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volume four | issue three | may 2009


CAMPUS EVENTS End of Semester Housing Move Out Day/Turn in Keys

Final Grades Due ALL STUDENTS

Cinco De Mayo

Financial Aid Pre-Loan Session

First Class Day Mother’s Day

Armed Forces Day


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Financial Aid Pre-Loan Session

Online Registration

First Class Day




COMMUNITY & LOCAL 11th Class Day


Memorial Day Tribute

DCI 2009: The Countdown Wednesday, May 13 @ 7:30pm Cinemark Harlingen, Harlingen, TX San Benito Market Days Saturday, May 16 @ 9am-3pm W. H. Heavin Resaca Trail, San Benito, TX Buttercreams Cupcakery: Cupcake Classics Carshow Saturday, May 16 @ 10am, Harlingen, TX 712 N 77 Sunshine Strip



Staff and Student Holiday MEMORIAL DAY


Bayside with Madore Wednesday, May 13 @ 6pm Creative Incubator, McAllen, TX Music After Hours with Dignan Friday, May 15 @ 7pm McAllen Convention Center, McAllen, TX Night Shift: Darkwave Electronic Saturday, May 16 @ 9:30pm Moods Lounge, McAllen, TX

Metropolitan Opera: La Cenerentola: Encore Wednesday, May 20 @ 7pm Cinemark Harlingen, Harlingen, TX

Forgive Durden with You Me and Everyone We Know Saturday, May 23 @ 8pm Creative Incubator, McAllen, TX

MMA Corps Of Cadets Graduation Parade Saturday, May 30 @ 9am Marine Military Academy, adjacent to Iwo Jima Monument

Starluck with July and Madore Friday, May 29 @ 8pm Rialto Theater, Harlingen, TX

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05 MEET YOUR PRESIDENTS - Dr. Cesar Maldonado - Georgeann Calzada



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V-DAY ART SHOW - Strength, Courage & Hope of Women

10 NEW RELEASES AT LRC - Grave Goods - Long Lost

- See all the fun!

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presidents meet your


Dr. Cesar Maldonado - TSTC President ur lives are interconnected. We drive on the same streets and highways, eat at the same restaurants, shop for groceries at the same stores, and depend on the same government. In some way our personal decisions influence the lives and decisions of others. The science of physics refers to every action having an equal and opposite reaction. In the social systems of life we have interdependence, a cause and effect. The current threat of the H1N1 (swine) flu virus is a reminder of our interdependence. This interdependency has interrupted our social as well as our business activities. It has done the same for most of the industrialized world. Modern science and the technology it has created bring irreversible


global ties that connect our decisions and choices with the lives of others. At the moment this is a great risk that we all wish did not exist. Nonetheless, opportunity rests in using the same technology that connects the world in solving the challenges of that global connection. The experience of the H1N1 flu virus will create a greater awareness to other global risks such as climate, food supply, and clean water. Not only will this heightened awareness create career opportunities in the existing disciplines of chemical technology, nursing, engineering, communication, and security, it will create new disciplines to deal with the convergence of allied health, information technology and logistics. The reshaping of current technology for solutions to emerging global problems will be done by those that understand the fundamentals of science. To succeed in those fields you must have a college education that gives you the skills to help transform existing technologies into new

Georgeann Calzada - SGA President o often we over look the great job that has been done and instead focus on what still needs to be accomplished. I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on a couple of the events and concerns that the Student Government at TSTC has seen come through their office this semester.

This semester we started a Learning to Lead workshop series that taught and prepared student leaders for “real world” challenges they might be faced with once they leave TSTC. Student

SGA Goes to State

Government, along with the Student Success Office, brought outside community leaders to administer these workshops. A lot of time and preparation was put into this workshop series and I hope that each of you that attended learned something new about yourself.Those of you that didn’t get the opportunity to attend, I hope that you join us the next semester that these workshops will be offered. Another amazing event that was put on this semester was our 2nd Annual Valentine’s In Vegas Bash: Casino Night. This year the student attendance was doubled, so I’d like to thank the student body for coming out to have a good time. It was so much fun to see Elvis marrying you all and see that everyone was enjoying themselves at the casino tables.

by Shannon Padilla

Student Government Association officers and some student volunteers from TSTC attended the Texas Junior College Student Government Association State Convention (TJCSGA) at Austin in April.

applications. Whether you plan for a certification, an AAS degree, or beyond, the type of skills that you can learn right here at TSTC will lead to a bright future and life-long success. For many students, financial challenges may appear to stand between desire and achievement. Do not let financial needs prevent you from achieving your educational goals. Despite today’s economic challenges, many sources of financial assistance – including grants that graduates need not repay – are available to prospective students who seek selfimprovement. There is no future in believing that something cannot be done. The future is in making it happen. Be part of the global solution. The decision is yours.

