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health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Lifestyle Changes You Can Stick To Sadly, only one in five of us stick with our health oriented goals for longer than 6 months, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Long-term success is within reach! With these 12 tips, you can make healthy eating and regular exercise a lifelong habit.

1. Set Smart Goals Decide what it is that you wish to accomplish in the area of fitness and nutrition, then set short-term action oriented goals. Neva Avery, MS, CSCS, a health and fitness instructor at the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center, suggests you use the “SMART” process for goal setting. “Your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding and timely,” she says. “Small goals can be translated into trading in your goal of saying that ‘I want to run a marathon,’ into ‘In two months, I want to run two miles in less than 20 minutes.’ See the difference? Small goals will ultimately lead to larger ones. 2. Put it on Paper or Speak to It By writing down our goals or telling someone about them, they (our goals) become real and give us a sense of commitment. Write down your goals and the outcomes that you want as well as possible barriers that you may encounter. Next, write down the strategy that you will use to overcome each barrier. When you don’t feel motivated, or you run into an obstacle, review your list and follow your intended strategy to overcome it. If you told a friend about your goals, call her to tell her how you’re doing on a weekly basis to help you stay committed.

Eliminate the potential for eating mistakes by preparing foods in advance. Always have choices prepared or available so you can grab it as you’re running out the door. Choose a day to cook and prepare meals or at least your protein choices for the week. With a busy family, this may mean hard boiling 20 eggs or cranking up the grill and cooking eight chicken breasts, five Italian turkey sausages, four steak filets and anything else that you can use to build a meal around. Whatever the number, protein sources are typically the only ones that we have to prepare, so it’s best to have that chore completed in advance. Make sure that you have some quality meal replacement bars (i.e. ZONE, Balance) and plenty of bottles of water on hand for a healthy snack in-between your meals. Eating a good snack will keep you from over-eating at mealtime.

3. Reward Yourself Make a promise to yourself that when you achieve your first short-term goal you will reward yourself with something special- a facial, new pair of slacks or a night out on the town when you achieve your dietary or fitness goal. Set a weekly goal such as, “I will work out four times this week” or “I’ll eat a new vegetable every night this week.” Reward yourself for these small, short-term goal successes.

5. Plan Your Workouts Just like you make an appointment to visit the dentist, so should you make an appointment to exercise. Write it in your daily planner and treat your exercise session like you would any other appointment. Another strategy is to try to exercise at the same time each day. Avery says that this will make exercise become a part of your regular routine. This is why personal trainers are so important to so many new exercisers. Once you have an appointment you tend to be there, even if the appointment is to exercise! Knowing someone is waiting for you is a real motivator.

4. Plan & Prepare It’s too easy to fall off your new eating lifestyle path when you’re running late or you’re busy shuttling your kids all over town.

6. Seek Guidance & Support Add another body to the equation, and your chances of sticking to a regular exercise program will double! As mentioned See “Health” on page 37


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above, having someone waiting for you at the gym or in the park, makes you more motivated to get there on time. Either find a friend to partner up with or hire a personal trainer who can motivate you and structure a program for your needs. Accountability is one of the most important things that can keep people on track. 7. Seek Distractions Okay, not from exercise, but from junk food! When you feel tempted to reach for something that you know isn’t on your eating plan, stop and do something else. Call a friend, go outside for a breath of fresh air, play with your kids or a pet. Most cravings are quickly forgotten once we re-direct our thoughts. 8. Enjoy the Process The more you enjoy the activity, the more likely you’ll stick with the program. Exercise should be something that you enjoy. Make sure to find something that makes you feel successful and have fun while you do it! If you are miserable, there is a great chance that you’ll quit, so eliminate that possibility by choosing things that are fun and rewarding for you. Enjoy the process of your fitness path, knowing that each time you exercise you are one step closer to your goal. 9. Avoid temptation If you’re not exposed to tempting situations, you can’t fall prey to them. Everyone has “red-light” foods or situations, you just need to manage your exposure to them. Avoid self-sabotage by taking a new a route home that doesn’t take you past a favorite fast food joint, or remove tempting foods from your home until you are able to overcome them. Once we begin to see results, these temptations dissipate, but until then, remove them if possible. 10. Make a change If your motivation to work out or make better food choices is lacking, you may just be bored. “Try something new, even if it’s something you wouldn’t normally try,” says Avery. Experiment until you find activities that you enjoy, and if they stop being fun, try something new. You can also experiment with new fruits and vegetables or healthy new See “Health” on page 39


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recipes. Find a new cookbook that IS SIMPLE and try out a new recipe each week. 11. Dine Out Smart Just because you’re on a new and sensible eating program, you don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite restaurant, you just have to prepare. If you know that you’re going to your favorite restaurant for dinner, make sure that you eat normally throughout the day so you’ll be less likely to overeat later. You may want to boost your exercise that day to prepare for a big meal. When you do eat our, enjoy yourself, but make sensible choices so that you don’t feel bloated or sick later. Now that you’re eating healthier, when you do eat rich and fatty foods, your body tends to react unfavorably. Eventually you’ll choose more wisely from the menu because you’ll find that the outcome is just not worth it. 12. Forgive Yourself Did you down a doughnut at the morning meeting or skip your afternoon exercise session? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just get right back on track. One bad meal doesn’t negate all of your previous hard work, so jump right back on track with your next meal. Don’t throw away the whole day. Miss your exercise class? Work a little harder or a little longer your next session. One bad day is not horrible, one bad week of binge eating and missing exercise can be disastrous. Accept responsibility for your slipup and get back on track with your lifestyle program. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own The Training Spot and AMS Nutrition located at 16942 Gothard St. @ Warner Ave. in Huntington Beach. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul and Carolyn speak at schools and parenting groups on the many benefits of obtaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition at any age. If you have questions about your own or your families exercise or nutrition habits, the Fetters can be contacted at 714.841.9294 or

Senior Meals and Services, Inc. enior Meals and Services’ mission is to enhance the lives of senior citizens in our community and to prevent premature institutionalization by assisting them in maintaining their independence and self determination for as long as possible. We work closely with each of the communities served and try to provide respite for our clients’ family members in their role as caregivers. Senior Meals and Services (SMS) is a nonprofit, publicbenefit corporation which began primarily as a senior nutrition program in 1976 with Congregate Dining sites and, in 1978, added the Home Delivered Meals Program to serve the frail, homebound elderly.


