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Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

The mission of Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School is to provide an exceptional Catholic educational experience to youth that instills attitudes of success and self-worth through faith development, academic excellence and leadership.

A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT Dear Friends, Last May, when we wrapped up the Cardinal Ritter Prep school year, I revisited our namesake’s bold commitment to ensuring a quality education for those who are often disenfranchised in the broader educational system. In 1947, Cardinal Joseph Ritter illustrated the depth of this commitment by courageously desegregating the St. Louis Catholic Schools – seven years prior to the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court Decision. Today, almost seventy years later, that commitment is alive and well at the institution that bears his name: Cardinal Ritter Prep. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to serve as President of an institution that is at the forefront of helping young people in the St. Louis Metropolitan area fulfill their hopes and dreams. Thirty years ago, I joined the faculty of Cardinal Ritter Prep and began working as the Leadership Director. My goal at the time was to build a program that would inspire and engage students. I wanted them to focus on love of self, cultural and historical relevance, pride, determination, and service to others. We taught them that these were the same leadership qualities that fueled our ancestors – allowing them to overcome extraordinary challenges and accomplish great things. We emphasized that quitting was – and still is – not an option! These qualities and lessons remain at the heart of a Cardinal Ritter Prep education today. Our talented faculty and staff are dedicated to guiding, teaching and developing our students. With a focus on academics, leadership, and faith – our graduates are well-prepared to succeed in their respective life pursuits. We ensure that every Cardinal Ritter student is: • Enlightened in faith • Nurtured with compassion • Enriched by excellence • Called to leadership The effectiveness of our mission is evident in the accomplishments of our students. The Class of 2013 is on track for success: (1) 100% graduation rate; (2) 100% college acceptance rate; and, (3) the 57 graduates earned roughly $1,400,000 in scholarship grants for college. Ultimately, our objective is for our students to attain fulfilling careers and lead productive lives that in turn build strong communities. The Cardinal Ritter Prep legacy is strong and despite changing times and a sagging economy, we have overcome tremendous odds. I believe that the future is bright and with determination and tenacity, Cardinal Ritter Prep will continue to be a “drum major” for Catholic education – producing graduates who achieve great things within their local communities, city, nation and the world. On behalf of the entire Cardinal Ritter College Prep community, I thank you for your continual generosity, dedication and support of the Cardinal Ritter Prep mission. With your help, we can keep making a difference through our students. You remain always in our prayers. Peace & Blessings,

Leon C. Henderson President

Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

A MESSAGE FROM THE ARCHBISHOP Since 1979, the students, teachers, parents, and administrators of Cardinal Ritter Prep have worked tirelessly to make the school a shining example of quality urban education. Without their dedication – and your generous financial support – the Cardinal Ritter experience would be out of reach for so many talented young men and women. Thank you – our generous benefactors for the gifts of time, talent and financial resources you share with this wonderful educational institution. As you know, Cardinal Ritter Prep was built on the pillars of faith in God, educational excellence, and leadership – regardless of race, creed, ethnicity or socio-economic status. Our overarching goal is to help every student reach his or her full potential. Our students are aspiring, inspiring, and empowered for life – and we have the results to prove it. Take a look at the Cardinal Ritter Class of 2013: • Achieved 100% graduation rate • Achieved 100% college acceptance rate • Earned $1.4 million in scholarship offers to colleges and universities These outstanding achievements would not be possible without the unwavering commitment of our local corporate and civic leaders, business community, individual benefactors and friends. While much has been accomplished—we cannot rest. The need has never been greater. Your investment in Cardinal Ritter Prep is like no other because the return pays dividends in the lives of our students, our community, and our workforce for years to come. Cardinal Ritter Prep students are the future leaders of our Church, local business and the St. Louis community. Please continue to invest in the mission and students and do whatever it takes to keep this school a vibrant educational resource for our entire community. Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson

Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

CLASS OF 2013 HIGHLIGHTS Valedictorian, Jordan Mosley

Jordyn Blackshear

Earned and received $165,387 in scholarship money to the following institutions:

Was named one of STLtoday’s 2013 Scholar Athletes. She earned a full tuition scholarship to Philander-Smith College totaling $52,000. Jordyn was selected to receive a scholarship from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. in the amount of $1,000.

