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Austin County

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BELLVILLE, TEXAS I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Austin County. It is my sincere wish that you an yours enjoy the many hidden treasures and rich Texas History Austin County has to offer. Austin County is home of San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, the location where Stephen F. Austin established his colony in 1823. The establishment of San Felipe was a pivotal part of Texas’ history and once

the social, economic and political center, in addition to being the first capital of the interim government of Texas. The visitor’s guide is a useful resource for the numerous attractions, events, churches and accommodations located within our county. It is my hop that you escape from your day to day routine and explore some of our many places of interest for

a day trip or weekend getaway. Thank you for your interest in Austin County and I hope you enjoy your visit here.


 First Sunday School.

 Austin County is named for Stephen Fuller Austin, also known as the “Father of Texas.”

 First English-speaking school funded in 1829.

 Sealy – founded on 11,635 acre tract of land conveyed by the Corporation of San Felipe de Austin (out of original 22,000 acre Mexican land grant of 1824 for San Felipe) to George Sealy in 1879 for whom it was named.

 Austin County was selected by Stephen F. Austin in 1823 as the central site for his colony, the first AngloAmerican settlement in Texas.  Austin County is one of the oldest counties in Texas, organized in 1837 during the Republic of Texas.  San Felipe was the County Seat of Austin County until 1848 when it was moved to Bellville.  Total area in square miles is 663.

The County Firsts  The first capital of Texas was in San Felipe. A log cabin replica of Stephen F. Austin’s home is in San Felipe.  First newspaper, The Gazette, founded in 1829.  First book published in Texas was printed at San Felipe.  First postal system.  First organized police force, which became the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers had their beginning in San Felipe’s committees of public safety for protection against Indians.  First flag and the official flag of independence. 4

Historical Facts  Bellville – Became county seat in 1848. Named for the Bell family. Historical marker placed at Concordia Hall for 108-year-old German Singing Society.  Nelsonville – Nearby is the Joseph L. Leshikar house. The first Czech home built in Austin County in 1854 has a historical marker.  Industry – Oldest German settlement in Texas established in 1830 when Frederick Ernst settled there. Historical marker three miles off FM 109 in pasture.  New Ulm – Settled in early 1830s when German settlers came into this area. Historical marker on school grounds.  Milheim – The German spelling of the name was Muelheim. Water mill for grinding corn was in the creek. Town settled in early 1830’s. Creek became known as Mill Creek.  Cat Spring – Town established near springs in early 1830s. Historical marker on the grounds of the Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall, organized in 1856.  Piney – In 1850 Concordia Gesangverein organized in the home of Fritz Schlect. (German Singing Society) Concordia Hall is now in Bellville.

The honorable

Tim Lapham

Tim Lapham Austin County Judge

 Frydek – Czech town established in 1890 named by its early settlers for Silesian city of same name. Frydek means “Friendly Corner.”  San Felipe De Austin – Established in 1824. Translated means “Saint Phillip” believed to have been the patron saint of Luciano Garcia, Governor of this Province of Mexico, who named the town. Capital of Anglo-American Colonists 1824-1836. Burned on orders of General Sam Houston about three weeks prior to battle of San Jacinto. Three homes, town hall, church, cabin and museum have historical markers. Official marker for town site on FM 1458 at entrance to town.  Stephen F. Austin Park Association – Organized 1928. Established memorial park for Stephen F. Austin, 12 acres now in historical are of state park.  Stephen F. Austin State Park – Corporation of San Felipe de Austin gave 657 acres to the State of Texas in 1940 for the recreational area. Both parts of the park are operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Visitor’s Guide

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Austin County

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BELLVILLE, voted the county seat of Austin County in 1846, is at the junction of Texas Highway 36 and FM 159, roughly the geographic center of the county. Thomas and James Bell emigrated from Florida in 1822 and settled in the area as some of Stephen F. Austin’s earliest Texas colonists. The Bell brothers gave 145 acres for a town that was laid out in 1848 and in turn, was called Bellville. Anglo-Americans settled here first followed by German immigrants. In the winter of 1879-1880, the railroad (Gulf Coast & Santa Fe) arrived and brought people and prosperity as a commercial business center developed. By the 1880s, the population was heavily German and many cultural institutions of the ethnic group were functioning, including a German-language newspaper the “Wochenblatt.” In 1897, the Pavilion (Located on the intersection of Hwy. 529 & Amthor Street) was built by the German organization “Gut Heil (good health) Turneverein.” The Turnverein was a German cultural organization that promoted and fostered ethnic and cultural identity, served benevolent causes and created the county fairgrounds. In many places as in Houston, this group was responsible for new firefighting brigades. The Bellville Turnverein, organized in 1885 and chartered in 1889, promoted gymnastics, fellowship, music, theater, singing and dance. The Turnverein was responsible for creating the Turner Hall Opera House in 1889 and was so successful that crowds attending functions outgrew a mid-town facility. In 1895, a 14+ acre property (at the Amthor location) was


bought from the “Bellville Social Club.” German architect Eugene Heiner designed a 12-sided pavilion and county craftsman Joachim Hintz was engaged in building the structure. In 1997, the building received a Recorded Texas Landmark designation. Concordia Hall (1030 Tesch St.) was built east of Bellville by the “Piney Concordia Gesang-Verein,” a German singing group organized in 1850. They regularly gathered for singing, meeting in the school until 1877 when they acquired 2 acres of land one mile east of Bellville. They dedicated a new building that same year and met there for 20+ years. The 1900 storm destroyed their facility, so they rebuilt threequarters of a mile south of Bellville (closer to most members’ homes). In 1938, the group changed its name to “Bellville Concordia Gesang-Verein.” They participated in statewide singing competitions with similar groups. For

Visitor’s Guide

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most of its history, Concordia was a male choral organization. The women formed an associate group and later merged. As the German language declined after 1945, the singing groups faded and eventually dissolved. In 1997, The Bellville Lions Club obtained ownership of Concordia Hall, and today the building has a multifunctional use. The building received a Texas State Historical Marker in 1968. The Austin County Jail Museum (36 S. Bell) was built in 1896 and operated as the county detention center until 1982. A St. Louis firm designed the three-story structure and gallows. Bricks for the building came from the local John Colleton’s kiln. The jailer’s living quarters and sheriff’s office were on the ground floor with cells on the upper floors. The gallows were used only once in 1901. Gus Davis was hung for the murder of Herman Schluenz. In 1976, the building received the Historical Commission’s Recorded Texas Historic Landmark designation and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. After a new jail was built, this facility was restored and is open for tours with periodic interest exhibits in the living quarters (open Saturdays 11 a.m.-3 p.m.). Bellville Masonic Lodge 15 N. Masonic St.) was chartered in June 1858. The lower floor of the two-story building functioned as a school and the second story for lodge activities. Various churches used the building on a specified Sunday for monthly services. The building was torn down in 1883 to make way for the present 1886 structure. In 1985, the building was purchased and restored by the Bellville Historical Society. In 1986, the site obtained a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark designation and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today the City of Bellville offers opportunities for shopping in turn-of-the-century restored structures around the town square serving as art galleries, specialty and antique shops and restaurants. First Saturday Market Days, along with festivals and events throughout the year, provide ample leisure opportunities to spend quality time with friends and family. Several bed-andbreakfast establishments make Bellville an excellent weekend destination just a short drive from Brenham, Houston, Austin or San Antonio. The City of Bellville is the home of the giant bust of Stephen F. Austin, the Father of Texas, which was dedicated on May 3, 2013. It is at the intersection of Highway 36 and Highway 159. Just north of the city limits off Old 36 Road lies a true wonder, Neman’s Castle. Built of cinder blocks with masonry stucco, the castle had 3,400 square feet of living space and enclosed a quarter-acre inside its perimeter wall. In addition to a moat and a drawbridge with an accompanying porticullis, the castle features five round corner turrets, a bell tower, a chapel, a great room for celebrations, a courtyard complete with a pell for swordsmanship training, a dungeon (albeit above ground) and a central keep, accessed by a spiral staircase, that provides a dramatic view of the surrounding land. Tours are available six days a week starting at 10:30 a.m. from Newman’s Bakery, which is also a popular stop for weekend tourists, cycling clubs and bikers. Reservations are required. The Castle is available for other special events. For tour reservations, call (979) 865-9804. Bellville Meat Market is also a local tourist tradition. The meat market was started in 1981 by Daniel and Diann Poffenberger. Through the years, they have grown to reach far beyond the local community. The current store was opened in 2000 directly behind the old store. In 2001, The Poffenbergers retired and turned the company over to their sons Jerrod and Marcus who continue the family tradition. For information, call (979) 865-5972. The City of Bellville is an aggressive business community that has seen successful growth and prosperity by working closely with their existing businesses, fostering healthy expansion and at the same time working with new businesses looking to relocate. Bellville offers a culturally enriched community with excellent schools and a warm, welcoming population.

BLEIBLERVILLE, in northwest Austin County on Highway 2502, was originally part of the 1830’s Shelbourne Plantation. Germans settled in the area as the plantations were downsized into small farmsteads. A Swiss immigrant, Robert Bleibler, came in 1889 and operated a peddler wagon selling goods from farm to farm in exchange for farm produce. In 1890, Bleibler bought an existing store (ca. 1864). The community grew rapidly with the influx of many German immigrants in the late 19th century, and its post office was established in 1891. In 1892, he became postmaster with a post office in his store, and the community officially became Bleiblerville. The community expanded in the 1960s with the increase of oil drilling in the community but has since declined. In 1900, a Czech Slavic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas Lodge was formed. A meeting hall built by the group in 1914 was remodeled to its current appearance in 1955. The Nelsonville lodge merged with this group in 1993 and today is still active in its mutual aid activities and community functions.

