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BYEEE PIAAA IT WAS AN AWESOME THREE YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP... no, I’m sure THERE WILL BE MOREEE. You will always be a part of the Employer Feedback Committee - Justin aka justsetter


Pia... wait for me! Hahaha! Joking aside, thanks so much for being such a great teammate and colleague. I will always remember how we planned Goldie's despedida and our garoupa revenge dinner! Anyway, I'm sure you'll do great wherever you are. You will surely be missed but I'm sure we'll see each other around! :) – Ryan Uy

Dear Pia, thank you sooo much for all your help in my studies – research is your forte, and your analysis was always on point! I will miss your bubbly presence and ready smileđ&#x;˜Š Best of luck in the next step of our career! Do stay in touch, lots of love, Xin

Thank you for being a constant joy to the team room and for helping out when I am lost with Firm resources. All the best to you on your future endeavors! Col! – Sir Martin 3

Pia! Can’t believe that you’re leaving us na! ☚ Always thought that you and Justine would be together forever! (haha! Parang love team?) But happy for you as well cause I know that this is a good opportunity for you. We will miss you especially the days when there is hakaw, please still visit us and let’s keep in touch okay? đ&#x;˜Š All the best! Hopefully when you visit us will be fitter not fatter. Haha! Xoxo Andrea đ&#x;˜Š

Dearest Pia, Keep your positive attitude alive, and never let the enthusiasm in you fade, this is your strength. Keep it up in your work life too. Good eats, good laughs, good times Thanks a million! - Sam


Pia- you are amazing. You made coming to the office every Friday a joy, and I knew I could always count on a walk by your desk and a chat to cheer me up. You will be sorely missed, not only for your great work but for being such a good friend to me and others. Having said that, I’m happy to know you won’t be far, and looking forward to many more dinners, many more nights out, and many more bottles of banana ketchup. Don’t be a stranger đ&#x;˜Š - Augie Hi Pia, thank you for being a constant presence of fun and support (and often, nostalgia) at McK for me! It really has meant a lot to me that you helped me even before I applied, introducing me to Nikki and taking me to my first Mendokoro dinner after my interviews (and breaking my idea that the firm only hired ME grads lol). I’m sad that you’re going but excited for your new start! I hope you enjoy the new job and this next phase in your life – I’m sure they will appreciate your warmth and enthusiasm for pop culture :D Big step up from Ryan at least HAHAHAH jk please keep in touch! Good luck with everything :) - Marco 5


Hey Pia.....happy birthday! I hope you have a blast!.......oh, last day pala, hindi birthday. Seriously, all the best‌you will be missed. Cheers, Ryan Marin Note: He really sent just a birthday message initially!

Thanks for being appreciative of what the office services do. Will miss having you around. Keep in touch and don’t be a stranger! Hugsss! Dana

Hi Pia, I saved the task of sending you the departure memo for the last minute with the hope that you would change your mind. Haha! We will miss you! Wish you the best in your future endeavors and do hope to see around soon đ&#x;˜Š Take care. - Rash

Piaaaaa! Don’t leaaaaave..... kidding. I’m super happy that you’re spreading your wings to fly, but also super sad for myself and the rest of Manila that we’re losing your daily presence at the office. I know though that we will for sure continue to have Friday dinners (we better!!!). Good luck and show them all what you’re made of! Yay! �� Marj

Dearest Pia, Dont leaveeeee... But anyway, im happy that you're finally moving on (babalik ka rin, bwahahaha).. Thank you for being such a good friend. Thank you for listening to my beast mode rants. Thank you for everything. Me and Justine will make you an honorary member of our personnel feedback committee, so more gossips to come. Goodluck P, we'll miss you and we love you! Regards, Em 7