Student Government also got the opportunity to speak to Representative Ybarra about adopting an Associate of Science here at TSTC. On TSTC Day, two students went to testify in front of a committee on behalf of this degree and a unanimous vote has gotten this bill out of committee and to the House floor. Those are just a couple of the semester’s great accomplishments and fantastic, fun-filled events. I’m looking forward to seeing each of you back here during the summer semester. Congratulations, to those of you that are graduating and I wish you success in your future endeavors.

- Georganne Calzada

TSTC Harlingen also received the Most Professional School Award for the group’s knowledge of parliamentary procedures, business attire and professional behavior throughout the convention. The award was determined through nominations from colleges attending the event.

Students from more than 50 campuses discussed education issues, worked to enhance leadership skills and networked with people from other colleges. TSTC students at the event included Veronica Sanchez, Hilda Prieto, Georgeann Calzada, Shannon Padilla, Sandie Vela, Jennifer Tamez, Shannon Williams, Eli Torres and Stephen Caldwell. The convention features several competitive events and TSTC won first place in the song category. Xavier Gonzales created and sang the winning song. To hear the song, log onto SGA’s Myspace or Facebook. Mustang Messenger | May 2009


features college

rgers. grilling hambu The ACR Club

rating the booth deco The winners of . ub C Cl contest, the TA

Guest band Th e Jericho Machi ne.

TSTC Job Fair

Representatives from 40 businesses and government agencies throughout the valley set up booths in the Cultural Arts Center for prospective employees.


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Many University of Texas-Pan American art students participated in the exhibit. Erika Balogh said she learned a lot about other countries from this art project. Her piece, “Till Death Do Us Part,” brought awareness to human trafficking by creating a different type of wedding veil. “Many children from other countries are forced to marry while they are so young,” she explained. “I chose the children’s tiara to reference the children and the rusty nails contrast the tiara to represent the force. The artwork on the veil was created in Photoshop.”

by Melani Zuniga

omen from diverse backgrounds, generations and disciplines came together April 9 to display artwork at the “Strength, Courage and Hope of Women” art exhibit. The exhibit was the final in a series of VDay events at TSTC about sexual assault awareness. Jessica Salazar McBride, former TSTC Waco commercial art and advertising student, described her art piece, “The Sacred Lotus,” as portraying spiritual perfection. A delicate lotus flower painted upon a female mannequin torso represented the flower’s growth from muddy waters toward the sun. The roots are spiritual energy and the swallows represent the purity of the soul. “Many women reflect the lotus,” she said. “They have overcome many obstacles and injustice in their lives and yet possess the strength to heal from adversity.”

TSTC Headlines Kudos for Quick Review

Hannah High School student Hanna Niño of Brownsville drew upon her experiences to create “Feral Child and Untold Lullaby.” “Feral Child” developed from her battle with depression and “Untold Lullaby” explains her creative process. “In my view, untold lullabies are dreams and desires that people have. I don’t tell anyone when I’m going to create an art piece. I’ll bring in my artwork and people will say, ‘Where did that come from?’ My art is an untold lullaby until I create it.” After graduation, Niño would like to travel to Boston or California and become an art professor. Being one of the youngest artists on display, Niño encouraged other young artists. “Live by your own rules. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be a doctor or a lawyer. You can be an artist.” Niño recently placed third in the 27th Congressional District Art Competition for her piece titled “Somber.”

