN Academy • SME Development Programmes • ICT Incubation • Promotion from within 5

Our Strength

MTN Press Conference

20 May 2013, Yangon


How Did We Do It ? We Did it Through Investment, Training and Comprehensive Engagement with the Communities We Serve

• • •

Investment in Infrastructure

• 3G Deployments • LTE Deployments • Advanced VAS deployment Investment in local talent

• Local recruitment • Training through the MTN Academy • Promotion from within Being grounded in the communities in which we operate

• Full partnerships with governments • ICT partner initiatives • Social benefit programmes Local partnerships and investment

• Local sourcing • Supplier training Continual investment in infrastructure Sharing of best practice across our 22 operations


Our Depth of Resources and Skills Depth of Financial Resource Operational and Training Skills

Market capitalisation of $US 36b

27,000 staff

• Engineering • Operations • Sales and Marketing • Customer Care • Finance

All trained through the MTN Academy


The MTN Academy – A Strategic Resource The Academy is MTN’s World-Renowned Training Institution

121 Courses are available, in 8 streams

Myanmar staff will be trained by the Academy Stream

Number of Courses

Business Skills


Customer Care






Sales and Distribution

Management & Leadership



HR Development





Demonstrable emerging market track record

• A world class network provider with a track record of unparalleled aggressive network rollout in difficult terrains

• In Iran MTN’s aggressive network rollout improved penetration from 20% in 2006 to 113%  Increased subscribers from 154k in 2006 to 41 million as at 31 March 2013  Invested $286 million in network infrastructure and added 5.8 million subscribers in 2012

• MTN Rwanda, Uganda and Nigeria launched commercial service 6 months after licensing • MTN Afghanistan - Built and rolled out service in some of the world’s difficult terrain amid a challenging political situation

• MTN’s technological innovation includes pioneering 3G, 3G+ and LTE rollout in Africa


MTN Nigeria case study -12 years of telecoms reform in Nigeria •

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation with more than 161m people

MTN a major contributor to growth of telecoms market from 500 000 lines in 2001 to over 100 million, of which 51 million are MTN Nigeria’s subscribers, in 12 years

Over 8000 kms of microwave and more than 5000 kms of fibre across 250 cities and towns in 6 geo-political regions and 10 000 villages

Network capacity has enabled MTN Nigeria to become Africa’s largest mobile operator in terms of revenues and subscribers

Invested over $1 billion in network infrastructure in 2012 alone, bringing on line 1,414 2G sites and 1,175 3G sites

Added 5.8 million subscribers in 2012, and recorded 4 million active 3G devices on the network

Supported 53 000 SME retailers in 2012 and invested $11 million in education, health and enterprise development


Y’ello Myanmar !

MTN Press Conference

20 May 2013, Yangon


Our Core Commitments Our Baseline Commitment Is World Class Telecommunications, Immediately

• • • • • • • • • •

Fast rollout Nationwide All Myanmar communities

World-class networks High-quality voice communication Super-fast data communication Internet

Social networks Mobile money Industry-specific services


In all of the above

• Myanmar nationals trained at the MTN Academy • Myanmar nationals promoted to senior positions


Welcome to Our Data and Internet Family


Welcome to our Voice Family


Welcome to our Mobile Money Family



MTN Press Conference

20 May 2013, Yangon


Myanmar and MTN – A Natural Partnership •

MTN is ranked is a major global force

• 22 countries • $US 18b revenues • $US 36b market capitalisation

MTN has an exceptional track record in market development

• • • •

MTN has an exceptional track record in areas that now face Myanmar

• • • • • •

Developed markets Emerging markets Greenfield company and network build, in developed and emerging markets Premier market position in 70% of the countries we serve Post-sanctions industry, commerce and trade development Training SME development ICT development Natural resources development Telecommunications and Internet services for all

We look forward with great enthusiasm to bring our expertise to Myanmar


MTN Presentation at Press conference 20.5.2013  

MTN & Amara Communications conducts press conference at Chatrium Hotel Myanmar (20.5.2013)