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HOC Edition 6 ● October 2012


The House of Commons was gripped by coalition negotiations last month, as the government was formed following the general election Parties had a week to fight it out and organise their plans for governing the HOC. Labour emerged strongest from the election, with 15 seats. The five-strong Socialists joined Labour in government for the first time in their history, along with independent, Addzter, who received the second highest vote share. Speculation surrounds the future plans of the new coalition government, deemed by one MP as “the most left-wing ever”. PAGES 3 & 4 ● ELECTION RESULTS AND AFTERMATH

WHAT’S ON INTERVIEWS Get to know some of the HOC’s most influential members. Interviews on Unsure what3,the PAGES 5&HOC 6 is? Don’t worry – you can find a beginner’s guide on PAGE 4


Check out the results of the HOC’s Speaker election and general election on PAGE 4


Labour, in coalition with the Socialist Party and Addzter (Independent)


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October 2012 | 2

from the EDITOR Thanks for reading this new edition of Ad HOC. We have had a break since August, so September and October have been merged into one large copy for your reading pleasure. I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has

contributed to Ad HOC, but in particular our deputy editor Rory, who has decided to stand down. He has been an asset to Ad HOC since April, and I personally extend my thanks to him for his help. Enjoy reading, and keep sending in your content!


Best wishes, Birchington Email: â—? PM: u=169550

Kipper Williams


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October 2012 | 3

Interviews DEPUTY SPEAKER REVEALS ALL Interview by Birchington â—? ad HOC Editor

TheCrackInTime serves as the Deputy Speaker of the HOC.

Oh I can't tell you that. You're just going to have to wait and see.

How did you get involved with the HOC and become Deputy Speaker?

What politicians do you admire in real life and why?

Quite by accident really. I was looking for information on the real House of Commons on Google, and came upon a link to TSR's HOC. I started reading the debates and joined the Conservatives shortly after, which is when I started posting in the HOC and decided to stick around. As for becoming Deputy Speaker, it just sort of happened. I figured that I'd be good at it, so I chucked my hat in the ring and ran against Toronto353. I somehow managed to win and the rest, as they say, is history.

I'd have to say Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee in November's US Presidential election. I admire him because I believe in what he stands for: economic and social liberalism, limited government and military non-interventionism.

What is your role within the HOC? As Deputy Speaker, I'm a regular member most of the time. My job is to fill in as Acting Speaker when the Speaker is not around and to offer advice when needed. I also have moderating duties, which include working with Paddy and TSR's Community Team on development of the HOC, as well as ensuring that TSR rules are followed.

What plans do you and Paddy have for the HOC?

What advice would you give to people looking to get involved within the HOC? Don't feel that you need to have an answer for everything. The HoC is as much about learning and exploring your own views, as it is about beating the other side in debate.

Deputy Speaker’s Choice















Liberal Democrat


Addzter (Independent)


Barnetlad (Independent)


Internetguru (Independent)


ad HOC

October 2012 | 4

House News TSR HEADS TO THE POLLS Birchington ● ad HOC Editor TSR’s HOC has recently held elections for its sixteenth parliament. Voting was held for a week – the first time since an amendment earlier in the year reduced this from two weeks. This amendment was widely considered to be a success, as the drop in turnout that some had predicted before did not come to fruition. Primary concerns for voters included the NHS, education and taxation – issues which also featured heavily in most of the party manifestos. Real life influences appeared to strongly influence the election results, as Labour won the most seats and the Liberal Democrats were reduced to three seats. UKIP became the third-biggest party for the first time in the HOC’s history. The election was notable as three independent candidates won seats, and it was also the first time the newly reformed Green Party had contested an election since 2005. Following the election, the Conservatives are now in Opposition and Labour, the Socialists and and Addzter, an independent, have formed the new coalition government. and the House is now back to regular business.

SPEAKER ELECTION August saw the HOC’s MPs go to the polls in order to decide the replacement for long-serving Speaker, Metrobeans. Following the first round, paddy__power and Toronto353 emerged as the two leading candidates. A second round of voting was held, which some commentators noted as having a leftright split due to the different backgrounds of the two candidates. After a lengthy debate and vote, paddy__power


Metrobeans HOC Deputy Speaker

TheCrackInTime Prime Minister

Davidmarsh01(Labour) Leader of the Opposition

Rakas21 (Conservative) Other Party Leaders

Libertarians Jesusandtequila Socialist Party Abiraleft Liberal Democrat thunder_chunky UKIP Toronto353 Green Norfolkadam

emerged victorious and was crowned the new Speaker of the House.

paddy__power Toronto353

ad HOC

October 2012 | 5

More Interviews TWO MORE MPS, ON THE SPOT Interviews by Birchington ● ad HOC Editor

Wizardtop is a member of TSR UKIP.

