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June 2018 - July 2018 SHOP SMART


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Cover photography Optimass Art

ed’s Editor’s:


My Favourite fashions from previous issues.

Remembering Dad

Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten.” This year I celebrate Father’s Day with a heavy heart. My Father went to a better place and all I have left is memories and like the song by the late great Luther Vandross, I wish I could have final chance to Dance With My Father. In the same space I take a moment to celebrate my husband who is a pillar of strength to me, his wife and to our children as well as all those who look to him as a father figure. His absolute joy in being a father is immeasurable. The love he gives our children and the comfort they find in him is unexplainable. Every time I have seen him hold each of our children for the first time, the joy on his face is the pure definition of Fatherhood. I salute him for his presence in our children’s every moment. This month of June we honour all the fathers in our lives. The ones who have been our all so that we could be the best that we can be. We say Thank you! Siyabonga! Tatenda!


une is a hard month as its in the middle of winter. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. At Club, we want to be your go to place this winter. Your source of entertainment and comfort. We encourage you to share your Club magazine with family and friends so they experience our offering and also enjoy it. We also encourage you to get them to sign up.


e’re proud to offer you our personalised hospital and life plans through our innovative products Edgars Hospital Cash Plan and the Mi-Life Plan. These products enable you to support your loved ones and those who depend on you, should the worst happen in life.


f you get a moment to drop in-store, find out more about the Mi-Life funeral product now offered at Edgars. It’s geared to make your life a little bit more stress-free especially during the harder times. Which has proved to be very welcome. Please continue to sign up all your dependents (loved ones especially) on the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan. Check out the information we place in the magazine and the amazing testimonials other Club members are giving us. These innovative products for you, our Club members, is our way of saying we celebrate your support. So we encourage you to sign up all your dependents. As always, flip through and give me some feedback by inboxing me at theclub@edgars.co.zw Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

Tsitsi Mutendi Follow me on twitter


Edgars Hospital Cash Plan Members ALERT Club members are now required to notify Edgars within 72 hours of their hospital admission for their claims to be valid. Members should provide the following details: * Edgars account number * Full name of the member hospitalised, * Name of hospital, * Date and time of hospitalization. Club members should email finserv@edgars.co.zw; sms/ whatsapp/call +263782711734 and leave the required details.


FIRST PRIZE winner of the Cash Challenge will get a cash prize of $500 which you get to spend however you like, wherever you like. In addition to this you get to choose an educational institution, in the rural areas, to which we donate cash. This is only open to Edgars Club members. To enter please see below.



2ND PRIZE winner of the Cash Challenge will get a cash prize of $300 which you get to spend however you like, wherever you like. In addition to this you get to choose an educational institution, in the rural areas, to which we donate cash. This is only open to Edgars Club members. To enter please see below. Winners for the April - May issue will be announced in the next issue when all entries have been considered.



Winners in more ways than one! As a Club member you will receive this fantastic benefit....



Cash Challenge



3RD PRIZE winner of the Cash Challenge will get a cash prize of $200 which you get to spend however you like, wherever you like. In addition to this you get to choose an educational institution, in the rural areas, to which we donate cash. This is only open to Edgars Club members. To enter please see below. Please check page 86 for competition entry guidelines.

EDUCATIONAL BONUS? WHAT IS THE EDUCATIONAL BONUS? With every Issue the Edgars Club makes a donation to educational institutions through their Club members. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This means every Issue, you, the winners of our Cash Challenge, choose an educational institution we donate money to for its development. The institution must be in a rural area.


e in where do you see this imag ge e pa this issue ? SMS, CC25 , th unt co number, your name and ac number TO 0782780780

Edgars Club benefits

Join THE Open an Edgars Account today and sign up to be an Edgars Club Member.s


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Your Health

Cash payout of $100-00 for each day spent in hospital when admitted for more than 48 hours. • A maximum payout per claim of $3 000-00 per event and $6 000-00 per year. • Immediate cover for accident-caused admissions and 3 months’ waiting period for hospitalisation due to illness and 6 months’ waiting period for surgeries. • Claims paid within 5 working days when all claim-supporting documentation is submitted. Edgars Account debt relief or credit of $200 for hospitalisation of 7 days and above. • Edgars Account holder debt relief or credit of $200 for hospitalisation of 7 days and above for an Edgars account holder. (Please read editorial from Financial services on page 66 for more detail) Debt relief of the whole amount outstanding if the principal ac-

count holder dies.

Your family

The Edgars Club Subscriber can also add dependents. The following conditions apply: • Cash payout of $100-00 for an adult dependent and $50-00 for a child dependent for each day spent in hospital when admitted for more than 48 hours from premiums as low as $ 1.60 per adult and $1.00 per child. A maximum payout per claim of $3 000-00 for an adult dependent per event and $1 500-00 for a child dependent to $6 00000 and $3 000-00 per year respectively. • Immediate cover for accident-caused admissions and 3 months’ waiting period for hospitalisation due to illness and 6 months’ waiting period for surgeries. • Claims paid within 5 working days when all claim-supporting documentation is submitted.

