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Residential Report Tarleton State University Core Values Integrity, Leadership, Tradition, Civility, Excellence, Service 

on campus beginning February 4, 2014. 


Re-apply to live

20 13 - S P RI N G

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Available Spaces for Returning Students

Assignments made by Residential Living & Learning—First Come, First Serve

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Reapplication 2 Timeline GPA and Off Campus


Application 3 Date Matters How to Get the Room You Want


On Campus Benefits


As Tarleton’s incoming class continues to grow, Residential Living & Learning continues to adjust hall assignments to accommodate our returning student’s second year residential requirement. Students who graduated from high school in Spring 2013 will live on campus again for the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 academic year. Residential Living & Learning offers a wide variety of space options to meet returning student needs. Our Fall 2014Spring 2015 spaces will range from double or triple occupancy rooms in Traditions with a meal plan to efficiency apartments in Bosque Crossing. Returning students will also continue to have the low cost option of a

Residential Living & Learning is aware that some students have taken advantage of advertised lease specials with the intent to reside off campus. Students with a residential requirement will not be released from their second year residential requirement to accommodate off campus leases. Students will not know if they have been released from their second year requirement for their overall, cumulative GPA until the beginning of June 2014. To avoid the cost of dual leases, we recommend seeking a release from any current agreements off campus.

shared bedroom type in Bosque Crossing among other Bosque Crossing apartment types. We are also continuing our partnership with the Grove and Oak Tree Apartments while continuing to evaluate additional apartment needs. Based on space availability, Residential Living & Learning will assign returning students to the following facilities for the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 academic year.

Additional apartment facilities might be used to accommodate returning students based on enrollment trends.

Students Succeed On Campus Tarleton State University implemented a two year residential requirement in order to increase student success. Research shows that students who live on campus have higher satisfaction with their educational experience, perform better academically and persist with their education. We have started to see positive results as our first and second

year students become immersed in a residential experience that enhances their development. Persistence and retention rates are on the rise for residential students and data shows that living off campus is a more expensive option.



Welcome Back Tarleton Texans!

Welcome Back Events throughout January


March February Students can begin to reapply to live on campus February 4, 2014.

Residential Living & Learning will begin assigning students to their spaces based on application submission date for students who applied prior to March 1, 2014. Students who apply later will be assigned as space is available prior to August 23, 2014.

April Students will be able to apply to live on campus for Summer 2014.

Students’ GPA’s will be evaluated for those students requesting an exemption from their second year residential requirement.

Reapplication GPA and Off Campus Requests Returning and transfer students who wish to be considered for release from their second year residential requirement must still complete their housing application as soon as February 4, 2014. Every student who is required to reside on campus for their second year must complete and commit to the Fall 2014Spring 2016 Housing Applica-



tion/Contract. During the application process, students will have the opportunity to request a release from their second year requirement based on cumulative, overall GPA. The housing application/ contract is a binding agreement to reside on campus, however, students who indicate a desire

to reside off campus will be considered based on their GPA, if it becomes necessary to release some returning students from their second year residential requirement. Space will be evaluated in May and the overall GPA, that includes both the fall and spring semesters will be used to notify students in June 2014.



Application Date Matters-Reapplication Process Returning students will begin reapplying to live on campus as early as February 4, 2014. There are several benefits to completing the application early. High demand preferences are limited and assignments will be made in the order applications are submitted using the following parameters:

Students who wish to remain in their current space will be assigned to retain their space

May Students are required to cancel their Fall 2014Spring 2015 Housing Contract by May 15, 2014 if not attending Tarleton in the fall.

based on space availability. Students who wish to remain in their current building in different spaces will be assigned to their building based on space availability. Students requesting the Bosque Crossing Shared Bedrooms with roommate preferences will be assigned based on space availability. Students who wish to move to a new building will be assigned based on space availability.



Students will be notified if they have been released from their second year requirement based on overall, cumulative GPA.

Students who are not registered by July 1, 2014 will be dropped from their preferred assignment and re-assigned based on space availability.

Residential Living & Learning will consider roommate preference information during the assignment process after honoring all possible requests for same space assignments made by March 1, 2014.

August July Students not required to reside on campus will be guaranteed a space only if they apply prior to July 1, 2014.


How to Get the Room You Want First: Complete your housing application/contract. The contract is your commitment to reside on campus from Fall 2014 through Spring 2016. It is not necessary to submit a housing deposit if we already have one on file for you. As you complete your application, complete your preferences and respond to the questions throughout the process. Your preference and question responses will help us in assigning you to a space that

most closely meets your needs based on space availability. Thoroughly completing the application also helps our office refine assignments as cancellations occur and additional spaces become available throughout the summer. Housing application preferences do not constitute a housing assignment and are not guaranteed. Students will be able to review their assignments by accessing the housing link through Duck Trax.

Final date, August 1, 2014, for students to notify Residential Living & Learning if they are accepting their second year requirement release based on overall, cumulative GPA.

August Students move in to their assigned space on August 23, 2014.

Every moment that a student spends both inside and outside the classroom has the potential to encourage personal growth. Our goal is to enhance the time spent outside the classroom by intentionally designing opportunities for involvement that include:

Tarleton State University

Lifelong relationships

Convenient access to campus resources and services

T-0280 Stephenville, TX 76402

Interaction with faculty outside the classroom

Phone: 254-968-9083

Connections with student groups and

Fax: 254-968-9954 E-mail:

organizations 

Leadership development skills

Close-knit communities

Live and Learn housing

The On Campus Advantage Residing on campus allows students an immersion into real world experiences that prove invaluable to each student’s development and Tarleton supports an on campus requirement to create that environment. The residency requirement is four long semesters (2 full academic years) for:

There is a distinct advantage to living on campus. Proximity increases the probability that students will access the numerous resources on campus. Class and study group attendance is also more likely when students have peers knocking on doors and encouraging attendance.

Tarleton’s goal is to increase academic success and encourage students to persist so that they graduate on time.

First year students who are under 21 years of age prior to the start of his/her registered semester. Students who graduated from High School in Spring 2013 will live on campus during the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 academic year. Transfer students who are under 21 years of age with less than 12 credit hours prior to the start of his/her registered semester.

The first year equips our students for subsequent years at Tarleton.

Residential Report  

A newsletter for students who live on campus at Tarleton. This newsletter describes the reapplication process to live on campus next year.

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