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TOP TEN BOCI{ RECOBDS DEVELOPEDBY TONY SIIAIIl 5O1? CORNELLAVENUE lfEsTttINSTER, C A L I F O R N I A 926'e3 a rTen Beet Lletr 37 yeare Conpl.ILng from Bn era epanhing rRocket'88" (tf the fir'at the semlrral from l95l le conelder'ed rock and ro.Il record) Ls s formidable tesk. One coneolation of thJ.e fest oplnion, tlre rock attenpting Ls thet Listener'e in this LdLom hBr gone ebout ae f,ar ss it can go, herrce Lt hae come (and gone) fulL or population cirele. In other rorde, the univeree hee been adequately defined and repreeented. Selectl.on eubseguent rLthstand Itlthout

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Bn repreeented t. THE BEATLES' TABBEY ROAD. (1969) - Thie rork turmoil at the end of the outetending effort amongst the exieting eech member'e career. Although Fab Four'e llluetrioue a Beat.Iee remaine Ls eeeLly recognized, Lt etLll contrlbution The dl.vereity. Albun). unl.ike THE BEATLES (The llhite record, George by HERE COIIES THE SUN and SOITETHING (excellent repr.eeented compoeitlone), I IiANT YOU (SHE'S SO HEAVY) and COI1E Harrleon and the YOU NEVER beet)' TOGETHEB (John Lennon at hLs lyrLcal The Beatlee 6M ttE YOUF IIONEY/GOLDEN SLUIIBERS IEDLEY Ehorcaeee melodic beet. at their and hard-rockLng The Beatlee rLII be r'ecaJ.Ied b e n d . A B B EY ROAD ree etudio by.

ae the premler'e hletory lrr rock'e to rernember them vehlcle the perfect

- Representing 2. ELVIS PRESLEY'S iTHE SUN SESSIONST (1954-56) S U N S E SSIONS ie T H E mileetone the firet in rock end roll' Standout rorlt. arguably Elvie' freehest and moet energlaed trecke euch ee THAT'S ALL RI6HT, GOOD ROCI{IN' TONI6HT' and TRYING a repreeenting forever, TO 6ET TO yOU defl,ned rock and rol.l SUN THE country. and and bluee, roekabJ.lly, eyntheele of rhythn T R A I N . I I Y S T E R Y J u n i o r P e r k e r ' e Le SESSIONS' best treck horever, thl'e record ballsds' of the album'e DeepJ.te the mushlnees bech Loohing Preeley. of Elvle ttre tatent and reveal.ed his ras thie decedee, that at a career epenned nore than tro fineet hour. lecklueter 3. BRUCE SPRINESTEEN'S iBORN TO Rultr (1975) - Despite than any tnore emotion eeethetice, BORN TO RUN lmparte recordlng of endlng to the rlrlepered Ll.eten record ln the Top Ten. (perhape of THUNDER ROAD JUNGLELAND, to the build-up The beet), alt-time or to aLl of SHE'S THE ONE' Springeteen'e theee songt heve goosebumpe appear regardleee of hov many tlmee many earller rnerrylng Ae an urban maeterpiece' been played. PreeJ'ey (BACXSTREETS) to B&B (TENTH lnfluencee renglng fron Br'uce thet the promiee AVENUE FREEZE-CIUT), BOFN TCI RUN fuLfLlted tuo albums. at rith hie firet SprLngeteen had hlnted

top 3 albums as of 1988  

top 3 albums as of 1988

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