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BRAZOS COUNTRY was developed in the late 1970s. In 1978, a small independent Houston oil company came into Austin County and purchased 650 acres of ranch land immediately west of the Brazos River and south of I-10. The ranch, known as the Chew Ranch, consisted of approximately 1,000 acres, 350 of which were kept by the ranch to raise cattle along the banks of the river. The 650-acre tract was subdivided into plots of 1, 2 and 3 acres and development of the subdivision known as Brazos Country began. In 1979, the first few houses were built and occupied by owners whose job locations ranged from Rosenberg to Houston. As the years passed, new houses were built, slowed greatly by the economic downturn of the mid-1980s. When the economy rebounded in the early 1990s, growth of new homes increased accordingly as more and more families moved to Brazos Country and began their daily commutes to Houston. In 1999, Katy Mills Mall opened. The growth of Katy and the impending growth of the I-10 corridor prompted Brazos Country residents to petition Austin County to hold an incorporation election in 2000. By a large margin, residents voted to incorporate as a municipality. State laws mandated the City of Brazos Country as a Class B

CAT SPRING is situated a few miles southwest of Bellville, the county seat. As one of the first German/American settlements in the state, it is also home to Texas’ first agricultural society. Its rolling prairie-type land made it easy for settlers to start farming. Legend has it that a hunter killed a wildcat at one of the springs of the San Bernard River and the place was first called Wildcat


municipality limited to 2 square miles, because the population was under 600. Today, the City of Brazos Country, recognized as a community of executive homes and beautiful landscape, is still experiencing growing pains and will soon surpass the 600-population figure.

Spring then shortened to Cat Spring (Katzenquelle). The Cat Spring Settlement was founded in 1834 by the Otto von Röder family who came to Texas from Germany due to Industry’s “Ernst Letter,” published in Germany. At that time, Austin County had a population of about 1,000 people. The little town began to grow and by 1880 it had a gin, a saw mill, a grist mill and a planing mill. There was also a hotel, a saddle shop, a shoe shop, a school and a church. Cat Spring, once part of the early travel route from San Felipe to Industry, today is at the intersection of FM 2187 and FM 949. A 1936 Texas State Historical Marker honors this early German settlement and the pioneer families of von Röder, Kleberg and Amsler. Cat Spring Agricultural Hall – “Landwirth-Schaftlicher Verein” began when Germans and some Czechs formed this Agricultural Society in 1856, to share information and tips on how to farm. In 1902, local carpenter Joachim Hintz was hired to build a 12-sided structure that still stands at 13035 Hall Rd. The Agricultural Society still holds some agricultural-related functions there, but the unique structure has an expanded purpose and hosts a multitude of activities. Each June brings the Annual June Fest and in September the hall hosts one of the largest antique shows in the area. For more information and a schedule of events, call (979) 885-2719. Cat Spring today is a beautiful rolling hill area alive with wildflowers, vineyards, show horse farms and at the right time of year an abundance of birds and wildlife. It has several unique bed-and-breakfast facilities as well as a famous local stop for some of the best cat fish you will ever eat at Cross Roads Tavern on Friday nights.

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FRYDEK is on Farm Road 1458 and the west bank of the Brazos River three miles east of Sealy and three miles south of San Felipe in southeastern Austin County. Settlement in the vicinity began in the early 1820s, when members of the Austin colony patented several “labores” of land along the river east of the eventual town site. Frydek was established about 1895 by Czechs on a league of land south of the San Felipe town tract, originally granted to Stephen F. Austin in 1831. The community, named after the Moravian city of Frýdek-Místek, soon became a market center for farmers and stock men of the vicinity. A visiting priest celebrated Mass in homes in 1883 and a cemetery was created in 1890. The cemetery received a Texas State Historical Marker in 1991.

Frydek’s post office operated from 1901 until 1906. The local school had 36 pupils in 1918. By 1931, the community had four businesses. St. Mary’s Catholic Church, formed around 1908, is still in operation today. The population, which has remained predominantly Czech in origin, was an estimated 25 in 1933. The figure climbed to an estimated 75 in 1939 and then to 150, the number reported from 1964 to 2000. A unique Frydek feature is St. Mary’s Catholic Church Grotto (10471 Grotto Rd.) with an outdoor altar that was constructed to commemorate and give thanks for the 67 residents who served in World War II and all returned home. It is open to the public. The community holds an annual grotto celebration on the last Sunday in April. For more information and schedule of events, call (979) 225-3131. For that real Texas experience, don’t miss Ermis’s Double E Grocery (10108 FM 1458) you can sit next to politicians, church ladies, bikers, ranchers and real-life cowboys to enjoy a cool one, great food or just talk about the weather and soak up local color. For more information, call (979) 885-6556.

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txlandgroup.com Sealy Office: 979-877-5263 • Columbus Office: 979-732-5263 Residential Commercial Land Ranch Locator 1031 Exchange Investment Austin County

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INDUSTRY, the “oldest German town in Texas,” is situated in the scenic rolling hills of western Austin County at the intersection of State Highway 159 and Farm to Market Road 109. Industry is known for its hospitality, great school and receptive business climate. It is steeped in German heritage, with historic structures, museums and churches while connected to the Republic period of Texas. The rolling hills are alive with roadsides covered in spectacular wildflowers during the spring and fall along with birds and wildlife. It was founded by Friedrich Ernst of Oldenburg, Germany, who settled here with his family and fellow German Charles Fordtran in 1831. In 1832, Ernst sent a letter back home praising Texas, which was published in the newspaper, causing a stream of Germans to emigrate. By the late 1830s, hundreds of Germans had settled in this region, and in the 1840s Germans were flooding into Texas, gaining Ernst the title of “Father of German Immigration to Texas.” At Industry, Ernst operated a store/post office and a hotel. He farmed, grew tobacco and developed a cigar manufacturing industry. Requests for the industrious German’s cigars gave the town its American name. Today Industry boasts a heritage pre-dating the Texas Revolution making it older than most Texas towns. History is one of Industry’s proudest claims to fame and is evident throughout the town. Industry historical points of interest include Ernst Memorial Park, (Schroeder Road two blocks west of Ernst Parkway/FM 109) the original town center of Industry. The park was formed in 1972 as a Lion’s Club project. The Lions restored the old Republic of Texas Post Office/Ernst Store building, Industry’s most cherished relic of the past. The park has a covered pavilion, public restrooms, picnic area and playground. A walking trail features Texas State Historical Markers where visitors can learn more about local history. Markers are dedicated to the Town of Industry (1936), Ernst (1986), Friedrich Ernst Jr. (1985) and the history of the Industry Post Office (2003). Fisches Park (about a quarter mile west of Industry on Highway 159) consists of 4 acres of land that was part of the original Ernst league of land. The park with picnic facilities was created in 1939


when the Fisches family owned a farm here and donated the site to the Texas Highway Department for a roadside park. A State Highway Department marker here acknowledges: “This site donated for park purposes to the State of Texas in memory of W.E. Fisches.” A Texas State Historical Marker was dedicated here in 1976 to honor Charles Fordtran who accompanied Ernst to the area in 1831. The highway department recently closed the park and it is now a community park maintained by descendants, volunteers, and the City of Industry. Industry Recreation Park (725 Main St.) was the site of one of Austin County’s earliest gins constructed by German Ernst Knolle in 1857. Knolle employed skilled German workers as millwrights, mechanics, engineers and technicians. Consequently, Industry was recognized at the time as a technological center in Texas for workers of exceptional advanced expertise and technical skills. Cotton was a mainstay of livelihood for many in Austin County for over 100 years, and this gin with renovations and upgrades is said to have been the last functioning gin in the county. Chronological ownership of this gin made it consecutively known as Knolle-Daum-Schramm-Lindemann Gin. The last bale of cotton was ginned in the county in 1973 under Lindemann ownership. In 1976, the gin was sold and in 1996 owner M. Huebner donated the 7-acre property to the City of Industry. The gin was adaptively repurposed to function as Industry City Hall, and the surrounding land contains a covered picnic pavilion, gazebo, public restrooms, a playground and lighted walking/jogging track. In 2006, the complex was dedicated during Industry’s 175th anniversary celebration.

Historical Museums & Buildings Gin Museum (725 Main St.), a segment of the repurposed city hall/former gin contains restored equipment, educating visitors on the functions of this early gin’s operations. Tours are by appointment. Call (979) 357-2772 for information. Lindemann Store Museum (2227 Main St.), Industry’s oldest surviving business, received a Texas historical marker in 1984 on the 100th anniversary of its founding. The museum is next to its original business site and features artifacts, rare equipment and original fixtures. The exhibit also includes merchandise from the store’s heyday: housewares, clothes, cosmetics, hardware and animal products including saddles and tools. A special store feature was a unique millinery department where women’s hats were custom fashioned. Tour are by appointment. Call (979) 357-2772.

