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In April, TSU Wesley Foundation enjoyed learning about the ministry of Matthew 25, an extension ministry of the United Methodist Church. Student leaders gathered needed items and created care baskets and encouragement wall plaques for each resident in the Matthew 25 program. Reverend Jedediah Hanes of Matthew 25 sincerely thanks the student leaders of TSU Wesley for their generous partnership in creating individual gift baskets for all their residents. He says, “The care baskets were thoughtful, well put together, and fulfilled a vital need. The supplies, devotionals, and original pieces of art were very well received, and many of the men asked that we express their gratitude. Our partnership between TSU Wesley and Matthew 25, Inc. is a great example and reminder of the connectional nature of the United Methodist Church! We continue to look forward to seeing what God has in store as we continue serving together!” The Wesley student leaders are always eager to give back and to bring joy into someone's day. Lyric Carter, a rising TSU senior, created custom encouragement canvases for each resident of Matthew 25. Lyric says, “It’s the little things we don’t normally think people need. Our service provided a pick me up, a glimpse of hope they could hang on their walls. Giving back is one thing but giving the gift of God’s love from the heart is another. Love is what the world needs more of.” Graduating Senior, Jaylon Waters with his brothers of Collegiate 100, packaged the care baskets for Matthew 25 residents. Jaylon expresses he is excited, thrilled, and blessed to have the opportunity to impact the community while serving the church. The TSU Wesley leaders look forward to continuing to serve the community and change the world one step at a time!



Bethlehem UMC under the leadership of Steven Lafebrvre created Encouragement Bags for TSU students during final exam time. This was not their first time providing this incentive to TSU students. All recipients were thankful and encouraged by the kind gesture of Bethlehem UMC. Rev. Steven says, “Every year on the Sunday after Easter we do an event called “Church has left the building”. We gather in the sanctuary briefly for holy communion and then go out into the community for various service projects. We’ve done events with TSU in the past and thought it would be an emotional boost to help finish a very tough year for college students. We look forward to continuing our partnership with TSU Wesley.” We are so grateful for our community to have the prayers and connection with UMC congregations. We look forward to building partnerships, especially to provide community service opportunities for students.


Christ UMC, a long-standing partner with TSU Wesley, collaborated together in an encouragement card campaign to incarcerated persons during the Christmas and Spring seasons. TSU Wesley students on and off campus were able to participate and share from their hearts; words of encouragement, art, and scriptures. Dominique Wallace and Camron McKinney, both worked on at least 30 cards. The two said, “We put ourselves in their shoes, and thought what would we want to hear if placed on the opposite end of the letter. We thought about encouragement, hope, working toward goals and reassuring that God loved them and was with them. We hope the right card reached the right person because each message was unique, true and special. It was wonderful to serve in this way and share the love of God. We found our campus ministry could still be active although we were not on campus, yet in school on-line. “


TSU Wesley Foundation partnered with United Methodist Women (Cumberland River District) to collect items to be taken to local Juvenile Detention Centers. Wesley leaders engaged in "encouragement cards" for the youth, in effort to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. This fall, there will be more opportunities to learn about this social justice issue.


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