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CONTENTS Solutions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Contracts & Procurement. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Integration & Kitting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Engineering, Design, & Product Development . . . . . 8 Contract & Project Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Sustainment Planning & Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 The TACOPS® Concept & History. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 TACOPS®: The Next Generation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Casualty Evacuation & EOD Kits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

TACOPS® Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Aid Bags . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Individual First Aid. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Squad First Aid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Mass Casualty Response. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Personal Protection & Others. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41

Specialty Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Ogura. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Ergonomix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Trijicon ACOG RCO Repair Program . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 TACOPS® Body Armor Kits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Simunition. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Training Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Team One. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Sig Sauer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Sirchie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64

Ordering Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Vendor Guide. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68

TSSI’S MISSION We provide mission-focused, timesensitive, value-added equipment and logistics services solutions, delivered with uncompromising integrity – anytime, anywhere.


Over 38 years ago, Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc. (TSSi) began by supporting the United States Military Special Operations community. Since then, TSSi has expanded its customer focus to include logistical support for the conventional military, law enforcement, and disaster response professions in the United States and in over 25 allied nations. TSSi offers a full line of tactical and operational support equipment, and product training. The company’s long-standing reputation as a one-stop supplier of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and custom-built equipment has put TSSi in the forefront of the industry. This position is complemented by solid relationships with over 7,000 domestic and international suppliers and a sales team that delivers increased customer satisfaction and customer-focused support. Additional developmental and service capabilities, such as total palletization and pre-positioning, are achieved through a 44,000 square foot logistic support facility.


Our corporate headquarters located in Harrisonburg, VA, is secure inside and out. This strategic location is convenient for sales, shipping, and service throughout the globe. TSSi also has dedicated Sales Representatives, strategically placed outside corporate headquarters, who provide on-site product sales, service, and training.

OUR COMMITMENT TO THE AMERICAN WARFIGHTER For every select TACOPS® product purchase, a donation is made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. TSSi will continue to contribute to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation from a portion of the proceeds generated from the following products: • • • •



M-10 Medical Backpack M-9 Assault Medical Backpack M-5 Medical Bag M-4 Special Operations Medical

• TACOPS® Mass Casualty Kit • TACOPS® Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit • TACOPS® Rolling Mass Casualty Kit

Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796

Dear Friends, Thank you for taking time to review our TACOPS® product line catalog. As you can see, our TACOPS® line continues to grow through new and innovative products in addition to our focus on constant improvement to our existing product line. This catalog is also intended to educate our customers about TSSi’s capabilities to provide solutions to your demanding operational requirements through services such as: • • • • • • •

Kitting Integration Sustainment Planning and Support Product Engineering Design Customization and Development Project Management

You will also find information on a few products that we offer exclusively or have special supplier arrangements with the manufacturer. You will want to review our section on Training Support opportunities offered by Team One Network, Sig Sauer and Sirchie. Please, take time to check out the new TACOPS® M-10 Medical Backpack. The M-10 is a true example of TSSi listening to our professional customers’ suggestions and recommendations. Although the M-9 has become the standard by which all low profile or slimline medical backpacks are judged, many times our customers have asked, “Could you make it just a little thicker here,” or, “A little longer there?” They also asked for clear view pockets instead of mesh, or square pockets instead of the standard elongated rectangular pockets. All of this and much more has been taken into consideration when we were designing the M-10. Take a look and let us know what you think. One last thing I would like to address: I understand that a few customers have asked our sales staff about the TSSi tag line, “Solutions for the Select Few.” Some have said, “Isn’t that an elitist statement or a bold thing to say?” My answer today is as it was when we selected these words to accompany our classic “Man on the Rope” logo. In doing research for this slogan, we found out that within our nation’s population less than 7 percent of Americans ever serve in uniform. This includes all five branches of the Armed Services including Guard and Reserve, sworn Law Enforcement at all levels, Fire Fighters and EMS professionals, both full time and volunteer. Since TSSi does not sell to the general public and we specialize in supporting the professional community, that community makes up less than 7% of the national population. If you’re our customer, you are part of that group we refer to as the “Select Few.” Please understand that we here at TSSi are proud that you allow us to support your mission and operational needs. Thank you for what you do every day to serve, protect and defend our country. Take care and stay safe. Very Respectfully

Bill Strang Founder, President and CEO

Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796





Through the Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) contract, TSSi is capable of providing quality equipment and services to military commands, federal agencies and other authorized customers worldwide.


Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response

GSA SCHEDULE 78 CONTRACT # GS-03F-0150V Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies and Signs

TSSi is pleased to offer extensive GSA Contracts offering thousands of products at competitive prices to our federal, military, 1122 Program and Cooperative Purchasing Program customers.

FEDMALL SP47W1-16-D-0008

Formerly DOD EMALL, FEDMALL is an Internet based electronic mall which allows military and other authorized government customers to search for and procure items from government and commercial sources.

DLA FIELD SANITATION KIT CONTRACT NSN 4540-01-578-4352 The DLA Field Sanitation Kit contract is the culmination of a 6-year effort on the part of TSSi to provide DoD Environmental Science Officers and Preventive Medicine Specialists with the necessary equipment to ensure the health and welfare of servicemen and women in various environments. After approving our kit design in 2006, the U.S. Army assigned the Field Sanitation Kit a National Stock Number (NSN) in 2009 and transferred stocking and procurement authority to DLA in 2010. To date, TSSi has fielded over 6,800 Field Sanitation Kits to our U.S. Military customers.


This contract provides Class VIII materials that comprise the highly specialized Marine Corps capability sets - Authorized Medical Allowance Lists (AMALs), Authorized Dental Allowance List (ADAL) and medical kits.




Our manufacturer partners include: • Point Blank Enterprises • Revision • AirBoss • Crye • KDH

• • • • •

LTC Gerber High Speed Gear London Bridge Trading Arnolds Welding Service


The ICE SRT Armor Contract is a 5 year IDIQ for tactical armor and accessories. The contract is composed of products from 10 different manufacturers and includes carriers, hard armor plates, helmets, gas masks and accessories.


TSSi has the distinguished honor of being a recognized Service-Disabled VeteranOwned Small Business (SDVOSB). This status is of great interest to government contracting agencies because of the  3% annual contracting goal for SDVOSBs that has been directed by Presidential Executive Order 13360 dtd October 21, 2004 and Public Law 106-50 dtd August 17, 1999 (Sect 502).  The Federal Acquisition Regulations address SDVOSBs in FAR Subpart 19.1405 dealing with SDVOSB set asides and 19.1406 with SDVOSB sole source awards.  Public Law 108-183 dtd December 16, 2003 (Sect. 308) also addresses SDVOSB sole source awards.


TSSi currently holds multiple body armor procurement contracts with several different government and federal agencies. These contracts are available for use by organizations other than the contract holder and include total life cycle efforts from initial measurement through replacement.


TSSi is eager to assist your agency’s requirement to establish, maintain and use a BPA. Allowing TSSi to assist with this administrative duty will provide more time for procurement oversight and review, reduce ordering issues, and streamline paperwork requirements. By developing a BPA with TSSi, you will have the ability to reap the benefits of a large sourcing element that can provide multiple procurement methods, volume discounts, expedited deliveries and predetermined sustainment fulfillment.


TSSi provides our federal and military customers with many contract vehicles to meet their procurement needs. Different contract vehicles allow federal customers to use Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) DD Form 448, Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP), and Government Purchase Card (GPC) as funding methods to complete your procurement. Contact TSSi’s sales department at for assistance.

To learn more, visit




The worst thing for any logistics element of an organization to have to do is break down bulk deliveries of incoming products and then either hand them out individually or group them together into “packages” for issue. This unpleasantness is compounded when the products don’t all arrive at the same time. TSSi’s Product Integration and Kitting services enable your organization to order, receive and issue customized ready-to-use kits that can either be identical or assembled according to your parameters (i.e., by size, gender, mission or any other differentiator).


TSSi has decades of experience in advanced kitting and integration services. We are an industry leader in the design, development, assembly, packaging and shipment of custom kits to address the needs of a wide range of customers and mission requirements.


Within our 44,000 square foot logistics support facility, we have several kit assembly areas that can be configured as needed for specific projects, allowing multiple kits to be in process simultaneously.




Our kits can be developed with state of the art materials, hardware, and technologies. We can reduce processing time by combining several products into one package and assigning that item a unique part number. By utilizing this streamlined process, the procurement process is simplified and reduces the processing time at a receiving activity.


TSSi can integrate and develop kits on a multitude of levels, from relatively simple to technically complex. Kits can be built from both customerprovided or Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), as well as specific procured materials which may be negotiated by our procurement and sourcing team.


TSSi offers high quality customized solutions for your packaging needs, including specialized hard plastic containers that protect electronic equipment, vacuum-sealed pouches for added protection that also decrease package volume for bulky products like sleeping bags and clothing, and reusable MIL-SPEC pallet boxes. Items can also arrive with MIL-STD labeling, customer specific bar coding, or RFID/IUID tags applied. Packaging is an integral component of TSSi’s kitting services and just one of the elements that contributes to our outstanding logistics support services. For more information on TSSi’s packaging options please contact us (see page 66 for more information).

Customized packaging shown for an outgoing order.

To learn more, visit




In addition to providing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, TSSi also works with military, law enforcement and disaster response organizations to develop new products and customize existing products to meet their specific mission requirements.

TSSi is ready to support your requirements with our on-site engineering, design and product development team to help meet these requirements.


TSSi’s team of professionals has many years of experience within the industry. In addition, many of our staff have prior military or law enforcement backgrounds to draw from. Our team’s knowledge of materials, hardware, and leading technologies allows us to take our customers’ ideas or requirements from initial concept to finished product. TACOPS M-10 Medical Backpack on an ALICE style frame TSSi has numerous vendor partners that assist with this process from design and development through to production. Together, we are able to provide solutions and sustainment that fulfill our customers’ mission requirements. ®

Custom TACOPS® EOD Equipment Trailer



PAST PERFORMANCE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

25 and 150-person Field Sanitation Kits Mass Casualty Response Kit M-10, M-9, M-4, & M-5 Medical Bags and Field Ready Medical Kits Specialized and agency specific Body Armor Kits and packages Field EOD Technician Trailer Range and Firearms Instructor First Aid Kits Individual Combat I.D. Marking System (ICIMS) Field Meteorology Kits Overt and Covert Landing Zone Kits Distraction Device Deployment Pole Personal Rescue Tools TACOPS II Cold Weather Clothing System USMC CQB Flame Retardant Assault Suit Special Warfare Sniper Operations Kits NSW Special Operator Shirts USAF Battlefield Airman Clothing Ensemble USMC Individual Assault Kit Waterproof Marksman Data Book Kit


The following are just a few examples of unique products engineered, designed and developed by TSSi’s product development team to meet our customers’ evolving mission requirements:

TACOPS® Talaria Communications Pack and Kit

Let us engineer, design, develop, and produce the products you need to meet your particular mission requirements.

TACOPS® Waterproof Marksman Data Book Kit

TACOPS® Overt/Covert Landing Zone Kit

Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796

TACOPS® USMC CQB Flame Retardant Assault Suit




TSSI’s Contract and Account Managers support our customers by determining the appropriate contract vehicle* to meet their procurement requirements. These personnel negotiate with suppliers for the terms and conditions, deliverables, and deadlines to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction. *A list of these potential contract vehicles is provided within the Contract and Procurement section of this catalog.


Our Contract and Account Managers also maintain oversight on due dates for deliverables and communicate on a regular basis with customers to keep them informed of potential issues. These Contract and Account Managers continuously review contract performance to ensure compliance with terms and conditions. Documentation and record keeping is a key element of this business unit. They strive daily to be the customer’s “go to” person within TSSi who you can rely on for results.


TSSi employs a dedicated team of Vendor Relations professionals, Procurement Agents, and Sourcing Specialists that understand your requirements and are committed to sourcing the best high quality, professional equipment and services available on the world-wide market at fair and reasonable prices. All orders are processed with the intent and commitment to meet your required timeline. This team of professionals routinely qualify all vendor partners to insure product compliance that will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and demanding mission requirements.


With over 38 years of experience in supporting the Special Operations community, TSSi has developed and maintains a comprehensive database of vendor partners and suppliers of conventional as well as unconventional products. If you need something and haven’t been able to find it, please ask your TSSi Contract or Account Manager for help in supporting your product requirements.




