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Inspiring Family Ideas


Adventure Africa is the perfect destination to deliver a great family vacation. Whether traveling with younger kids, teenagers or several generations, a safari in Africa is safe, fun and a cultural opportunity to build a bridge across continents while experiencing one of the last sanctuaries for wildlife. From South Africa’s Rainbow Nation and the majesty of Victoria Falls to adventures in the Serengeti or the deltas of wildlife-rich Botswana, a family safari is an unforgettable opportunity to experience the wildness of Africa. Africa encourages you to leave the bustle behind, slow down to her rhythm, recharge and re-connect.

Photo Credit: ©Elewana Tortilis Camp, Amboseli

Enjoy the simple pleasures, like the serenity of a sunrise over the savanna, fiery sunsets and starry nights around a campfire sharing the day’s adventures. There’s plenty of time for adventure too with exciting game drives, guided walks, treasure hunts, and more!

WELCOME TO African Travel’s Family Guide We would like to invite you to learn more about family safaris to Africa.

We hope this guide is a valuable tool to learn more about the family safaris we offer together and gives you inspiring ideas to customize your own family journey.

We Know Africa

Live your African dream on a custom family safari

LOCAL HERE & THERE team in US and Africa with extensive knowledge & access

FAMILY OF BRANDS taking care of every detail

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SAFARI Africa is a bucket list destination with experiences for the entire family. From active adventures to relaxing poolside, here are some of the things that make a safari a trip of a lifetime.




Extraordinary game viewing of Africa’s endemic wildlife while guides share their knowledge.

Beaches to relax on, waterfalls to be explored, or deltas to glide along in a mokoro.

From animal tracking projects and meeting anti-poaching units, there are many ways to participate.




See the savanna from a new perspective. Ages 7+ can soar in a hot air balloon.

Enjoy photography, painting or cooking classes while trying something new in the bush together.

There is a program to match kids ages and interests at kid’s club and ranger-led activities.




Local guides share insight from Egypt’s ancient civilizations to South Africa’s walk to freedom.

Go on a bush walk to discover the part of nature that would have otherwise been missed.

Adventurous palettes enjoy Africa’s different cuisines and picky eaters love their comfort food.




Most lodges and camps have fitness rooms or creative ways to stay active.

Nothing pairs better than enjoying a spa in a bush setting while kids are exploring the nature around.

Combine safari adventures with a beach or island getaway.


Photo Credit: Jabulani Safari, South Africa

A safari is filled with many memorable moments. Our guests share some of their favorite experiences.


DIGITAL DETOX Africa provides experiences where every family member will put down their electronic devices and enjoy the moment. Animal spotting checklists, channeling your inner Maasai warrior, and enjoying dinner at the boma are some of the ways to fill a day.

Africa encourages you to leave the bustle behind, slow down to her rhythm, recharge and re-connect.

You will be surprised when the night owl in your family wakes up early and is eager to spot wildlife as the sun rises. It is a relaxing experience together punctuated by the thrill of spotting a herd of zebra, elephants or a leopard resting in a tree.

Families appreciate the relaxing time between game drives. Get your digital fix with a quick video game or connect with friends. Or continue the detox and read a book or enjoy a lodge activity together.

Going on a night game drive is equally memorable, closely followed by walks with rangers and guides.

The insta-worthy photos from beautiful sundowners together are great to look back on and are often found memories together.

AMAZING LODGES AND CAMPS Kids love everything about where they stay from the friendly staff to the fun bathtubs and showers. Parents appreciate the all inclusive nature of safaris where meals and tea time and most drinks and activities are included. And you can’t beat the select laundry services.

THE FOOD! The flavors of Africa will delight you. Africa has been doing farm to table forever and most lodges and camps invite you to learn about the local food, taking you to their garden or local markets. A favorite is our custom cooking classes in secret locations.

Younger kids often fall in love with the kid’s clubs while older kids love going on guided game drives, nature walks and canoe trips. Everyone takes pleasure in the afternoon at the pool!



