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August 23, 2004

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For some people with psoriasis, the summer sun eases symptoms. But as a chronic condition, this skin disorder follows an unpredictable course. In observance of Psoriasis Awareness Month, this week we highlight a new lecture series and an article about coping with this common skin condition. Also in this week’s newsletter: Recognizing and treating the redness of rosacea; deciphering the latest studies on the power of antioxidants; and reducing risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Psoriasis: Picking the Perfect Plan

Even though there are records of the skin disorder psoriasis dating back 2,000 years, only recently have people with psoriasis had more than a few moderately effective treatment options. -->Read Article At First Blush: Dealing with Rosacea

Men and women who develop a chronic redness in their face and sometimes red bumps and visible blood vessels, are likely to be among the 14 million Americans with the skin condition, rosacea. Learn what you can do about controlling flare-ups. -->Read Article Still a Radical Solution? Antioxidants and Your Health

Disappointing news about the antioxidant supplement vitamin E’s lack of an impact on cardiovascular disease made headlines recently. Find out what role antioxidants may still have in managing chronic conditions. -->Read Article Breast Cancer: What are the Odds?

Sometimes breast cancer comes back. That’s why doctors prescribe treatment to reduce the risk of recurrence after surgery. Listen as experts explain what follow-up treatment can do. -->View Program

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