Logo Library Logo 1a (shot logo)

Logo 1

Logo 2 (3 color version)

Logo 3 (full color no shadow version)


Logo 4 (full color with shadow version)


compression tactical

*AS OF 09/2018

Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796




TSSi has always provided service after the procurement cycle is complete. TSSi works with our customers to develop and implement sustainment strategies, as well as to document these strategies into comprehensive Life Cycle Management Sustainment Plans. These plans will allow key personnel within your command or agency to manage, communicate, and execute the long term and ongoing operational logistics programs within your organization.


The purpose of developing such a plan is to maximize operational readiness by delivering the best possible supply chain support at the lowest possible operating costs. Sustainment is a long-term activity that requires the combination of personnel with the right experience, mission specific supplies and spare parts, combined with a comprehensive documented plan and a proper implementation process. For your plan to be successful, you need an experienced partner like TSSi who you can rely on 24/7/365. With the commitment to each part of the plan by all involved, your organization’s Sustainment Plan will be successful. TSSi stands ready to be your reliable and experienced partner.




Life Cycle Management • • • •

Product guidance Sourcing initiatives and established contract vehicles Logistical support (packing, storage, and transport) Maintenance planning

Asset Management


TSSi can assist with your Sustainment Planning and Support in the following ways:

• Training and document support • Subject Matter Experts • Facilities

Supply Chain Support

• Proven worldwide product and equipment sourcing experience • Worldwide logistics and transportation partnerships. • Certified HAZMAT packaging and transportation • Customized packaging including: –– MIL STD Packaging –– Custom Bar Coding –– RFID and UID tagging

Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796







TACOPS® is the acronym for “Tactical Operations.” When Bill Strang started TSSi, the emphasis was on supporting military Special Operations forces. Soon the company diversified our customer base by expanding our sales to Law Enforcement tactical units. TACOPS® encompasses both of these original customer bases, and was trademarked by TSSi to use for our own brand of products. These products are designed and developed by TSSi with input from military, law enforcement, and disaster response professionals. TACOPS® products are designed with the end user in mind and incorporate special features to enhance functionality.

The unique TACOPS® logo includes cross hairs to denote that our products are on target to meet our customer’s needs.


The TACOPS® M-9 Medical Backpack was specifically designed with the guidance of a Tier-1 Physician’s Assistant (PA), who also served as a Special Operations 18D medic, as the first medical pack with a very thin profile to carry the necessary emergency support items for operational medics working in confined spaces. Additionally, the M-9 was designed with numerous other operational features and advantages that continue to distinguish it from the host of imitations that arrived following its widespread acceptance and popularity.


Over the next several years, the M-9 became the standard issue medical pack for multiple Special Operations Forces units in every branch of the U.S. military, in many federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and was ultimately adopted by the U.S. Army for issue to their 68W “Combat Medics.”





While the basic design of the M-9 has remained unchanged, operational end user input resulted in upgrades to internal pouches, shoulder straps, the modular instrument panel, and the system for attaching the M-9 directly to body armor or a plate carrier. TSSi has also modified the M-9 in response to several customer-specific requests to provide additional colors, pouch configurations and capabilities (such as affixing the M-9 to a vehicle seat, increasing its internal capacity, or attaching a rescue axe to its exterior).

Customer: Foreign Nation

Customer: US Government Agency

Wildland Fire Adaptation: • Custom Color

Adaptations: • Vehicle Platform • Custom Internal Pouches • Custom Loadout

The Original M-9 Assault Medical Backpack

Customer: County Sheriff’s Dept. Adaptations: • Larger Size • Custom Internal Pouches • IV Pouch • Tourniquet Pouches

Customer: City Fire Department Adaptations: • Custom Embroidery • Triage Pouch • IV Pouch • Tourniquet Pouches

To learn more, visit






Over a decade ago, TSSi designed the TACOPS® M-9 Assault Medical Backpack in conjunction with a U.S. Army Special Operation Command medic for his own unit’s use. The Department of Defense TACOPS® M-9 Backpack end-users soon expanded to include Tier One military organizations, Naval Special Warfare (SEALs), Special Forces (Green Berets), Pararescuemen (PJs), Rangers, and “Combat” Medics/Corpsmen supporting a variety of differently sized and equipped military units.


As the diversity of M-9 end-users and operational missions expanded, so did the amount of medical equipment that was being placed inside of it. While still the operational medic bag of choice, its capacity was being pushed to the limit. Because of this, TSSi staff began receiving end-user requests to increase the M-9’s size while maintaining its slim design and ability to be carried and used in confined spaces.


TSSi’s answer to this common user experience is the TACOPS® M-10 Medical Backpack. Increasing the M-9’s dimensions by only 1 inch in depth and 3 inches in length provides the M-10 with an additional 180 cubic inches of storage in the main compartment and doubles the volume of the bottom pouch to over 380 cubic inches of capacity. The M-10’s design also includes significantly more PALS webbing on the outside of the main flap and along the sides to increase the surface area for affixing external components.

ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZATION The M-10 Medical Backpack can be ordered with a variety of pouch options for the internal layout as well as user-customized medical equipment load outs.

TACOPS® M-10 Medical Backpack Kit, Custom Loadout and Tourniquet Pouches



CUSTOM BOTTOM POUCH Bottom pouch can be shortened using the compression straps to custom-configure the pack’s profile to the load out


DOUBLE THE CAPACITY Adding 1” in depth and 3” in length provides over 380 cubic inches of extra internal storage capacity

SLIMLINE DESIGN The M-10 provides enhanced internal capacity, additional external PALS webbing to attach accessory pouches, new internal pouch options, and additional operational capabilities while maintaining the slimline design of TSSi’s highly acclaimed M-9

M-9 M-10

INTERNAL POUCH CONFIGURATION Options include any combination of four 7-inch x 6-inch pouches (with either a vinyl/mesh facing) or our standard horizontal mesh pouches.

CUSTOM LOAD OUT M-10 can be ordered empty or with any user-defined equipment load out. ALPHA




To learn more, visit


CASUALTY EVACUATION KITS Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) includes the rescue, recovery and evacuation of casualties under any circumstances and in any environment.


TSSi has designed its line of CASEVAC Kits to support the successful accomplishment of these missions by providing the most effective emergency medical and casualty evacuation equipment currently available, in user-friendly configurations that can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of any organization. TSSi developed the following CASEVAC Kits: • • • •

Multi-Casualty Mobility Casualty Recovery Extreme Terrain Rescue Confined Space Rescue

• • •

Portable Power Advanced Life Support Sustained Operations

Contact for more information.

Sustained Operations Kit TSSi’s Sustained Operations Kit provides the ability to transport, store by functional capability, and easily access a diverse variety of medical supplies. It can be used to support long duration operations or situations requiring treatment of multiple casualties over multiple days when external re-supply is NOT immediately available. This kit can be configured to provide any or all of the following capabilities: • • •

Control of life threatening bleeding Wound protection Pain management

• •

One bag, multiple kit configurations:

Prevention and treatment of shock Advanced airway and breathing management

ITEM #: CAS-SO-1 Call for more information (see page 65).


TSSi’s Casualty Recovery Kit provides the ability to: •

TSSi’s Advanced Life Support Kit provides advanced life support equipment during the treatment and movement of a casualty from remote locations and includes the following types of equipment:

• • • • •

• •

Vital signs monitor Mechanical ventilator Oxygen generator Active thermal warmer Electric external defibrillator Accelerated fluid resuscitation Intravenous fluids and blood warmer

ITEM #: CAS-ALS-1 Call for more information (see page 65).



Treat traumatic and life threatening injuries Immobilize casualties having cervical, spinal, pelvic or extremity fractures Quickly transport casualties over rough terrain and water Vertically hoist or lower casualties (using additional assets)

ITEM #: CAS-REC-1 Call for more information (see page 65).



TSSi’s TCERS Kit consists of multiple sizes and designs of thermal tapes and wraps, a digital temperature control unit, a thermocouple, and infrared thermometer to provide EOD technicians the ability to safely melt and remove explosive compounds from projectiles without producing hazardous wastewater. The system has been successfully used on munitions ranging from 60mm mortar rounds up to and including 155 mm artillery projectiles.


TSSi developed the Thermally Controlled Explosive Removal System (TCERS) Kit in support of the Marine Corps System Command’s Family of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment Contract to provide a cleaner, less expensive and more portable means of removing explosives from hard cased munitions. The system was conceived and designed by active duty EOD technicians intending to improve upon the existing Explosive Washout System that uses pressurized steam to accomplish the same task.




The TACOPS EOD Search Kit provides the EOD team with specialized tools and equipment to conduct interior and exterior search operations involving Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Weapons of Mass Destruction. This kit includes such items as a video borescope, high intensity searchlight, thermal imagers, spotting scope, range finder, metal detector, laser pointer, binoculars and a digital camera.

The TACOPS® EOD Technician Kit provides the EOD Technician with the individual issue tools and protective equipment needed to fulfill their complex missions. This kit includes such items as a backpack with a hydration bladder, hi-intensity flashlight, M11 EOD knife with scabbard and accessory pouch, protective eye wear, a mine probe kit, a remote pull-line kit and reel, blasting cap box and crimper, headlamp and a multipurpose tool.



NSN: 5850-01-559-2664


LADDER BACKPACK SYSTEM TSSi created the Ladder Backpack System to use with Telesteps’ tactical telescoping extension ladders. Ladder sold separately. ITEM #: TSS-LBPS2

NSN: 1385-01-565-1626

HEAVY DUTY TOOL/ LADDER BACKPACK TSSi designed the Heavy Duty Tool/Ladder Backpack to help with the transportation of Ruhl Tech entry tools. The backpack will hold up to 3 tools at one time. The design makes the backpack slim and easy to use in tight environments. The tools are held in place with nylon straps and quick release buckles. Due to the unique design, the pack can also accommodate Ruhl Tech collapsible ladders. The backpack also consists of MOLLE that allows for compatible pouches to be added for extra storage. Dimensions: 25"l × 14.5"w × 6"d. Weight: 1.4lbs BLACK


ITEM #: 001-LRL-P-__ Replace __ with ACU, BK (Black) or MC (MultiCam®). Berry-Compliant versions available in ACU and MC.

To learn more, visit



Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796

Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796


M-10 MEDICAL BACKPACK The TACOPS® M-10 Medical Backpack provides enhanced internal capacity, additional external PALS webbing to attach accessory pouches, new internal pouch options, and additional operational capabilities while maintaining the slimline design of TSSi’s highly acclaimed M-9 Assault Medical Backpack. • • •

The main compartment has an additional 180 cubic inches of storage. The bottom pouch more than doubled in volume to over 380 cubic inches of storage. The bottom pouch can be cinched up using the compression straps to minimize the pack’s profile. Three types of pouches offered for inside the pack that can be included in any combination:

–– 7-inch x 6-inch pouches with either a vinyl or mesh facing –– Standard horizontal mesh pouches found in the M-9 (each capable of holding 2000 mL of IV solutions) –– Will hold 4 of any individual type of pouch or 2 of the 7-inch x 6-inch and 2 of the horizontal mesh pouches –– All mesh pouches have loop fastener for identifiers

Available bag only or pouch configuration package: • • • •

Alpha Configuration: M-10 bag with square mesh pouches Bravo Configuration: M-10 bag with square vinyl pouches Charlie Configuration: M-10 bag with rectangular mesh pouches Delta Configuration: M-10 bag with 2 square mesh or vinyl pouches and 2 rectangular mesh pouches







Delta RED

ITEM #: 001-M-10-__ ITEM #: 001-M-10-A-__ ITEM #: 001-M-10-B-__ ITEM #: 001-M-10-C-__ ITEM #: 001-M-10-D-__

Bag Only M-10 Alpha M-10 Bravo M-10 Charlie M-10 Delta NSN: 8465-01-668-9975 - MultiCam® Only Replace __ with CT=Coyote, RG=Ranger Green, MC=MultiCam®, or BK=Black. In pouch configurations: Coyote Tan, Ranger Green and MultiCam® come with Coyote Tan pouches; Black comes with Black pouches.

Optional M-10 Accessories: ITEM #: 001-SMP ITEM #: 001-SVP ITEM #: 001-RMP ITEM #: 001-M-9-TP


Square M-10 Mesh Pouch Square M-10 Vinyl Pouch Rectangular M-10 Mesh Pouch Universal Tourniquet Pouch


Custom field ready loadouts available.

