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CHEAT SHEET Tech 2.0 Social Communications Twitter: A ‘micro-blogging’ service ideal for short messages and announcements. Facebook: Social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Texas State Technical College | Educational Technologies Social networking and micro-blogging web service that enables users to post to multiple social networks simultaneously. Hootsuite: A social media dashboard which users can control which services updates will be posted to and schedule updates. Working in the Cloud Google Docs: Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form, and data storage service offered by Google. Zoho: Comprehensive set of applications available anywhere online. Office Live: Online companions to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Weebly for Education: http://education.weebly. com Create classroom website and blog with student accounts. 2

LiveBinders: Collect, organize and present resources online. Dropbox: Service that stores & shares documents online and syncs with each computer through a small app. Mobile apps also available. Stores & shares files online. Contains a built in word process. Mobile apps are available. Microsoft SkyDrive: Part of Microsoft Live. Users can store up to 25GB of files. Social Media YouTube: A video sharing website on which users can upload, edit and share videos Animoto: Produces videos from user-selected photos, video clips and music. Prezi: Uses a map layout and zooming to show contextual relationships. Jing: Screen capture software used to take screen shots or videos in a quick shareable format. CamStudio: Records screen activity from the Windows desktop into standard AVI movie files. Screenr: Web-based screen recorder. Texas State Technical College | Copyright 2011

CHEAT SHEET Tech 2.0 Wix: Drag & Drop. No programming. Search engine friendly.

Vimeo: Video sharing site. Also includes a “video school”.

Blogger: Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video.

Picasa: Google’s Photo and video sharing site. Photos can also be edited using the Picnik application.

Wordpress: A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

Photobucket: Photo sharing site that allows online editing of photos. Photoshop Express: http://www.photoshop. com/ Adobe’s site that allows users to edit, organize, store and share photos.

Texas State Technical College | Educational Technologies

Flickr: Online photo (and video) management and sharing application.

Edublogs: Education blogs for teachers, students and institutions. Typepad: Blogging service emphasizing design and reliability.

Issuu: Digital publishing platform used for sharing a variety of documents in many formats. Glogster: Create and share interactive posters. SchoolTube: The place for students and teachers to share videos online. Web Creation Weebly: Drag and drop web page creator with many robust features.

Kevin Brown Director, Educational Technology Texas State Technical College West Texas Holle England Coordinator, Educational Technology Texas State Technical College West Texas

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CHEAT SHEET Tech 2.0 Social Network Jargon

followed – people who are following your tweets

Listed below are some terminology you may come across in the world of Social Networking. While some may be specific to Twitter, some of these terms apply to many other aspects of social network communications as well.

Protected profiles – You can only see the updates on these profiles if they follow you. Essentially a private twitter profile.

twitter – a service that people use to shout about what they are doing right now, share ideas & news and ask for help from others. Texas State Technical College | Educational Technologies

twitterer - A user of Twitter. A Twitterer is sometimes also referred to as a Tweeter. tweet – a twitter message, a 140 character update about anything and everything. Messages are public unless a profile is protected. twoosh - A full 140 character Twitter. twitter Stream - A collection of Tweets, usually belonging to one user, in chronological order. tweeple - Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitter users. timeline - this is your homepage on twitter it shows all the messages you send and messages that people you are following send. direct tweet – a personal message to you that only you and the sender can see (essentially a 140 character email). You can only direct message users that are following you. follow – people you follow whose tweets will show up in your timeline. The more people you follow the more interesting twitter is, be careful though, following too many people can lead to a high noise to signal ratio.


@ – a reply to someone else’s twitter message i.e. @ icrossing_uk Great intro post about twitter RT or retweet – a message that is repeated because someone thinks it particularly good i.e. RT @ icrossing_uk Great intro post about twitter shorturls – as space in a twitter message is at a premium you can often need to convert long URLs into shorturls so they can fit in a message. Short URLs 301 redirect to the actual URL you want to link to. Some popular short url services are, tinyurl and # – hash tags are used to tag tweets with a theme or event i.e. #seslondon would be used in a tweet so everyone knows its related to SES London search feeds – you can use these to keep track of certain words on twitter. For example I have search feeds set up for eyesnight, icrossing and seslondon. You can also use it to see all messages a particular user is sending and receiving. A search feed for icrossing_uk would show all the messages that icrossing_uk sends and @ messages it receives. twitter spam – accounts that are set up to deliberately spam twitter - a twitter dictionary online.

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CHEAT SHEET Tech 2.0 Twitter (Tweagle) Account User Agreement Department/Organization: ________________________________________ Thank you for deciding to be a part of Morehead State University’s, (from here on noted as MSU), implementation of using Twitter as a social media. Please read carefully below the terms and conditions of being a part of Morehead State University’s Twitter community: I. All posts are to be official posts of Morehead State University and will follow Morehead State University policy and regulations (including, but not limited to PG-55 Technology Resource Acceptable Use). II. You are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Twitter.

Texas State Technical College | Educational Technologies

III. All posts will be available to the public, not only users with Twitter accounts. IV. Posts made will appear on a single list, as well as on the account itself, with other Morehead State University Twitter accounts which will be known as Tweagle. V. You agree to post a minimum of once a week on Twitter.

VI. If posts do not follow the policies and regulations of Morehead State University the post will be removed and the user will be notified, as well as his/her supervisor. Any disciplinary action, including the revocation of Twitter privileges will be taken at the discretion of the supervisor. VII. Content should have a specific purpose and topics should be relevant to the mission of MSU and follow all guidelines of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). VIII. If, and when, the Twitter account holder needs to be switched, the current account holder will willingly hand over all rights to the Twitter account.

Please be advised that whatever you post will be available for the public to see. With this being said, keep in mind that what you post is to be an official post of Morehead State University, that you will be representing the University, and should follow all laws and regulations not only of Morehead State University but of state, and federal laws as well. By signing this document you hereby claim that you fully understand and agree to all the conditions that are stated above. ________________________________________ __________________________ Account Holder Name (Printed) MSU ID# Date ________________________________________ __________________________ Account Holder Signature Date _________________________________________ __________________________ Supervisor Signature Date Courtesy of Chris Butler at Morehead State University

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TCEC2011 - Tech 2.0 Handout  
TCEC2011 - Tech 2.0 Handout  

Handout used for Tech 2.0 sessions at TCEC 2011 in Dallas Texas