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Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society HKJSMS Newsletter

Issue 1 12-13

November 2012

Message from the Presiden t of HKJSMS in various aspects, such as promotion, publications and organizing events. Moreover, besides mathematicsrelated events, we also published various issues of newsletters to the member schools and uploaded them to our official website, . Here, I would like to thank all the executive committee members and subcommittee members of the 24th HKJSMS last year, especially Chan Long Tin - the president of last year.

President of HKJSMS 25th cabinet Mr Hui Pak Nam, Jeffrey

This is the 25th year of the Hong Kong

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of HKJSMS, besides the major events we held last year, we also hope that we can build up connections and organize jointactivities with the other joint school societies. Furthermore, we aim at inviting more schools and their students to join our activities. This can expand our network and achieve our goals enable students to view mathematics from another perspective, discover the beauty of mathematics and sustain their interest in this subject.

Joint School Mathematics Society (HKJSMS) since its establishment, which we call this “銀禧” in Chinese and I am honored to be the president of HKJSMS this year. During the past 24 years, our society had been trying its very best arousing students’ interest towards This newsletter includes the mathematics and cultivating friendships highlights of the HKJSMS this year and among schools, and great achievements some reviews on the last year’s events, had been made also. as well as the introduction of the 25th Last year, our society had come to a executive committee board of the big success in a few aspects. The number HKJSMS. Please enjoy it and we hope of participants of the Inter-school that you can continue reading our Mathematics Contest 2012 increased by newsletters in the future and receive the 50% compared to year 2011. The latest updates of our society. establishment of the sub-committee system enhanced the working efficiency

What is HKJSMS? Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society (JSMS) is a non-profit-making student

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this year Fun with Math Message from Editors

7-8 8

organization established on 23 May, 1988 by a group of enthusiastic secondary school students, with aims of promoting students’ interests in mathematics and cultivating friendship among schools.


Message from Teacher Advisor Dear HKJSMS, I am delighted to see the Executive Committee Members of Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society 2012-2013 continues to be zealous in promoting Mathematics activity to the general public. Traditional events such as the Inter-School Mathematics Competition and the Math Day Camp ‘Shoot for the Moon’ remained to be successful. An innovative event, Math Survivor, was a breakthrough and had received wonderful feedback. In order to attract more students to join and get involved in the activities organized by HKJSMS, I suggest events such as Mathematical City Hunt. Another idea is to coorganize events with other joint school societies so that the newly elected committee members would gain invaluable experience in organizing events of greater scale. I look forward to seeing the creativity of the committee members via the upcoming events in this new academic year. Best Wishes, Dr. Koopa Koo

Message from other Join t School Socie ties Dear HKJSMS,


First of all it is most honoured to be invited on behalf of Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society to deliver my message to Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society in this column, thank JSMS very much for the invitation.

As one of the most important joint school organizations in Hong Kong, JSMS has indeed done its part in promoting Mathematical knowledge among secondary schools. JSMS always has unique and creative activities for her members.

Taking the lead of a joint school society is always challenging, each event held by JSMS has been well designed, such as the Inter-school Mathematics Contest (ISMC) and the Joint-School Mathematics Day Camp. I sincerely hope that JSMS can continue the success of past events and be even better this year by organizing new events for all secondary schools students. I am sure that the committee board will achieve during its term. Lastly, I genuinely congratulate the elected committee members and wish JSMS an extraordinary year with wonder and enchantment.

Regards, Aaron Kwong President 34th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society

Besides, JSMS has been a valuable partner of HKUCSS in promoting students’ participation in social affairs through constructive dialogues and services. We are thankful for the effort from the past JSMS committee to strengthen the unity among secondary students’ organizations. We cordially wish that cooperation between the two organizations can be further deepened and develop into a higher dimension. This year, JSMS will continue to be an executive member of HKUCSS’s Board (Student’s Parliament). We wish all the best for the committee of JSMS (2012-2013), and we shall strive together for our mutual aims and the wellbeing of secondary students.

Regards, Alfred Lam Founding President Hong Kong United Commission of Secondary Students


Introduction of Executi ve C ommi ttee Members

Hi everyone, I am Alice Wong from Diocesan Girls’ School.