Additional Scope of Services Case Management – links seniors with other community resources and assisting them in utilizing these resources effectively to ensure their continued independence. Shared Housing – helps seniors with their housing needs and can match home providers with home seekers in a variety of arrangements. In-Home Services – maintains a registry listing of care providers for seniors who can afford to hire in-home help and a program where SMS provides in-home care through contracted providers to those seniors who are unable to pay for a caregiver. Friendly Visitor – brings a more personal touch to lonely, isolated seniors. Volunteers visit seniors in their homes at least one time per week. HB For more information or to volunteer, call 714.891.0804.


health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Fitness Resolutions You Can Stick To t’s that time of year again. Everyone is making New Year’s resolutions to accomplish one thing or another. The number one resolution always seems to be to get in shape and lose some weight. Why is it that we tend to wait for that one big day to take on this new life style? That reminds me of one of our client’s telling us that because it’s Halloween she just has to eat a few Tootsie Rolls. Aren’t Tootsie Rolls available year round? Isn’t that elusive new lifestyle of better health always there for the taking? It’s not so elusive after all. It’s available every day, you’ve just gotta want it. In our last article we out-lined several ways to become and stay motivated on your path towards fitness and over-all better health. It is true that being self-motivated is something very special and unique. It’s a rare individual who can push themselves day in and day out. That’s not to say that you can’t turn into that person, it just takes a bit of effort. It’s ok to admit and accept that maybe you need help while you adjust into this new healthy lifestyle. In example, if my car were to break-down I certainly wouldn’t try to fix it myself. I would gladly hire a professional to walk me through the steps that I do not know or understand and I would feel good knowing that my car was in good hands. When learning how to exercise, perhaps hiring a professional to guide you through the process might be what you need to be and feel successful. We all can’t be good at everything! Just in case you forgot the 12 Tips to stay with your new healthy lifestyle that I gave you in the last issue, here they are: 1. Set Smart Goals 2. Put it on Paper or Speak It 3. Reward Yourself 4. Plan & Prepare 5. Plan Your Workouts 6. Seek Guidance & Support 7. Seek Distractions 8. Enjoy the Process 9. Avoid temptation 10. Make a Change 11. Dine Out Smart 12. Forgive Yourself


It is these tips that will enable you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions well beyond February. Did you know that there is a statistic showing that after January, when all the gyms are packed with people trying to take on a fit lifestyle, two-thirds of those people disappear by March! That is so sad! What is even worse about this statistic, is that “big box” clubs actually count on you dropping out when you don’t see results. That’s how they can continually sell memberships! If each member continued coming to the gym for longer than the expected three months, than the gym 30 HBMAGAZINE WINTER 2005

would be so packed you couldn’t move! Getting into shape should not feel like torture. It is hard work, but you shouldn’t dislike it enough to stop it after just three months. Take your new lifestyle on in “baby-steps.” Each week, try to make one change in a few areas of your lifestyle. The first area, your diet, vow to make one positive change, such as having a glass of wine only on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, rather than every night of the week. Once you’ve tackled this, than try it with something else. Secondly, vow to go for a early morning or late evening walk or jog-walk session three times during the week and once over the weekend. Each week increase your time by just five minutes. Lastly, vow to begin speaking about yourself in a more positive and flattering manner, telling people about what good things you are doing for yourself. You are your own best motivator and you deserve to be happy, healthy and fulfilled! The Training Spot wishes you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year! Don’t wait for your body to “break down,” before you fix it! You can make a change in yourself at any stage of life that you are in, so today is the perfect day to take control of your life! Health = Happiness. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own The Training Spot and AMS Nutrition located at 16942 Gothard St. @ Warner Ave. in Huntington Beach. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is Certified through the State of CA to speak on Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout Orange County. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call The Training Spot at 714.841.9294 of visit

health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Does Food Really Make You Happy? e are all trained at a very early age about the connection between food and comfort. The “Food is Love” concept is continually reinforced throughout our lives: We are offered candy for a scraped knee, we celebrate birthdays with cake, holidays with cookies and visiting home or a social event always seem to be associated with baked goods of some sort. Food is also prevalent at so many of our favorite activities, like watching a movie or a baseball game. We rely on meals for their social aspect, such as spending time with family and friends. By the time we are adults, we learn that food makes us feel better. So if we don’t like how we are feeling, we eat. “Food is the No. 1 mood-altering substance used in the United States,” says Marilyn Migliore, R.D. and author of The Hunger Within. “That’s because in the moment, food gives you something pleasurable to focus on instead of the problems that you are facing in your daily life.” Feeling lonely or bored? Eating gives you something to do. Stressed or angry? Eat and you’ll surely relax! Feel happy? Celebrate with dessert! Although we know that exercise relieves stress and anxiety, eating is easier and provides instant gratification. Emotional eating is defined by using food to avoid feelings of sadness, stress, anxiety, loneliness, anger, body dissatisfaction, etc. Unfortunately, it’s not broccoli that you crave when you’re feeling and emotional need, it’s fat and sugar. Emotional eating can keep you from reaching your weight goals and leave you feeling like a failure. An emotional eater may even turn to destructive behavior, such as fasting or purging (anorexia and bulemia) to try to offset the extra calories. The way to break the cycle is to start by learning when you’re eating for hunger or when you are eating based on emotions. You can remove a lot of the guesswork by planning ahead. Schedule three regular meals a day with a snack late morning and midafternoon. Don’t eat in between those times, not even a grape! When you take care of your body by building a structure of nourishing food into your day, you’re less likely to succumb to an emotional eating episode. Keeping a food journal is another way to accept more accountability for what you eat. You can note the foods that you turn to and try to come up with alternate choices to help you with control. Look for a pattern when you seem to sabotage your diet goals so you can attempt to correct it. Exercises is always important because when you are putting effort taking care of yourself, you are less likely to undermine your efforts by eating poorly. Taking care of yourself physically by staying active and making good choices at mealtime will help you stave off the emotional food rollercoaster.



Despite these steps, we all still overdo it from time to time. But rather than beat yourself up afterwards, just resolve to do better next time. As briefly mentioned above, exercise plays an important role in helping you stay on track when you are attempting to take on a healthier lifestyle through proper nutrition. When you are involved in a regular exercise program, such as meeting regularly with a personal trainer, you are more likely to stay on track with better food choices. It’s easier to avoid that chocolate chip cookie if you just pushed yourself through three sets of lunges! As we mentioned in the last article, and the motto that we share with our clients on a daily basis “Health = Happiness.” If we were to break that motto down one step further, we would tell you that health = lifestyle. In order to have total health, you have to take it on as a lifestyle and incorporate into how you think, how you eat, how you exercise and how you feel about yourself. Health never tasted so good. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own The Training Spot and AMS Nutrition located at 16942 Gothard St. @ Warner Avenue in Huntington Beach. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak on Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout Orange County. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call The Training Spot at 714.841.9294 or visit

health & wellness By Paul Fetters

Weight Training with a Purpose re you 30, 40 or 50 years old? Do you wish you had the “spring in your step” that you had in your younger days? How about being as strong and fit as you were in college or back in your 20’s? I am here to tell you that this is ALL possible and I am living proof. Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Fetters and I am 50 years old. I have four children ranging in age from nine to 15. I am no different than you, except that I weight train and maybe you don’t. I’m not talking about going to the gym to lift some weights for 15 - 30 minutes and getting bored or “putting in my time” aimlessly putting together a routine. I am speaking to you about training with a purpose. Having a plan. Knowing that each training session is making a difference. I want you to get excited about what is possible. When I speak at my seminars to policemen, firemen, city workers and professional athletes, my message is always the same: It’s never too late to make a difference. What you may find surprising is that the older you get, the bigger the difference that you can make!