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Lindemann-Ott Museum (2207 Main St.) received a Texas State Historical Commission-Recorded Texas Historical Landmark designation in 2010. The original house was built in 1870 as a bakery/ home for young German baker Jacob Ott. The home business was sold when Ott married and became a Methodist minister. The building then became a store, and in 1884 Edward Lindemann bought the property for his general store, which moved across the street in 1894. Lindemann moved his family into the building and in 1899 added a five-room, two-story Queen Anne Victorian attachment to the original home, giving it an opulent appearance and greatly increasing the size. The great grandson of the original owners has converted the structure into a house museum featuring original family furnishings along with possessions and collections of the blended German families related to the home’s owners. Tour are by appointment. Call (979) 357-2772. Knolle Doctor’s Office Museum (9021 Highway 109 N.) is part of the Industry-West End Historical Society’s Heritage Center and is the original office of Dr. B.E. Knolle, who practiced medicine from 1886-1936. The two-room office consists of a patient waiting room and an examining room and includes many of Knolle’s original

medical equipment, instruments and office furnishings. Knolle’s family members acquired, restored and donated the office to the historical society in 1995 to memorialize the doctor’s life and the many contributions he made to the community professionally and in through civic leadership. Tours are by appointment. Call (979) 357-2772. Welcome Hall (9021 Highway 109 N.), adjacent to the Heritage Center, was built in 1899 as a meeting and musical performance hall for the Welcome German Singing Society, the “Mannerchor.” The singing society declined after the two world wars when the German language began to fade. When the group disbanded, the hall was sold and moved to its current location in 1980 and restored. It now hosts receptions, reunions and other community activities. The hall gained national attention in 1988 when a made-for-TV movie was filmed here. Tours are by appointment. Call (979) 357-4749. Industry Methodist Church (1914 Main St.) was built in 1867 and received a Texas State Historical Marker in 1967 on its 100th anniversary. It houses original furnishings, an organ and church bell along with memorabilia and photos that document the congregation’s history. The church is still used for worship. Tours are by appointment. Call (979) 357-2368.

KENNEY, eight miles north of Bellville at the junction of FM 2754 and Hwy 36, was built in 1880 by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad Company as a station between Bellville and Brenham. The first area settlement took place as early as the 1820s, followed by the German immigrants from the 1830s. The town was first called Thompson in 1880 for postmaster J. E. Thompson. After four years under that name, the community was renamed Kenneyville in 1884 in honor of evangelist John Wesley Kenney; the name was shortened to Kenney in 1892. Rev. J. W. Kenney played an influential part in early Texas Methodist activity. The preacher came to Texas with his family in 1832. In 1834, he held the first Methodist Camp meeting in Austin’s Colony on Caney Creek near his Austin home. By 1835, a second Church Camp meeting was held here and at this time a Methodist Conference was organized, supported by William B. Travis. The John Wesley Kenney Texas State Historical Marker in the town center recognizes Rev. Kenney as “one of the greatest pioneer Methodist Ministers.” During the railroad’s heyday, Kenney was a commerce center

with a gritmill/gin, hotel, school and church. All that marks that prosperous period is a group of business structures. German residents established a “Schuetzenverein” (sportsmen’s club) and held competitive target shooting matches, a German tradition that became a social activity. Kenney Agricultural Society Hall was built in 1902 for regular meetings and social activities. A 1950 storm destroyed the original structure and today functions as a community center of varied uses. The Kenney Store was established in 1887. For many years, the Kenney Store Rural Music Association (KARMA) met there on Thursdays. Dedicated local musicians, young and old, brought their instruments to the pickin’ circle to share their love of music and enjoy good company. These musicians are the reason that there is always good KARMA at the Kenney Store. Today, the Kenney Store has live music almost every night of the week. If visitors are lucky, a few well-known singers may stop by with a fiddle or acoustic guitar. On the weekends, the store hosts performances by up-and-coming bands, acoustic musicians and local celebrities. Come early and get a good seat. Slam down some dominoes with the regulars, while the freight train roars by. Waltz, two-step, line-dance, swing or even grind to live music under the neon lights. The store also serves its home cooking with sweet southern charm and a full bar menu including ice-cold beers, specialty wines and signature drinks. Austin County

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MILLHEIM was established eight miles south of Bellville in central Austin County about 1845, when a mill was constructed on Clear Creek, a tributary of Mill Creek. Founders were German immigrants who moved southeast through Mill Creek Valley from settlements in the vicinity of Cat Spring. The town received its name in the 1850s at a meeting held in the Engelking and Noltke general store. An immigrant from the Palatinate, Wilhelm Schneider, suggested the name Muelheim; it was later anglicized to its present spelling. In the 1850s E.G. Maetze started the first school at the settlement, with courses conducted in German.

By 1856 a singing society had been organized. A post office was established in the community by 1878. In 1885, the town had a population of 100, as well as a brewery, a gin, a grist and saw mill and several stores. Prospects for further development were dimmed, however, when the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway survey bypassed the town to the east. By 1915, the local post office had been discontinued in favor of rural mail delivery from Peters. The Millheim population was reported as 150 in 1915, but by 1936 it had fallen to an estimated 100. The number of residents declined rapidly after World War II, though in 1948, the last year for which population statistics are available for Millheim. The town still reported three rated businesses: a church, a school, and an estimated 100 inhabitants. The population grew to 150 by 2000. Source: “The History of the German Settlements in Texas, 1831–1861”

NELSONVILLE, at the junction of Highway 159 and FM 2502, is nine miles west of Bellville in west central Austin County. The area was settled in the 1850s; among the first settlers was Edward Daughtry, who moved to the site around 1855. The town was named for D. D. Nelson, who opened a store just after the Civil War. Around the same time Isaac Lewis established a store and saw and grist mill and later added a cotton gin. Originally settled by Anglo-American plantation owners in the late 1830s, the town also attracted Germans. At the Civil War’s end, plantations were sold as smaller farmsteads to immigrants from Bohemia and Moravia and more from Germany. Nelsonville’s youth were trilingual, fluent in English, German and Czech. A post office opened in 1872 with R. W. Thompson, the first physician, as postmaster. In 1885, the community, which extended northwest through the watershed separating the drainage of the east and west forks of Mill Creek toward Industry, had a church and school, three combination steam mills and gins and a population of 100. The Czech Moravian Bretheran Church congregation was formed in 1893 and church was built in 1947 under the leadership of Rev. Josef A. Barton; it is now a community landmark. By 1900, the population was 158. The post office was discontinued

in 1909, and by the early 1930s the population had dwindled back to 100. The community reported five businesses as late as 1936, but thereafter most of them closed. In the early 1990s Nelsonville was a farming community with a reported population of 110. The population remained the same in 2000. Source: “Austin County: Beilage zum Bellville Wochenblatt, den alten Texanern gewidmet und den jungen Texanern zu Nutz’ und Frommen”

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NEW ULM is one of the premier German settlements in Texas. Such a small and tranquil place boasts historic legends. Richard King of the King Ranch passed through New Ulm and tried his hand at cigar manufacturing before heading south, and in the 1920s a New Ulm store was burglarized by one of the Newton Boys. New Ulm, on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway line at the intersection of FM 109 and 1094, in western Austin County, was first known as Duff’s Settlement, in honor of James C. Duff, who in 1841 acquired title to the tract on which the town was founded. The community’s growth was spurred after 1845 by an influx of German-speaking settlers from nearby communities such as Industry, Shelby and Nassau Farm. In 1852, a post office opened in the settlement, which became known as New Ulm in commemoration of the well-known city in Würtemberg, Germany, the province from which most early inhabitants had originally emigrated. During the 1850s, the agricultural community had six general merchandise stores, five blacksmith shops, three breweries, three cabinetry shops and a cigar factory. During this period, local residents organized both an athletic club, and a rifle club, the members of which sported light green uniforms. The arrival of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway line in 1892 further stimulated the New Ulm economy, and the town

shipped cotton, poultry, eggs and butter to markets in surrounding counties. It also caused the entire town to relocate one mile south of the original site. Many remaining homes and business buildings date to this turn of the century prosperity. New Ulm had 225 residents in 1898. By 1930 its population had grown to 500, and the number of businesses had increased to 40, including a bank and an English-language newspaper, the New Ulm Enterprise, which began publishing in 1910. In 1916, 21 men in the community met to secure fire apparatus to protect local property, and the New Ulm Fire Company (now known as the New Ulm Volunteer Fire Department) was formed. St. John Lutheran Church (211 Hickory St.) was built in 1913, and still serves the congregation today. All that remains of the New Ulm Cemetery at Highway 109 & Kingfiher Road is a decorative gateway. The population declined to an estimated 390 by 1950. Growth resumed, however, during the 1960s, and by 1968 the population was estimated at 600, and New Ulm had 16 businesses. In 1990, the population was estimated at 650. Its surviving 19th century buildings were featured in “Texas Public Buildings of the 19th Century” by Williard B. Robinson. Winding country roads alive with nature bring visitors into New Ulm, which now boasts many restored historic structures, some serving as antique or specialty shops, plus a very unique commercial cottage garden. It is a picturesque place to browse on the weekends for those superlative gifts that are distinctive and one of a kind. Source: “The History of the German Settlements in Texas, 1831–1861”; “The History of Frelsburg”; “Footprints of Five Generations”

Austin County

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NEW WEHDEM is off Highway 36, eight miles northwest of Bellville in northern Austin County. New Wehdem was established on a stage route connecting Nelsonville and Bleiblerville to Brenham. In 1883, the place was named New Wehdem because many settlers came from Wehdem, Germany. By the early 1930s, a number of residents from nearby Wehdem had moved into the vicinity. After World War II, the locale was on maps as New Wehdem. A Lutheran Church, St. Jacobi, later named St. James, was organized in 1869 with a sanctuary dedicated in 1871. The current structure dates to 1928. The 1925 school building became the church education building in 1965.

