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and don’t have the courage, see how they did it. (Full story in the April 2012 issue). You have been familiar with my relationship columns since TYM was started in April 2011, when I joined the team. Talks about relationships have always been my favourite. The interest stems from the old music I grew up listening to. I have always been an inquisitive child; I asked what makes people grow old together and why some part ways with broken hearts. My mom would say; “you’ll grow up one day and understand why”. I kept on asking and reading books about relationships. I loved listening to people’s love experiences. A psychology module helped me understand what makes people meet, stay together or even part ways - you’d wish life had a formula or even a manual because it’s full of surprises, the next time you are together then the next apart. That part interested me; my love for writing about relationships grew from there. My love for writing and telling stories started in secondary school with my first story that my teacher, Miss Nchabeleng thought I copied it somewhere...can you imagine? Of course I did not, she had to make me write it again. I did and it was all sorted - we played the story in our Arts and Culture period. I took part in debates and wrote public speeches in school. I loved it. I then took a course in journalism and started my career in the field at 19 at a community newspaper, Sosh Times where I was groomed by a media mogul, Mr Thabo Mooke, the editor of the newspaper. That made me love journalism even more. The TYM team welcomed me and I had a wonderful time sharing my experience with young people and working tirelessly to instill positivity in the lives of the youth. Back then the editor was Doreen Mokgolo who gave birth to the magazine. The TYM team raised it to where it is today. What a journey this has been.

Farewell my beloved, only God knows when we will meet again. This is my last issue as the editor of TYM. We’ve had each other’s hearts since hello, but now we part as I say GOODBYE! It has been absolutely great being with you, from my first issue with our cover star, Thuli Zulu to this one. I remember her quote that I promise to carry with me. “Package yourself in a way that reflects your self-worth.” (Full story in the March 2012 issue)

Another business article that I wish you learn from as the youth who are full of business ideas was about a family that had the same vision – to go far in business using their talent, Neo Morapedi productions (May 2012 issue). You might be sisters, brothers and cousins with different talents that can make you something big one day but you are sitting and doing nothing. Why don’t you rewind and go back to their story and

I had an opportunity of meeting with our first young people in business. These young people started a modelling agency and they are still going strong. Busisiwe and Lucky call their agency Emmaral Blue promotions. Should you wish to start


see just how possible things can be if you put your heart and mind to it. I must say, June was my favourite month. Not only because it’s a youth month but I had a great time interviewing my team on how technology has simplified their lives. (Full story in the June issue). It was in this month when I met with Wendy Dikgole to tell her story. She had the best life until she was retrenched from work and had to start from the bottom. She reminded me of this saying; “No matter how many times you fall don’t be despondent because it is the getting up that counts.” Today she’s up and running, organising women events and working on different projects to help others. She’s indeed a strong young woman. Perhaps you are also experiencing this and you think God has forgotten about you, don’t! Paul Light, TYM’s spiritual food writer reminded us to have confidence in the Lord. I had an opportunity of meeting with MIza, South Africa’s artist. His music keeps us on the dance floor. He told us how he started in the scene. He’s a living proof that if you want something in life you must work hard at it and never give up on what you want. He took different taxis and stood on queues to make his dream come true – it worked at the end. (Full story in the July issue). It was also exciting having a guest from the UK telling his powerful story in TYM. TYM’s business reporter, Refilwe Ramatlhodi spoke to him. I was so inspired when I had meetings with young people who study very hard to build a better tomorrow in Students and Careers. These young people spoke about different careers and how they keep a balance between work and studies. One such young person was an inspiration to many with his heavy academic record, he’s the young scientist and dreams big. Do you remember him? (Full story in the August issue). It was also in this month when I spoke to TYM’s August cover star, Salamina Mosese. I think as young people we can get so much from what she said: “South Africans as a whole need to become more self sufficient. We have a mineral rich country with good vegetation and climate, yet we still complain that we go hungry. We need to get more creative and stop waiting for handouts from the government.” And now to my last issue when I handover the office keys. Profiling young people with rich portfolios gave me a chance to know what other young people do out there. They run businesses, study, work and do other things at the same time this should motivate you to start moving. I met with another young person this September month. Be inspired...let’s not be sad that we part ways, let’s be glad we learned from each other...that should count! Much Love...Mmabatho Makotanyane



On the back of inspiring a nation by passing his matric at age 60, legendary South African musician, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse is fitting to be one of this year’s National Book Week ambassadors. It is also encouraging to see many public figures playing an active role in encouraging the nation to read not only their tweets and Facebook statuses, but books, in whichever format they may be. The theme for this year’s National Book Week is “Read a Book, Share a Book.”

is a need for books written in indigenous languages, and it’s encouraging to see the powers that be acknowledge and encourage that the need be attended to. In as much as readers were encouraged and writers acknowledged, the Minister did note that by way of putting emphasis on enterprise development, emerging publishers will also be equipped with the skills necessary to successfully run publishing enterprises.

Every first week of September, 03-08 this year, South Africa celebrates National Book Week, an initiative by the South African Book Development Council (SABDC) in collaboration with the Department of Arts. In its third stint this year, the National Book Week is geared at promoting literacy by encouraging reading through various activities that happen throughout the week at different schools, libraries and communities. Ultimately, the objective is to cultivate a culture of reading in the country.

Above and beyond just collecting books and giving them away on National Book Week, the Department of Arts and Culture announced that it is looking at advancing the economic potential of the book sector. “Ladies and Gentlemen, in order to realise fully the potential of the book sector as a contributor to job creation, poverty reduction and skills development, we need to have an integrated national strategy on the books and publishing sector”, the Minister announced.

The National Book Week coincides with the International Literacy Day which was commemorated on 08 September.

He said that a Ministerial Task Team with the purpose of identifying growth opportunities for the local books and publishing sector has already been appointed and some of the strategies they’ve come up with have already been implemented at this year’s National Book Week.

Minister of Arts and Culture, Paul Mashatile gave a keynote address at the opening of this year’s National Book Week held in the Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape.

Kofi Anan manages to echo the Minister’s words when he says: “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. It is a tool for daily life in modern society. It is a bulwark against poverty, and a building block of development, an essential complement to investments in roads, dams, clinics and factories. Literacy is a platform for democratisation, and a vehicle for the promotion of cultural and national identity. Especially for girls and women, it is an agent of family health and nutrition. For everyone, everywhere, literacy is, along with education in general, a basic human right.... Literacy is, finally, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman and child can realise his or her full potential.”

In his address, he acknowledged the literacy heritage and contribution that has come from the Eastern Cape and its impact on the history of our country. Minister Mashatile paid homage to the writers of past such as Sol Plaatjie, Dr Neville Alexander, Dr Mongane Wally Serote (present at the opening), Dr. Sindiwe Magona (also present) and took note of the current crop of writers among others Sifiso Mzobe, Angela Makholwa and McIntosh Polela. He in turn challenged the “new generation of writers to use their pen to tell the South African story and continue with the spirit of activism towards the empowerment of their communities.”

You have the basic right to read, beyond National Book Week. The SABDC can be contacted on the following for more info: 021-914-8626

The Department of Arts and Culture has been working with the National Library of South Africa to reprint classic books written in indigenous languages, this “as part of reclaiming our literacy heritage”, the Minister said. In the same breath he did point out that in as much the indigenous classics are being reprinted, space has to be made for emerging writers and uncover new ones. One thing is certain – there

Follow the National Book Week on Twitter: @NBW_2012 By Masingita Masiya, the author of The Right to Mourn.


Jennifer Mnisi is a 24-year-old who was born in Daveyton, Johannesburg. She matriculated in Hulwazi Secondary school in 2004 where she managed to receive a distinction in Xitsonga. She holds a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. From a family where education is a priority, she continued with her studies and graduated this May at the Tshwane University of Technology obtaining her Btech in Pharmaceutical Science. She is TYM’s September Girl Next Door, she talks to Fanisile Nkuna. Where do you work and what do you do there? I intern for Bayer (Pty) Ltd as a pharmaceutical scientist in Isando. What do you love most about your work? Getting to communicate with people from overseas and different places in Africa. You learn a lot as you go from different people. What challenge do you face in your work? The science world is dominated by males, as a female scientist I have to work twice as hard to prove that I am also capable. What are your current obstacles? Moving out of my parents’ home, they do not want me to move out. To them I am and forever will be their “little Jen”. During my stay in Cape Town from 2006 to 2010 they would always call to check who am I with, if I ate and what I’m doing. It was even a challenge alone for them to agree when I said I want to further my studies in another province, a lot of convincing had to be done. Another issue is dating, they can’t accept that at some stage I would have to introduce my future husband to them and on this issue I believe I’m not the only one.

young people family has to be that significant and something you cherish. You know what they say when days are dark friends are few.

What do you do to relax? Go out with friends, watch TV, read books and play chess.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I see myself as a successful Regulatory Scientist.

What is your favourite movie and why? Pursuit of Happiness because of the main actor featured there being Will Smith, any movie that he is included in I love.

Favourite quote you live by? “Do not wake up in the morning with the broken pieces of yesterday” Unknown. I treat each day like it’s a new chapter of my life. Taking each step carefully a day, hoping to reach to the peak of that mountain where I can proudly say I’m content.