After all these years When I first competed in bodybuilding in my early twenties I never imagined that I’d still be competing at 40 years of age and in fact, be in the best shape that I had ever been at any time in my life! Now, entering my 50th year, I am more excited than ever before about what is physically possible. I vividly remember as a teenager wanting to invite my then-48-year-old father to play racquetball with me but was too afraid to ask, fearing he might have a heart attack. At that moment, I made a promise to myself that I would stay healthy and fit for my children. Perhaps like you, my father neglected his personal fitness so he could provide for the family. Unfortunately, he died prematurely due to poor health. He was once an All-American Lacrosse player. Any one of his eight children would much rather have had less “stuff” and at least two more decades to spend with a healthy father in our lives. Had he understood that taking care of us included taking care of himself, who knows how his or our lives may have been different? This is exactly why I feel so strongly about the type of service that I provide. I made it my mission 30 years ago to teach people what is truly possible through strength and fitness. How many families can I touch by helping fathers realize how important they are? The goal is not to make you look like Mr. America, but be able to run, hop, skip and jump with your children until you tire them out!


Weights are the way I want you to get that the “fountain of youth” or “the way” is through weight training like no one has ever taught you before or like you never knew was possible. I am describing weight training on so many levels. How you feel about weights, how to achieve when you are in the gym, your intention about what you want to achieve, what is possible. Do you realize 80 percent of the bad knees, bad backs, bad shoulders, etc. many suffer as they grow older is due to lack of structural strength (muscle)? It’s muscle that holds the skeletal system together. It’s muscle that is the “engine” which drives your body. It’s muscle that burns the most amount of calories. It’s muscle that makes your body that shape that it’s supposed to be. If you want more muscle and you want to learn how to make a difference in your life, you have to change your lifestyle. You have to make your health a priority. You have to accept that being able to run and play with your kids requires more than determination. It takes knowledge to get that strong body back. Let’s get that spring back in your step. Next issue you’ll hear from Carolyn Fetters to learn how great you can feel after turning 40! HB Paul Fetters, owner of The Training Spot in Huntington Beach won the 1997 Masters National Bodybuilding Championship. He is currently training for the Over 50 National Championships to be held in 2007. Paul can be reached at The TSpot at 16942 Gothard St. Huntington Beach, 92647 or the soon-to-be open location at 440 Main St. in downtown HB or by calling 714.841.9294.

health & wellness By Carolyn Fetters

Fitness After 40 ow it’s my turn. My husband and business partner wrote in our last editorial installment what it meant for him to turn 50 years old. My installment addresses what it meant for me to enter my 40’s a few years ago. I have been mulling this over for a few months and asking myself, my girlfriends, my clients and even a few women I have just randomly met on the street on the topic of aging and fitness in your 40’s. Truth be told, the majority of the women felt really good about their age and I have to say that I have never seen so many women look so good post-40 as I do today and I don’t attribute that trend to plastic surgery. Women seem to be genuinely happy with themselves as they age. I really didn’t expect to feel that way myself, but I do. Do we have Oprah, the original “supermodels” or just ourselves for taking good care of our body and soul to thank? Personally, turning 40 was not a big event. It’s just a number to me probably due in large part to the fact that I have always taken care of my physical well-being by running and lifting weights so my body has stayed relatively strong and with good muscle tone. That’s not to say that you couldn’t make a difference today if you’re over 40 and never run a mile or lifted a weight. As we get older, it’s more important than ever to do something positive for yourself, such as exercising in a consistent manner. I believe that strength training (lifting weights) is the key to maintaining a strong and healthy body. Women benefit from strength training in so many ways, including improving bone-density, improving structural integrity and increasing muscle tone. Something has to hold up our bones! Now that we’re older, many of us find that we can take at least an hour for ourselves to do something that will benefit us physically and mentally each day. We may have to wake up earlier or sneak out during the middle of the day for an hour or so, but if you could improve how you feel and look by 100 percent, isn’t it worth it to try? You deserve to feel great and if it makes you look better, that’s just the icing on the cake. My motto is: “Just decide.” Just decide to do something positive for yourself because it’s time and you need to. It’s really that simple.

you like? What can you imagine yourself doing for 26 years? That’s the key. So in summary: Most of the women that I “interviewed” shared the perspective of one interviewee who said that “turning 40 was totally liberating for me. I felt more assured as a woman, a wife, a mother and even an athlete. I have more self- confidence. I am not as afraid to try new things. I feel more in control and aware of what I want and need. I like who I am more now than ever in my life. I know that I am not perfect, but I am more okay with that than ever. I like exercising now to feel a certain way instead of trying to look a certain way.” Amen. I agree. HB

Commitment to fitness I have been running for 26 years. I still get my tired behind out of bed at 5:15 a.m. five days a week. I won’t lie and say that I love it every day, but I will say that I love how I feel after I’ve accomplished my commitment. I love the solitude that I get from running. I love the way it makes me feel strong and fit. I ran my 10th half marathon this past February in the fastest time I ever did, at 41 years of age! I beat my best time from when I was 19! How cool is that? I am not some amazing runner, but I just like it. What do

Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak on Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout Orange County. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call The Training Spot, either 714.841.9294 or 714.374.7448 or visit



health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Are You Dying For the Perfect Body? Your longevity may well depend on your lifestyle choices. oesn’t it seem like many of our grandparents lived well into their 80’s? Well, indeed they did. Many of our grandparents were born in other countries, raised there until adulthood and then migrated to America. Most of our grandparents maintained the eating habits of the “old country.” It was not until our parents adopted the eating habits of the Western lifestyle, high in processed and refined foods, fatty foods, sugary and salty foods, that our health problems escalated to such extraordinarily unhealthy proportions. Many first-generation Americans have paid the price for giving up the habits that had kept their immigrant parents healthy. Too many second-generation Americans are paying the ultimate price with compromised health and a shortened life expectancy! Current thinking among researchers on aging holds that humans are engineered to last between 100 and 120 years, depending on our genetic potential. As Americans continue to gain weight, there is compelling evidence that eating less may be your most powerful strategy for living a long life. Several studies over the past 65 years have proven that a 30 percent reduction in calories consumed led to a 30 percent longer life. Roy L. Walford, MD, gerontologist and professor of pathology at the UCLA School of Medicine, found that mice fed 50 percent fewer calories live nearly twice as long as mice on a “normal” diet. These mice also had more energy and experienced less frailty and disease. Imagine for a moment that this scientific finding might actually apply to humans. Living a healthier and longer life can truly be this simple. Eat less, make smarter choices, get out and exercise some, live longer. Certainly we can all do this. “Just decide!” If you’re asking yourself what limiting your food intake means to you, you’re in good company. When was the last time that you picked up a reputable health or fitness magazine and read about the “best” way to eat? Maybe you recently read an intriguing article about a miracle diet proclaiming to be the answer to all your problems. There are many, many opinions about what is the right way to eat. You need to take into consideration the varying reasons behind each specific diet claim. If you are trying to eat to lose weight, there are many choices to be made. If you are trying to eat a healthier diet, rich in nutrients, there are fewer choices, but many rewards. If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight to look good for an occasion (i.e a wedding, class reunion, etc.), you can find that information literally anywhere you look! The issue really comes down to this: Do you want to look good, feel better, have lots of energy, lose weight, or sacrifice your health?



Before you look to the next fad to lose weight, factor in the possibility of losing weight for life by learning “how” to eat. If you knew how much you needed to eat and you knew what you needed to eat to not only lose weight, but to help keep you alive longer, doesn’t that sound appealing? If you factor out the number of deaths at birth, Americans are living only 18 months longer today than they would have in the year 1900. With all of the advancements in medical technology and knowledge we have about health and nutrition, how can this be? Surely, we can do better than that. You deserve better. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Big “Box” Gyms or Small, Personal Training Gyms? ig “box” gyms or small personal training gyms? Both have their benefits and you can definitely get a workout at either, but what are you looking for? If you’re a self-motivated athlete and know that you can consistently challenge yourself, then a big gym may indeed be the answer for you. However, if that is not the case and you feel you would benefit more from instruction and being accountable to an ongoing appointment schedule, then a small personal training gym is what would best benefit you. Big gyms don’t call you if you don’t show up. Small gyms do. We notice when you blow off your workout because it’s too cold outside! Yes, it’s March now, but let’s pretend for a moment that it’s December 31st - the day before we all change our lives forever. Tomorrow is the day. The new you. Sure we’ve all made and broken resolutions, but this year it’s going to be different!


Lesson No. 1 If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you want 2007 to be different, then you need to identify why and how it will be different. Your choices, attitude, ability to create new standards for yourself, your ability to persevere and stick with a program, even when isn’t fun, cool or sexy will define the results you achieve. Lesson No. 2 The truth is, for most people, the only change that the new year brings is a short-term change in behavior. Did you know that big gyms count on you only making short-term changes? They want to sell their memberships and count on you quitting within three months so the gym isn’t too crowded. By the end of the first quarter of the new year, the crowds at big gyms are likely to thinning out. The reason? We talk about changing, we even dream about it … but we don’t plan, sweat, sacrifice, work or get uncomfortable for it. Rather, we just kind of “hope” it will happen on its own. Lesson No. 3 Self-motivation is temporary. Since we have to motivate ourselves to go to the big gym, it’s easy to lose our motivation. If we only go when we feel motivated, we’ll never create real change and therein lies one of the biggest differences between a big gym and a small personal training gym. Representatives of the first are just not that invested in you and your goals, while operators of smaller, personal training facilities know your name and care if you do or don’t show up when you say you’re coming. Success is always less about motivation and more about some very un-sexy things like planning, self-control, discipline, time-management, decision-making and mental toughness.


Lesson 4 We don’t need another resolution - we need to just decide to affect change. Change in the way we do things. Change the way that we approach a new year. Change the way we think. Personally speaking, I hate the whole concept of January 1st being a demarcation point for a new start. If only we all understood that every day is the day. A better life isn’t about the New Year. It’s about the New You. Just Decide. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Combating Childhood Obesity through Nutrition and Training n the United States today, childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. Rather than reiterate the same statistics that you read in every article about this topic, we’d like to address the ways in which we can affect change in the lives of our children and grandchildren before they are faced with the inevitable health issues that will likely result from poor nutritional and fitness habits. What can we do? A lot! The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has designated their resources and expertise to help us improve as families and our countries youth via a program called “Operation FITKIDS” (visit for more information). They list the “10 Components of a Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle,” which is a no-nonsense, comprehensive checklist of things that you can do to improve your child’s health and fitness level. If your child is already overweight and is inactive, the first step is to make the necessary changes to his or her diet. Then, it’s a matter of inspiring little Bobby or Suzy to get moving. With regard to the latter, I’d like to correct a common misconception regarding strength training for kids. Many parents believe that children should wait until the age of 12 to begin any strength training program because implementing a program at a younger age will stunt their child’s growth. The truth is that there is simply is no evidence to support this statement. In fact, all of the major fitness and medical organizations in the U.S. recommend strength training for youth, assuming that basic guidelines are adhered to and appropriate leadership is present. Children can begin to train with weights as soon as they are able to accept and follow directions - typically around the age of eight or 10. The benefits of youth strength training are similar to those for adults, including an improved attitude toward lifelong activity. Improvements in muscular fitness, bone mineral density, body composition, motor fitness performance and injury resistance are compelling evidence for all parents. To keep your child motivated, present ideas that support their efforts like self-improvement and individual success. But no matter what, make sure that your child is having fun! Another compelling argument for youth strength-training programs is that significant improvements have been seen in selfesteem, mental discipline and socialization. Weight training provides an opportunity to let children who typically struggle with group activities stand out from their classmates and perform well on an individual basis. Overweight and obese children tend to have great muscular strength and tend to excel in that area. What a tremendous way to boost self-esteem in the children who need it most! How do you get started? Listen very closely to your child’s concerns and address them with care. Kids love to learn new