To view the complete stories, visit

CSMT Installs Computers

New Pre-Algebra Course

Child Abuse Awareness

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features student

DEH Community Service Project


n March 30 and April 1, 2009 the first-year dental hygiene students visited Lee Means Elementary School to teach the 1st and 2nd grade students about good oral hygiene. They taught 150 students through videos, games, and then split into smaller groups to teach them how to brush on “Texas-sized” teeth! They talked with the kids, answered questions, got to know them as they colored and then finished off with a song to help them remember to brush their teeth! Before the children left they were presented with a care package filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, which was purchased with the help of Dr. Juan Villarreal of Harlingen Family Dentistry. All the TSTC students enjoyed teaching the children and the children especially loved the special guest Timmy/Tammy the Tooth! Following the completion of the service project the TSTC students delivered various teeth-shaped cookies to thank Dr. Juan Villarreal, Principal Maldonado and Nellie Cortez of the Harlingen School Board for making their service project possible!


by Shannon Williams, DEH


Dishonor Roll


ll over America, students are busy with their coursework. In a New York College, someone turns in an English paper. A young man takes a History test in Arizona. Somewhere in Illinois, a girl named Lesley Stewart sits for her SAT. There are just a few problems: the New York English paper is plagiarized, the young man in Arizona is using a cheat sheet, and that girl taking the SAT is not Lesley Stewart. These are a few examples of academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty stems from lack of integrity and its consequences permeate across our high schools, colleges, and country.

themselves abandoning honesty in order to relieve stress and stay on top. School-place dishonesty spawns adverse effects in our high schools, colleges, and society. Competing against dishonest students, rule-abiding scholars are forced to work even harder to gain superior class rankings and class honors. On this unequal playing field, they may not receive them at all. Furthermore, rule-abiding students are placed on par with dishonest students when college admission officers review their grades.

Academic dishonesty keeps “honest students from receiving what they deserve... ”

Whether it is the future dropout or the valedictorian, the main cause of cheating is a lack of integrity. Secondary reasons are laziness, lack of motivation, and overwhelming pressure. Fuse a lack of integrity with any of the secondary reasons and you have a recipe for cheating across the student spectrum.

Many failing students are lazy and bereft of the desire to improve themselves. Graduating, but, evidently, not learning anything from high school, is their greatest goal. Cheating is the only way to accomplish it once their honesty breaks down. A report card riddled with B’s and C’s is a sign of an apathetic student who cares but not enough. Earning passing grades is within the capabilities of many, but, when it comes to reaching for academic excellence, some find it easier to cheat than work harder. Some overachievers, fighting to be the best, stoop to cheating. With heaps of extracurricular work and the drive to excel, some straight-A students find 08

by Kaysey Aguilar, Dual Enrollment

Mustang Messenger | May 2009

The injustice does not end in high school. Colleges are duped into excluding worthwhile students and accepting undeserving ones who will continue to cheat in college. Students, our future workforce, receive a lower standard of education from all the work that they did not do or understand. If they cheat in school, why would they stop cheating throughout their careers and lives? Scholastic cheating snatches accolades and school acceptances from deserving students, lowers college and society education levels, and strangles integrity at a young age. The failing, apathetic, and overachieving students could have worked harder, reprioritized, and earned better grades through honest work; however, they did not have the integrity to take the higher road and stop themselves from cheating. These students fail to realize that scholastic cheating is an insidious poison with far-reaching consequences. Academic dishonesty keeps honest students from receiving what they deserve, lowers college education levels, and is, worst of all, quickly raising a generation of Americans with poor educations and even poorer integrity.

entertainment for your

Monsters vs Aliens


reamworks steps closer and closer to the bar Pixar has created in the genre of computer animated movies with this current film. Seth Rogan's existing stardom seemed to trail blaze this movie, but a hefty cast does stand behind him. Stars including Hugh Laurie, Rainn Wilson, Keifer Sutherland, Stephen Colbert and Paul Rudd, to name a few, take on the big screen as "Monsters VS Aliens."

Rated PG - 1 hr 34 min Action / Adventure Rating: 3.75/5

The story takes the farce of monsters and aliens and carries them from merely existing to saving the world. Character personalities range across a wide variety of

by Lorenzo Garcia, DMDT

types and allow the audience to connect with at least one. Indeed, this has the cover of a children’s movie, but rest assured there are plenty of adult elements in the humor and story to engage any age. Story wise, the way it is developed is what intrigued me the most. It is not a conventional approach to story telling, but it does the job. The first 10 percent is the premise to introduce everything, including the characters, and then the story takes flight and doesn’t settle until it’s over. Whether it be action or dialogue, the story constantly takes the audience through morals and fun with extreme taste. "Monsters VS Aliens" is, after all, a “feel good” and fun movie. The fact that it contains lessons and good content is an added bonus.