Who do you look up to? I look up to everybody in my family, they all put in equal effort in encouraging me in every aspect of my life. Whatever decision I make and take I consult with them. If they say no it becomes hard for me to go ahead as planned. I believe as 8

It should be “I knew that I still had a goal I should fulfill not only for myself but also my parents where I left my country to stay in a foreign one”, said the 19-year-old Mohammed Mamun. He is an ordinary young man from Eestrus F4 in Tshwane who originally comes from Bangladesh, an area that has a rich historical and cultural past. He owns a cornered mini business – sphaza shop. His goal is to become one of the most educated and young businessmen in the world. He is TYM’s September Boy Next Door. He shares with Pretty Lebese. Why did you decide to board in South Africa out of all African countries? Boarding in South Africa was not my decision; yes I also wanted to explore other countries but I guess the situation back at home decided for me. I wanted to learn, go to tertiary and further my studies. But let us face it; can you go to school on an empty stomach, knowing there is a possibility that your life could end soon because of riots and fights? No you cannot, I wanted to come in a good state but the situation forced me to become a bread winner in my family. You’ve been in Mzansi since 2010, so far what do you think of it? Each and every individual that thinks of boarding in an African country thinks of South Africa, for me it has been great. The country itself has so many resources and opportunities but the challenge the country is facing is that young people are not taking advantage of what they have, that is the reason unemployment is on the rise. Coming from a very religious and cultural background, do you think we are still practicing our culture? I am not against any individual but because everyone is hooked up with the latest trends we do not even see the importance of practicing it, especially Mzansi young citizens. Culture is slowly being degraded. How does one achieve their goals? By being passionate. Critic from other people should not be taken with emotions. If you know what you want you will automatically get but it does not come overnight, working hard and respecting people around you will be a cherry on top. What does friendship mean to you? It means there is this specific person or it may be people who you believe in and in return they believe in you, literally highlight it when you are wrong and people who are there whether it is green or dry they will always be there; not just any other person who will wait for that moment when you fall. 9

Time does not wait for anyone, use it to your advantage. This young person did exactly that and he is still reaching for more. He’s young and has a rich portfolio to inspire others. I am glad I got an opportunity to learn so much from him. I couldn’t wait to share with you to also go for it! TYM introduces the ambitious DJ Wizoo. See where he comes from and what he has done.

Isindebele News/Linguist/Educator/Managing Director Companies working for: SABC, Star of Hope school and Mavuba Media and Cummunication Qualification: Degree in Languages and Communication Studies (recently graduated for his BA Honours in Applied Language Studies) Studies: Masters of Arts in Applied Languages where he’s doing research focusing on Language Literacy Programmes in the Foundation Phase (Education)

Name: William “DJ Wizoo” Mabidwana Jiyana Age: 22 Place of birth: Kwandebele at Tweefontein Interests: Entertainment, languages and youth development programmes Relationship status: In a relationship Occupation: Radio Presenter/DJ/Weather Reporter for

Jiyana was born in a family of seven children, two brothers and four sisters. “My mother taught me a lot about life’s values throughout our struggle of growing up under a poverty stricken environment. I have learnt to be independent at a very young age. I used to do some temporary jobs - selling 10

a conference in Cape Town as one of the Brightest Young Minds of South Africa and I delivered a speech on Media Influence on Young People,” he says as he dates back to all his achievements.

vegies and fruits while still in school, just to get some cash and buy food for our family. My stronghold was books; I knew that if I can study very hard and smart my future will be bright. My family is talented in singing – almost all of us can sing, we connect through music,” he said.

In 2011, he enrolled for a BA Honours in Applied Language Studies and graduated in April 2012.

The young academic matriculated in 2007 at Phambili Senior Secondary school, receiving a matric exemption with endorsement, allowing him to enrol in any University in South Africa. “That is where I started an organisation called Zivuseni Art Society (currently known as Zivuseni Youth and Community Development). It is involved in performing arts and theatre production.”

“My passion for languages, communication and media drove me to study further to advance myself. I then registered for my Masters of Arts. This research also landed me a post in a private school as an Educator – so all my practicals will be done at the school,” he said.

In 2006, before his matric he auditioned for the radio drama at Ikwekwezi FM and got the part. He starred in several radio dramas and won the best male actor awards of Ikwekwezi Star Awards in 2007. It surely must have been a year to remember as it was the same year of saying bye to high school. He enrolled with the University of Pretoria, as it was his first option. He entered the tertiary gates in 2008, doing his first year in Languages and Communication Studies.

In the same year, he got involved in filmmaking and produced a film titled “Hoekline”, which addresses the issues the youth face. The film was released in 2011, December. He also volunteered in other community developments.

“It was not easy to adapt to the tertiary system. I had no choice but to try my level best and achieve with good marks so that my academic record would reflect my true abilities”, he said.

“I am currently involved with Samukelisiwe Foundation where we are taking care of the street kids around the Pretoria CBD. The helping programme is designed to change the lives of people living in the streets; we at least visit them twice a month.

He continued working with the community in different levels and started attending special gatherings and offered motivation to the young people.

In 2009, while in tertiary he was recognised by the Black Business Quarterly Youth Awards as the youngest person for contributing in arts, culture, entertainment and youth development.

“I’m also the radio host at the Ikwekwezi FM, hosting two shows on weekends, Ungasali (6pm-9pm) Saturdays and Ngezikhamba Nomoya (12pm-15pm) on Sundays. And I’m a professional Arts Administrator trained with Arts and Culture Trust,” he said, leaving no detail about his accomplishments.

“I was the first presenter for the Teen Zone show which was dealing with the everyday life challenges the youth face in South Africa and Africa,” the ambitious young man said.

Asked how he manages to balance all he does, he said; “I am optimistic and never limit myself in every opportunity that comes my way. It is not easy to balance all this at once. It requires passion, determination and time management skills. “The main thing is that I hardly sleep for over the normal seven hours, everything has time allocated to it. I prefer doing things with a “NOW! attitude” and try by all means to avoid procrastinating things.”

He completed his studies at a record time and got his qualification in 2010. “I managed to graduate for my first degree and qualified for an Honours level for the same degree.” In the same year of achieving his qualification, he went to Asia in Thailand and did news reporting for the Dhamakaya Media Channels which broadcast Peace News all over the world.

I had to ask about his love life and how the woman copes with all the work, openly he said; “Behind every successful man there is a special lady. I do have a girlfriend; it’s been five years since we started dating. She is a very understanding lady; she supports me in all my projects, work and also in business. I regard myself as blessed to have a woman like her.”

“It was a great experience thanks to Mrs Juliet Skhosana and Advocate John Mthimunye for making my tour to Asia possible. I then became a weather presenter for Isindebele News on SABC 1, which I’m still presenting and attended climatology and the study of weather conditions for three months.

Philosophy in life: “Life comes once, an opportunity and time missed will never be regained, it does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.”

“I was also chosen by the University of Pretoria to attend


No parent ever wants to go through any ordeal that could emotionally damage their children, but the reality is parents all over are faced with tremendous pressure to protect and care for their children against all sorts of things like drugs and alcohol abuse.

are that only a small percentage of 35% of sexual abuse is reported. Kids can be frightened or embarrassed and many times do not say anything. The growth of pornography on the Internet is rapidly growing. The various organisations in countries around the world have shown that pornography is extremely influential in the actions of sex offenders and serial murders.

The number of victims of childhood, sexual abuse and molestation grows each year and according to research it reveals that 77% of child molesters of boys and 87% of child molesters of girls admitted imitating the sexual behaviour they had seen in pornography they had watched. In most cases, however, child molestation goes unreported; estimates

Child pornography in legal terminology means: Child pornography consists of images and descriptions of children being sexually abused and tortured, but most use


the term “child abuse images” because that describes, more accurately, what child pornography is all about: the torture and abuse of children for sexual gratification and profit. Child pornography is now a highly organised, multimillion-dollar industry, profiting from the abuse and torture of children all over the world.

lives in the online “cyber world” because the world is filled with sick cruel beings who stop at nothing to feed their addiction. Be aware of the regular sites your children visit on the internet and have that regular parent to child talks. Spend time with your children when they are online and ask them to tell you about what they are doing and what they enjoy about the Internet. Show interest in their Internet activities and if your child has ever been involved in any form of online sexual exploitation, even if willingly, make sure she/ he understands that it is not her/his fault and that she/he is a victim of unscrupulous abusers of the Internet as the internet is also a platform for “cyber bullies” who would bully your child into doing something all for friendship.

What is the most used medium? The Internet is the preferred medium for its distribution, although mobile cellular phones are now coming into increasing use, both for creation and distribution of child abuse images. At this point every parent should atleast admit and agree to say that every child who has access to the Internet, either via a computer or a mobile phone, is a potential victim of paedophiles and child abusers.

Make sure your child’s computer is in a room used by the family and not in the child’s bedroom. Install filtering software in computers used by your children.

Paedophiles and child abusers use child pornography• For sexual stimulation and gratification, this usually leads to masturbation and in many cases the actual sexual abuse of children. • To groom and seduce children by lowering their inhibitions into accepting sex with adults as “normal, acceptable and pleasurable” acts and that “everybody is doing it”. • To instruct children on how to perform specific sexual acts. • To trade and exchange collections of child pornography, thus stimulating demand for more child pornography, and to blackmail and threaten children into silence about what is being done to them.

TIPS! Filtering software can be programmed to block access to web sites that contain materials to which children should not be exposed. However, you must know that filtering software does not provide a hundred percent guarantee that your child would not stumble across unsuitable materials. Filtering software may be downloaded from the Internet. It is useful to talk to your Internet service provider or to someone who knows about filtering and parental control programmes. Monitor your child’s use of chat rooms. Make sure you know enough about chat rooms to advise your child about chat rooms which should be avoided. Direct your child to safe chat rooms, especially those which have been created for children. And, most importantly, tell your children to• Never arrange or agree to any face-to-face meeting with any person they met online. • Never post to the Internet, or send to people they do not personally know, any pictures of themselves as this leads to identity theft. • Never give out any personal information about themselevs, even if the information seems unimportant and innocent, to any person online. • Never download pictures from an unknown source since there could be sexually explicit images • Never respond to messages online that are sexually suggestive, obscene, aggressive or harassing. • Never believe as true anything that may be said by people online, especially about themselves because people online are not always who they pretend to be and paedophiles are particularly adept at pretending to be of the same age as your child. • Never open e-mail attachments unless they know the person sending them and know what they contain, and • Never enter a private chat room.

You probably tell yourself that you would know if your child was into such things or is a victim. WARNING! Do not assume that. Children today are exposed to all sorts of things due to TV, music videos and social networks and freely use all these platforms without their parents monitoring them. Parents have a duty to protect your children here are some useful tips: 1. Train your child to be “cyber smart” so that they can recognise potential dangers and know how to avoid threatening situations. 2. Talk to your children about sexual victimisation and the use of the Internet, especially chat rooms, by paedophiles and child molesters looking for child victims. 3. Encourage your children to tell you if they receive messages which make them feel uncomfortable or threatened, especially messages of a sexual nature. Remember that your child might have access to the Internet outside your home, such as in a school or library or a friend’s home or even the mobile cellular phone. The more your children knows and understands about being “cyber smart”, the safer their exploration of the Internet.

