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Art has taken center stage. Comedy, comedy and comedy. Who would have thought that this form of art would one day be taken as a profession? We have grown up in the mist of people whom we knew that when they are around we are bound to laugh one way or the other. People who were able to make funny out of anything, but it was never considered to be taken as a profession. Through the years this has changed, comedians like David Kau, Kagiso Lediga, Trevor Noah and many more have proved that is not the case. This form of art is growing at an alarming rate, we have seen the young people coming out of a shell and starting initiatives like Township Comedy and Blacks Only shows. One of the upcoming and hard comedians whom we have featured in this month's edition is Thapelo “Tips” Seemise from Ga-Rankuwa. This multitalented young man takes us through his journey in comedy which started with him taking part in “So you think you're funny” and his visit in Indonesia, remember to check it out. And you can also check out the talented youth in jewellery and fashion designing. We also look into the increasing number of young women who decide to date older men. Our relationship columnist, Mmabatho Makotanyane takes us through some of the reasons why young women end up dating older man. Also remember to checkout our not to be missed do's and don'ts, there is a thing or two that you can

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June 16, How I celebrate it? My My! What a triggy q. But here it goes, I celebrate it with respect (no school uniform @ a social event) & commemorate by looking back for what they fought for & looking at my new struggle & planning to fight it for the benefit of the next generation. Anele Mvelase, Soshanguve. We feel that people are miss interpreting what this day is. It is designed to remember/commemorate the youth who went to the streets to fight against Bantu education during that year and thanks Anele for keeping the true commemoration alive TYM. My advice to youth. Put all your life mischief on a paper and the positive about your current life. Reread it all loud to the people, then a round of applause will come. Just to prove your life is worth living for and its already making a difference. Simon Sadike

Soshanguve. Ola Simon... With those words, you have already made difference with that statement and lets all take it to consideration as it doesn't reflect to one person but each and every one of us -TYM. Hi, you guys rock. I received my poster today created by your designer. He really did a good job. Thank you TYM - Ellen Moipone Mataboge. Hi Ellen! its Our pleasure that you loved it, we always do our best to make our readers happy at all times, especially when they do positive initiatives for their communities -TYM.

Wow, I just joined and I am already blown away! I got to say this magazine really hit the spot. Can't wait for the next issue. Thanks TYM . Koketso 'tswaka' Seoketsa

Kokie! we are glad that you enjoy the magazine & the Facebook page. As the saying say's; “there's always a room for improvement�. We hope that the next issue will make your heart skip a bit-TYM Hi Tshwane pips, nice Facebook page and magazine, just want to know how do you guys really do it cause the mag is high class and will you please make me your number 1 fan- Ntaks Banda-Mamelodi Ola Ntaks... Thanks for the compliment and we do our best to keep it as high class as it can be for you guys after all its your mag and dont worry because, you also one of our number 1 fans-TYM


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It's one of those odd relationships we usually get out of with questions like “What the hell and oh my God” or what was i thinking getting myself in that. For some they thank themselves after managing to unplug themselves out of the relationship. All I know is that it has to be a two way street. Its either you have it or you don't and that's my focus today, I am going to look into the dos and don'ts on office or campus romance. There are a number of things you do in these themed relationships which makes them stand head to head with what I could say “normal” relationships or romance. I mean obviously, the two have relationships are formed by mutual attraction , lust is another common ground, yet we are forever begging our brothers and sisters to over and over to differentiate between the two, but they only do so through hard learned experience. Romance can be found in the work place or a little campus connection if you know what I mean, so there are few things to avoid though. Please no PDA's (Public Displays Affection) because you really don't have to prove to us that you are dating and do not send each other romantic or sexually explicit emails during work or varsity hours they are so inappropriate. Do not bring your arguments to work or campus because there are too many conflicts among workers so save us the trouble, this will only create unproductive working environment. Please do not make your partner our lunch discussion cause in my eyes it would show that you have lost a bit of your life. Always remember that having an office or campus romance is not bad but at least try not to be the topic of the month with bad reviews from co-workers or fellow students cause statics show that 47 percent of people within companies admit to having an office romance.


Relationships are hard work especially if you do not know what to do but don't stress cause I am here to give you tips on how to sustain the steamy office/campus romance you are having under people's nose. Face reality and know that you are at work/campus not on a date at cheap takeaway joint, so you really have to be professional at all times. Do not compromise your work ethics, continue to do your work efficiently. Avoid arguments and try to be a team player and please no favourites cause, you were hired to work not to flirt the whole day long. Always do projects and assignments in time, never lose that driven spirit to succeed. Have coffee once in a while and maybe steal a little kiss once. Don't make it a tendency because having a romance in these environments doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun but have it responsible. Now how about we try to analyse particularly how such odd relations occur, well we know our typical “boyfriend”and “girlfriend”date games go! Boy meets girls at the corner or restaurant whatever! And boom romance. These guy spot a lady in the classroom or boardroom and bingo! Romance, but how? I am no expert but I will tell you what I think. We know most one night stand starts with a great conversation just one of those working late nights and you happen to be having one such conversation with a colleague obviously the guy being the guy will suggest driving you home since its late for a girl to drive alone “true very true” though even when you know this may go wrong, your blindness continue to go with the flow. Then the next morning the proverbial “walk of shame”. So guys, what am saying is that; you can have whatever relationship you want but be cautious. Remember Gift loves you, till next time when we talk Do's & Don'ts on choosing role model.