• Hampton University – $74,472 (Hampton Scholars Award) • University of Chicago – $ 48,050 (University of Chicago Grant) • Northwestern University – $42,865 (Northwestern Scholarship)

Salutatorian, Donielle Phillips Earned and received $94,000 in scholarship money to attend Xavier University of Louisiana. All scholarship amounts are over the course of a four year period. • Xavier University Merit Scholarship – $20,000

Shandranae Burnett Earned and received a full tuition Athletic and Academic Scholarship to Bellarmine University. The value of her award is approximately $105,600.

Charlene Dixon Earned and received a full tuition scholarship to Philander Smith College totaling $52,000.

• St. Katharine Drexel Scholarship – $74,000

Nanyamka Rice

• In addition, Donielle Phillips also earned $169,200 in scholarship and grant money to other institutions:

Earned and received a full tuition scholarship to the University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff totaling $32,000.

-- Xavier University at Cincinnati – $64,000 (Catholic Dean’s Award) -- Marquette University – $43,200 (Magis Award) -- Loyola University-New Orleans – $10,000 (Janssen Grant) -- Philander Smith College – $52,000 Full Tuition Thomas Mason Scholar

Bre’Onna Robinson Earned and received $63,568 in scholarship money to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia. All scholarship amounts are over the course of a four year period. • Diversity Award – $10,000 • Diversity Tuition Award – $53,568 Bre’Onna also received a full tuition scholarship to Alabama A&M University totaling $30,000. In addition, Bre’Onna was awarded the Broadwell Chinn Award from Wittenburg University in the amount of $64,000

Montell Scott Earned and received academic and athletic scholarship money to Iowa Wesleyan College totaling $58,000.

Aaliyah Pitts Earned and received scholarship and grant money to Fisk University totaling $40,000. • Fisk University Grant – $20,000 • Emerging Leaders Scholarship – $20,000

Isaiah Thomas Earned and received $98,000 in academic scholarship money. • Ball State University – Academic Recognition Award – $58,000 • Saint Xavier University – Saint Xavier Merit Scholarship – $40,000

Charlene Dixon

Tyra Wooten

Earned and received a full tuition scholarship to Philander Smith College totaling $52,000.

Earned and received a full tuition scholarship to Philander Smith College totaling $52,000.

Jai Blackshear-Bryant and Dominique Brand

Tyler Murphy

Earned and received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Award from the St. Louis Archdiocese. Jai Blackshear-Bryant earned and received academic scholarship money to Oakland City College totaling $26,000. He also received a scholarship from Scholar’s Choice in the amount of $2,500. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Entrepneurial Project presented a scholarship to Jai in the amount of $100. He also received the St. Charles Lwanga Center’s Trailblazer Award. Dominique Brand earned and received the SEE Scholars academic grant to Truman State University totaling $6,000.

Donielle Phillips Earned and received the Arch Bishop May Service Award from the St. Louis Archdiocese. At the commencement ceremony, Donielle Phillips was awarded the coveted Cardinal Ritter Award. The award is given to the member of the graduating class that the faculty feels who best actualized and internalizes the goals of the schools mission. (Faith Development, Academic Excellence, and Leadership)

Earned and received academic scholarship money to Xavier University at Cincinnati totaling $64,000. Tyler also received a trunk from Prince Hall Mason.

Jasmine Foster Was honored as a scholar by the Bertha Black Rhoda Section of the National Council of Negro Women and awarded a Legacy Trunk. She also earned and received an academic scholarship to Southeast Missouri State University totaling $11,200.

Aaliyah Abbott Earned and received academic scholarship money to Southern University Illinois-Carbondale totaling $16,000.

LaKira Wise-Anderson Earned and received academic scholarship money to the University of Central Missouri totaling $6,000.

Vellatina Walker Earned and received academic scholarship money to the University of Missouri-Columbia totaling $10,000. Stephen’s College also awarded Vellatina with academic scholarship money totaling $17,000.

Darryl Smith Earned and received academic and athletic scholarship money to Iowa Wesleyan College totaling $40,000.

