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World Vision Rwanda Quarterly Newsletter

Issue No 004: December /2012

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Issue: 005, March 2013

WVR awarded for excellent performance Educating youth through Music Dance and Drama Rukara residents get clean water More cows donated to vulnerable households Operation smile provides free cleft-lip surgery

World Vision continues educating youth through Music Dance and Drama World Vision Rwanda in partnership with Kizito Mihigo for peace foundation, on February 20, 2013, organized another concert for secondary and primary school students in Nyamata.

WVR National Director George Gitau holds some of the certificates awarded to the National Office

World Vision Rwanda awarded for excellent performance World Vision Rwanda continues to East Africa, as well as the 2nd runner-up register a number of successes as the National Office strives to become an increasingly strategy led organization, moving away from service delivery to partnering with communities, government, faith-based (FBOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) to implement sustainable development.

after Tanzania, in Sponsorship Score Card. World Vision Rwanda is committed to continuing the implementation of key development programs focused on contributing to measurable improvement to the well-being of children, their families and communities.

The success registered by World Vision Rwanda is attributed to dedicated On February 22, 2012, World Vision Rwanda, during a one week East Africa staff, who have been supported through Operations Meeting held in Kampala a series of capacity building initiatives inUganda, was awarded with certificates cluding reflection and learning meetings, for excellent performance in a number of development facilitation training, project and grant management, proposal writing, areas. and sector specific workshops. World Vision Rwanda was recognized with certificates signed by World WVR is prepared to efficiently deliver Vision East African Regional Director programmes with greater impact on Child well being. Dr. Charles Owuba as the National Office that attained the best overall results as measured on the January 2013 A shift in the mindset of staff is vital and is Global National Office Dash Board now evident in the increase of more empowerment projects being implemented (GNOD) in all EARO offices. and better practices being incorporated WVR was also recognized as the best in new concepts. The vision we pursue performing National Office on the is that all Children will have life in all its Finance Score Card for the Year 2012 in fullness.

Our Mission Our Vision

Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness; Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.

The concert that was sponsored by World Vision brought together over 3,000 students and their teachers from various schools in Nyamata, Bugesera district. The event was also attended by Bugesera District mayor representative, Gicumbi district army and police commanders and World Vision staff. Messages on peace; unity and reconciliation were given through songs, drama and poems. World Vision Rwanda has signed a memorandum of understanding with Kizito Mihigo Foundation to use music, dance and drama to spread messages of peace, unity and reconciliation, especially among youth in schools. Under his foundation Kizito Mihigo for Peace-KMP, the singer-songwriter and peace and reconciliation activist will work with World Vision’s Healing and Peace-building project to use music in spreading positive messages. Kizito Migiho, a famous local artiste is a common face in secondary schools and prisons as an ambassador of peace.

World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Our Strategic Priorities

• Improved Health and Nutrition • Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene • Reduction in HIV and AIDS and its impact on children • Improved Education and Life Skills


World Vision Rwanda Quarterly Newsletter

Issue No: 005 March / 2013

Rukara residents get clean water

time, drink clean water and try your best to be clean. Water is life, now I can say that Rukara citizens are safer from water-borne diseases.” he said 38 year-old Agnes Nyinawumuntu, a citizen of Rukara sector said that getting water closer to them was a miracle. “Since my childhood, I used to believe that walking a long distance to fetch water was normal. I never believed in having clean water as close as this,” she said. She added that having water far away was posing a challenge to most of the citizens who wanted to start businesses locally but couldn’t due to poor hygiene. “I wanted to start a bar but hesitated because I could not get safe water to keep used items clean., ” she said. EWSA’s Deputy DG in charge of water and sanitation James Sano told Rukara citizens that EWSA will help to extend WVR work to the surrounding sectors. “We will extend this water supply systems. WVR has shown us that it is possible to get water closer to these areas, where water is fetched very far from homes. We are going to try see how we can make neighboring communities with no access to clean water can get the same services.” said EWSA’s DDG who was also the guest of honor.

WVR IP Director Russel Dlamini (L) and EWSA’s DDG James Sano cutting the ribbon at one of the water taps stands.