WE’RE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU TACOPS® M-10 for use with ALICE Support Frames In response to numerous requests from SOF Medics, TSSi is now offering our M-10 in a version that is adaptable to ALICE-style frames. This new configuration is even more comfortable to carry and the M-10 can be worn either with or without the frame contingent upon the mission. This design also enables the medic to transport either one or two additional external pouches without taking up any of the packs’ external PALS webbing (depending upon the specific ALICE frame being used). One of these pouches is easily accessible without even removing the system from your back. Our ALICE frame compatible M-10s can be ordered either as a complete system (including frame, padded belt - with either Cobra or Fastex buckle - and additional pouches), or as a basic pack and select accessories for retrofitting to your existing ALICE frame. ITEM # 001-M10ABP-CS-A-_-__ ITEM # 001-M10ABP-CS-B-_-__ ITEM # 001-M10ABP-CS-C-_-__ ITEM # 001-M10ABP-CS-D-_-__

M-10 ALICE System, Alpha Pouch Config. M-10 ALICE System, Bravo Pouch Config. M-10 ALICE System, Charlie Pouch Config. M-10 ALICE System, Delta Pouch Config. Replace _ with C=Cobra buckle or F=Fastex buckle. Replace __ with CT-Coyote Tan, RG=Ranger Green, MC=Mulit Cam, BK=Black and RD=Red. In pouch configurations: CT, RG and MC come with CT pouches. BK and RD come with BK pouches.

Optional M-10 ALICE Accessories: ITEM # 001-M10ABP-__ ITEM # 001-M10ABELT-C-__ ITEM # 001-M10ABELT-F-__ ITEM # 001-M10ASP-__ ITEM # 001-M10ASPPAD-__

M-10 ALICE Bag Only M-10 ALICE Padded Belt with Cobra Buckle M-10 ALICE Padded Belt with Fastex Buckle M-10 ALICE External Pouch M-10 ALICE External Pouch Platform

Shown: rear view of the TACOPS® M-10 Medical Backpack with ALICE frame

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M-9 ASSAULT MEDICAL BACKPACK The TACOPS® M-9 Assault Medical Backpack was the first medical pack with a very thin profile to carry emergency support items for operational medics working in confined spaces. The M-9 Assault Medical Backpack from TSSi was designed with the guidance of a Tier 1 Physician’s Assistant (PA), who also served as a Special Operations 18D medic. The M-9 is equipped with a removable waist strap and has four carry options: padded and unpadded backpack straps; accessory connectors to attach the pack directly to body armor or a load bearing vest (LBV); and carry handles located on top of the pack body and flap. Internal Features • • • • • •

4 removable mesh pouches, 3 of which also incorporate elastic closures Modular instrument panel with replaceable elastic securing system Hidden flat pocket behind instrument panel 1 small zippered mesh pocket on pack flap Internal access to bottom pocket Internal zipper pulls are red para-cord for fast easy identification

Additional Features • • • • • •

Large bottom pocket sized to hold 2000 mL of IV solutions PALS webbing on sides of pack body and front of pack flap Loose end of shoulder and waist straps have Velcro® securing tabs 3” x 2” Velcro® loop on front of pack flap for identifier patches 8” x 8” Velcro® loop on back of pack to secure pack to body armor with optional Velcro® hook panel that attaches via PALS webbing Large mesh pocket on back of pack (great for storing moldable SAM® splints)

Closed dimensions: 20"h x 13"w x 3"d

Field Ready M-9 Assault Medical Backpack includes: • Headlamp • TACOPS® Tactical Rescue Knife • Combat Gauze • Tourniquets • Chest Seal • Assorted Bandages • Compressed Gauze Packs • Assorted Gauze Pads • Burn Dressing • Nasopharyngeal Airways • Surgical Lubricant Foil Packs • Oral Airways • Pocket Bag Valve Mask • Disposable Suction Device • Splints • Adhesive tape • Trauma Shears • Hemostats • Fine Point Forceps • Prep Pads • Gloves • Permanent felt-tip marker









ITEM #: TSS-M-9-CT NSN#: 6545-01-539-6448 ITEM #: TSS-M-9-BK ITEM #: TSS-M-9-ACU NSN#: 6545-01-539-6450 ITEM #: TSS-M-9-RG NSN#: 6545-01-539-6444 ITEM #: TSS-M-9-MC NSN#: 6545-01-597-2145 ITEM #: TSS-M-9-RD ITEM #: 001-M9-FR__

Bag Only Coyote Bag Only Black Bag Only ACU Bag Only Ranger Green Bag Only MultiCam® Bag Only Red Field Ready Bag (Specify Color)

When ordering Field Ready, please specify bag color.

M-9 Replacement Parts ITEM #: 001-M-9-P1-__ ITEM #: 001-M-9-P2-CB ITEM #: 001-M-9-P2-RG ITEM #: 001-M-9-P2-BK ITEM #: 001-M-9-SS-__ ITEM #: 001-M-9-BP-CB ITEM #: 001-M-9-BP-RG

Small Mesh Pouch with Zipper Top (Coyote, FG or BK) Large Mesh Pouch with Zipper/Elastic Closures, Coyote Large Mesh Pouch with Zipper/Elastic Closures, Foliage Green Large Mesh Pouch with Zipper/Elastic Closures, Black Padded Shoulder Straps (CT, FG, BK, ACU or MC) Back Panel with MOLLE and Hook Attachment, Coyote Back Panel with MOLLE and Hook Attachment, Foliage Green FG replacement parts are for ACU and MC bags.


MODULAR INSTRUMENT PANEL The TACOPS® Modular Instrument Panel (with Replaceable Elastic Cord Securing System) enables users to individually organize their panels to securely hold numerous items of various sizes and shapes in either horizontal or vertical configurations This 12” x 7” panel is included with every TACOPS® M-9 and M-10 for attachment inside the main pack flap or to any other Velcro loop surface. The replaceable elastic cords can be woven into the panel in a variety of configurations, enabling the end-user to stow items of any almost size or shape for immediate access. COYOTE



ITEM #: 001-M-9-IP-__ Available in Coyote, Foliage Green, or MultiCam®.

Each Modular Instrument Panel, included with the TACOPS® M-10, TACOPS® M-9, or purchased individually, allows the end user to fully customize the instrument panel for their specific mission needs. To learn more about how the Modular Instrument Panel may be configured, visit our website or YouTube channel to watch a special instructional video.

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M-5 MEDICAL BAG TSSi’s TACOPS® M-5 Medical Bag was produced at the request of the of the Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Operational Medical Support (CONTOMS) Tactical EMT program in the 1990’s and is still the standard tactical medical bag used by many federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. • • • • • • • • • •

PALS webbing located on the front and side of pack Includes a grab handle, padded backpack straps (with Velcro® holddowns), and a padded shoulder strap for easy transport Two large covered pockets on sides, tunneled for holding “D” sized oxygen cylinders Large flat zipper pocket on flap Three-sided, zippered flap for total access to interior compartment; zipper covered with rain flap Two large interior “open-top” pockets Three 16" x 7" vinyl removable pockets for quick equipment ID; glow tape tabs give quick paging 8" x 8" vinyl pocket attached to top flap Multiple elastic loops on flap to secure small items Large glow tape panel on top of bag for quick identification of bag in the dark (faces up when bag is carried as a backpack; attached with Velcro® for removability)

Closed dimensions: 18”h x 12”w x 9”d COYOTE



Black (Bag Only) ACU (Bag Only) Ranger Green (Bag Only) Field Ready Bag (Specify Color)

TACOPS® M-5 Field Ready Contents: • Tourniquets • Combat Gauze LE • Compression Bandages • Chest Seal • Blast Bandage 20" x 20" • Burn Dressings, Sterile 18" x 18" • Trauma Dressings 12" x 30" • Combine Pads 7.5" x 8" • Conforming Bandages 6" • Gauze Pads, Sterile • SAM Splints • Elastic Bandages 4" x 5yds • CamoForm Tape Rolls 2" x 48" • Tape Rolls 1" x 10yds • Pocket Bag Valve Mask • CPR Mask w/Hard Case • Oropharyngeal Airways • Nasopharyngeal Airways




• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lubricant, Foilpacks Stethoscope & BP Set Trauma Shears 7 1/4" TACOPS® Tactical Rescue Knife RGB Headlamp Triangular Bandages 40" x 40" Cold Compress, Instant 6" x 9" Band Aids Alcohol Prep Pads Moleskin, Adhesive 3" x 4" Cleansing Towelettes Bite Stick Disposable Diagnostic Penlight Splinter Forceps, Fine Pt 4.5" Belt Cutter Nitrile Gloves Blue Sharpie Marker Contents Re-Order Card


Custom loadouts available.

M-4 SPECIAL OPERATIONS MEDICAL BAG TSSi’s TACOPS® M-4 Special Operations Medical Bag was designed to fulfill the operational need for a comprehensive field portable medical bag. The M-4 was the standard issue medical bag for Special Forces 18Ds until it was replaced by the M-9. In fact, the M-4 was designed by the same special operations medical professional who designed our M-9. The M-4 has three main sections: •

The Front Compartment is built into the lid and has two sets of dual open pouches (with bungee closures) for bulky items such as compression bandages. Each pair is faced by a wide zippered mesh pouch for smaller components. Behind all four of these pouches is one very large flat pocket for holding thinner items such as chest seals or flat bandages. • The Rear Compartment consists of two large mesh pouches, one zippered and one with bungee closure. These are large enough for multiple 500mL or 1000mL IV bags and starter kits or moldable splints. • The removable Airway / Instrument Panel has elastic loops and two mesh pockets on one side while the reverse side has one large pocket faced with clear vinyl.

The M-4 can be carried as a patrol backpack, as a fanny pack or by its handles as a duffel bag. It can also be affixed directly to an ALICE pack or MOLLE rucksack. Closed dimensions: 13”h x 13”w x 7.5”d COYOTE




ITEM#: TSS-M-4-CT NSN#: 6545-01-534-2379 ITEM#: TSS-M-4-BK ITEM#: TSS-M-4-ACU NSN#: 6545-01-536-8256 ITEM#: TSS-M-4-RG NSN#: 6545-01-534-2376 ITEM#: TSS-M4-FR__

DAPA Bag Only Coyote Bag Only Black Bag Only ACU Bag Only Ranger Green Field Ready Bag Includes: M-4 Bag, Airway Module, Bleeding Module, Diagnostic Instruments/Tools Module, TACOPS® Tactical Rescue Knife, and Headlamp w/Blue Lens. When ordering Field Bag, please specify bag color.

Custom loadouts available.

TACOPS® M-4 Field Ready Contents: • Tourniquets • QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE • Compression Bandages • Chest Seals • Burn Dressings • Conforming Bandages 6" • Gauze Pads • SAM Splints • Elastic Bandages 4" x 5yds • CamoForm Tape Rolls 2" x 48" • Tape Rolls 1" x 10yds • CPR Mask w/Hard Case • Oropharyngeal Airways • Nasopharyngeal Airways • Lubricant, Foilpacks

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Trauma Shears 7 1/4" TACOPS® Tactical Rescue Knife Headlamp Triangular Bandages 40" x 40" Band Aids Disposable Diagnostic Penlight Splinter Forceps, Fine Pt 4.5" Scissors, Fine Point 5.5" Belt Cutter Nitrile Gloves Blue Sharpie Marker White Chemlights Emergency Blanket, Silver/Orange Contents Re-Order Card

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TACTICAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES (TEMS) BAG TSSi’s TACOPS® Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) Bag provides for individual emergency response to multi-casualty situations. The configuration of the TEMS bag enables a single emergency responder to carry numerous tourniquets, hemostatic agents, pressure bandages, chest seals / decompression needles, nasopharyngeal airways, Kerlix gauze and even (2) pole-less litters. Wearing the bag diagonally across the chest keeps all components readily available while still giving the responder the ability to “swing the bag out of the way” in order to pick up and manually drag a casualty (unlike chest mounted or fanny pack designs). Includes a glove pocket on the lid, a large flat pocket on the back, a small flat pocket on the inside, and dual compression straps on the bottom. COYOTE



Bag Only Field Ready

TACOPS® Field Ready TEMS Bag includes: • Tourniquets • QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE • Compression Bandages 4” • Compression Bandages 6” • Chest Seals • Nasopharyngeals/Airways

• • • • • •

Compressed Kerlix Gauze 4.5” x 4 yds Tape Rolls 2” x 10 yds Disposable Stretchers Trauma Shears 7.25” Nitrile Gloves Blue Sharpie Marker

Custom loadouts available.