makip-kip was and still recognised as one of the top leading clothing brands in South Africa. Because of the township style and quality of the brand that brings a sense of belonging and charisma. This brand was founded in 2006 by Nkosana Modise, Siyabonga Ngwekazi and Ngori Takawira. The brand is

endorsed by many celebrities in South Africa like Teargas (Hip Hop Group). The brand is just what I call "sky high". When one sees Amakip-kip t-shirts you just see ikasi (township). The brand rings it in your mind that this is Africa. A lot has been incorporated to bring different design elements, like the African Continent. I'm awe of the other


brands that trip and flop while trying to bring Americanism to the African culture. One thing about this brand is brand management, knowing what's in the mind of your target market. I personally see the brand as an "I Don't Care" type of a clothing line, and that's what Kasi people want. Simply quality that brings charisma and a good value for your money. Every kasi rooted kid wants to be the proud owner of Amakip-kip (tshirts), not because Siyabonga is one of the founders; just because of the sense of wearing and quality-style that the brand brings. These are popular public responses from South African Street about Amakip-kip. "those tops are dope and wat makes it beta is dat its local yes not American or English straight south Africa the muthaland (sic)." the responses continued "uyazini those t-shirts are hot i wanna own one of those they seriously look hot. Big up to Nkosana!" This is just power to the brand. It also proves brand loyalty among other things. When trying to bring/develop a brand in Mzantsi you need to let go of the coconut/Oreo mind-set and your brand shall suffice. Your brand should be both sophisticated and unsophisticated. Talking about the Vandals and Vandy t-shirts (candy t's I call them), first of all let's look a bit at the history of the "vandals", and according Wiki "Vandals were an East Germanic tribe that entered the late Roman empire during the 5th century..." enough said. I'm of the opinion that vandal/Vandy t-shirts are promoted or branded with an Oreo mind-set, thus these are not seen everywhere in South Africa unlike Amakip-kip. Take this, before you brand with existing names because of the lack of flair/creativity. You seriously need to look at the "history" of the name that you are going to associate with your brand. The name will have both negative and positive impact towards your product. Secondly making the brand too personal (Dj Sbu) chases people away, they need a sense of companionship towards the brand and the person behind the brand. Again Google have a lot of articles on "how to" that could've helped a lot. Look I'm not a connoisseur, so don't critic me, but you welcome to do so on my writing. Who endorses the brand? Trevor Madondo and Khabonina are among the promoters of Vandal and Vandy. The above being said ask yourself "Why am I wearing Amakip-kip and not Vandal t-shirt?" leaving that to you to decide. Moving right along, honestly the business idea of vandal is good, but the Amakip-kip's way better, not only when compared 7

to the Vandal but any other clothing brand in Mzantsi. The print of the t-shirt on its own looks like a chewing gum sticker (Vandal and Vandy). Honestly, was this a competition to Amakip-kip? If so, go read something about how Mzantsi consumers/kasi people make decisions on purchasing local products. Also check their reaction towards a brand or certain names that could work as well. Don't be lazy! Sukungxama! I have to admit I like their pink or rather water melon t-shirt. Talking about something to die for, damn vandals are to be assassinated for (literally), Amakip-kip are to live for. One more thing I do not own any of these brands at all, but interested more on the "kip kip" side of the fence. Vandals will make me appear more like an Oreo, which takes away my sense of belonging not because of the t's colour and quality; but the "history" of the name (Vandals). A slight view: Many brands have failed to mention just one, like the "Zola 7" takkies. I mean for real who would wear that "kayo-star" look alike thing? Geez what the f**k! You don't just wake up and develop a brand because you famous. It does work to some, but not all. Brand management is the key to the success-failure of any product/service rendered. For this you need to adapt the right attitude toward the people you're targeting. What are their clothing/fashion trends? Why will they buy your brand? This is just too general and you don't need to be schooled about brand management. And it's a good start. Don't focus/personalise the brand too much on yourself, building amity is the master of all, this could be a love one between the brand and the consumers, and not much yourself and the brand. Remember you want to sell and appetise to make money. You don't want to make people aware of something they won't be interested to buy. Attitude measurement, brand choice, consumer attitude and seller attitude are the core things to a firm and a successful brand. Getting the above right means Amakipkip. So my advice to anyone who wants to develop a brand, go out there and look for a role model brand and seek for advice. Sometimes it's not just about the competition/getting a point across, but just the successfailure of your product in the market... With this advice taken, I really didn't need to go study brand management at all! See you soon, bye...

By Buchule Raba (editor of Gossip Xtra)

UNISA is Africa's leading distance learning institution nurturing inspiring leaders of tomorrow. We are a reputable, comprehensive, flexible and accessible Open Distance Learning institution that is motivating a future generation. We offer internationally accredited qualifications and have world-class resources that inspire learners to create meaningful futures on their own terms. Our vision “Towards the African University in the service of humanity� drives us to find answers to Africa's education and developmental problems. By forming partnerships in Africa and throughout the world, we are able to help the people of Africa achieve their dreams.

The Varsity College full-time study division caters for students wishing to attend classes during the day to gain the qualification and skills required to successfully begin their chosen careers. Our unique philosophy focuses on students' personal development from an academic, practical and social perspective. Varsity College's small classes guarantee personal attention while time-efficient lectures delivered by our highly qualified and dedicated lecturers provide a learning experience that leaves graduates confident to take on the real world on their own terms. The well-structured academic calendar and timetables allow students time in which to become involved in various practical experiences in the workplace and to develop those critical skills relevant to their future careers. Varsity College offers a funfilled wide variety of social, sporting and cultural activities, which introduces students to new friends and interests.


Kanye West – All of the lights Feat: Rihanna [Intro] All of the lights (All of the lights) (Lights, lights) All of the lights (All of the lights) [Chorus 1 - Rihanna] Turn up the lights in here baby Extra bright, I want y'all to see this Turn up the lights in here baby You know what I need Want you to see everything Want you to see all of the lights (All of the lights) [Bridge - Elly Jackson/La Roux] Fast cars, shooting stars (All of the lights, all of the lights) Until it's Vegas everywhere we are (All of the lights) If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life [Verse 1 - Kanye West] Something wrong I hold my head M.J. gone, our nigga dead! I slapped my girl, she called the FEDS I did that time, and spent that bread I'm headed home, I'm almost there I'm on my way, headed up the stairs To my surprise, a nigga replacing me I had to take him to that ghetto university [Chorus 2 - Kanye West] (All of the lights) Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights Strobe lights, street lights (All of the lights, all of the lights) Fast life, drug life Thug life, Roc life Every night (All of the lights) [Chorus 1] [Verse 2 - Kanye West] Restraining order Can't see my daughter Her mother, brother, grandmother, hate me in that order Public visitation We met at Borders Told her she take me back I'll be more supportive I made mistakes I bump my head Courts sucked me dry I spent that bread 9

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Tips to follow when establishing a business First Cup Most youth in South Africa fail to see their business maturing to more greater heights. The main cause of this is mainly the lack of professionalism from the birth of the business. Any child who is born, certificate of birth is issued to parent/s, for recognition of the baby. That; also apply to a new business, the first step that as young inspiring entrepreneur need to do


when giving birth to your business is: register it at CIPRO now known as CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission). By registering it, that allows you to network with more well established companies like banks for loan or opening your business account, the other benefits of registering your business are : Complying with business law, Formality of business, Allowance to apply for Tax clearance,