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You can upgrade your account and pay over 6 months. This comes with an additional 25% increase in credit. Discount/Savings Vouchers. If

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REMEMBER! EDGARS CLUB BENEFITS CAN ONLY BE USED IF YOUR EDGARS ACCOUNT IS UP TO DATE. For more details visit www.edgarsstores.co.zw or email theclub@edgars.co.zw

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: TERMS & CONDITIONS OF EDGARS CLUB MEMBER BENEFITS To claim Edgars Death benefit – account pay off, Edgars Club payments must be up to date at time of death, and you must have been an Edgars Club member for at least 3 months. The claim must be submitted within 30 (thirty days) of the date of death and all legal documentation must be submitted with the claim, as per insurance industry norms.

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shop smart must haves



limate: The climate you live in will also determine the type of underwear that you will purchase. The following is a comparison chart which helps you to understand which fabric type suits the climate or conditions you’re living in.


Prices available instore. ***Available at Selected stores ONLY

abric: Men’s underwear is available in a variety of fabrics, including, but not limited to, nylon, cotton, silk, Spandex, Lycra, plus so much more. The right fabric comes down to your specific taste and what you will be doing while wearing them. For example: silk underwear or boxers are generally used for bed, as they are lightweight and cool against the skin. Cotton provides breathability for long day wearing, while spandex can help when being active or exercising over a long period of time.




“At Edgars we pride ourselves for intrinsic attention to detail.� As such, we are responsive to the needs and requirements of our customers. We are now going a step further for our Club members; If you identify merchandise or cosmetics in The Club which are not available or have sold out in your store, kindly inform your store manager as soon as possible and we will have the merchandise transferred to your branch (subject to availability). The table adjacent will assist you in identifying merchandise availability per store. Merchandise in the Club will have AS - All Stores, TS - Top Store or SS - Select Store, which represent branches detailed in the table. Offer available to Club members only. Sign up today and enjoy this and many other benefits.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KEY: SS- SELECT STORES

Cnr Jason Moyo & 8th Ave, Bulawayo

Cnr 1st street & Kwame Nkrumah, Harare Gweru

Cnr R.Mugabe & Angwa, Harare Cnr 1st street & Jason Moyo, Harare

Leopold Takawira, Bulawayo Masvingo

Eastgate, Harare


** ** ** ** ** **

Vic Falls



Westgate, Harare

Jason Moyo, Bulawayo Chinhoyi


Joina Centre


** **

Abbreviations will be placed against each item of merchandise to indicate availability.


Prices available instore. ***Available at Selected stores ONLY

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makeover competition


Enter our competition and stand a chance to win a brand new look!

Let our creative stylist Marshall Malikula treat you to a brand new head-to-toe makeover. You will win a new look courtesy of Edgars Stores Zimbabwe, as well as a professional photoshoot that will appear in the next edition of The Edgars Club Magazine. To enter you must be an active club account holder and you must email us: 1. Your picture and 2. A 200 word motivation as to why you deserve to receive a makeover. Send your email to theclub@edgars.co.zw Ts & Cs apply.

Marshall Malikula

Stylist & Grooming Consultant: Marshall

Malikula is a Professional Stylist and Image consultant with a proven track record, for internationally acclaimed fashion brands across Southern Africa. Fashion and all things visual are his second nature. He has a vast wealth of experience in styling fashion shows, photo shoots, beauty pageants, corporate and personal grooming. More recently he started styling for a popular music programme on ZTV. His wide array of knowledge of fashion has seen him write for The Newsday, Zimbabwe Standard, Echo newspaper a weekly in Botswana as well as contributions to the Jet, Zimbabwe blog. Naturally, Marshall finds great joy and pride in transforming people, work and living spaces. His mantra is “No matter how you feel. Get up, Dress up, Show up and never give up!�

makeover winner





GIBSON NYAMUWIRA– MAKEOVER: I want a makeover because ever since I was a teen I really liked to be a model and dressing properly is my motto. I am 47 and I would like to show other people my age that you can look good too – age is not a barrier. Now with this Edgars makeover I believe it’s a chance I can achieve my goals and dreams.




Prices available in-store

look smart beauty

How to get rid of pimples

10 Do’s & Don’ts of Fighting Acne


here’s nothing like a big angry zit to light a fire under your skin care regimen. Whether it’s chronic picking, trolling Instagram for a cure-all spot treatment, or frantically Googling “how to get rid of a pimple fast,” a breakout always feels like a call to do something. (And of course, the breakout always happens the day before a party where you know you’ll run into two exes and five frenemies.)

If you’re looking for a game plan for making an acne flare up calm down now, we’ve got you. We talked to top dermatologists to find out exactly what to do when acne strikes and you’re in a major hurry to get rid of it. Read on for the do’s and dont’s of calming the inflammation and healing the irritated skin on the double.


If you’ve got a swollen pimple on your face that’s causing pain, reach for an ice cube. Wrap it in a thin cloth and sit it on the offending spot for three to four minutes. Repeat throughout the day to relieve pain and temporarily reduce swelling.


Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is a top-shelf acne fighter by all accounts. Applying a paste made of aspirin immediately removes excess oil and dead skin. In other words, it helps to unclog and dry out your angry pore, while simultaneously reducing swelling and redness. It’s one of the home remedies that dermatologists recommend, and it even helps reduce pain at the application site. To make an aspirin

paste, crush an aspirin with a spoon and swirl it with a few drop of water, creating a paste. Then, apply it directly to the pimple!


We know you’ve heard this, and we also know you’re dying to do it. Picking tends to cause more harm than good. It can cause “trauma” (!) on the skin, which in turn leads to “inflammation, infection, and potentially a scar.” Translation: It’ll take that annoying spot twice as long to disappear. So hands off.