Hello friend. Thanks for being one of my first friends in the firm despite our different backgrounds i.e., you a posh conyo from Ateneo and me, a jeje from UP. I appreciate you being so open and friendly to one but meek newbie, me. Also, thanks for all the help throughout my firm life. I would have slept less, done more work, gotten stress crazy and probably have left the firm if it weren’t for your adhoc help on creating those interesting exciting 1 pagers and the random global funding poverty slides we had to make for ADB (remember?). As I look back, I see how far our friendship has come from pureza days eating in Yoshinoya to celebrate our ascent in the McK foodchain to eating legit Jap food in Osaka. Wishing you all the best on your next stint and keep in touch!!! Now, you are free‌ - Frankie PIAAAA, I can’t imagine life without you (as I’ve already mentioned multiple times đ&#x;¤§). I’m so happy I met you and became your friend; you’re definitely always going to be my fave R&I (tied to Vania & Justine)!!! Don’t forget me pls! đ&#x;˜Ł Let’s still hang out!!! I’m game to work out for those #twentynineTHIN goals and I’ll try not to ditch this time đ&#x;™ƒ! đ&#x;’Şđ&#x;’Şđ&#x;’Ş Also...don’t forget my fearless forecasts...let’s check by EOY if mangyari #zenaidasevafoundjobless - your original, socially awkward beshie đ&#x;˜˝ 8

It’s too bad we weren’t able to share a meal together outside of work! Really think we could’ve been friends. Please stay in touch — I wouldn’t mind randomly running into you anywhere in the world! Good luck and god speed. Meng Hi, Pia! Sad to hear that you are leaving. Thank you for all the guidance. We will miss your humor ☚ Wishing you the best đ&#x;˜Š Regards, David

Can’t imagine coming to the office and not having you beside me! It’s been a great 1.5 years and many more to come beyond Zuellig! Thank you for being a ray of light for all of us. I am luckier than most though since I get the best seat to get the full benefits of it. Looking forward to see what the future brings for you. As the card says, you’ve got this! I can’t wait to see you shine even more. You’re always welcome to borrow my jacket along the way. Love, Kate 9

Dear Pia, when I found out you were leaving (obviously before you told us nonchalantly during Nigel’s wedding because the network is real my friend) I was heartbroken - while honestly many people have left sunod-sunod, your leaving felt a bit more piercing... maybe it’s because you’re very tenured LOL but srsly it’s because you’ve always been such an integral part of the OG beshies!!! I’m so saaaaad but I take comfort in the fact that I know you’re just around and it’s not as if you’re moving continents!!! I remember ang dami ko na minema sa birthday greeting mo before LOL SO I WON’T SAY A LOT NA HERE A BASAHIN MO NALANG ULIT NYARUT. But seriously THANK YOU - obviously for all the ~DISTINCTIVE work you’ve done for me and my studies and all the studies you’ve served, but a bigger THANK YOU for doing SO WELL that Manila can comfortably claim that we do indeed have the best R&I talent ;) You have left immensely large shoes to fill (in a good way) and I am excited to see what lies ahead for you!!! And thanks for letting me use your desk in the late nights I am in the office LOL. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT BESHIES TREEEEEP Best, Delfin Pia!!! I’m so sad that one of the pillars of PH banking practice is leaving! ď Œ But I’m very excited for your next adventure where you can definitely create impact in a totally different way. Looking forward to seeing your studies/data insights online! Thank you for being such a great friend, despite all my annoying conversation segues to research requests. We should continue our eating escapades with Marj whenever we’re all in the same city again! I wish you all the best, and definitely see you around! -Ed

Hey hey! Still can’t believe na uunahan mo ako but still I am so happy for you!!! From experience, I know this must not have been an easy leap to take and I am so proud of you for it. Wish you all the best in this new journey and though I will miss you on office Fridays, please do not forget that I am just a call/ text/ Whatsapp away! Sabi nga ni Semisonic, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s endâ€? CHOZZZ. So cheers to new beginnings! Hugggs! đ&#x;˜Š đ&#x;˜Š đ&#x;˜Š P.S. Don’t forget my wedding haha! đ&#x;˜‰ Love, Steph 10



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