Ownership of the business name. Second Cup Now that you have registered your ideal business. It's time to put everything into implementation which is to follow the business plan objectives and goals. I hope before the first cup of our business coffee you have already drawn-up a business plan, after all, why give birth to something that you did not plan (research)? Many business plans fail to attract potential investors or banks for loans, why? Because they miss the following: 1. Business Cover followed by Index (table of content). 2.Executive Summary: A brief description of your business. What is your business about? Mission & Vision. 3. Product or Service: Describe what you're selling or doing. Focus on customer/clients benefits. 4. Market Analysis: You need to know your market, customer needs, where they are, how to reach them, etc. 5. Marketing strategy and Implementation: Be specific. Include management responsibilities with dates and budgets. Make sure you can track results. 6. S.W.O.T analysis & 3 to 5 years plan: Research your Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Targets/Threaghts in the business industry that you in. And state your future goals. 7. Management Team: Describe the organization and the key management team members and duties. 8. Financial Analysis: Make sure to include at the very least your projected Profit/income and Loss and Cash Flow tables. If you need assistance in drawing up business plan go to or Last Cup It's not always the case to have a capital of thousands or millions before you can establish a business. You can use the savings you have, like that extra money that you have after all your monthly payments, use it as an investment to your small adventure. Start small before going big. Or start small and grow big, along the process of starting small, you will have acquired knowledge of how to maintain your business. If by any chance your ready to grow and learned all the essential facts of business, you can apply for SMME's grants at banks or any financial institutes like:, , & all major South African banks.


By Doreen Mokgolo


ressed in graduation gowns with their proud parents waiting in the Atteridgeville Community Hall to witness the moment of the 2011 Atteridgeville Jewellery Project graduates. The group has been taking part in the project for two years. The Regional Executive in ABSA said that the project was founded by people, a group of individuals from disadvantaged communities who aimed at improving their communities. It has been running for six years and 80% of the graduates are placed in jewellery companies both nationally and internationally. “They approached ABSA for funding and after seeing the good work that they were doing in their community we couldn't say no. We decided to inject R400 000 towards the training. Through this training the graduates will be able to start their jewellery businesses and create further employment in their communities. “This is one of the projects which we are proud to be associated with as ABSA. I am today proud to be working for an organization that reaches out to the youth. They are after all the leaders of this community and they need to be encouraged and supported,” she added. The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Elizabeth Thabethe congratulated the graduates. “Education is the key to everything and that no one can take it away from you. In life you decide what you want to become and poverty shouldn't be used as an excused. You should go out


there, utilize the resources at your disposal and work hard”. She further advised the youth to follow proper channels in starting businesses and international relations. Koketso Mohlala 22 graduated in the project two years ago. “After completing my matric I didn't have enough money to enroll at a university institution. I decided to enroll for a certificate in IT (Information Technology). A friend who knew about my passion for designing told me about the project that ABSA is involved in and that they are looking for youth interested in furthering their career in jewellery designing and that it was free. She encouraged me to join. I told myself that I was not going to let the opportunity slip through my fingers. I enrolled. “I wrote a selection test and passed it. Two years later, I graduated in Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing. I was selected as the Best Designing Student. I love working with precious metals. “This opportunity has opened doors for me. This year I have entered the Edgars Black Up Competition with my three pieces and they were all selected to compete. The winner will design the stores jewellery. I am encouraging the youth to utilize every opportunity they get. I have always loved designing and I am today living my dream and you can do that too. I am planning on opening my own jewellery company, I will also be designing clothes.

'TIPS' The Comedy Doctor!

I was surprised when I first met with Thapelo “Tips” Seemise who is born and bred in GaRankuwa. This 31 year old looked nothing like the bubbly personality on stage and what I have seen in the video clips of him on the stage. He has a reserved and quiet personality coupled with a soft voice. Few minutes after meeting at the Casandra Park in GaRankuwa, he takes us in his journey to success. Q.Who is Thapelo “Tips” Seemise and where were you born? A. I was born in Ga-Rankuwa 31years ago. I started my educational journey at Tim Modise Primary School. Q. How were your school days? A. My school years were very quiet, I wasn't outgoing. I wasn't as outspoken as I am today. I was very academic and always part of the top ten in my class. In school, I would tell a joke and no one would notice that I was the one who cracked it. I was also good in chemistry. After completing my matric I enrolled with Wits University where I studied Analytical Chemistry. After being unable to afford the fees I decided to drop out. In 2004 I decided to enroll with the Johannesburg Arts Foundation. I obtained a diploma in dance. I then joined ATW as the Artistic Director and taught dance. I was part of the Dance Umbrella under Thabo Rapoo. During my teenage years I entered the Top of the Pops dance competition and I won. People were surprised as no one knew that I could dance because I only did it in my own space. Q. If you were to be given the opportunity to go back to school, would you take it? A. I would take it without looking back and finish what I had started at Wits University. I am also thinking of becoming a radio dj. I have always dreamed of being on radio but felt that my voice was not for it. I have made peace with it. Q. Tell us about your trip to Indonesia. A. I went to Indonesia for three months as a South African ambassador in arts. I was part of 50 individuals from different countries. We went there to learn about the country and at the end of it, come up with a production that tells a story about that country. The end product was performed in front of the President and the Kings. It was also expected of us to implement what we have learned in our respective countries. I was selected to be the lead dancer in the production. It was a good experience. Thapelo” Tips” as a Comedian Q. Tell us about your life as a comedian. A. During my dance days I developed a love for poetry, together with a group of friends from Ga-Rankuwa, we