Enjoy the glow of lantern light on canvas walls and drift off to sleep to the sounds of the bush. Options range from Hemingway-style mobile safari camps to massive, tented suites. Tented camps are great for smaller families (3-4 people) who might share a tent or families with older kids who take over several tents.

BUSH LODGE Flexibility and Spa

Boutique-style lodges offer an our favorites are set on coffe and conservancies.

Lodges range in style and the several rooms. There is also m between rooms. Lodges are a all ages.

Home to some of the world’s best hotels and resorts, Africa has a range of accommodation to meet each family’s needs. The following three styles are the most popular for families. Pick a favorite or mix and match!


n intimate experience. Most of ee plantations, private reserves

eme and families can take over more flexibility in moving a great option for families of


Looking to keep your bubble small? Bush homes and villas are perfect for those who prize their own personalized service. It is also a great value option for several families traveling together or a large group. A hospitality team can consist of a host, private chef, spa therapist. You will have your own private vehicle led by a dedicated field guide and tracker team.


Photo Credit: Little Chem Chem, Tanzania

Tourism is the lifeblood of Africa and every dollar makes an incredible difference. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, to help protect wild and marine life, and to care for the planet we call home. As African experts, we guide you to the most memorable experiences that will also leave a lasting impact on the communities you visit.

HOW WE TREAD RIGHT As part of our How We Tread Right (HWTR) sustainability strategy we have launched special MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences. Each experience is ethically responsible, helps preserve wildlife or communities, and enhances the United Nation’s global sustainability efforts.

CONSERVATION CONTRIBUTION Park fees and part of the accommodation costs are invested directly into wildlife and communities. This can fund tracking units, wildlife research and community projects.









MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Each of our itineraries includes at least one of our 45 sustainable MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences. Here are just a few of our diverse opportunities to engage with Africa’s people and wildlife. 1. WILDLIFE REHABILITATION CENTRE WALK THROUGH



Go behind the scenes and get a firsthand look at conservation projects and meet the passionate wildlife caregivers at Shamwari.

In the Northern Serengeti visit Maasai communities untouched by large-scale tourism and learn about their innovative community projects.

At Camp Jabulani follow the herd virtually than meet your foster elephant in person.




Spend a day in Cape Town meeting inspiring people and learning about their music, customs and way of life.

Spend time with guides and resident naturalists learning bushcraft skills based on each kid’s age.

Go behind the scenes with the anti-poaching team. Meet their dogs and learn about their scent tracking.

Every safari includes a donation to a child’s education and wildlife conservation.

Photo Credit: © Natural Selection Safaris

EXPLORE AFRICA Find the right Africa just for you with one of these special journeys.

Like the stripes on a zebra, no two human fingerprints are the same. The same is true for each family’s ideal safari. We specialize in crafting magical journeys to suit each guest’s personal travel style and interest. Whatever your dreams of Africa, use one of these ideas as inspiration to create the perfect safari.


This adventure begins in Cape Town, journeys to Grootbos Nature Reserve, a coastal wonderland where you’ll search for the Marine Big 5, and ends in an epic safari in a wildlife heaven.

THE JOURNEY Over three days explore Cape Town with private tours of the city and Cape Peninsula. Relax among wildflowers and coastal views in the Grootbos Private Reserve. Enjoy wildlife-rich Shamwari Game Reserve, home to the Big 5 and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE This safari satisfies adventurous city and bush interests while allowing downtime in beautiful places.

AFRICAN TRAVEL BENEFITS Local led city tours customized to your interest. Choice of accommodation from lodge suites to villa or house takeovers. Arrange special cooking classes in the bush or soccer matches with the local kids. A donation is made to wildlife conservation at the malaria-free Shamwari Game Reserve.

TRAVEL TIP Add a few days in Victoria Falls for an exciting land and water safari. Watch this video and see what it is like to be on safari at Victoria Falls River Lodge.

Photo Credit: Shamwari Private Game Reserve, South Africa; Victoria Falls River Lodge

FAMILY SAFARI IN KENYA Kenya is home to diverse game reserves and conservancies, beautiful landscapes, great game viewing, and delightful cultural encounters.

