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OFSTED OUTSTANDING SINCE 2008 GCSE 2012: Average Points Score per student is at the 8th percentile of all schools in England. Outstanding.


The final newsletter of the academic year 2012/2013, how can it come around so quickly? The end of the year is always a time of reflection and as is always the case I think that we have much to feel proud of. We were a little disappointed, perhaps surprisingly you might think, that OFSTED did not come along. It is five years since our last inspection and even though we were graded ‘outstanding’ then we feel we have moved on a great deal and have much more to celebrate. Perhaps next year! When I look at all the events and successes that have happened over the year it soon becomes clear that there are far too many to list but here are just a recent few. The recent production of Annie reminds us of just how much talent we have in school. The singing, dancing, music were all superb and this was complemented by the extremely talented sound and lighting crew.

Newsletter 39 - July 2013

On the evening of the 27th June, for their Engineering Silver award, a group of students prepared a ‘Black Tie’ dinner for the school Governing Body. Well what a treat we were all in for! Starter: scallops, main course: venison, desert: rhubarb tart: all cooked and presented immaculately. (Vegetarian choice was also on offer of course) A faultless meal from a dedicated group of students.

Monday was Sports Day, hot and sunny, but not lethargic or sultry, just bundles of energy and enthusiasm. There were many standout performances but perhaps the star was Will Crisp, Year 8, who apart from other superb performances, broke the school high jump record by the proverbial mile. His final clearance was 1.70 metres beating the old school record by 30cm, a phenomenal effort. It has been a very good year for FCC and I expect this to be reflected in the exam results that will come out in August. Achieving an OFSTED ‘outstanding’ rating is hard enough but trying to maintain it is even harder. There is never an option to stand still and so one is always looking to move forward, to be better, and this inevitably means to work harder. I must thank all my staff (teaching and support) for their dedication and patience in dealing with all the pressures that we put them under to continuously move FCC forward. They are the engine of our success. The final lesson observation data that we have judges the quality of teaching at 41% of lessons as ‘outstanding’ and 53% as ‘good’, impressive by any standard. Of course we can only achieve these results because we have ‘outstanding’ students who want to achieve and who work hard to succeed and who are supported and encouraged by ‘outstanding’ parents. Thank you as it makes our job that much easier. Just recently we had a letter from the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust congratulating us on our successes and who stated, ‘these results are testament to the commitment and hard work of the students, teachers and leadership team at FCC and a vindication of their belief in high expectation, good teaching and ambition for every young person’. I would like to give a fond farewell to all the students, families and staff who are leaving FCC at the end of this term. We wish you all the very best for the future. Finally it remains for me to wish you all a great summer and remind you that we have given all students a Summer Learning booklet with lots of ideas to keep their mind functioning over the break so that they all come back in September freshly charged and ready to go! David Wilson Headteacher FCC Executive Headteacher Faringdon Academy of Schools National Leader in Education

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Imogen Buckle


Mrs Ford

Interesting and mature questions in Cells and Reproduction lessons.

Zac Robinson


Mr Edwards

For his excellent help in the Y6 Science Lesson

Emilia Chick


Ms Hutchison

Contribution and attainment over the year in Science.

Caitlin Nicholls


Mr Wells

Excellent contributions to every science lesson.

The winner for last week is Emilia Chick who will receive 50 Vivo miles.

Paris Residential 10th – 14th June 2013 Paris was an experience of a lifetime! We saw many famous landmarks such as the Notre Dame cathedral, the Sacré Cœur and the Eiffel tower. It was hard to believe that we were going up the Eiffel tower after seeing so many pictures and films of this famous structure. We also visited one of the many markets in the city, picking up many interesting souvenirs to bring home. It was enjoyable to be able to look in the small traditional Parisian shops, which you won’t find in England. Visiting the Musée d’Orsay was also an experience as we saw many original well-known French paintings, many by Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. Many people were excited by the trip to Parc Asterix at the end of the week. There were many exhilarating rides, although we were soaked through from the water rides and continuous rain by the end of the day! Paris was a chance to meet different people, as well as seeing the city itself! We all agree that it was an amazing experience and we would all love to go again. George Gibbens , Kyle Rothwell , Hannah Bowden, Esme Fletcher, Kasia Micklem & Sam Cotterell Next year’s residential will be from 9th - 13th June 2014. It will cost around £415 (all expenses included apart from pocket money) and is open to all students in Years 8 and 9. Ms Sanders