Shown: TACOPS® TEMS Bag in Coyote



OFFICER FIRST AID KIT Intentionally designed to carry sufficient medical items to treat multiple casualties, the TACOPS® Officer FAK can be custom-loaded to suit your organization’s requirements. TSSi’s Officer First Aid Kit was designed at the request of a large southern California law enforcement agency to give their officers the ability to treat multiple casualties having life threatening injuries from a single kit. The removable belt attachment (with tourniquet pouch) is intended to remain affixed to a duty belt at all times. The main pouch (with leg strap) connects directly to the belt attachment in mere seconds and, depending upon the quantities desired, can be ordered with user-designed custom embroidery. COYOTE


BLACK Bag Only Field Ready Kit

TACOPS® OFAK Field Ready Contents: • Tourniquets (2) • QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE • Compression Bandage 4” • Compression Bandage 6” • Compressed Kerlix Gauze 4.5” x 4yds (2) • Chest Seals (2) • Nasopharyngeal Airways with lube • Trauma Shears 7 1/4” • Nitrile Gloves • Blue Sharpie Marker Custom loadouts available.

FIREARM INSTRUCTOR FIRST AID KIT The TACOPS® Firearms Instructor First Aid Kit provides range staff with immediate access to routine and emergency medical items in an easily identifiable belt-mounted nylon carrier. The Firearms Instructor First Aid Kit is designed to be carried by Range Instructors on the firing line. This pouch contains the basics to deal with minor injuries sustained by range shooters as well as critical items to employ in the event of a serious injury. This first aid kit can be mounted on either a belt or MOLLE webbing. It is light, compact, and readily available at the point of injury. ITEM #: ROFAK

Kit Contents Included: • • • • • • •

Compressed Kerlix Gauze Compression Bandage QuikClot® Combat Gauze Tourniquets Mini Trauma Shears Adhesive Bandages Tape Roll, 1” x 10yd

• • • • •

Gauze Pads 4” x 4” CPR MicroShield Clear Mouth Barrier Cleansing Towelettes Nitrile Gloves Chest Seals

Closed dimensions: 10 5/8”h x 9 11/16”w x 4 7/8”d.

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INDIVIDUAL OFFICER TRAUMA KIT The TACOPS® Individual Officer Trauma Kit (IOTK) was built to equip officers with the essential supplies to respond in emergency medical situations until the arrival of certified assistance. The small size of the IOTK allows for convenient storage in a multitude of places including an officer vehicle, range/call out bag, or desk at the office. In addition, the kit is also a modular system using PALS style webbing that can be easily attached to any PALS compatible leg harness, vest, pack, or belt. Quick treatment can mean the difference between life and death. The addition of the IOTK to an officer’s patrol equipment ensures the necessary equipment is within reach in case of hemorrhage injuries. Contents of the IOTK have been tested, proven, and used in multiple environments around the world to treat trauma injuries. Single hand opening allows for quick access during critical situations. TSSi’s IOTKs were used by Pima County officers following the January, 2011 shootings in Tucson, AZ. Closed dimensions: 8”h x 6”w x 3.5”d COYOTE


BLACK Specify Color

Kit Contents Included: • • •

Compression Bandage, 6” Tourniquet QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE

• • •

Chest Seal Trauma Sheers Nitrile Gloves

Custom loadouts available.

Shown: TACOPS® Individual Officer Trauma Kit in Coyote



EMERGENCY AID KIT The TACOPS® Emergency Aid Kit (EAK) was designed to economically provide the proper medical components to treat a variety of moderate-to-life-threatening injuries. Unlike most store-bought family first aid kits, the EAK is derived from items contained in many of TSSi’s military medical kits and can be used to properly treat injuries ranging from sprains and broken bones to burns and severe bleeding. The EAK weighs less than two pounds and is compact enough to easily store in the home, in any vehicle, or taken on outdoor excursions. The pouch itself can be worn on a belt and has webbing strips on the exterior to allow for affixing additional items such as a knife, flashlight, and almost anything else having an inherent clip or attached to a lanyard. ITEM #: EAK

Kit Contents Included: • • • • • • • • •

QuickClot® Combat Gauze LE Sterile gauze pads, 4 x 4” Sterile burn dressing Compression bandage, 4” Nitrile black large gloves Tourniquet Tape, roll, 1” x 10yds Antiseptic towelettes SAM splint, 36”

• • • • • • • • •

Elastic bandage 4” x 5yds EMT shears CPR MicroShield Emergency blanket Survival/first aid card Fabric HD bandages, 7/8 x 3” Fabric HD knuckle bandages Fabric HD finger tip bandages General purpose black pouch

Custom loadouts available.

MULTI-PLATFORM MEDICAL POUCH TSSi’s TACOPS® Multi-Platform Medical Pouch (MPMP) secures emergency medical equipment to your belt, to PALS webbing, or underneath the front or back of a vehicle seat. The MPMP was developed at the request of a federal agency for issue to over 2,000 of its operational staff. We call it multi-platform because of the numerous ways it can be transported. It is designed to be carried both vertically (high or low) and horizontally on a regular or duty belt; attached to a vest or other item having PALS webbing; or even clipped to the magazine pocket behind the front seat in most vehicles. It can be quickly and easily removed from whatever it is fastened to because it is connected to these various attachment platforms via a combination of hook and loop fabric and snaps. BERRY Compliant. Closed dimensions: 6”h x 4”w x 2.5”d The Multi-Platform Medical Pouch is available empty or with a customized loadout to meet your specific equipment preferences. ITEM #: MARK27-BK ITEM #: MARK27-BK-FR

Bag Only Field Ready

Kit Contents Included: • • •

Compression Bandage Chest Seal Tourniquet

• • •

Compressed Kerlix 30 Fr Nasopharyngeal Airway Nitrile Gloves

Custom loadouts available.

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LOW PROFILE MEDICAL POUCH The TACOPS® Low Profile Medical Pouch (LPMP) is a covert medical pouch designed to hold life saving medical components. This commercial-looking pouch appears to hold a camera, PDA, cell phone or glasses but instead holds life saving components. The internal webbing secures a tourniquet, nasopharyngeal airway, decompression needle, hemostatic agent dressings and a chest seal. The pouch can be carried multiple ways: vertically or horizontally on a belt, mounted on a backpack, mounted on the visor of a vehicle, clipped into map pockets behind vehicle seats or carried in the small of your back for ultra concealability. The pouch includes a mounting platform that quickly separates for even slimmer carry. BLACK





Shown with sample loadout. Custom loadouts available. ITEM #: 001-LPMP-__

RANGE FIRST AID KIT TSSi specifically designed the TACOPS® Range First Aid Kit to treat routine and worst-case injuries that occur on today’s modern firearms and training ranges. Regardless of whether you are qualifying shooters on the firing line or are conducting explosive breaches followed by live fire room clearing by your tactical team, this kit will provide you with exactly what you need. Contained in a highly visible bright orange case are items to treat everything from minor cuts and sprains to broken bones, burns, and penetrating chest wounds. The waterproof case can be kept in the range instructional building, mounted in the vehicle, or in any well known and easily accessible location. Closed dimensions: 10 5/8”h x 9 11/16”w x 4 7/8”d ITEM #: FRFA

Kit Contents Included: • Tourniquets • Compression Bandage, 6” • Compression Bandage, 4” • QuikClot Combat Gauze LE • Chest Seals


• • • • •

Compressed Kerlix Gauze EMT Shears SAM Splint 18” Triangular Bandage (40”x40”) CPR Mask


• • • • •

Triple Antibiotic Ointment Cleansing Towelettes Adhesive Bandage, 7/8”x3” Adhesive Bandage, Fingertip Adhesive Bandage, Knuckle

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION MEDICAL KIT TSSi’s TACOPS® Executive Protection Medical Kit (EPMED Kit) secures emergency medical equipment underneath a vehicle seat for immediate of access while in a moving vehicle. The TACOPS® EPMED Kit is designed to attach underneath the forward or back of the front seat of any vehicle and provide the occupants immediate access to three removable mesh pouches labeled and equipped to provide emergency medical treatment for minor through traumatic injuries and in support of CPR. The main compartment has 2 elastic loops located at the top and bottom of the kit for additional equipment such as EpiPens, chemlights or decompression needles. The kit is accessed via a large red pull handle attached to dual zippers for one-handed opening and easy visibility in low light. The EPMED Kit is secured underneath the seat using adjustable bands that double as a shoulder strap when transporting the kit outside of the vehicle. The kit has 3” × 2” Velcro® loop sewn on the front panel and comes with a supplied subdued Velcro® medic patch or used with other identifiers. ITEM #: EPMEDKIT

Kit Contents Included: • Tourniquet • Compression Bandages • Chest Seals • Compressed Kerlix Gauze • Bag Valve Mask • Nasopharyngeal Airway • Cold Compress • Triangular Bandage 40” x 40” • Casualty Blanket • CoFlex 3” x 5 yds • Adhesive Bandages, Multiple Types • Nitrile Gloves Custom loadouts available.

Executive Protection Medical Kit shown fastened behind the drivers seat of a full-size SUV

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VEHICLE ASSAULT MEDICAL PLATFORM TSSi’s TACOPS® Vehicle Assault Medical Platform (VAMP) is designed to attach the M-9 Assault Medical Backpack to the seat of your vehicle. The platform is fully adjustable to fit most vehicle seats, forms to the seat and is padded for comfort. The TSSi M-9 Assault Medical Backpack attaches to the platform using an integrated strap system with quick release capabilities allowing for operations away from the vehicle. The platform can also be used without the M-9 as a modular platform for attaching pouches via PALS webbing when medical support is not required. The mesh zippered pouches within the M-9 Assault Medical Backpack are clearly labeled to identify the type of injury that can be treated. Each pouch is attached with hook and loop Velcro® as well as a pull tab for easy removal. Pouches consist of the following: • •

Bleeding (2 small pouches) Airway (1 small pouch) COYOTE

• •

Basic First Aid (1 large pouch) Admin Pouch (1 small pouch)


ITEM #: 001-VAMP ITEM #: 001-M-9-LP-BK ITEM #: 001-M-9-P2L-BK ITEM #: 001-NT-

Vehicle Assault Medical Platform Mini Mesh Pouch* Large Mesh Pouch* Embroidered Tape with Hook Attachment** Please specify color when ordering. * With Pull Tabs, Zippers, and Pile Attachment Tape, Black. **Specify Admin, Basic First Aid, Bleeding or CPR.

Modular Panel w/Medical Pouches

Field Ready Kit Contents: Bleeding (Each)

• • •

Medical Panel (Bag Closed)

• • •

Tourniquet Compression Bandage 4" Compressed Kerlix Gauze 4.5" x 4yd Chest Seal Tape Roll 2" x 10 yds Nitrile Gloves

CPR • • • •

Pocket Bag Valve Mask Nasopharyngeal Airway Lubricant Foilpack Nitrile Gloves

Basic First Aid • Burn Dressing 8" x 8" • Adhesive Bandage ¾" x 3" • Adhesive Bandage 1" x 3" • Adhesive Bandage 2" x 4 1/2" Padded Back Rest Panel



Custom loadouts available.

• • • • • • • • •

Adhesive Bandage, Finger Tip Adhesive Bandage, Knuckle Bacitracin Ointment Tape Roll 2” x 10 yds Cold Compress Oral Hydration Solution Triangular Bandages 40” x 40” Casualty Blanket CoFlex 3” x 5 yds

Admin • Trauma Shears • Casualty Card • Biohazard Bag 24” x 23” • Blue Sharpie Marker Also included: • SAM® Splints 36” • Modular Carry Handle

VEHICLE TRAUMA KIT The TACOPS® Vehicle Trauma Kit (VTK) was designed and equipped to fulfill a U.S. federal agency contract providing over 800 kits containing specific medical items for use by its staff in remote areas This bag features two 6” x 12” vinyl pouches and one 12” by 12” vinyl pouch. Kit Contents: • • • • • • • •

Abdominal Pad Elasticized Pressure Bandage QuikClot Combat Gauze CAT Tourniquet Orange EMT Shears Nitrile Gloves Triangle Bandage Cloth Tape

• • • • • • • •

Face Masks with Eye Splash Shield Bio-Hazard Bag Gauze Pad CPR Mask Mylar Foil Blanket Black Ink Pen Hand Sanitizer Medical and Patient Incident Report

ITEM #: 001-VTK

Custom loadouts available.