things, so working with medicine balls, resistance bands, free weights and machines is a great idea and can be lots of fun! Finally, remember that your goals when exercising with children are simple: Safety, fun and learning to love being physically fit! As far as nutrition goes, relax parents. Once you get Bobby & Suzy moving, the food thing will come. Who shops? If the answer is you, the adult, then it’s up to you to offer your child better choices. If nutritionally unsound food choices aren’t available, your child can’t eat it. If you kid yourself that you’re buying Coco Puffs for Bobby or Suzy, but really it’s you that wants the sugary cereal, then we have a different issue on our hands altogether. Instead of going crazy and cutting out all those treats that your child loves all at once, start out slowly. Little consistent changes will not be met with as much resistance. Make a family decision to improve on the types and amount of food you’re buying and preparing. Healthy choices can be convenient too, you just have to make the decision to improve yours and your families’ nutrition and stay committed to that decision. Just Decide. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Improve & Lengthen Quality of Life with Strength Training he American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association have finally updated their guidelines! Are you aware that as you age, you lose muscle? Where is it going? Why are you allowing yourself to whittle away? What’s going to hold up your bones when all of your muscle has atrophied? Seriously, you have 100 percent control of your body’s fate. Look at it on a cellular level. You replace about one percent of your cells every day. That means that one percent of your body is brand new today. Think of it as getting a whole new body approximately every three months. You have the power to choose whether the cells come in weaker or stronger. The cells just follow the directions that you send by how you choose to live. Exercise and your cells get stronger, sit down and your cells decay. It’s ultimately your choice. So what are the new guidelines? The updated recommendations suggest that adults, ages 18 to 65, do eight to 12 repetitions of eight to 10 different exercises on the major muscle groups. This includes strength training with free weights, or machines or weight-bearing calisthenics. Just doing cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, running, or biking isn’t enough. Doing cardiovascular exercise is very important to keep your heart healthy and for burning calories, but it just isn’t enough! Here is the secret: Fat cells primarily travel throughout the muscle (and out of your body ideally). The more muscle you have, the bigger the machine, the more capability you have to burn unwanted body fat. Remember, inactivity equals muscle loss; hence losing the fat burning machine. You won’t build muscle by walking, but you will if you lift some weights. It’s really that basic. Our bodies were not designed to lead a sedentary lifestyle. We were designed to move and be physically active. When we become sedentary we become incredibly unhealthy, among many other ailments. It goes back to the cellular level of “rotting cells.” Yuck!


It’s not too late to start The most important thing to know is this: It’s NEVER too late to take back control of your body! If you recall, you replace one percent of your body’s cells every day. If you’re 18 or 65 years old, it’s still the same one percent of new cells. Cells do not discriminate with age, they are just looking to replace the old ones. Don’t you want new cells that are active and healthy or do you want the new cells to come in unhealthy and with a sedentary lifestyle message? It’s your choice. Exercising isn’t always easy and sometimes it takes real determination to do it. The payoff is so worth the effort though and if you want to live as long as you can in a healthy body then you need to make some decisions. If you’ve been reading our articles, you know that our tag line is “Just Decide.” That can be applied in so many aspects of your life. 42 HBMAGAZINE FALL 2007

I assume many of you reading this article are strong, capable and successful people. Why is it that we tend to take such control of several aspects of our lives, BUT often neglect our health? We go to work, school, take care of our family, attend meetings, volunteer, take care of the home, etc. When is it your turn? It’s very sad and disheartening that you don’t value yourself more. You should. Your “people” love you and would miss you if you were not here. “The message is do as much as you can do to prevent yourself from falling into a disabled state,” says W. Jack Rejeski, a professor of health and exercise science at Wake Forest University. Anything is 100 percent better than nothing. Just decide that you are ready to take back control of your body and your life. Just decide that you have what it takes to grow a new and healthy body, even if you’re 50 years old, have bad knees or an aching back. You truly can improve the quality of your life one day at a time. A year in your life will pass by regardless. It’s up to you to get yourself healthy or continue wishing that you had. Just think, one year from now you could be in a 100 percent healthier body. Just decide. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit Sources of stats and statements in this article include “Younger Next Year,” by Chris Crowley; The American Heart Association, The American College of Sports Medicine; USA TODAY; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Why Weight? ost of us know by now from all of the reports on health that strength training is important, but that doesn’t make it any easier to actually do it. It may help you to understand why strength training is so vital and the many ways that it can help you both look and feel better. There are so many different ways to strength train, so we thought it would be helpful to give some explanation of a routine that we think best benefits the majority of the folks reading this editorial. Circuit Training is one of our favorite routines at The Training Spot for both building strength and burning a high amount of calories! Circuit Training combines approximately eight to 10 exercises that are completed in succession. Each exercise is performed for about 15 - 20 repetitions with little or no rest inbetween. Once you have completed all of the exercises that is considered “one circuit.” The total number of circuits you put together and complete is determined by your particular level of fitness and understanding of a thorough routine. For beginners, one to two circuits is typically more than enough. Of course as your level of fitness improves, you will need to add more circuits to challenge yourself with your improved endurance and strength. When circuit training, choose exercises that work each muscle group (i.e. chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and abdominals). Be sure to include exercises for agility and endurance, such as jumping rope or jumping side to side on an object like a Reebok Core Board - anything to keep your heart-rate elevated throughout your routine. We like to alternate an upper-body movement with a lower body movement, followed by an abdominal exercise alternating with an endurance/agility station. The circuit can include exercises with weights, machines (i.e. a stationary bicycle, treadmill, rowing machine, etc.), weighted balls and floor exercises. Whatever you have, use it! You can do a circuit training routine two to three times a week with a day off in between. The best part about this type of training is that there are many ways to design your own personal routine. You can always introduce something new and never run out of new exercises or a variety of ways to train your body. This way of weight training is safe and appropriate for everyone no matter what your fitness level. You will see results as long as you are consistent and challenge yourself. It may seem obvious that lifting weights makes you stronger, but what many people forget is that it makes you not only physically stronger in the gym, but also in several other aspects of your life. When you lift weights on a regular basis, everything else becomes a little easier to accomplish, such as carrying groceries, gardening and lifting children.



