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RECYCLING NORRIDGE Items that may be placed in the green recycling container: Any plastic container used for food, beverages, or detergent (no plastic bags). Any aluminum, tin, steel, or glass container used for food or beverages. Empty aerosol cans and plastic six-pack rings. Items to be property bundled or paper-bagged securely and placed next to the green recycling container: Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, “junk” mail, and high-grade paper. Flattened corrugated cardboard boxes and chipboard (i.e., cereal boxes). Laundry and soap boxes.


If you are in doubt about whether an item is acceptable, call our scavenger at (708) 277-5370. If the material in the green recycling bin includes non-recyclable items, the remaining materials will not be picked up.


• Aluminum cans, trays & foil • Steel cans & tins • Milk & juice cartons • Glass bottles & jars (clear, brown & green) • PET beverage containers (#1 clear & green plastic resin) • HDPE detergent containers (#2 clear plastic resin) • PVC narrow neck containers (#3 plastic resin) • LDPE grocery containers (#4 plastic resin) • PP grocery containers (#5 & #7 plastic resin) • Plastic buckets– no metal handles, 5 gal. max) • Newspaper (including inserts – remove plastic sleeves) • Cardboard (no waxed cardboard) • Kraft (brown paper) bags • Catalogs & telephone books • Office, computer, notebook & gift wrap paper (no metal clips, spirals or bindings) • Chipboard (cereal, cake & food mix boxes, gift boxes & shoe boxes) • Junk mail & envelopes (no plastic cards, stick-on labels or unused stamps) • Paperback books All containers must be emptied and rinsed clean. Plastic bags should be returned to the department or grocery store.


• Hazardous chemical containers • Plastic film such as plastic sheets, tarps or wraps • Expanded foam such as Jacuzzi covers and arts & crafts materials • Clear polystyrene (#6 plastic resin) clear carry-out containers, vitamin bottles, fast food spoons, knives & forks • Dinnerware & ceramics • Window glass • Hardcover books 2016-2017 COMMUNITY GUIDE |

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