 William Barret Travis, Jane Long, David G Burnet, R.M. Williamson and other famous Texians lived in San Felipe prior to its burning.

SAN FELIPE DE AUSTIN, laid out in 1823 as the headquarters of Stephen F. Austin’s Colony, is one of the oldest towns in Texas. Situated on a bluff near the west bank of the Brazos River, San Felipe is two miles north of Interstate 10 on FM 1458. The site served Native Americans and early travelers as a Brazos River crossing point. Eventually eight roads converged in San Felipe and a 1969 Texas State Historical Marker commemorates this history. San Felipe was known as the “Colonial Capital of Texas” and served as the political center of colonial Texas until razed in 1836 during the Texas Revolution. The State of Texas recognized San Felipe in 2005 as both the Official Colonial Capital of Texas and Official Birthplace of the Texas Rangers. Little-Known Facts About San Felipe  Election of the Ayuntamiento at San Felipe in 1828 was the first constitutional election in Anglo-American Texas.  First capital city of the Texas Revolution, hosting the Provisional Government established by the Consultation that met from Nov. 15, 1835, to March 1, 1836.  Scene of the Convention of 1832 and 1833 along with the Consultation of 1835 that led to the Texas Revolution.  The only place Stephen F. Austin, the “Father of Texas,” claimed as his home.

 In 1835, the permanent Council at San Felipe approved the beginning of the Texas Rangers, know then as “Ranging Company of Riflemen.”


San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site is located off FM 1458 at the Brazos River – the newly opened museum, on the east side of FM 1458, has an entrance off of Second Street just across from the Methodist Church. In 2018, the Texas Historical Commission opened the San Felipe de Austin Museum to better share the stories of this important early Texas site. This state-of-the-art museum commemorates the site where, in 1823, Stephen F. Austin established a headquarters for his colony in Mexican Texas. San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site and the new museum share the stories of early settlers in this region. Visitors can walk in the footsteps of these early pioneers at what was the social, economic, and political center of American emigration to Texas before independence. The original historic site, on the west side of FM 1458, contains seven blocks of the original capital with an 1830s hand-dug well, remaining as the only original architectural feature of the historic town. The site has added objects including the J.J. Josey Store building dating back to 1847 – a museum from the 1960s until 2009 now used for special programming, a replica dogtrot cabin, Stephen F. Austin – Father of Texas Centennial statue and a 1928 obelisk and memorial markers to tell the history of the site.

Historic locations in San Felipe:  Old San Felipe Church (1824)  San Felipe de Austin Cemetery (1824)  San Felipe Town Hall (1842) Stephen F. Austin State Park, a beautiful recreational park that occupies 600-plus acres of moss-draped pecan bottoms along the Brazos River, occupies part of the land granted to Stephen F. Austin, “Father of Texas,” for the first Anglo-American colony in Texas. Near the park is an 18-hole golf course. The state park offers camping, hiking trails, birding, wildlife viewing, fishing and group facilities. This Texas State resource is just a few miles west of Houston and offers a diverse opportunity for families. 14

Visitor’s Guide

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Happy Hours: 1:00pm - 7:00pm Mon - Fri Lunch Buffet 11:00am - 4:00pm

12620 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston,TX 77065 346-260-5148

Come and watch any sporting event on our huge projection screen

Sun - Thurs 11am - 10pm Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm Ask for our Banquet Room

CAZADORES Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Great Sizzling Fajitas and Parilladas 12323 Kingsride Houston, TX 77024 713-465-9377

241 Gebhardt Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 979-885-3211

1344 Pin Oak Rd. Katy, TX 77494 281-693-2122

1988 FM 359 North Pattison, TX 77423 281-934-1992 Austin County

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5/28/2019 4:38:18 PM

SEALY, at the intersection of I-10 and Highway 36 (just 48 miles west of Houston) in south central Austin County, was formed as a railroad town in 1879. Once part of the San Felipe de Austin Town Corporation, land was sold to the railroad and named to honor George Sealy, a Galveston railroad director. Sealy became a commercial shipping center and many early residents were railroad employees. In 1889, a fire on Front Street obliterated wooden commercial property near the railroad. Sealy experienced a series of misfortunes, including a disastrous Brazos River flood in 1899, the relocation of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe division headquarters to Bellville the following year and the devastating 1900 hurricane. However successful businesses were established, including the Sealy Mattress Factory, the Engleking Brothers Broom Factory and the Sealy National Bank, which helped build the town’s commercial reputation. Today Sealy is the largest town in the county. Sealy’s claim to fame comes from the world-famous Sealy mattress. Although no Sealy mattresses were ever manufactured here, in 1885, Daniel Haynes perfected the technique and equipment patents in Sealy, which he later sold in 1889 to a group of investors who went on to make the Sealy mattress a household name. Sealy’s historic downtown area boasts antique and gift shops,

Sealy economic Development corporation 313 Main Street | Sealy, Texas | 77474 (979) 627-6121 www.sealyedc.com 16

quaint cafes and museums, some housed in historic buildings. Many historic period homes abound in and around town. Sealy boasts at least two legendary eateries: Tony’s Family Restaurant, serving locals and visitors since 1936, and Hinze’s BBQ, voted one of the 10 best in the state. More than 30 Sealy food establishments ensure there is something for just about everyone. For racing enthusiasts Sealy’s Lone Star Motorsports Park is a member of the IHRA, and hosts races from January to November. Sealy is a multifaceted modern city with lots to offer the visitor looking to spend a quiet weekend in the country or people looking for a quality of life they can’t find in the big city. A faith-based municipality with good schools, strong business community and progressive city government all makes Sealy a unique place to visit or a great place to raise a family.

Catering/Party Equipment Heavy Equipment Concrete Flooring Dollies Lighting Lawn and Garden Equipment Zero Turn Mowers Compressors Generators Bounce Houses Welding Pumps and more!

979-865-1520 726 East Mill Street Your Party and Equipment Headquarters Bellville, TX 77418

Visitor’s Guide

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SHELBY is situated in far northwest Austin County at the intersection of Highway 389 and FM Road 1457. A settlement developed here when Otto von Röder of Cat Spring financed construction of a water powered mill around 1840 on Skull Creek, a tributary of Mill Creek. The settlement was originally referred to as “Roedersmuehle,” and many Germans in the area used the mill. The name Shelby came from David Shelby who acquired land here in March 1831. Shelby had various property holdings in Texas and did not yet live on this land. Speculation is that after the Texas Revolution, Shelby’s other property was ravaged, causing him to relocate here, although his exact arrival date is not known. Soon after, a store was established, and within the store was a post office as was the common practice at the time.

Shelby was made postmaster in 1846 when Texas became a state, and gradually the place began being called Shelby as the name “Roedersmuehle” faded out of existence. Germans at Shelby brought their cultural practices with them including a “Gesangverein” (German singing society) organized in 1852, then reorganized in 1853. Harmonie Hall was built in 1883 for the local German singing society, “Harmonie Verein,” established in 1875. This group performed German singing traditions until the language faded after 1945. Harmonie Hall is now as a center of community activity, hosting celebrations and events throughout the year. The historic Shelby Lutheran Church dates to 1903 and was recently converted into a community museum. In 1876, a Lutheran church formed and was served by the same pastor for 20 years. When he retired, a new preacher came and developed “Die Friedens Gemeinde” (Peace congregation). Soon the church split, forming Peace congregations; eventually Peace dissolved, and St. Paul remained. St. Paul built this building in 1903. In 1965, the congregation outgrew the church and the moved across the road. Witte-Schmid Haus, midway between Industry and Shelby (one mile east of FM 1457) was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. The house was built in 1857 by the German Ernst Witte Family and is somewhat rare for Austin County as an example of German Fachwerk architecture. In the 1980s the property was given to the Texas German Society by Witte Family descendants and is operated as a house museum.

We are people helping people. We are built by you for you. We are members/owners.

We improve lives. We give back. We are YOUR Cooperative.