It’s not the chemical you use, it’s the amount you use, says Neal Schultz, M.D., a Manhattan derm. “People think if a little salicylic acid, or glycolic acid, or toothpaste is good,


When you have a, shall we say, disturbance in the force, any astringents can “disrupt the skin barrier and cause inflammation and irritation. Unless you have very oily skin, skip the zit itself when you’re doing this step in your skin care routine.


Iodine, found in high levels in shellfish and shrimp, is “the one food we know will make things worse in almost everybody. As if a breakout couldn’t get more painful, now we need to say no to lobster during them, too. Human biology is a cruel, cruel mistress.


more is better,” he says. “It gets to the point that the active ingredient irritates the skin, making it scaly and flaky and red.” To prevent irritation, try a lower concentration of active ingredient once you’ve already broken out. Checking your label for a concentration of benzoyl peroxide around 2.5 percent. One that really works: Paula’s Choice ‘Clear’ Regular Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment

Is chocolate your enemy? Are latenight McDonald’s binges getting the better of your skin? These so-called trigger foods don’t affect everyone, but Dr. Schultz warns that you should keep tabs on whether certain foods tend to correspond with sudden onset breakouts. (For example, there’s been a recent connection between skim milk and acne.) The hard part, of course, is avoiding whatever it is that’s making your skin spasm.

look smart beauty


“It’s never a good idea to squeeze a pimple. Drawing out a big pimple once the whitehead is poking through your skin. Dr. Tanzi recommends using a washcloth with hot—“but not scalding”—water, to excavate the puss before applying your spot treatment.


While it’s tempting to mix up a cure-all witches’ brew of whatever drying agents you have in the house, Dr. Tanzi says she sees a lot of irritation from DIY skin care products. Even toothpaste isn’t the remedy it was when we were teens. According to Dr. Zeichner, triclosan (the ingredient in toothpaste that has antimicrobial properties) is a rarely used these days. But if you are in a pinch and need to DIY it, here are some tips that are actually legit—and derm-approved.


Swapping your usual face wash for something harsher seems like an obvious fix. Not quite. Your cleanser needs to be gentle so topical products can penetrate your skin, says Dr. Schultz. It’s best to stick to your regular skin care routine until the breakout disappears, then see a dermatologist if you think you’re in need of a full-time acne cleanser. We’ve heard enough of these DIY tips to wonder—which ones actually work? And which ones are just wishful thinking? For most of us, the idea of a zit cure-all that you can find in your kitchen cabinet or under the bathroom sink is too good to pass up. Especially when you’re facing with an enormous blemish that has resisted all other forms of treatment. But is the risk of irritating or harming your skin worth the potential benefits? Check out remedies to remove acne scars.

shop smart men’s grooming


downtime home shop smart home Some handy tips to consider when renovating your space.


Basic Types of Lighting

he single most important concept in creating a good lighting plan for the home is to use an array of different types of lighting. “My best advice whatever you’re doing, whatever you want to achieve, is to create three layers of lighting—ambient, task and accent,” says Patricia Rizzo of the Lighting Research Center. Too many people make the mistake of expecting one type of lighting to do it all. Each type meets a particular need.

lighting is intended to illuminate a specific function. Areas of a home that require task lighting include kitchen counters where food will be prepared; living room seating areas where reading will take place; and home office desk surfaces where paperwork will be done. In a kitchen, under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting for a countertop; in a living room, a table lamp is often used for task lighting to accommodate reading.

AMBIENT LIGHT: Also called general lighting, am-

ACCENT: Also called highlighting, accent lighting

TASK: Targeted to a particular area of a room, task

When planning the layers of light in a room, it usually makes sense to consider the ambient lighting first, then consider task and accent lighting. “I like to move from general to specific when planning the lighting for a room,” says lighting designer Markus Earley of Provi-

bient lighting provides overall illumination for a room, and is intended to create a uniform light level throughout a space, independent of any special lighting that may be needed in targeted areas of a room. In most home settings, when a person steps into a room and flips on a switch, ambient lighting illuminates the space. Ambient lighting takes many forms, including: ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures that direct light downwards; wall sconces or floor-lamp torchieres that wash the walls with light; cove, soffit and valance lighting that bounces light off ceilings and walls.

draws attention to a particular object, such as artwork, sculpture, plants or bookcases. Accent lighting is often used outdoors, to highlight a beautiful tree, plant or water feature, or to draw the eye to a particular area of the landscape. Recessed or track lighting is often used for accent lighting, with adjustable fittings that allow light to be focused precisely even on a small object.

dence, R.I. With rooms that are heavily task-oriented, however, such as home offices, some designers focus on task lighting first. And in a hallway that doubles as a photo or art gallery, accent lighting might be the first consideration. “It’s so important to think about how you really use a space, and what you do in specific rooms,” says interior designer Bruce Fox, partner at Wells & Fox, which has offices in Chicago Ambient Lighting and Boston. “Only then you can start to identify where you need task lighting and accent lighting.”


choose a valance or pendant, there’s a fixture for every need in your home. Many options exist for providing light in a home, from integrated architectural solutions Accent Lighting that require contractors and tradesmen, to decorative lamps that need only be placed on a table and plugged in to the nearest outlet. Although some types of fixtures are more commonly associated with a particular layer of lighting—ambient, task or accent—most fixtures are versatile enough to be used in a number of ways.