Royalle Moore Earned and received the SEE Scholars academic grant to Truman State University totaling $6,000. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. awarded Royalle with the 2013 Mind Guard Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.



Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

CLASS OF 2013 COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES Aaliyah Abbott, Missouri State University

Royalle Moore, Truman State University

La Kira Anderson, University of Central Missouri

Jordan Mosley*, Columbia University New York

Jordyn Blackshear*, Alabama A & M University

Farrakhan Muhammad, Florissant Valley CC

Jai Blackshear-Bryant, Columbia College Chicago

Sharesse Murphy, Truman State University

Raymond Bogan-Clay, Missouri Western State University

Tyler Murphy, Morehouse College

Darian Boyd, Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School

Bryce Olden, Rockhurst University

Dominique Brand, University of Missouri – St. Louis

Ashley Pace, University of MO – Kansas City

Shandrana’ Burnett, Bellarmine University

Jimmie Pampkin, Missouri Western State University

Breinne Carter, SLCC Forest Park

Donielle Phillips*, Xavier University of Ohio

Christian Coffman, University of MO – Kansas City

Aaliyah Pitts, Fisk University

Devin Cofield, Harris Stowe State University

Ashlee Preston, Texas Southern University

Charlene Dixon*, Spelman College

Nanyamka Rice*, University of Missouri – St. Louis

Jasmine Foster*, Missouri State University

Bre’Onna Robinson*, Alabama A & M University

Jasmine Franklin, SLCC Forest Park

Jere Savage, Alabama A & M University

Jesse Gurley, Southwestern Illinois College

Montell Scott, Iowa Wesleyan College

Kyle Harbour, Illinois State University

Kiyana Seawright, University of Missouri – St. Louis

Kameron Hay, Loyola University of New Orleans

Kareema Senter, SLCC Forest Park

Britney Hayes, Florissant Valley CC

Darryl Smith, Iowa Wesleyan College

Chelsea Haynes, University of MO – Kansas City

Ruth Snipes-Soward, US Naval Academy Prep School

Mia Herron, SLCC Forest Park

Isaiah Thomas, Ball State University

Sadika Hester, Columbia University

Vellatina Walker*, Stephens College

Terrance Hudspeth, Kansas State University

Eric White, Jackson State University

Alvarez Jackson, Ohio State University

Jamal Whitehead, Meramec CC

Craig Jacobs, United States Navy

Alexandra Whitley, Southern Illinois University

Yordanos Jefferson, Malcolm X College

James Williams Jr., Neosho Junior College

Taelor Knox, Alabama A & M University

Tyra Wooten, Southern Illinois University

Kendall Mason, Southern Illinois University

Kia Wyatt, University of MO – Kansas City

Margaret McKinney, Southern Illinois University

Kaela Young, University of Central Missouri



Inspiring Cardinal Ritter Prep has shaped my life and made me the person I am today. I was lucky to have a very solid foundation provided by both of my parents. However, Cardinal Ritter Prep took that foundation and helped to shape me during my adolescent years. The school community felt like a family. I always knew they believed in me and they let me know I could do and be anything I wanted to be. It was clear that all of my teachers wanted the best for me not just in the classroom – but for life.

Aspiring I can’t think of any other school besides Cardinal Ritter Prep that successfully understands and addresses the needs of black kids from every socio-economic background. My husband and I couldn’t imagine sending our son – Dakarai – to a school he would be expected to just “fit in.” Instead, we know that Cardinal Ritter Prep is laser-focused on teaching black kids what they need to know in order to graduate, succeed in college, and face the world. No other school can say that. God willing, our younger sons will be able to attend Cardinal Ritter Prep as well.

We are proud of Dakarai’s accomplishments as an athlete and honor roll student. But what really warms our heart is to see how well-adjusted, socially responsible, mature and respectful he is. He’s a quiet leader like me. The foundation was set for him at home – but it has been brought to life at Cardinal Ritter Prep.

Empowered for life The focus on academic excellence, faith and leadership is not just “lip-service”… it’s real. So real, that it’s stuck with me over 20 years later. The Cardinal Ritter Prep community understands that anything is possible when a young adult has a positive self-image, confidence and self-awareness. They teach what our ancestors believed when they held their newborn babies to the skies and said - “behold, the only thing greater than yourself.” That’s what Ritter instills in you. And the good news is, it stays with you for life.

Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

AMARA HEARD CLASS OF 2009 Inspiring After watching my two god-children survive and thrive after being born prematurely at one and two pounds, I knew that’s what I wanted to to do with my life. I hope to be amongst the top medical professionals working in the field of Neonatology giving families a chance to bring their once-very-sick children home to lead a full life. When I decided I wanted to attend an accelerated medical program that would combine undergraduate and medical school, my parents, family and the Cardinal Ritter Prep community were right there to encourage me.

Aspiring Cardinal Ritter has inspired me to succeed by helping me realize how much of an opportunity I have to make a difference in this world. I never imagined that I would one day be in medical school, just three years away from being a Doctor. Cardinal Ritter Prep helped me to put all of my talent onto paper so that others can see my potential as well.

I am in my fourth year of the six year B.A./M.D. program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine (UMKC). I will be graduating in 2016 with my Bachelor’s in Biology and my M.D. My hopes are to begin residency in Pediatrics and then move on to a Neonatology fellowship.

Empowered for life Cardinal Ritter Prep prepared me well for medical school. I already had 16 college credits that I earned in high school which allowed me to lighten my workload for my first few years at UMKC. My advice for students debating whether or not to attend Cardinal Ritter Prep is to consider the following: If you want a school where teachers are dedicated to student success, that offers dual credit classes, and provides multiple outlets for growth—look no further. Cardinal Ritter Prep is a proven institution that has raised a host of Professional Athletes, Dancers, Doctors, and great Leaders in their communities.



Ameren Missouri

100 Black Men of Metropolitan St. Louis

Mr. and Mrs. William Armstead AT&T Missouri Mr. Joshua W. Beeks Mr. Steven Bostic Pastor and Mrs. Frank Bryson Mr. Christopher Chavis Commerce Bank Ms. Kimberly Jerra Culberson Daughters of Charity - Delmar Residence Employees Community Fund of The Boeing Company Ms. Amanda Farrell Mr. Na’im Gray Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation

Mr. Daniel Conway

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jersa

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Conway

Mrs. Gloria and Mr. William Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Corrigan Covidien

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Akos

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crenshaw, Sr.

Mrs. Doris Allen

Mr. and Mrs. James Cunnane

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Alonzo

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Nancy de Bettencourt

Ameren Corporation Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. David Dolan

Annual Catholic Appeal

Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Donohue


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Duffy

Mr. and Mrs. William Armstead

Edison Family Foundation

Mr. Mark G. Arnold

Edward Jones

Ascension Health


AT&T Missouri

Mr. Aaron R. Emig

Ms. Shannon Bagley and Mr. Ryan Tusek

Mr. Adam Emig

Ms. Petra M. Baker

Employees Community Fund of The Boeing Company

Bank of America

Enterprise Bank and Trust

Mr. and Ms. Andrew T. Hardge ‘92

Mr. Thomas Bannister

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Ms. Africa Harris

Mr. and Mrs. David Baranowski

Express Scripts

Mr. Darrius J. Harris

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kathleen Batts

Ms. Tonya L. Farr

Ms. Theresa Harris

BCLLP Foundation

Ms. Mary Fischer

Ms. Tamara Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Bell, Jr.

Fontbonne University

Mrs. Natalie Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blackshear

Food Service Consultants, Inc.

Ms. Renee Jones

Mr. George Green and Ms. Buffi Blanchard

Footwear Unlimited, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Greg P. Lavigne Mrs. Jennifer R. Major Maritz Inc. Mr. Steven M. McKay Ms. Kimberly McNutt Mr. Kevin O’Brien Ms. Tiffany Paul Mr. Larry D. Perkins Ms. Kaira Peterson Mr. Marcus Robinson Ms. Margo Roy The Saigh Foundation Ms. Nancy Donoho and Mr. Michael S. Salsich Mr. and Mrs. David Snively Mr. Robert St. Vrain Mr. James Thompson Ms. Christine C. Wallace ‘92 Westerman Foundation Mrs. Kenya Willis Ms. Cassaundra L. Young