Before the Sponsored Walk this week staff and students watched as Cassie Reid had her hair shaved off. Cassie donated her hair in memory of her beloved Dad Clint who recently lost his battle with Cancer. She did it to raise awareness and to enable children with cancer to have a wig of natural hair which looks more realistic. Cassie is seen in the picture with Step mum Michelle Reid. Cassie hopes to raise a lot more money in memory of her Dad Clint and would love it if you could help. Please see her web site for more details Thank you.

I hope you like the ‘new style’ newsletter. Our aim is to keep you much more informed about what the students are learning and, alongside this, be more up front in the celebration of individual student achievements. If you have any comments about the ‘new style’, please email them to the school.



Jenny Tipping Jenny has been at FCC for 33 years. She has been the Personal Assistant to the Headteacher and hence of course, has been at the hub of everything that has happened at FCC. Her loyalty and dedication to the school is unquestionable. Her knowledge and understanding of what makes FCC ‘tick’ is second to none. She has always had a sunny, warm disposition and in every respect she will be very much missed. She has decided that it is finally time to retire and we wish her all the very best for the future.

Richard Austin Richard joined the school in September 2010 and has been a massive influence in developing the rugby team and cricket teams across the whole of the school. Richard has decided to take a break from teaching and is going travelling for a year starting in New Zealand. We wish him all the best.

Steph McGrath Andrew Creaser Andrew started in September 1993 and has been a great servant to the school. Initially he taught in the Science department and has also been Head of 6th form. In recent years he has been teaching Resistant Materials in the Design & Technology department where he also successfully set up the ‘train club’ as an extra-curricular activity. In the last few weeks he undertook to design and build an extension to the stage in the main hall, which looks fantastic. Mr Creaser is leaving the school for family reasons and we wish him well and would like to thank him for all his hard work and commitment to FCC over the years. Sam Ayres Ms Ayres started FCC in September 2003. We are very proud of the fact that she has been appointed as Assistant Headteacher, at Worthing High School. This is a promotion very well deserved. Ms Ayres, as Head of PE, has overseen a very successful department where the popularity of the subject has gone from strength to strength. She was also the first teacher to introduce BTEC courses in the school and thus enabling some of our students to follow a vocational pathway. Ms Ayres will be very much missed but we wish her every success in her new post. Nydia Opare-Darko Nydia started in 2012 to cover a shortfall in the Design and Technology department. She was in her first year of teaching and has been a real asset to the department and we have been delighted with the impact she has made, particularly with the quality of the graphics work the students have produced under her guidance. We wish her well in her new post.

Steph has been a teaching assistant at FCC since June 2003. She initially came for a year, to see if she would like working with young people, and ended up staying for over ten years! I think we can assume she has enjoyed the experience. When Steph handed in her notice, she told me that she was intending to have a ’grey gap year’ and she is having a leisurely think about what to do in the future. That does sound inviting! As one of our longest serving TA’s, Steph will be much missed by the SEN department. We all send her our warm wishes for the future, whatever it may hold.

Giles Watson Dr. Watson has been with us for seven years and, during that time, he has been an inspiring presence at FCC. Not only is he an outstanding teacher but he has also thrown himself fully into the life of the college, particularly by getting heavily involved in college productions. His care and support for every pupil that he teaches and his genuine interest in the wellbeing and success of young people make him someone that will be very much missed. We wish him well for his new life in Australia.