Make sure you check your child’s e-mails and that your child knows that you will do so. Assure your child that you will do so not because you do not trust her/him but to ensure that she/he is safe from those who could harm her/ him in the “cyber world”. You should also check your phone bills for unusual amounts and unfamiliar phone numbers.

Your supervision of your children’s daily lives to ensure their safety in the real off-line world must apply equally to their

13 13

Learn to recognise warning signs If your child• Spends long hours on the Internet, especially in the evenings. • Receives calls from people you don’t know or is making calls to numbers you don’t recognise. • Receives gifts or mail from people you have never met or know to be friends of your child. • Does not join in family activities but prefers to spend more time with a computer. • Is not open to discussing her/his Internet activities with you. • Turns off the computer or changes the screen quickly when anyone comes within “seeing” distance of the computer screen. • Prefers to be alone when using the computer. • Is, in some recognisable or visible way, behaving differently from the way he or she used to behave when not spending as much time on the computer, or, more distressingly. • You find pornography on your child’s computer • You have reasons to be concerned that your child may be in contact with someone who could turn out to be an Internet predator, “grooming” your child online in the hope of arranging a meeting offline. • The majority of molesters are known by their victims. • You may never know that your child is a victim. • Children are not likely to lie about sexual abuse. • Children do not outgrow the traumatic effects of molestation – they have to be processed. • Children become adults and unless the molestation is dealt with it will haunt them in all future relationships – they can’t help it.

‘We are in a country where millions of adult victims are still emotionally scarred by memories of their childhood sexual abuse’.

We are in a country where millions of adult victims are still emotionally scarred by memories of their childhood sexual abuse, and the casualties of this generation of children increases daily. We sometimes believe that it would never happen to us until someone we love is affected by this scourge. Only then do many of us wake up, smell the coffee and look around at what is possible around us. The reality is that we shouldn’t live in fear all our lives, but if we knew what to look out for and become aware of our surrounding and knew what the signs are if we can tell that someone we love is in trouble. Parents should never blame themselves, molestation or any form of abuse occurs in all income and racial groups, from infancy through adulthood. Remember your child’s physical, emotional and psychological security and well-being is worth making the little effort to understand what the Internet is all about. As the Constitution makes clear, the child’s best interest is paramount in all matters concerning the child. Sources:,za

14 14

By Pretty Lebese 15 15

It started with a small chat on the phone and ended with a fruitful face-to-face interview. My interview with the talented guy not only gave me an opportunity to meet with him but to travel from Hatfield to Sandton using one of the most convenient and comfortable means of transport, the Gautrain – my first experience, in my colour blocking attire. This adventure assisted me to be patient on my journey and think of all the questions I had for my interview. I was meeting with one of South Africa’s make-up artists. He has proven to be an expert in his work with all the faces he worked his magic on. He’s the one who grabs your attention with the beautiful people you see on magazine covers and some of the people you look up to on TV. The Elizabeth Arden’s ambassador, Nthato Mashishi could not wait to spend some of his time with TYM, the 35-year-old talks to Pretty Lebese.


Nthato was born in Soweto, one of the well known townships in Mzansi. At the age of one year-six months his family decided to move to one of the busiest streets of Alexandra known as “Alex”. He had a twin brother, Thabang Mashishi who he lost 10 years ago. He also lost his mother at the age of 18. Nthato is a foster parent to two of his twin brother’s daughters, Kgomotso (14) and Lesego (12). After achieving his matric certificate, Nthato studied Cosmetology in Alexandra Technical College. He later studied for his degree in Human Resource at Hamtin College. While he was still completing his high school years, he worked as a hairstylist in a local hair salon owned by Maggy Buyers to make a living. At the age of 18 he built himself a decent house from the little money he made from his part time job.

His upbringing

Growing up in a disadvantaged family, where getting R50.00 for school fund was a challenge; and losing two of his beloved people at a very young age never predicted his future. “ As a child you would want those expensive shoes and toys, but I did not get that because my parents had to worry about the next day’s meal. Not all days were rainy, some days were shiny. I live by the saying “life is what you make it yourself…if you don’t make it nobody will do it for you” my mom reminded me of that, and a song that said “Uzoyithola kanjani uhlele khoneni?” these are some of the lines I live by. “People may think I am arrogant but I am becoming the man I always dreamt of and always wanted. I believe if you aim at 100 you will probably get 98, I have always been ambitious. I saw bigger plans and aimed very high at all costs, this is the reason I have everything on my platter and believe me they never came easy. They did not stir up out of the blue but they all came out of hard work,” he said.

‘My father always said; Art and hair will never ever pay the bills especially being a boy’.

Losing my brother and mother

Goodbyes have always been painful, but there is no pain like saying goodbye to a person that by any chance you will never see again. I could say two other parts of the family are not


there anymore, that means we are incomplete.

realised that my dream was slowly becoming a reality. I was also called again by Bona magazine to work on their cover star who was Chichi Letswalo, this was a platform where both Chichi and I’s potential were noticed, after the cover she was now in the public eye and people called in to work for them –to “work my magic on their faces”, if I should put it. I have since grown from all this.

Fortunately we have a father that takes care of us. His love is priceless. Since my brother’s passing I feel that some parts of him are living inside of me. I would classify him as an extrovert and myself as an introvert; but the “extrovert” part of Thabang is somehow inside of me: the wild rides, being free spirited around anyone and going out whenever, these qualities are within me. That is how he was, I am glad I live with that.

Balancing social, spiritual life and a busy schedule

My schedule does not cancel out that of God’s because believe me I always communicate with Him time and time again. I am the vein of God hence I value my work and produce magic in all I do. Going out with friends and family is always great and allows me to bond with loved ones. Time with family brings you back home to rest and settle into reality because the industry is harsh and fast, if you are involved in it you have to have a place where you will always go back to and find yourself again. I guess “Alex” is a place called home for me.

Stepping in the industry

It all started with the love of art and loving to relate with people physically. It also started with the love of mixing foundations, different colours of shadows and whatever that is involved when we say “make-up”; but my father always said; “Art and hair will never ever pay the bills especially being a boy”. I believe there is no woman who would leave the house without checking her attire, hair and make-up. Each and every woman deserves beauty enhancement and that is what I do for other women. I have clients who want to do hair and make-up on an ordinary day; others for the love of it and others for attending events.

Against all odds, I made it

I also experienced lies, backstabbing and doors were closed on my face. I managed to jump all bridges because of perseverance, support from friends and family, most of all, having God by my side.

I worked magic on an ordinary lady but hey, not knowing she is one of the producers of the TV programme, Yizo Yizo. My work always has substance and value, after noticing the beauty on her face, everyone started to flock into the salon especially for occasions. At a very tender age I was offered a job of make-up artistry with the whole crew after the production team noticed my efforts on Thembi Seete, the women never gave me a chance to say “NO”. All I had to do was to drive down to the studios and work my magic. I only thank God for allowing me to be his vein in this industry.

The breakthroughs

• He loves working with local people than international people • He has worked for Top Billing, Coca-Cola Pop stars, True Love, Bona and other local magazines • He has worked for international magazines. • He owns a lifestyle consulting company for men called House of Barena • He is the HOD of the international brand, Iman. • He is the ambassador of Elizabeth Arden. • Has a lot of followers from Russia, UK and Mzansi • He is called a walking CV • He is the brand ambassador of Motions (hair relaxer). • One of his wildest dreams is to build a school with his name engraved on it. • He is a foster father to two beautiful girls. • He loves travelling and seeing the latest trends out of the country. • He has worked for Ses’khona. • For him the sky is not the limit at all. • He looks up to Basetsana Kumalo, Iman and his mother

I am stunned to see where I am now looking back to where I come from and all the challenges I went through. Being noticed by a well known person, Basetsana Kumalo is something special. You know as kids we always wanted to meet with her so badly. Basetsana was the person I looked up to while growing up, I still do. When I was called to be a Top Billing make-up artist I was over the moon! I was called on a Tuesday and fortunately I was starting to work on Thursday, this was a dream come true for me. It felt like I am walking on cloud nine, “if there is any”. I never gave myself time to lay back and relax, which is why I work for bigger companies. Working for Coca-Cola pop stars, the SAMAs, national and international magazines, national and international stars, fashion ramps, global brands and all in all travelling the world is truly amazing. When I was called in to work for True Love magazine I


‘’ For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office’’ Romans 11:13 (KJV) When you read Romans 11:12 from the NIV it says, ‘’ I am ‘’ We having the sameInasmuch spirit of asfaith, is talking to you Gentiles. I amaccording the apostleastoitthe written, II believed, and haveThis I spoken; we alsoa Gentiles, make much of therefore my ministry.’’ is Paul writing believe, thereforeHespeak.’’ 2 Corinthians 4:13 much of his letter to and the gentiles. tells them that he makes ministry of being an apostle to them. Christianity is in the speaking. You must speak. Talk child of In theAsKing James Version, thefor word is they translated God. a kid, I always thought one‘’ministry’’ to be saved must into ‘’office.’’ The ‘’office’’ here does not refer to a but live a spotless, holy life and then they get, This has rather a job. Paul did not have the most glamorous job in the been my mentality for years and many of God’s children still world, but he made much of it. In other words, he gave it believe that by merely living right, one will be saved. But no! value. Paul, teaching about how to get saved said, ‘’... if thou shalt with scriptures thy mouthinthe Jesus, and shalt believeGod in Iconfess found four theLord book of Genesis in which thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou says ‘’be fruitful and multiply’’ Genesis 1:28, Genesis 9:1, shalt be9:7saved.’’ Romans 10:9.Be This is and the multiply, biblical Genesis and Genesis 35:11. fruitful methodology salvation. is theIt’smodus but for now I on will how focustoonattain the ‘’be fruitful’’It part. not a suggestion, is an instruction. In John 15, the to master likens operandi onitthe conveyance from the unsaved the saved. us to branches of a tree. He further enunciates that every branch is not fruitful cutif off 15:2) and Some ofthat the children of God will thinkbethat you(John believe in Jesus thrown into fire (Matthew 7:19). and His Lordship and the fact that there is one God you will be saved, but that is not completely true. Believing alone is So this is serious. Being unfruitful is very dangerous. God not enough. The bible says that even demons believe and wants us to be fruitful. He does not want us to just serve Him tremble (James 2:19) but that doesif not theyhave are by worshipping Him with singing, He mean did, Hethat would saved. Romans 10:10 ‘’ For with the heart man believes unto made us angels. He wants us to be fruitful. Each one of us is righteousness; and and witheach the mouth made unto born for a purpose one of confession us finds himisor herself in I like it in the NIV, it is much clear, it says, ‘’ For it asalvation.’’ certain environment. is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is Some of us mouth are studying others are and some with your that while you confess andworking are saved.’’ By even volunteering somewhere. these are offices. with Let’s believing in your heart you are All justified, by our confessing magnify them. Make much of your office. The Bible teaches your mouth, you are saved us to do everything like we are doing it for God (Colossians . 3:17, Colossians 3:23, Ephesians 6:7, children 1 Corinthians 10:31). This is so important. Many of God’s are suffering You may have a job that no one likes and no one wants to terribly and this ought not to be so. They are suffering do that job. Do it with passion. It may be a job that everyone terribly because theytoare about it. They don’t despises, add value it. quiet It doesn’t matter what youtalk. do.Talk You

