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in the park each June,” Taylor said.

onnecting member businesses with potential customers and resources which will further future business growth is the first step in the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce’s (AHCC) recipe for success. They explore every possible manner of making those vital connections.

“Jim Platt asked me how Chamber members could become involved with Northgate,” she added. “Since then he has recruited chamber members to participate in or provide prizes for our annual picnic and has also invited them to place coupons in the bags that we hang on doors during our annual membership drive.”

“Ours is a very long, spread-out community so we understand that we need to use micromarketing to introduce businesses to the neighborhoods closest to them and allow them to get to know each other,” said Jim Platt, business development director for the AHCC.

Among those who jumped in was Arlington Park Racecourse. Howard Sudberry, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for Arlington Park, said they like to become involved with community and neighborhood organizations in order to be a good neighbor and also to promote Arlington Park.

Platt began his new micromarketing campaign by getting in touch with Laurie Taylor, president of the 600 plus-home Northgate Homeowners Association.

“Arlington is the largest and best-known business in Arlington Heights, so it is our obligation to be in touch with the community,” he said. “We work with organizations to give them a chance to enjoy a day at Arlington, realizing they’ll have a great time and will help to promote our brand. So, it is a win-win.”

“Ours is an active association. I send out a weekly email to subscribing homeowners, letting them know about what is going on in the subdivision and the Village of Arlington Heights. We also hold an annual picnic/concert

Chamber President 2010

Co-Founder of The Taste of Arlington Heights

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Arlington Heights chamber of commerce

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Arlington Heights IL Chamber Profile  
Arlington Heights IL Chamber Profile