World Vision Rwanda on January 28, 2013 officially handed over the extension of works of Cyatokwe water supply system to Kayonza district community. WVR has supported the extension of the water supply to the community of Rwimishinya cell, Rukara sector in Kayonza (Eastern Province) which didn’t enjoy access to safe and clean water previously. According to World Vision Rwanda’s Integrated Programs Director Russell Dlamini, 5,026 people will benefit from this service and the length of the pipeline constructed is 14 km. Sixteen water points with 32 water taps and one distribution reservoir of 100 m3 have also been constructed as part of the network. This is the extension of Cyatokwe water supply system that supplies clean water to seven villages in Rukara sector. The whole project was funded by World Vision through its ‘Ubuzima Wash program” with Frw 142 million. The idea came from an assessment of Rukara sector’s priority needs done by WVR, from which the decision of rapidly addressing water related issues in the sector was taken. “This fits in WVR’s mission of improving the grass-roots community’s livelihoods through sanitation and hygiene,” said Russell. According to John Mugabo, the mayor of Kayonza district, this is a great help for the Rukara sector’s community that used to walk an estimated distance of over 10 km to fetch water in Kayongo marshland. “This water supply system will significantly transform the lives of Rukara citizens. They will no longer have to spend much of their time going to nearest marshlands and rivers,” said Mugabo who requested the citizens to make good use of the clean water they got, and make sure that it lasts longer. “We hope that no more children from this sector will miss classes due to the long distances covered to get water. You have water 20 meters from your homes, let your children be at school on

Operation smile provides free cleft-lip surgery cleft lips. The surgery is being provided by a group of medical professionals volunteering with Operation Smile, a non-profit medical group that provides free surgery to children and adults with cleft lips or cleft palates worldwide. A cleft lip is a hole in the lip that has caused the lip to not fully form, and a cleft palate is a hole in the roof of the mouth. Medics explain that the malformation can be caused by malnutrition in pregnant women, environment pollution and heredity factors among others. World Vision Rwanda in January, 2013 through its Area Development Program resumed searching for patients; especially children country wide with cleft lip to get free operation.The program which is sponsored by World Vision, BPR, Unicef and MTN Rwanda will restore hope to hundred of children with

isolating myself,” he said. The ministry of health and Operation Smile signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in September 2009, and the first operations took place in 2010. The organization’s volunteers have so far provided free evaluations to 1316 Rwandans and surgery to 742.

The disease also creates a lot of social stigma issues. Emmanuel Murwanashyaka, 18, a senior one student from Gisagara district, told reporters at CHUK as he waited for a free operation that he has been suffering from the isolation due to the deformation. “My classmates sometimes laugh at me, call me ‘Bibari’ (cleft) instead of my real name and then I end up


World Vision Rwanda Quarterly Newsletter

Issue No: 005 March / 2013

More cows donated to vulnerable households World Vision Rwanda, on January 10, 2013 donated over 38 Friesian cows to vulnerable residents in Gakenke District. Muhashyi Aphrodice, WVR Northern zone manager, said that the donation is aimed at helping the beneficiaries fight against poverty. He said that the donation is in line with the government program of One-cow per-family and that one of World Vision’s missions is to help children, families and communities to overcome poverty. He called upon beneficiaries to take good care of cows knowing that they will improve their living condition through provision of milk for home consumption and extra for selling. Gakenke District Mayor Deo Nzamwita thanked World Vision for supporting vulnarble people in the district and promised continued partnership. “World Vision is one of the major partners in our district. In addition to donating cows, goats and pigs to the poor, they have supported Gakenke District through the construction of classrooms, health posts, fighting malnutrition, supporting children in schools with uniforms books and schools fees, among other,” he said Specioza Mukamana, who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, said: “I thank World Vision for having donated these cows to us because this will help us to fight against malnutrition,” She added that the donation will also increase their agricultural production through the use of the manure produced by the cows. During the fiscal year 2012, World Vision Rwanda provided 700 cows, 5,206 goats, 1,062 pigs to the most vulnerable households countrywide.

World Vision staff undergo training on First Aid

The overall goal of this training was to provide basic life savings First Aid Skills that staff can replicate to others and can use the skills in any sort of disaster or emergency both as preparedness and response measure.

First aid is one of the basic training required to equip non-medical staff prepared to respond to any emergency to minimize the risk arising out of any The First Aid training also aimed to develop non-medical staff skills and knowledge about essential life saving techniques in any disaster or emergency, proemergency, disaster and realisation of any risk. vide basic understanding of first aid and how to provide first aid in various World Vision is committed to provide these skills enhancement opportunities injuries, enhance understanding of using first aid kit in times of emergency and to its staff. World Vision Rwanda staff from the Head Office from January 30- to provide practical demonstration of handling injured and person in need of 32, 20122 participated in a first aid training, which was facilitated by experts first aid for greater understanding and replication of learning. from Rwanda Red Cross. Other World Vision staff from all the 29 ADPs had done the training from their respective zones. 41 staff participated in the same training from the northern zone on September, 19 from the western zone on October 18, Twenty staff participated in the training from the southern zone and 48 from the central zone on September 14-15, 2012.