started Tips Galore Poetry and Arts House. We aimed at giving the youth in our community the platform to express and explore their talent. I'm always the MC of the sessions and this is where I realized that; I am able to make people laugh. Q. Tell us about your big break. A. My big break was when I took part in “So you think you're funny” season 1 on SABC. It wasn't planned, I crashed into it. I was on my way to a dance class in Joburg from Pretoria and I saw a group of people queue and decided to find out what was going on. They told me that it was stand-up comedy auditions. I decided to try my luck; I took a number and left for class. Later in the evening when I came back, I found that they were still auditioning. It didn't take me three minutes to convince the judges that I am funny. I was called back. I made it to the top six. I believe that my not winning was a blessing in disguise. If I did, I would have thought that I was best than others and wouldn't let myself to learn more or have the time to polish my craft. After my journey with So you think you're funny, I started performing at Morula Sun, Club Bambatha as a stand-up comedian. This paved ways for me, I was invited by Tshepo “Spykos” Mogale to take part in Tshwane Comedy Festival. I didn't look back from this. I have shared the stage with David Kau and I am now working with him at the David Kau Production. Q. How is your community treating you now? A. I am receiving a lot of love and support from my community. I have never forgotten my roots even after my days on TV. I still take part in community projects that I have been part of before TV. Q. What are your feelings towards comedy in South Africa? A. I prefer to look at it from my community's perspective. I feel that Pretoria has many talented individuals who are laid back. From what I have learned, they are not innovative. They all want to do the same thing. Even when you invite dance groups for auditions in any local community, only a few would respond, they still have the mindset of art is in Joburg which is not true. Funding and sponsorship is a challenge to sustain the groups.

Q. What other projects are you involved in? A. I choreograph for ATW and take part in social outreach programs in my community. I want Pretoria to be known for the good things. I am engaging and mentoring the youth in arts. I believe that comedy can be used to change mindset. If South Africa was to use comedians as mediators during strikes, they would have solved many issues without any violence. During the world cup, I was employed as the World Cup Activator to change people's mindset and get them in the mood, and this worked like a charm. I believe that it is easier to give a serious message in a not so serious manner. I realized that people relate better in such conditions.


Marketing manager is one of the most interesting careers in the world, that's if you are a creative thinker, full of ideas etc. It's because of that department that we are aware of Coke Company & products, Apple, SABC, ABSA, NIKE and so forth. Most of their duties are to establish what the consumer wants or needs and to satisfy those wants and needs by providing the products or services to the customer. Marketing also includes public relation responsibilities, event co-ordination, and product activation (launching of new products), promoting a brand. Communication is obviously very important in this field, and the ability to build and maintain relationships between a company and the consumer is of utmost importance. English, Maths are the basics in Grade 12 which will pave-way for you to do Diploma or Degree in college or university. You can earn from R7000.00 depending on the company you work for.

Mine surveyors compile data which is used in all stages of the development of the mine from the initial concept through to the restoration of the land at the end of the project. A mine surveyor is usually responsible for carrying out feasibility studies to assess the financial viability of the project as well as the environmental impact on the site. Mine surveyors also need extensive knowledge of mining and mineral rights and need to consult with landowners and local 17

authorities when preparing mining applications. Test results are then analysed and interpreted, and the basis of the mine design and extraction plans are formed according to this information. The average salary of a mine surveyor is in the region of R100 000 to R200 000 per annum, but this varies according to education and experience. Maths & Science & Geography are compulsory in other to qualify in university.

A magistrate is a judicial officer with limited authority to administer and enforce the law. A magistrate's court usually has jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases. Duties of magistrates vary according to the extent of their jurisdiction and powers. Responsibilities basically include overseeing the legal process in courts, ensuring that trials and hearings are conducted fairly and that the court safeguards the legal rights of the parties involved. They listen as attorneys represent their clients, ensuring that rules and procedures are followed, and they then provide a verdict. A basic salary is around R351 000 per year. You can only be appointed as regional magistrate if you have obtained an LLB-law degree and have at least 7 years' experience in the practicing of law, for example as an attorney, advocate, prosecutor or district court magistrate. Posts are advertised in the newspapers and the short-listed candidates are interviewed by the Magistrate's Commission.


Lately all you do is wish that you were somewhere else instead. You find yourself in a nerve-racking relationship: stress, resentment, worry, endless arguments, noise, name calling, tears, doubts, sleepless nights, dishonesty, mood swings, lack of concentration at work or at school, heartache and headache. What a depressing list for anyone to bear! You have tried, you have cried until tears dried. Why are you still in that unhealthy and unhappy relationship? I understand that you have a lot of reasons that are keeping you; for the sake of the children, for that duration--the time and energy you have invested, you are still hoping, wishing and thinking that things will be better, you are afraid of starting something new, you are afraid of being lonely, you are too depended on him or her, you don't want to disappoint the in-laws or you feel like a failure by letting go. Are those your reasons for staying even though you are not happy? Where is the love? Why are you pretending? You are clinging on to love that is no longer there, you are lying to yourself. It does not help staying in a relationship that strains you emotionally and mentally. At the end, you will suffer the consequences. Don't


you know that stress is not good for your health? Don't stay, you deserve something better! Everyone deserves to be happy. Why should you deny yourself that right by being in a relationship for all the bad reasons? You deserve someone who will treat you right, someone who gives you a reason to smile and laugh, someone who shows you how beautiful love is, someone who will not make you feel miserable. You deserve someone who will give you a reason to wake up to a brand new day with great delight. You certainly deserve someone who will love you so dearly. Remember: true happiness comes from within. You cannot get into a relationship with all the grudges from your past and all the sadness from your previous relationship and expect your partner to unload the burden for you and make you happy. It does not have to be that way. It should start with you. You should make peace with yourself and not wait for someone to make you happy. Be happy with yourself to celebrate the gift of life with a free and joyful heart--if not, you will blame the world and you won't be happy even in your next relationship.