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A Day at the Beach

Jucifer “Pontius of Palia”

from the album If Thine Enemy Hunger

Explosions in the Sky “Song for Our Fathers”

from the album How Strange, Innocence Kanye West “Love Lockdown”

from the album 808s and Heartbreak Andrew Bird “Effigy”

from the album Noble Beast Barbecue




Dolphin Watch







South Padre Island








Weenie Roast

Anathallo “Yuki! Yuki! Yuki!”

from the album Floating World

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New Releases at the LRC

Grave Goods

Long Lost


by Ariana Franklin

by Harlan Coben

by Bill Pronzini

England, 1176. Beautiful, tranquil Glastonbury Abbey- one of England’s holiest sites, and believed by some to be King Arthur’s sacred Isle of Avalon- has been burned almost to the ground. The arsonist remains at large, but the fire has uncovered something even more shocking: two hidden skeletons, a man and a woman. The skeletons’ height and age send rumors flying- are the remains those of Arthur and Guinevere?

Myron Bolitar hasn't heard from Terese Collins since their torrid affair ended ten years ago, so her desperate phone call from Paris catches him completely off guard.

In a shattering admission, Terese reveals the tragic story behind her disappearance-her struggles to get pregnant, the greatest moment of her life when her baby was born... and the fatal accident that robbed her of it all: her marriage, her happiness and her beloved only daughter.

A new Nameless Detective story from the 2008 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master...

A locked room mystery that goes from stolen books to stolen lives and the hunt for a phantom stalker with a penchant for pouring acid to make his point give Nameless and his partner Jake more than enough work to earn their fees- as long as neither turns his back at the wrong moment.

All you need at the LRC to borrow a book is a valid TSTC student ID. For more information, visit

Women Among Men

The women’s college basketball national championship game – the University of Connecticut dominated versus the University of Louisville on April 7 – did not astound Amber Sias and Cassy Garcia because they played with the big boys in the intramural league at TSTC. The two former high school athletes in recent years were members of playoff teams – Sias from the Lady Cardinals of Harlingen and Garcia with the Lady Bearkats of Raymondville – and they were the only two women in the intramural basketball league at TSTC during the spring semester season. Garcia played for the Cougars and Sias played with the undefeated (10 wins) championship team, The Legends. Neither woman viewed their feat as an extraordinary gender equity triumph, nor did they feel any discrimination from their teammates or opponents. They earned quality minutes on the floor and openly offered input on team strategy. “The men know that we’re here to play and if a woman doesn’t want to play or be a wimp about it, then they should not be out here on the court,” said Sias, who in one game received a solid knee to the stomach – an unintentional blow – as a player blocked a shot near the basket. She recovered and stayed in the game. “There is better competition in the men’s games. I like it because accepting that type of challenge is how a player proves,” Sias explained. “There’s nothing to be afraid of because everybody is friendly. It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a man or a woman who makes a really good play because we just joke around with the laughs or some trash talk.” Garcia said that the men usually provide faster action because most males are more instinctive about on-court moves during the flow of a game. Physical contact and intensity during all-female games tend to become more aggressive, she added. Sias is in the Associate of Applied Science degree program headed toward a career in nursing and Garcia is studying toward a career as a radiologist. They also are interested in possibly coaching girls to share their knowledge and they might consider trying on black and white striped shirts to blow whistles as referees.

Students across the TSTC System competed in a variety of sports and activities, ranging from softball to volleyball and table tennis to Guitar Hero.

Intramurals Department Personnel: Armando “Brany” Dominguez, Supervisor Room 101 Phone: 956.364.4341 Email: Jose Garza, Assistant Supervisor Room 104 Phone: 956.364.4340 Email: FIELDHOUSE HOURS Monday - Thursday 10AM - 9PM Friday 10AM - 2 PM Saturday 1PM - 5PM


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