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Welcome to University of Otago! Yay!! Lets go around and interview some people!

Hey guys, we are the Malaysian B.Ed TESOL Cohort 1 group studying in University of Otago 2010-2011! Nice to meet you, Doraemon and Cookie Monster! =D We are enjoying our picnic now!

Wow, what a big group of people! Can you introduce yourself?

It’s been awesome so far!! I really enjoy the sceneries here! You can just see how excited I am! Yay! How do you find living in New Zealand?? What else did you do?

We made lots of new friends and learned about the Maori culture too! We also learned to play the poi and some manaakitanga!

Watch out Doraemon! We’ll beat them. We are the strongest!

Hey, don’t interrupt the game! There’s no OMSA’s going to win this!

Argh~ Run! It’s a no no to be in the turf when the Bersatu Game is going on.

We had lots of fun but we didn’t forget our mission and studied really hard too!

Man, I can’t think properly anymore….

Cookie Monster and I want to wish you guys all the best. Goodbye and take care!

Goodbye everyone! It’s been a great experience to study in University of Otago, New Zealand! It’s time for us to go say goodbye.

Doraemon and Cookie Monster Meet New Friends  

Cookie Monster and Doraemon meets new friends from Malaysia. They are the B. Ed. TESOL Cohort 1 students studying in University of Otago.

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