Strength training doesn’t merely strengthen your muscles, but also your bones, ligaments and tendons. It’s these important and overlooked aspects of weight training that keep your body structurally strong and protect your body from injury. What will hold up your bones if your muscles, ligaments and tendon are weak? It’s common knowledge that as we get older our body naturally loses muscle, but as we mentioned in our last editorial, that can be reversed if you make a commitment to weight training. There is no getting around the fact that as we get older we must incorporate some form of resistance training into our life in order to avoid our bodies from literally falling apart. If there was ever a good time to begin taking care of your body, today is the day - why put off taking control of your fitness and health? Don’t let the upcoming holidays take control of your eating habits or fitness in a negative way. Use this opportunity to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your routine. Just Decide. HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

Fit over 50 f there were specific words of wisdom Paul Fetters, owner of HB-based The Training Spot, could impart to individuals 50 and over it would be that “it’s never too late to make a difference” with regard to health and fitness. “People tend to move less as they get older and consequently will lose muscle because there’s less use for them,” he says. For this reason, it’s essential to become more active and incorporate weight bearing exercise into your fitness regimen. Weight bearing exercise forces your body is to respond in a positive way to become leaner, fitter and stronger. I call it functional strength: In your daily life, you want to be strong enough to lift your kids, hoist a bag of dog food, whatever. “For the older individual, these changes can impact their quality of their life more dramatically than that someone in their 30s. Health and physical strength really is the fountain of youth because everything we do is related to physical strength and energy.” Fetters certainly follows his own advice – he recently won second place in the Grand Masters category (for competitors over 50 years of age) of the National Champions of Body Building competition held in Pittsburgh. He won first place a decade ago in the Masters category (for those over 40) and says he believes himself to be in even better shape today than he was in his younger years. But he’s quick to add that it’s important to take a “holistic” approach to fitness and health by focusing on cardiovascular exercise, nutrition and strength training on a regular basis. “Any mode of exercise that gets you moving is good as long as you get your heart rate up,” says Fetters, who trains clients from kids to senior citizens at all levels of fitness with the core of his clientele ranging in age between 35 and 65. “Anything you do is 100 percent better than doing nothing.” HB


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health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Addressing Frequently Asked Fitness Questions hew, we all made it through the holidays and hopefully took on some type of fitness regime as a New Year’s resolution that we are still actively utilizing. We receive a lot of e-mail inquiries about fitness and nutrition and thought that we’d answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this editorial.


come to the gym, is this a good idea? A: You should do both to maximize your fitness faster! If you go to a reputable fitness center, they will be able to design an appropriate fitness plan for you, no matter how de-conditioned you may be. You should never be asked to do something that you are not ready to do. Hang in there!

Q: How long do I have to commit to a weight-training regime until I see some change? A: The best way we can answer this is by saying we hope you’ll be committing to a fitness regime for the rest of your life. If you’re lifting weights, we guarantee that within eight weeks, training three times a week for 60 minutes, you can expect to be 100 percent stronger than when you started! Additionally, you’ll have increased your muscle tissue, in turn giving you a bigger “machine” to burn body fat! You’ll notice increased energy levels, improved endurance levels, you will sleep better and within 8 weeks you will have improved your body composition of body fat to muscle significantly. People will definitely notice that you’ve changed!

Q: How important is nutrition to a fitness plan? Can’t I just tackle one thing at a time? A: Absolutely you can take on one thing at a time, but in truth, the two go hand in hand. If you wish to take on one thing at a time, than one suffers somewhat without the other. Imagine driving a car without enough gas, you won’t get very far. Now, liken that to going to the gym on an empty stomach. You will definitely improve to a degree, but not as much as if you were eating properly at the same time. Don’t let it deter you however, but consider the importance of both!

Q: Do I really need to lift weights? Isn’t enough that I walk five days a week for an hour at a time? A: Walking five days a week is awesome and your cardiovascular endurance is most likely excellent, but it truly is not enough. Walking, or any cardio exercise, does not increase muscle tissue. The only thing that can do that is weight training. Losing muscle, which occurs naturally as we age, means that you are losing your ability to burn body fat for energy as efficiently. Q: Now that I’m older, I’m getting injured more often. I don’t understand why this is happening. A: Unfortunately as we age, we naturally lose muscle tissue. This in turn means that we have less support for our bones, joints and ligaments. Also, if we have done improper things to our body in the past, such as incorrect movements for a joint than as we age and we have less support from atrophying muscle tissue, our joints suffer greatly. We see a lot of weak shoulders, knees and backs these days. You can improve that though! You build muscle at any age. It’s NEVER too late! Q: I am very overweight, but I want to start exercising. I was thinking that I’d start off walking to get in shape to 34 HBMAGAZINE SPRING 2008

Q: Does muscle really weigh more than fat? I’m training at the gym and the scale hasn’t changed very much, but my clothes are fitting better than ever before, so what gives? A: This is the most often asked question. No, muscle doesn’t weight more than fat. A pound is a pound. What that pound looks like is what differs. A pound of muscle is smaller and denser than a pound of body fat. Think lead and cotton balls. In the first month of training, the scale doesn’t move much because you are losing body fat as fast as you are increasing lean muscle tissue, so while you are in fact losing body fat, you’re putting on muscle at the same rate. This will shift in about six to eight weeks and the scale will really start to move. The reason your clothes are fitting better is because you are replacing your once puffy body fat with lean muscle tissue! Nice work! Just Decide! HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

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The Tspot Takedown Challenge

By Paul and Carolyn Fetters


e had an exciting thing happen for both Training Spots that started in March and ended six weeks later. We did our own version of the successful TV show, “The Biggest Loser.” We called it “The Tspot TakeDown Challenge.” Twenty-six challengers from both the Gothard and Main St. gyms joined in and what a great experience everyone had! What we offered that the television version doesn’t offer is the diet portion. It was very important to us that not only would our challengers lose weight on a weekly basis, but they also needed to maintain this lifestyle beyond the six weeks. Between the two gyms, our 26 participants lost a combined 415 pounds! town (Gothard) beat the beach (Main St.), by losing 267 pounds to Main’s 148 pounds! First place through third place prizes were awarded and weekly winners were recognized, including certificates for “Tried the Most Recipes,” “Overcame the Most Obstacles,” etc. We celebrated together at the end with a fabulous dinner party! Each week, our challengers received a new menu, complete with recipes, portion sizes that were appropriate for them and a cardio recommendation. All of our challengers already train with us, but they were on their own to get in their cardio. Remember, this was a challenge, so the competitive aspect really took hold of many of the challengers and they literally ran with it! When we met for our optional weekly Sunday trail walk, it soon turned into a fullout sprint for a few! We had never offered a weight-loss challenge before, so we truly did not know what to expect. The energy pumped throughout the gyms with each hour, as it seemed like there was at least one challenger training and talking about what they were experiencing. The common thread that everyone shared was that they loved the structure and discipline that they were undertaking. Every challenger spoke about the amount of energy that they had and how much they were enjoying their food! The results were happening on such a fast and furious pace, the enthusiasm was contagious! When a few of our clients decided to take the TakeDown Challenge, it was because they felt that their lives had become too busy and they had lost control. One of the busiest challengers wrote this TakeDown Challenge experience: “I realized having a busy life, like everybody else, is no excuse for not being healthy or taking care of myself. As I incorporated fitness into my schedule this past year it seemed like the perfect timing for the Tspot TakeDown Challenge. As I ate healthier, my busy life seemed less busy and more in control. I felt stronger both on the inside and the outside. The support was what worked best for me. Having been held accountable with weekly weigh-ins and in knowing my


journal would be checked kept me focused on wanting to do well.” Awesome feedback! What we learned is that the challengers thrived on the structure and the simplicity of being told what and how much to eat, at least for the six week period. What we proved is that there is no quick fix. You have to eat to lose weight. You must get or stay active to lose weight and dietary structure works. Being held accountable is important, and in some cases, mandatory. What we like is that eating right offered our challengers more energy, they obtained a higher level of fitness, and they all lost weight and felt like they learned how to eat correctly for the rest of their lives. Check out our web site to see what we put together for our challengers. We are currently offering the same format, less the “challenge” portion to anyone who asks. We will do another “Tspot TakeDown Challenge” in the fall after everyone is all done with traveling and back into their routines. What an incredible group of people we have at both Training Spots! HB Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