Architectural. The three most common forms of ar-

chitectural lighting are cove, soffit and valance; all three are integrated into the room’s structure. Cove lighting is located in a ledge, shelf or recess high up on a wall, and the light is bounced toward the ceiling or upper wall. Soffit lighting is located in a soffit or cornice near the ceiling, and the light radiates downward, washing the wall with light. Valance lighting is located in a wood, metal or glass valance (horizontal shield) mounted above a window or high on the wall, and the light bounces both upward and downward. The technique of bouncing light off walls and ceilings is known as indirect lighting, which is favoured by many lighting professionals because indirect lighting minimizes shadows and glare. Architectural lighting is most often used as ambient lighting.

Recessed. Installed above the ceiling, this type of light-

ing has an opening that is flush with the ceiling. A recessed light requires at least 6 inches of clearance above the ceiling, and insulation is essential to ensure that

shopcondensation smartdoeshome not drip into the fixture. Recessed lighting sends a relatively narrow band of light in one direction; it can be used to provide ambient, task or accent lighting.


Mounted or suspended from the ceiling, track lighting consists of a linear housing containing several heads that can be positioned anywhere along a track; the direction of the heads is adjustable also. Track lighting is often used for task or accent lighting.


Mounted under kitchen cabinets, this type of lighting can be linear or a single puckshaped fixture. Undercabinet lighting is extremely popular as task lighting in a kitchen.


Suspended from the ceiling, a pendant light directs its light down, typically over a table or kitchen island. A pendant can enhance the decorative style of a room. Pendants can provide ambient or task lighting.


Chandeliers. Suspended from the ceiling, chandeliers direct their light upward, typically over a table. They can enhance the decorative style of a room. Chandeliers provide ambient lighting. Ceiling. This type of fixture is mounted directly to the ceiling and has a glass or plastic shade concealing the light bulb. Ceiling fixtures have been common in homes for nearly a hundred years, often providing all the ambient light in a room. Wall Sconces. Surface-mounted to the wall, sconces can direct light upwards or downwards, and their covers or shades can add a stylistic touch to a room. Wall sconces provide ambient or task lighting. Desk, Floor & Table Lamps. Made in a wide range of sizes and styles, lamps are extremely versatile and portable sources of light in a room. Most lamps direct light downward, with the exception of a torchiere, which is a floor lamp that directs its light upward. Lamps are often used as task lights, particularly for reading, but can also provide ambient light. c

DIY Dads

D.I.Y DADS Fire It Up! Build a Backyard Fire Pit F

rom the earliest of times, people have communed around the camp fire, telling tales and sharing personal stories. Gathering around the fire brings us together, and a backyard fire pit is the perfect spot to kick back and relax. Fire pits provide ambiance, warmth, light, and a place to gather and entertain. It’s no wonder that they are high on homeowners’ wish lists. Basking in the glow of a beautiful fire can be romantic – enough that you might just opt for a staycation to watch those sparks fly.


. HAVE A PLAN What is your particular lifestyle and what kind of experience are you looking to create? Maybe you’d like to designate a social gathering area, making the fire pit the visual or decorative focal point of your outdoor living space. You might want to use the fire pit to warm up chilly evenings and extend your outdoor season. Perhaps you’d like

to relive your childhood days. No matter what you decide, you need to have a plan.


. PICK A LOCATION Once you’ve determined how

you’d like to incorporate a fire pit into your outdoor living plan, the next step is to select its location. Evaluate your space. There’s a fire pit for every space, large or small. If you have a large piece of property,

designate a section of land for the fire pit, but make sure to select a safe and convenient location. Select the area where you’d like to socialize or entertain, and leave at least seven feet all around the fire pit’s location for seating. Make sure to choose a flat space at least ten feet from the nearest structure and plants. Last, consider the direction of the prevailing wind to avoid smoke and embers blowing at you – that would ruin the experience!



Shovel Measuring tape Spray paint to outline the shape/ size Wood stake Concrete blocks, fire bricks, landscaping stones Sand Level Rubber mallet Masonry adhesive Gravel


. SAFELY ENJOYING YOUR FIRE PIT. Remember to put safety first. Install your permanent in-ground or aboveground fire pit on a concrete surface, over pavers, or on bare dirt. Never install or place a fire pit directly on a combustible wood surface or deck.


IRE SAFETY: TO BURN OR NOT TO BURN. If you choose a wood-burning fire pit, you can select from a variety of woods, such as hickory, oak, maple, beech, birch, and elm. Do not burn painted, stained, treated woods, such as plywood, particleboard, chipboard, or railroad ties, because they emit toxic fumes. Stay away from green wood because it generates extra smoke. Although garden waste and weeds are natural, your city ordinances may prohibit their use. Never use accelerants, such as gasoline or kerosene, household trash, or plastics. For added safety, consider topping the fire pit with a screen to prevent flying embers; when not in use, a cover will also protect it and keep it clean. c

DIY Dads

downtime inspiration


HOW TO OVERCOME ILURE CAREERonFA any journey to success -

by Gamu Moyo

Lack of clarity could put the brakes


obody’s career goes exactly as planned. Even if, from a young age, you are intuitive enough to know what you want to do, and prudent enough to make a fail-proof plan to achieve your vocational goals, there will always be obstacles preventing you from living out your perfect career scenario. Poor instructors, unpleasant co-workers, a supervisor worse than Pointy-Haired Boss from Dilbert (I just aged myself) and the everyday complications of life impede even the most well thought out strategies. But even if these headaches slow you down and make you rethink your path, you need not regret everything that has kept you from accomplishing the career you’ve always wanted.