Ms. LaShanda Boone Mr. and Mrs. Don Bouton Mr. and Mrs. Craig Boyd BSI Constructors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bunce Bunge North America, Inc. Capital Enhancement, Inc. Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School

Reverend Robert J. Gettinger Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grieves Mr. Robert and Ms. Donna Gropler Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guyol Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Hall Helmsing Family Charitable Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson Mr. Scott Jones Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaiser William T. Kemper Foundation-Commerce Bank Trustee Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kilo Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kohlberg Mr. and Mrs. Alois Koller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Landewe Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Lee Mr. Lewis A. Levey Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Loyola Academy Marsh & McLennan Companies Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Massarella Mr. Richard McClure and Mrs. Sharon Buchanan-McClure Mr. Steven M. McKay Mr. Irvan McMurtry, Jr. Ms. Cheryl J. McNeil Merck Company FoundationMatching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Greg Minana Mission Advancement Initative Alive in Christ! Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mohrman Monsanto Company Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mooney Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mudd, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Birch Mullins Dr. Richard Nault Mr. Mark Neilsen and Ms. Judith Gallagher

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Henderson

Cass Information Systems Inc.

Mr. Leon Henderson

Catholic Education Office

Mrs. Teressa and Mr. Charles Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cavato

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hill

Rev. Arthur Cavitt

Mrs. Laura Hogan

Centene Corporation

Ms. Betty Howard

Office of Stewardship and the Annual Catholic Appeal

Ms. Sarah Chiodini

Hudson Services

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oliveri

Christner Inc.

Husch Blackwell LLP

Rev. Robert R. Osborne


Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Igoe

Mr. Harold Ott

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Clever, Jr.

International Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pack

Commerce Bank Mr. and Mrs. Joe Conran

Mr. Todd Jacobs Dr. Jade D. James

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Niebrugge Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Notestine Mr. Kevin O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. George Paz Pelopidas LLC

Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

DONORS UNRESTRICTED GIFTS, CONT. Ms. Kaira Peterson Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wilkins, Jr.

Mr. Yusef M. Kindell

Mr. Henry Ross

Rev. Msgr. Ted L. Wojcicki

Ms. Rezia L. Lake

Mr. Osborne Shannon

World Wide Technology

Mrs. Jennifer Lanton

Mr. and Mrs. John Vatterott

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Worley

Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Lowry

Ms. Beverly L. Versey-Riley

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Youde

Ms. Yvette C. Luster ‘87

Mr. Wilfred H. Wiley

Ms. Julianne Phelps

Mr. John Young

Ms. Jacqueline M. McWell ‘90

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Worley

Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Phillips

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Diane Zuniga

Ms. Susan Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. John Pickering

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nolan


Mr. Richard Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blackshear

Mr. Larry D. Perkins

Patricia Randazzo Estate

Reverend Richard Potts, C.Ss.R.


Ms. Jennifer Raymond


Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reagan


Ms. Patricia A. Pou

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reap

Mrs. Brenda Bell

Mrs. Mary Schuman

Mr. Michael Richardson

Mrs. Deloris Bell

Mr. Jermal L. Seward

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Rigdon

Ms. Stephanie Bell

Ms. Blair J. Stephenson

Rottler Pest Control Company

Mr. Richard J. Bischof and Ms. Susan C. Federspiel

Mr. Adrian Tatum

Mrs. and Mr. Carol Powell Mr. Oscar Ratterman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Rudolph Saint Louis University Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schell Mr. Daniel Schiele Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Schoemehl, Jr.

Pastor and Mrs. Frank Bryson Ms. Carmon Camp Mr. Sean Camp and Mrs. Joy Camp Mr. and Mrs. John Cova Dr. Pricilla Dowden-White, Ph.D.