may be a teacher, an engineer or even a street sweeper. Sweep those streets like God is going to walk there. Make much of your job. to your situation, child of God. Command it to change to your specifications. is power in your tongue. Proverbs The Bible teaches There us about a man called Joseph. Joseph 18:21 Deathinand life are in the power of the and was a ‘’butler Potiphar’s house. He was soldtongue: into slavery they love it(Genesis shall eat37:28). the fruit thereof.’’ wayin by histhat brothers Now, JosephThe wassame a slave Potiphar’s house, his office. He magnified Ezekiel spoke lifeyet to he themade dry much bonesof(Ezekiel 37:7) You can his office a slave. didsituation. his thing with Thatthe led speak lifeas into your He dead You excellence. can command to his promotion. Potiphar eventually put him in charge all cancer to exit your body. You know, some people are still the other slaves and in charge of everything in his household tormented and tortured by Satan because they don’t (Genesisthat 39:4). confess they no longer belong to him. Tell him that you are not in his territory anymore. Tell him that you have been Unfortunately, it happened that he was wrongly accused redeemed. Psalmhe 107:2 Let the redeemed of the LORD saya and as a result, got ‘’incarcerated. But because he had so, whom he has redeemed from the hand of the enemy.’’ tendency of making much of his office, even in prison, he He willmuch not stop you until tell him prisoner. you are made of hisoppressing office. He became anyou outstanding free from him and with his demons. He did everything excellence and the favour of the Lord was upon him. I remember in 2009 I had severe pneumonia. I did not go on This happened such that even ‘’sick’’ the guards in the prison Facebook and updated my status or ‘’dying’’ or ‘’death noticed it. They eventually put him in charge of all the by pneumonia.’’ At some point I felt like I was dying, butother I did prisoners (Genesis Can you imagine? This health is how not keep quiet. I kept39:22). proclaiming healing and divine Joseph operated. He This madeis much of his office, it does not in the name of Jesus. what Joel meant when he said matter how insignificant the office was. He ended up being a ‘’... and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy...’’ Joel prime minister of Egypt, a foreign land. 2:28. I prophesied upon my physical condition. I told it what God says about me in ChristinJesus. it byplanting. His stripes Beloved, your promotion life isI told in your DoI am not healed crown of(Zachariah my head 4:10). to theI soles of my feet despisefrom smallthe beginnings have met a lot of and I knew who it, the pneumonia was But gone. was CEOsbefore of companies started as cleaners. theyI were completely healed. cleaners with a difference. Success is a habit. Add value to whatever you do and it will eventually draw all eyes on you. You will be the the town. Iftheyoutalking volunteer, Christianity is in‘talk’ the ofconfession, and do theit passionately, they will make you a permanent staff member. proclamation. Take your bible and underline everything that If yousays areabout studying, it to your Ifand youconfess are working, do God Meditate upon it day in it passionately. Make much of your office. It will make you a and day out. Speak the word. Don’t stop talking it. success. With love.

18 16

“So are we over now? Do we just turn the page and let the Istory am happy to see again. you realised end? Do we you just smiling walk away justI am likeglad we never met? I that life goes on, it does not wait for you while you crying know we said some things and now you want to are leave, but over milk. is great to see baby spilt there’s no Itreason to let goodthat lovewhile were down you stood up, dusted the dirt off and moved on. You looked “Why goodbye? Whymirror must it be way? an So many words, so yourself in the andthishad intrapersonal many other words thattalked we could say. Whyingoodbye after all communication – you some sense your head and this time? Can’t we try? Why goodbye? Why can’t we work knew your worth. Drawing back dear, can you see how wiser it out? Why can’thas wemade talk ityou? out aItlittle more that experience is good tothis see time, you insearch your through the rain and find a ray of hope still shines? We can’t stilettos again and walking tall – salute! just close the door, we’re still worth fighting for, we’ve come too far together to leave it all behind, why goodbye? Why Gone are the days when you locked yourself in the room must it be this way...? drowning in your tears. Gone are the days when you thought you be of down “Thewill road loveforever. is neverGone easy,are youthe getdays lostwhen alongyou thetook way your stress out on the kids because the father left you. Gone but in time you will find your way through. We can make it to are the times; days when everyone in the yourgood neighbourhood knew the bad we can make it to times, through the you were breaking because could not evenWhy get out of the stormy weather ‘cause we you belong together. goodbye? Why must be this way?of So many so many other house – youitwere scared how theywords, were going to look at words that weyou could weafter try this one more you now that aresay...can’t back home a divorce. Gonetime? are You days knowwhen we’re still worth more not try, afford why goodbye...?” the you lost a job one and could the life you sang Peabo Bryson in his song, Why goodbye. wanted anymore. The man you loved and people around you became strangers because your bank statement wasn’t Talk about that moment when you are still in love but they looking good anymore. You were treated badly but you have fallen out of love. That moment when you want to try stayed because the man was your only source of income. again but they made up their mind and want out. The road of love is indeed never easy. It’s so nice when you meet, “When women of themselves will wonderful whentake youcare share your love –financially going out,there sharing be less violence against them...” said Wendy Luhabe. I would gifts and secrets. like to break the quote down. Very often women stay in abusive relationships because they– when can’t the takeconnection care of It’s so terrible when you break up between thefinancially. two of youThey is nolisten more.toWhen you part waysmen and themselves patronising words have toatstart from thestay bottom. I can just imagine the sadness throw them. They even when abused physically. They of living each station other, the memories that cloudThey your can’t runwithout to the police because they are fearful.

mind that you have to let go, the tears that roll down your look at state that and reminds think, “Who is going face, thetheir songfinancial in your head you of pay off my accounts? I am going to have a bad name – my credit record is the going to lookon bad. going to have pay for hair, Imagine pictures theWho wallsisthat you to my remove, my expensive my kid’s crèche? is going to take the pictures inlifestyle, your album that you haveWho to tear, the pictures in your phone that youwon’t have be to food delete, pictures in your care of grocery? There in the house.” memory that you promised to cherish but now you have to forget to let make room for the newbag memories with I am glad yougo toand see you carrying your hand and going to someone else. With goodbyes comes a lot of work. work - high five to being independent! I am glad to see you shopping and spending your own money. I am glad to see Goodbye to the days and nights that you spent together. you paying your kid’s fees. I am glad to see you parking your Goodbye to the face, the voice, the words, the laughter and small car outside and playing with the car keys. I am glad to the look that meant so much. Goodbye to the dreams you see you the garage and swiping you for petrol. I am had, the stopping songs youatsang together. Although still want to glad you see you taking care of your own bill. Doesn’t it feel try, you can’t force someone to love you, unless you want to right? in charge? Finally? At least the experience drove be in aBeing relationship alone. you to a better life – a life filled with joy and happiness. What more can you still do when you’ve tried all the interior and exterior possibilities to of make work? When especially you went It wasn’t easy getting out theitsad situation back the drawing up with ways to get whentoyou’ve given itboard your to all.come But taking baby steps wasthem the in your arms again? They say they have fallen out of love, way to success. You knew your strength. You pushed the what can away you do to said, the matters the heart? Except to ask blankets and “I won’tofsleep anymore the world yourself; Where did the love go? What happened to theI needs me, I have so much to offer. I can do it on my own. chemistry? Only they know what it means. can apply for a job and get myself out of this situation. I can start my small business and work my way up. I can volunteer Goodbye is the saddest word you’d want to hear, but when for experience and get I want. can to register course the time has come – itaisjob you who Ihas nursefor thea broken and keep myself busy.” heart. How do you? Keep yourself busy. It’s not easy but learn to get a new hobby - go out a lot, read good books for It surely did work. I find myself in pleasure, listen toEvery musicsituation that willpass. helpWhen you heal, surround a bad situation, I remember whatonce my mother me,think “An yourself with people who were in your told shoes, positively, meditate, eat,end love Cry to let go, end of an era is not the of and yourpray. destiny.” It was not ittheis therapeutic. end of your life, look at you now – you are still breathing – salute! 19 17



It’s time African youth get its priorities right

Over 160 young people from 169 hubs in over 100 countries across the globe descended on Geneva, Switzerland. Being nominated a Global Shaper isnot anso honour butdescribe being part the Leadership is like beauty, easy to butofyou Inaugural Annual Curators meeting defining moment know it when you see it. And whenwas you asee it, it seizes and forcaptivates each andthe every World Economic mind.person I wantat to the like politicians, I really Forum want headquarters. This is where and when the global governance to, but many of them make it so difficult for us to share standard guidelines for Global Shapers were co-created. the love, I begin to suspect foul play or a deliberate act of provocation. Don’tAikman, you missSenior those Director years nottoday’s so longyouth ago According to David when a political leaderfollowing speaks on television or radio leadership is not about where the path may and lead you become and remain left with spark the of hope but instead goattentive where there is no path anda blaze trail, and thecurrency remarkable achievements public andjudging pride? from Has the of the spoken wordsand reached good by the attendants you will be forgiven to benot an the done all-time low? I disagree, maybe at least unwavering optimist. yet…thanks to leaders like Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

but, believing is everything.

