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If a child loves super heroes, it would not be unusual to see both the teacher assistant and the student at SEA wearing capes, honoring the student’s idea, as a way to bridge their interest to the literacy or math activity, all to nurture their joy for learning. “For our students, it is all about learning ‘how’ to learn and since that is different for each of them, the teacher in the classroom has to interact with each child uniquely; communicate with them differently; and devise individual curriculums for them,” she added. “We are passionate about this. We love the work we do.” Soaring Eagle currently boasts a student body of 60 and a staff of over 110. By this fall, they expect to meet their maximum enrollment of 70. Unique to SEA, students are divided into age “pod communities” where children of similar ages explore and learn within a safe and nurturing environment. There is an early childhood pod for 3- and 4-yearolds, a primary pod for ages 5 to 9, an intermediate pod for ages 10 to 14 and a high school/transitional pod for those age 15 to 21. As a therapeutic day school open 220 days per year, SEA is often the recipient of students whom public school districts determine require more intense and individualized services due to their complex learning needs, so they seek SEA as an alternative placement with the home district funding tuition. The goal is to deliver

intense intervention so that students may eventually return to their home community and three have done that. Some, however, may spend their educational career at SEA, due to the nature of their needs, Tyrpak noted. “We serve 48 school districts in a 40-mile radius ranging from Palatine on the north to Summit on the south, and from Wayne on the west to Chicago on the east. Moving to a 25,000-square-foot building in a central location like Lombard was ideal. In addition, we needed a larger building that could be specifically designed to meet our needs. We have color-coded hallways that lead to our different pods where students of a similar age have their classroom, individual instruction rooms, sensory motor gym, quiet areas and therapist treatment rooms. Our school is designed to meet the complex needs of our students and our cutting-edge teaching methods,” Tyrpak said. SEA offers a rich curriculum, aligned with Common Core Standards, that includes literacy, math, science, social studies, art, music, physical education and school clubs (designed to promote students interests and peer friendships), she stated. In addition, those in the high school/ transition years learn life skills and are given vocational opportunities. For instance, the high school pod includes a mock apartment where students practice the natural experiences of daily living

including making a bed, doing laundry and cooking. In addition, they are given jobs within the school, seeking to harness their natural abilities and interests. The jobs also promote a sense of self and competence by allowing them to make a positive impact in the school community, Tyrpak said. In fact, some students work in the school’s “store” where they sell snacks and beverages, practicing social communication and math/ money skills. “The Westin has also offered our students the opportunity to fold towels and assemble silverware rolls in the hotel. I can’t wait to see what other partnerships might develop within the Lombard community for our students. We have some students who are gifted in computer programming, for instance, and others interested in making jewelry,” she said. Family involvement is critical at SEA. Parents are encouraged to visit the school to watch their child’s progress through oneway windows or on video and some even go into the classroom where staff coaches them on how to use their methods at home. Soaring Eagle is currently in the midst of a $1.6 million capital campaign to pay for the build-out of their new facility. “We have a 12-year lease with options to renew, so we look forward to staying in Lombard for many years,” Tyrpak said. For more information, call (630) 3232900 or visit www.soaringeagleacademy. org.

EDUCATION DISTRICT 44 – LOMBARD District Office 150 W. Madison St. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4400 Butterfield School 2S500 Gray Ave. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4000 Glenn Westlake Middle School 1514 S. Main St. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4500

Park View School 341 N. Elizabeth St. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4040

Jackson Middle School 301 W. Jackson Villa Park, IL 60181 (630) 516-7600

North School 150 Sunset Dr. Villa Park, IL 60181 (630) 516-7790

Pleasant Lane School 401 N. Main St. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4640

Jefferson Middle School 255 W. Vermont St. Villa Park, IL 60181 (630) 516-7800

Schafer School 700 E. Pleasant Ln. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 516-6500

William Hammerschmidt School 617 S. Hammerschmidt Ave. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4200

Madison School 150 W. Madison St. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4100

DISTRICT 45 – VILLA PARK District Office 255 W. Vermont St. Villa Park, IL 60181 (630) 516-7700

Manor Hill School 1464 S. Main St. Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 827-4300

Ardmore School 225 S. Harvard Ave. Villa Park, IL 60181 (630) 516-7370

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Soaring Eagle Academy Not For Profit Therapeutic Day School serving students ages 3 to 21 years old faced with the challenges of Autism and other disorders of relating and communicating.

Where students learn to SOAR to higher levels of learning! 800 Parkview Boulevard Lombard, IL 60148 Phone - 630.323.2900 2 0 1 6 - 2 0 1 7 C O M M U N I T Y M A G A Z I N E & B U S I N E S S G U I D E 17

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