Austin County

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WALLIS is at the southeastern end of Austin County, just across the Fort Bend County line on Highway 36. Like many Texas cities, it originated as a railroad town. This Anglo-American settlement on the narrow strip of land west of the Brazos and east of the San Bernard River began in the late 1830s. In 1880, William Guyler donated 100 acres of land to the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad as an enticement to have their tracks pass through the community. First known as Bovine Bend, the name of the post office was changed to Wallis Station in 1886 and to Wallis in 1911. In 1973, Wallis was officially incorporated as a city. The city bears the name of J.E. Wallis, vice president of the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad at the time of the land donation to the railroad company. For more information about Wallis, visit www.wallistexas.org Guardian Angel Catholic Church, founded around 1915 (5610 Demel St.), received a Texas State Historical Marker in 1995 and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The interior, decorated by professional artisans, offers one of the more elaborate representations of the famous Texas painted church tradition. Today, over 460 families worship in the historic church and hold their annual church bazaar on the fourth Sunday of October. Tours are available by appointment. Call (979) 478-6532 or visit www.guardianangelwallis.com. Wallis Methodist Church, dating back to 1893 (Birch & Guyler streets), received a Texas Historical Marker in 1996. In 1890, M.L.H. Harry deeded land to church trustees for the formation of a Methodist Church in Wallis. In 1893, a loan was taken out for the construction of a church sanctuary on the deeded land. The

church considers 1893 its official founding date and is is the oldest church in Wallis. The congregation continues to worship in the original building and serves as an integral part of the community, engaging in numerous local, state and national outreach programs. Wallis Cemetery (North on FM 1093 & West on Cemetery Road) was established in 1895, when seven residents paid $100 to purchase four acres of land from N.P. Ward to establish a cemetery. The nonprofit Wallis Cemetery Association was formed for the administration of the cemetery. It is the resting place of William and Lydia Guyler, early settlers from Kentucky who were instrumental in the founding of Wallis. The cemetery also serves as the burial location for veterans of four wars: the Civil War, both world wars and the Vietnam War. In 2010, the Wallis Cemetery was awarded a Texas Historical Marker.

Vincent Strother • Auto • Home/Renters • Rental Properties • Flood • Motorcycles • Commercial • Health • Life 413 Meyer St Ste B • Sealy, TX 77474

Office: (979) 885-3430 Fax: (979) 885-3431 Hablamos Español

vstrother@farmersagent.com 20

Visitor’s Guide

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Wallis Chamber of Commerce The Little Chamber That Can!

Gateway to Austin County wallischamber@gmail.com or Leave Message at 979-478-6712 www.wallischamber.com

“Serving the Community since 1955” ~ Annual Events ~ Chamber Banquet - Easter Egg Hunt - Trunk or Treat - Christmas Parade See website for details

City of Wallis Development Corporation


CITY-WIDE GARAGE SALES Second Saturday In November

If you love cars, you’ll love the Autofest. The historic Guardian Angel Church grounds provides a peaceful country setting for this Open Car Show. The Autofest has come to be regarded as one of the best car shows in the region. It has consistently been acclaimed for its excellent organization and friendly atmosphere. So, if you have a fine ride to enter, or just enjoy seeing fantastic vehicles, you don’t want to miss the Autofest. for more information Go to: www.wallistexas.org Call: 979-478-6712

Enjoy bargain and treasure hunting at its best by visiting Wallis for the annual City- Wide Garage Sales Day. Visitors enjoy shopping at over 80 individual garage sales being held throughout the city. A vast array of garage sale items can be found in a comfortable small-town atmosphere. A Welcome Station provides shoppers with maps and garage sale locations. When it’s time for a beverage or a bite to eat, local church and civic groups provide a wide variety of offerings. For more information Go to: www.wallistexas.org Call: 979-478-6712

GLIDER RIDES FLY LIKE AN EAGLE Ever want to enjoy the experience of soaring like an eagle? Imagine gently gliding through the skies with only the sound of air passing by. The Greater Houston Soaring Association, home based in Wallis, makes this all possible by offering glider rides to the public on most weekends of the year. For more information Go to: www.houstonsoaring.org Call: 1-866-478-2323 (Wknds)

Austin County

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WELCOME, in northwest Austin County, sits on Highway 109 on land granted to Stephen F. Austin by the Mexican government. The Shelburne family from Alabama bought the land from Austin’s heirs and began plantation life here in 1838. Germans moved into the area in 1852 when four schoolmasters came and formed a community. The name “Welcome” is credited to schoolmaster John F. Schmidt who opened a store in 1853. He “welcomed” area travelers to rest on his property, and the community name is said to have evolved from this gesture. Welcome had a post office by 1870 and experienced a prosperous period from 1900 to 1920 with a school, church, car dealership, bank, racetrack, hospital, store and dance hall. Only the church and store remain today. Welcome Salem Lutheran Church was organized in 1869 when the members built a sanctuary for worship. The 1900 storm destroyed the building, but it was soon rebuilt. In 1970, the church received a Texas State Historical Marker. Welcome Mannerchor, a German Singing Society and social organization “Gesang-Verein,” was organized by town founder J.F. Schmidt’s oldest son. He was director, and his youngest son,

Christopher, served as the organization’s president. In 1877, the Singing Society formed the “Welcome Mannerchor” (men’s choir). The group obtained a state charter in 1892. Club members under the direction of song leader/architect A.A. Baring designed and built a hall for club activities that began functions in 1899. The Welcome Hall still exists and was moved to Industry.

WESLEY, on the Austin-Washington County line in far Northwest Austin County, has been populated since the 1840s. Scottish immigrants first settled here in 1852, arriving from the Southern states. They purchased land in league proportions, 4,428 acres, and brought a small colony of settlers (mostly relatives: Carmichaels, McCloeds, McLeans, McGregors and Campbells) to settle here. They farmed plantation style. After the Civil War, the land was subdivided and sold to Germans, Czechs and AngloAmericans as the Scots left the area. Czech immigrants were here in 1858 and a community developed called “Veseli,” meaning joyous or happy, later anglicized to Wesley. Wesley Brethren Church, a Protestant Czech-Moravian Brethren Church, the first of its kind in Texas, was organized here in 1864. In 1866, church members built a one-room single story rectangular wood frame church. The faintly Greek Revival structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1888-89, the minister, B. Emil Lacjak, an untrained artist, began to paint the church interior for decorative and symbolic

embellishment. His goal was to create a larger, richer appearance for the building, but work was left unfinished when he met an untimely death. A master plan was never revealed and was lost with the pastor. The primitive two-dimensional folk art has classical elements and remains an intrigue for viewers interpretation. A new sanctuary is used for religious services, and the historic church now serves as a museum and symbolic seat of Czech-Moravian Brethren Faith in Texas. It is an irreplaceable cultural resource and is the oldest painted church. Visits are by appointment only. Call (979) 836-5196 or (979) 830-7741.

Visitor’s Guide

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County Courthouse 1 E. Main St. Bellville, TX 774138 (979) 865-5911 www.austincounty.com

City of Brazos Country 316 Pecan Grove Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7264 www.brazoscountrytx.com

City of San Felipe 927 6th St. P.O. Box 129 San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-7035 www.townofsanfelipe.net



City of Bellville 30 S. Holland St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5911 www.cityofbellville.com Bellville Chamber of Commerce 742 W. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-3407 www.bellville.com

City of Industry P.O. Box 190 Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2190 www.industrytx.com NEW ULM New Ulm Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 55 New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 885-7264 www.newulmtexas.com

SEALY City of Sealy 415 Main St. P.O. Box 517 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3511 www.ci.sealy.tx.us Sealy Chamber of Commerce 309 Main St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3222 www.sealychamber.com

Sealy Visitors Bureau 309 Main St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3222 www.visitsealy.com WALLIS City of Wallis 6810 Guyler St., Bldg. B P.O. Box 190 Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 885-3511 www.wallistexas.org Wallis Chamber of Commerce 6810 Guyler St., Ste. 800 Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-6712 www.wallischamber.com

Austin County Emergency .............................................................. 9-1-1 Austin Non-Emergency – EMS ................... (979) 865-5911 – Ext. 2263 Austin County Sheriff’s Department ............................. (979) 865-3111 Bellville Police Department ........................................... (979) 865-3122 CHI St. Joseph Health Bellville Hospital ....................... (979) 413-7400 Sealy Police Department ................................................ (979) 885-2913 Wallis Police Department ............................................... (979) 478-7111

Austin County

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(B) = Bellville

(S) = Sealy

Bellville Market Day & Farmers Market (B) First Saturdays Market Day February through May and September through December Farmers Market February through December

Antique Festival (huge!) (Shelby) – Last week

JULY July 4th Celebration (Wallis) Held on July 3rd

APRIL Austin County Fair Go Texan Crawfish Boil (B) – First Saturday

Sealybration (S) Second Weekend

Texas Select from Forged in Fire (B) – First Weekend

KC Gala (S) Third Saturday

Attwater Prairie Chicken Festival (Eagle Lake) Second Weekend

Sealy Farmers Market (S) – Second Saturdays March through November, 9 a.m. to noon


Spring Fest (S) Second Saturday

JANUARY KC Sports Fest & Casino Night (S) – Second Saturday FEBRUARY CASA for Kids Casino Night & Dinner (B) First Saturday Chocolate Walk (B) Second Thursday Austin County Chili Cook Off (B) – Third Saturday Austin County Go Texan Dance & Auction (B) Third Saturday

BP MS 150 Bike Ride (B) Fourth Weekend

Fruehling Saengerfest (B) Fourth Sunday Frydek Grotto Celebration (Frydek) – Last Sunday

Austin Co. Salt Grass Trail Ride Dance (B) – Third Sunday

Cat Spring Ag Society June Fest (Cat Spring) – First Saturday 90 Miles on 90 Garage Sale (S) Second Weekend

MARCH Classic Car Stampede Car Show (B) – Second Saturday

KC June Music Fest (S) Sunday after Father’s Day

Thursday Night Out Shop Walk (B) – Second Thursday DECEMBER

Austin County Fair Shrimp Boil (B) – Fourth Saturday

Small Town Christmas (B) First Friday & Saturday

Antique Festival (huge!) (Shelby) – Last Week

Fantasy of Lights (S) First Weekend

Wallis Fine Rides AutoFest (Wallis) – First Saturday


Father of Texas Celebration (San Felipe) – First Saturday

Salt Grass Trail Ride (B) Last Weekend

San Felipe de Austin SHS Archeology Month (San Felipe)