ater is often called the forgotten nutrient since many people take it for granted, but it is essential to life. As much as it has been said over and over that water is vital in one's life there is still a great number of people who still don't understand its importance. One might question why I need to drink the prescribed 8 glasses of water daily. Well, that is the normal amount we lose through perspiration, waste removal and other functions. An excerpt from Oprah's book, Make the Connection, by Bob Greene: "Water is essential to life. Without it, we would survive maybe two or three days. That makes it our most important nutrient. Water surrounds and is a part of each and every cell in your body, and it is needed or involved in virtually all body functions”. An excerpt from Oprah's book, Make the Connection, by Bob Greene states that alcohol and caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee do not count because they are actually diuretics, meaning they cause you to lose fluid rather than retain it. Malcolm Stewart, PhD, a clinical and health psychologist says water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, and without it, we would die. The human brain is made up of 95% water; blood is 82% and lungs 90%. In addition, it keeps your energy up, weight down, muscles strong; joints supple, digestive system smooth your whole system in physical balance. As little as a 2% drop in our body's water supply can trigger signs of dehydration: fuzzy short-term memory, and difficulty focusing on smaller print, such as a computer screen. Did you know that water also plays a key role in the prevention of disease? Well, drinking eight glasses of water

daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and it can potentially even reduce the risk of breast cancer. Drinking water and losing weight! All functions within the body require the presence of water. A hydrated body enables the functions to be effective. This liquid enables the metabolism to burn calories 3% faster. Malcolm Stewart, PhD, a clinical and health psychologist says many people confuse hunger with that of water. “I work with many people who want to lose weight for personal or medical reasons. It is not uncommon to hear complaints of intense hunger between regular eating times, no matter how satisfying their meals. “For some people irritating hunger that makes them want to pick at food constantly. Others describe sharp cravings that demand immediate satisfaction. Regardless, the effect is the same: Despite increasing their physical activity they can't lose unwanted pounds. But a little-known fact both helps explain these food pangs - and provides a means to deal with them: Sometimes thirst masquerades as hunger. So you may think your body is asking for food when what it's actually asking for is water. “For another, the body may seek food as a source of water because about 37 percent of our daily water intake comes from food. Fruits and vegetables are typically 70 to 95 percent water. Cooked meat is 50 to 60 percent. Even bread is made up of about 35 percent water. So your body may signal that it's hungry in order to get more water through food. And because water is so important, the body gives off strong messages when it needs more, which is why thirst


masquerading as hunger can be so compelling. “Your body needs water - a lot of water, every day - more than anything else except oxygen. We can live without food for a week or more if necessary, but not without water. If your body has just 2 percent less than it requires, you'll feel fatigued. A 10 percent shortfall can produce significant health risks. Drink all your water before anything else each day. “A week without water can be fatal. Adults need six to eight 8ounce glasses (about 1 ½ to 2 quarts) every day, more if you're large or physically active and even more if you drink much coffee, tea or cola, because the caffeine in these is a mild diuretic. “Drinking the required amount takes a conscious effort for most of us, but it's easier if you make a habit of drinking water


every time you do a particular activity - for instance, each time you go into the kitchen or whenever you're about to make a phone call. You can also up your intake by using a larger glass or drinking a refill. Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle. Some people find "sipper bottles" convenient. “If you feel hungry when it's not meal time, first have a large glass of water, then get busy doing something - keep at it for at least 20 minutes before you consider eating anything. After drinking one glass, you may immediately want another. This is your body saying, "Yes! That was want I really wanted - give me more!" If you still feel hungry after 20 minutes, try having another glass of water, and then get busy again. By Doreen Mokgolo


ugar daddies are old, but young at heart. They can have their way right into a young woman's life—with no guilt or shame. Some have left their wives unattended to give their full attention to these young women. Some can hardly attend their children's school meetings, but they can meet their young partners at street corners or first class places...depending on their bank balance or wallets! There are a lot of reasons why young women glue themselves to sugar daddies –men old enough to be their fathers or a lot older than them. There are a lot of reasons why sugar daddies go for young women. To give you a hand, I chatted to a group of young women at a tertiary level to help us understand why young women go for sugar daddies. They were free to tell me about their experience with older men. Their relationship with sugar daddies is more than that meets the eye. At times the sugar daddies lie about their identities—they fake it to make it! While these young women go out with 'the daddies' for material gain, sugar daddies enjoy being with young women for personal game. It is a two way thing! “Trends come and go, competition at varsity is too high –everyone wants to have something new in the closet. I go out with sugar daddies because they are there to provide. Money for them is not really an issue. Sometimes they feel a bit jealous when you date someone younger than them they feel disrespected so they use money to keep you. I personally prefer someone older because they are matured and they know how to treat a lady. I don't have to remind him to do this and that—he knows just what to do!” said Cynthia Mathole (26), who dated a man 15 years older than her. Zanele Mathebula* is 21 years old, she dated a 41-year-old because she did not have a father figure when she was growing up. “I was raised by a single parent. I wanted to

bridge a gap—I missed out on having a male person to guide me and take care of my needs. The man I dated was very supportive and very open. I did not care much about whether he was married or going through a divorce. He took me to all these exciting places and treated me very special.” “I dated a sugar daddy but it did not last. He was too controlling. He was jealous of my relationship with younger men—he became violent. Sugar daddies use you to spice up their marriage, well not all are married. Sometimes when things are not going too well at home, they run to you for sexual reasons. You are a spare wheel. A lot of them are bored of their marriage or women their ages, so they go out with younger women to make themselves feel young. They love to brag about these young women; they want to show their friends that they can get any girl they want—young or old”, said Vanessa Mbisa (30). The vibe might seem entertaining, interesting, benefiting and innocent to both parties, but who gets hurt at the end? The wife and the children, it paints a very bad name for the family and the wife is being disrespected—all because of a man who chose to throw his family away to be with a girl who was born yesterday. Young women might end up being too attached—emotionally, physically or mentally, which can be hurtful if the man is not really serious about the relationship. Whose time is wasted? The young woman's time is wasted. A man who steals his time with his family to be with you won't marry you. That man is not serious about you. If the sugar daddy is married or has a family, what makes you think he is not cheating on you when he is cheating on his wife or partner? It is all a game; it can have bad results –a circle of hurt feelings, promiscuity, loss of concentration at school if all you do is think of that Gucci handbag he promised you, broken families and hearts and unfaithfulness. By Mmabatho Makotanyane