IThe leftcall mywe country as heed a South African; arrived Switzerland need to is the importance to in make sense an theactivating astounding values,failure passion, of African a mess but before thesimilarities message, in because pragmatism, selflessness, curiosity transformed to make sense of a mess distort and the humility message. In her me into a global citizen. I went there a Global Shaper yet I career she despised petty issues and embraced pertinent was left globally shaped both in my worldview and in spirit. matters, understanding that the role being of leadership not This interaction made me appreciate a South isAfrican, to seek unnecessary attention but to attend to the duties especially the local exposure to diversity in race, ideology and at hand.I felt Hersequipped it’s a case of part the of frying pan to the fire, religion, to be this dynamic gathering. judging from the previous portfolio in SA most troubleOlder generation some ministry, andbrings yet sheexperience still had theand drivetradition to tackletothethe world but of it is the new generation that carries older toughest challenges. That’s a swagger of a the legend generation into the future. We are traditionally used unfolding, talking through hard work while her achieve- to conferences, seminars and commissions talkofshops ment does the showboating. However, to of many us shebut this gathering was none of those, global shapers were is still an enigma of some sort, which branded her a rare sharing their accomplishments, knowledge and experience commodity in the political leadership market. I hope with such maturity and eloquence. What touched meshe were does not remain an enigma to the youth of this continent the differences and the similarities of the challenges from throughout term in office.This was a knowledge sharing various citiesher and countries. event, striving to find solutions and discard excuses. Leaders of her kind are nothing close to charismatic, but Ayou lesson with a ton ofunderachieving salt is that of a can’twe faultmust themalloftake being ineffective, visionary leadership in action. In pursuit of his goal Professor or incompetence. Who needs a charismatic leader Klaus Schwab the importance of whatNothing he called anyway if youunderstood have a productive workhorse? wrong with charisma as long as it is backed by competence. Charisma is how charming, vibrant and attractive

It When was however KlaustoSchwab, the asked hownot she until plans Professor to ring changes the African founder and director of the World Economic Forum who is Union, the soft andShapers, not so charismatic politician also a founder ofspeaking the Global in person shared the responded like a seasoned diplomat of note that is, motive of his vision and appetite to bring ideas to life.she While “…like a doctor first you diagnose then you treat”, she he was 32 years old he started WEF which is today a world’s said. It’s brand a pity and though that suchVision effective leaders of heris respected institution. personified, that caliber far in between. All we areKlaus getting used toAisvision the how I canare describe the one Professor Schwab. is Elastoplast said to be an ability to seeleadership things thatbreed. are distant as though and Band-Aid It is said that, they theis ability to apply eyetheare jobbeside of the you, police to respond, themind-sight job of theover military sight. is The not former about believing when coming to vision is toSeeing protect. appears to be what earned Dr. Nkosazana Zuma the stripes. 20 18

Stakeholder Theory, which emphasizes the fact that every find youmore but, competence the merits of how socio economicpeople act affects than one isinterest group inknowledgeable and able you are for the task. In this case Africa society. Indeed alone one can go fast but together we can all chose well. Productivity over charisma, it is time African go far, and it is by standing on shoulders like these giants that youth gets its priorities right. we can trail blaze. Bobby Godsell, a member of South Africa’s National

Further, it is through consensus that our tasked vision with is shaped and to planning commission, a body a responsibility realised. It is not about aembracing those that only mouthpiece agree with and a produce vision of what this African your world viewcontinental but also economic those that in contrast, hubare should look like inbecause the next 20 to 30 years, summed rather the spine this interregnum. consensus is the ability to say “I well might not of agree with said live ‚ “this andthe thecompromise”. next generation Separation of South Africans, everything but,He I can with frommean all walks life, havecoexist nothing with to be afraid We are in of ideas does not weofcannot thoseof.that a country, in a region and in a world in the midst of signifidiffer with us but it is by inspiring them that we can win them cantand change, and we have opportunity be part of and, over, not by noise destruction, bethe it in business,topolitics, indeed, to help steer that change. The challenge for our social or environmental issues. young people is to graduate from schools, colleges, universities and academies and go forth to new fields of conquest I left Genevaand with genuine and friendship nurture dare themselves, our society,toto see a new and intercontinentalbetter relations Afghanistan, Bolivia, Brazil, time andinmake our land a new and better land.” And China, Americamay etc. Iwhere I made close friends, and a global add that without coherent leadership on the social network of shapers I can call Just becausethis I am local it to be integration and family. economic prosperity, could turn does not mean good I cannot act global, thinking global and acting intentions and nothing more.

local connotation is like gravity under threat, slowly being As I will in behomogeneous leaving to the WEF Annual Curators from Meeting, to defied by the change globe. A sneeze be held in Geneva, Switzerland, this month I will be bringing any country gives the world a cold. you the melting pot of young thought leaders of the world.

We are the immune system of the world, this is a new revolution, to change who we are not how we do things. You too can be a Global Shaper.

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Most people do spring cleaning around the house and the yard, but have you ever thought of trying it at work? Company leaders can pump new life into an organisation by transferring this springtime routine to the workplace. Here are ten spring cleaning principles that can help your business, writes Refilwe Ramatlhodi.

are two areas where you may be able to save money: rent and service charges. With the commercial property market in ruins, there are relatively few prospective tenants out there, so landlords need to be more competitive - which means now is the perfect time to think about negotiating your rent.

Premises: save money on service charges Premises will be one of your biggest expenditures, so if you’re looking to cut costs, this could be your best bet. There

If your lease is due to expire or your break clause is due to come into effect, negotiate. Be honest with your landlord

Some of these business trends are sources of good business opportunities; others are trends we need to incorporate into our small business practices to stay competitive and keep or grow our market share. By Refilwe Ramatlhodi

hassle-free than setting up your own email server in-house, for example, especially if you don't have a dedicated IT person or department. There are disadvantages of cloud computing for small businesses, too, but they are outweighed by the advantages. One of the greatest advantages is the fact that using cloud computing means your IT expenditure may move from capital expenditure to operating expenditure on the balance sheet, which obviously changes the tax implications.

Here are the five business trends that small businesses can profit from in 2012. 1. Cloud Computing Small businesses can directly benefit from the cloud computing business trend by using cloud-based applications to cut down on the expense and trouble of doing the same thing themselves. Using someone else's mail servers through the Internet can be much more cost-effective and

But with increasing numbers of businesses looking to contract out business processes, small businesses are also well-positioned to benefit from the cloud computing 22 20

and tell them you can’t afford the rent unless they help you out, and offering something else in return: your product or service, for example.

landscapers and other service providers to enhance spring cleaning. In the business world, it’s a good idea to bring in an objective third party to identify organisational clutter; hire an expert who has done the same for other companies.

Be aware of service charges as well. Your landlord has a legal requirement to keep your property maintained to a reasonable standard, but if you’re footing the bill for expensive alterations or improvements, confront them.

Repurpose things Martha Stewart is an entrepreneur who has made a living out of turning old hats into centrepieces and broken chairs into plant holders. Apply this type of thinking to your employees. Some of them might be happier and more useful if you thought of a different way to leverage their talents.

Energise your team Retaining key people is more crucial than ever now. Several recent polls have shown that small businesses are getting ready to hire—which means your employees could be ready to jump ship if you don’t keep them engaged. Get your staff excited about your company’s upcoming year by coming up with creative teambuilding ideas. Hold a monthly out-of-office lunch, bowling tournament, happy hour, hike, beach bonfire, volunteer afternoon at a homeless shelter… you name it. Better yet, give your employees the reins and let them come up with ideas for things they’d like to do. Employee Volunteerism activities has proven to be a crucial method in energising, mending broken relationships and building new working relations between your team.

Dust off your mission statement Evaluate whether your mission and vision still match your company’s strategic goals given how much the markets have changed. Refresh your colours There are dozens of home design shows on TV, and most recommend repainting rooms to give them new appeal. Maybe your brand could use a new look to give it a fresh appeal to customers. Don’t misunderstand; a brand is more than colours, shapes and logos. It represents your company’s value proposition and the expectations customers have when they encounter your company. However, if your company has begun to serve new markets in new ways, maybe it’s time to modernise the company’s brand.

Take a tablet Tablet computers like the iPad are revolutionising how people use computers. Figure out how tablets will play into your business model. How could using tablets in your company help you do things better, cheaper and faster? Could your salespeople use them in the field? Could your restaurant waitstaff use them to take orders? How are your customers using tablets and how can you connect with them in this new medium?

Sharpen your tools Lots of folks invade the garage in the spring to inspect the tools they use outdoors, and they usually find that the tools need sharpening. Spring may also be a good time for employees to review and sharpen their skills or learn new ones to improve work efficiency to last the rest of the year.

Clear out the clutter Think about business activities that no longer add value to your organisation. If products or services have outlived market demand, sweep them out. It may be a difficult decision, but clear the clutter and focus your business energy on what will be hot in the coming quarters.

Post a “pardon the dust” sign Anytime you start poking around the organisation to improve it, employees will get nervous, especially in today’s economy. If your purpose in auditing the business’s operations is not to trim staff, reassure employees at the beginning of the process that you are on a mission to improve efficiency, not payroll. Then roll up your sleeves.

Take a quick inventory of the ‘emotional baggage’ at work, too. There may be some things among your employees and colleagues that need to be dealt with for growth to occur. If mistakes have been made or goals haven’t been met, one of the best ways to facilitate a fresh start is by having an open discussion with your employees. Then let the past be the past so there won’t be any more distractions.

Organisational spring cleaning may not be an annual event, but each spring can serve as a reminder to look for ways to make your organisation more effective. These are just a few ways you can refresh your business outlook and get ready to spring forward as the economy recovers. What are you doing to spring clean your business?

Hire some help If you’re committed to a thorough cleaning, you may want to call in expert help to make sure nothing is overlooked. It’s not unusual for people to hire housekeepers, tree-trimmers, 23

While some might say being an educator is one of the least appealing occupations in the 21st century, that is not the case with Simphiwe Khumalo. TYM speaks to the 23-year-old who hails from New Castle in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. He is currently doing his 3rd year in Education (Senior/ Intermediate phase) at Tshwane University of Technology, Soshanguve Campus. By Fanisile Nkuna


How difficult is it to secure your bursary with all the activities you are part of? It is extremely difficult, it keeps me on my feet.Being a varsity student consists of you having good time management, you should know when it’s time for chatting with friends and when is the time to be studying. I have been balancing my studies well though considering the fact that in my first year I received fivedistinctions and nine distinctions in my second year. The bursary means a lot as it’s giving me an opportunity that others can only dream of.