Did you sleep in past your interview or miss the deadline for a submission? If the cause for these blunders is something that can be fixed, then appreciate that you’ve learned how to keep it from happening again. If not, then remember that you’re a human and you are neither the first nor the last person who will make this mistake. What you must avoid is taking it too harshly. If it’s a serious matter, then take it as a lesson to remember in the future. But beating yourself up over something that’s already happened never helps anyone, whether it be with your job, your relationships, or your fantasy sports team. Career ending events are very uncommon, so unless you have to worry about the law taking away your right to your chosen occupation, there isn’t much that you can’t

come back from.



Does your boss lack a moral compass? Does he/she order you to do unethical tasks against customers or competitors? Confronting your boss on his/her dishonest practices may not be on your to-do list, but if you spend too much time following instructions that you perceive as “doing the wrong thing”, then you’re going to suffer more than you would by coming out against your employer. If they know that you know what you are doing is wrong, they may decide to change their own practices. And even if they choose to dismiss you for staying loyal to your own integrity, it is easy to take solace in knowing that wasn’t the type of place you wanted to work at to begin with. You may regret the

temporary loss of income, but you’ll never regret keeping your principles.


. Coming Up Short

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to complete a task, only to find out that it wasn’t good enough, then you’ll likely want to spend some time sulking. But nobody who has gotten anywhere hasn’t had this happen to them. No one gets it right all the time. This is another area where you can learn from mistakes. Most times, being rejected will also come with advice as to why you came up short. And advice is something that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Another set back, another lesson learned.



There are a few different ways one gets fired: By doing the wrong thing, by doing the right thing, or by doing nothing at all. If you’ve done the wrong thing, then you know it, and can take it as another one of those “character building” episodes in life. If you’ve done the right thing, then you’re probably complying with the practice of staying true to yourself, and there’s no shame in that. If you’ve done nothing at all, then while you may want to scream at the injustice, remember that it was probably not your fault, and more likely a case of company politics. Unless you’ve decided it was “the final straw”, then getting back on track is probably easier than you think. Remember - politicians, athletes, and celebrities lose their jobs all the time. It doesn’t mean it’s the end.



Do you love what you are doing now? What did you want to be when you were young? Is it what you are or what you still want to be?

downtime inspiration

Chances are, they aren’t the same. You’ve probably changes your career at least once so why not again? As far as anyone knows, this is the only life we have, so why should you waste it doing one thing when you want to do another? If you don’t feel the same passion for the career path you’ve chosen, then why do it for the rest of your life? Luckily, there are always people with advice and encouragement to help you to make change. Seek out someone who is encouraging and that inspires you. Remember to always listen to the advice you would give someone in your situation. It’s the best guidance you’ll ever follow.


mentality that says you may never get another job, that you may never make as much as you once made, that you will have to work until the day you die. All that does is make you struggle more.

Remember who you are and who you are not. I see a lot of people who experience rejection and then process it as failure. They forget how talented and viable they are, so it becomes harder to project themselves as desirable. That poises them for more rejection. You have not lost your talent. And your setbacks have not erased your successes. They are just obstacles. You have succeeded in the past and you will succeed in the future.

Get dressed in the morning. Look good. Feel good so you can deliver. Exercise. Do you stop exercising because you get depressed or do you get depressed because you stopped exercising? Do whatever you need to do in order to keep your depression at bay. Take your meds. Pray. Take care of yourself so you are able to deliver at your greatest level of performance.

Choose your friends carefully. If you surround yourself with hopeless people, you’ll lose hope. This can be hard if most of your friends are former co-workers who were also laid off. And, that can be even worse if you are competing for the same jobs against your friends. You’ll constantly wonder why someone got an interview or job that you didn’t. For the time being, be around people who will propel your success.

Take charge of your brain. If you put negative in, you get negative out. Put positive in, get positive out. You have tremendous power to control what you are thinking and, when you start hearing the negative tapes, just give yourself a verbal “Stop” cue. Deliberately replace your negative thoughts with something positive. It’s easier if you have a list of five positive things to go to for those low moments. For example, “I’ve been so successful in the past. I’m smart enough to get through this.”

Network. Duh. We’ve all heard “It’s not what you know but who you know.” Well, it is also how you know them. Don’t network to make business connections. Network to make relationships. It is more important that you know that somebody likes to watch Grey’s Anatomy and loves pizza with anchovies than it is that you know their job description. Make important people fall in love with your personality and leverage those friendships so they take care of you professionally.

Know that these tough times will not last forever. As much as it feels like you are sinking into a bottomless pit of quicksand, you aren’t. Don’t let yourself slide into the

The most important thing is to have faith. Things will work out. Things do have a way of working out. There’s so much you can’t control, so give it to the wind. c

Add 2 dependants & get a free T-shirt Simply join The Club and add 2 dependants or add 2 dependants to your existing Club subscription and get a beautiful branded Club tee. RECIPIENTS ACCOUNT HOLDER ADULT Dependant U18 Dependant

clu b Zim










$3,000 * Ts & Cs Apply




Prices available instore. ***Available at Selected stores ONLY

downtime teen talk

how teens can cope with PARENTS’ DIVORCE W No matter your age, watching your parents divorce is still going to hurt.

atching your parents’ divorce is painful no matter your age, but much of the research and advice on how to cope is dedicated to children. What happens to people who are teenagers or adults when their parents’ divorce? Their survival guide to a parental split looks a bit different than what’s recommended for children, according to experts. Here are 11 tips on how to get through this major life change as a teen or adult from therapists and experts on divorce below.


your age, you may be flooded with feelings that threaten to overwhelm you at times, ranging from sadness

to fury. Find someone who can lighten your emotional load by listening and acknowledging what you’re going through.