Photo taken on 1 st September, 2012

It is my pleasure to serve for HKJSMS this year. Sharing the common vision as every other committee member, we hope that through our series of activities in the coming year, more of you can learn and appreciate the beauty of mathematics. Following from last year’s success, I believe that with the support from all of you, another fruitful year can be foreseen.

Realising that practicing problem solving skills and participating in math competitions are rather self-centered type of activities, I decided to reach out for support. I have found joining the Society gives me opportunity to meet with people with the same goal to promote mathematics and our Society math lovers as well as students beyond the traditional circle math lovers. Working with the team is really fun.

Wong Sze Nga

Yeung Hon Wah

Vice President

Vice President

Hi this is Isabella Woo from Diocesan Girls’ School, the internal secretary this year. Being an executive committee in JSMS, Mathematics is undoubtedly my favourite subject. Apart from solving math problems, I like to write stories and enter into an imaginary world when I escape from the loads of work. It is my pleasure to work with the brilliant and competent executive committee members and I am looking forward to learning from my colleagues in the coming year.

I am City Chow from St. Francis' Canossian College. It is my honor to become the external secretary of HKJSMS this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks to all 24th Executive Committee members who giving me a chance to serve in the 25th JSMS. Being a sub-committee member last year, I have widened my horizon in Mathematics. I promise to serve all of you wholeheartedly and you would surely have a fruitful year with HKJSMS in this coming year!

Woo Tsz Yu Isabella

Chow Hei Ting

Internal Secretary

External Secretary

Hello:P I am Lau Chun Hung. I come from Kwun Tong Maryknoll College. I am studying F.5. I am so happy that I can join JSMS. All the committee are so nice >W< Thanks a lot m^_^m . I hope you will enjoy this newsletter and join our activities in the future.

I am Chong Hip Kuen from Queen's College. I am in Form 4 and this year, I will be the IT officer of JSMS. I love reading and playing computer games in leisure time. I am not an expert in computer but I wish that I can bring you a good platform online. Enjoy the website!

Lau Chun Hung

Chong Hip Kuen

Financial Secretary

IT Officer


Hi! I am a F.4 student from La Salle College. As the Promotion Officer of JSMS this year, I will try my best to produce extraordinary posters and banners. Your support is crucial to us, so I hope all of you would like our promotion and come to join our activities! See you there! Tang Dik Man Damian Promotion Officer Dear all, this is Coco Tam from Maryknoll Convent School and I' m the Public Relations Officer. I am very glad to have the opportunity to serve you all this year and I will definitely do my best. Hope to see you at our upcoming events!

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Being an ex-co of JSMS, I am one of the equally essential links as every ex-co. Thus, I have the responsibility to serve as an important role, to let the chain stay strong, and to let the chain function to the best of the best! Pun Tsam Kiu Public Relations Officer

Tam Chun Ying

Hello everyone! I am Jeff Siu from St. Francis Xavier’s College. I am now F.5 and I love to read and chatting with friends at leisure time. This year Eileen, I and the sub-committees will work together to publish a few issues of newsletters. Don’t miss that out!

Public Relations Officer

Siu Chak Fung Jeff Publications Officer

Glad to become a member of HKJSMS' family. (o゚∀゚o)Here is the Math Coordinator Trevor Tse from La Salle College. (o゚ω゚o) It is not an easy job to take charge in the so-called Math part in this society. (*≧ O ≦) I would definitely try my best. ( ̄▽ ̄) ノ I believe that Jeffrey and us will bring JSMS to a new height. D: (゚∀゚ )( ´∀`) Tse Shun Chung (o゚ω゚o) Math Coordinator

I am Eileen from Belilios Public School. It is my honour to serve HKJSMS this year. I will try my best to contribute to the society. Mathematics really means a lot to me. It has been my favourite subject since I was in primary school, so I am glad to be a member of HKJSMS, knowing other students who love math too. Hope you guys enjoy this issue of newsletter :D Tam Ka Lam Publications Officer

Hi, I am Benjamin Wong from La Salle College. This year I will be the mathematics coordinator of JSMS. Literally, my job is to give advice and draft questions for the society. But we, as a group of senior secondary students serving the society, will do our best to push JSMS to a new height, no matter whatever post we are.

Hello, I am Lau Chun Ting, studying in St. Paul's Coeducational College. I am Form 4 this year, and I am one of the Mathematics Coordinator in the 25th JSMS ex-co. I am quite interested in mathematics, and I hope my passion in it may let all of you enjoy more in mathematics!