Dan has been a member of the SEN team for just one year, but in that time he has packed in lots of experiences to take on with him to Exeter University. Dan is going on to train as a PE teacher, and everybody here can see that he has the potential to become an outstanding teacher. He has been a brilliant role model for the students he has helped to support this year, and his quiet, calm manner and enthusiasm has won over some of our more challenging students. We hope you will be successful in your studies next year, Dan, and good luck when you start job hunting. The school that snaps you up as a PE teacher will be very lucky.

Michael Pearce Mike joined the school in September 2002 and has had several roles in the school including citizenship coordinator, key stage 4 coordinator in PE, and super learning day coordinator. Michael has been a highly valued member of the PE department and has accepted a role as Head of PE in a secondary school in Bath. We wish him all the best.

Stella Wheatley Stella started in January 2004 and although she was a qualified teacher, initially she worked as a cover supervisor. She quickly developed good working relationships with the students and parents and it became obvious that she worked well with the vulnerable students and those with special needs. She played an important part in setting up the successful Attainment, Inclusion and Mentoring room (AIM) and much of her work in the last few years has been spent supporting students with Special Needs. Stella has been appointed as Head of Special needs at Millbrook Primary School Grove and we wish her every success in her new post.

Holly Whittle Holly has been with us for five years. She is a very talented teacher who shows a great deal of care for her pupils. She has given much of her own time to support individual pupils who are struggling or have fallen behind. Mrs. Whittle is very much liked by pupils and staff and we will miss her next year. We wish her well in her future pursuits.

We also send our best wishes to, Miss Revell, Miss Beadle and Mr Edwards all of whom are getting married during the summer holidays.

Gov vernme ent Chan nges to regulattions reg gardingg holiday ys in te erm tim me During 22011-2012, our o overall school attenddance was 95 5.2% and currrently for 20012-2013 it is i 94.9%. this is deeemed to bee ‘good’ but it i is imperatiive that we do d not becom me complaceent and allow w this to drop furrther. From Seeptember 20013 the schoo ol will no lonnger have a ‘Holiday ‘ Req quest Form’ ((pink form) and a any request for term tim me absence will w need to bbe completed on an ‘App plication for Absence Form’ which caan be collectted from Student Servicees or downlo oaded from our o website. Each case will w be considerred individuaally. Absence e will only bee authorised in specific circumstancess. No retrospective approval can be grannted. Failure to request ppermission fo or leave, or refusal to gra rant leave, wiill mean that the absence is un-authorised u d. http://ww me/holidays_ _in_term_tim me.html By law, tthere is no ‘eentitlement’ or ‘allowancce’ as of right. Any absen nce from sch ool is authorised solely att the discretiion of the He eadteacher, w within the frramework off the new leggislation com ming into force fro om Septembber 2013. The e changes incclude: Regulattions from Septembe er 2013 Amendm ments to thee 2006 regulaations removve referencess to family holiday and exxtended leavve as well as tthe statutoryy threshold of o ten schooll days. The amendments a make clear tthat Headteaachers may no ot grant any leave of abse ence during tterm time unless there are a exceptionnal circumstances. Headteaachers should d determine the numberr of school days a child caan be away ffrom school if the leave is ggranted. Below yyou will find some s inform mation, facts aand figures regarding r holiday requestts, produced by the Attendaance and Engaagement Teaam at Oxforrdshire Coun nty Council. DID YO OU KNOW that t a studen nt who takess a two weekk holiday (10 0 school dayss) during one e academic year will only o attain 94 4.7% attendannce? DID YO OU KNOW that t if a child d is taken aw way for a two o week holiday every yeaar during term time and has an average number n of daays off for sicckness and appointments a s, then by thhe time they leave at 16 they will have misssed a year of o school? THEREFFORE, EVERY Y DAY COU UNTS! Thank yyou for your continued su upport.

D Wilso on Headteaacher

Newsletter 39 2  
Newsletter 39 2