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he LPCC’s website is your resource for everything Lincoln Park. Whether you’re looking for news on the hottest restaurants or retailers opening in the neighborhood, exciting local events, or ways to support the community, our website is your go-to source.


L I N C O L N PA R K C H A M B E R . C O M


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re you thinking of starting a business in our neighborhood? We hope so, because we’re always looking for a new local business to love. To help you get to know our neighborhood, the LPCC has published Doing Business in Lincoln Park, which outlines the demographics of our neighborhood and delves into retail market data for the area. In addition, this guide also provides insider information on transportation amenities, attendance at local cultural institutions and events, and a local’s insight into the various commercial districts within Lincoln Park. Visit to download the guide.

MAKE HISTORY: OPEN YOUR BUSINESS HERE In partnership with our friends at the Chicago History Museum, available commercial properties throughout our neighborhood are adorned with signs showcasing historic businesses in Lincoln Park. Interested in leasing one of these spaces? Do you have an available retail property that you would like to highlight with one of these signs? Give us a call at (773) 880-5200. Would you like help finding a great space in our neighborhood for your business? That’s what we’re here

A Guide to the Neighborhood


Great local businesses are constantly offering great discounts on their products or services through our website’s Hot Deals page. Check it out for deals on everything from lunch to car washes.

We aggregate all the news happening in the neighborhood in one place.

NEWS YOU CAN USE Want to keep up on the local news, upcoming events, Hot Deals and other great information provided online by the LPCC? Then sign up for our eNewsletter by visiting today!

for. Give us a call or visit for a list of available spaces in our community.

GOOD DESIGN Design matters. Commercial streets that have a distinctive character and appeal to shoppers and diners are typically more successful. The LPCC developed the Lincoln Park Guide to Good Storefront Design as a resource for current and aspiring business and property owners to ensure that good design is part of their retail storefront. This guide provides you with the general City of Chicago requirements for signs, awnings, window displays and lighting. It also provides specific recommendations about what good design looks like in the context of Lincoln Park, and some basic guidelines to follow that should help your business thrive in the neighborhood. Go to to download the guide.

CITY OF CHICAGO RESOURCES The LPCC is the designated Neighborhood Business Development Center for Lincoln Park. We’re more than happy to connect you with the proper city department and help you with government processes. In addition, the LPCC regularly advocates for our member businesses and organizations with City departments and elected officials. Give us a call or visit our website for more details.



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Lincoln Park IL Chamber Profile  
Lincoln Park IL Chamber Profile