Ms. Tara L. Duke

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Shaughnessy

Mrs. Dionne Ellis

Dr. and Mrs. Dave Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sly Mr. and Mrs. Dave Snively St. Matthew Jesuit Community St. Roch Building the Future Mr. and Mrs. David Steward Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Ms. Ashley Swip Ms. Dara S. Taylor Msgr. James T. Telthorst The Boeing Company Dr. Karen Tichy Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation

Mr. Troy and Mrs. Loretta J. Ellis Ms. Tonya L. Farr Mrs. Allison N. and Mr. Raymond Fields, Jr. Mr. Charles French and Mrs. Vanessa D. French

Ms. Dara S. Taylor Mr. Richard Todaro Mrs. Diane C. Trice Mr. A. Keith Turner Ms. Christine C. Wallace ‘92 Mrs. LuRelia Williams Mr. Sylvester Williams ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Womack Mr. John Wright III


Mr. James Gates

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Bell, Jr.

Ms. Sharon L. Gerken

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Blackshear

Ms. Ruby Grady

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Casey

Mr. Na’im Gray

Convent of the Sacred Heart

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grimes

Mr. Chester A Deanes, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fowler

Ms. Claire M. Hay

Mr. Jim Frisella

Mrs. Teressa and Mr. Charles Henry

Ms. Mary Beth Gallagher

Ms. Tamara Howard

Ms. Margaret Gilleo

Mr. Etefia Umana

Mrs. Doris Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Hall

UniGroup, Inc.

Ms. Judith Jackson

Mr. Lawrence P. Harris

US Bank

Dr. Jade D. James

Mr. Melvin Jones

Vatterott Foundation

Ms. Ellawease Jones

Mr. Desmond Leong

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Vatterott

Ms. Renee Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. John Vatterott

Mr. Ronald O. Jones

Mr. John Owens

Dr. Katrina Wade

Mr. Dorlan Joswhay

Mr. Benjamin Phillips

Wells Fargo

Ms. Michelle Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Pichon

Whelan Security

Mr. Michael B. Kennedy

Dr. Rodney B. Robinson

Dana Brown Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank Trustee DeWitt and Caroline Evera Foundation

INSPIRED “Cardinal Ritter Prep inspired me to seek out the truth.� Marquese Robinson Class of 2010 Marquese received a full academic scholarship to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He is a sophomore with a double major in psychology and business. He is a member of the Mock Trial Team and will earn his degree in 2015.

Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life


Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Restricted Funds Deposits Tuition & Fees Receivable Property Other Assets Total Assets

16,125 4,062,941 463,793 19,939,437 0 24,482,296


Accounts Payable and accrued Expenses Notes Payable Building Other Liabilities Total Liabilities

358,185 122,443 53,315 533,943

Net Assets

Unrestricted Restricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

20,228,042* 3,720,311 3,720,311 4,254,254

CONDENSED SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES (for the year ended June 30, 2013)


Contributions Grants Tuition & Other Income Total Revenue

208,315 1,860,668 1,961,472 4,030,455

Grants and Assessments Management and General Operations Total Operating Expenses Change in Net Assets

112,054 3,902,423 4,014,477


*includes the property


Aspiring, Inspiring, Empowered for Life

FACULTY AND STAFF ADMINISTRATION Leon Henderson Charles Nolan Michael Blackshear Jason Otte

President Vice President Principal Dean of Students


Dr. Celeste Adams English Joanne Bone Theology Linda Cova Social Studies Linda DePriest Math Arthur Grimes Assistant to the Administration Dr. Terry Harris Science Richard Hunt Art Judith Jackson Music Jennifer Kwolek Theology Mike Lampe Social Studies Renee Lathon Math Cathleen Lewis Science Shante’ Lyons Leadership and Social Studies Susan Meyer English Kevin O’Brien Math Joseph Pecaut Business Education and Theology Lydia Pruitt Spanish Bernard Quinn Health and Physical Education Sandy Reid English Laurie Schaefer English Venus Spain Science Sylvester Williams Business and Technology


Willie Ash April Cotton John Saunders Tonya Farr Peter Goode Arthur Grimes Jackie McWell Sandra Morton Diane Trice Etefia Umana

Director of Student Activities Intern Leadership Program Advancement Director Alumni Affairs Director Tuition Collection Specialist Assistant to the Administration Business Manager Director of Student Services & Tech Coordinator Assistant to the President Guidance Counselor

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID St. Louis, MO Permit No. 1471

701 N Spring Ave St Louis, MO 63108

2013 Cardinal Ritter Annual Report  
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