Simphiwe matriculated in 2005 at Hope High school at a tender age of 16,obtaining 2 distinctions which led to him receiving a FundzaLushaka bursary to assist him further his studies. Tell me about the course youare doing and why did you choose it. I am currently doing my 3rd Year in Education called B.ED (GET) Senior/Intermediate Phase dealing with Grades four to nine at the Tshwane University of Technology. To be honest when I got out of high school I wanted to do IT but due to certain circumstances beyond my control, my dream had to take the backseat and I took Education as a pillow course and from there I fell in love with it or shall I say the facilitator in me took its path and I took the challenge by the tail.

How important is it as a student to have an extra-mural activity just to take off time from their studies? A healthy body results in a healthy mind, so students need to come out of their comfort zones and participate in all the extra-mural activities available to them so that they can get exposed to different people and different surroundings. Learning is not only done in a vacuum. It must also be done in the abstract.

‘A lot of things started changing and I had to make huge sacrifices’.

What challenges have you faced in your life and how did you overcome them? My father’s passing changed a lot in my life. One of them being that I didn’t come to university in time.I came in here late with my dream to do IT but that came to a standstill because ofmy dad’s passing just after completing my matric. He was the sole breadwinner at our household so things started getting steeper and steeper. A lot of things started changing and I had to make huge sacrifices. The topic is still the hardest to open up about ‘til this date. If it were possible I would change Rest In Peace to Return If Possible so he can see all my accomplishments. I also pray a lot so that helps in healing. How important do you think education is in young ones’ lives and your life in particular? Without air we would die! Same goes with education, without education one will suffer. Yes, there are certain individuals that are successful through sport and being entrepreneurs without a proper education but if you can sit down with them for a second, you will find out that there is some form of education be it formal or informal. Without education, one can only go downhill.

How do you balance being a senior student and being a mentor? It is very hard because I am involved in a lot of things, mentoring being one of them. I have lost precious personal time to assist other helpless and vulnerable students who need guidance and brotherly love from me. Selflessness is the core point from where I get the energy to go forward as an academic,head mentor, residence head mentor, Educational Studies House Committee chairperson, Leadership Centre Volunteer (toppieshoek) and also being a student.

Who is your role model? It has to be my dad, even though he’s no longer. I live by the morals and values he instilled in me. His teachings still live within me.

Mentioning Toppieshoek, what activities are done there and what is your role in the development centre? Toppieshoek is an outdoor recreation and Leadership Development Centre,it is an ideal venue for leadership training and development, team development interventions, camping, general events and leisure activities. What I do there is to facilitate and assist with all the programmes that are done.

What is your favourite quote that you live by? “You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humour in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.” Bill Cosby


By Masingita Masiya


What a spring in the foot this new season has, making sure that we lack for nothing where sports is concerned. If you don’t like sports, you are allowed to like someone who does. And if you fail to exercise your body this September, at least your eyes and mind won’t lack.

It’s not only domestic soccer that is in full swing, international soccer leagues are also in action, with the anticipation of the UEFA Champions League opening Matchday One games on the 18th of September. The Real Madrid versus Manchester City game will serve as a great appetizer on the day.

Already in motion, the 2012 Paralympics promise to keep us glued to the couch, considering how excited we were about the 2012 Olympics. Also held in London, they started on the 29th of August and ended on the 9th of September.

The fire of the US Open will sure help deal with the cold’s indecision to leave spring alone. The US Open has been on since 27 August and the final serves will be on the 26th of September in the Women’s Doubles/ Men’s Finals.

The motto for the 2012 Paralympics is “Inspire a generation’. We are also rooting for them to inspire the next generation of that otherlocal soapie’s script. Anyways, getting back on track...

With the influx of golf tournaments and competition this September, you will do yourself a favour by checking http:// for a detailed schedule. It will be worthwhile to note 28-30 September as the Ryder Cup will be taking place. This is the “most coveted” team tournament for “all gold”.

62 participants from South Africa are currently doing their best in London to ensure that they bring back medals from their designated codes. It was heart-warming to see on Twitter some of the members of the South African cricket team currently in England wishing the Paralympics participants well for the event.

Spring into action.

Speaking of which, the South African cricket team is currently locking horns, bats rather, with the England cricket team. The scribes will note this England tour with glee as a few milestones were set. The Proteas’ 2-0 win of the Test series ensured that they topple England to become number one on the rankings. Graeme Smith also made his 100th test appearance. After the first ODI was washed out due to the rain, the Proteas’ win of the second ODI put them at the number one spot in ODIs as well. This meant that the Proteas were number one on all formats of the game (Test, ODI and T20). Short lived as that was due to two successive loses by the Proteas, South Africa as a nation was proud of the lads. HashimAmla became the fastest player to reach 3000 ODI runs as he reached the landmark in just his 57th innings surpassing the 69 it took West Indies great Viv Richards. The 150 runs he scored in the second ODI that Proteas won by 80 runs was the highest individual score in ODI matches between South Africa and England. We hope they go on to win the last ODI and level the series 2 all. In converting wickets to goals, one has to be impressed by the level at which teams are scoring in the domestic Premier Soccer League (ABSA PSL). If it’s any indication, as early as it is in the new season, South African soccer is on the right path. And this path is the very one that Gordon Igesund, the new South African soccer squad (BafanaBafana) coach, hoped he will trod. He was geared to have his first game at the helm, this, an international friendly against Brazil on the 9th of September. His second game was not far off as it was on the 11th of September. As the early spring rains fall on us, we wished for a flood of goals for Bafana Bafana.


By Thandeka Mabona feelings and emotions in an appropriate and healthy manner.

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk of wellness is...? Being active? Working out and exercising? Eating healthy foods? Just feeling “well”? Wellness is much more than just being free of an illness and or a disease. It is more than just being active andIt’s eating healthy.toWellness a proactive preventative so amazing see howisreliant we are and becoming on our approach to ensure better over-all functioning of the body, government that we end up not doing anything on our spirit and mind. Wellness emphasises the whole individual - it’sown the to integration of the spirit, body and the mind; and the grow as individuals. Other political parties are even understanding of everything we do,party feel, think and believeused has putting pressure the of ruling have a subsidy a direct impact on ouron state health. So,to now you would agree unemployed Africans. about easy come. withfor methe that wellness hasSouth always had thisTalk stigma attached to it thatSome it has people everything to do healthy foods, a yearn forwith the eating impossible, how cankeeping you wish balanced diet and going to the gym or exercising. to are be 7an entrepreneur and sit down waiting for the There dimensions of wellness:

A state of health and wellness is closely linked to your lifestyle

and the and choices you make. Eachwait individual a responsibility doctors hospitals you will in longhas queues - poor to themselves to provide for the essentials of good health – that service and only to be assisted by a doctor who will tell being: • Good nutrition and physical activity and exercise you that the clinic/hospital has no medication –poor • Controlling of health risk factors that lead to illness or service diseasedelivery. Yet again we say our government is failing us forgetting so is us, citizens by not educating • Learning howthat to identify andthe prevent stress • Communicating withopportunities the people around youcome in a healthy ourselves and taking as they to us. manner • Developing higher emotional intelligence • Caring for the environment The Denmark welfare model is subsidised by the • And finding inner balance

business and opportunities to come your way? This is not

Physical ideal - all youaspects want something - youbody workhealthy, on it and for it. It involves of keeping your including: • Physical activity • Self-care The government has become so lenient on the citizens. • Proper nutrition • Proper sleeping habits Anyone can fall pregnant and receive child social support • Healthier choices, including: not smoking, limiting alcohol grant. intake etc. In most cases this does not help the child but the

government, and as a result Denmark has one of the I’m sure taxation all this makes butworld then again, next question highest levelssense in the – the the world's highest is “how do I do that”? Since lifestyle and the choices we make have tax 2005 and important 2006, atfactors 50.7% and 49.1%our beenlevel found in to be the most in determining overall health,which it’s important forbecause us to behealth, educated about our respectively, is not bad education health, “take charge” ofThe ourpolitical lives, and have of healthy lifestyleand transport are free. system Denmark is a related goals. The lifestyle choices you make will and do have that a multi-party several parties can hugeof influence on yourstructure, health andwhere your wellness. The secret isn’t in healthcare, but healthy and consistent selfbe represented in parliament at once. Denmark care. governments often medicine characterised by onminority While traditionalare (Western) is focused alleviating disease, the wellness to help thingsofencourages you to administrations, aidedapproach with the one or more take responsibility for your own personal well-being. Learn supporting parties. Unlike South wewithout are the natural way on how to take care Africa of yourwhere wellbeing having to rely on Western Medication. If you take care of your governed and ruled by one political party, a multi-party health and wellbeing there won’t be any need to see a General structure could this nation in more ways than one, Practitioner - lesshelp illnesses. don’t you think?

mother gets to benefit out of it – you see them using the

Intellectual money on themselves. South Africa is now known as a The intellectual dimension includes the ability to: country where can of getsituations away with anything, crime • Learn and grow in ayou variety • Express creativity and innovation how many people you know are committing crime and • Think critically you have witnessed them committing it? What have you • Engage in lifelong learning

done about it? Most answers will be nothing. Fraud - it is

Social/Cultural performed in a most positive convincing manner ever. You will find • Creating and sustaining relationships • Contributing the community fraudulent toidentities, products, companies, money and • Adapting social have situations more –to people become experts in this so do speak. • Respecting individual differences

We know first-hand that life is very demanding, stressful and full of pressures. Each one of us needs to be more devoted to After all, and it takes an individual to make change, our enhancing developing our well-being. We need to learn how to focus on the solutions create balance andhence fulfillment government can only dothat this will much for the citizens it in our own lives. This will ensure a healthier and happier you. needs us as wellness we need it just adage, • By ensuring in your life,like you an are far more“umuntu productive, not only atWe work but at home as other. well. If we all ugumuntu ngabantu”. should help each • You are more focused and efficient as you tend to be less going to take a back seat and let the government do stressed • You are less and you ill too often. everything fortense us then it’s adon’t longget unworthy wait that will • When you are well you will positively contribute to the easily go. daily life of yourself, other individuals and the corporate environment that you work in. • Thus, being well in and abalancing all wellness Mandoza said song “ your uzoyi tholadimensions, kanjani you make an optimistic and beneficial investment.

