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Single-FamilyStartsReachSeven-Year High Nationwide housing starts rose 10.5 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.173 million units in November, 2015, according to data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Commerce Department.

?Single-family production this month has reached levels last seen before the Great Recession, an indicator that we are making gradual headway back to a normal housing market,? said NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe. ?We can see that the housing sector made headway in 2015, and we Single-family production increased 7.6 expect the recovery to continue at a percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate modest pace.? of 768,000 units, its highest reading since January 2008. Combined single- and multifamily starts rose in the South and West, with Multifamily production rose 16.4 percent to respective gains of 21.3 and 6.3 percent. 405,000 units. The Midwest was unchanged and the ?The November gains in both single- and Northeast fell 8.5 percent. multifamily starts show that the overall Overall permit issuance rose 11 percent to market continues to move forward,? said 1.289 million units in November. NAHB's 2015 Chairman Tom Woods, a home builder from Blue Springs, Mo. ?As builders Multifamily permits rose 26.9 percent to a anticipate more consumer demand for rate of 566,000 while single-family housing, they should continue to add permits increased 1.1 percent to 723,000, inventory.? the highest level since December 2007.

2016 Board : Jerry McMul l in-President JoAnn Purser- Vice President Cindy Savage-Treasurer Adam Parker-Immediat e Past President Teri St ermer- Execut ive Of f icer Jimmy Al exander St eve Rinehart Jamie Herring Curt is Emmons Bil l y Tucker Jack Smit h Andy Curt is

Jeannet t e Roebuck Larry Fabian

NAHBApplaudsPassageof HouseResolutionthat WouldOverturnWOTUSRule The U.S. House of Representatives on Jan. 13 approved a Senate-passed Congressional Review Act resolution (S. J. Res. 22) that would rescind the ill-advised ?waters of the United States? (WOTUS) rule issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The White House has threatened to veto the measure. The rule went into effect on Aug. 28, 2015, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit enacted a nationwide stay on Oct. 9. Commending the House for approving the resolution, NAHB Chairman Tom Woods issued an official statement that said:

?By dramatically extending the areas in which home builders are required to get permits, the rule will lead to bureaucratic delays, increase project costs and mitigation fees, and harm housing affordability. Two courts have already ruled that there is a high likelihood that the rule is illegal and have temporarily stopped its implementation. These court decisions highlight the fact that there are serious problems with the rule and that EPA and the Corps should scrap it and go back to the drawing board. ?NAHB urges President Obama to allow this resolution to take effect by signing it when it reaches his desk.? For more information contact Courtney Briggs at 800-368-5242 x8459.

NewReport HighlightsCost Savingsof StreamlinedDevelopment Reviews Land development review processes and regulations aren?t glamorous. But their impacts on the cost of new housing strike a chord with most developers and builders across the country, and for good reason: When money is lost as a result of project delays, that money won?t likely be recovered. Within the last decade, development approvals in many parts of the country have gone from taking just a few months to dragging on for two years or longer ? sometimes much longer. And that time equals money. NAHB recently released a report, ?Development Process Efficiency: Cutting through the Red Tape,? highlighting specific examples of developers, builders, land use officials and other stakeholders working together to improve the review and approval process and better control housing costs to create a win-win for all parties. Inefficiency doesn?t just squeeze the balance sheets of developers and builders. It can also negatively impact housing affordability, increase government offices? administrative costs and stifle economic growth. Washington state is one example from the report where the state auditor?s office created the Local Government Performance Center to improve the permitting process. In 2012, the center launched the Lean Academy to provide training to government representatives involved in the permitting process, teaching them how to identify inefficiencies and implement streamlining initiatives. Several Washington counties that participated in the Lean Academy have reported substantial reductions in permitting approval times. Clark, Kitsap and Whatcom counties, for example, have all reduced their average

times to approve residential permits by more than twothirds. A streamlining initiative implemented by the Montgomery County (Maryland) executive in 2012 produced notable reductions in review times. Since that time, record plat processing declined from 20-30 weeks to 8-12 weeks. Site plan reviews that used to take more than a year must now be completed within 120 days. And the time frame for building permit approvals dropped from 12 weeks to 30 days. The County's analysis found that shortening the time from concept to occupancy by one year could save the developer as much as 20 percent of the project cost.

BoomersLeadGrowingDemandfor HomeHealthTechnology Builders and remodelers should expect a rise in demand for home health technology as more and more boomers retire.

December 13th, Board of Directors Installatiion and Board meeting. 11:00 a.m.

According to AARP, the majority of adult children (88 percent) and older adults (75percent) spend time thinking about parental aging, and what that may mean for the family. However, 75 percent of adult children and 69 percent of aging parents are specifically concerned about boomers' ability to live independently as they get older.

December 13th, CTHBA Christmas Open House . 12:00-2:00 pm

Home health technology ? digital and electronic systems that allow individuals access to monitor various aspects of their health at home ? give older Americans the freedom to live at home on their own longer than they?d be able to otherwise.

March 24th , 2017

Often one of the biggest client concerns are those of older children interested in health technology that will keep their parents safe in the home.

