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My hobbies are swimming, gardening, walking, reading and music. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to meeting fellow Allstars winners, finding out what they do and why they won. I’m also looking forward to being spoilt for a weekend, relaxing and enjoying the recognition of the work I do for GSK, meeting senior people in an informal environment and having fun. I have been at GSK for 8 years and have won Allstars before. I came runner up in the marketing Allstars 2005 and with the Neurology team won marketing Allstars for the launch of ReQuip XL in 2007. I am bringing my partner Robert with me.

STEPHANIE BANKS My hobbies are going to the gym, shopping and travel. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to the whole experience at such a beautiful location with my colleagues and boyfriend, John. My length of time at GSK is 7 years and this is the first time I’ve won Allstars.


My hobbies are walking, trekking and growing my own veg. I am looking forward to horse-riding, as I have always wanted to do this but never quite got around to it. I have been with GSK eight happy years now! I previously won in 2009 and we went to Gleneagles in 2010 to celebrate it. It was the best venue I could have wished for as my husband plays golf and loved playing the championship course there. I am bringing my husband Colin with me.



We both enjoy being outdoors, country walks & gardening. We love our holidays and watching football (although not necessarily together as I support Arsenal and Neal supports Tottenham).

We are both looking forward to spending time together away from the ‘whirlwind’ – especially in such a fabulous venue. It will be great to meet with the other Allstars and their guests, enjoy all the activities planned and soak up the luxury. I have been with GSK for just 3 years and have won Allstars twice. I am bringing my partner Neal with me.


My hobbies are football & skiing; baking & swimming. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to breakfast in bed. I have been with GSK for 16 yrs and I have won Allstars before.

LOUISE BROOKING My hobbies are my family and all their activities come first! I also love tennis, dancing in the kitchen, walking, low key sailing i.e. sitting on board watching my husband doing all the work while I sip my G&T in the sun! This weekend, I am looking forward to having time for myself and my husband, Gavin. I have been with GSK 19 years this year and this is the third time I have won Allstars. 4


My hobbies are holidays, holidays & holidays! Running (well trying), cooking (mainly baking for me... all things fancy for Dan!), skiing and shopping. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to the chance to relax & be spoilt in luxury surroundings (and a lie in from walking the dog in the rain at 6am!) I have been with GSK for 8 years. I also won Allstars in 2010 and had a fabulous trip to Gleneagles. The vouchers went towards our honeymoon last year!

NATHAN CHAPMAN I love Cricket (playing & watching), camping, walking, and mountain biking, At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing in luxury with my girlfriend Kris, and celebrating a good year with colleagues. I joined GSK in June 2002, so I’ll have been there 10 years this summer. I have not won Allstars before.


My hobbies are football, the gym, travelling & clubbing. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing, meeting other Allstar winners and some fine dining. I have been at GSK for 2 years and this is my first Allstars Award. I am bringing my partner Kirsty with me.



I have been with GSK for 7 years as an RCA & won Allstars in 2009. My husband Arthur & I enjoy wine tasting & belong to a local wine society group. We are also keen walkers & frequently spend weekends walking on Dartmoor or the coastal path around the south west. When not walking in Devon we like to get away to exotic places during the winter months! I am most looking forward to meeting up with colleagues & the gala dinner.

JEMIMA DAVISON I have been working for GSK for 5 years now and although I have won a marketing allstars award, this is my first Annual Allstars win. Both Mike and I play rugby and love walking our dog Barney. I enjoy tennis and Mike loves to cycle. We are both looking forward to a relaxing weekend at Chewton Glen as we are getting married the following weekend!


Myself and my wife enjoy sport and spending time with the family. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing, eating nice food and treating my wife like a princess. I have worked at GSK for 7 years and won the short term Allstars in Dec 2008.



My husband Mark enjoys cycling whether road or mountain biking. I enjoy walking Barney (the dog!), socialising with family and friends, reading and I’ve just started running again........ At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my husband, getting together with people I know already at work and meeting new colleagues but above all to have some fun, rest and relaxation. I started working for GSK in 1989 but worked on contract for a year in1988 before I was employed by GSK – so 24 years. I have won Allstars before and thoroughly enjoyed them all. It is a real treat to win and you get thoroughly spoilt.


This picture was taken in Cannes – which brings me to answer the question regarding winning Allstars before. I have been lucky enough to win this great prize twice before in 15 ½ years of working with GSK (previously SB). Hobbies include for myself – skiing, tennis and my garden! For Ally – skiing, and all things farming (especially showing Texel sheep!) I am very much looking forward to our weekend at Chewton Glen. I know how wonderfully you are spoilt and treated to the very best, with nothing to do but relax and enjoy yourself and that is what we are both looking forward to most. I am bringing my husband Alexander with me.

ALEX GRZEGORCZYK I really enjoy cycling both for pleasure and competitively.

