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Creating a Slidecast

"A slidecast is a term that is used to describe an audio podcast that is combined with a slideshow presentation. It is similar to a video podcast in that it combines dynamically-generated imagery with audio synchronization, but it is different in that it uses presentation software, such as PowerPoint, to create the imagery and the sequence of display separately from the time of the audio podcast's original recording."

HelloSlide is a cool web tool that allows its users to create a PowerPoint presentation with voice narration. HelloSlide is unique in that it doesn't require you to record the audio narration - the software on the HelloSlide website converts your text into speech. And you can edit the text and generate a new audio track, which potentially saves a lot of time. It really is rather simple to get started with HelloSlide: 1. Upload a PDF of your presentation to the HelloSlide website. 2. Enter the text of the narration for each slide using an on-screen editor. 3. Press play to listen to the narrated presentation.

1. Go to 2. Register for a free account. You will be sent a confirmation email. You will need to click the link in the email to complete the registration process.

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3. You can continue until you receive the email. Click “Upload your own presentation”.

3A.. If you choose to wait for your confirmation email or to upload your presentation at a later time, click the “Upload” button on the home page after logging in.\

*Note: Your presentation MUST be in PDF format. If you have a powerpoint presentation, save it as a PDF first. 4. Browse your computer for your presentation and upload. The presentation will be uploaded to the website, and converted into their proprietary format. At this point, you will be prompted to add the audio to your presentation, as shown below.


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5. Clicking on the "Add audio to your presentation" link will bring up an editor, as shown below. Enter the text of the narration for each slide in the large box below the image of the slide. Note: Thumbnails of all the slides in the presentation are shown in a column at the left of the window; click on each slide to bring up the text box for that slide, and continue to enter the text of the narration for each slide.

Remember to save often!

6. After you have entered the text for each slide, click on the button in the upper-right of the window to save your presentation. After you save your presentation, you can play your presentation by clicking on the "Play" link in the upper-left of the window. The HelloSlide software will convert your text to speech. You will have to wait while this conversion is done (just a few minutes).

7. Finally, click on the "Play" button in the lower-left of the window to play the presentation in your browser. The slides will advance automatically. Click on that same button to pause the presentation.


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*Note: You can go back and edit the presentation at any time. To do this, login to website as shown earlier. Click on your name in the upper-right corner. This will take you to a screen where you can view ALL of your presentations. Click on the name of the presentation that you wish to edit, as shown below. You then will view the presentation. To edit the audio, simply click on the "edit audio".


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Creating a Slidecast  

Using HelloSlide as a Presentation Tool