Should one or both of your divorcing parents try to discuss the divorce with you with the intention of sharing their side of the story, or playing on your sympathy to align you with them, calmly tell them you don’t want to get involved. This is their drama, not yours. Suggest they see a therapist or divorce coach to help them make the best decisions.


Most teens and adults whose parents’ divorce feel some combination

of anger, guilt and betrayal. Even if you’re technically a grown-up, you need information, empathy and reassurance from your parents. You also need freedom to express your whole range of feelings ― including anger ― without being made to feel guilty, asked to choose sides or being enlisted as a go-between.

LIVE YOUR LIFE IN A WAY THAT NURTURES YOU. Have fun, go out with your friends and take care of yourself. We can only serve others when we care for ourselves.


were married, they were a support system for each other. Now when they get sick or need help, instead of depending on each other, they’ll

turn to their kids. While you want to be there for your parents, your life will undoubtedly change. You will have responsibilities to your own family. Before it becomes an issue, it may help to have an open and honest conversation with your parents about planning for the future. What will retirement look like? What will happen if they get sick? Talking about these things up front often gives everyone time to make important decisions and make a plans that won’t leave you as your parents’ only resource for support.


Divorce is a disruptive and upsetting process. Parents can be reassured by your support and concern. Just make sure to keep your boundaries clear.


It’s the natural tendency for you to want to understand more of what happened that caused the problems and your family. Unfortunately, the information you receive will be through filter of that specific parent. It will only cause you confusion and hurt. Relationships are complicated and they don’t end over a specific moment. There’s no value in gathering more information as you’ll never be able to truly understand what happened. No matter what they might tell you, even your parents do not know exactly what happened that got them to this point.


Resist the temptation to numb yourself with food, drink or losing yourself online. The more willing you are to feel sadness and loss, the

more quickly you will find your footing.

downtime teen talk


Even if you do align with one parent over the other, don’t agree to step into the court litigation. This is a very stressful experience that you should avoid if possible. You can make a written statement or talk to parental lawyers outside of court to share your feelings, but tell them you don’t want to testify in court 10. Consider counselling. Depending on the circumstances, seeking out the guidance of a mental health professional might help you sort things out in your mind. If you discover after 25 years that your father is not the person you thought he was, it can rock your world. If, on the other hand, you know your parents’ parting is best for everyone, you may not need therapy, but you will want to allow yourself time to adjust to the new configuration of your family. Regardless of the situation, you want to allow yourself time to grieve, time to express your sadness or anger and time to adjust to your new reality.


It takes time to adjust to change this enormous, but you will. Get support, lean on caring friends, stay connected with both parents, treat yourself well and you will find your way through the storm. c

downtime parenting

Becoming a

Step-Parent to an


tep parenting an adolescent is different than with a young child. After single parenthood, widowhood, or divorce, when a parent marries, a step-relationship is created between one’s children and the new partner. The step-family task is neither simple nor easy. First socially, and then psychologically, these new relationships can become extremely complex, confusing, and often conflicted. Step-families mix people up. Just consider the diversity. Coming from different living situations, social experiences, personal values, past histories, and prior and ongoing attachments, the step-parent and the step children are thrust into household intimacy. Now they are expected to accommodate to all these differences so they can function as a family unit. For all


concerned, it’s hard to figure out how to act and react, how to fit in, deal with differences, and get along. Statistics attest to the difficulty of keeping a step-family together. “Remarriage involving stepchildren have a greater rate of dissolution than those without,” according to Wikipedia, about ‘Remarriage.’ I believe marriage involving step-adolescents can be even harder. In general, everyone’s adjustment to this reconstituted family is easier with a younger child. Still in the impressionable age of attachment and similarity and compliance to significant adults, the little girl or boy is often open to bonding with a step-parent. By contrast an adolescent, who is now detaching and differentiating from childhood and parents, has more tendency to keep

the step-parent at a distance. Thus the step-family adjustment can become more awkward and difficult. Where the little child may have seen much to gain in relationship to this new adult in the family, the adolescent may feel she or he has more standing and autonomy to lose. Consider the challenge. THE STEP-FAMILY CHALLENGE As mentioned, a dependent younger child is usually more inclined to go with the flow of parental marriage and the step-family adjustment than an adolescent who often feels yanked around by family change and has become more independently, individually, and assertively inclined. At the outset, it often comes as a surprise that family relations during adult courtship and now

downtime parenting

with marriage are not the same. Role changes change relationships. Once the fun-loving friend of their parent moves in and begins acting like a serious second parent, the relationship can feel offensive for the adolescent step-child. Once the enjoyable teenager of the partnerto-be becomes a source of daily demand and interference in the new marriage, the relationship can feel less welcome for the step-parent. From this marital change, normal ambivalence can develop on both sides of the step-relationship.

to dreams of that!” Seeing parents change. “I thought getting used to a step-parent was going to be the biggest change, but no. The biggest change is seeing my parent become more like the person they just married.”

