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Benefits TouchSuite grooms your pet care shop to save you time and money, increase profits, and build a better business! Save Time TouchSuite manages far more than your paper system, faster and easier. Breeze through booking and checkout with TouchSuite’s simple touch screen, easy layout, and finger-friendly pet care and grooming software design. Important tasks are completed with a few touches of the screen. Speed up your end-of-day with automatic credit card batch-out and easy reporting. Automatic birthday, thank you, and reminder emails, real-time inventory controls, easy purchase orders, fast product scanning and much more … TouchSuite is the grooming software touchscreen POS sytstem that moves as fast as you do. Save Money TouchSuite’s affordable grooming software gives you efficiency that reduces your personnel and operating costs. Fewer hours on pet care management tasks means your staff is freed up to get more done in a day and make more pets healthy and beautiful. No more manual anything. Easily update schedules, confirm appointments, track notes, print dailys, email clients, view client history, pre-book, order products, close out the register, run reports, and more … all with a simple touch. Affordable Grooming Software + Hours Found = Money Saved. Increase Profit TouchSuite’s efficient, targeted marketing helps you book more services and sell more products. TouchSuite’s built-in email goes beyond other grooming software POS systems to target existing clients by birthday, last visit, purchase history, staff member, and more. Sell gift cards, gift certificates, offer promotions, packages and bundles. Track inventory and sales performance for more efficient ordering. With TouchSuite grooming software POS system, the list goes on and on. Increase Your Shop’s Value

A tighter ship is worth more. TouchSuite’s grooming software booking system closely tracks your clients, pets, staff, services, products, and vendors. Add value with every piece of data you enter into TouchSuite’s grooming software database. Schedule more services and sell more products while constantly increasing your shop’s value. Should you ever decide to sell your shop, your TouchSuite grooming software system will be one of the most valuable assets you have.

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