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ooking after the public interest is a job shared by police and fire departments everywhere. Grayslake is fortunate to be ably served by the Grayslake-Hainesville Police Department and the Grayslake Fire Protection District, led by Chief Phil Perlini and Chief John Christian, respectively. Both entities are continually expanding their services and looking for new and better ways to provide for the needs of residents. POLICE DEPARTMENT The Grayslake-Hainesville Police Department, for instance, is collaborating with other Lake County policing bodies including Mundelein, Libertyville, Gurnee and Round Lake Park in an effort to curb prescription drug abuse which often leads to opiate addiction, according to Perlini. “We got in on the ground floor of this effort, working alongside the Lake County Opiate Task Force,” he said. “We carry Narcan, the overdose antidote, in all of our police cars now and in the last 18 months have brought back three overdose victims.” But the effort does not end there. Anyone who feels that they have a drug addiction problem and decides that they want help can walk into the Grayslake Police Department, 10 S. Seymour Ave., or approach an officer and ask for help. “We will immediately find a counselor to assess them and then work to get them help through the Lake County Department of Public Health. An officer will sit with them until help arrives or we will immediately transport them to a hospital or Gateway, depending on the situation,” he added. “We realize that the likelihood of a drug user walking into the police station and asking for help is low, but we also go along with the fire department on calls and can offer assistance then. If we can get one person turned around, the effort will have been worth it,” Perlini said. GRAYSLAKE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

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Residents can assist by disposing of their unused prescription drugs and old syringes in the approved containers in the police department’s lobby, keeping them out of the hands of those who might by using or experimenting with drugs. Perlini is also proud of the department’s Police Explorer program for young people, ages 14 to 21. It is a joint program with the Lindenhurst Police Department and is a highly-structured program designed to introduce interested young people to the world of law enforcement. The program currently has approximately 15 young people enrolled. The Explorers are paired with police officers at events like fireworks displays, parades and other high-traffic events, Perlini said. In addition to policing Grayslake and Hainesville, Perlini said that the department participates with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and other area police departments in the Metropolitan Drug and Gang Crimes Task Force, the Major Crash Assistance Teams (MCAT) and the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System’s Mobile Field Force for civil disturbances and the Emergency Services Team, which is essentially a SWAT team.



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Grayslake IL Community Profile  
Grayslake IL Community Profile  

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