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TACOPS® MASS CASUALTY KITS TSSi’s Mass Casualty Kits are single part number, fully equipped medical packs specifically designed to provide emergency medical support for environmental, accidental or intentional catastrophic events where numerous persons are inflicted with traumatic, life-threatening injuries. We recommend these configurations as opposed to wall-mounted emergency first aid “stations” because: • They can either be prepositioned in, or transported to, any location where needed. • They are equipped to support a great variety of incident and injury types. • Emergency responders know exactly where the equipment is and can immediately access it without having to either look for it or risk entering a “hot” zone to obtain it.



ROLLING MASS CASUALTY KIT The TACOPS® Rolling Mass Casualty Kit (RMCK) provides significant enhancements in mobility, functionality, and versatility over every other available multi-casualty kit and provides first responders the ability to treat over 40 casualties, depending on the types of injuries encountered. A large rolling duffel, complete with removable shoulder straps, enables the kit to be quickly and easily transported over long distances and in stairwells. Inside are ten removable Trauma Pouches, each individually capable of treating 3-4 casualties with traumatic injuries. These pouches include tourniquets, pressure bandages, hemostatic agents, chest seals, airways and other essential equipment. Two additional internal pouches contain abdominal bandages and hypothermia blankets. Within the lid are multiple moldable splints and burn/blast dressings. Tucked away on either side of the inner compartment are six disposable pole-less litters. The Rolling Mass Casualty Kit can be modified and custom-loaded to meet end users’ desired capabilities and component list. Closed dimensions: 30”h x 15”w x 14”d ITEM #: 001-RMCK

Trauma Pouch Contents Include: • Tourniquets • Chest Seals • QuickClot© Combat Gauze LE • Compression Bandages 6" • Compression Bandages 4" • Blast Bandages, 20" x 20" • Abdominal Dressings

• • • • • • •

Sterile Burn Dressings, 18" x 18" Kerlix Gauze, 4.5" x 4yds SAM Splints, 36" SAM Splints, 18" COFLEX Tape, 2" x 5yds Tape Rolls, 2" x 10yds Trauma Shears

• • • • • • •

Nasopharyngeal Airways Triangular Bandages Emergency Blankets Pole-less Litters Nitrile Gloves Hi-Intensity Chemical Lights Blue Sharpie Markers

Custom loadouts available.

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MASS CASUALTY RESPONSE KIT The TACOPS® Mass Casualty Response Kit is a single part number, fully equipped, medical bag specifically designed to provide medical support for combat mass casualty incidents where multiple servicemen are inflicted with traumatic, life-threatening injuries. The TACOPS® Mass Casualty Response Kit consists of a large water-resistant bag, designed to be mounted either inside or outside of a vehicle, containing clearly labeled and removable modular pouches pre-stocked with supplies to control bleeding (tourniquets, pressure bandages, abdominal bandages, dressings, tape, etc.), establish and maintain airways, protect burned skin, immobilize appendages (splints), and transport casualties (hypothermia blankets and disposable litters). It also contains a small extraction tool. Six of the internal pouches are pre-configured into easily-removable “Trauma Kits” that are individually capable of treating a variety of life threatening wounds to 2-4 servicemen. Each kit contains multiple tourniquets, pressure bandages, hemostatic agents, nasopharyngeal airways with lubricant, chest seals, compressed gauze, tape, shears and other items. In addition, a single removable pouch is equipped with multiple pressure bandages, large abdominal bandages, large hemostatic agent trauma pads, and additional tape. An additional single large removable pouch is equipped with multiple quantities and sizes of moldable splints, burn dressings, and a 3’ x 2.5’ burn sheet that can be used for immediate extinguishment of burning clothing or skin. Two large attached pouches each contain multiple disposable litters and hypothermia blankets. The extraction tool includes three usable surface areas – an axe head, a large pick head, and a heavy-duty claw head. The MCRK also includes multiple reinforced external tie-down points for securing it to a vehicle, either internally or externally, or any other positioning point for ease of access. Closed dimensions: 18”h x 20”w x 14”d Weight: 49 lbs. (when loaded with Field Ready Contents) ITEM #: 001-CMCK-NSN NSN#: 6545-01-590-7480 Mass Casualty Response Kit ITEM #: 001-CMCK-NSN-RM Refill Kit

Kit Contents Included: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Rescue Access Tool Tourniquets QuikClot® Combat Gauze Combat Gauze Trauma Pads Compression Bandages Abdominal Dressings Compressed Kerlix Gauze 4.5" x 4yd Chest Seals Water-Jel Blanket 3' x 2.5' Blast Bandages, 20" x 20" Burn Dressings, 18" x 18" Gauze Pads, 4" x 4" 2pk Nasopharyngeal Airways with Lube SAM Splints 36"

Custom loadouts available.



• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

SAM Splints 18" Elastic Bandages 4" x 5 yds Tape Rolls 3" x 10 yds Tape Rolls 2" x 10 yds Trauma Shears Triangular Bandages 40" x 40" Hypothermia Blankets Pole-less Litters Nitrile Gloves Blue Sharpie Markers Green Chemlights Casualty Cards Safety Control Seals Contents Re-Order Card

MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT RESPONSE KIT The TACOPS® Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit (MCIRK) was developed to provide federal and civilian first responders with emergency medical support items for use in response to catastrophic incidents resulting in large numbers of critically injured persons. Patterned after our combat Mass Casualty Response Kit, this version also offers six pull-out trauma packs, each designed to treat multiple casualties having life threatening injuries. The two large removable pouches contain additional components to treat injuries beyond the capabilities of the trauma packs. Due to its easy transportability, there are several options for deploying this kit: • • •

Permanently Positioned – Shopping Malls, Schools, Transportation Hubs, etc. Pre-staged for Special Events – Stadiums, Arenas, Tent Events, etc. Transported by Vehicle – Carried on Emergency Response Vehicles.

Components, items, and quantities provided in this kit were specifically selected based upon an evaluation of injuries incurred by civilians as a result of natural and man-made catastrophes over the past decade. The Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit and its components can be modified and customized to meet the end user’s desired capabilities. Closed dimensions: 18”h x 20”w x 14”d ITEM #: 001-MCIRK-V3

Kit Contents Included: • Rescue Access Tool • Tourniquets • QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE • Compression Bandages • Abdominal Dressings • Kerlix Gauze Rolls 4.5" x 4yd • Chest Seals • Blast Bandages, 20" x 20" • Burn Dressings, 18" x 18"

• • • • • • • • •

Gauze Pads, 4" x 4" 2pk Nasopharyngeal Airways with Lube SAM Splints 36" SAM Splints 18" Elastic Bandages 4" x 5 yds Tape Rolls 3" x 10 yds Tape Rolls 2" x 10 yds Trauma Shears Triangular Bandages 40" x 40"

• • • • • • • •

Hypothermia Blankets Emergency Blankets, Silver/Orange Pole-less Litters Nitrile Gloves Blue Sharpie Markers Hi Intensity White Chemlights Safety Control Seals Contents Re-Order Card

Custom loadouts available.

Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit Cabinet The Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit (MCIRK) Cabinet is a custom designed receptacle for the Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit. The cabinet allows the kit to be mounted in a variety of venues where there is an elevated risk of mass casualty situations, such as in subway stations, stadiums, educational facilities and government buildings. Constructed of high strength powder-coated steel, the MCIRK Cabinet comes with stainless steel latches and a rubber weather sealed wide access door. It ships with long life “star of life” decals that are both reflective and glow in the dark, facilitating easy location by first responders. Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit sold separately. ITEM #: 001-MC-MCIRK

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ACTIVE RESPONSE BREACHERS KIT The TACOPS® Active Response Breachers Kit (ARBK) is a portable breaching tool system with full size telescoping and folding handle sledge, houly and cutters to provide a full force solution to breaching requirements. The ARBK is designed to enable emergency responders to gain access into and throughout structures where doors and windows may otherwise be impassible due to locks, chains and/or cables. The design of the bag enables the tools to be carried with their handles either collapsed or expanded and allows a single user to individually both carry and employ the tools. The quick-disconnect shoulder strap is supplemented by a reinforced and ergonomic handle for one-handed transport. Weighing less than 17 pounds, this is one of the lightest breaching kits currently available that has this range of capabilities. The RAM-X (not included) shown below further expands on these capabilities. Tools included (shown below): Compact Houly

Folding Bolt Cutter

• • •

• • •

3.25 lbs. Collapsed: 15 in. L Extended: 23 in. L

6 lbs. Collapsed: 15.25 in. L Extended: 25.5 in. L

3 lb. Sledge • • •

5.02 lbs. Collapsed: 14.5 in. L Extended: 22 in. L

ITEM #: 001-ARBK

Ruhl Tech Compact Tool Kit (Included) Features: • • • • • • •

Forged Steel Head Aircraft Grade Aluminum Handle Black Anodized Handle Knurled Handle Aircraft Grade Titanium Shaft Aircraft Grade Aluminum Extend and Collapse with One Hand

RAM-X (Not Included) • • • • • • • • • • •

One-man Ram (9") Approx weight: 25lb Body Length: 9" Face Thickness: 2" Face Diameter: 5" Handle Grip Width: 5" Knurled Handle Grips Rotating Handle Grips Removable Rear Plug Hollow Fillable Body Structural Grade Steel Body




ROPE RESCUE PACK The TACOPS® Rope Rescue Pack was developed at the request of a large southern California law enforcement agency, TSSi modified our Rhino backpack to carry a team’s worth of rope rescue hardware in an organized manner. Pack Features: • • • • • • • • • •

Large main compartment measuring 25” x 15” x 7” with daisy chain loops on one side and a large open pocket on the other side Bottom access flap to the main compartment incorporates a zippered pouch to hold the included 56” x 56” ground cover. Secondary compartment measuring 18” x 10” x 3” with 4 internal zippered mesh pouches Hydration pouch and centered hose port (2) side zippered pockets measuring 8” x 8” x 4” (2) flat zippered pockets on front flap (2) compression straps on each side (2) bottom straps for external storage Daisy chain loops and PALS webbing on exterior. Padded shoulder and waist straps

ITEM #: 001-SARP Please specify color when ordering. *Rope and hardware not included. Non-stocked item available by special request only.

Custom loadouts available.

Products shown (R - L): OGURA HRS941DF Pump Unit, OGURA HRS936 Door-Opener/Mini-Ram, and TACOPS® Active Response Breachers Kit (ARBK)

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PERSONAL RESCUE TOOL The TACOPS® Personal Rescue Tool (PRT) is a lightweight, versatile rescue knife that is affordable to individual operators. The PRT is offered with either a black or olive green handle with the option of a standard clip point or tanto style blade. The blade is 440A stainless steel with edge holding and corrosion resistant properties. The blade is finished in a black BT2 style coating and features a large thumb stud for easy one-hand opening even while wearing gloves. GREEN



Features • • •

Replaceable Seatbelt, Flex Cuff or Shroud Line Cutter Window Punch Pocket Clip Clip Point

• • • •

440A Stainless Steel Blade Clip Point or Tanto Style 3.5” Blade Length 8” Overall Length

Tanto Point

Tanto Point, Black Handle Tanto Point, Green Handle Clip Point, Black Handle Clip Point, Green Handle

TACTICAL RESCUE KNIFE The TACOPS® Tactical Rescue Knife is a lightweight, versatile rescue knife.


The TACOPS® Tactical Rescue Knife features a seat belt cutter at the base of the handle that utilizes a stainless steel razor blade and a window punch for emergency extraction from vehicles. The pocket clip ensures against the inadvertent loss of this handy tool.

• • • • •


Introducing the TACOPS® Tactical Rescue Knife, featuring a sleek, black design and the official TSSi logo.

Partially Serrated Edge Tanto Style Blade Seat Belt Cutter Glass Breaker Assisted Spring Opening for Easy, One-Handed Use Pocket Clip

THERMAL IDENTIFICATION PANEL The TSSi Thermal Identification Panel (TIP) provides a visual and thermal marking capability for either individuals and vehicles that is easily seen from both the ground or air. The 2-feet x 2-feet Infrared (IR) Thermal Combat Identification Marker panel operates in the mid- and far IR wavelengths (3-5 Microns and 8-12 Microns). It is a PASSIVE MARKER, meaning that only those individuals operating IR Viewing Devices (thermal viewers, FLIR, etc.) will detect the cold-signature produced by the panel. Panels include a combination of grommets and Velcro® hook/loop fasteners at the corners for securing multiple panels together or affixing them to either objects or the ground. • • • •

Use TAN side for Thermal Identification Marking (day or night) and ORANGE side for visual (daylight) signaling. Ranges for identification vary by the type of thermal viewer being used and are rarely affected by obscurants such as smoke and haze. For greatest range and best detection, ensure that panel is within line-of-sight and broadside to the viewer. Use more than one panel to extend the range of identification (air-to-ground detection of a four-panel group can exceed seven nautical miles) or in a pre-arranged pattern to convey messages.