THE JOURNEY This nine-day adventure is perfect for all ages and is all about extraordinary wildlife and true adventure in style and safety. While staying at family owned bush homes and camps, re-wild the kids, meet the local Maasai, and participate in wildlife conservation projects. Bring your kids to Kenya’s first Bush School for Children and for older family members accompany the anti-poaching ranger unit to learn about game counts, de-snaring and tracking.


Kenya is a fantastic option for more active travelers and multi generation families. Spend time together on game drives and in between parents or grandparents can relax or everyone can participate in active adventures like bush walks, mountain biking or horse riding.

AFRICAN TRAVEL BENEFITS Tour flights between camps to maximize your time in the wild. Participate in several MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experiences including exploring Kenya’s oldest national park and meeting the mammas and local children at House in the Wild.

TRAVEL TIP Interested in more hidden gems? On the Captivating Kenya itinerary, spot the Samburu 5, search for endangered rhino with Nairobi as a backdrop, and visit Kenya’s first community owned elephant sanctuary. Photo Credit: House in the Wild, Kenya; Sasaab, Kenya

SAFARI FORTHE DISCOVER All Ages WONDERS OF TANZANIA Tanzania never fails to deliver an exceptional safari experience. Explore UNESCO World Heritage sights including the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti.

THE JOURNEY Stay at Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations. Descend through the mists into the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fly to the northern edge of the world-renowned Serengeti for 3 nights of luxury under canvas at the elegant TAASA Lodge.

DREAM SAFARI Home to the Great Migration usually from July to October, Tanzania offers a classic safari experience. There’s plenty to see here and pairs well with Kenya, Rwanda and the Spice Island of Zanzibar.

AFRICAN TRAVEL BENEFITS Learn age-old survival techniques from Maasai warriors. Identify bush food, learn how to make a fire, spear, bow and arrow. Or maybe search for wildlife tracks with your guide and make a mold of the footprints to take home as a souvenir!

TRAVEL TIP: Consider our

Enchanting East Africa for an interesting mix of bush and beach. Explore the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, and then escape to Zanzibar. Photo Credit: Sanctuary Swala Camp, Tanzania; The Manta Resort, Znzibar


Africa is a year-round destination and we can guide you to the best times and destinations to visit based on what your family wants to see or when they want to travel.

A YEAR-ROUND MIX OF EXPERIENCES NOV - MAR BEACH & SURFING Cape Town comes alive with sunny weather and big events. JAN - JUL SERENGETI MIGRATION The world’s largest cirgular migration of zebras and wildebeest cross the Serengeti.


MAY - OCT DRY SEASON The bush thins making it prime wildlife viewing. Daytime temps are mild.

MAY - JULY GRUMETI RIVER CROSSING The herds risk it all to continue their trek to the Maasai Mara.


JAN - FEB GORILLA TREKKING Gorilla treks are yearround. Babies start to arrive.

MAR - JUN OKAVANGO DELTA The waterways fill and the delta is transformed with an extraordinary hive of animal activity.

JAN - MAR BIRTHING SEASON Young wildebeest are born and there is intense big cat action.

FEB - JUN VICTORIA FALLS ROARS Victoria Falls is in full flood.

YEAR ROUND BEACH HOLIDAY Africa’s white sand beach and islands have enjoyable tropical weather. Zanzibar is on the equator and beautiful.

JULY - NOV KENYA MIGRATION The herds cross the Mara River in a spectacle filled with drama.


SEP - OCT GREEN SEASON Between September and October thousands of birds migrate to the rivers and lakes surrounding the Makgadikgadi Pans. FESTIVE SEASONS Another great option to get away. Holiday pricing may by higher but so is the level of fun.


SEPTEMBER BABY NAMING Rwanda’s Kwita Izina, baby naming ceremony coincides with great trekking conditions.

Planning Tip

DEC - MARCH ZEBRA MIGRATION Once the rains have fallen, the zebra migration can be seen in the Makgadikgadi Pans.