Honey / Bee Jubilee (New Ulm) – First Saturday


Texas Cultural Heritage Celebration (San Felipe) First Saturday



Small Town Halloween (B) Last Saturday

Jubilee, Sizzler Steer & Heifer Show (B) – First Weekend


KC Kajun Crawfish Fest (S) Fourth Weekend

Halloween on Main Street Annual Boo Bash (S) October 31

Austin County Fair & Rodeo (B) – Second Thursday through Sunday Pickin’ & Grinnin’ Festival (B) Last Weekend Ghost Tour (S) Weekend before Halloween

Events are listed as the usual days they fall on each year. Please check the area websites for the most current and updated information. Austin County www.visitaustincounty.com Bellville www.bellville.com Sealy www.sealychamber.com www.visitsealy.com New Ulm www.newulmtexas.com Wallis www.wallischamber.com



email: resto_it@yahoo.com | 1125 Miller Rd • Sealy, TX 24

Visitor’s Guide

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HOTELS & MOTELS BELLVILLE Budget Inn 111 E. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-9121 www.budgetinnofbellville.com SEALY American Inn 2107 Hwy. 36 S. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3707 www.americasbestvalueinn.com Countryside Inn 2021 Hwy. 36 S. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 865-7407 www.countrysideinnsealy.us Holiday Inn Express & Suites 2370 Hwy. 36 S. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3707 www.hiexpress.com Super 8 Hotel 267 Gebhardt Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-2121 www.super8.com

BED & BREAKFASTS BELLVILLE Artist’s Hideaway – Guest House 488 Hall Rd. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 203-0389 Dove Cottage B & B 516 S. Masonic St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-9360 www.dovecottagebb.com Eberly Ranch (Ranch/Historical Accommodation)

8657 N. FM 1371 Bellville, TX 77418 (832) 309-3857 www.eberlyranch.parktanx.com Grace Cottage 104 Lee Ln. Bellville, TX 77418 (713) 594-5556 www.thegracecottage.com

Holland House 24 N. Holland St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-9547 www.somewhereintimebb.com Somewhere in Time 1034 S. Tesch St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-9547 www.somewhereintimebb.com CAT SPRING Blisswood Bed & Breakfast & Ranch (Ranch/Historical Accommodation)

13597 Frantz Rd. Cat Spring, TX 78933 (713) 301-3235 www.blisswood.net Southwind Bed & Breakfast 14022 Sycamore Crossing Rd. Cat Spring, TX 78933 (979) 992-3270 www.southwindcatspring.com Texas Ranch Life (Ranch/Historical Accommodation)

10848 Cactus Ln. Chappell Hill, TX 77426 (979) 865-3649 www.texasranchlife.com NEW ULM Anna Claire’s Cottage Bed & Breakfast 315 Cedar Ln. New Ulm, TX 78950 (713) 825-9434 www.morgan-taylor1.wix.com/ annaclairecottage Bluebonnet Cabins On Curly Q Ranch Refuge 1842 Track Rd. W. New Ulm, TX 78950 (713) 822-5038 www.bluebonnetcabins.com

Taylor Street Cottage 649 Taylor St. New Ulm, TX 78950 (832) 260-2526 Email: Kittymryth@aol.com The Getaway at New Ulm 839 Pecan St. New Ulm, TX 78950 (713) 775-4482 www.thegetawaynewulm.com Restored Antique 1890 Farm House (Ranch/Historical Accommodation)

25049 Aurich Rd. New Ulm, TX 78950 (713) 304-2129 www.1890farmhouse.com Shady Meadow Farm Guest Houses (979) 732-5854 www.Shadymeadowfarm.com Sondock Ranch 8416 Pechacek Rd. New Ulm, TX 78950 (281) 844-6404 www.Sondock.com

Hickory Hill Country Inn 323 Hickory Rd. New Ulm, TX 78950 (281) 782-9797 www.hickoryhillcountryinn.com

Star Hill Farms 2038 Iris Ln. New Ulm, TX 78950 (713) 524-2683 www.starhillfarms.com

New Ulm Bed & Breakfast 24745 Bastrop St. New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3324 (979) 277-2202 - Cell www.schulznewulm.com

Wild Rose Cottage 2023 FM 1291 New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3833 www.beansnbacon.com

WALLIS Premier Estates 215 S. 4th St. PO Box 414 Wallis, TX 77485 (713) 205-3538 www.premierestatestexas.com

RV FACILITIES BELLVILLE Clark Park 685 N. Granville Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-3136 www.cityofbellville.com Coushatte Recreational Ranch 2812 Nelius Rd. Bellville, TX 77474 (979) 865-5897 www.coushatterv.com CAT SPRING 7IL Ranch 5389 Mill Creek Rd. Cat Spring, TX 78933 (979) 236-5552 www.7ilranch.com SAN FELIPE Stephen F Austin State Park Park Rd. 38 San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-3613 www.tpwd.state.tx.us/ state-parks/stephen-f-austin Austin County

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5/28/2019 4:38:34 PM

BELLVILLE Back to God Revival Holiness Church 835 W. Austin St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-8916 Bellville United Methodist Church 234 S. Masonic St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5976 www.bellvilleumc.org Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church 6714 Farm to Market Rd. 529 Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-2523 Christian Faith Church 620 S. Front St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5464 www.cfcbellville.org Christian Science Society 114 E. Hilburn St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5605 Church of Christ 821 E. Wendt St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-2279

Mission Bautista Hispana de Bellville Baptist Church 1115 Maler Rd. Bellville, TX 77418

First Baptist Church of Bellville 504 E. Strauss St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-3644 www.firstbellville.org

Mill Creek Baptist Church 631 S. Mechanic St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-8064 www.millcreekchurch.org

Grace Community Church 707 W. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5177 www.gccbellville.org Historic Allen Chapel AME Church 704 W. Carver St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5558 Isaiah Community AME 988 Lisa Mae Rd. Bellville, TX 77418 Louisville Missionary Baptist Church 802 Mill Creek Rd. Bellville, TX 77418


Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist 2317 Newsom Rd. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5731 New Jeruselem Baptist Church 530 W. Meyer St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-0446

St. John Lutheran Church 520 N. Holland St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-2081 www.stjohn-bellville.org

St Mary’s Catholic Church FM 1489 at Mixville Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3131

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 24 N. Masonic St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-2330 www.stmarysec.org


Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church 936 S. Front St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-2368 www.stspbellvilletx.org CAT SPRING

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 9022 Ueckert Rd. E. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-9448

St. John Lutheran Church 480 Ross St. Cat Spring, TX 78933 (979) 865-5444 www.stjohncatspring.org

St. Barnabas Anglican Church 237 W. Austin St. Bellville, TX 77418 (877) 230-1751 www.stbarnabasrec.org

Mt. Zion Baptist Church FM 1489 at Mixville Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-4772

Cherry Chapel United Methodist Church 18479 Hwy. 159 Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2086 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 15994 Hwy. 159 Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2829 Industry Brethren Church 2758 Main St. Industry, TX 78944 (979) 249-4037 www.industrybrethren church.org Industry United Methodist Church 1914 Main St. Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2136 www.industryumc.org 

Visitor’s Guide

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Bellville Hospital

Health Care Focused on You and Close to Home CHI St. Joseph Health Bellville Hospital includes multi-specialty physicians, nurses, therapists, dietitians, technicians and support staff who are dedicated to helping you achieve your best health. 44 North Cummings • Bellville, Texas • 979.413.7400

CHIStJoseph.org Austin County

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5/28/2019 4:38:36 PM

West End Baptist Church 7577 Ernst Pkwy. Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2670 www.westendchurch.net KENNEY Morning Star Cowboy Church 1566 TX Loop Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 277-5988 www.morningstarcowboy church.com NELSONVILLE Nelsonville Brethren Church 332 Nelsonville Church Rd. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-0186 NEW ULM St. Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church 1031 Church Ln. New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 732-3430 St. John Lutheran Church 211 Hickory St. New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3629 SAN FELIPE New Prairie View Baptist 4303 Sealy Rd. San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-6836 New Day Deliverance Church At Willow River Farms 4073 FM 3318 San Felipe, TX 77473 (281) 770-9328 San Felipe United Methodist Church 201 Vicaro Guerero San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-4003 SEALY All Around Cowboy Church 5812 Crosstree Ln. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-1155 www.allaroundcowboy church.com Anderson Street Church 803 Live Oak St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-1953 www.andersonstreetchurchof christ.info


Bethel Baptist Church 513 San Felipe Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6802 Christian City Fellowship 5243 Hwy. 36 N Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3113 www.christian-city.net Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints 600 West St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6023 www.lds.org

Lifebridge Community Church 2161 FM 2187 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7270 www.lifebridgesealy.com


Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church 1807 Grubbs Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-0056

Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church 206 8th St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-6662 www.evergreenmissionary baptistchurch.com

Mt Nebo Community Church 103 Main St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6651

Cole’s Chapel United Methodist Church 438 San Felipe Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3182

New Life Sanctuary United Pentecostal Church 129 2nd St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-7194

Downey Wesley Chapel UMC 5158 Front St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-0434

Prairie View AME Church 4806 Fannin St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-2172

First Baptist Church of Sealy 707 8th St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3302 www.fbcsealy.net