s young people growing up, our minds and hearts are filled with dreams and ambition. We constantly visualize our lives being perfect and living happily ever after. Unfortunately we live in a world where the scripts about our lives are constantly altered according to the decisions that we made on daily basis. Growing up teaches us the value of living, the consequences of each decision taken by us. We all know that life has no guarantee but our reaction towards the challenges we face plays an even bigger role. I have come across people who have given up hope because their mountains were unbearable and unshakable, Young people who could tackle anything that was thrown their way but sadly, some situations were got the better of them. We always look for the easy way out when faced with a situation beyond our control instead of looking for a lesson that needs to be learned. Giving up has never been an option to all those young successful people who have made it in their careers. Persistence, perseverance and hard work are the key elements to living a full and productive life. I have met young man and women who have defined the odds so that they can make a mark for themselves. Young people who tapped into their inner self so that they can be able to empower themselves to be able to use their God given talent to becoming young entrepreneurs. These people did not let situations get them down; they did not even waste a moment complaining about their situations, on the contrary, they let that situation work to their advantage. It is true that not everyone can turn lemons into lemonade, not everyone can have a positive mindset when everything that they value is falling apart. Not everyone is brave enough to tackle impossible situations, all that is required is a positive attitude and that positivity will breathe new life into your situation. A positive mindset is the greatest weapon that any individual can own. The mind is the only place that no other person has control over. The owner of the mind is the only person that can build or destroy him or herself. We need to start being weary of the things we feed our mind because that is where every great idea begins. We as individuals tend to undermine our capabilities just because it is not something that we can touch, feel and see. We always believe that the things we cannot see are always a waste of 23

time and not of importance. We should not let the things of the world consume us because we will never have control over that. Personally I believe that with every problem, there is an answer that needs to be discovered if only we have the faith to look deeper. Life is full of many chances. Whenever one door closes, another will open. We need to always remember to give faith a fighting chance; we should always re-consider whenever we close to giving up. Life is a beautiful mystery that needs to be constantly discovered. Living is not about what you know it is about embarrassing the beauty of not knowing. Imagine living a detailed life from birth till death, knowing what will happen to you in every move that you make. Where will the beauty of living be? Living is a continuous process of self discovery as an individual as well. I personally have been in situation that I could not wish even on my enemy. I have been at the lowest point but I am glad that I learnt at an early stage being at the lowest is a blessing because the only way I can go from being at low level is the top. We always talk about how cruel and unfair life is and yet there are people who have absolutely nothing and yet we can see the fulfillment in their lives because they were able to see another day, a day that they can be able to put their lives back on track. We need to stop moping and complaining all the time because we will not see the beauty of life. We are all given second chances in life but it is up to us as individuals to decide our own destiny. Whether we value our second chances in life or not, the bottom line is that a second chance has been given to us. Life is never unfair; our choices are the ones that tend to be very unfair to us. As long as we are able to walk, breathe, feel and touch, we need to appreciate what we have currently in our lives because not everyone is fortunate to have seen another day. We need to count our blessing and stop conforming to things that are not of importance to us, things that will eventually destroy us if we are not careful. The wise will always have an upper hand while the foolish will perish with things of the world. We all need to determine where we stand, we all need to know who we are and where do we want to see ourselves in the near future. We all need to be writers of our own obituaries because we know the road that we have walked, the challenges that we have faced, the tears that we have shared as well as the happy moments we have experienced with loved ones. Yesterday is left in the past and cannot be brought back, the future is what still needs to come and we rarely have control over it. All we have to do is embrace our current situation because it is special, that is why we call it the present. It only comes once and we need to use it at the best of our abilities. By Tebogo Ndlovu

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Hot or Not

Is Step Up or Step Down Cool? Well, it's good that e tv are also playing a role in keeping SA youth busy with dancing skills. But matter of fact, the show lacks energy. Starting with the judges and the show concept.

1. DJ Sbu new album, end of August.

Scandal on Hot!

2. Terry Pheto on The Bold and the Beautiful 3. Chris Brown in SA

Class Act Hot! 8ta ads are HOT!

4. Tshwane Show Ground (PTAShowground) 5. Mandela Day

Has Tshwane Tv arrived? Yep! Tshwane TV is in the building. It was launched in JUNE 2011; you can search it on the UHF band on your tv, like when you setting up a new channel. Its free!..

BET wards were HOT!

Capricorn FM HOT!

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 1. How many people live in Nigeria? Well unlike SA, Nigeria has over 150 million people staying there. That's like 3 times SA population. According to the stats in 2010. Was ZAR lounge build from scratch? Yes! Co-owner of ZAR lounge Mr Kenny Kunene known as “Mr Sushi�. Builded ZAR club on top of a HOTEL roof in SANDTON, which is estimated to have cost more than R5 million. Where is DMX? I thought you saying BMX the bicycle. Well DMX the artist, his been moved to Arizona Mental Health after he was sentence for another jail time.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Which stadium is Mamelodi Sundowns home ground? Blue Bulls home city is? Tshwane Municipal was named after? Atteridgeville was established in? Popular news anchor from Soshanguve on SABC news is?

Answers to the last month TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: 1. 6 radio's 2. South Africa 3. Year 1910 4. August to September 5. Sotho, Shangaan, Nguni, Venda.

Spikiri album not HOT! Lady Gaga looks not Hot! Bafana Bafana gear not Hot! Seskhona new presenters not HOT! Any kasi T-shirt brand not hot!


People & Events

People & Events


It is heartwarming to see the youth standing up to better their lives other than sitting in the street corners complaining about the government not creating employment. Some of the hardworking and eager to improve their lives and the economy of this country is the 22 year old Karabo Magoba from Soshanguve and 22 year old Qama Nyalambisa from the Eastern Cape. This final year student from DSDC College together with a group of students showcased their sizzling creations at the Pretoria State Theater. “I fell in love with designing from a very young age. When my peers were watching cartoons I would be watching fashion shows. I started drawing fashion sketches and designing clothes for my doll. I would go as far as cutting out patterns from magazines and try to come up with the designs. Sometimes I wake up in midnight and start sketching patterns. My sister who is also a designer has always been my role model and mentor; she was the one who encouraged me to bring my sketches to life. “After completing my matric, I searched for different fashion designing institutions but they were expensive and my parents couldn't afford them. They advised me to find something that i would study for until they would be able to afford to pay for my dream. I then decided to study Travel and Tourism. “I studied and completed Tourism but my heart wasn't in it. And at the same time I was still searching for a cheaper school that offers fashion designing. I came across DSDC College and their fees were reasonable. As soon as I graduated in Tourism I enrolled with them. “This is my final year and I am happy that I am finally living my dream. After my graduations, I am planning to open my own fashion shop”, said Karabo Magoba. “I have never thought that I would be able to study fashion designing as a profession. There are not as many fashion designing schools in the Eastern Cape so after completing my matric I decided to study Business Administration. A year while studying towards my degree I decided to drop T YM

out. I felt that I was chasing a wrong profession. I searched for fashion schools in South Africa and I came across DSDC College based in Pretoria were my aunt lives. I enrolled with the college, “said Qama Nyalambisa. She continue saying; “My latest designs are inspired by the sailors wear. I decided to design garments with their picture in mind, their clothes designs and colors. I decided to use blue and a silk material”. Nyamalambisa added that she looks up to David Tlale locally and Muhamed Zair abroad. “I have dreams of my work been known locally and internationally and I know that my dream is going to come true it is only a matter of time. I am finally going to be able to practice professionally. I am going to start small and open my own business and use what I have learned as a Business Administrator to run it”. By Doreen Mokgolo