Wong Hing Shing

Lau Chun Ting

Math Coordinator

Math Coordinator


Review on the las t ye ar's e ven ts The Hong Kong Joint School Mathematics Society had held various wonderful activities last year. Let’s have a review on them:

1. Inter-school Mathematics Contest 2012

The contest was successfully held on the 5th May, 2012 at the school hall of Diocesan Boys' School. There were over 50 teams representing 27 schools joining the group event and more than 220 contestants joined the individual event. Both individual event and group event consists of 2 levels, from Junior Group (Form 1,2) and Senior group (Form 3, 4). The group event results are as follows: Champion

La Salle College, Team 1

1st runner up

La Salle College, Team 2

2nd runner up

Diocesan Boys' School, Team 2

Moreover, a treasure hunt was held in the afternoon after all the contests. Participants are divided into groups and found the “treasure” by answering various Mathematics questions or puzzles on the cards they found in the campus, which served as a clue. All the participants have fun and learnt the importance of team spirit in this activity.


2. JSMS Day Camp 2012 For promoting the joy of Mathematics among secondary school students, a day camp lasted for 3 days was held on 1/8/2012, 6/8/2012 and 10/8/2012 at the Diocesan Boys' School. The participants had the taste on participating in different kinds of interactive Mathematics activities and games, such as the exciting Math survival game, puzzle solving and an interactive sharing was held by our advisor, Dr. Koopa Koo. Over 100 participants had fun and joy with the other students and the advisor.

Highlights of this ye ar 1. Inter-school Mathematics Contest (ISMC) The ISMC has been the annual highlight of JSMS and it will be held in mid-March. This competition is mainly comprised of the Individual Event and the Group Event. The Individual Event is divided into Junior Group (S1-S2), and Senior Group (S3-S4), while the Group Event is for all S1-S4 students. This is a great opportunity for students to experience an official mathematics competition, to train their problem solving skills in a fun and interesting way, as well as to arouse their interest towards mathematics.

2. Joint-School Mathematics Day Camp The day camp will be held in July. Various interesting math-related activities will be held during the camp, such as detective games, treasure hunt, decoding, and many more interesting topics. During the camp, we hope to raise studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; interest in mathematics and provide students with the opportunity to learn mathematics with students from other schools and to share their experience in learning mathematics


with other people in a relaxing and friendly environment.

3. Publication of HKDSE Mock Exam Paper In order to provide opportunities for S5 students to practice more for their upcoming HKDSEs, two sets of mock papers, on each of the two modules, “Calculus and Statistics” and “Algebra and Calculus”, will be published. Mock papers will be approved by experienced teachers and professors from HKUST.

4. Sharing Sessions Experienced teachers and professors in the field of mathematics will be invited to discuss techniques for tackling the common mistakes students make in public examinations, as well as the format and trend of the HKDSE math examinations. This is definitely going to be a great opportunity for all future HKDSE candidates to improve their mathematical skills and to be better prepared for the HKDSE mathematics examinations.

Fun with Math C a n yo u f i g u r e o u t t h e s e m o v i e t i t l e s ?


Sin City


127 Hours Answer:

Snakes on a Plane Matrix




Math Joke A topologist is a mathematician who can't tell the difference between a doughnut and a coffee mug.

Theorem. Every positive integer is interesting. Proof. Assume towards a contradiction that there is an uninteresting positive integer. Then there must be a smallest uninteresting positive integer. But being the smallest uninteresting positive integer is interesting by itself. Contradiction!

Q. Why do mathematicians like national parks? A. Because of the natural logs.

The noise made by a cat

Life is complex. It has both real and imaginary components.

Message from Editors The newsletters onwards will include more wonderful content, such as interviews with people who have achieved excellence or have great interest in Mathematics or some introduction to the history of Mathematics. We sincerely hope that you will have an enjoyable experience reading our newsletter. Also, HKJSMS welcomes contributions to the upcoming issues of our newsletters from teachers and fellow students of our member schools. Please feel free to send your submission, such as event write-ups, articles or drawings related to Mathematics, to We need your work to make the newsletter more fruitful!

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Jsms newsletter nov 2012  
Jsms newsletter nov 2012