St. John Episcopal Church 515 Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-2359

First United Methodist Church 200 Atchison St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-2223 www.fumcsealy.org First Presbyterian 172 Selman Dr. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3993 www.firstpresbyterian.org Grace Fellowship 1115 Miller Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (281) 702-5602 or (281) 702-5601 www.gracefellowshipsealy.com Gospel Lighthouse Pentecostal Church 929 Silliman St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-4624 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 608 5th St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3868 www.sealyicc.com

St. Mary’s Catholic Church 10471 Grotto Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3131 St. Paul AME Church 400 San Felipe Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-2419 www.stjohnssealy.com Restoration Church 1630 Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 987-1304 The ROM Church 314 Fowlkes St. Sealy, TX 77474 (832) 236-0985 www.theromchurch.com The Shepherd’s Way Church 1225 Eagle Lake Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-1225 www.tswchurch.com Trinity Lutheran Church 402 Atchison St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-2211 www.tlcsealy.com

Evan’s Chapel 7115 Marek Rd. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 532-3752

First Wallis Baptist Church 6911 Westgate St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-6595 Galilee Missionary Baptist Church 6929 Harry St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-7336 Greater New Faith Church 210 S. 8th St. Wallis, TX 77485 Guardian Angel Catholic Church 6510 Demel St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-6532 Parker Chapel 21107 Hwy. 36 S Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 532-3752 St. John Lutheran Church 218 N 3rd St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-7118 St. Paul Lutheran Church 515 Cedar St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-6741 www.stpaulwallis.org Wallis United Methodist Church 123 Birch St. Wallis, TX 77485 (281) 384-8437 WESLEY Wesley Brethren 9643 Wesley Church Ln. Brenham, TX 77833 (979) 836-0672

Visitor’s Guide

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BELLVILLE The 1927 Club 1076 Hwy. 159 E Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5995 www.austincountyfair.com Austin County Convention & Expo Center 1076 Hwy. 159 E Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5995 www.austincountyfair.com Concordia Hall 952 S. Tesch St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5763

BELLVILLE Austin County Jail Museum Tours: Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or by appointment 36 S Bell St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5911

Emery’s Buffalo Creek 10827 Hwy. 36 Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-0702 www.emerysbuffalocreek.com Sens Activity Center 200 Briar Ridge Dr. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-3136 www.cityofbellville.com Turnverein Hall 1076 Hwy. 159 E Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5995 www.austincountyfair.com

SAN FELIPE San Felipe De Austin State Historic Site Old 300 Meeting Room 220 2nd St. San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-2181

Sealy American Legion Hall 1630 Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7271


Sealy Knights of Columbus Hall 1310 Hwy. 90 W Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6370 www.sealykofc.org

The Backdrop Events Venue 3701 Outlet Center Dr., Ste. 60 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 865-5995 www.austincountyfair.com

W.E. Hill Community Center 1000 Min St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3511 www.sealy.ci.tx.us

Liedertafel Hall 116 LUX Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3511 www.sealy.ci.tx.us

Structures in the park: Republic of Texas Post Office Markers: First Permanent German Settlement in Texas Friedrich Ernst Industry town founder


John Griedrch Ernst, Jr. Son of the town founder

Ernst Memorial Park On Schroeder Rd., two blocks west of Ernst Pkwy/FM 109 Open to the public year-round and serves both as an historic site and recreational facility.

Industry Methodist Church Tours by appointment only 1914 Main St. Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2368

Gin Museum Tours by appointment only 725 Main St. Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2772 Knolle Doctor’s Office Museum Tours by appointment only 9021 Hwy. 109 N Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2772 Welcome Hall Tours by appointment only 9021 Hwy. 109 N Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-4749 Lindemann Store Museum Tours by appointment only 2227 Main St. Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2772

San Felipe De Austin State Historic Site Museum Open daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 220 Second St. San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-2181 San Felipe Methodist Church By appointment only 201 Vicaro Guerero San Felipe, TX 77474 (979) 885-2181 SEALY Heritage Park By appointment only Main St & Silliman St. Sealy, TX (832) 492-4244 Structures in the park: Old Sealy Jail Hackbarth House (1880s)


Railroad Work Car

San Felipe De Austin State Historic Site Open to the public FM 1458 San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-2181

Nearby is the Old Sealy Jail (Calaboose) 1920s

Austin County

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5/28/2019 4:38:37 PM

BELLVILLE Bellville Golf & Recreation 2426 Hwy 36 N. | (979) 865-9058 www.bellvillegolf.com Amenities include a 9-hole course, pro shop, practice range with chipping and putting greens and deli-style dining. This is a non-metal spike facility. City Park Between State Highway 159 E and FM 529 E at the S. Amthor Street intersection (979) 865-3136 City Park hosts fairs, cook-offs, antique shows and family gatherings throughout the year. The senior league and the high school baseball team use the baseball field. Facilities include several buildings, a playground and open areas. City Park is


also the home of the Turnverein Pavilion, a Bellville historic landmark. The pavilion is available for rent in 24-hour periods on a daily basis. It includes a kitchen available and seating for approximately 200 people. Margaret Chesley Memorial Park Entrance is at the end of North Bell Street (979) 865-3136 Commonly called the “mini park,” Margaret Chesley Memorial Park is the home of many of Bellville’s outdoor celebrations throughout the year. This park has a lovely gazebo, picnic tables, open areas and a quarter- mile-walking trail. Clark Park 650 N. Holland


(979) 865-3136

This parks boasts more than 28 acres of beautiful wooded, rolling hills. Park facilities include little league fields, senior league

field, soccer fields, multi-purpose field, basketball pavilion, playscape, waterscape, amphitheater, RV spaces and walking trails. Access to ball fields is near 685 N. Granville. or information on reserving ball fields or RV spaces, contact city hall. Hacienda Field One-tenth mile west of Highway 36 on Hacienda St. This park has a playground as well as two baseball fields. Josephine Zeiske Memorial Park This park has a one-third-mile walking trail, several covered picnic tables and a large playground area. The Bellville Intermediate school uses the playground for physical education and recess. When not in use by the school, all outdoor areas of the park are open to the public.

Visitor’s Guide

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INDUSTRY Ernst Memorial Park On Schroeder Road, two blocks west of Ernst Parkway/FM 109 The park has a covered pavilion, public restrooms, picnic area, playground and walking trail. Fisches Park Two miles west of Industry on Highway 159 Community park maintained by descendants and volunteers. Industry Recreation Park 725 Main St. Amenities include picnic pavilion, gazebo, public restrooms, playground and lighted walking/jogging track.

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site (979) 885-2181 www.thc.texas.gov/historic-sites/sanfelipe-de-austin-state-historic-site Commemorating the site where, in 1823, Stephen F. Austin established a headquarters for his colony in Mexican Texas, San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site and new museum share the stories of early settlers in this region. Visitors can walk in the footsteps of early pioneers at what was the social, economic and political center of American emigration to Texas before independence. San Felipe de Austin didn’t survive the war for Texas independence; it was burned by its own residents as they evacuated during the Runaway Scrape of 1836. SEALY

SAN FELIPE Stephen F. Austin Golf Club 1130 Park Rd. | (979) 627-9212 www.sfagolf.com Amenities include an 18-hole golf course, PGA golf lessons, certified class “A” PGA professional, driving range, pro shop and custom club fitting. Stephen F. Austin State Park (979) 885-3613 www.tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/stephenf-austin Experience Texas’ first colony nestled on the banks of the Brazos River. Come out for the day and enjoy six miles of hiking and biking trails, a picnic area or geocaching. Spend the night, with a wide variety of campsites, including pull-through 30 amp full hook-up RV sites and tent campsites. There is also a group campsite for up to 60 people, screened shelters and a rustic ADA-accessible mini-cabin with a cedar interior. The park also offers a screened dining hall with an outdoor tent camping area and other group facilities.

B&PW Park 1008 Main St.


(979) 885-3511

Amenities include a T-ball field, three baseball fields, softball field, playground equipment, basketball court, tennis courts, fishing lake, walking and jogging track, pavilion, covered picnic tables, soccer field and restrooms. Abe & Irene Levine Family Park 406 Main St. | (979) 885-3511 Across from city hall Amenities include playground equipment, gazebo, pavilion, sand volleyball courts, splash pad, covered picnic tables and restrooms. Jacqueline A. Cryan Memorial Park 1500 Miller Rd. | (979) 885-3511 Amenities include swimming pool, skate park, walking/jogging trail, picnic areas and fishing pond. Joe Scranton Jr. Park 96 Daniels St. | (979) 885-3511 Amenities include baseball/softball field, playground equipment, basketball court, barbecue pits, covered picnic tables and

restrooms. Mark Frederick Memorial Park 131 Brookside Ln. | (979) 885-3511 Amenities include playground equipment, basketball court and covered picnic tables. Skate Texas 3701 Outlet Center Dr. (979) 627-7124 www.skatetexas.com


Ste. 370

Skate Texas is a family owned and operated roller-skating facility. In business for over 20 years, the rink offers a one-of-akind family entertainment facility for family entertainment. Texas Premier Sporting Arms (979) 627-7827 | (713) 826-1981 7311 Hwy 36 S. www.texaspremiersportingarms.com Texas Premier Sporting Arms is a familyowned and Aggie-operated shooting range and club, just 25 minutes west of Katy and five miles from I-10. The facility is open seven days a week and features three sporting clay courses, two 5-Stands, asphalt roads, golf cart rental (must call ahead to reserve a cart), an on-site event planner, a 400-seat pavilion situated between large oak trees for a beautiful scenic view, and a large built-in fan for comfort on hot days. WALLIS City of Wallis Nature Park 7111 Commerce St. | (979) 478-6712 Amenities include picnic area, table, benches and barbecue pits. It is open to the public during daylight hours. Mynarik Park 6340 Hwy 60 | (979) 478-6712 Amenities include pavilion, playground equipment, walking/hiking trails, catch and release fishing pond, picnic area, table, benches and barbecue pits.