MCGRATH VIDEO LARYNGOSCOPE CASE The TACOPS® McGrath Video Laryngoscope Case was developed for the flight medics of a nationwide air ambulance provider to enable them to carry and protect their devices. This case effectively protects a laryngoscope in custom-cut, high-density foam that provides additional space for a spare battery. The case itself has a carry handle on one end, D-ring on the other end, reflective tape on 3 sides, and elastic loops for 3 disposable blades inside the lid. The lid exterior includes 4” x 2” Velcro® loop for an identifier patch and can also be embroidered with basic logos or other information. Measures 9” x 4.5” x 4”. Available in yellow, blue and red. ITEM #: 001-VSC

PADDED EQUIPMENT CASE TSSi developed our TACOPS® Padded Equipment Case in support of a Marine Corps Systems Command contract. Padded on all sides, this 9” x 7.5” X 6” case incorporates a single, movable, internal padded divider and closes with a zipper and/or two plastic buckles. It can be carried either by the removable, adjustable-length, padded shoulder strap or by a handle mounted on the top of the lid. Coyote Tan. ITEM #: EOD5-007-4

MULTI-TRANSPORT TETHER The TSSi TACOPS® Multi-Transport Tether meets and exceeds USSOCOM requirements. Extended length is designed not to exceed an arm’s length, so the quick release lanyard is always within your grasp. Quick release shackle has a locking pin swaged on the end to prevent pin from releasing if retainer ring is broken. Eye diameter of quick release shackle fits all rotary wing aircraft tie down points including MH6 Little Bird exterior seat platform. Shackle end also has a secondary hook/loop safety system to decrease the chances of accidental release. Pull tab is attached to split key ring for emergency release of lanyard. Shackle can be released under load for emergency exiting of aircraft, vehicles, or watercraft. Snap hook is double acting to prevent accidental release, made from high strength forged aluminum. SILVER SHACKLE


BLACK SHACKLE Silver Shackle Black Shackle

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TACOPS® FIELD SANITATION KIT The NSN version of TSSi’s TACOPS® Field Sanitation Kit contains the minimum “organizational” equipment items required for deployment. TSSi also offers Custom Field Sanitation Kit “individual issue” items such as insect repellent lotions and sprays, waterproof sunscreen, bed nets, etc. that can be configured in accordance with any organization’s unique requirements and over-packed with the NSN Kit.




At the request of military medical organizations, TSSi has developed the Field Sanitation Kit (FSK). This kit is designed to specifically address sanitation concerns for operational military units on deployment, and organizations involved with natural disaster response. Kits are packed in MIL-SPEC foot locker cases. The TACOPS® Field Sanitation Kit contains the U.S. Army approved company level organizational field sanitation and preventive medicine equipment items to provide for: • • • • •

Control of Arthropods and Rodents Potable Water Food Service Sanitation Personal Protective Equipment Prevention of Heat Injuries

The Field Sanitation Kit is packed and shipped in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Regulations.

All Items Have Been Approved by: • • • •

U.S. Army Medical Material Development Activity (USAMMDA) U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (CHPPM) Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB) U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School

All Items Have Been Derived from: • •

FM 4-25.10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation ATP 4-25.12 Unit Field Sanitation Team


NSN#: 4540-01-578-4352

Custom loadouts available.

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Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796


Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796



Shown: Ogura HRS936 Door Opener and HRS94DF Pump Unit

HRS946 8" Door Opener • •

7,711 lbs of opening force Part of the Handi Rescue System

ITEM #: HRS946

HRS941DF Pump Unit • •

Handi Rescue System allows you to select the tool you require Head-units, shear, cutter, spreader and others are interchangeable, securely attached and quickly exchanged with unique coupling system




TSSi is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Ogura® Tactical Entry and Recovery Tools for military and law enforcement agencies.

There are no gasoline engines, no heavy generators, no trailing hoses and no power cords to worry about. Ogura® has a tool for every mission requirement.

HRS936 Door-Opener/Mini-Ram •

Ogura products are available through TSSi and GSA Schedule 84 GS-07F-016DA

• •

Connected to and powered by HRS-931DF/941DF Pump-unit Breach doors in seconds Striking block for hammering in


These portable tools feature the patented Ogura® electrohydraulic pump. This power control unit is the heart of the system, combining the pump with the latest battery technology to create a range of powerful and compact tools.

ITEM #: HRS936

MCT-250 Manual Combi Tool

Stubby shear


• •

Hand pump for disaster rescue. Use immediately on arrival Easy use for civil defense, aerial rescue and remote rescue

ITEM #: MCT-250

Pedal cutter


Pump Door opener Handi Rescue System

BC300F Combi Tool

The Ogura HRS battery-powered hydraulic rescue system is a portable, lightweight, compact and extremely versatile series of cutting, spreading and forced entry tools. The Handi Rescue System allows you to select the tool you require for your job at the site. Head-units, shear, cutter, spreader and others are interchangeable and are securely attached and quickly exchanged with the unique coupling system.

Applications include: Car doors and pillars, security bars, doors, gates, fences, padlocks, chains, steel wire, hawsers, cables, rebar, flat bar, brake pedal pendants.

• •

Cuts, pulls, crushes, and spreads metal and metal structures Powered open and closed by hydraulics Special alloy steel combined with proprietary electro-hydraulic pump system makes this Battery Combo lightweight at only 31.3lbs

ITEM #: BC-300F

ITEM #: 469-HRS-93DF System ITEM #: 469-HRS-931DF Pump-unit

Head Units ITEM #: 469-HRS-932 ITEM #: 469-HRS-932S ITEM #: 469-HRS-923 ITEM #: 469-HRS-934 ITEM #: 469-HRS-935

Shear head Stubby Shear pedal cutter Spreader Door opener

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Logo 3 (full color no shadow version)

TSSi is the exclusive GSA distributor for Ergonomix.

Logo 4 (full color with shadow version)

These products are available through TSSi and GSA Schedule 84: GS-07F-016DA 11/16

Short Sleeve Tee 4.5 oz. or 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey NAVY



ITEM #: 1000-J45 ITEM #: 1000-J55

4.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey Available in Sizes S - 3XL; Colors Navy, Ranger Green & Tan.

Long Sleeve Tee 4.5 oz., 5.5 oz., or 6.5 oz. ResistX Jersey NAVY



ITEM #: 1001-J45 ITEM #: 1001-J55 ITEM #: 1001-J65

4.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 6.5 oz. ResistX Jersey Available in Sizes S - 3XL; Colors Navy, Ranger Green & Tan.

Boxer Brief 4.5 oz. or 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey NAVY



ITEM #: 1002-J45 ITEM #: 1002-J55

4.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey Available in Sizes S - 3XL; Colors Navy, Ranger Green & Tan.

Long Pant 4.5 oz., 5.5 oz., or 6.5 oz. ResistX Jersey NAVY

ITEM #: 1003-J45 ITEM #: 1003-J55 ITEM #: 1003-J65



4.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 6.5 oz. ResistX Jersey Available in Sizes S - 3XL; Colors Navy, Ranger Green & Tan.



Logo 3 (full color no shadow version)


Every ERGONOMIX product is designed to protect those who serve under pressure. Ergonomix high-performance fabrics are produced with the comfort, protection well-being professionals the industrial safety, utilities, Logo 4and(full color ofwith shadowin version) firefighting, motorsports, military, police and tactical markets in mind.


Neck Gaiter

4.5 oz. or 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey

4.5 oz. or 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey NAVY


ITEM #: 1004-J45 ITEM #: 1004-J55


4.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey Available in Sizes S - 3XL; Colors Navy, Ranger Green & Tan.





ITEM #: 1005-J45 ITEM #: 1005-J55

4.5 oz. ResistX Jersey 5.5 oz. ResistX Jersey Available in Sizes S - 3XL; Colors Navy, Ranger Green & Tan.

All Ergonomix products utilize the no drip, no melt ResistX fabric. ResistX is a flame resistant protective fabric engineered to defend against flame, heat, and electric arc while delivering a high level of comfort. ResistX is designed for numerous PPE apparel applications for professionals in the industrial safety, utilities, firefighting, motorsports, military, police and tactical markets.

Photo provided by Travis Karicofe, Harrisonburg, VA

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TSSi has developed this program in conjunction with Trijicon to provide eligible organizations with the ability to extend the life of critical optics while saving the Government money. The RCO Repair service will focus primarily on repairs that are prohibited by the operator or intermediate maintenance activity. These repairs will consist of repairs that require the breach of the ACOG’s main housing. The service concept is to provide a comprehensive approach to restoring the optical and adjustment assemblies to a fully functional condition.

This service is available through TSSi and GSA Schedule 84: GS-07F-016DA

Please Note: Optics serviced under this program will be restored to Condition Code “A.” Condition Code “A” is defined as “serviceable and issuable without qualification, new, used, rebuilt, or reconditioned materials which is serviceable and issuable to all customers without limitation or restrictions, including material with more than six months shelf-life remaining.” Rebuild is defined as “Returning an unserviceable item of equipment to serviceable condition by restoring more or all internal tolerances to “like new” specifications.


1. Contact TSSi

2. Receive RMA

3. Submit GSA Purchase Order

Eligible organizations should contact TSSi for instructions on how to package their optics for return. Organizations must provide serial numbers to TSSi prior to shipping optics to ensure they are submitting eligible optics.

Once TSSi confirms the optics are eligible, TSSi will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to the organization for the list of serial numbered optics provided.

The organization providing the optics will be charged the GSA price for the service without prism replacement.



(NSN 1240-01-525-1648)


(NSN 1240-01-534-1114)


(NSN 1240-01-557-1897)



THIS WILL RESULT IN A COMPLETE REPLACEMENT (REGARDLESS OF CONDITION) OF THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS: • Ocular Lens assembly • Objective Lens assembly • Windage and Elevation Adjuster assemblies

• Fiber Cover assembly • Flattop Mount assembly

The prism assembly will be elevated and, if deemed damaged and unserviceable, will be replaced accordingly. This will result in a complete replacement of all elements listed above plus the prism assembly.

4. Damaged and Unserviceable Prism Assembly If Trijicon’s diagnosis of an optic determines the prism assembly is damaged and unserviceable, TSSi will contact the organization to modify the original purchase order for the affected optic(s) to allow complete replacement of the prism assembly.

5. Beyond Economic Repair

6. Completion of Service

If Trijicon’s diagnosis of an optic determines it is BER, TSSi will contact the organization to modify the original purchase order for the affected optic(s) to allow for disposal services. Trijicon will provide the appropriate documentation back to the organization to confirm destruction and allow the optic to be removed from the unit’s authorized allowance.

When the RCO service is complete, Trijicon will return the optics to the organization.