Corruption – our own government officials are corrupt

Environmental and they get away with it, the citizens follow as leaders • Having an appreciation for the external environment lead. and the roles that individuals play in preserving the environment • Making a conscious effort to make a difference

These entire unethical doings delay the country’s

Occupational developments. We are losing direction to being in the top • Engaging in meaningful work that reflects personal values listbeliefs of the developing countries. Looking at developing and • Finding between work and leisure small balance countries like Denmark for instance the Danish

health and educational systems are free. There is no way Spiritual peoplemeaning wouldand go purpose uneducated forexistence no reason at all. • Seeking in human • Exploring andpeople developing a personal belief system Educated mean more job opportunities. Health

uhlal’khoneni?” which means “how are you going to be It is vital to take goodyou care of yourself, and spirit. successful when sitting in body, the mind corner?” so At the end of it all it is worth it. appropriate. You snooze you lose it’s that easy. Easy come easy go when we rely on the government to make it in life. You have to work hard.

system is also free in Denmark, the very same good health Emotional • The abilitywe to experience and hospitals express a wide range ofwho cost system find in special and doctors us a fortune in South Africa. If you opt for your local public 28 28

Everything in your living room doesn’t matter that much except your TV set. Couches and décor won’t give you live entertainment, only your TV set can. But also, not just any TV set can display what the current consumers which is LED,music 3D andthrough other extraordinary suchbe as TV with Wi-Fi. TYMquality went out In order want to spot quality your ears,features you must in set position of high toheadphones see which smart-TV sets will make it on our top three. or earphones. Whether you're out and about listening to your MP3 player or

rocking out at home with a smartphone, your choice of headphones is critical. We've picked our three favourites across every style and category. TYM will take you through the specs that make this three headphones one of the best recommendations at moment.

LG 55LX9500 – The elegant smart LG TV compares well to its rivals here on both style and specs. Aside from 3D support, the LG’s LED backlight and 400Hz motion processing are the main headline grabbers. With its HD reception, multiple The inputs, Shure SE535 headphones offer exceptional clarity; deep, tight bass; rich, enveloping sound; and HDMI USB file support and enabled Ethernet, you just greatthat noise arethe alsocurrent relatively comfortable know youisolation. watchingThey what market is ravingand include some useful extras such as an about. size of this LG 74,4cm in-lineThe volume control andisan124,5cm airplane breath adapter.and Anyone looking for ultra-compact headphones with width. Its tagsound price quality is R57 000.00, for more the infoShure visit www. top-notch should consider SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones. The Shure SE535s are expensive, but it'll be worth it because Shure has been churning out impressive-sounding in-ear headphones for consumers for more than 15 years and any new models from the company have featured mainly evolutionary changes from their predecessors. SAMSUNG UA55C8000 – Samsung is one of the most leading smart TVs when coming to innovation in terms of features. Like this 73cm long screen, it is 2 years old but most of its specs are relevant today. This shows that Samsung Electronics MEElectronics A151 earphones offer comfortable fit and very detailed sound for an are trend setters when coming toThe other features as this smart affordable price. They also come with a carrying case. The MEElectronics A151s are among the TV has 3D, Wi-Fi support, Internet@tv and ConnectShare Movie. Definitely, its features define the category of smart most affordable balanced-armature earphones out there and deliver very good sound for the TV. Its tag price R40 000, for more info visit money. The first thing you'll notice about it is that it has 47-inch-long braided cable that looks like the wires used on expensive custom in-ear models from Ultimate Ears and JH Audio.The only disappointing factor is that; they have no integrated microphone for making cellphone calls and bass-lovers will probably find the bass a little too thin for their liking. SONY BRAVIA 46NX700 – Your TV does not fall in the category of smart TV without the internet. Sony’s NX700 understands that, and with Bravia Internet Video, Bravia Internet Widgets andThe integrated Wi-Fi, S4i it really deserves to exceptional be on the category Klipsch Image earphones offer sound quality for the money. They're also without any doubt. The Full HD 1080p with 100Hz motionflow very comfortable and, the package includes a few handy generates perfect viewing. Its tag price is R35 000.00, for extras such as a storage box and cleaning tool. Plus, there's a call answer button, mic, and iPod playback controls integrated more info visit into the cord. Despite having came across plenty of decent earbuds reasonably priced, nothing prepared us for the Klipsch Image S4i. These supercomfy noise-isolating earphones offer shockingly stellar sound quality, certainly much better than others.

29 29

Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t By the titlepeople of the album it’sMahoota’s true that God most humanslamming beings onhouse earthjams don’t. Well Ross Many became fans forgives, when he while started releasing a while back.did not take anything granted on true this album, he2000 keeps reinventing thehuman game.beings Slickhimself with the production point, By the title of for thethat album it’s that God forgives, while most on earth Well Rossondid not The journey started in the early saw the brother introducing asflow, adon’t. talented spinner who is also good house music producer. After projects with endless hitsfor such as,on point, and best believe South not going anywhere as many long assuccessful Rozay is alive. This man has an production ear making great take anything forathe granted onisthis album, he keeps reinventing the game. Slick with the flow, ‘Putuku’, ‘Qolo’, and ‘Bayete’, Mahoota has gone back the studio and produced triple disk project, music. Allbelieve these talks about heanywhere is…man this is entertainment, obviously nothas everything raps and best the South ishow not fake going as long astoRozay is alive. This man an ear foreveryone making great Dinaledi. about has the truth toabout it. Pharrell produced "Presidential”, Ross brags about "walking on Jewish marble." Balling music. All these talks how fake he is…man this is entertainment, obviously not everything everyone raps Along with his partner in music, Vetkuk, the new album swings from kwaito, hip hop, gospel to house at a synagogue?. Onburning mashing together and fatalism, he fantasizes about driving his Porsche about has the truth to"911," it. Pharrell produced "Presidential”, brags about "walking on Jewish marble." Balling tunes. Already the dance-floors ismaterialism the majesticRoss single, ‘Stokvel’ which features KalawaJazme to aheaven. alsoOn featured Jay-Z andtogether Dr DRE on “3 and Kings” and Andre 3000 on “Sixteen”. Other artists at synagogue?. "911," and mashing materialism and fatalism, fantasizes about stable He mate, Professor maestro producer artist, Oskido. Thehesong, released not driving soprominent longhis agoPorsche has already dominated airwaves and the video has also doing rounds on TV. Rating heheaven. featured are; Usher, Wale, Drake, and Omarion. 8/10 to He also featured Jay-Z andNe-Yo Dr DRE on “3 Kings” andbeen Andre 3000 on “Sixteen”. Other 8/10 prominent artists he featured are; Usher, Wale, Drake, Ne-Yo and Omarion. 8/10 Chris Brown – Fortune Chris Brown – Fortune Rick Rossfifth – God I Don’t Brown's LP Forgives, sounds great on the surface. The most adventurous sections of “Fortune” leap on the dubstep It’s been a while since we had a young artist our airwaves after the all grown Nzambiya and bandwagon. They movegreat Brown one from thehitting giddyadventurous dance-pop style influenced by David Guetta ondubstep his last Brown's fifth LP sounds on thestep surface. The most ofyoung “Fortune” leap onlocal the Msawawa, Mfundo Ngcobo aka Young Prince iswhile one ofmost the human most sections promising acts in the By the title of the album it’s true that God forgives, beings on earth don’t. Well Ross did not album, 2011’sThey “Fame,” and one stepstep closer to club It’sestablished a stylestyle thathimself in the last year, hasa Guetta intrigued all bandwagon. move Brown one from the giddy influenced by David onstars his last industry. At only 14, the Durban native has comfortably not only as reputable take anything for granted on this album, he he keeps reinventing the game. Slick as with the flow, production on point, the way from Bieber toone others. originally conceives “Fortune” ofintrigued “Fame”, new album, “Fame,” and step While closerinto clubnine music. It’s a style thatCollege in thean last year, has stars all MC,2011’s but aJustin bankable brand. Currently grade at Thomas More inextension Durban, the young the and best believe the South is not going anywhere as the longrelease aswhich Rozay is This man has anand earchangeable for making great MCturns gained prominence fewwith months ago with of “Fortune” hisalive. catchy single ‘Ringtone’, hasthebeats album to be more exciting tracks “Bassline” matches the fractured the way from Justin Bieber toaothers. While helike originally conceives as an extension ofwhich “Fame”, new music. All these talks about how fake he is…man this is entertainment, obviously not everything everyone raps been playlisted onand almost allwith theborrow major radio stations. In addition, he hasand gotchangeable a melodic long list of of dubstep. “Till I Die” “Mirage” the “Bassline” street sounds of hip hop without losing R&B’s shape. album turns to be more exciting tracks commercial like which matches the fractured beats about has the truth to it. Pharrell produced "Presidential”, Ross brags about "walking on Jewish marble." Balling high-profile events lined up with the likes of Big Nuz, DJ Tira, Zakwe and AKA. He is also set to release Ballads like “Stuck on Stupid” and “4borrow Years Old” recall sounds the puppy-dog persona Brown his career with of dubstep. “Tillfull-length I Die” andstudio “Mirage” the street of hip hop without losingstarted R&B’s the melodic shape. his second album on October 30, with 17fatalism, tracks already recorded. Rating latest at a synagogue?. On "911," mashing together materialism and hecharacter fantasizes driving his cuts Porsche when helike was a teen. the same time, he intensifies his the latest R. Kelly-like inabout fabulously filthy like Ballads “Stuck onAtStupid” and “4 Years Old” recall puppy-dog persona Brown started his career with single: 8/10 to heaven. He also featured Jay-Z andsignature Dr DRE on “3 Kings” and Andre 3000 Other artists “2012” album’s pieces lie in songs “Turnon Up“Sixteen”. the Music” andprominent “Don’t Me when heand was“Strip”. a teen.But At the same time, he intensifies his latest R. like Kelly-like character in fabulously filthyWake cuts like he are; Usher, Wale, Drake, Ne-Yo and Omarion. 8/10 Up”.featured 8/10 “2012” and “Strip”. But the album’s signature pieces lie in songs like “Turn Up the Music” and “Don’t Wake Me Up”. 8/10 Chris Brown – Fortune Crazy White Boy – Zoma Brown's fifth LP sounds onperformance, the surface. The most adventurous “Fortune” the dubstep to the headgreat of live Zebra & Giraffe will hitsections the roadofthis week forleap the on take CrazyTaking WhiteitBoy – Zoma off of their “The Wisest Ones Album Launch Tour.”They will be performing in 10 cities throughout bandwagon. They move Brown one step from the giddy dance-pop style influenced by David Guetta on be hisclub last This duo has been around for some time now. They’ve been dropping some few tracks that turned to September. Vocalistand Greg Carlin says: “We havemusic. a brand new rhythm section, a new album and a whole album, 2011’s “Fame,” one step closer to club It’s a style that in the last year, has intrigued stars all bangers pastaround years. This yearexcited they dropped aroad fulldropping lengthand album more of to their This duofor has been forreally some time finally now. They’ve been some fewshowcased tracks turned be skills club new livethe setup so we are to originally get on theconceives again givethat our fans an that exciting show. the way from Justin Bieber to others. While he “Fortune” as an extension of “Fame”, the new on spotting vocalists, goodof production and mixing ofathe theexpect album. Theold track ‘Trust Me' bangers forbegreat the past years. This year theyfrom finally fullsongs length that showcased more In ofplus theirwhich skills We’ll playing a mixture songs all dropped three albums so fansonalbum can the favourites album turns towho benew more exciting with like “Bassline” which the fractured andofchangeable beats some brand tracks!”The firsttracks single of gives the new “I’llmatches Blame You” reached number two on the features Tumi is new in theproduction music scene, lifeofalbum tothe it with her magical voice. the and on spotting great vocalists, good and mixing songs on the album. TheSome track ‘Trust Inhottest Me' which of dubstep. “Till andin“Mirage” borrow the street sounds of hip“What hop losing R&B’s melodic shape. TUKS FM TopI Die” 30 and high rotation on 5FM. A brand new single “Mywithout Best” with a music video will be best-known tracks featured on this album include “Love You Better”, You voice. Do To Me” and “You Make Me” features Tumi who is new in the music scene, gives life to it with her magical Some of the hottest and released soon rating the singles: Ballads on Stupid” and “47/10 Yearsoutstanding Old” recalltrack the puppy-dog persona Brown started hisBuhle. careerThis with which alllike are“Stuck major club bangers. on this album featuring is best-known tracks featured on thisAnother album include “Love You Better”, “What is; You‘Ntokozo' Do To Me” and “You Make Me” when he was a teen. At the same time, he intensifies his latest R. Kelly-like character in fabulously filthy cuts like one of all theare songs that created a mark for Crazy White Boy in the industry; they alsofeaturing featuredBuhle. Tasha Baxter which major club bangers. Another outstanding track on music this album is; ‘Ntokozo' This is “2012” and “Strip”. But the album’s signature pieces lie in songs like “Turn Up the Music” and “Don’t Wake Me on “Twilight”. Thisthat album is certainly party package-sound. 9/10 one of the songs created a mark afor Crazy White Boy in the music industry; they also featured Tasha Baxter Up”. 8/10 on “Twilight”. This album is certainly a party package-sound. 9/10 30 30 30 Crazy White Boy – Zoma