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How to Get Someone You Care About to Exercise I

f you are already an fitness enthusiast and wish that you could pass along your enthusiasm to your friend or family member but are unsure of how to go about it, we have a few suggestions.

Go easy on the advice People tend to shy away from people who are over-zealous with their advice, even if it’s good advice. When enthusiastic people give advice to someone who is resistant, perhaps that person may feel judged, rather than supported. Everyone knows that exercise is a good thing and that they should be engaging in something, and recieving advice supporting what you already know is akin to rubbing salt in an open wound. Ouch! Remember what it was like to get started Try to recall the days before you became such a fitness buff. Go back to the days when you weren’t particularly fond of hitting the gym to lift weights or the park for a run....the “old you.” Did you have someone in your life that helped you take it on or supported you in the beginning? If so, than be that person that was there for you. What did they do to motivate you to take it on? If not, than be the person that you wish that you had to motivate and support you in the beginning. It’s hard to be self-motivated. Be the one to offer motivation to someone who needs it. Focus on the benefits rather than the goal When a lot of people think about losing weight they know that there are a few paths to take. Some try to do it without exercise. Some try to do it with only exercise. A few try to over-haul their lives and add the two components together. That path can look very dark and the light at the end of the tunnel very far away. As a friend, try to understand their apprehension and help them to see all of the benefits to taking on their new lifestyle, rather than just the goal of weight loss. That is really just the icing on the cake. Build up your friends’ self esteem with praise Once you get your friend moving, continually remind her how well she is doing and how far she has come. “You are doing so well Sally, I am so proud of you! Just two weeks ago you couldn’t have


By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

walked this far!” If your friend feels like she is successful, then she will stick with it. People quit when they feel like failures. Don’t let that happen to your friend. If she is seriously over-weight, than suggest walking rather than jogging. Keep it a positive experience. Ask your friend to help you! Some people rise to the occasion when they feel like they are helping someone else rather than themselves. Ask your friend to join you for daily walks at the beach to help you stay motivated and you may end up motivating them without them feeling pressured into exercise. Some people exert more effort for a friend than themselves! Are you worried for your friend? It’s a thin line when you are concerned about someone’s health and it may feel like a confrontation to speak to them about it. Seeing a friend put on a large amount of weight or acting depressed and isolated is a tough thing for all of us. You may have to put your friendship on the line to save your friends life. Before you get the courage up to say something, get the name of a reputable expert in your area and have their name and number on hand when you tell your friend how much you care for him and are concerned for his well-fare. Speak from your heart and have a plan on how you are going to be there to help your friend. You just might save his life. The Training Spot is a great way to get your friend in the gym! We offer a “shared-hour” format that would be a perfect way to utilize the “buddy system approach” to fitness! Just Decide to help someone you care about. Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

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Slowing the Aging Process with Interval Training

By Paul and Carolyn Fetters


know you have heard me before write about the importance of becoming more active, let’s talk more about why. All of us will age, and you can’t do anything about it. Your hair gets gray, gravity takes its toll, your maximum heart-rate declines, and your skin degenerates regardless of lifestyle. You will look old, no matter what. However, you don’t have to act old or feel old and that’s what counts! Dr. Henry S. Lodge, M.D. states that some 70% of premature death and aging is lifestyle related. Heart attacks, strokes, the most common cancers, diabetes, most falls, fractures and serious injuries, and many more illnesses are primarily caused by the way we live. So how should we live? It starts by exercise. Our bodies are made for movement, not sitting around in front of a tv, computer, game board, etc.. One thing we know is that what you don’t use you lose. Let’s look at muscle. Your body is discarding and building new cells within the muscles daily. You are telling your body to either build these cells stronger or weaker by your activity level. When you lift weights and push your muscles, they (the cells within the muscle) respond by becoming stronger. In 3 months, every cell in your muscles have been replaced with these new stronger cells. You can literally change the capability of your muscles by 100% in three months! On the other hand, if you neglect your exercising and your muscle completely for 3 months you have sent a message to those same cells to come in weaker and decay. It’s really that simple. What is the message you would like to send to all the different parts of you body, including internally? Become stronger or weaker? If I can get a little more technical. Recent research shows that regular aerobic and strength exercises can decrease biological age by 10 years or more (Shephard 2008). One of the ways aerobic and strength exercise decreases biological age is by improving mitochondria function within the muscle. Mitochondria in cells are organelles that are responsible for energy production. They use oxygen to burn fat or glucose (bloodsugar) as energy within the muscle. Cells can produce more energy when mitochondria are efficient. It’s all about making more energy in the muscle, that means building more mitochondria and bringing them more fuel and oxygen, we do that by exercising the muscle. When we exercise the mitochondria function is made more efficient, the cells regenerate and function at a higher level for a longer period of time. The best part is, the harder a person exercises, the greater the mitochondrial changes, leading to a bigger reduction in biological age over the life span. We have found that interval training is one of the most effective


ways to exercise at a high enough intensity to increase oxygen demands and ultimately slow aging. Interval training consists of short bursts of training hard followed by brief periods of recovery. We find that weight training is one of the most efficient and safe ways to train your body and systems to build muscle and stamina. The challenge for our fitness professionals is how to exercise clients at a high enough intensity, yet do so safely and within each client’s limitations. Interval training is the easiest and most effective way to incorporate high-intensity exercise into any exercise program. The key is to choose exercises that use large muscles, and the exercises are done in a way that is biomechanically correct and will get the heart pumping. I don’t know how you are feeling at this point. I would hope if you are not currently doing anything for yourself physically, you will make a realistic assessment of the shape you’re in today and then make a start that fits your condition. If you start too easy you will get bored. Start too hard and you will quit or worse, hurt yourself. The most important part is to start! Remember, we control how we age. Will you choose to be sedentary, withdrawing from social contact and eating everything in sight? Or, choose daily exercise, emotional commitment, reasonable nutrition, and a real engagement with living. You decide, but it’s important to Just Decide. Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

