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Sustainable, responsible and profitable dairy farm

Lubiń Ostrowite - calf farm

Ostrowite - dairy farm

Modern plant production We grow corn, sugar beets and wheat and cultivate grass on 4385 acres (1774 ha).


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Modern farming requires highly efficient seeding machines. Our agricultural machinery ensures perfect distribution of seeds.

On 300 ha we grow grass of high-quality with large quantities of protein and sugar, which is used for production of silage with almost 21% of protein and up to 6,3 MN NEL/kg.

On almost 500 hectars we cultivate high yield wheat. After harvest all grains are sown. This year, however, all wheat froze to death due to extremely low temperatures in March.


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Manure - valuable fertilizer and raw material Natural fertilizers such as manure, litter and slurry are of prime importance as a source of nitrogen for crops. The use of manure significantly reduces the expendature for mineral fertilizers. Furthermore, manure is used as raw material for the production of biogas and after the extraction of water, as high quality and comfortable bedding for dairy cows, respectively.

A special machine - designed by Horsch - enables direct injection of slurry into the ground. The fraction of manure, which is obtained by separation of slurry, contains 30% of dry matter and has no specific odor. Proved to be excellent for litter boxes for cows and gives very good results in the prophylaxis of mastitis. This material has proven to be excellent bedding for litter boxes, both in terms of comfort and hygiene.

Grasses for great silage In Sano Agrar Institute we grow on 300 ha special varieties of grasses suitable for the production of high quality silages. The whole process is mechanised and performed with high efficiency.

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The mowing of grass is highly automatised, with unique lenght of cut grass.

After a few hours, before the build-up, the grass is collected in swathes.

Mowed, slightly withered grass is loaded with a modern self-propelled forage harvester on the truck.

Transporting the grass with trucks, as well as unloading, is done as quickly as possible.

Heavy machinery is used for piling the grass into the silo.

The grass spreader and Sano applicator are used for dispensing Labacsil, a proven Sano product, containing a mixture of acids and homofermentative lactogenic bacteria.


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Modern corn harvest In Sano Institute harvesting of corn for silage is accomplished with great efficiency. Within a few days silage for 1000 dairy cows and 1000 calves and heifers, the stock of the farm, is prepared . Therefore, different breeds of corn with different period of vegetation are cultivated.

Corn has to put very quickly into the silo, has to be densely compressed and covered very carefully. When preparing silage, the strongest machines and tractors are used.

Good compaction ensures proper fermentation. In a wellpacked silage you can not insert a pen.

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Cow-comfort The farm has approximately 1000 dairy cows which produce at average 10.500 liters milk. All facilities have been modernized, the way already described.

Automatic brushes for cows contribute to the greatest comfort. Cows like to use them. It is not only pleasant for the cows, but also contributes to hygiene and blood circulation, thus increasing the milk yield. Briefly, lots of fresh air, plenty of water (about 150 liters a day) and a well selected diet food guarantee success in dairy farming.


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Cows in the dry period We at the Institute Sano Agrar are particularly proud of the barn where the cows are kept during the dry period. Due to modern design, the constructin is simple - one tent - with a large feeding table and a lot of space for movement. The environmental conditions - comfort and nutrition - are essential prerequisite for the correct preparation of the ongoing lactation.

Essential to keep cows healthly and vital during the dry period, is to secure efficient light, oxygen and space for them. Slatted floor makes work on the farm much easier.

Heifers and cows like to use mechanical brushes before and after calving.

Cows drink water from the trough. They need to drink 3 to 5 times more water than they produce milk.

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Facility for calving cows The calving cow needs privacy and the highest comfort, a lot of straw and space. They are also under permanent surveilance by specialised farm stuff, in case assistance is required.

During the first hour after calving, calves are administered colostrum of best quality, enriched with all the antibodies and therefore calfes are healthy and immune. When the calf is born, colostrum is defrosted Immediately after calving, cows get energy We add Cotosan速 Plus to the highest quality colostrum, and then quick-freeze it. in ColoQuick device. drink BoviFit速.

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Calves Milk production starts with the correct development of calves. Only healthy calves will become cows with a high milk yield in the future.

In the early days rearing calves starts in individual boxes. Under extreme weather conditions, the tent protects calves from wind and direct sunlight. The boxes have three buckets: one for milk, one for water and one for food.

After one month, calves are transfered into modern Calves in the second month of life are getting barn that offers a lot of space and fresh wind. used to the TMR feeding system.


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Heifers are our future Investments in heifers are justified because success or failure depends on them. We provide high quality feed and the best environmental conditions for our heifers.

Thanks to proper nutrition and excellent housing attain, heifers body weight of 380 kg within 13 months, and are ready to be mated. Barn for heifers have large drinking facilities and outlets with fresh water.

For evaluation of behavior, heifers wear necklaces for Each farmer is looking forward to a beautiful, monitoring physical activity before each insemination. uniform group of heifers.


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Self-propelled mixers It mixes, weighs and transports. Compact design, adjustable suspension, high performance tiller and efficient turbo-diesel engines are the most important features of modern self-propelled Sano TMR Profi Santrak mixers.


4 in 1 - all necessarry steps of cultivating are conducted at the same time: soil preparation, sowing, fertilizing and perfect ground covering.

Self-propelled machinery for plant protection with a working width of 36 m, equipped with automatic cleaning care to protect the environment.

Straw baller equipped with a moisture sensor ensures the proper density in cubical bales.

Baling press - square bales - van: for a quick and smooth pick-up and transport of hay bales. Parallel driving with GPS and automatic driving - this is what our machines are equiped with.


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Education, practical training and conferences The task of our institute is to educate Sano experts and farmers. The veterinary medicine doctors and zootechnics from all over Europe participate in our seminars. We continuously organize scientific conferences that are attended by specialists from around the world.

Sano Agrar Institute is a place for city children gaining knowledge of the city, here they can learn „how milk is produced.� All Sano experts receive practical education from Sano Agrar Institute.

A person can learn how to handle many machines.

We organize practical training for our employees and interested farmers, for example hoof care.

Sano Agrar Institute is a research institution which performs research on profitable, sustainable and responsible dairy farming. The results of research are foreseen for producers and experts from whole world which are interested in profitable and sustainable agriculture. As the market leader in the animal feed industry with the experience from 15 countries we apply our knowledge continuously to farmers in these countries. On 1.700 ha, the highly qualitative animal feeds are produced. This ensures highest yields and productivity. Here the newest knowledge from institutes and experience from the most modern farms come together in succesful concepts of profitable animal production. We are proud of our results, our competent and passionate employees.

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