First things first – how did you discover the HOC and why did you join? I discovered HOC when I joined First joined The Student Room many months ago, but back then I didn’t frequently debated in the various political threads. It was only when I had joined my previous political party, and decided to run in a by-election and actually to my surprise won that by election, was I thus able to participate more fully in the various political threads. Since then I have now left that party, and I’m now a member of TSR UKIP Party.

What real life political figures do you admire? I admire Paddy Ashdown, and also Nigel Farage.

What would you like TSR UKIP to achieve in the next parliament? I would like TSR UKIP to gain more MP Seats in the next parliament. I would also like to see UKIP develop more policies In Education, Defence and Transport amongst other areas. There is still a lot more work to do - we have accomplished a lot as a party, and we need to build upon the work we have already done.

Many view UKIP as a single-issue party. How do you think your party can overcome this perception? Rhadamanthus is an MP for the TSR Libertarian Party

GET INVOLVED and join a TSR party today! You can apply in the ‘Usergroups’ section

UKIP can overcome this perception by educating the general public and electorate, and making them more aware of what UKIP does stand for and what government issues they feel strongly about. Most of the General Electorate seem to think UKIP is more concerned about getting us out of the European Union than anything else, so only by educating the electorate that UKIP actually has more on the agenda than this will it make this overall perception absolute.

Do you think UKIP will emerge as Britain’s third party after 2015? Who can foresee what the future will hold. Anything is possible so UKIP could possibly emerge as a contender for Britain’s third party after 2015.

Finally, what is your favourite political quote? My favourite political quote isn’t by a politician but by Aristotle: "Man is by nature a political animal"

First things first, how did you discover the HOC and why did you join? I discovered the House shortly after I joined TSR several years ago. I noticed that people had banners in their signatures advertising fake political parties, so I followed the links and came across the biggest bitch-fest one could imagine. (Which is also the reason I joined it.) And the rest is history.

What real life political figures do you admire? INTERVIEW CONTINUES ON PAGE 6

ad HOC

October 2012 | 6

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5 It's hard to pick an admirable political figure, not because there are too many to choose from but because the technocrats that (allegedly) run things seem to have forgotten that they have important responsibilities with regards to respecting age-old traditions in government, acting to protect the wellbeing of the people, and so on. Many politicians lack any coherent ideology at all, preferring instead to pander to populism or support schemes that seem bound to tear apart the delicate fabric of the British constitution. (A specific example would be Clegg's House of Lords reform plans drafted up to advance the electoral goals of his party at the expense of hundreds of years of combined wisdom and tradition.) One only needs to look at this year's American presidential election to see this trend repeated - a mediocre Obama, trying his best to save a sinking ship by rearranging the deck chairs, is up against a bland, ignorant Romney whose supporters share largely the same traits. I do recognise, however, that there are politicians out there who have admirable goals and who are determined to accomplish them. Succinctly, I'm going to nominate Condoleezza Rice for reasons anyone who knows me will surely understand.

Do you think neoconservatism will continue to be influential on our foreign policy in years to come, or will public opinion lead to more isolationism? Public opinion may well tend towards a dislike of war and conflict, although who can fully support these things? The public recognise that isolationism - i.e. that school of thought that specifically favours cutting off all ties with other nations - is foolish in today's globalised world.

Second, public opinion cannot always dictate policy. There are many circumstances in which the majority of people hold irrational, perhaps obscene, views, and in these circumstances it is (ironically) in the public interest to ignore the public, so to speak. The United Kingdom has obligations on the global stage: to prevent genocide, to uphold human rights law, etc. We cannot sacrifice the prevention of massacres at the alter of appeasing the masses. All of this aside I think the question gets it slightly wrong. Not all interventionism is "neoconservative". The Realists and the Wilsonian Liberals also recognise that foreign intervention is sometimes necessary. Neoconservatism is both a set of foreign policy doctrines and an ideology that promotes free markets, social conservatism, and hostility to moral relativism.

Finally, what is your favourite political quote? "Man is by nature a political animal." (Aristotle) The actual quote was probably, "Man is an animal whose nature compels him to live in the polis" but I think the former has more of a ring to it.


Opinion and Debate IT’S TIME TO GROW SOME GREENER GRASS The HOC has recently seen the formation of a Green Party. In this article, Green Party deputy leader THUNDER AND JAZZ, sets out his vision

There is a tendency among some older members of the HoC to be a little cynical. This can't be done, that shouldn't be done, the Admins won't like that one bit. Such a feeling is bred from our experiences in the party sub forums and in the wider house, as well as TSR beyond. CONTINUES ON PAGE 7

ad HOC

October 2012 | 7

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 Arguments get so petty, everyone wants to know precisely how you'll fund your policies, everyone's obsessed with making sure the voting system is absolutely perfect and finding the perfect time to post a roll eyes emoticon. It all gets a bit much.

