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F U TUR E L EA D E R S! The Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) Future Leaders Forum equips people to further a career in local government and provides valuable networking opportunities with some of Queensland's brightest talents.! Our Senior Housing Officer, Hilda Mosby, our Cluster Divisional Manager Ranetta Nawakie and our Administration Officer Environment and Health, Kathy Cochran were selected as TSIRC’s Future Leaders and share their experiences here. Hilda Mosby “I’m very honoured & privileged to be part of the team who participated in the LGMA – Future Leaders Forum 2016." " I found it very beneficial in understanding the dynamics between city councils and regional councils. Many are still siloed and need to communicate horizontal, as well as vertical." The speakers who presented had many years of experience in local government and were inspirational. Leadership is driven by our determination to move forward in our professional & personal lives." I am refreshed and ready to drive change in my current role. "" I would like to thank the CEO & the Management team of TSIRC to give me this opportunity to attend the forum which will help me progress forward in my employment in Local Government.” " Kathy Cochran “Firstly I’d like to thank our management team for the opportunity to attend the LGMA Future Leaders Forum. Secondly, to my colleagues that attended for making it a memorable and rewarding experience. " I believe that we, as a Council going forward, should invest in identifying leaders and put the time into nurturing their aspirations, and providing them with leadership opportunities. " What I gained out of the Forum was that with good leadership, each team member is valued for what they can bring, to achieve the collective goal and outcomes. Further you have to be prepared

Here’s a simple curry that Teena Akiba cooks for her family. It has yummy crisp vegies to contrast the creamy coconut sauce.

‘Islan Style’ coconut & sour cream chicken

(through training and or experience), so when opportunity presents, you are ready for it." " The Forum allowed us the opportunity to meet other aspiring leaders in Local Government and develop a network to benefit one’s career. One of the biggest points identified was that a great effective team requires good leadership, breaking down of silos, having meerkat moments to stick your head up and see what others in your team are doing, and realign when necessary, to reach the targeted outcome or end goal. " Ranetta Nawakie “The LGMA Future Leaders Forum was a great opportunity provided by TSIRC. We had the chance to network with representatives" from various councils throughout Queensland, giving me an understanding of how the regional and city councils operate, and the diverse services provided." " Guest speakers ranged from CEO’s of different councils and Olympic medallists who spoke about their personal and professional experiences." The key speakers gave an insight into their career paths, the struggles and the rewards, lessons learnt along the way, team work, communication, leadership, management and work & life balance. " I’d like to esso TSIRC for the opportunity to attend the LGMA Future Leaders Forum. " I highly recommend the workshop as it has given me a broader perspective and has allowed me to set goals and clarified how I can reach my goals. " " Besides the workshop, I enjoyed the fun, the city, the food and the time away building relationships with my colleagues." " I am refreshed, inspired to make a change, to challenge myself for my community and our region.” 5

METHOD Brown chicken in a little oil then add the garlic and ginger. When spices are lightly cooked, drain juices off and keep. Add salt and pepper and coconut cream and simmer for 5 minutes stirring continuously. Add sour cream and curry paste and simmer on low for 20 minutes.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

INGREDIENTS: 1.5 kg chicken wings (cut off tips) 1.5 kg chicken drumsticks (cut off base) oil 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 tablespoon minced ginger ! tin coconut cream Pinch salt and pepper 250ml sour cream 1 tablespoon Red Curry paste 1 capsicum - thinly sliced 2 red onions - thinly sliced 2 large carrots - thinly sliced





The rship e d a Le Issue

Ya n g u k u d u l ISSUE 2 | 2016

a Serves of 5 family From the Office of the Mayor TSIRC Budget | 2016 - 17

Council adopted a $106m budget for the 2016 – 17 financial year at its Budget Meeting at Hammond Island on June 28. Along with a $65m annual operating budget, a much-needed $41m capital injection has been provided as part of Council’s overall budget. This capital injection Future Leaders Forum comes from: • $16m capital grant funding • $25m of donated essential to life asset upgrades to; - Social housing ($16m) - Water and sewerage ($9m)

Turn heat off at stove and add capsicum, carrots and onions and rest for 10 minutes so that they are crunchy at mealtime. Juices can be kept as a dip or to flavour rice at mealtime.


In addition, Council’s budget reinvests $2.3m of its own funds for much needed renewals, upgrades and refurbishments of existing assets - including plant, fleet, corporate buildings and social housing.

High profile Indigenous Media Agency Gilimbaa worked with TSIRC to develop the visual design for our new website which will be going live in August 2016.

Councils cash commitments totalling $3.4m carry forward from the previous financial year for stadium works, Ugar Community Hall extension, and other water, transport and infrastructure upgrades. $1.5m of these commitments are provided from Council’s own sourced funds to encourage like-for-like funding from third parties, wherever possible.

Gilimbaa’s Indigenous designers use community engagement tools to work with Indigenous artists and storytellers to produce high quality design work for major corporates including Telstra, Woolworths, Recognise and Federal Government. Coming of the Light

Gilimbaa consulted with Badu Art Centre, Erub Arts and Gab Titui to curate artists into the new web design. The artworks selected are the works of high profile artists Matilda Nona Maujewel from Badu, Manah Torenbeek from St Pauls and Lorenzo Ketchell from Erub.

Capital funds are committed for delivery of large infrastructure projects including: • Services for new housing and renewal of existing housing • Transport, water and sewerage assets • Continuation of climate change adaptation projects.

Divisional Mangers Fo


Look out for the new MIP5 signage in your communties with artwork from Jimmy Thaiday, Matilda Nona Maujewel and Taicee Pearson.


Operationally, Council is committed to delivering sustainable regional and economic development for the Torres Strait. Our key focus areas moving forward will be sustainability, improving operating efficiency and building local capacity.

Empowering our people in our decision, in our culture, for our future


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Strait talk 2 2016  

Strait talk 2 2016  

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