Please Note: Optics serviced under this program will be restored to Condition Code “A.” Condition Code “A” is defined

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as “serviceable and issuable without qualification, new, used, rebuilt, or reconditioned materiel which is serviceable and issuable to all customers without limitation or restrictions, including materiel with more than six months shelf-life





TACOPS® Federal Agent Body Armor Kit Consists of the following components: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Front and back armor panel Shoulder armor on shoulder straps Side armor for cummerbund Two covert armor carriers (one Ranger Green; one White) Trauma pad 5" x 8" Two name tags with Velcro® backing Tactical Plate Carrier (TPC) – Ranger Green Carry bag – Ranger Green Two 3" x 6" ID panels Colt pattern 30 round triple magazine “kangaroo” pouch Shotgun shell “kangaroo” pouch Triple handgun magazine pouch with MOLLE attachments capable of securely carrying the following magazines: Glock 17, 22, 19, 23, M1911 single stack eight round 45 Auto

ITEM #: 006-FBIAXD010J

TACOPS® Executive Protection Body Armor Kit Consists of the following components: • • • • • • • • •

Cordura tactical MOLLE capable carrier - Black Two fully adjustable concealable carriers – White or Black Front and back armor panel – AXII or AXIIIA - NIJ .06 Certified Trauma pad 6" x 8" 4" x 5" front ID placard 6" x 11" back ID placard 4" x 4" Hook and Loop location for badge placard Carry bag – Black (5) Modular Pouches, Black – (1) Large utility pouch; (1) Small utility pouch; (1) Radio pouch; (1) Double mag pouch 9mm; (1) Single mag pouch 9mm




Federal Operator Body Armor Kit


• • • • • • • • • • •


Consists of the following components: NIJ Level IIIA-certified front and back armor backers NIJ Level IIIA* throat / neck, shoulder / upper arm, cummerbund, padded belt, and lower back / groin armor panels Two Point Blank Enterprises Special Threat (NIJ III+*) stand-alone Plates Two LTC NIJ Level IV-certified stand-alone Plates One kangaroo admin panel (chest mount) Two pre-configured front pane, one kangaroo panel with triple M4 insert Three front interchangeable panels and two back interchangeable panels (attached with PALS webbing) Dump pouch Three High Speed Gear single M4 magazine pouches Two High Speed Gear double decker M4 / pistol magazine pouches Two handcuff pouches

* Tested in accordance with NIJ standards using NIJ rounds Optional components include: • • • • • • •

Choice of three ballistic helmets LTC lightweight NIJ Level III-certified stand-alone plates Airboss LBM gas mask with High Speed Gear pouch, (1) standard filter and (2) slimline filters Gerber multi tool Two dual-item utility pouches Two quad-item utility pouches Level III ICW plate


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Protective Equipment FX® 9003 Head Protector

FX® 9000 Neck Protector

FX® 9000 Gloves



FX® 9000 Groin Protector

Simunition® is the pioneer and world leader in providing military, law enforcement and approved range members with the most realistic and non-lethal force-on-force, short range simulation training system. For the past 15 years, military and police officers around the world have placed their trust in Simunition® to deliver realistic training.

SecuriBlank® Training System

FX Training System ®

Marking Cartridges

5.56mm SecuriBlank®


TSSi is the Exclusive GSA Distributor of Simunition® Products

9mm SecuriBlank®

Conversion Kits

Training with The Fitlight™ Tactical Training System is an Interactive Force on Target Training System, new from Simunition® Fitlight™ is an Interactive Force on Target Training System. The Fitlight™ Tactical Training System is comprised of: • •

An android tablet controller A wireless system of 4 or 8 LED Target Silhouette Light sensors that can be mounted on walls, floors, or practically anywhere

The targets can be activated by direct impacts of Simunition® FX® or CQT® projectiles, all in a convenient military grade charging/transport case. An innovative technology for use in tactical training applications.

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Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796


Toll Free: 877 535-TSSi (8774) Fax: 540 434-7796



Team One Network is a strategic partner to TSSI. Team One Network is dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement by providing training for one single overwhelming objective, Officer Survival. Team One Network provides training and up-to-date information on the latest advancements in tactics, equipment and the winning attitude necessary to survive any encounter. Team One Network is creating training programs that are student-centered in an adult learning method training environment. Team One Network has brought together professional instructors and consultants who are nationally and internationally recognized subject matter experts. These instructors possess solid professional and academic backgrounds and are able to provide the most current, up-to-date and technologically advanced training and services available. Over the years, Team One Network’s instructors have trained thousands of students who have not only participated in the training, but have also contributed to the constantly expanding and fluid training regime. When you attend a Team One Network training course, you become part of a professional team dedicated to officer survival and winning. Team One Network’s training is guaranteed to be a valuable learning experience that will improve your attitude, skill, and knowledge. Team One fast facts: • Boasts over 55 seasoned instructors • Offers over 50 training courses • Graduates 1500 decision making students annually • Serves more than 400 agencies

Photo courtesy of Team One Network




• •

3 Days Course cost will cover up to 24 students




This course is designed for LEO Firearms Instructors to instruct their officers to gain skills and develop an ability to win a confrontation during low light situations. This course will explore the tactical advantages of multiple lighting systems and techniques. Instructors will explore techniques and drills to train department personnel with hand held and weapon mounted lights and optics and laser sights. Students must pass a written test, live fire standards drills and instructor evaluations to successfully complete the course.

This course will prepare patrol officers to respond to active shooter incidents, a situation in which time-critical tactical functions to locate, isolate and neutralize the threat must be completed in order to save civilian lives and keep police personnel alive. Scenarios include schools, workplaces and public arenas. • •

3 Days Course cost will cover up to 24 students



One of the objectives of this program is to provide an update on Tactics and Technology that is available for Rapid Response to Critical Incidents. This training will save lives of officers and citizens that are involved in these situations. A combination of classroom, isolation drills and practical exercises, this two-day workshop will introduce you to recent innovations from major manufacturers that will give you the advantage you need in rapid responses to critical incidents. 100% of tuition proceeds donated to C.O.P.S. • •

2 Days Course cost will cover up to 24 students



This program is designed to prepare the instructor to train and supervise demonstrators in the proper use of RedMan® Training Equipment. • •

3 Days Course cost will cover up to 24 students



The TEAM ONE TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medicine Support) course is a 3-day comprehensive introduction into the provision of tactical medical support to law enforcement special weapons and tactics (SWAT) personnel. The TEMS course begins with an overview of the provision of medicine in austere environments and, in those situations in which SWAT or tactical teams function. •

3 Days



This course will develop and test the skills of the Master Firearms instructor. The firearms that will be covered are revolver, pistol, shotgun, semi auto rifle, sub machine gun and carbine. Each student will conduct a live fire range program; pass a shooting standard drill and written test on all firearms to successfully complete the course. •

5 Days


Team One courses available through TSSi on GSA To learn more, visit



SIG SAUER ACADEMY The SIG SAUER Academy provides the highest quality firearms instruction and tactics training available anywhere in the US. Located on over 140 acres in Epping, NH - only an hour from Boston, MA – their facility features state-ofthe-art indoor and outdoor ranges, tactical training areas, urban environments, a shoot house, a maritime training area, and a force-on-force village. The SIG SAUER Academy offers a comprehensive arsenal of courses for the armed professional and responsible citizen. Whatever your firearms training needs, wherever you need training, and whatever you choose to shoot, they have a solution that will exceed your expectations and make you a better shooter, guaranteed. Course Categories: • Armorer Certification

Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer

• Competitive Shooting • Guest Instructor • Instructor Development • Shooting Development • Specialty Training

Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer

The SIG SAUER Academy provides the highest level of training available, tailored to fit individual and agency or department needs. In addition to the 600+ classes routinely scheduled worldwide each year, they also provide customized private classes at our Academy, or they can take their expert training to a private location upon request.




Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer


Discerning clients frequently need or desire private instruction, ranging from foundational shooting tutorials to advanced dynamic tactics in a one-on-one learning environment. Private classes for corporate and executive clients, as well as government agencies and private groups or individuals are available either as a standard course listed on the Sig Sauer Academy website or as a custom class designed to the customer’s specific needs.


Military, law enforcement, corporate, and recreational clients around the globe have come to rely on SIG SAUER Academy expert instructors, comprehensive high-quality firearms, and training courses. As demand continues to grow, they have expanded their commitment to meeting the highest standards and servicing their clients’ needs anywhere in the world with on-site training. Any Academy course can be conducted remotely or customized to meet individual or group needs.


To maintain the highest training standards, specific criteria must be met to adequately provide remote training. Sig Sauer instructors will work with your local training facility to ensure that the range and classroom environment are most conducive to the selected training course.

Look for GSA Sig Sauer courses provided by TSSi coming soon.

Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001 certified company with over 1,200 employees. They are the largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes J.P. Sauer & Sohn and Blaser, Gmbh. in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland. This global network of companies gives them a world-class firearms knowledge base, unparalleled design expertise, and extensive manufacturing capacity. It also enables them to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and the needs of military, law enforcement and commercial markets worldwide. Sig Sauer Academy provides the highest quality firearms instruction and tactics training available anywhere in the US. Located on over 140 acres in New Hampshire, the Sig Sauer training facility features state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor ranges, tactical training areas, urban environments, shoot houses, a maritime training area, and a force-on-force village. 

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Sirchie’s Education and Training Division offers hands-on training courses for the global law enforcement community at their dedicated training facilities or through host departments

TRAINING Sirchie is committed to delivering a world-class training experience through multiple channels including classes held at their brand new training center at Sirchie corporate headquarters in Youngsville, North Carolina (opened April 2014). Below is a list of potential courses that can be offered for your department by Sirchie: • • • • •

Basic Latent Fingerprint Comparison Advanced Latent Print Ridgeology Advanced Latent Palm Print Comparison Mastering the IAI Certification Exam Comprehensive Advanced Latent Print Comparison • Latent Footwear Impression Series including • Footwear Impression - Detection, Recovery, Identification • Footwear Impression - Examination, Comparison, Identification

Photo by Tex Texin via Flickr

• Sirchie Evidence Collection Accelerated Training • Comprehensive Crime Scene Photography • Bloodstain Pattern Documentation • Firearm and Toolmark Identification and Shooting Reconstruction • Digital Device Forensics • Arson: Documentation and Evidence Collection • Latent Print Series including • Introduction to the Science of Fingerprints



• • • • •

Comprehensive Crime Scene Photography Bloodstain Pattern Documentation Firearm & Toolmark I.D. and Shooting Reconstruction Digital Device Forensics Arson: Documentation and Evidence Collection




Introduction to the Science of Fingerprints Basic Latent Fingerprint Comparison Advanced Latent Print Ridgeology Advanced Latent Palm Print Comparison Mastering the IAI Certification Exam Comprehensive Advanced Latent Print Comparison


Footwear Impression - Detection, Recovery, I.D. Footwear Impression - Examination, Comparison, I.D.

Sirchie also conducts training classes at host departments throughout the US and around the world.

Look for GSA Sirchie courses provided by TSSi coming soon.

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ORDERING INFORMATION Departmental or Government Agency Ordering Instructions

TSSi extends payment terms of Net 30 Days to approved departments or government agencies placing orders on either letterhead or purchase order which must be faxed, emailed, or mailed with the following information: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Billing Address Shipping Address (Street Address) Point of Contact Telephone Number (and Email Address, if applicable) Authorized Signature Purchase Order Number Complete Ordering Information (Include pertinent information such as part no., description, quantity, size, color, right or left hand, etc.)

You may also build an RFQ online at:

Individual Orders

Individuals may place an order directly by visiting TSSi’s webstore at for select items only. If the particular item(s) you are looking for is not available for website purchase, please contact a TSSi Sales Support Representative by calling toll free 1-877-535-8774. TSSi accepts payment for individual orders by credit card. Please Note: Due to administrative limitations and possible delivery delays, additions to existing orders cannot be accepted. Please place an additional separate order. Thank you.

Payment Methods

TSSi accepts payment for orders using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, U.S. Government SmartPay® (formerly referred to as IMPAC) credit cards, cashier’s check or bank transfer.

Returns and Exchanges

TSSi is committed to providing quality equipment, support, and exceeding our customer’s expectations. If a product does not meet your expectations, simply contact TSSi toll free at 1-877-535-8774 or via e-mail at: All returned products must be in their original packaging and be returned within 20 days of original invoice date. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee which will be determined at the time the Return Authorization is given. There may be certain items (e.g. custom manufactured or specially ordered) which are not returnable or refundable. TSSi does not accept returns of worn, altered or customer-damaged items. All sales of ballistic armor products are non-returnable with the exception of workmanship or material defects. In the event there is a defect, the item may be returned for repair or replacement.

Methods of Procurement

TSSi enables its customers to purchase equipment using several procurement vehicles. Please call toll free at 1-877-535-8774 or internationally at 01-540-434-8974, or email sales@tssi-ops. com for more information.

Special Operational Equipment Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Program Vendor Contract # SPM8EJ-14-D-0003 Through the Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) contract, TSSi is capable of providing quality equipment and services to military commands, federal agencies and other authorized customers worldwide.

GSA Schedule 84 Contract # GS-07F-016DA GSA Schedule 78 Contract # GS-03F-0150V TSSi is pleased to offer extensive GSA Contracts offering thousands of products at competitive prices to our federal, military, 1122 Program and Cooperative Purchasing Program customers. Authorized customers may also order through GSA Advantage.


Delivery Options

Please specify your desired method of shipment at the time you place your order. For urgent deliveries, you may request a Next Day/Overnight Delivery, 2nd Day Delivery, or 3-Day Select Delivery option. When choosing any expedited delivery option, please verify availability first. Sales of certain items in this catalog are restricted to active duty military and law enforcement personnel only. Export of the commodities shown in this catalog is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the US Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls as proscribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Title 22 CFR, Parts 120-130.