We need to be more open to new ideas and more welcoming to newer faces. Not in how we greet them but in how we act, how we think. Let's do away with negging someone we disagree with, let's stop having endless and pointless debates about the importance of inter party unity. Let's actually let parties unify, heal, grow. Let's co-operate on joint bills and joint projects. MOTIONS End the General negative campaigning the bitter jibes. NoStatementsand or Proposals one here knows it all. Everyone on this site is learning, EXTRADITE ABU QATADA MOTION Proposed by the Conservatives be they 15 and choosing GCSEs or 26 with letters after Encourages and promotes the deportation of Abu Qatada, this motion is their name. Let's form a greater community of now in cessation. knowledge and ideas, deliberate not decimate. Let's be DIAMOND JUBILEE 'BIG LUNCH' MOTION better. by the Government Proposed


I know this feeling well.BILLS I often share it. Furthermore, I often find myself watching between elder and Proposals to Change ordebates Introduce Legislation younger members of the HoC and wonder how we ever PROVISION OF DEFRIBRILATORS BILL Proposed by Labour stuck it out. Currently, we're engaged in a pointless Designed to ensure all schools provide defibrillator equipment, to assist argument changing thethey electoral no those suffering about from heart problems when arise. This system, has since been withdrawn consensus to be found and everything so ad hominem TRANSRACIAL BILL 2012 about the EU referendum it makes youADOPTIONS sick. Everything Proposed by the Government is riddled with petty empirical Designed to standardise the childishness adoption process,and this basic Bill is currently in cessation. errors. The Lib Dems can't make a move without an attack against IMMIGRATION BILLthem, whether from within or without. Proposed by MacCuishy Vultures are MP circling around us. Designed to ensure immigrants are legally required to pay tax. This Bill was rejected in the final vote.




Proposed by the Liberal Democrats Designed to ban the unsupervised use of tanning booths in order to The TSR Greenrates Party burst on to the scene with prevent skin cancer and tohas improve safety.

something of a flourish. We won five seats in our first STOP TAX, PERIOD BILL 2012 electionbywithout soDemocrats much as an internal structure or Proposed the Liberal Designed to end the charging of VAT on feminine sexual hygiene products. elected leaders, smashing our wildest predictions and SECURING OURaBORDERS BILLopportunity. 2012 giving us fantastic Already we've a Proposed by Internetguru MP forum bursting with flavour, discussions policy Designed to make immigration laws stricter. The Bill of has all since been withdrawn. types starting to spring to life. It's something beautiful to behold, butBILL sadly there's not that many people to ELECTED MAYORS 2012 Proposed thefun. Government share inby the We need members, we need youth, we Designed to introduce elected mayors to Britain’s largest cities. need passion. BLOOD DONATION AMENDMENT BILL Proposed by Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats Designed to change donation by homosexual men. This article islaws notonablood Green Party membership

drive, though. There was a time when everyone here was PASSPORT REFORM BILL Proposed by the Government energised and passionate. The Libertarians, the Designed to add a ‘third gender’ option to passports. Socialists, the Liberal Democrats; in all parties there FAIR PAY BILL 2012 are those who have fire and verve. They want to do the Proposed by JPKC, Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Socialist Party Designed to expand paywant transparency workers. impossible, they to seeforthe fantastic. My worry is that strangling thatIRELAND powerREFERENDUM in a mess BILL of boring GREATwe're BRITAIN AND NORTHERN 2012 Proposed by the Government petulance. I say that we need to inject some life into Designed to create a referendum on the Monarchy. the house. IMMIGRANT WELFARE BILL Proposed by MacCuishy MP Designed to reform access of migrants to welfare. HEAVY GOODS VEHICLES SAFETY BILL Proposed by the Labour Party Designed to improve the safety of HGVs and prevent road deaths. TAX INTEREST PARITY BILL 2012 Proposed by the Libertarian Party Designed to prevent overcharging by HMRC. MEDIA PRIVATIZATION BILL 2012 Proposed by Internetguru MP Green Future? Designed to privatise theA BBC and its assets.

Promotes the organisation of ‘Big Lunches’ to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

The Green Party is a watershed in our politics. A model CONDEMNATION OF DEPORTATION MOTION for the future. We life and new ideasParty to the Proposed by Labour, thebring Liberalnew Democrats, the Libertarian and the Socialist Party table. Labour and the Socialists have formed a Condemns the government’s proposal to deport Abu Qatada.

government, and that's great. Maybe they'll display

CHARITABLE GIVING MOTION some ambition and get some fantastic legislation out Proposed by Labour Encourages reform of taxation charitable donations. there. Onthethe other side, ofmaybe the Conservatives will

use their electoral drubbing to reform, remake their ROCHE RELEASE OF INFORMATION MOTION Proposed by Labour ideas and bring a whole new paradigm of right leaning Encourages the release of information on drugs trials, held by a policy to the table. Perhaps manufacturer of pandemic vaccinations.every party contains those bright sparks who can bring the House fun and

MOTION ON PUNISHMENT OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT warmth.byMaybe this is the dawning of a whole new Proposed the Government Designed to promote the changing of the laws surrounding copyright theft.