BURSARY & LOANS FOR EDUCATION / SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS NATIONAL STUDENT FINANCIAL AID SCHEME NSFAS has helped more than 50 000 students between 2000 to 2010. The loan is repayable once graduates is working and earning a monthly salary. 40% of the loan is turned into a loan if the student passes all the courses. For more detailed information on NSFAS: 021 763 3232

SA BANKS Banks also offer loans to students. Your guardian has to apply on your behalf. Each bank has its own criteria to approve the loan. Here are the contacts you need to have: / 086 000 8600 / 086 011 5060 / 086 012 3456 / 086 055 5544 / 086 010 2458

SEMINAR Buzz Party in Pretoria Wednesday 27th July 2011 17h30 - 21h30. The world famous business-to-business and social networking party - filled with inspired networking, amazing SME solutions, live entertainment, guest speakers, big prizes, scrumptious hot and cold snacks, and of course loads of fun. Members: R175 pp Non-Members: R195 pp. Booking is essential. Limited space - E-mail:


Starring: Shia LaBeouuf, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, John Malkovich, Tyrese Gibson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley I can transform ya‌.. Yep over and above that's what Michael Bay does, he is taking it not to another level but to thee extreme heights of all times in the box office. Transformers, the dark of the moon is coming to you screens when Sam, who is a friend to autobots, is taking a break from saving the world to struggle with the day-to-day challenges of finding work and love. But once again his life is turned into chaos by

the malevolent Decepticons. A Cybertronian spacecraft has been sighted on the moon, and if the Decepticons find it first, they will most certainly triumph in the transformers ultimate battle. Their evil schemes draw them to Chicago, endangering Sam's girlfriend and forcing him to save the day once again. If you are a techno fan this is your thing and if your not then you will be after you watching this movie. The graphics are spectacular, worth what you've paid for. Rating: ****

If you are into action and adventure or Science fiction and fantasy then this one is dedicated to you. Suspense almost through out the movie and horror this is what it's all about. Fading of the cries is about young man armed with a deadly sword saves a teenage girl named Sarah from a malevolent evil that has begun plaguing a small farmland town. While in search of an ancient necklace that had belonged to Sarah's uncle, the two set out to get to Sarah's home safely while being pursued by hordes of demonic creatures. Mhhh not real a movie you should watch if you are a scary cat but the graphics a sensational, it almost feels like you are part of the action but only in fantasy. If you wanna spend your money on it be my guest its not worth wasting time on. Rating: *** 29

R. Kelly – Letter Box

R. Kelly took a different route with this cd. This cd has a love theme. All of the songs are about love and relationships. This is the first time he has recorded a whole cd about love songs. He usually writes about love, but he also writes about other subjects as well. This cd has mostly ballads on it. It also has a few

midtempo songs. What I love about R. Kelly's music is the fact that I always feel as if I know the songs even when they are new. With this cd, I felt as if I knew the songs already. R. Kelly wrote and produced all of the songs on this cd. He first open-up with an acapella song titled Love Letter Prelude is an interlude, it wasn't really necessary, but it segues to the next song. When A Woman Loves is a ballad about the way a woman loves in a relationship. It's good that he wrote this from a woman's perspective. It's a lovely dedication to women. I liked how this song has a classic beat to it.Just Can't Get Enough is another single which is causing waves currently, it's a midtempo love song. I love the infectious beat. It goes perfectly with the hook. I have to say he did justice to the RnB genre 9/10.

Joyous Celebration 15 It was bound to happen! Joyous Celabration has produced another slam banger this time around when many thought they won't sustain their status. With the likes of Mthunzi Namba, Jabu Hlongwane & other members, you cant get go wrong with that team. The three tracks that are most outstanding are Ushilo Njalo, Umanqoba & Wangithula umthwalo are some of the most sing along gospel tunes. They went all out to make it a point that Christians are always blessed. 7/10

Book Review:


Mind catching and very painful book that elaborates more on how many South African girls are brought up. The author takes us through her depressing and sorrowful story of her life, where she lived with her mother and father happily until they decided to get divorced because the father was a cheater, a liar and a drunker yet the mother had a boyfriend secretly by her side. What kept both parents together was their little girly Anna. Bitterness started to be in the house when Anna's father passed away and uncle Dannie the “boyfriend'' moved into the house along with his son Dannie Junior. Everything went well but not for little Anna as she was brutally abused each and every night; she was afraid of the night because she knew she was going to be a sex slave, she was scared of darkness. Danny always said “your mother is not getting any younger” but for the 12 year old Anna, she was getting older. Carli, the step sister at the age of three she knew how a naked man looks like as she was also raped by her father. Anna made a promise to herself that she will kill all who hurt her and her promise was kept. BY PRETTY LEBESE 30

The gadget world has always revamped itself in so many ways. If they are not doing it for children, they are doing it for parents. But as TYM, we took a look at some of the most interesting gadgets to ever come out between 2010/2011 season for ladies & gentleman. Mobile-phones, MP3 players, Laptops are some of the most purchased items on our TOP 6 gadgets for 4 her & 4 him.