Availability and Backorders

Please be aware that items in this catalog are limited to stock on hand and may not be available for immediate shipment. If an item is back-ordered, it will be shipped as it becomes available.



FEDMALL is an Internet based electronic mall which allows military and other authorized government customers to search for and procure items from government and commercial sources. DAPA DAPA

This symbol is listed next to those TACOPS® items that are available through the Defense Logistics Agency fixed price Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Program Read more about our contracts and procurement options on pages 6-7 in this catalog.

Quantity and Discount Pricing

Contact TSSi for quantity pricing. Organizations are encouraged to contact TSSi for agency discounts.

HISTORY TSSi, Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc., was founded by Bill Strang in 1980 as a sole proprietorship and incorporated in 1990. The company began by supporting the US Military Special Operations community, and now also serves law enforcement and disaster response professionals worldwide. In addition to offering one of the most comprehensive selections of tactical and operational support equipment in the industry, TSSi also provides custom built equipment and logistics services solutions to our customers.

TSSI ADVANTAGES • Over 38 years of dedicated service – from operational detachments to tier-one organizations • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) • Direct access to over 7,000 suppliers worldwide • Card controlled access and electronic surveillance • Full perimeter fencing • Warehouse space for kit building, palletization (commercial and 463L) and pre-positioning

SERVICES TSSi offers a full line of tactical and operational support equipment, product training, logistics services solutions, and a staff of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry. The company is the industry expert for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), non-conventional sourcing and custom built equipment. TSSi groups its services into three main categories: Equipment

Solutions, Logistics Services Solutions and Customer Support Solutions. Equipment Solutions include: • Specialized products and kits • COTS items • TACOPS® – TSSi’s proprietary brand of products TSSi creates customized kits on demand, such as Medical, EOD and Field Sanitation kits. With direct access to thousands of worldwide suppliers and thousands of products in stock, TSSi is able to provide our customers with the products they need, when they need them. TSSi also designs and develops products under the private label TACOPS®. TSSi’s Logistics Services Solutions highlight our ability to solve clients' logistical issues. These include: • Life cycle material management • Project management • Logistics systems standardization • Hazardous material handling • Procurement services • Prepositioning • Total palletization • Training The company offers complete palletization services to include the use of industrial packaging standards, custom container designs, and Mil-Spec packaging. Existing warehouse space facilitates 463L aircraft pallet loading and inspection, followed by coordination of ground transportation to a customer’s

TSSi’s 44,000+ square foot facility allows for kitting, palletization, surge requirements and pre-positioning, in addition to standard inventory.

designated aerial port or to our local regional airport situated just minutes away. TSSi has the capability to provide pre-positioning services, and the ability to flex storage capacity to several hundred thousand square feet for surge requirements or in support of special projects. The company has agreements with freight carriers that enable us to ship from our facility any day of the week with 12hour notice for emergency situations. With these capabilities, custom kits can be built in advance, stored until needed, and delivered on demand. The Harrisonburg facility features a state-of-the-art corporate training and presentation center specifically designed to support customer conference and classroom requirements. It is equipped with an audio-visual system with Internet access for presentations, briefings and research projects. TSSi can coordinate specialized tactical and technical training classes through select manufacturing partners. The goal of TSSi is to provide full services for our customers. Our Customer Support Solutions include: • Design and develop mission, environment, and/or task specific clothing and equipment • Provide custom kit integration • Provide secure weapons storage • Establish General Services Administration (GSA) contracts • Assist with acquiring National Stock Numbers (NSNs) • Create custom cases and containers • Offer component packaging and vacuum sealing Although every effort was made to insure the accuracy of this catalog, TSSI reserves the right to correct any errors printed in this catalog. Merchandise prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. All trade names/ trademarks are the property of their respective owners. “Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.”, “TSSI”, the TSSI logo, TACOPS logo, and any part wherein are registered trademarks of Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.

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Ammunition • Combined Systems (CSI) • Defense Technology Corporation • Federal • Fiocchi • Pyrotechnics Specialties • Remington

Armor Body Armor/Plates • Armor Express • Ceradyne • Crye Precision • Hesco • LTC • Point Blank • Protech Tactical (Safariland) • Second Chance • TACOPS® • United Shield • Velocity Systems

Helmets • 3M • Crye Precision • Ops-Core • Paraclete (Point Blank) • Protech Tactical (Safariland) • Revision • Team Wendy • United Shield International

Shields • Paraclete (Point Blank) • Protech Tactical (Safariland) • United Shield International

Bags/Packs/Cases • 5.11 Tactical • Blackhawk • Eberlestock • ForceProtector Gear • Granite Gear • Hardigg • High Speed Gear • Kelty • Matbock • Maxpedition • Osprey • Pelican • Sandpiper of California • Sea to Summit • Storm • T3 Gear • TACOPS® • Tactical Tailor • Thin Air Gear • TYR Tactical

Breaching & EOD • Broco • Dynamic Entry • Genesis • Hurst • Kipper Tool • Ogura


• OHG Innovative Technologies • Paratech • Ruhl Tech • TACOPS® • Wilcox • Zero Point

Camp Support & Accessories • Atlanco • Cammenga Company • Cascade Designs • Coleman / Stearns • Goal Zero • Grabber • Hennessy Hammock • Johnson Outdoors • Kamp-Rite • Katadyn • Kelty • Kestrel • Mountain Hardware • MSR (Mountain Safety Research) • Optimus • Oregon Freeze Dry • Proforce Equipment • Pro Survival Kit Co. • Sea to Summit • Slumberjack • Snugpak • Suunto • Thermarest • Tri-Foxco • Ultimate Survival Technologies • Wiggy’s • Wise Food Company

Chem/Bio • 3M • AirBoss/Immediate Response Technologies • Disaster Medical Technologies • Draeger • Honeywell • Lion Apparel • MSA • Sirchie • Tex Shield

Civil Disturbance/Less Lethal Less Lethal • Combined Systems (CSI) • Defense Technologies • Sage International

Riot Gear • Damascus • Hatch • Monadnock • Paulson


Clothing Apparel • 5.11 Tactical • Arc’Teryx • Beyond Clothing • Crye Precision • DriFire • Ellsworth Socks • Ergonomix • FITS Socks • Kuhl • Legend® Compression Wear • Massif • Mountain Hardwear • OR (Outdoor Research) • Otte Gear • Patagonia • Propper • TACOPS® • The North Face • Thorogood • Tru-Spec • Under Armour • Vertx • XGO

Footwear • 5.11 Tactical • AirBoss • Altama • Asolo • Bates • Belleville • Danner • Lowa • Oakley • Rocky • Salomon • Thorogood • Under Armour

Gloves • 5.11 Tactical • AirBoss • Arc’Teryx • Blackhawk • Camelbak • Hatch • HWI • Line of Fire • Mechanix Wear • Oakley • OR (Outdoor Research) • Ringers

Command and Control (Comms & Power) • 3M/Peltor • Advatech Pacific • Bren-Tronics • Federal Signal Corporation • Goal Zero • goTenna • Harris Corporation • Invisio • LRAD • Otto • Revision

• Safariland • Shakespeare • Silynx Communications • TEA (Television Equipment Associates) • Thales • Vectronix • WGS Systems

Disaster Preparedness • ActionTrax • AirBoss/Immediate Response Technologies • Alpine Aire • Disaster Medical Technologies • Mortuary Response Solutions • MSA • TACOPS® • TrailerLogic • Ultimate Survival Technologies • Wise Food Company • Worldwide Disaster Response Group

Duty & Tactical Gear Duty • ASP • Bianchi • Blackhawk • Blade Tech • Blue Force Gear • CrossBreed Holster • DeSantis Holster & Leather • Matbock • Monadnock • Raven Concealment • Safariland • Uncle Mike’s

Tactical • 5.11 Tactical • Blackhawk • Blue Force Gear • Eagle Industries • FirstSpear • High Speed Gear • Protech Tactical (Safariland) • Raven Concealment • S & S Precision • Safariland • Sandpiper of California • T3 Gear • Tactical Tailor Inc. • TYR Tactical

Firearms • Barrett Firearms • FN • Sig Sauer

Firearm Accessories & Sniper Support • Ashbury International Group • Bushrag • CAA (Command Arms Accessories) • Daniel Defense • Eberlestock • GG&G • Kestrel • Knights Armament • L3 Insight • LaserMax • Leapers Inc. • Lewis Machine & Tools • Magpul • S&S Precision • Streamlight • Surefire • Trijicon • Viking Tactics

Fitness • Concept2 • Jacobs Ladder • Mobile Fitness Equipment • Power Systems • Sorinex • TRX • Versa Climber • Woodway

Forensics • Evi-Paq • Forensic Source • Lightning Powder • Nik Public Safety • Sirchie

Hydration • Blackhawk • Camelbak • Geigerrig • Katadyn • MSR (Mountain Safety Research) • Nalgene • Sawyer • Source Hydration • Tactical Tailor

Knives & Tools • Benchmade • Columbia River • Gerber • Kipper Tool • Leatherman • Ontario Knives • SOG • TACOPS®


Lights & Illumination

• ACR Electronics • Ashbury International Group • ATN Corporation • Burris Company • Bushnell • CeJay Engineering • FLIR Systems • L3 Insight Technologies • Morovision • Nivisys • Norotos • Oasys (BAE) • Wilcox

• ACR Electronics • Adventure Lights • Airstar Space Lighting • Core Survival • Energizer Industrial • First Light • Maglite • Pelican • Petzl • PowerFlare • Princeton Tec • Streamlight • Surefire

Maritime & Diving • Aqua Lung • Boarding Ladders • Brunswick Boats • Coleman / Stearns • Draeger • DUI • Excel • Henderson Aquatics • Mares • Mustang • Northwest River Supplies • Pinnacle Aquatics • ScubaPro • Seabotix • Suunto • Watershed

• Adventure Medical Kits • AirBoss/Immediate Response Technologies • Boundtree • Chinook Medical • Combat Medical Systems • Fisher Scientific • Henry Schein • H&H • Mortuary Response Solutions • North American Rescue • PerSys Medical • SAM Medical • SaniDefenx • TACOPS® • Tactical Medical Solutions • Z-Medica • Zoll

• Cammenga • Casio • Garmin • S&S Precision • Silva • Suunto

• Arc’Teryx • Atlas Devices • Black Diamond • BlueWater Ropes • CMC Rescue • CMI Corp. • Misty Mountain • MSA Defense • Omega Pacific • Petzl • PMI • SPIE/FAST Ropes • Sterling Rope • TACOPS® • Yates

Safety Equipment (PPE)



Rappelling & Climbing

• 3M / Peltor • 5.11 Tactical • Acme Whistles • Alta Industrial • Blackhawk • Edge Tactical Eyewear • Eye Safety Systems (ESS) • Hatch • LaserMax • MSA Defense • Oakley • Revision • Smith Optics • Sperian Protection • Wiley-X

Scopes & Optics • Ashbury Precision Optics • Burris • Bushnell • EoTech • L3 Insight • Leupold • Steiner • Trijicon

• Stinger Spike Systems • Tactical Electronics • Zistos

Shelters & Tents • AirBoss/Immediate Response Technologies • Alaska Structures • CAMSS Shelters • Catoma • Clamshell • Disaster Medical Technologies • DRASH • Eureka • ForceProtector Gear • Jameson • Kamp-Rite • MMI Outdoor • TrailerLogic • UTS Systems • Weatherhaven • Western Shelters

Targets • AirBoss/Immediate Response Technologies • FITLight • Larue • LE Targets • Precision Marksmanship/ Simulated Range Targets • Savage Range Systems

Training • ASP • Blueguns • FITLight • MPT Structures • Precision Marksmanship/ Simulated Range Targets • RedMan (Macho Products) • Ring’s Manufacturing • Sig Sauer • Simunition • Team One Network

Weapon Maintenance • Break-Free • Hoppe’s • J Dewey • Kleen Bore • L&R • Leatherman • M1 Secure Storage • Otis Technology • Present Arms

Security • ASP • Garrett Detectors • Hiatt Thompson • Salient Mirrors • Sirchie

Available on GSA through TSSi

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WWW.TSSI-OPS.COM PO Box 1890, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Toll free: 877 535-8774 / Int’l: 01 540 434-8974 Fax: 540 434-7796


2018 TACOPS® & Other Custom Solutions  

Released October 2018

2018 TACOPS® & Other Custom Solutions  

Released October 2018