SECURITY TIPS Your safety and security are important to us in every aspect of your life. Use these tips to help protect yourself and World Vision assets. 1. All computers, especially laptops, should be secured with cable or plate locks to avoid “walk-off.” 2.

Be sure office and building doors are locked when you leave to prevent unauthorized entry

3. Report all potential threats to the security officer or supervisor immediately 4. Overloading electrical circuits is extremely dangerous and should not be permitted. 5. Avoid distractions such as talking on the phone or texting in unsecure locations


World Vision Rwanda Quarterly Newsletter

Issue No: 005 March / 2013

Special announcements from the National Director New PDQA Director Gedeon Bihonzi will be joining WVR as the new Program Development and Quality Assurance Director starting March 1, 2013. Gedeon has over 14 years working experience with NGOs in the area of coordination, networking, advocacy, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, proposal development and management. He has also been involved in main streaming HIV&AIDS and gender equality, education, health, refugee and livelihoods programming. He has a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences and is currently completing a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH). Gedeon has been serving as the Executive Director of Rwandans Allied for Peace and Progress implementing HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, livelihoods, gender based violence and other projects. He previously worked as program Director of the Forum for on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion that brings more than 100 national and international NGOs together. He also worked with Concern Worldwide, an international NGO, as HIV/AIDS and Gender Mainstreaming Advisor where he was focussed on policy development and advocacy on HIV and Gender issues in different projects across Rwanda. Gedeon is a Pastor in charge of Evangelism at Wells Salvation Church and is married and blessed with 4 children.

WVR assets

It has been revealed that World Vision laptops have been lost in staff vehicles or in different circumstances and after work hours. Laptops are very expensive WVR assets. They are also easily targeted by thieves. They are given to facilitate World Vision Rwanda work and not for personal business. Memory space in these laptops is meant for WVR data and staffs are called upon not at any time to put personal data or documents on a WVR laptop as it can be demanded from you at any time without notice. Laptops should ONLY be taken home in those rare occasions when you have been assigned extra World Vision work to do after work and not EVERY DAY. Your Supervisor needs to know when you have such extra work. Without exception, when any WVR laptop is lost, stolen or misplaced in your possession, you will be fully charged for its replacement cost. You are all called upon to protect WVR assets as good stewards of the resources that God has entrusted us with by placing them in our care and responsibility.

New acting P&C Director

Ravi Kamalraj’s brief time with World Vision Rwanda as acting P&C Director came to a close and has moved back to EARO, Nairobi to resume his work. We indeed thank Ravi for his help over the time he has been at World Vision. As we continue to seek a P&C Director for WVR, Faith Chinogurei from Zimbabwe will act as P&C Director for 6 months. Faith is not new to WVR as she has been here in the past to support and advise us on our P&C operations. Faith joined World Vision Zimbabwe in 1993 as P&C Officer. As a result of Faith’s ability to manage the P&C processes efficiently and effectively, strong work ethic, genuine passion for people and bringing out the best in them and ability to think at a strategic level, Faith was promoted to P&C Director with increased responsibility in 2001. In her leadership at World Vision Zimbabwe, Faith also gave immense support to the Region and was seconded to train and give P&C advise to sister offices like Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. She gained immense cross cultural training and hence is an effective and compelling communicator. Faith’s core capabilities are in training and development as well as culture change initiatives. In 2010, she joined Spiritage Zimbabwe, a telecommunications Company as HR Strategist. She has just completed an assignment in World Vision Ethiopia where she has held brief as P&C Director for 4 months. Let us pray for Faith and support her as she comes in to facilitate our P&C Function.

New staff

Gedeon Bihonzi PDQA Director

Desire portrait M&E Coordinator

Mukakigeri Eunice DF Gwiza

Ntabwoba Charles Acc Assistant Rugarama

Anthony Kabarega Acc Assistant Mubuga

John Bwimana SD Operator Simbi ADP

George Kwehangana Legal Adviser (NO)

Patrick Ndori SF facilitator Karaba

Beatrice Uwizeye-DF DF Maraba ADP

Bonane Rwakineza Driver Western Zone

BATETA Catherine SF Kabuga ADP

Felix Mulindangabo DME Specialist Northern

Emmanuel sengoga SD operator Nyaruguru

Fred Fatake DF Simbi ADP

Oscar Oboma Account Assistant Simbi

Josephine Muhongerwa Acc Assistant Rutare ADP


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