SYRIA CEASEFIRE MOTION Proposed by the Liberal Democrats As DeputytheLeader the Greens, I want to see so many Condemns Syrian of government and promotes further diplomatic assistance the Syrian crisis. more offoryou joining our ranks and driving us forward.

You should; we're building a thriving community of PETITIONS laughter and fun and a wealth of expertise on all kinds Proposals Submitted by thenot Public of policy areas relevant to everyone, just those at Uni or inPETITION sixth form. But this article is about more than OBESITY Proposes introduction of extra tax onSpeaker, food withIhigh saturated that. As the a returning MP, a former want to see fat. This was rejected by vote. all parties, all independents, come together to create PRIVATE SCHOOLS something goodPETITION for everyone. Join the parties that Proposes the outlawing of private or fee-paying schools. interest you. Inject your passion in to the debates. Form alliances and craft new policies for the future. EDUCATION PETITION Proposes changes to beginning education law introducing This could be the of aand great term, ifcompulsory we make English lessons for non-English pupils. it so. PRODUCTIVITY RESEARCH PETITION These areAND exciting times. It's time to Proposes to increase science funding and a Government-funded utilities price comparison website.grow. sow the seeds. Let's PETITION TO RESTRICT THE COMFORTS OF PRISONERS TO BASIC SURVIVAL REQUIREMENTS ONLY Proposes to change prison facilities.

Do you disagree with this?

GET IN TOUCH This is your newspaper, so send in your views and opinions!

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October 2012 | 8

A CONSERVATIVE OUTLOOK ON THE ECONOMY multiplexing-gamer ● TSR Conservative and Unionist member Gordan Brown, and his senseless group of Labour MPs have deep routed the left wing ideology into the minds of many young adults across the UK. For too long have people taken from the taxpayer, and clearly, with the economic pickle we’re in, it hasn’t done us much good. As Dominic Raab and Elizabeth Truss quite rightly pointed out, the UK “rewards laziness” and we must emulate the work ethic of that in Asia. Prosperous nations have risen through their dilapidated history and prospered greatly on the international and European stage. Take Germany for example, suffered hyperinflation in 1923 and acquired huge economic turmoil in 29’ via the Wall Street Crash. But look at them now - with an unemployment rate of 6.3% compared to Britain’s detrimental 8.0%, and with their flourishing Audi, Mercedes and BMW manufacturing business’ , it’d be acceptable to say “they’ve upstaged us”. But by no means am I saying the work force should work for very little pay, or lead unhappy lives. No, no, we have a system called ‘minimum wage’ to combat that...

But a little more vitality wouldn’t harm us, and where better to kick start this, than after the Olympics?

The 30th Olympiad, it generated mass patriotism throughout the veins of the UK. Collectively we cheered for the successes of our nation’s athletes and the pride that came with them. Olympic champions, Chris Hoy and Katherine Grainger didn’t become international stars overnight, somewhat similar to the Germanic economy, it took hard work. Obviously, the £27,000,000 price tag helped the likes of Rob Williams and co on their struggle for Olympic success, but money can’t buy you skill. There was blood, sweat and tears and they gave it their all.When mornings were cold and when muscles were fatigued, the work continued. And oh boy was it worth it! The anecdote palpably illustrates the success of the Conservative way of life. “With hard work comes success” as Mayor Johnson told us. Like the Olympians, we must drive forward with vigor in our step and vitality in our minds.

AD HOC WILL SOON BE EXPANDING OUR DEBATE SECTION: MACCUISHY, HOC’s DEBATE EDITOR, WILL KEEP THE HOUSE POSTED WITH HOW DO IAD GET INVOLVED? EXCITING The best way to get involved is to join OUR a party! The HOC has the big 3 parties (Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats), as well as others: The Libertarian Party, Socialist Party and UKIP.


By joining a party, you get access to their hidden subforum where they draft bills, plan for elections and discuss a range of other things. Once you've joined, you can meet your party colleagues, get involved in developing bills and help your party succeed in the HOC. You can also start your own petitions, or get stuck into any of the open debates in the forum.

AD HOC EDITORIAL TEAM Editor: Birchington Deputy Editor: RoryS




Ad HOC - October 2012  

October's edition of Ad HOC.

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