Sosh Spin Kings did it again

We were invited to attend a doo from DSDC college institution at SA State Theatre in Pretoria. They had a college exhibition where students showcased their talents in terms of fashion/ Design, Visual art, Hospitality and Music. Students from the institution were invited to witness this spectacular event and there were a number of very influential people such as the great poet Mr. Lefifi who encouraged the attendees to be proud of where they come from. The opening and introduction of guest was chaotic but the hospitality students who served guests with scrumptious snacks, have one or more things to teach our mothers in the kitchen department because the food was to die for. There was also a fashion show which had three phases where designers had a platform to showcase their work but as the saying goes” we cannot all be good at what we do”. It was proven during the show because some designers went all out to present tailor made outfits while others just put in less effort because I saw bizarre outfits, hence I can't applaud every designer. Visual art was so great, I fell in love with it immediately, those artist are so talented though there was a problem because some of them could not articulate or rather explain their paintings which might be disadvantageous to them in the future. Music team played tunes which was good but proper planning and rehearsal lacked in that department, the singers were good especially this one lady who sing a beautiful song called “All I can do is cry” oh… that lady made my day. Overall the event was a great initiative and it shows that DSDC is doing a great job because you truly can't get so much talent in one room. Big up! By Gift Nkomo

The next stop was the Sosh Spin Kings Spinning grounds, this is where spinners are separated from the wanna be spinners. This is a place where the fearless drivers show off their tactics without the presence of the man of the law restricting them. The event hosted at the home of Sosh Spin Kings in Soshanguve was dubbed Mr RBM Extravaganza Birthday Bash; it was a spinning extravaganza at its best. As usual the the main event only kick started two hours late as usual it was blamed on the African tome but this did not stop the spectators from braving the cold weather all in the name of seeing their favourite spinners. The usual suspects RBM, Ziko & Lassy all representing SSK broke the ice and entertained the hungry for spin spectators. The crowd was screaming for their drifting and spinning as the other drivers were preparing for their performances. Before dark the crowed started filling the spinning stadium. Now i believe in the saying “practice makes perfect” I was impressed with Lassy's performance; it showed improvement from his previous performances. He is now comfortable with the spinning ground and has also mastered his techniques. Ziko, Ziko Ziko, all I can say is that you can't keep a good man down, from all the performances in his 325 engine inside Westside connection; I am yet to be disappointed. He always pushes himself to the master his skills, his performance blew me away. As for the power released by his spinning magnet is unexplainable. When i thought that i had seen it all that i had paid for, Damage & Mr Carls from Jozi and Feroz from Limpopo turned show upside down, like it was only the beginning. I even saw people 32

who were chilling outside the stadium flocking inside the stadium to experience their performance. What separates them from the rest; it was their ability to control their vehicle sideways. They have the ability to use the entire space without any fear of bumping into the wall or barricade tyres. As for speed all i can say is they are craze. The two were on fire on the night. I was disappointed when i was told that my favourite spinners Jeff, Lahari Brothers & Team Exclusive didn't make it. Boy i was looking forward to seeing them in action, but then there is always a next time.

TRENCH COAT PARTY. Well when you get an invite that says Trench Coat Party, that's what you expect to see and that's what we saw with a bonus of pimped cars exhibition at the event. Patrick, the organizer of the event went all out host a magnificent event. With a trench coat party theme in winter, choosing the exquisite venue as Cappello, live performance from experienced music band etc. You know that you going to have time of your life. Starting with the car exhibition that was held outside the venue during the day, showcasing modified cars in Pretoria is not a common thing, so Patrick took a risk by including that on the party line–up. Lucky for him it worked-out, the cars ranging from latest BMW's, Audi, modified Corsa Utilities and VW's. We were really impressed by the looks of those cars. Now moving to the Trench Coat Party inside the venue, all people who attended the event complied with the theme. It was trench coat fashion at it best. The music selected by the dj's namely Topito and Guluva former Y-fm

radio presenter were on point to keep the attendees on their dancing feet all night. Now came the music band, which was introduced by the birthday boy himself, they started with a slow pace of what we call “soft music” by the female vocalist. Then, it continued to more sing along tunes that were popular during those old days and also introducing the male vocalist. With so much fun we had in such a short space, winter night was suppose to be long, but on our side it became short like the says goes; time flies when you having fun. TYM 33



. S



Your No.1 Entertainer at all times *Music recording Studio and deals *Filming Studio-(public and private video hire) *Events management Contact details Cell No.: (+27) 076 866 1008 : (+27) 073 281 3530



Ÿ Blacks Only Comedy with your host David Kau

Ÿ Micheal Jackson “This Is It Show” from the

23 August – 28 August 2011 in Pretoria @ SA State Theatre. Tickets from R162 at Computicket.

and more @ Sandton Convention Centre in JHB, on the 30th July 2011 from 8pm. Tickets from R150 at Computicket. Ÿ Tshwane Comedy @ SA State Theatre in

PRETORIA. From 16 July to 30 July, R60 @ Computicket. Festival/Concert


Night of the Poets @ SA State Theatre in Pretoria on the 13 July 2011. R50 tickets at Computicket.

Ÿ Africa Umoja “Spirit of Togetherness” @

Victory Theatre in JHB on the 11 & 12 August 2011. Tickets from R115 at Computicket.

Ÿ Trey Songz Live in SA @ The Coca Cola Dome

in JHB on the 27 August 2011. Tickets from R250 at Computicket. Ÿ TUT Fresher's Picnic featuring Khuli Chana,

Christos, Mo Flava & more @ Ga-Rankuwa TUT Campus on the 30 July 2011. R70 entrance. SOCIAL EVENTS

Ÿ Hip Hop Night @ SA State Theatre on the 21 July

2011 from 7pm. Tickets from R60 at Computicket. Ÿ 21st B-Day Party of DJ Scirocco, Pre- Party on

the 2 Sept @ Piki's Café in Soshanguve & 3 Sept @ 1609 Block HH Sosha. Ÿ Survival of the Fittest @ Sosh Spin Palace in

Soshanguve-PTA. Featuring Best of the Best spinners on the 27 August 2011. Ÿ Hip Hop Night @ SA State Theatre on the 21 July

2011 from 7pm. Tickets from R60 at Computicket. Ÿ 21st B-Day Party of DJ Scirocco, Pre- Party on

the 2 Sept @ Piki's Café in Soshanguve & 3 Sept @ 1609 Block HH Sosha. Ÿ Survival of the Fittest @ Sosh Spin Palace in

Soshanguve-PTA. Featuring Best of the Best spinners on the 27 August 2011.

Event of the month. Tshwane Show Ground Formerly known as Pretoria Showground, is coming back again for their annual activities such as car exhibition, house hold merchandise, live stock sale, technology exhibition, games and may more. This event last for only 10 days, whereby it takes part during the last week of August up until The first week of September 2011. We hope you all ready for this one.

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