ADOLESCENT ADJUSTMENTS TO PARENTAL REMARRIAGE What can help the step-parent who may be encountering more teenage resistance, is taking the time to appreciate some adjustments demands on an adolescent that the new parental marriage can make.

As an adult authority it’s usually best to let the biological parent be the Corrective Authority when it comes to family discipline at the beginning, while the step parent can act as Contributory Authority when it comes to providing valued permissions and household benefits. Let the biological parent do the hard stuff at the outset while the step parent gets to do some of the good stuff so a positive relationship to the adolescent has a chance to build.

Consider just a few: Intimacy with a stranger. “It’s like living with an adult I don’t even know. Now I have watch how I dress and undress in my own home!” Conditional caring. “When my step-parent doesn’t like how I behave, or I don’t like how they behave, there’s no history of love that we can fall back on the way there is with my parent. We care for each other so long as we like how each other acts.” Difficult attachment. “My parent loves this person who a lot of times I don’t even like.” Less attention to go around. “Now there’s more competition for attention than before. I have to wait for my step-parent to be away if I want time alone with my parent.” Additional loss. “When one parent moves out, you lose some of them, and when the other parent remarries you lose part of the one remaining to their new partner. It’s just never the same.” The end of reunion fantasies. “Well, now I know for sure Mom and Dad will never get back together. Remarriage to my step-parent put an end

PHASING IN THE STEP-PARENT ROLE I believe the best advice for a beginning step parent with an adolescent is to go slow in two ways – as an adult authority and as an introducer of family change.

As an introducer of family change by starting a new practice, stopping one that is old, increasing or decreasing the frequency of some family behavior, I believe it’s generally best to go slow. First fit into the ongoing family before trying to fit it to the step parent. Allow adequate time for everyone to just get used to living with each other. PITFALLS OF BEGINNING STEP PARENTHOOD There are four pitfalls I have frequently seen beginning step-parents fall into with an adolescent. For your consideration, here they are:


irst, the step-parent can demand too much change too soon and can create a family reputation of being tyrannical that generates entry resentment. As previously suggested it is usually best to become familiar with the existing family flow before trying to change it.


econd, a step-parent silently going along with the partner’s parenting at the outset can be at the expense of the marital dialogue that needs to get started. It is usually best to keep the needs of the developing marriage a top priority by including in the emerging relationship an ongoing discussion of parenting ideas, concerns, and agreements. hird, it can be tempting for the step-parents to over-give to step-children when getting started, making special effort and not getting comparable effort in return, and then feeling resentful for feeling taken for granted and giving too much. It is usually best to not over-give to step-children to get along. ourth, it can be easy for the step parent’s “invisible efforts” to be overlooked and go unacknowledged by the parent – all the ways and occasions the step-parent silently goes along and bears with adolescent behaviors and parenting responses that secretly feel foreign, irritable, or even wrong. Better for the step parent to share these feelings of incompatibility with the parent and for the parent to listen and credit the tolerance of unfamiliarity and self-restraint that step-parenting requires.


Finally, on a personal note, there is this: To the life of an adolescent, I believe a step-parent can contribute a lot. As an adolescent child of parental divorce and parental remarriage on both sides, my step-mother and my step-father introduced formative influences into my life that I benefit from to this day. I gained an appreciation for reading from my bookish step-mother and some capacity for practical problem solving from my engineer step-father. Not that we didn’t have our moments of disagreement and disenchantment, but we also had companionship and communication that mattered more the older I grew. These relationships were definitely worth the effort. c

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Historically intriguing, culturally compelling and scenically inspiring, Eritrea is one of the most secretive countries in Africa.

eccentric ERITREA M ysterious Eritrea lies on the North Eastern edge of Africa between Sudan and Ethiopia. Part African with a dusting of European and Arabian influence, this former Italian colony has a curious charm.

above one of the most untarnished reefs in the Red Sea.

Explore the inhospitable wasteland of Dankalia. Visit Asmara to take in some of the finest colonial architecture in Travellers are few and far between, Africa. An unexpectedly delightful and Eritrea has a nonchalant attitude to capital city, Asmara is dotted with tourism. No matter. Visitors may have marvellous art deco and modernist to put in more legwork but they will be architecture, authentic street-front handsomely rewarded; everyone from coffee shops that make for prime bird watchers to history buffs will find people-watching, and sobering something that takes their fancy here. testaments to the many difficult While it is a fragile, barren environment years of fighting in the lead up to, with little wildlife left, tropical birds and ensuing years since, indeabound and the Red Sea is brimming pendence. Also, as long as travel with marine life. Visitors can also enjoy restrictions remain in place for the chilled out seaside towns, eclectic ethnic rest of the country, Asmara offers groups, archeological ruins and cities the most freedom to travellers, with crammed with Islamic, Modernist, Fu- anywhere within 25km of the city turist and Art Deco architecture. fair game for exploration without needing to apply for travel permits. We recommend * Go diving in the Dahlak Escape to the Semenawi Archipelago where you can frolic Bahri AKA Eritrea green belt.