At the Allstars weekend I cannot wait to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with my husband, Marek in 5 star luxury. I have been at GSK for 7 years and haven’t won Allstars before. 7


We both enjoy Yacht Sailing in the summer, skiing in the winter and walking our dog Ted! We are looking forward to celebrating with colleagues, the rib trip even if its rough and spending some time in a great part of the UK. I have worked for GSK for the past 14 years and have won Allstars 3 times!


This will be my twenty first year working for the company. I’ve worked as both a representative and trainer/coach over that time and can’t believe how quickly the years have rolled by! In my spare time, I like to travel. My most recent trip was to Sri Lanka which I loved due to the beautiful scenery and variety of the country including tea plantations, jungle, beach, temples and snake charmers!! When at home I like to keep fit attending regular Pilates classes, training once a week, playing tennis and walking. To counter act this, I enjoy eating good food and drinking wine either ‘out and about’ at our local country pubs or at home where I’m happy to cook following the principles of ‘can you tell what it is yet?’ I also enjoy reading and belong to a Book Club which also involves drinking the odd glass of wine! The Allstars weekend sounds fabulous and with Bruce I’m looking forward to enjoying the beautiful surroundings from both land and sea (we’re brave enough to have signed up for the Rib boat trip), eating and drinking fantastic food and meeting the other Allstars winners. This is the first time that I have won Allstars and I’m really looking forward to a great weekend.


I have been with GSK 10 years this year. My hobbies are running, walking, anything outside. I won Allstars in 2009 also with vaccines; I am looking forward to a completely luxurious weekend to share with my friend, Jenny.



We are both really looking forward to our weekend at Chewton Glen. I am particularly looking forward to going horse-riding and to the gala dinner. I am not sure Alban knows what to expect when he has his first ever facial but I am sure he will enjoy the experience. We both love dancing and attend Motown and Northern Soul nights. I would love to write a list of impressive hobbies but I am a telly addict. I won Allstars last year and the fantastic experience in London inspired me to do all I could to win it again this year. I am bringing my partner Alban with me.


My hobbies are Nottingham Forest, cricket, cycling and food & drink. My wife Nicki’s hobbies are food & drink, nutrition & lifestyle and books. At the Allstars weekend we are looking forward to the Rib Boat & relaxing! I have been at GSK for 7 years and haven’t won Allstars before.


My hobbies are swimming and making cupcakes but most of my time is spent looking after my very lively 2 and 4 year old girls! Caroline’s hobbies are netball, horse-riding and socialising. We are looking forward to relaxing and spending time in the Spa and seeing if we can find somewhere to shop. I have worked at GSk for 7 years and this is the first time I have won Allstars. 9


I’ve been with GSK for 5 years, working as a Primary Care TS in Scotland. I enjoy keeping fit through running, pilates and TRX training and love spending time with my fantastic family, friends and boyfriend – especially if it involves cocktails and Singstar! This is my first Allstars event and I am very excited about the whole experience as I’ve heard from previous winners that you really are treated like a star! I am bringing my boyfriend Graeme with me.


My hobbies are swimming, coaching swimming, socialising with my friends and shopping (if you can call those last 2 hobbies!!!). I am looking forward to spending some time with my mum, Sandy and the rip blast; I love any adrenaline type activity! I’ve worked for GSK for just over 8 years, was my first job out of University. Never won Allstars before, first time!


I currently am learning to cook and like to the keep the house in order. I like looking for good bargains on the internet when time allows. At the weekends I spend time catching up with housework, but also find time to go for a walk or go and see family. I have been with GSK for 23 years (joined SKF in 1989, then it became SB and then GSK since 2000). I have won 5 major awards since joining the company. I am bringing my friend Sunita to the Allstars event with me. 10


We both enjoy travel, holidays, music and running. Scott likes football and supports Sheffield Wednesday. We are looking forward to a lovely relaxing weekend away as a treat, whilst our daughter is at her Gran’s house. We are looking forward to exploring the hotel and the local area looks lovely. I joined GSK in 1999 so I will have worked for them for 13 years in September. I haven’t won Allstars before however I was a European Allstars winner once!


I am a beekeeper and Keri is a skier and diver. We are both looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend as we prepare for the birth of our first child – it’s due the weekend after the Allstars weekend, so fingers crossed it doesn’t arrive early! I have been with GSK for 23 years. We have been on an Allstars event before but it was Keri that won the trip when she worked for GSK (she left about 5 years ago). I am bringing my wife Keri-Leigh with me.

BRIAN REDDEN My hobbies are my 7 year old daughter, cooking, entertaining & travelling. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing! I’ve been at GSK for 12 years and not won Allstars before. I am bringing my wife Libby with me. 11


Shona’s hobbies are picking up after the kids and hubby, walking the dog and reading under the heat of foreign sun. My hobbies are cycling, football with other old men, dropping stuff round the house for wife to pick up. At the Allstars weekend we are both looking forward to a relaxing massage to chill out and get into the spa culture. Then we will be ready for some good food and even better company to celebrate in style. It will be fantastic to meet some new people without being introduced as somebodies mum and dad for a change. I have been at GSK for 16 years and have won Allstars before.