Community Focused Banking Proudly Serving Our Community for Over 100 Years


979.885.3571 Austin County

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5/28/2019 4:38:39 PM

BELLVILLE Bellville Meat Market 36 S. Front St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-5782 www.bellvillemeatmarket.com Cielito Lindo Restaurant II 412 E. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-3239


Dairy Queen – Bellville 421 E. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-3661 www.dairyqueen.com El Jimador Mexican Grill #5 864 E. Hill St. Bellville, TX 77474 (979) 865-5200 Galileo’s Mexican Grill 1220 S. Front St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-1906

Golden Pagoda 201 E. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-9754

Snowflake Bakery 209 E. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-1222

Miss Bobi’s Roadhouse 10508 Hwy. 159 W Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-2558

Sonic Drive In 716 S. Front St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-8303 www.sonicdrivein.com

Newman’s Bakery 504 E. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-9804 newmanscastle.com/bakery

Visitor’s Guide

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CAT SPRING Carol’s at Cat Spring 10745 FM 949 Cat Spring, TX 78933 (979) 865-1100 www.blisswood.net/carolsrestaurant Cross Road Tavern 12716 FM 1094 Rd. Cat Spring, TX 78933 (979) 357-4808 FRYDEK Ermis Double E Grocery 10108 FM 1458 Frydek, TX 77474 (979) 885-6556 www.eewings.com The Hill Restaurant 758 W. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-3607 www.thehillrestaurant.com Turnhill’s House of BBQ 1216 Hwy. 159 E Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 270-5034

Yani’s Steak House 1416 S. Front St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-8401 Uncle Bill’s Pizza 786 W. Main St. Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 865-8589

INDUSTRY Country Girl Kitchen 9324 FM109 Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2897 Deja Moo Cafe 11942 Hwy. 159 W Bellville, TX 77418 (979) 357-2897

Lindemann Store Corner of Hwy.109 & 159 Industry, TX 78944 (979) 357-2121 KENNEY The Kenney Store 811 S. Loop 497 Kenney, TX 77452 (979) 865-2404 www.thekenneystore.com NEW ULM Hometown Hardware Deli 1233 FM 109 New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3342 J & J Pavilion 713 Taylor St. New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3400 Texas Star Café 24131 Bastrop St. New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3522 Tin Lizzie’s 639 Taylor St. New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3802 

We’re We’reyour yourone onestop stopshop! shop! 2949 2949Southwest SouthwestI-10 I-10 Frontage FrontageRoad Road Sealy, Sealy,Texas Texas77474 77474

Yes, Yes,we weare arefamous famousfor forour oursmoked smokedsausage sausageand andjerky jerky products, products,but butwe weare aremuch muchmore. more.We Weare areaabakery, bakery,specialty specialty meat meatmarket, market,restaurant, restaurant,convenience conveniencestore, store,gift giftshop shopand and sweet sweetshop. shop.We Westock stockaalarge largevariety varietyofofwine, wine,outdoor outdoorfire firepits, pits, grills, grills,hunting huntinggear, gear,deer deerstands, stands,fishing fishinggear, gear,Yeti Yetiand andFrio Frio coolers coolersand andCosta Costasunglasses. sunglasses.

979-627-6027 979-627-6027

www.praseks.com www.praseks.com Austin County

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5/28/2019 4:38:42 PM

SEALY Bertalotto’s Pizza 111 B N. Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7000 www.bertalottospizzasealy.com Burger King 2007 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6432 www.bk.com Cast Iron Winery 1657 Meier Road Sealy, Texas 77474 (281) 881-6395 www.castironwinery.com Cazadores Mexican Grill & Cantina 210 Gebhardt Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3211 www.cazadoresmexicangrill.net Chicken Express Opening Soon 2019 2211 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 China Buffet 230 Moody Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-0999 www.chinabuffettx.com Creekmore’s Sports Bar 3797 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7237 Dairy Queen – Sealy 1902 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3592 www.dairyqueen.com Dippin Donuts 418 US-90 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7841

Domino’a Pizza 2303 Hwy. 36, Ste. A Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-0100 Donut Palace 130 Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3031 El Comal Mexican Restaurant 2254 Hwy. 36 N Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-7163 Ernesto’s Mexican Restaurant 2352 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-9201 Hartz Chicken Buffett 1822 Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6038 Hinze’s BBQ & Catering 2101 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7808 www.hinzesbbq.com Huddle House 6025 FM 3538 Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-7100 www.huddlehouse.com Jack in the Box 2367 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6202 www.jackinthebox.com Jin’s Asian Café 2220 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7666 Kathy’s Korner 9027 SE I-10 Frontage Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 987-6077 www.kathyskornertx.com

Voted Best Hamburgers and Onion Rings in Austin County! Hours: Mon. - Sat.: 10 AM - 9 PM


11 AM - 4 PM

758 W. Main Bellville, Texas 77418 (979) 865-3607



Los Amigos Mexican Food 101 5th St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-1126 www.losamigossealy.com

Subway 2302 Hwy. 36 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-0077 www.subway.com

McDonalds 1724 Hwy. 36 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-4132 www.mcdonalds.com

Subway 5168 I-10 Frontage Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-2401 www.subway.com

Mesquite Mexican Grill 117 W. Front St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-7480

Subway 6023 FM 3538 Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6277 www.subway.com

Pizza Hut 221 Gebhardt Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7447 www.pizzahut.com Prasek’s Hillje Smokehouse 2949 SW I-10 Frontage Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-6027 www.praseks.com

The Backdrop Events Venue 3701 Outlet Center Dr., Ste. 60 Sealy, TX 77474 (281) 520-7221 www.thebackdropevents.com The Chill 203 Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 859-2101

Saddleback Saloon 207 Main St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-7346 www.saddlebacksaloon.com

Tony’s Family Restaurant 1629 Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-4140 www.tonysfamilyrestaurant.com

Sealy Country Market 117 N Meyer St. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6333

Whataburger 2013 Hwy. 36 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-4101 www.whataburger.com

Sealy Country Market #2 856 Hwy. 90 E Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-0055 Sealy Farms 128 Machala Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 627-7132

Yellow Brick Road Winery 3587 Ward Bend Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 472-9449 www.ybrtx.com WALLIS

Sealy Truck Stop 5058 I-10 Frontage Rd. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6636

Elan #3 6607 Commerce St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-6241

Sonic Drive In 1736 Hwy. 36 Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6283 www.sonicdrivein.com

Las Flores Mexican Restaurant 5903 Commerce St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-2909 www.lasfloresrestaurant.com

Starbucks Opening Soon 2019 2159 Hwy. 36 S Sealy, TX 77474

Subway Restaurant 6607 Commerce St. Wallis, TX 77485 (979) 478-7570 www.subway.com

Subway 310 Overcreek Wy. Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-6500 www.subway.com

Visitor’s Guide

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Anderson Paint & Body ................................................................ 24

Maribelli Fine Italian Ristorante .................................................. 15

Bellville Rent-All ............................................................................ 16

Prasek’s Smokehouse ................................................................... 33

Buck Fergeson Originals .............................................................. 17

San Bernard Electric Co-op .......................................................... 17

Cazadores Mexican Grill .............................................................. 15

San Felipe de Austin ....................................................................... 5

CHI St. Joseph Health Bellville Hosptital ................................... 27

Sealy Economic Development Corporation .............................. 16

Citizens State Bank ....................................................................... 31

Sealy Urgent Care Center ............................................................. 23

City of Wallis Development Corporation ................................... 21

Stephen F. Austin State Park .................................................. 18, 19

Discover Bellville .......................................................................... 13

Texas Land Group Real Estate ....................................................... 9

Farmers Insurance – Vincent Strother ....................................... 20

Tony’s Family Restaurant ............................................................ 35

First Bellville First Baptist Church ............................................. 27

Visit Austin County ....................................................................... 36

Heritage Texas Country Properties .............................................. 2

Wallis Chamber of Commerce ..................................................... 21

The Hill Restaurant ....................................................................... 34

Yellow Brick Road Winery ........................................................... 32

J. Frank Monk Real Estate .............................................................. 7

Since 1936 “Open 7 Days a Week”


RESTAURANT “A Great Place To Eat” Won 7 categories in Austin County Best of Best Including Best Food and Service Daily Steam Table-Lunch Catering & Banquet Facilities

Excellent Service Homemade Desserts

Our Famous Breakfast Special 3 Eggs w/Bacon, Ham or Sausage, Hash Browns, Biscuit or Toast $5.95

1629 Meyer • Sealy, TX 77474 • 979-885-4140 •tonysfamilyrestaurant.com Austin County

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6/4/2019 1:55:43 PM

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5/28/2019 4:38:46 PM

Profile for Town Square Publications, LLC

Historic Austin County, Texas Visitors Guide  

Historic Austin County, Texas Visitors Guide  

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