A pocket of dense, tropical forest amid a largely barren landscape, this natural haven boasts monkeys, brightly coloured birds and views of the lowland plains. Take a ride on the restored Asmara to Massawa steam train. The scenic sights you’ll spy through the window are guaranteed to leave an indelible impression. Once called the ‘Pearl of the Red Sea’, Massawa is now a more faded-glory beauty, as the historic Ottoman, Egyptian and Italian architecture continues to fall further into the disrepair originally inflicted by the final days of fighting of the War for Independence in 1991. Budding historians and photographers continue to explore the Old Town in small numbers, while nearby beaches (both on the mainland and in the Dahlak Islands) and the archaeological excavations at Adulis also draw their share of visitors.

The road from Asmara to Massawa winds down from the highlands through several large canyons before finally reaching sea level and the empty desert on the final approach to the coast. En route you’ll pass though the highland market town of Ghinda; it’s worth a wander if you have time to spare, particularly on Wednesdays when residents of surrounding villages come in for the weekly market. Travel Tips Invest in a good first aid kit and good travel insurance that will fly you home or to the nearest adequate medical facilities. Don’t plan on leaving the capital straight away; every foreign visitor must apply 10 days in advance for a permit to leave Asmara. Travel in Eritrea: vital statistics Capital of Eritrea: Asmara Population of Eritrea: 5.6 million • Languages in Eritrea: Tigrinya, Arabic, others Time in Eritrea: GMT+3 International dialling code in Eritrea: +291 Voltage in Eritrea: 220 AC, 50 Hz Visas for Eritrea: Eritrea visa Money in Eritrea: Eritrea nakfa (ERN). There are no ATMs. Credit cards are not commonly used. Some hotels and larger establishments will accept credit cards but may add a surcharge. International airport Asmara (ASM) 5 km from Asmara.

ber-January and April-June. In the wet weather many roads become impassable. Through the June-September holidays many Eritreans from abroad return to visit their homeland making accommodation slightly harder to find. Getting around in Eritrea

live smart travelling

main cities of Asmara, Massawa, Assab and Keren. Asmara has a range of good hotels and the others have at least one decent hotel each. There are a mixture of scruffy government hotels and well maintained private hotels. Budget hotels outside the capital often have communal rooms, grubby squat toilets and no running water.

Eritrea food & drink Eritrean cuisine is much like that of Ethiopia with an Italian twist. In Eritrea, tsebhis (stews) predominate. They are usually accompanied by injera (spongy flatbread made from teff, sorghum or wheat) or Semenawi Bahri hilbet (lentil, legume and faba bean paste). Stews are mainly made from chicken, mutton or beef. BerEritrean Airlines operate internal bere, a herbal spice mix, is slathered flights. The railway runs beover everything to give Eritrean tween Asmara and Massawa with food its trademark spicy flavour. regular stops in between. Buses Ful (stewed beans with tomato and are a cheap option for both short onions), goat and shiro (chickpea and long journeys, although the paste) are popular. Drinks include services are sporadic and you will tea, coffee, milk, honey wine and often have to sit twiddling your suwa (homebrewed beer). Soft drinks are rare and pricey. The water is not safe to drink so stick to the bottled variety.

Health & safety in Eritrea Eritrea has an uneasy relationship with Ethiopia and the Eritrean/ Ethiopian border can be a trouble spot. It’s wise to stay away from the border with Djibouti and Sudan too. Dahlak Archipelago Away from the border regions, Street crime and theft are virtually unheard of although travellers When to go to Eritrea thumbs until the bus is full and the should still err on the side of caution. Asmara and the highlands have good driver decides to set off. Taxis are There are numerous minefields, espeweather all year round. In May the plentiful. There are numerous car cially near the border with Ethiopia. temperature peaks, hitting about 30ºC. hire firms in Asmara and petrol is Avoid off road riving and check local March and April see a little rain, folavailable nationwide. Driving after advice about country walks. lowed up with a proper dousing in the f dark can be risky as there are few Take precautions against malaria, wet months between June-September. signs and some hair-raising drops. hepatitis A, typhoid fever, yellow On the coast temperatures in the mid fever and dengue fever. Altitude 40s make June-September a hot and Eritrea accommodation sickness can strike in Asmara or after sticky time to travel. The best months Finding somewhere to stay a lengthy stint in the lowlands. to see the coastal regions are Septemshouldn’t pose a problem in the WHAT TO PACK : It is advised against all travel within 25km of Eritrea’s border with Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti, as well as the town of Tesseney and areas north and west of Nakh’fa, Ak’ordat and Barentu.

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CULTURE CLUB June & July 2018 are filled with exciting blockbusters lined up.


Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi Release Date: 22 June 2018 Four years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that’s about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinos while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet.


Winky D (born Wallace Chirumiko in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 1 February 1983) is a Zimbabwe reggae-dancehall artist, known popularly as “The Big Man” (stylized as “Di Bigman”), and also known as Dancehall Igwe. He was born in Mpopoma, Bulawayo in South West Zimbabwe. His songs, coupled with his ingenious stage performances, set the dance floors very busy. He has since released five albums with many chart hits which have gained him fans across the world, evidenced by successful tours in United Kingdom and South Africa. Winky D has become the icon for Zimbabwean urban/ reggae music. Ensure you pick up his new album Gombwe. source: Wikipedia and The Herald


Animation, Action, Adventure Release Date: 15 June 2018 Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back in “Incredibles 2”- but this time Helen is in the spotlight, leaving Bob at home with Violet and Dash to navigate the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life. It’s a tough transistion for everyone, made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack’s emerging superpowers. When a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot, the family and Frozone must find a way to work together again - which is easier said than done, even when they’re all Incredible.

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Club Issue 26