My hobbies – I coach my daughters football team, I am a regular at the gym but mainly spend most of my time trying to survive being the father of two teenage daughters. At the Allstars weekend I’m looking forward to mainly the opportunity for my wife Judy and I to experience the luxurious lifestyle for a few days in the company of some good friends as well as having the opportunity to make some new friends from the many colleagues who will be in attendance. Although really the RIB ride will be the highlight. I have been at GSK for 20 years and not won Allstars before but I won the Top Performer ASM award at merger in 2001 (I think it was then?).


I’ve been with GSK for over 14 years, working for Vaccines. It’s the first time I have won Allstars. I’m looking forward to the Allstars weekend as an opportunity to relax and reflect on 2011. My interests include live Asian music, DIY and cricket.



My hobbies are having a roam around TK Max, spending fun time with the children, going on holiday. My Husband enjoys sport, especially golf. This weekend, I am looking forward to relaxing. I have been with GSK for 20 years and won before, two years ago. I am bringing my husband Gareth with me.


I will be accompanied by my wife Lesley, her hobbies are gardening, walking, and she enjoys being a wardrobe mistress for a local stage school. My hobbies are also gardening, walking, watching football with Leeds United and Rugby League with the Leeds Rhinos and also beer tasting!!! We are looking forward to meeting lots of other colleagues in a very relaxing atmosphere and to enjoy the Allstars weekend experience. This is my third Allstar win, though I have won it 3 times previously when it was known as “Salesmasters” and “Premier Club”. Lastly, I am in my 23rd year within GSK and all that time I have been in the A&H Respiratory Team.


At the moment my hobbies are renovating our new home & looking after our 2 year old daughter & new-born twin boys (which takes up most of my time!). I also enjoy socialising with friends, horse-riding & spinning. I can’t wait for the Allstars weekend, as it will be our first weekend away since we had our twin boys in January. I am particularly looking forward to the spa treatment. I have been working for GSK now for just over 5 years since the Oncology sales team was set up in Dec 2006. The last time I won Allstars was in 2008. I am bringing my husband Matthew with me.



My hobbies include rugby naturally, as being Welsh it seems to be something you get programmed to. I love reading all sorts of books and my holidays and travelling are also key to me. I exercise regularly doing Zumba three times a week to help figure and weight, allowing me to enjoy my favourite foods. I have many more pastimes which I squeeze in now and then. I have been a Glaxo representative for 23 years and will hopefully get to 24 yrs on Sept 5. I have not won Allstars before so am really excited about the whole weekend. People who I know have won previously have all said how wonderful the whole weekend is and I just can’t wait for the experience.


My hobbies along with Rob’s are climbing mountains, biking, golf, skiing & sailing (Rob is ex-Navy) mainly outdoor stuff with our German Pointer called Captain Jack. I have been with GSK 5½ years and won Allstars for my HHBM role in 2008 and now for 2011. The Allstars weekend has 3 Levels for me: • Partner • Recognition for partners as they play a fundamental part in support & listening • GSK viewpoint • To feel special & fruits of hard labour are all worth it • To inspire others this is a positive award & worth winning We should all aspire to it, it’s not just about the prize but being a role model within current role, regionally & also nationally. I have been asked by a number of colleagues what I did ‘extra’ that made the difference. I think there’s this piece being more curious to want to go the extra mile & develop yourself that can add extra dimension to teams you work with in current Customer focus, to be inspired by Leadership this is a positive place to work. Personal To meet other colleagues/their partners and let your hair down & have fun/laugh, a lot of Champagne would be lovely always a bonus in my books & nice chilled wine with elegant tasty food please! 14


The thing I am looking forward to most at the Allstars event is taking some time out to relax and enjoy the surroundings as well as meeting colleagues and friends over the weekend. My hobbies are socialising, walking and going to the gym when I get time! I have been with GSK for 17 years and have won Allstars twice in 2010 and 2011. I am bringing my husband Simon with me.

PETER WICKHAM This photo is of Kerry my wife and I, taken on 6th Jan 2012 (on my 50th Birthday!)

Hobbies – Fishing (Course Fishing – carp), gym & photography Really looking forward to being spoilt at a terrific venue, meeting with people Kerry & I have met over the years and not seen together for a while and in particular social events i.e. Black tie dinner. I will have been at GSK for 23 years this November. This is my 3rd Allstars event (Madeira & Dubai) but I have also won 2 other national sales master events before it was called Allstars – so this is my 5th national win since being at GSK. I am bringing my wife Kerry with me.


Allstars Whos Who Booklet  

Allstars Whos Who Booklet