Debunking Weight Loss and Fitness Myths and Misconceptions (Part Two of a Two-Part Feature) Myth: A regimen of aerobic exercise will burn the most fat. I see people who spend four days a week, 40 minutes at a time, on the stair-stepper, treadmill or bicycle who don’t lose weight!  I know men who run six miles a day who have no muscle tone and rolls of fat around their waists.  You’ve been led to believe that if you want to lose fat, all you have to do is regular aerobic exercise. There’s more to it than that. You must be able to monitor and control your cardiovascular intensity to maximize the number of calories you burn. And, if aerobic exercise is not supplemented with resistance training (lifting weights) to at least maintain muscle mass, you cannot effectively accelerate the fat loss process.  Each pound of lean muscle tissue burns 35-50 calories a day while your body is at rest. Whereas body fat is not metabolically active, so little to no fat is burned for each pound of body fat.  Therefore, a combination of properly monitored aerobic exercise and resistance training enables you to rapidly burn the maximum amount of fat. This may sound like it’s involved and time consuming.  It’s not! With the proper fitness and nutrition system in place, you can quickly burn fat, lose weight and get fit in as little as 50 minutes per session only three times per week.  And in 12 weeks you can dramatically transform your body. Myth: Resistance training (weight lifting) doesn’t burn fat. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Muscle is metabolically active tissue.  Fat is not.  Fat is an energy source for the body, but most people have much more than they need.  Fat does not use energy – it is used as energy.  Muscle uses energy.  Lots of it.  The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn.  And here’s the biggest benefit, and why everyone needs to incorporate resistance training in their exercise program: the more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn – WHILE YOU ARE AT REST!  You see, that’s really the ultimate weight loss and fitness secret.  Looking great is not just a function of how much fat you burn when you’re working out, because you can only exercise so much in a given week.  The real secret is how metabolically active your body is the other 95% of the time.  People with more lean muscle burn fat at a much greater rate than do those with less lean muscle.  That doesn’t mean you have to look like Arnold or Madonna to be an efficient fat-burning machine.  But you do have to at least maintain – and preferably increase – your lean muscle tissue. It’s easy with the proper resistance-training program. SPECIAL NOTE: women will NOT become “bulky” or “musclebound” by incorporating resistance training into their exercise routine.  In fact,


just the opposite is true. Lean muscle is more compact and firmer than fat.  Resistance training will make women smaller, and firmer. Women are not genetically predisposed to adding muscle “mass.” Men, on the other hand, will gain mass and see exciting muscle growth through the proper use of nutrition and resistance training. Myth: Thigh reducers, tummy trimmers and body part shapers can “spot” reduce. All over the country people are falling for infomercials touting muscle-specific exercisers for body fat reduction.  You cannot reduce your waist size by working the abdominal muscles, nor can you reduce your thighs with a thigh exerciser.  The only way to reduce body fat is by combining a precise program of supportive nutrition with the right balance of aerobic and resistance exercise. If it sounds hard, it’s not.  It’s just hard to cut through all the misinformation and total nonsense you hear about and take control of your own health, the ONLY thing that works is commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise, all you have to do is “Just Decide.” Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. They are the parents of four children in local HB schools. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. If you have any questions about health, fitness or nutrition, please call either (714) 841-9294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

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health & wellness By Paul and Carolyn Fetters

The Key to Healthy Weight Control is Everything in Moderation hat the heck are we supposed to eat to lose weight, have more energy, be healthier, etc.? It is the mission of the “Diet Industry” to do what they can to create new trends, thus getting you to buy into their theories, ultimately getting you to purchase their products. Remember back in the early 1990’s when Dr. Pritikin was sure that it was dietary fat that was the culprit making us unhealthy and overweight? We had several clients during that time that came from all over the country to live at the Pritikin Center in Santa Monica. They would come to our gym and stay and eat at the Center. We were invited to dinner one night and were amazed with the free-flowing amounts of food! You could eat as much as you wanted – so long as it was fat-free! Very misleading and sad. After his passing, Dr. Pritikin’s son took his empire and figured out that not only do we need dietary fat, but we cannot tolerate unlimited amounts of food. Then in the 2000’s another program swept across the country. You could again eat with abandon, but this time, we cut out carbohydrates. Soon enough it was “discovered” that we in fact need carbs.


Everything in moderation Why is it human nature to “over-think” food? What is it about food that triggers our emotions? It seems that our culture is so obsessed with food that we no longer eat to live, but live to eat. Food is fuel. Your body functions on this fuel. Now, how much fuel is right for your body? That is the problem we are dealing with today. “Health food” type stores are popping up on almost every corner. As great as they are, it still comes down to quantity of food consumed. Of course, quality matters, but quantity is what will truly make the difference. How much food should we eat not only throughout the day, but at each meal? Is it really true that we can eat as much fruit and vegetables as we want? How often should we eat? Is the “five small meals a day” theory relevant? Maybe. What’s right? What can we do to decipher all of the incredible claims being made by “the experts and celebrities?” It’s easy. Don’t over-think what I am going to say: Do what you can imagine yourself doing for the rest of your life. If you hear that Oprah has finally found the answer (again), turn off the TV. What has or has not worked for her is irrelevant to you and your lifestyle. What works for you within your lifestyle? Do you have a


family that you cook and shop for? Are you single and not too into cooking? You have the power to choose how to eat and make it work for you. Too much of ANYTHING is too much. Your body only has the capability to burn X amount of calories not only in a day, but even meal to meal. If you overeat, even the best, purest “health food,” you will store it as fat. It is as simple as that. Want to eat a steak and baked potato for dinner? Know that we all have a limit to how much steak and baked potato is ok for our individual body. That is the magic key. This is what we teach people who come to us. Learning how much and how often you need to eat. Now you’re on your way. Do what will work for you for the rest of your life. When you pick up the latest and greatest miracle diet

plan, envision yourself five – 10 years from now. Can you still eat this way? Does it make sense to you? Think it over. The bottom line is, you have to just decide you are ready to make healthy changes and take care of yourself. No one can decide for you. Paul and Carolyn Fetters own two Training Spot Gyms and AMS Nutrition both located in Huntington Beach. The Training Spot 16942 Gothard St. and The Training Spot 440 Main St. Paul is certified through the State of CA to speak in Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness. He regularly speaks to several Police and City Agencies throughout OC. For more info, please call (714) 8419294 or (714) 374-7448 or visit

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