Will we ever see GALAXY 2 and 3 after APPLE won the patent infringement case? Fortunate enough for all Samsung smartphone lovers who still wish to own one; your dreams have not been shattered. Samsung will continue to sell its products that are currently in the market, as the verdict only asked Samsung Electronics to pay Apple billions for patent and Samsung should not use the same patent on their next smartphone devices.

Is The Wild on M-Net coming to an end? It’s no longer a rumour that M-Net will not fund the third season of The Wild, which means the soap will come to an end by March 2013 on M-Net channel as it is too costly to shoot outdoor rather than in the studio. The production will continue until the December month. But M-Net promises to deliver other exciting shows that will replace The Wild as soapies take time to build an audience. Is FYL the new political party in the block? After being expelled from the ANC Youth League, former President of the ANCYL, Julius Malema, launched Friends of the Youth League (FYL) in May 2012 at Mthatha, which creates space for him and other expelled ANCYL members to still be active in politics. The mandate of the organisation, not a party, is to create a platform to preach economic freedom and raise the voice that some want to silence. Who is new on the 2012 Forbes Cash Kings? Apart from Dr Dre still being the highest earner as a hip hop artist for the past 12 months, with $110 million earnings. Drake also made his first appearance on the list with $20.5 million and Nicki Minaj with $15.5 million. The figures compile earnings from tours, CD sales, endorsements, movie roles, song writing and production.

• • • •

Steve Biko died on the 12th of September 1977 . Table Mountain in Cape Town is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world. There are more than 41,800 different spoken languages in the world today 7 September was “Start Something Day” by Sanlam.

31 Pics from:

By Pretty Lebese He is a product of the Batswana culture. Born on the 14th of December, 1982 in Botswana, Thabo “Touch” Rantao (30) is taking the Botswana airwaves to another level with his talent of playing with words to create the perfect Motswako. Remember the Motswako rhythm that make hip hop lovers go down? The mixes that made HHP and Tuks Senganga who they are today? Well by mentioning powerful names they are not the only ones who create powerful lyrics and mixes, Touch is a new brand. He is the owner of the clothing label “Fresh to Tswak”. He is indeed building a name for himself; he also burns the stage with his mixes.

• Bafwe2 bash at Zone club • Motswako mix tapes party • Earth angels behaviour change fair - event Who he shared the stage with • Tuks • HHP • Kwesta • Molemi • DJ Khenzo and DJ Jack Ass • Tshepi D • Towdeemac • Drummaboi

Where he performed • Beats battle 6.0 show • The Township Rollers Victory party • Butan Botswana launch • Township music launches

Where he is going • He is working on his album called Motswako Software • Shooting many music videos as possible • Pushing his clothing brand - Fresh to Tswak


Name: Sandra Obote Age: 22 From: Midrand Says; “I disagree”

Name: Pelane Mabula Age: 19 From: Age 19 from Moletji, Polokwane Says: “I agree”

Vince Lombard says,”winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”, and in the highly competitive world of sports, it’s every man or woman’s race, and coming out on top by winning is the ultimate goal. With the spotlight on them, records can be

In 2008, Oscar Pistorius was banned from competing in ablebody events by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), though the decision was overturned later that year, this shared as proof that the IAAF does not condone


broken, and history can be rewritten time and time again. It’s the once in a life time opportunity for most athletes as four or more years of vigorous training all come down to a few minutes work.

or entertain any foul play by athletes and/or the advantages that they may have on other athletes on the track. Oscar Pistorius has never, in his career, lost a 200m final, having won gold in the 200m event in the previous two Paralympics which occurred in 2004 and 2008 respectively. As shocked as he was, he called it a “foul play” by the Brazilian. I personally agree with Oscar’s lament as I believe that he has grounds that he could set foot on in support of his loss.

On Sunday , Oscar victorious, the world’s Paralympics champion in the 100m , 200m and 400m, got his 200m gold medal campaign off to a brilliant start, breaking away from the other athletes, and seemed to be in control of the race , only to have Alan Oliveira of Brazil beating him in the last 30 meters to win the race.

On the photographs that were taken after the match where Oscar Pistorius and Alan Oliviera stood respectively to shake their hands, an eye could tell that Oliviera’s blades were a bit higher than Pistorius’s, perhaps the four inch that Oscar estimates it may be.

Defeat, to many is like a sour grape and Oscar did not hesitate to accuse Oliveira of unfair race, on the basis that his blades were supposedly longer. “We aren’t racing a fair race. These guys are a lot taller and you can’t compete with the stride length.”

Oscar also claims that the runners, including him, are not checked properly on whether their blades are meeting the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the IAAF length agreed upon. So if those small details are not checked, what is it that would make other countries not to bridge the law to their favour?

Oliveira, quite a huge fan of Pistorius was quick to deny the accusations, acceding his win to lots of hard work ;“It’s not just about the prostheses, there is training behind my performance,” Oliveira said. A member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) refuted Pistorius’ claims stating that they were unfounded as all athletes underwent several checkups prior to races to determine that there were no irregularities and in that case had no unfair advantage over their fellow athletes.

Oliviera said that he measured 177cm in his non-racing prosthetics while his running prosthetic blades increases his height by a well 4cm to 181cm. A question raising statement is that he started using the longer blades just three weeks prior to the Paralympics.

Now a leading researcher has come out and stated that although Olivier’s blade may have been longer, Pistorius’s blades allowed him to take more strides than most of his competitors. While Oliviera took 98 strides to win, Pistorius took only 92 strides, which simply shows that Oliveira had to push himself harder to win. The IPC in its classification of athletes looks at several factors and has insisted that oliveira’s blades were within the legal guidelines.

I do not sideline the rules of the IPC that allows athletes to run on blades that gives them a height of up to 184.5cm, but I believe that the prosthetic blades that athletes are to use should be of one particular pattern and one particular length so that there should not be any advantage or disadvantage that an athlete feels or fall under. In 2008, the IAAF was very fast to act on the malicious speculation those were made about him and took very hush decisions in banning him. Now that the South African is making speculations about the ability of another athlete, I believe that the IPC has to have a look at it and conduct a thorough investigation and see what the results are going to be.

What, perhaps could be frustrating pistorius is that since the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) allowed him to race against able bodied athletes, he had to use specific blades and conform to certain rules. Pistorius uses blades that conform to the specifications of the IAAF, which allow him to race in the able-bodied competition. Oscar has been quoted saying “being a perfectionist is everything, if you skimp you lose”. And it is my personal view that Oscar, who had been the world champion in the 200m for the past nine years, could simply not handle the shock of losing. Yes, sports is in many ways supposed to encourage the spirit of fairness, but then again, defeat is something that happens every now and then, and maybe Oscar who has 18 medals in his athletic life should be quick to view it in a negative light, and as Zig Ziglar, says “ if you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.

Race analysts say that superior leg speed was the main key to Oliviera’s win rather than longer blades that he had used, but according to my view, the longer ones legs are, the more they have the ability to step further and further. If those longer legs are used by a physically fit person can be at an advantage that others don’t have. Again, if all prosthetic blades are to be “uniform”, all athletes will have a fair chance in competing for the number one spot.

Although, this issue is far from over, it does show that even with science and technology, comes controversy.



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