There are great rewards for families who want to travel now but they must be flexible. Planning for a big occasion or have your heart set on a certain lodge or camp? Plan six months to a year in advance.

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO VISIT AFRICA? Africa is a year-round destination, and the best time depends on your family’s schedule and travel preference. While the dry season is one of the best times to get a fill of Mother Nature, and the dry season differs by destination and depends on your interests. The Green Season is a wonderful time of year that buzzes with new life and is a great time to avoid the crowds of high season while saving money. Also, not all the animals are migratory so you will see wildlife and spend more time with your guide viewing them. WHAT SHOULD I CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING A FAMILY SAFARI? Choose a destination, then decide on pace, and experiences. Some families are very active and prefer constant engagement, while other families prefer longer stays with less packing and unpacking. Once you decide on pace and some of the top things each family member wants to see, we can craft the right mix of lodges, camps and experiences to fit your needs. IS THERE A MINIMUM AGE FOR CHILDREN? We cater to all families. Our safari specialists will advise the best destination based on age, family travel style and any other requirements. For families with younger kids, a good kids club or program keeps kids entertained and can also provide some time for parents or grandparents to relax or enjoy a safari on their own. WHAT IS IT LIKE BEING ON A GAME DRIVE? There will be moments when textbooks and nature documentaries come to life and you’re awestruck at the site of a dazzle of zebra, herd of elephants and gaggle of giraffe. Then there are moments of quiet reflection with stunning vistas. There’s always time for breaks for tea or sundowners (happy hour in the bush). Along the way, a guide shares both the big and small flora and fauna. Game drive times can vary in length and usually happen at least twice daily. Night drives can be done in select areas. For those that worry about family members getting restless, hiring a private jeep gives more flexibility in what and how long you do a game drive. Most family suites and accommodation include a private jeep. IS AFRICA SAFE? When you travel with us, you can rest assured your family’s wellbeing is our top priority. Each partner and guide is vetted. African Travel and its destinations are endorsed by the World Tourism & Travel Council (TTC) as a Safe Travels destination. We have a team both here and in Africa to answer your questions and respond in real time in all phases of your trip.

IS INTERNET ACCESSIBLE THROUGHOUT MY JOURNEY? City hotel and many lodges and camps have Wi-Fi, however some areas in the bush are more remote and have less access to the internet. Depending on your needs to connect or disconnect, we can tailor the right experience for you. HOW PHYSICALLY DEMANDING ARE PROGRAMS? Generally, the safari programs are not physically demanding. Walking safaris can require more levels of fitness, but usually they are not strenuous. Depending on interests, we can also include more active experiences ranging from quad biking and camel-back safaris to Maasai Olympics or swimming in the Devils’ Pool. IF I NEED TO CHANGE MY BOOKING, WILL MY MONEY BE SAFE? Absolutely. You can choose new dates and/or a new destination prior to final payment (subject to terms and conditions). Travel protection plans are mandatory. If you choose to purchase African Travel’s own Travel Protection plan, you will have the flexibility to cancel for ANY reason, up to 24 hours before departure. Depending on the plan you select, you will be eligible for either a Future Travel Certificate, or a mix of 60% cash back insurance benefit with a 10% Future Travel Certificate. Both plans include additional coverage for COVID-19. DO WE NEED PASSPORTS OR SPECIAL DOCUMENTS? Passports are required and must be valid for at least 6 months after the scheduled return date and have sufficient blank pages. Children who are not traveling with their parents may need additional documentation. Visa requirements vary by country. CAN I ALSO BOOK AIR TRAVEL WITH YOU? We are a one-stop-shop for everything Africa. We have contracts and rates with many airlines and you can either request to add flights at the time of booking, or we can add flights at a later stage.

Priceless Support

Included in each of our journeys are experts that save time and money selecting the right safari to match your needs. While on safari you will have access to in-country 24/7 guest services to assist with changes.

LIVE THE AFRICAN DREAM We find the right Africa just for you. Plan your family safari now. Contact your favorite travel advisor or visit 800.421.8907 |

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