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The Fresh Life Fresh from Grade school fresh for high school

Xcalibur: The 2013 Xavier School Fair #huzzah! SHIFT: The 2013 Xavier School Variety Show #ShiftHappens

First Year in Xavier High School What it’s like to be a freshman in Xavier

It’s Time To Adjust Start Of Classes: Week 1 By: Jaime De Ocampo


he first few days of high school is just like the first days of any other year, except you wear black pants for the first time, and move to a new building. As usual, there’s the awkwardness that accompanies each new school year when you have a new class. You have new classmates, new teachers, most you’ve never seen or known before, a new canteen, new classrooms, a new schedule, getting used to the 7-day cycle, stricter rules, and harder lessons. It takes time to adjust. My first day or almost everyone’s first day is always awkward. Moreover for me because I didn’t really have any very close friends in my section: High 1 - C. Fortunately enough, we had a really nice and kind class adviser, so at least we were okay with our adviser. The first hour passed, a really silent hour or as some would call it, it was awkward silence. And then after a few hours, the tension began to ease up. I started talking to my seat mate and the one diagonally in front of me and they became the people I got close to during the first semester. We became group mates in a number of subjects and they made class more enjoyable. Just like every other year, the key to getting rid of the awkwardness is making new friends. In the end, I came to love my class very much, and I look forward to another year with them if we do not get reshuffled.

Photos from: H1C Class Group

Triple A Success:

Achievements Awards Accomplishments By: Trenton Tan There was a triangle in the middle with the sun and stars. On the red side, there was a coal drawing of Jose Rizal while on the blue side there was a coal drawing of Jesse Robredo, who was initially supposed to look like Ninoy but didn’t. It was really simple and didn’t look So far, I can honestly say that this was a successful school year and a really enjoyable one at that too. I was able to maintain high grades in the first semester and was able to get 1st honors in the 3rd quarter. Other than that, our class was also successful in many things. The first class competition I remembered was the inter- class intrams we had. It was where we got closer as a class and learn more about each other. I joined the football team. We played together and we were able to win 1st the loser’s division, all because of a loss in our first game. But in the end, we were happy with our results. Our class won 4th place in the winner’s bracket for basketball and won champions in

like it would place, but it did, and we actually got second place. The competition after that was the Sabayang Pagbigkas. Another unexpected achievement by our class. I was part of the group that would perform although only by accident because I missed the oral assessment and had to participate in this to make up for it. We only practiced the day before the competition but surprisingly won second place despite having the shortest presentation. It was another thing to add to the list of things our class could be proud of. We had the school fair too, a very successful event for our class, and currently, we are looking forward to placing in the upcoming choral competition as well.

volleyball. It was our first successful class competition. The bulletin board competion for buwan ng wika was next and the result was quite surprising. Our bulletin board was covered with torn red and blue cartolina on each side. Photo from: HS Filipino Department

HUZZAH!! Xcalibur: XS School Fair 2013

H1C’s Condemned Cauldron By: Trenton Tan

The Xavier School Fair 2013: Xcalibur #HUZZAH, another great, fun and successful School Fair. This year’s fair was entitled Xcalibur with the catch phrase “HUZZAH” and a medieval theme. As usual, it was a really fun event. Supposedly, it was the most successful year as all the chits got sold out for the first time in Xavier history.

But instead of focusing on the whole fair, I will highlight our class booth: H1C’s Condemned Cauldron. The event was successful for our class just as it was for the school. We spent countless hours preparing for the hardest and most fun class event of the school year: The Xavier School Fair: Xcalibur. Our class worked really hard for this event. We had meetings every lunch and dismissal everyday for the whole month before the fair. We had a lot of donations from our supportive parents, a great adviser and mentors, and a really hardworking and dedicated class. We went to someone’s house to film a teaser, the game itself, and other decorations for our booth. We went to divisoria with our class adviser to buy prizes, made posters and ads to share on Facebook. A lot of us even worked overtime in our booth, helping out even when it wasn’t their shift. And so, in the end, our hard work paid off, we won the best booth award and 3rd most in earnings for our batch. It is the achievement that our class is the most proud of. Photo from: (Screen Shot)

PHOTOS H1C’s Condemned Cauldron

Photos from: H1C Class Group

The 2013 Voice Of The Youth Concert By: Trenton Tan Just like the school fair, the 2013 Variety Show was a great success as well. This year’s Voice Of The Youth Concert was entitled SHIFT with the tagline #ShiftHappens, a line sporting positivity, change, confidence, being different, creativity, and distinction. The event was hosted by DJ Tony Toni, MYX VJ Bianca Roque, and MYX VJ Michelle Ng. It was my very first Variety Show and I loved it. The show lasted from about 4:30 to 10:30 and I assure you that the six hours were well-spent. Shift featured various bands, singers, and dance troupes. Among these were Callalily, Sponge Cola, The 2013 Singing Ensemble, winners of this year’s Xavier’s Got Talent Seviyorum, Gloc-9, Enciende, Terpsichore, ICA Dance Troupe, and of course, Xavier’s very own Dance-X. All of them boasted wonderful performances, with Sponge Cola singing songs XGF, the 2013 Singing Ensemble singing songs like Titanium and True Colors, Seviyorum singing songs like Lego House and I’m Not Crazy, and Gloc-9 singing songs like Sirena with Ebe Dancel and Hari Ng Tondo with Denise Barbacena. Other than the performances, they raffled of two Cherr Mobile Phones, two Apple iPod Touches, and an Angry Birds Speaker. There were also a few games in the program which would allow you to win GCs for Burlington, ZenTea, and a number of other brands. Overall, it was a really fun and wonderful experience that I will not forget. #ShiftHappens

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Photos from: Š Jeremiah Ernst Pua

GREEN + PAPER = TROUBLE By Jaime De Ocampo When you see your teacher angry and he or she brings out a green piece of paper, you know you, your classmates, or your whole class is in trouble. This would probably be because of either no materials, no homework, or being noisy during class. Generally, this wasn’t much of a problem for me. I only got a few green slips this year, most of these I get during Math class. The reasons for these were only minor, nothing serious. Mostly, the reason for me getting green slips were just having no materials. As for our class, we didn’t have much problem with this either. H1C was actually one of the sections with the least number of greenslips.

Of course, there are other offenses that can get you greenslips and even worse. Things like bullying and cheating are serious offenses in the student hand book. Thankfully though, bullying is not much of a problem in our school and even less of a problem in our batch. There are always teachers around that students can depend on for help. This became even less of a problem with the “Not in Our School” campaign, a campaign against bullying in school. Xavier School has always been against bullying and is continually working to remove whatever is left of it that still remains in our school.

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As We Near The End S.Y. 2012-2013 As we all know, school year 2013 is slowly coming to an end. As of the moment I write this, there are exactly 6 school days left before summer arrives. And at the end of all this, I can truly say that freshman year was a blast. It’s been a great ride that was a little rough in the beginning, but later on was evened out and actually became better than even as it was one of the best school years I have had in my life. A great class, wonderful mentors and teachers, and awesome experiences, all these great memories will forever be remembered.

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