Alton Heiner Annual Fish Fry

The possibility of a life-threatening physical injury occurring when no one is around is a big motivator for the installation of home health technology integration systems. Many adult children, especially those who live remotely, want to be able to actively monitor their parents to make sure that they are okay. Home design that incorporates health tech features that allow them to do so is likely to become a significant ongoing trend in the housing industry. Older adults who do not yet have health problems often desire to stay fit, which also opens up new opportunities in home technology. Attractive features for older buyers include state-of-the-art exercise rooms, yoga studios and saunas. More and more, these amenities come complete with sophisticated sound systems and large touch-screen monitors that offer ample space and natural light for an afternoon or morning workout.


April 28th- Parade of Homes Awards and kick off party Another fast-growing tech area for the 55+ crowd: gaming. Motion-sensitive gaming systems, like the Wii and Playstation Move, allow older individuals to stay active with fun, low-impact exercises year-round, like bowling and golf.

April 29-30 & May 6-7th CTHBA Annual Parade of Homes

According to NAHB?s most recent What Home Buyers Really Want report, one-third of home buyers age 55+ want a dedicated game room in their home. Many home owners are increasingly seeking out aging-in-place specialists to help them come up with design ideas that will accommodate special needs? whether for now or in the future. NAHB offers a Certified-Aging-in-Place designation, which can help builders and remodelers hone their expertise in this fast-growing segment of the industry. Spokane Home Builders Association

Letter fr om the outgoing Pr esident At our November meeting we elected new members of the CTHBA board. I am pleased to announce that I will hand over the role of President of the CTHBA board to JoAnn Purser of Purser Homes. Joining JoAnn as new members of the board are Lauren Reider-Hallmark of John Reider Properties, Chris Doose of Flintrock Custom Homes , and Lee Mitchell of Mitchell & Son Residential Design. Jimmy Alexander of SWBC Mortgage Company will return to the board as Treasurer. along with Billy Tucker of Killeen Summit Builders in the role of Vice President. Adam Parker of Serenity Homes will also return to the Board of Directors. and chair the 2017 Parade of Homes Committee. It has been a privilege and an honor to have served you as President. I am pleased about the accomplishments that have occured over the last year. I would like to Thank the outgoing Board for their service. Cindy Savage has provided leadership and guidance to ensure our good standing with both State and Federal agencies and compliance with required reporting. Steve Rinehart has provided dedicated service to our organization as a Board Director for the last 7 years. Larry Fabian has also been an asset to our organization and has served on the Board of Directors for the last 3 years. Thank you all for your service and commitment to the organization over the years! You have been invaluable assets to our team. As I move from the position of President to Past President , I am glad that this is not a farewell but a change in roles. It is a pleasure to work with the Board and members that care about improving and elevating our industry. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you on December 13th for our Holiday Open House at CTHBA !

Sincerely, Jerry McMullin- President

CTHBA Sl at e of Of f icers f or 2017 President :

JoAnn Purser - Purser Homes

Vice President :

Bil l y Tucker - Kil l een Summit Buil ders


Jimmy Al exander- SWBC

Direct ors: Term Expires 2019- Appoint ed 2016 Lauren Hal l mark- John Reider Propert ies- Associat e Adam Parker- Serenit y HomesChris Doose- CA Doose Const ruct ion-

Buil der Buil der

Term Expires 2018- Appoint ed December 2015 Jack Smit h- Donl ie McMul l in Homes-

Buil der

Jamie Herring

Buil der

Andy Curt is- Height s Lumber-

Associat e

Term Expires 2017- Appoint ed December 2014 Lee Mit chel l - Lee Mit chel l & Son Resident ial Des.- Associat e Jeannet t e Roebuck- Symphony Homes-

Buil der

Curt is Emmons- Emmons Const ruct ion LTD. -

Buil der

Out going Board of Direct ors: St eve Rinehart - Rinehart Home Inspect ions- Associat e Larry Fabian- Eagl e Homes

-Buil der

Cindy Savage- Boyd, Shackel f ord & Barnet t - Treasurer

Immediat e Past President : Jerry McMul l in- Homes By Jerry Execut ive Commit t ee: JoAnn Purser, Jimmy Al exander, Jerry McMul l in Nat ional Direct or: Open St at e Direct or: Fran Mit chel l Nominat ing Commit t ee: Jerry McMul l in

(Al l highl ight ed in red are incoming Board of Direct ors )

Let t er f r om t h e EO I hope this note finds all of you celebrating the holiday season and taking time to enjoy family and friends. While it is a busy time of year, I believe it is important that we take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments through the HBA and look forward, with excitement, to the opportunities that lie ahead. It?s been a busy and productive year, and on a personal note, I want to thank the entire 2016 board and all of those who have volunteered as leaders to support our committees, events or other initiatives for their dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and leadership. I am so proud of our accomplishments this year, none of which would have been possible without your tireless efforts and hard work. As the year comes to a close, I am excited to welcome our incoming President JoAnn Purser and Board of Directors for 2017. I also want to thank the outgoing President Jerry McMullin for all of his time, hard work and committment . It has been a pleasure to work with everyone and I look forward to the next role as your Executive Officer !

Wishing you Happy Holidays , Teri Stermer Executive Officer

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